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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Milos Mates!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Milos Mates!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian hold hands as they arrive at Estiatorio Milos restaurant on Friday (September 9) in New York City.

“5 baklava’s later….. I’m not kidding! Wow, Milo’s Greek in NYC…..incredible! Night night” the 29-year-old singer tweeted after her meal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn and Eddie are in town for NYC’s Fashion Week!

“Fashion Week fun starts today! NYC!!!!!!” LeAnn tweeted the day before.

The night before, LeAnn and Eddie celebrated Fashion’s Night Out at the Dolce&Gabbana boutique.

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  • runnergirl

    This is the first time I believe she looks too thin. Poor thing. All to please Eddie.

  • true

    Hon, you can’t fool us with that bony chest of yours.

  • nvrmnd

    * vomits *


    I think she REALLY meant “5 baklava’s… and a trip to the bathroom to vomit it up later.”

  • ash

    Does she sing anymore?

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: FAMEWHORING Milos Mates!

    Did I call it or what? I said that ATHENA/frannie plate was freaking out all day because WEWE and EC were gearing up to release another STAGED photo-op.

    Cue the backlash.

    1) Wow, WEWE and EC are holding hands? And this means what? That EC isn’t cheating on WEWE? Didn’t EC hold BG hand when he was cheating on her? So that confirms it, EC is cheating on WEWE.

    It’s funny how WEWE and her mouthpieces keep trying to convince us that EC loves WEWE and isn’t cheating on her because he holds her hand. This is EC, the same man who sells out his own kids for expensive trips.

    Wow, and there WEWE goes again. So she thinks that if she and EC dress alike it will make people believe that EC isn’t cheating on her?

    2) “5 baklava’s later….. I’m not kidding! Wow, Milo’s Greek in NYC…..incredible! Night night” the 29-year-old singer tweeted after her meal.

    TRAMSLATION: WEWE is telling JJ, Dailymail, x17, HW gossip site, and Radaronline when to meet up with her and EC at the restaurant.

    3) Yes we know that WEWE and EC are in town for Fashion Week, they made that very obvious when they pimped out EC kids.

    4) Fashion Week fun starts today! NYC!!!!!!”

    Meaning WEWE and EC are going to set up back to back and mutiple shots in one day staged photo-ops? And with each and every photo-op WEWE and EC set up the backlash against WEWE and EC gets worse.

    5) Yes we know that WEWE and EC were out and about in NYC, WEWE did make sure that her mouthpieces wrote a nice little fluff piece about it.

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?

  • gwen

    This is from OMG

    The 5 Most Annoying Celebrity Couples of 2011 (posted on 9/5)

    Less is more when it comes to celebrity couples. When stars focus on their personal relationships in private, it’s better for their image than mugging for the paparazzi 24/7.

    There are celebrity couples we love, but who are celebrity couples of 2011 we love to hate? Here are the top 5.

    5. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

    Kris can thank his bride for landing on the most annoying celebrity couples list less than a month after getting hitched. The paparazzi loving Mrs. Humphries has barely opened the wedding presents, yet she has already hit the press about wanting a baby bump.

    4. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

    Eddie Cibrian leaves all the talking to his country singing wife who loves to hop on Twitter and remind all the haters, who chastised her and Eddie for being cheaters, how happy and in love she is as Mrs. Cibrian. We even get plenty of pics of the skinny stepmom in skimpy bathing suits prancing down the beach with her man.

    “I love me the way I am & I don’t care what jealous people think,” tweets Rimes.

    3. Katy Perry and Russell Brand

    First there was the incessant per-marital buzz. Then we were bombarded with their over-the-top wedding details. Now the pop star with the crazy outfits drags her comedian with her wherever she goes. That wouldn’t be so bad if he were actually funny.

    2. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

    They’ve had a spot on the most annoying celebrity couples list since they started dating. Fortunately, the couple who has a nauseating love of publicity, whether it’s true or false, have been under the radar lately claiming they’re broke.

    1. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

    For the first time in history, Speidi does not take home the gold. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are the most annoying celebrity couple of 2011.

    Inquiring minds wondered if they were an item. Now that it’s been confirmed, with a PDA filled trip to Hawaii, we’ve seen enough. The Biebs is all about kissing his girlfriend in public, such as at the MTV Video Music

  • Insecure

    That’s what she is. She loves him, but she’s not completely sure that he won’t stray. Tori Spelling did the same thing … married a cheat and started looking like a skeleton.

  • gwen

    From OMG

    Lindsay Lohan and Other Celebs Who Should Just Stop Talking (7/14)

    “For someone who says she likes to “keep [gossip] out of [her] life,” LeAnn Rimes sure goes the extra mile to stir it up. With over 26,500 tweets, Rimes is quite the fan of Twitter, and she frequently shares pics of herself in barely-there bikinis or making out with Eddie Cibrian, the husband she stole from Brandi Glanville. The trouble is, the stick-thin singer gets offended when fans comment on her ribs and other aspects of her very public and very scandalous life, yet she insists upon over-sharing and responding to the criticism. If she’d simply stop tweeting or stop taking part in the mud-slinging, she might actually succeed in “moving on” and being “over it.” Since she continues to invite the negative attention, we can only assume she’s enjoying it. “

  • gwen

    From IMDb Fall TV Preview 2011 article for The Playboy Club:

    Why We’re Excited: The costumes look great, and the music is enjoyable. But really, what we can’t wait for is the inevitable “Saturday Night Live” skit this thing is bound to inspire.

    Why We’re Not: If you ever wanted to know what Don Draper would sound like if he were shallow and dull, close your eyes and watch this pilot. Cibrian channels the “Mad Men” vibe so poorly it may cause pain to watch – or listen – to him in action. Worse is the conflicting message the show itself attempts to foist on viewers. The pitch is that being a Bunny affords a level of freedom and financial gain that women of this era coveted, but in the same token, whenever a female character gets into a bind, she gets a man to dig her out. Even if you don’t care about any of that, it’s hard to look past the utter stupidity of the dialogue and the one-dimensional characters. Gloria Steinem is calling for a boycott of the show, as is the Parents Television Council. And the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, KSL, has announced that it won’t air it. But people should not refrain from watching it because Steinem and these organizations have urged us to do so. Rather, ignore “The Playboy Club” because you have better things to do than stare at the season’s dumbest bunny.

  • gwen

    This speaks volumes. WEWE and EC are not considered celebs, they are famewhores who exploit children. And when they are invited to events such as fashion week, it makes people question why they were there.

    This is what one blog had to say about EC and WEWE presence at the Fashion Week.

    “LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian managed an invite (a customer is a customer in this economy, we suppose)”

    Note to NBC/Playboy: It’s time to tell WEWE and EC to lay low. People don’t respect them and if they are not going to spend MONEY, then people don’t won’t them around.

    ENews played a portion of WEWE Give video and even complimented her, I wonder how much she had to pay them.

  • gwen

    Hi ATHENA/frannie plate

    Messing with the votes, isn’t going to save WEWE and EC from the backlash.

    What a tantrum you threw today, simply because I pointed out that you were preparing the way for WEWE and EC to release another one of their staged photo-ops to JJ.

    NBC/Playboy must be so proud that they invested in child exploitaters.

    So how many different names are you going to use in this thread?

  • Dina

    I’m boycotting justjared if these constant leann rimes updates continue. She’s worth squat, she’s talentless and altogether insignificant as a celebrity.

    Prioritize, Jared.

  • Anon

    Too thin. I think she’s insecure about her body { competing again his ex-wife model Brandi Glanville }.

    Fugly. You’ll always be ugly for cheating with a married man {vice versa}. Trying to ‘show’ the world how happy you are. How your ‘wrong’ is ‘right’.

    Adultery. Cheating. Not something you want your marriage to be remembered by {especially if it’s already set up to fail}. Was based on lust. Have you no shame for showing your face? Should have a “A” branded on your forehead.

  • gwen

    From OMG:

    Are We Just Picking on LeAnn Rimes?

    She’s making other stepparents look bad.

    Seriously, LeAnn is creeping people out with her extremely zealous declarations about how great being a stepmom is. Her energetic Tweets about the big boy’s (Mason) birthday would otherwise be welcomed by society. But the seedy circumstances surrounding LeAnn’s foray into motherhood has put a sour taste in her followers’ mouths.

    She keeps defending herself.

    There is something to be said for the person who feels compelled to provide a public rebuttal to every personal attack. After being ribbed (bad pun intended) by followers about her stick-thin figure, LeAnn tweeted about the great steak she had at dinner. Looks like she is going out of the way to defend her diet.

  • Mich

    Ugly, ugly, ugly–inside and out. And for the love of God JJ quit forcing their pics on us!!!!

  • Speak Now

    Stop the hate and go lead PRODUCTIVE lives! Get a life that doesn’t revolve around Leann!

  • Speak Now


    God forbid you stop projecting your sorry lives onto Leann! HATERS are the ugly ones.

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    Hi ATHENA/frannie plate

    Wow, you are working wonders with that voting system.

    So WEWE is going to release ANOTHER STAGED photo-op to her mouthpieces you say?

    1) “God forbid you stop projecting your sorry lives onto Leann! HATERS are the ugly ones.”

    Seriously, did you really think that WEWE and EC were going to get favorable responses for these staged photo-ops in NYC?

    2) WEWE needs to Stop the hate and go lead a PRODUCTIVE life! WEWE needs to Get a life that doesn’t revolve around trying to make people believe that EC isn’t cheating on her just because he holds her hand and dresses like her!

    3) SPEAK NOW needs to Stop the hate and go lead a PRODUCTIVE life! Why does post 18 sound so familiar? Because she made the same post on CB, only her name was PARKER. SPEAK NOW Get a life that doesn’t revolve around people who don’t like Leann! You keep coming here and boo hooing over our posts, so how come your own words don’t apply to you?

    So after making a post in the other thread, SPEAK NOW went to the EC pimps out the kids at the fair thread and made a post using our names. So the question is, who will SPEAK NOW be the next time she shows up to post?

    I love that she shows up as another persona just min after SPEAK NOW makes an appearance. Check out post 81 in the EC pimps out the kids at the fair thread, if it looks familiar then it is. ATHENA/frannie plate stated the very same thing on this site just before she went off to Cancun. You gotta love LeannInc. This could have all been avoided had WEWE and EC laid low. No one likes them. They can pay NBC to create positive press for them all they want, but it’s not going to change the fact that care so little for others that they pimp out two innocent kids to prepare for their fashion week media blitz.

  • Mich

    @speak now:
    Oh sweetie it’s not hate, it’s called an an opinion. I just prefer to see REAL celebs on my gossip pages, not washed up home wreckers.

  • gwen

    Wow someone is working that voting system.

    Yeap, so ATHENA/frannie plate makes a threat in the other thread and the next thing we know the voting system goes unstable.

    The power of WEWE money.

    Well one thing is for sure, WEWE and EC must be getting slammed at fashion week because WEWE wouldn’t have to have JJ mess with the votes if EC and WEWE were receiving favorable responses.

  • Mich

    Rock on!

  • gwen

    Wow did anyone see this quote from Adele?

    “I enjoy being me; I always have done. I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, you know, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. And I just don’t want that in my life. It’s just never been an issue – at least, I’ve never hung out with the sort of horrible people who make it an issue. I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”

    Strange, right? Because isn’t WEWE always tweeting about how she and Adele are BFFs?

  • Annie

    I want LeAnn the cute country/pop singer back, I can’t stand this tacky prostitute-looking body obsessed tweetaholic version.

  • zoe

    @gwen: you have way too much free time… :)

  • helena

    this is just too much, or should i say too little

  • gwen


    Hi frannie plate/athena

    Wow, how odd that a ZOE, who hasn’t been posting in these threads for a VERY LONG TIME pops up today of all days. Why did ZOE pick today to show up? Because you are running out of names to use?

    Oh wait, didn’t you use to post as ZOE a long time ago? Yeap, ZOE was the name you used to stalk and harass other posters on other sites. So once again you out yourself as CBME/RACY. Thanks again.

    So why are you being such a coward and hiding behind all these different names? Seriously, that says something.

    We know that WEWE has way too much time on her hands seeing as how she studies BG and EC photos to the point where she mimics their exact same poses and copies them. And what about the time you invest in stalking and harassing others? Do your own rules not apply to you.

    So what does this mean? It means that WEWE is going to release another staged photo-op to JJ. Wow, WEWE and EC must be getting slammed pretty bad since ATHENA still is hiding under all these different names and messing with the votes because WEWE and EC were dumb enough to stage another photo-op.

    So now you are ZOE. Who will you be next?

  • gwen


    Strange, how come Zoe is posting during the time that we normally see the GreatP persona? Because ZOE is the GreatP persona?


    Why is GreatP persona so dense? She is supposed to be convincing me that she isn’t posting under all these different names, not providing the evidence to support what I am saying.

    So who will the GreatP persona(aka frannie plate/athena) be next?

  • zoe

    u r funny. :) i have no idea who u r talking about tho… well, believe whatever u want. i just meant to say that u seem a bit tense. thats all.

  • Speak Now

    Signs that gwen is mentally unstable:

    -Hates on someone she doesn’t even know 24/7
    -Searches out articles on someone she hates and posts them repeatedly in every thread
    -Accuses people of being the same person or Leann
    -thinks this site is hers and certainly acts like it
    -she plans to “take Leann down”

    Your family is BEGGING you to get help, Gwen! What I’ve posted is the truth about you and you can’t handle it! Everyone should see how mentally unstable you are!

  • Jill

    Never seen someone be so proud to be the scum of the earth as LR.

  • gwen


    Hi ATHENA/frannie plate(aka cbme/racy)

    Of course you don’t have any idea what I am talking about, which is why SPEAK NOW shows up 5 min after you post, right?

    Wow, your writing style looks like the posts that you use to make as ina, but inoder for you to know about ZOE, that would make you CBME/RACY. Andn then you post at the time we know that the GreatP usually posts. So then who does that make you?

    So you are going to act like you don’t know who ZOE is?
    Seriously do you want to play that game ATHENA/frannie plate or do you just want me to call you CBME/RACY because at this point it’s obvious that it’s you?

    So why would ZOE, the name you used to stalk and harass other posters make an apperance after all this time? You are not every bright. But keep playing this game, I’m sure that WEWE will have enough fans to get her song ITUNES once you finish.

    We know that YOU seem VERY tense, just look at how many different names you have used in this one thread alone. And for what? So WEWE can release another STAGED photo-op?

  • gwen


    Yeap ZOE is the GREATP.

    How do we know?

    The GREATP also writes “Your are funny”.

    ZOE showed up to post at the same time that we know that Great P posts.

    The GreatP stalks and harasses others and we know that this name ZOE was used in older threads to stalk and harass other posters.

  • noelle

    im starting to feel sorry for her. shes ruining her body and health for her husband. and all those twitters: im so happy, everything is fun, theyre just for the show….she must feel miserable inside!

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    This is too funny, so you write post after post about how others should be productive and get a life and here you are obsessing over me.

    Signs that WEWE Rimes and SPEAK NOW are mentally unstable:

    -Hates on someone she doesn’t even know 24/7, even goes so far as to make threats and use our names to make posts.

    -Tells other posters to be productive, yet she keeps coming here and writing post after post about haters.

    -prepares the way for WEWE to release her staged photo-ops by boo hooing about how unfair we are being to WEWE.

    -Post as SPEAK NOW and then min later will make a post under a different. She did this the other say, she showed up as Speak now and then min later starts posting as The GreatP. She posted in the one thread as SPEAKNOW, and then min later showed up in the other thread making a post using M name. And now she is posting as ZOE and SPEAK NOW, both showing up within min of each other.

    -Posts the same comments on JJ that she posts on CB when she is using the name of PARKER and Susan O

    -Searches out articles on someone she hates and posts them repeatedly in every thread. Like when she shows up on CB demanding that BG isn’t a model because she can’t find her photos on the internet.

    -Changes her name and starts posting as a different person when she gets called out for using several different names. Zoe and Speak now. Great P and Speak now.

    -Shows up posting as another poster and then changes her name 5 min later

    -post under a different name and then get mad when we provide the evidence to support that she is that person because she used the name ZOE in the old threads to stalk and harass other posters

    -thinks this site is hers and certainly acts like it just because she pays WEWE money to post about her

    -she plans to take anyone who doesn’t like Leann down by hijacking their names and making threats against them.

    SPEAK NOW and WEWE Rimes Your family is BEGGING you to get help! What your mouthpieces post about you is not the truth and we know that SPEAK NOW can’t handle it! It’s why now her name new name is ZOE. Everyone should see how mentally unstable SPEAK NOW is!

  • gwen

    @Speak Now: @zoe:

    So WEWE is going to release yet another STAGED photo-op to JJ?

    How come zoe and noelle have the very same writing pattern?

  • Joss

    Her outside matches her inside, ugly trash.

  • kel

    She should have a sign that says ” PLEASE feed the animal”.

  • Wow..

    Gwen, we all know that you are psycho. Hence why you seem to post 40 comments on each Leann post on every single site known to the universe. Then you accuse people of being Athena/Someone Else/Yada yada. You need to get a life hun just sayin’. Take a step back and realize that this makes you look delusional.

  • Hi Zoe!

    You were the one who shone the light of truth about the nutso OCD’er who posted the same crap on the sites for Sienna & Baldy. She’s using the exact same word padded scripted BS-only substituting Leann’s name.

    I say hired TROLL

    Nice to see you again Zoe.

  • Mountain Time

    Yawnnnnn Shaking off the sleep. Just now getting coffee in my bloodstream so I can begin another day of roaming the sites I rule to “ruin” Missy Rimes. I live and breathe this mission I’m on.

    Guess who I am

  • betty

    @Mountain Time Since when can one poster ruin Leann she did that all herself by her actions. She wants to be talked about that’s why she keeps this dog&pony showing going that’s all she’s got she has no career to speak of and no one cares about her relationship with Eddie the spotlight is on Brandi and she surely don’t want Brandi to out shine her now since she is featured on a weekly TV show. So we will be seeing a lot of these irrelevant show and tells,to prove she is still relevant.

  • gwen is losing her mind

    Gwen’s crazy train veered off the rails long ago at a place called Psychoticstalkerville.Men with white coats and nets are probably looking for the escapee known as our little Gwen right now.Just let her rant. They say it makes her kind happy.Besides if you feed her psychosis after dark she may multiply like a gremlin! Then the world would be overrun with psychos like Gwen screaming you’re EVERYONE AHHHHHH while running through the streets in her nightgown carrying a cat.

  • betty

    Someone posted how Eddie always dressed like a impoverished frat boy well it appears he tried to clean up his act in this photo he looks like he borrowed this dinner jacket to wear over a logo tee. Eddie,Eddie this is fashion week, c’mon now. Leann is wearing a cute dress.

  • Magan

    Some of these comments are so inappropriate. I think that we all need to have a little bit of commpassion for this girl. It’s obvious that she’s got some sort of eating disorder. It might take some time for her to realize what we see and it doesn’t help her when people around her and probably Eddie, that tell her how great she looks.

  • Perry

    She looks ill.

  • gwen

    @Wow..: @Hi Zoe!: @Mountain Time: @<a HAHAHAHA

    This is so funny. So you get called out for posting as Zoe and then you return with 5 more different names?

    Notice how WOW, Mountain Times, and Hi Zoe all showed up within min of one another. And then she has the nerve to boo hoo because we say that she is posting under different names.

    1) @WOW

    ATHENA/frannie plate, we all know that you and WEWE Rimes are psycho. Hence why you seem to post 40 comments on each Leann post on every single site known to the universe. Then ATHEN/frannie plate gets mad when people accuse her of being Athena/Someone Else/Yada yada because she is dumb enough to keep providing the evidence to support that she is ATHENA(see post 26 in the Red O thread) or those posters we say she is. ATHENA/frannie plate you need to get a life hun just sayin’. ATHENA/frannie plate Take a step back and realize that this makes you look delusional. Come on, why did you show up with 5 more different names? And all of them are min apart. Yeah, you are REALLY fooling people. No one would ever suspect that the two posters who just so happened to show up just wihtin min of one another are you right?

    BTW, the error page is popping up. It took 3 days, but it happened. So there is no denying it, we know it’s you ATHENA/frannie plate posting under all these different names. So who will you be next?

    BTW, you used the “WOW” post when you showed up making comments as HAHAHAHA, or did you forget about that?

    2) Hi Zoe

    Wow, why does that post you made to ZOE sound so familiar? Because you made those same posts when you were posting as CBME/RACY? Seriously, do you really think that post 41 helps your cause? Remember ZOE said that she had no idea what I was talking about(go back to post 30), so then for you to show up and make that post to Zoe(post 41), you just confirmed that ZOE is a liar. I know that you are in SAVE WEWE mode, but would it kill you to think before you post?

    Troll. Scripted-BS.Reference to SM and BG. Why does this sound so familiar? Because ou wrote the same post on CB as irena and you made the very same post on this site only you used our names to make it. Then you get all bent out of shape when we call you out for posting under all these different names.

    3) @Mountain Time

    And then you wonder why we can say with 100% confidence that you are posting under different names. so you picked Mountain Time because you are still stalking AB?

    Yawnnnnn EC is Shaking off the sleep he spent with his mistress. EC is Just now getting coffee in his bloodstream so he can begin another day of roaming the streets for someone other than WEWE Rimes. EC rules to “ruin” Missy Rimes. EC live and breathe this mission EC is on and he will stop at nothing to get WEWE money.

    EC mistress called WEWE Rimes and said, “Guess who I am”

  • gwen

    @gwen is losing her mind: @Mountain Time: @Hi Zoe!: @Wow..:

    We get it, WEWE is gearing up to release another staged photo-op to JJ and she sent you here to JJ and CB to prepare the way. And based on what you said as WOW, it’s not just on JJ and CB that you are working your magic on.

    It’s okay after the backlash from her second staged photo-op, WEWE should be used to the fallout that is going to happen when she releases her third, fourth, and fifth staged photo-op.

    PS–The error page is popping up, so that is a dead giveaway that it’s frannie plate/athena. It took 3 days for it to happen, but it eventually did. See, now why do you boo hoo about how we are calling you all these different people when you keep providing that evidence.

    I see that you used the 5 person rule again. Where you show up with 5 more different names just like I predicted you would do in the previous thread.

  • gwen


    Hi athena/frannie plate(aka GreatP/HAHA)

    Do you really want to play this game? Do you STILL want to keep claiming that we are wrong for saying that you are posting under all these different names, even though YOU keep providing the evidence to support EVERYTHING that I am saying? Seriously, you are not making things good for yourself, hence why you showed up with 5 more different names.

    I posted this in the EC pimps out his kids in the parking lot thread,
    and I will post it here as well. This is why we can say that YOU are posting under different names:

    So you are going to keep playing this game? Why? Do you seriously think that you can talk your way out of this one? You messed up. And all it took was post 26 in the Red O thread to do it. You just messed up with post 67, the VERY posts you make when you show up as KRISSI.

    1) GR8NPwrfulOZ=KRISSI

    How do I know? She showed up as HAHAH stating how she was punishing me by saying that I was posting under different names. Just like Krissi. And just like Krissi she can’t seem to understand that it’s okay to use a different name on a different site. Krissi writes that same post everytime she shows up and how odd so does GR8NPwrfulOZ.

    2) GR8NPwrfulOZ=Katie

    How do we know?

    For some odd reason she made the mistake of posting a space before and after her punctuation mark, Katie then tried to fix it after I pointed out that Tammy made the same mistake, but she missed one. So how odd that I notice the very same thing when this GR8NPwrfulOZ persons shows up.

    Katie has this special saying, now how odd that GR8NPwrfulOZ says the very same thing.

    How odd that your name would be GR8NPwrfulOZ, the very same argument that both Tammy and Katie were making to convince me that WEWE wasn’t using her friendships to get EC jobs.

    3) GR8NPwrfulOZ=Tammy

    See the post for Katie

    4) GR8NPwrfulOZ=Athena/frannie plate
    Post 26 in the Red O thread is the very same post that ATHENA made just before she went off to Cancun, it’s also the same post that appeared on E News under the name of guest 45(whom I suspected was ATHENA).

    Betsy the racist poster shows up min after FP does and guess what this similar thing happens when GR8NPwrfulOZ shows up, min later Betsy the racist poster shows up.

    FP/A shows up in full force when WEWE is releasing her staged photo-ops and guess what happens when GR8NPwrfulOZ comes around? Who wants to bet that WEWE will be releasing even more staged photo-ops?

    Strange that GR8NPwrfulOZ is your name because you made the same reference when you were posting as ATHENA. Why? Because you told me that you were asking moderators to shut down their threads and when I made a response to that you stated that I gave you way too much power.

    Post disappear when GR8NPwrfulOZ shows up, just like they do when the FP/A posters shows up.

    Error page. The last time that GR8NPwrfulOZ the error page went berserk, just like it did with Athena/FP.

    It ook 3 days, but now the error page is popping up.

    Voting system goes goes unbalanced in GR8NPwrfulOZ presence just like Athena/FP.

    5) GR8NPwrfulOZ=Captian Obvious

    CO was always boo hooing because I would dare apply HER words to her, and guess who showed up making the VERY exact same post?

    6) SPEAK NOW=GR8NPwrfulOZ
    Are we assume that Speak now lost power to and suddenly gained it when GR8NPwrfulOZ popped back up because how odd that just min after SPEAK NOW shows up out pops GR8NPwrfulOZ?

    7) She said it herself. She lost power and couldn’t post. Go back and look at the previous threads. The WEWE supporters are scarce. Why do they disappear or have a low profile when GR8NPwrfulOZ states that SHE didnt’ have any power? Are we to assume that EVERY WEWE fan who posts in this site lives on the East Coast

    So let’s recap, so based on

    post 26 in the Red O thread we can conclude that the GreatP=ATHENA/frannie plate

    post 67 in the EC pimps out his kids at the fair thread we can conclude that GreatP=Krissi

    post 81 in the EC pimps out his kids at the fair thread the poster who has been stalking M( and opened up a twitter account in her name) is ATHENA/frannie plate because Post 81 contains the many things that frannie plate/athena stated in her post right before she went to Cancun. Even the part about how our posts are being deleted on CB. Thanks ATHENA/frannie plate.