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Chris Brown Gets 95 Parking Tickets Dismissed

Chris Brown Gets 95 Parking Tickets Dismissed

Chris Brown catches a departing flight at LAX Airport on Thursday (September 8) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old singer recently caught a break when 95 out of the 117 parking tickets he had were dismissed.

Chris had racked up about $15,000 in citations for parking his cars in what appeared to be handicapped spaces in his condo’s garage.

Chris only faces a fraction of that bill because … the parking spaces in question were assigned to Chris‘ apartment from the beginning … and Chris wasn’t doing anything wrong by parking there,” TMZ reports.

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  • laura

    Chris hasnt done anything in the first place ..cant wait to see him live

  • Dieter

    Can someone explain what a ridicolous country the US are? How can you get parking tickes from an official authority for a condos garage? It’s private property then? How can you get tickets for taking handicapped place when you pay for the space with your rent?

  • Madhatter

    Wrong, he’s still guilty of 22 parking tickets. That excessive amount perfectly depicts his selfish nature- rules are for other people.

    His live shows are of him lip-syncing so he can dance a lot.

  • jessa

    22 parking tickets lol
    what a tool.

  • youngens-of-da-night

    finnaly iknow im not the only one who sees this half the stars of the world lip-singing but that him from when he records it in the studio

  • Parking attendant laura

    @Madhatter: 22 what! Did it even occure to you to ask what will become of the lying ignorant & hateful neighbors who have now been exposed as bullies and racists by the same media encouraging them to victimize Breezy. Isn’t that more weird than the alleged 22 tickets? Why is that 22 tickets more important to you than, the racists he is living with? If you investigate the entire hollywood, you’d find alot of them with parking ticket issues BECAUSE THEY HAVE MANY CARS! now if thats your definition of selfish nature then you just called everyone that owe a parking fine selfish. But its ok cos you are only 12 years old so you are just chatting rubbish.

  • Mayle

    He seems like such a delight…


    people have nothing better to do with there lives then trying to get him in shit, i have to say id never waster my time on bringing anyone down no matter how much i hated them hes paying now for what he done and he will pay forever but doesn’t mean people need to get personal and try get him in shit for a dumb parking spot IDIOTS need to find something more interesting to do with there lifes

  • Guy

    Let me guess what happened…

    Ticketer: “I’m sorry sir but you’re parked in a handicapped spot, I’m gonna have to give you a ticket.

    Chris: “You give me that ticket and imma beat yo butt like Chris Brown did to Rihanna! Oh wait…THATS ME!!!

    It’s scary to think that this guy can beat a girl into the hospital and only get community service, smash a window and GET an apology, AND get excused from paying parking infractions.

  • yup!

    @Guy: Im a fan of his music and dancing but i do agree with you about him getting away with it to easy they deserve to be treated like normal people who dont have the money to pay to stay out of prison, him and Lindsey need to serve there time

  • Boo

    Douchebag alert.

  • nono

    Even though I dislike Chris Brown the people that did this are seriously pathetic ; painting your own handicap sings over his parking places and then calling the cops? You don’t have to like him you can boycott his music but let him live his life…

  • John

    waooo…my friend got three tickets, they already suspension her driving license. Chris Brown got 22 tickets, sound wasn’t a big deal. Dude, that’s why i hate about those young celebrities who act like a douche bag when they claim their fame in an earlier age.

  • Jake

    And he beats and bites women!

  • Gege

    You guys are pathetic it’s called he got a lawyer..bc he wasn’t liable for the tickets they were mistakes on the building and cops parts…shit! And if you are sitting here saying that he beats women kill yourself please? Cool.

  • regina Fernandez

    Well let me start by saying Chris can sure bit me a nibble never hurt anyone. As for parking tickets Chris is a grown man he knows the law he knows right from wrong i feel u play u pay u do the crime u do the time.fame or money when its over all that doesn’t matter ur still the same person ever day do what’s right in life things will be right

  • zara

    @yup @Guy I see where u are coming from and what went down between him and Ri is something terrible. However, how much more can he pay back to society? He did his community service, finished his anger management, and on top of that he lost his carear? for us that may seem little but for him thats quite a big deal.

  • Mandee

    95 have been dismissed but the other 22 are still being disputed. And I heard the others which were over 15,000 has since been dismissed. His neighbors have serious issues and need to get evaluated. Who paints a handicapped sign on someone’s parking spot and then calls the police? We have so many issues going on in this country alone, it just doesnt make sense how much people choose to hate one person and waste federal resources. And yet they always call Chris Brown immature. Seems like he’s learning, and the people around him are getting more childish. Move on already. If she really still had any animosity toward Chris, Rihanna should be the one painting handicapped signs, not those loser neighbors! SMH

  • Mandee

    And this article isnt about him beating anyone. It’s about parking tickets that he actually didnt deserve to get. Funny how even when he didnt do anything, people always bring it back to the obvious.

  • darren ray

    I think chris brown should not worried about the parking ticketsbecause he been through so much and he don’t need to here all that crazy talk

  • Guy

    @zara: Well he deserves it, I mean, I understand that he has lost a great deal of opportunities and success but this should not happen, why should celebrities get preferential treatment? I really don’t think he got what he deserved, he put a girl in the hospital and he just gets a slap on the wrist, it utterly terrifies me what else ANYONE with a single ounce of fame can get away with next….

  • Mandee


    what preferential ticket? The parking spots were HIS and the tickets racked up were DISMISSED. That’s what THIS is about. You’re combing two different issues, and it doesn’t pertain to this article.

  • anneb

    why are people of this country so immature and hateful? only in this country would see someone being remind of a single incident he had in his life almost three years ago. Charlie sheen can beat women and shoot his ex wives all he wants, eminem can abuse his wife kim everyday or mel gibson can beat the mother of his child rocksana and knock a tooth out of her mouth, they all find as long they are not black cuz as soon that the black kid chris brown gets into a fight with his ex who tried to kill both of them in a car accident he must lynched…slavery…there is nothing that never change don’t they!! Godbless america….