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Jon Gosselin Offers Advice to Ex-Wife Kate

Jon Gosselin Offers Advice to Ex-Wife Kate

Kate Gosselin gets out of her Audi TT sports car on Tuesday (September 6) in Wyomissing, Penn.

The 36-year-old Kate Plus Eight star recently told People she’s “freaking out, big time,” now that her TLC show has been canceled.

Kate‘s ex, Jon Gosselin, had some harsh words for her, telling RumorFix, “Reality TV is not a career. Get back to a normal life – a simple life. Provide for your family.”

“Things will work out the way they should work out. Obviously there are families out there that have several kids – people work normal jobs and things work out. Everything is possible,” he added.

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Credit: Chris Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • jo

    Just go away the both of you!! So over you and your kids..

  • natalie

    he’s right. she’ll only miss the camera crew cuz now she has to do everything on her own. it really disturbed me when she told the camera crew to put the cameras down and help with the RV trip. they’re not their to help you move shit, they’re there to FILM your life. i feel bad for those kids, they keep losing people they love cuz kate is insufferable.

  • Kristina Kardashian

    People could mistake her here for Kendra Wilkinson.

  • Khate

    Q: ” I’m Broke, What ‘ll I do?”
    A: Buy a new sportscar

  • Amanda

    She’s a trip . Her lies catch up to her and blow on by and she couldn’t care less.

  • justme

    He is so right, people raise big families all the time without having it funded by a TV show. Anybody in TV who hires her is crazy, she has the most hateful personality and public can’t stand her, she’s overstayed her welcome. It will drive her crazy to no longer be a “celeb” and to have to pay for stuff for her kids herself (no more big vacations!). Karma for being a B maybe??

  • Lisa

    Harsh Words?
    A dose of real “Reality”

  • Room For The Kids?

    An Audi TT, very nice sports car, is somewhere between 45K and 50K

  • kc

    if she should run out of cash at some point I’m sure selling her kids for medical experiments won’t be off the table

  • Jess

    Maybe if she stopped wasting money on fake tans, hair, gym, clothes, boob jobs etc, she’d have plenty of money saved. I don’t feel bad for her.

  • selfishhobag

    That shopping cart looks like it’s loaded for a single woman and not 8 kids.

  • Leslie

    I agree . There is nothing about the image of this woman that says, I’m the mother of eight ; alone, tanned, manicured, excercised, getting out of a two seat sportscar and buying groceries for what looks like one or two people(steve?).

  • TMNox

    Nothing Jon said was harsh – it was truth. Everyone is so eager to throw Jon under the bus when it comes to them but I really just think he was an emasculated husband who had enough of Kate holding his balls and he bailed. He did everything for that lady and she seemed entirely ungrateful. Karma is a b i t c h, Kate, isn’t it?

  • sarah

    Me and my friends stopped watching ANYTHING on TLC because of her. She makes $250,000.00 per episode that’s 1 million dollars after watching 4 EPISODES, plus the kids get paid seperately (which she can use for whatever she wants) she gets tons of freebee’s, food, designer clothes, trips, cars, veneers, cosmetic surgery, that mansion she lives in, etc… It made me sick when she’d say…single mothers relate to me. That’s why I’m famous. Seriously??? Tell that to the single mother who lives on food stamps and can’t afford to buy herself little own her kids new shoes. She disgusts me and has made ENOUGH MONEY. We will NEVER watch anything she is on. She’s a bully and loves the attention. After this comment I will NEVER comment again about her. Please stop giving her the attention she loves. Let those children have a NORMAL life.

  • l

    i guess 2 kids was not enough work for you? you wanted more kids ..then you wanted fame..hope kids turn out ok at the end.. but don’t know what to say for you..

  • Rachel

    IHH!! That means I Hate Her!! Sorry to use that word…but go away please!!!!!! Funny…you never see her with friends or family. That says everything to me.

  • Morgan

    Jon’s right. A reality shows is not a career. If she had been smart she would have realized her 15 minutes of fame would go away some day. She should have socked away all that money, now she would be able to afford to take care of those kids. I have absolutely no sympathy for her, but I do feel sorry for the kids. she got caught up in the fame and money. My advice to her? Update your nursing license, welcome to the real world.

  • sad

    You’ve all been jealous of this strong woman from the beginning. There is not doubt in my mind that most of you would do the exact same things as this woman and accept all you could get when faced with her circumstances.

  • Hoffer

    Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Advice to ALL TV networks – keep her off the TV. Her divia hissy fits on this week’s show was disgusting to watch. What an awful person!

  • Hoffer

    @sad: I’m sorry, but she is not a strong woman. She is mentally ill. She said so herself that everyone in her life leaves her. Gee, I wonder why?

  • Poor Kate

    After all she’s been through …now she’s gonna treat herself,,sarc.
    Who would have believed that horny HO chaser Jon would be a fountain of wisdom now?, but most everyone comes back down to earth after an ego trip, reflects on their behavior and attempts to change….seps Kate

  • sarah

    @sad: Umm, Kate oops, I mean sad. Wake up name a mother that would use and abuse children. Use innocent kids to become famous. You actually, scare me. I don’t know if you have mental issues or you are just ignorant.

  • teri

    I can’t stand Octo mom or whatever she is. She has all these kids that tax payers provide for. Endless money pouring into her home-this disgust me. For the next 18 + years the state will provide for her children. On the other hand a working mother, once married makes a living as many others do by putting their lives on tv. Maybe not others cup of tea but not begging tax payers either. I really have no beef with her as along as she’s providing for her kids-looks as if the dead beat dad could care less. Just wanted a piece of the cake and now that he wasn’t offered it he goes off and pouts. I’m not as concerned about Kate as about that other woman who just begs for handouts.

  • Penelope

    This woman and her reality tv show was the worst thing that ever happened in the history of television. Hope that no network will put her back in front of tv viewers.

    Get a job, woman and take care of your children instead of your ego.
    Consensus of all – you are the most hated woman in America right along with Casey Anthony (neck to neck)

  • Barbara

    She is worried she will not be able to pay for her lover(Steve) anymore. He should beat a quick retreat to his wife and kids I would say.

  • Frida

    For once, Jon seems sane….

  • Ardy

    Why don’t she sell the car if she need some money.

  • mya

    Time to go back to real life now. I think he understood that before they divorced.

  • toria

    Between her show, specials, appearances, endorsements, speaking engagements and books I’d venture to say she has made at least $25 million or more. Where is it? Did she not save any of it? Invest it? She had to have known the show would come to an end. Furthermore the kids got paid for being on the show and it is my understanding their money is in a trust which can be accessed for medical/education etc if it is like most trusts for kids. So WTF is she complaining about? She, as well as Jon, both of them–should have saved some of the cash cow money and invested it for their and THEIR children’s future. Obviously neither one did.

  • George

    Obama probably paid for it.

    TTs are for DINKs. She should be driving a 10 passenger Econoline van.

  • memi

    her boobs look bigger, and i’ve not followed gossip sites for the past 8 months, so she must have got a boob job, and still a loser i see

  • Gisele

    Kate Gosselin is a narcissistic abusive woman who isn’t “strong”, she is weak. Treating everyone around you like a piece of garbage, creating drama because you are anal retentive and consistently driving away every member of your family and former long time close friends due to your own selfishness and delusions of grandeur don;t show strength. They are self centered behaviors. Kate is pathetic, She has made a living for herself off the backs of her children. Parading them around like they are circus freaks and denying them privacy and dignity. Kate has done this purely for Kate, She wants the money, freebies, trips, constant pampering, two seated luxury sports cars, nannies, mansion, attention etc. The kids would be fine back their former home, going to public school. She is the one who wants it to continue. Poor Jon got totally screwed over by Kate and TLC and had his reputation ruined by their negative PR campaign. Kate on the other hand got fake positive stories in magazines like People and interviews on the Today show where she was allowed to slag her ex without anyone even questioning her.. Those poor kids. Since Kate has apparently spent all of THEIR money, they’ll have to pay for their own therapy to get over their stolen childhood’s. I guess they can always sue her.