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David Leon: Brad Pitt's Acting is Underappreciated

David Leon: Brad Pitt's Acting is Underappreciated

David Leon looks spiffy in Bottega Veneta for the fourth issue of Var贸n, on stands worldwide September 8.

The 32-year-old British actor starred in 2004′s Alexander (Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell) and 2008′s RocknRolla (Gerard Butler) but next year sees his directional feature film debut. Here’s what David told the magazine’s Senior Editor Anders Christian Madsen:

On getting Brad Pitt‘s part in RocknRolla: “I was auditioning for another part and Guy said, ‘I’ve got this part that Brad Pitt is playing. Would you like to audition for the part of his best mate?’ And I of course thought it would be great to work with Brad Pitt, but then he dropped out because of scheduling problems and Guy said, ‘Do you want to play Brad’s part?’ I of course said yes but I always felt this monkey at my back because it was a bit like鈥”they’re big f–king shoes to fill, you know? After I’d done my first scene, I still thought to myself, ‘Yeah it was alright but Brad would have done it better’. But after a period of time, it became clear that Guy was happy with it.”

On Brad’s looks vs. acting: “I think his acting is kind of under-appreciated. He’s a classic example of looks overshadowing the talent. His body of work is very diverse, and he’s taken some very big risks. If you compare him with other leading men like Tom Cruise – who’s very good in his own way – they’re not quite as brave.”

Other British actors pictured below: Captain America‘s Jack Gordon (in Kenzo Homme), The Vampire DiariesJoseph Morgan (in Mugler), The BorgiasLuke Pasqualino, Luke Treadaway (in Lanvin), and One Day‘s Matthew Beard (in Burberry Prorsum).

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Matthew Beard on why he doesn’t do teen flicks: “I don’t really get sent those scripts, because I’m not really going to play a jock heartthrob鈥”I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be in Twilight 12 any time soon. At the moment it’s all about fairytales, isn’t it? Those scripts just confuse me. I don’t really see what’s so interesting about it. I didn’t audition for any of them. I mean, there’s no point in going if you’re not interested.”

Matthew Beard on his role in One Day: “I play one of a set of twins – his name is Murray – and he’s an obnoxious, spoiled brat. Pretty much the opposite of my part in An Education. I really enjoyed it. And mostly, I enjoyed teasing Jim Sturgess on set.”

Luke Treadaway on watching his own films: “It’s like when you used to get your holiday photos back from development, and you’d sit and look at them and remember the different experiences. So when I watch something I’m in, I’m like, ‘Oh that was the day it was raining,’ or, ‘That was the day we had to wait for hours,’ and so on. So I love looking at it for the memories of that, you know, amazing gang of sixty who made that film or whatever it might be. It’s fun.”

Joseph Morgan on joining Twitter and finding fake Twitter profiles in his name: “I decided to open a Twitter account, and since I had no followers I texted Nina [Dobrev], who plays Catherine and Elena on the show, and said, ‘Would you mind just putting a tweet out saying this is actually me?’ There were already a couple of impersonators on there pretending to be me… I followed one of these guys for, like, a week and he’d write stuff like, ‘Going to set, really nervous,’ and so on. So that’s part of the reason I joined. And also, his grammar was so bad that I thought I’d do something about this representation of me. Overnight I had 22,000 followers just because of Nina’s tweet and the anticipation of this character.” . (Follow Joseph and on Twitter @JosephMorgan @JaredEng and @JustJared!)

Joseph Morgan on who he drew inspiration from for Klaus on The Vampire Diaries: “Tom Cruise‘s Lestat in Interview With The Vampire. Especially for when we were doing the period stuff. It’s the idea that you don’t want to be alone in a room with this guy because he can kiss you or kill you, and it all means the same to him. For the sociopathic nature of the character, I drew on Hannibal Lecter. That kind of playfulness…”

Joseph Morgan on being in Immortals with John Hurt: “We did a table reading before we started filming. John Hurt started reading in his amazing voice and it was like, you know… ‘Many moons ago…’ And I just sort of died inside. It was so amazing.”

On Immortals, out November 11: “I play a character called Lysander, who’s a rival to Henry Cavill‘s character, Theseus. When King Hyperion starts attacking our town, we have to escape. There’s a scene in which the Minotaur uses a huge mullet to smash in my genitals and destroy my hopes of reproducing. So this seven foot guy with a huge real mullet is told, ‘Just stop it right before it hits him. Swing it like it’s gonna hit really hard, though’.”

Jack Gordon on filming Captain America: “It was amazing – it was huge. The film cost something like $150 million. I had a chat with the director, who said to me, ‘You know, it is a fairly stressful time when you know you’re spending [about] $5,000 a minute’. So the fact that there’s a man spending money – even when he sleeps – of course influences you as an actor.”

Luke Pasqualino on being stalked by fans: “I had one follow me back to my apartment when I was in America once. We’d been to a bar for a few drinks, and when I came out this girl was standing outside. She asked me for a photo and I was like, ‘Yeah, no problem’. So I got in a car and left, and when I got to my apartment, there she was… like, ‘Hi’.”

Luke Pasqualino on being naked on the Showtime series The Borgias: “Whether or not you’re alright being naked is a decision you have to make at some point. You’re playing a character but sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself from that. It very much depends on
the content of the scene, but it comes with the job.”

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Photos: Thomas Lohr, Anthony Stephinson (fashion editor)
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