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Chloe Moretz: 'Hick' Premiere & Portrait Session at TIFF!

Chloe Moretz: 'Hick' Premiere & Portrait Session at TIFF!

Chloe Moretz and her Hick co-star Eddie Redmayne pose for a portrait during the 2011 Toronto Film Festival at the Guess Portrait Studio on Saturday (September 10) in Toronto, Canada.

Later in the day, the duo attended the premiere of their flick and were joined by castmate Juliette Lewis and writer Andrea Portes on the red carpet.

Hick, which also stars Blake Lively, is about a Nebraska teen (Moretz) who gets more than she bargained for when she sets out for the bright lights of Las Vegas.

FYI: Chloe, 14, is wearing Valentino at the premiere and rocked Dolce&Gabbana in her portrait. Juliette is wearing a Farah Angsana dress and Neil Lane jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Chloe Moretz and Eddie Redmayne promoting Hick

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chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 01
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 02
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 03
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 04
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 05
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 06
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chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 09
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chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 11
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 12
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 13
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 14
chloe moretz hick premiere portrait session 15

Credit: Matt Carr, Sonia Recchia; Photos: Getty
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  • Trex

    She tries way too hard..

  • lala

    Ok, I’m not sure if a leather and see-through lace dress is very appropriate for a 14-year old girl, as grown-up as she’s appears to be, where are her parents?

  • lauren

    Dont get me wrong, i Love chloe and i think shes one of the most promising young actresses out there…I just wish she would act and dress her age a bit more. The hardcore posing in photos and wearing clothes years beyond her age is a bit worrying…

  • tara

    She reminds me of one of the mean girls in my junior high… years ago.

  • dee

    AH! Eddie Redmayne! Why aren’t you big yet? Love him.

  • erin

    She’s gorgeous! I think she looks fabulous in the blazer and hat but the Valentino is a bit too much for her age.

  • lisa

    This is so inappropriate. With the see-through dress and all that posing she looks more like a 24 year old woman than the 14 year old girl she actually is. Quite the disturbing image.

  • Huh

    I love Chloe but it seems like her trashy co-star ( thank god she didn’t walk the red carpet ) has had an unfortunate effect on her!

  • Warren

    Sexy, sexy Chloe! What a super hot woman.

  • Ann

    BOOM! i said the same thing everyone is saying now months ago. The girl is talented but she dresses wayyy older than she should. Someone needs to put her in something that covers her up a bit more. Honestly I see a young Drew Barrymore when I look at her and that isn’t a good thing.

    Also, isn’t this Blake Lively’s movie as well???? Bahaha, movie must be shit if she isn’t promoting it as well. Lord knows she loves some camera time.

  • Warren

    I would love to lick and kiss hot Chloe. She is such a sexy woman!

  • Gilmore


    She’s not a women though. She’s fourteen and it’s sick that you think that.. Anyways I think it’s a bit weird that her mother won’t let her utter a curse a word if it isn’t for work, but will let her go on the carpet in a dress like that and pose like she’s twenty-something who has no interest in being there. Good actress, pretty girl, just act your age it won’t hurt you.

  • Hailey

    She’s so beautiful and talented, can’t believe she’s only 14.

  • anne

    Pedobear detected

  • HowdyHo

    Chloe, what’s the rush? Your attire makes adults uncomfortable. Dress fourteen while you can.

  • Reggie

    @Huh: Chloe has been hardcore posing before Blake Lively came around.

  • Yamila

    wow she looks so much older, she’s only fourteen :-/

  • Tamara

    Chloe looks great!

  • foxy

    Chloe looks more sexier than most of grown women..seriously..

  • Huh

    @Reggie: Yet Chloe has BL’s trashy vibe exposing all her talent. Thank god Chloe can act unlike BL.

  • Sean

    So yummy! Can’t wait till she’s legal!

  • cin

    if she keeps behaving this way she will become the new lindsay lohan within months. It’s so sad that a 14 years old is trying this hard but who can blame her? If you’re 14 and everyone keeps kissing your *ss and then Martin freaking Scorsese hires you and Tim freaking Burton hires you and you get to star along side Johnny freaking Depp… I thought she was different but she’s letting all the fame go to her head and that’s not good plus she’s always been a “machine” (a young, talented girl with way too much Hollywood PR behind her) and you could tell by the way she would speak on interviews. Such a waste Chloe, I hope someone can save you from all that.

  • foxy

    Chloe looks way sexier than most of grown women..seriously.. get over it

  • trying too hard

    she is trying too hard, this is not ok for a 14 years old.

  • DavidH

    She looks hot as hell I would hit that if she weren’t 14

  • Michelle

    She’s a great actress and I love her style.

  • OK

    Chloe’s Valentino dress is a thick, nude-colored sweetheart neckline top covered with a piece of lace, covered by that with 2 more layers of polka-dot netting. It’s foolproof.
    Y’all need to calm down- Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus were WAY trashy at her age; this is a nice dress. She’s a normal kid who always has one of her older brothers as her guardian wherever she goes.

  • Eric

    she’s not trying too hard .. she does not have to do that cuz she’s a big star already.. only unpopular attention biatch try too hard. i think she just loves fashion just like teenagers.

  • Halli

    Why are these kids trying so hard to look 25?
    Chloe Moretz
    Elle Fanning
    Haille Steinfeld

    What’s the rush? You have the next 15 years of your life to dress like a hipster.

  • FFer

    WOW… Chloe looks like she’s almost 16 in those photos!

  • Anne

    I think some people are overreacting here. She’s obviously into fashion and I don’t see anything wrong with what she’s wearing. Her cleavage isn’t hanging out and her dress is an appropriate length.

  • nes

    14, she dresses more like she is 20.

  • bishop45


    As someone who has followed her very closely for a year now, I call BS on your comments. She has no “Hollywood PR” and she’s as down to earth as they come. I’ll reiterate what I usually do when people overreact to a photo of her: trying to glean anything from a photograph. Folks throwing Lohan’s name out know nothing about Moretz.

  • JR

    For those saying she isn’t dressed like a normal 14-year-old, well, she isn’t a normal 14-year-old. She’s an up-and-coming actress making appearances at huge international events like TIFF. She has the money and opportunity to wear fancy outfits. Now, you can quibble with the mature nature of the Valentino dress and I wouldn’t argue, but let’s not compare her to regular kids or pretend that this is a daily or weekly look for her.

  • rick

    she looks amazing…all anyone does on here is bitch and complain bout these teen girls dressing to old.what do you want them to wear baggy clothes ,no makeup,shirts with care bears on them and pants with little flowers and floor length skirts…and what did blake ever do wrong…ya’ll are the same girls that go out wearing daisy dukes tight shirts stfu already.

  • Hit Girl

    I love Chloe Moretz so much — loved her as Hit Girl and loved the movie Let Me In sooooo much! Needless to say, I’m a big fan which is why I’m worried she’s growing up to fast. She does not look like a 14-year-old. I don’t know if she’s doing this to get more mature roles or she’s being pressured to by Hollywood/agent/manager etc. to appear more grown up.
    Anyhow, I hope she has a long and successful career because she’s awesome in movies…. Hugo looks great and I’ll definitely be watching it.

  • JR

    “I don’t know if she’s doing this to get more mature roles or she’s being pressured to by Hollywood/agent/manager etc. to appear more grown up.” – @36 Hit Girl

    She dresses up because she can and she likes to do so. If you believe it’s over-the-top, blame her family. She certainly doesn’t need help getting mature roles. Almost all of her recent roles have been of the precocious variety.

  • YouBetYa

    Hmm a walking free pass to jail…

  • crystal

    she is a very pretty young girl but reminds me to much of hayden pantierre who would dress to much like a adult when she was 15 and 16

  • Ana

    Eddie is such a sweetheart! He’s polite, cute and very talented, but he almost always take such a disturbing roles.

  • barbie

    Cloe looks absolutely gorgeous, wow, what a figure! She is an actress and has been earning an living, travelling the world and generally been exposed a lot more, so, is probably a lot more mature than the average early-teenager. So I won’t pass judgement.

  • MARY


  • MangerBouger

    Can’t believe she is 14 ! When she’ll be in her 30s, she is gonna regret the fact that she did not dress like a 14 year old would do at that age …

  • Viv

    I love that picture with Eddie Redmayne.

  • FFer

    Chloe has the same birth date as Emma Roberts. Her numero officiale is ’2′.

  • Sav


    You do realize that this is a special occasion and that she dresses “normal” 99% of the time, don’t you? Oh, I guess you don’t….

  • jake

    You guys are idiots. This is a PREMIERE, she’s not gonna show up wearing baggy pants and a hoody. She obviously doesn’t dress like this normally, only a fool would think that. Also, her dress is very classy and she looks great, why are so many people acting like she’s half naked? morons.

  • Rob


    It’s only Chloe that dresses like this while she eye fcks the camera.

    Elle and Hailee dress normal.

  • Roma

    I like Chloe but seriously this is no way for 14 year old to dress, just think when she gets to the age she dressing at she would want dress young again! *sigh*

  • Sav


    Not only are you classless Rob, you’re ignorant as well.