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George Clooney: 'Descendants' Reviews Are In!

George Clooney: 'Descendants' Reviews Are In!

George Clooney arrives at a film set on Wednesday (September 7) in Hollywood.

The 50-year-old actor recently was in Colorado for the Telluride Film Festival, where he screened his new movie, The Descendants.

The comedy-drama, which also stars Shailene Woodley, “represents high points for George Clooney and [director] Alexander Payne,” THR reports.

George “carries it all with an underplayed, sometimes self-deprecating and exceptionally resonant performance. He’s onscreen nearly all the time (and narrates as well) and makes it easy to spend nearly two hours with a man forced to carry more than his fair share of the weight of the world on his shoulders for a spell,” the mag’s reviewer adds.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney arriving at a film set in Hollywood…

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Photos: Beverly News
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  • Ben

    Hi this is Ben Affleck. Movie. Argo . Both George and yes that is his business partner with Smokehouse Productions. They are producers
    Of this this movie….See the 70s car in the background.

  • Bree

    omg..he looks old.

  • AlterEgo

    @Bree: never mind, it’s just when he is old he look like Ben Affleck ;-)

  • pencil

    Mah.. he is not in good mood!

  • Zone

    @pencil: is coz he just found out that he dates Stacy Keibler… from media

  • pencil

    In Venice it was Something, George was happy like crazy!! just Wild!

  • Zone

    hey, I found a pic, George just met her parents

  • Angie


  • Vivienne

    I actually read that one guy who in person met Clooney in Telluride said that in reality he looks much even better, he looks more slender and much younger than his age. and such things I heard not even once from people who saw him on real life, they war amazed by this difference. I think it’s because Clooney is very dynamic man.

  • Head House

    Stacy is not his girlfriend. Moreover it is even not a contract, just an agreement that Stan writes whatever he wants in his press releases and George does not take her to Red carpets&does photoops.

  • Meggie

    @Head House: yep, there is already a press release that she was there arm-in arm with him

  • Head House

    @Meggie: I think that it is Stan’s fake release, did not happen for real.

  • George is Not gay!

    or maybe they persuaded George? KirstieAlley&Stan Co dragged along a lot of gay rumors about George this time.. gay festival, Italian gay awards etc. they say to him – see if you will not take her, everybody will think that you are gay, so he might agree

  • moneypenny

    I heard they also say to him that Stacy fake press releases are required to cover Canalis’s releases….

  • CCv
  • Ben

    The media not Stan made up the bullpoo about Stacey and George. Why not say that she is going Toronto Film Festival. doubt it, he did not take
    Her to see his parents. When people are not photographed together
    They l (media) are great at this. His business partner is who is,with.

  • HardKnocker

    @Ben: I would not agree with you. The absence of rebuttal from Stan talks about other…
    Just money they do not smell!

  • Whipped Honey


    no moneypenny, you dumb woman. Freaking b*itches should know their place in society and shut the fcuk up!!!
    Stan’s the Man. He deliberately timed Elisabeasta Canalis to release her split fake story (written by old battle-ax Kirstie Alley) right about this time.
    Fcuk you hos are dumb c-u-next-Tuesdays.
    Stan the Man & Kirstie also make money from Tabloid releases. A hell of a lot in advertising.
    AND the timing of hooker Canalis’ Dancing With Stars participation.
    It has nothing to do with counter-striking against Canalis’ release. Don’t you dumb b*itches get it??? It’s all done in conjunction. Canais release. The SoccerBall Kleiber & Clooney romance. Fcuk! Get a grip!!
    Women should just stay at home and know their place in society.

  • Gondolier

    For those who did not get right away – Whipped Honey is Kirstie Alley training her acting skills in a Stan’s role. She got offended that Evening Doctor said that she is worse actor than George Clooney. Though she is cuter than Stan Rosenfield
    “I am such a dude, who also uses prostitutes”


    @George is Not gay!:
    Disregarding the idiot who posted above, Whipped Honey. I think he posts the same garbage on imdB.
    Just hope that George Clooney does not accept taking Stacy Keiber anywhere publicly.
    If he’s not in a genuine relationship with these women, and God knows he looks unhappy or bored beside them in photos, then he should refuse.
    Stan & Kirstie destroy & ridicule his image.
    It’s sad that his peers all seem happy in relationships, but he’s forced to live a fiasco. And then his PR brainwash him to believe that he doesn’t want a commitment or prefers cheap, unattractive, dispensable women.
    Soon I hope this ends.
    Actually, it’s because of these short-lived associations with cheap women that people assume he’s gay. And the lack of chemistry between them.
    Do market research and the average person thinks he’s gay because of his fake PR relationships these last few years.
    Courtesy of Stan Rosenfield.
    But he must stand up against those who delegate how he wishes to live his life. They use reverse psychology on him…maybe.

    If he likes cheap, sexy women, then that’s his prerogative. I can see he would be with types like Krista Allen or Sarah Talley. They were both attractive ladies, even if sex workers.
    The last few were all plain/ unattractive: Canalis, Keibler, Larson. And seedy. Just gets worse & worse & less credible.
    And he had zero chemistry with them.
    Stan Rosenfield is ridiculing him publicly.


    Even some of the gnomes are seeing the damage to being seen with Stacy SoccerBallHead:
    “….agree with LovelyLois, if she does show up on the red carpet…..goodby any stories about the Ides of March and hello tons of articles about CrayStay and GC. Sad really because the reviews seem to be good for this one and The Decendants.”
    “Sorry I meant to say laniey says they seem official. Also USA today has the same pictures wants to know if they show up tonight as an official couple. Now I think he made a mistake in taking her because the media is focused on stacy and not his movies”
    And it’ll draw attention to all these porn sites on the web about Stacy Keibler. If she tickles George’s fancy, good luck to him. His taste has been awful in publicity girlfriends in recent years. But keep her away from his film projects

    And I do hope he’s with someone he loves one day. A woman who combines sexiness with his own intelligence & good nature.
    Not mercenary gold-diggers, famewhor*es, vacuous, ignorant b*itches who also look to ugly to be seen beside him.
    Kirstie PreferToRemainAHippo Alley now promotes this latest hooker SoccerBall-Head Keibler as congenial & happy because Canalis had such a lousy attitude & sour face.
    Kirstie Alley is ugly externally & internally.
    But karma will get her.

  • Gondolier

    For those who did not understand the content of this @Whipped Honey: message is such:
    Kirsite Alley assures that she is battle-ax and her companion is a Stan is Gnome Man.
    and Oh my Go, he has a real gnome below his MOM.
    And George bad and his MOM is airdrome!!!

    “Stan deliberately timed Elisabeasta Canalis to release her split fake story (written by old battle-ax Kirstie Alley) right about this time” here we have to pay attention to such moment – Stan rules Canalis’s PR + ideas and text from Kirstie Alley.
    “Stan the Man & Kirstie also make money from Tabloid releases” +Dancing Hooker Stars – is very sincerer confession that exactly they do these releases making on this money. Question, what George gets from this?

  • Calculator

    ‘what George gets from this?’
    If this fake-release came out at the moment of his movie premiere this completely disconnected the people’s attention from the premiere itself. And I can tell that people are angry and frustrated on Clooney for this… when such press releases come out a lot of his fanclubs’ visitors just go away. And this is a fact, it’s validated data for several months of monitoring.

  • Robert Danaway

    and I heard that George is secretly married long ago already…. in media he just plays as well as he does in movies, and I think we should not take offence on him, he has a right to have a private life.

  • Analyst

    No I disagree!
    Whipped Honey is not Kirstie Alley.
    I think someone continuously uses her as a patsy. As a scapegoat for his own doings. Someone who likes to have his way.
    But if he has a deceptive mind, then perhaps if he has a soulmate, she’d be equally deceptive. And a liar…

    Whipped Honey is a MALE. Who chose the name as a tribute to his own se*men….
    A male who has taken on the antagonistic persona of a misogynist to basically annoy characters like Silverscreen/ RunsWithBats. She who takes on the role of insanity on the board/ blogs. And most other females.
    Also, Whipped Honey can live out his dream of being a sexist prick who loves hookers and S&M.
    Kirstie Alley as PreferToRemainAnonymous is not very proficient with using emoticons nor quoting (she can’t even paste links) nor highlighting. Maybe she’s impatient or just not too computer literate.
    Kirstie is probably his co-conspirator & patsy.
    But that’s fine.
    Also, Whipped Honey was attacking someone called Livewire 69 yesterday and EMPHASIZING that s/he’s Silverscreen. When that poster clearly had a different writing style. Drumming it in constantly that it was Silverscreen. All those posts disappeared.
    Quite frankly, I don’t think Livewire 69 was ever a psychologist. Not that terminology used. Maybe a madam or a pimp :-O
    Maybe it was Whipped Honey himself playing both parts. Maybe he was drunk again.. Then deleted his alter ego’s posts.
    And Someone else knows about the ancient temple priestesses who were prostitutes in the oldest Mesopotamian civilization… hmmm….

    btw, it’s wrong of you to say Kirstie Alley is ugly. You have no right to do that. I believe she has a sex appeal like David Lee Roth.
    And I love Van Halen.

  • JoeWell

    @ Analyst – all you say is a background, more important is that Kirstie Alley&Stan Co do not deny that all this fake promo is a deal of their hands, that they prescribed such scenario for George.George played it good for a longtime as well as his other roles.
    @Robert Danaway – Why he does not bring her out of the shadow?

  • Wind’s Blow

    @JoeWell: She said, that she thinks that George Clooney’s house has two rooms – in one she lives, in other his fan girls. And she does not want to come in there suddenly and ruin all their sex.

  • Analyst

    @Wind’s Blow: oh, really? Whose sex? The fan girls le*sbian sorority party?? Is his wife going to join in? :-)) Or like an or*gy?
    Or their own sex between them?
    I wonder if she’s feisty, depraved & twisted??

  • Analyst

    @Wind’s Blow: or George having sex with his fan girls?

  • How it’s been…
  • Analyst

    So I see Stacy Keibler joined George Clooney at the TiFF for Ides of March festival.
    She looks awful. Very unattractive woman.
    And yet this is who Clooney promotes as his girlfriend.
    At 5ft10″, he doesn’t have her walking beside him on the carpet.
    Short man’s complex.
    (Co-incidentally, tall men like & usually date petite women as they’re confident. )

    Speculation would be rife about his sexuality in such cases.
    A big big butch b*itch who looks like she uses strap-ons to service gays or lesbians… So muscular with an hard, plain face & stringy hair.
    What a catch!

    This is who he’s chosen to announce to the world is his girlfriend.

    The insanity of it all is that he could have been with any beautiful woman he loved, if he wanted. Something is wrong with him.

    A new poster on ClooneysOpenHouse, probably Kirstie Alley, who goes by “Nosey”, is ranting on & on that this is his new long term girlfriend. And so another era of prostitution begins for George Clooney. Both he & Keibler. Enjoying each other’s time.

    We’ll see how happy he is….





    FROM 8.3 TO 7 — in a matter of 1 day??
    How extraordinary!!!!

  • LOL

    Keibler went by herself to the Ides premiere in Toronto. How long before George takes out a restraining order on her?


    Yesterday: George & Brad touched down in Toronto. No sign of Stacies…


    Today: full force hookerdom in effect!! George the Prostitute & Stacy the Wh*ore together at the TiFF. But the shortasss is too complex stricken to walk beside the ugly b*itch.

    Complex stricken short-asses date overgrown women to subconsciously make up for their deficit.. And tall men over 6ft usually prefer petite women. Statistics backed by research in by Sports Illustrated.
    Clooney has all the makings of a moron!


    @LOL: Go to Helll!!!

    She’s with him!
    George Clooney the imbecile can issue a denial!
    He’s a moron, a duplicitous prick & a compulsive liar.

    His film is slipping in voting ranking at an alarming rate on imdB!
    Who gave Klobber permission to sashay down the red carpet looking fugly menacing? Like a big blob of grease!

  • LOL

    Cray Cray Keibler went by herself to the Ides premiere in Toronto. How long before George takes out a restraining order on her?

  • LOL

    Her dress is tacky as hell, but I guess that’s to be expected from a crazy D-list stalker.