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Gerard Butler: Painting the Night Red with Artists for Peace & Justice!

Gerard Butler: Painting the Night Red with Artists for Peace & Justice!

Gerard Butler answers some interview questions on the red carpet of the Artists For Peace And Justice cocktail event Painting The Night Red held at Ame on Friday (September 9) in Toronto, Canada.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud, who suited up in Dolce&Gabbana, was joined at the event by Jason Reitman, director Paul Haggis, and APJ board member David Belle.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Artists for Peace and Justice “is a non-profit organization supporting communities in Haiti through programs in education, health and dignity.”

Gerard is in town to premiere his film Machine Gun Preacher at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. If you haven’t already, check out these film festival portraits of Gerry!

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Credit: George Pimentel; Photos: WireImage
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  • she

    Looking great and what a smile

  • BESS

    Be yourself…everyone else is taken

  • Gerry

    That last pic isn’t Butler.

  • bedds

    Nope. 20000 Gerry posts later and still not attracted.

  • @Gerry

    @Gerry: The last pic is Jason Reitman. JJ mentioned him in the article. =)

  • Sukar

    As handsome as ever!

  • http://At Slig olambert ^____^cute

    Schottis eyes in party nice

  • Me2
  • IRMA

    lucky Gerry!!

  • CorBlimey

    @curious cat
    Just to reply from two threads ago (sorry, but I can’t keep up with all the new threads their throwing at us at the moment!):
    I completely agree about the lack of research – I would’ve thought that the main goal of interviewing someone was to get an answer that no-one else had previously got from the subject of the interview, thus rendering your coverage more insightful, more knowledgable and consequently more attractive to people who would potentially use your news service. Please let me know if I have that completely backward – but to me, that makes the most sense. So, I cannot for the life of me understand why, with all the hundreds of interviews out there with Gerard, why they cannot move past the overly-hashed history, or even get his name right.
    I understand that Americans traditionally say Ger-ARD, but if you knew that someone’s name was pronounced GER-ard, why would you not offer them the simple respect of saying it properly? To me, if someone cannot take the time to say someone’s name properly (and most people associate their name very closely with their individual identity) it says that they really don’t give two hoots about that person. When I was in Uni, we had both a GER-ard and Ger-ARD and everyone there managed to call them by the appropriate pronunciation (actually, we had a SAH-rah and a SEH-rah too and both were spelt Sarah, and everyone also got their names right). It’s like they just don’t care about their jobs or the people they interview.
    I’ve seen several interviews with different people like it too – it’s not just Gerard that cops it. Fire their lazy ar$es and give the jobs to people who would do it properly – that’s my solution!!
    Okay, long-winded rant over.. Sorry everyone! :D

  • tell me about it

    One of the female interviewers kept yelling, “I am Sparta!” She couldn’t even get the line from the movie right. Not only was she annoying but she couldn’t even get a simple fact like that straight. I think it was the Fox interview.

  • bystander

    If any of Gerry’s people view the mood on this site (big if), and if Gerry takes any note of their advice (even bigger if), then its nicer if the discussion stays constructive, whether complementary or critical. Too often we see viciousness or loopy adoration. I’m not into all the hearts and flowers sites, I don’t have posters on my wall. But in an intended light- hearted spirit , please Gerry get a new suit! The ultra slim cut does not flatter your lean leggies, and you need a jacket roomy enough to do up without making you look like muppet head!

  • CorBlimey

    @tell me about it:
    I think he should pull them up on it – why pander to their stupidity? I’ve seen actors do it before – Denzel is a classic example of a tough interview. He doesn’t let the interviewer ask questions about the past at all, and will start throwing back psycho-babble about them being trapped in the past. Not a great interview to watch unless you get off on the torture of the media (though I did find their very obvious discomfort delightful), but they learn their lessons fast. Ask appropriate and respectful questions and you’ll get a good interview. I’d love for Gerard, if only once, to turn around and say “Well, as I’ve said in the previous 3000 interviews, yes I did get fired from my job a week before qualifying. Now back to the movie I’m promoting..”
    I find Craig Ferguson to be a great interviewer. He talks about anything and everything and actually engages with the person he’s talking to. He can redirect a conversation depending on the attitude and reaction of the person because he doesn’t appear to have a set format. One of my favourites was the one he did with Helena Bonham Carter for the Alice in Wonderland promotion. I don’t think they talked about the movie much at all – it was more like a little English tea party with two good friends chucking off at each other, and I found that far more informative about the type of person Helena is, as well as her wacky sense of humour, than any cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill interview being conducted anywhere else. I wish he was on Aussie telly, but I’ll settle for just Youtube-ing the latest vids. :D

  • CorBlimey

    I kind of agree about the suit. The colour is great, but the cut – especially of the jacket – is too form-fitting. It makes him look like the Hollywood starlets of old, showcasing their hourglass figures..
    Yep. Deep, midnight blue or steel grey in just a size larger and a straighter leg cut, please Gerard.. :D

  • “Ava”

    Gerry looks well, trim and happy. That genuine twinkle is back in his eyes. Charity events seem to give him special pride. He’s beaming here, clearly happy. His skin looks fantastic. It has color, again healthiness shining through. He wears suits well. The slimmer look is the trend, for jeans too. Charcoal gray is a good choice.

  • lolita

    Gerry’s back. I knew we would become accustomed to his new look. His smile is there and he is in his element. The ill look he had when he was in Scotland playing in the soccer game is gone. He has better color and he has put on a few pounds. Handsome bugger. I’m sure all the good news he is getting about MGP has put a spring in his step.
    Have a great Saturday everyone♥

  • lolita

    Gerry’s back. I knew we would become accustomed to his new look. His smile is there and he is in his element. The ill look he had when he was in Scotland playing in the soccer game is gone. He has better color and he has put on a few pounds. Handsome bugger. I’m sure all the good news he is getting about MGP has put a spring in his step.
    Have a great Saturday everyone♥

  • lolita

    @lolita: Sorry about the double post, JJ’s site is acting weird again.

  • she

    @CorBlimey: I really like your comment about Gerry’s behavior in an interview. I perceive Gerry as an interviewee who answer questions and I didn’t see him make cynical remarks back to the interviewer. Maybe it’s not his style. Gerry cab try hitch those kind of question like the lawyer question to promote the film by saying how that experience in the past help him understand something in the film. And we all know how philosophical and creative Gerry can be when he want’s to…

  • Me2
  • yep

    will see machine preacher!

  • Me2

    ….They’re still trying to milk that rumor….C’mon give it up already!

  • Me2

    The funny thing is no one even has a actual pic of them together !! LOL

  • CorBlimey

    And I highly doubt anyone ever will..

  • Me2

    That’s because there’s nothing between them. I doubt she’s even a FWB.

  • Me2
  • Me2
  • Me2
  • Me2
  • Dolly Madison

    It looks like everyone would realize that all of these rumors about Gerry and Brandi Glanville are all part of her own PR workings and none of it is true. All of the other housewives of BH get all kinds of publicity, the one whose husband committed suicide recently, Kelsey Grammar’s ex wife, and a couple of the others are always in the news and in the forefront, but Brandi is never mentioned. It’s almost as if she is there, but not there. So, she has to get noticed any way she can. I expect that Gerry may have talked to her at that party, may have even danced with her (and it is very curious that there was not one single picture taken), but you can bet that that was as far as it went. She’s just trying to get as much mileage off this as possible to feed her own PR and get HER name in the news. Otherwise, it would not be.

    All of the reports from TIFF about Gerry have been very good and the screenings so far of Machine Gun Preacher have all been good. It looks to be a big success for Gerry.

  • Red Dress

    lolita @ 09/10/2011 at 8:23 am
    Gerry’s back. I knew we would become accustomed to his new look.

    Sorry, lolita, but I am not accustomed to that so thin the wind could blow me over look. Love the hair, love the sparkling eyes, love the smile, love all of it but I am alarmed at that painfully thin body.

  • Scarlett

    @Me2 & @Dolly Maddison
    I agree.If there was any truth in it,it would have been mentioned before now.Also if she were seeing Gerry even only as FBW’s she wouldn’t have wasted her time on the twitter wars with her ex Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes.C’mon now, who’d be on twitter night and day if you had Gerry.She is still hung up on her ex and this is all PR for her new show.

  • Publicity 101

    @Dolly Madison: Sure HER PR machine want to perpetuate the rumour, as a Real Housewife her job is to generate buzz for the show and anything goes. Gerry’s PR can’t possibly want this or see this as a good or neutral thing, especially now, with Gerry premiering a SERIOUS MOVIE this weekend, where is the denial unless they can’t because it is true. Groan. At least call up Gossip Cop. They seemed to do that with the Biel rumours.

  • impressed

    he looks really nice! Movie looks good, too. I also don’t believe he ever went near that brandi chick. Convenient rumer, he prob just walked past her at some event and a reporter ran with it!

  • Scarlett

    Typo in my previous post .. should be FWB’s.

  • kelly

    awwww theres our loveably gerry luv the flirty smile and the suit looks great

  • May God Bless yoou all!

    Proverbs 31:30
    New International Version
    Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

  • dargabriel

    I’m very happy for GB and his career. I still don’t see the twinkling in his soul. He’s missing his other half so very much. Gerard’s career is just keeping him busy for the now. He is very much about God and world peace. Harvest time is right arround the corner, should be very interesting for Gerard, he shall have everything in this lifetime, but must avoid the Celtic Fog. We reap what we sow, he has sown much, pos/neg, karma has been very trying at times, but rewarding in others. Messages will arrive, awaiting messages from arch Gabriel, Gerard knows what his future holds. Please believe in Gerard, he’s not a manwhore,druggie,unhealthy,gay, he is very much a Godlight. Have a stupendous weekend. Love,dargabriel

  • “Ava”

    Gerry has impressive hands. If I were Cartier or some high-end jewelry House I’d want those for modeling rings, bracelets and watches! They are by far very handsome indeed. Not that he isn’t!
    Also liking the sense of pride and achievement in his posture now. The spark or flame within is totally noteworthy in his eyes. He’s come a long way. His future looks as sharp as he does in that suit!

  • lolita

    @Me2: Now that is my big brute that makes me want to shimmy up his leg. He looks great in those pictures. His hair, eyes, awesome. Can’t wait to see the whole movie not just the pics of trailers.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Have a Great and Fabulous time!!! You look fantastic!!! The movie looks awesome..I can’t wait to see it :)..Best of luck to you and the cast and crew!!! Ciao Bello!!

  • lolita

    @Red Dress: RD, he looks better with some meat on his bones, but he doesn’t have that gaunt look he had a few weeks ago when he was in Scotland and when he came home and was at that charity event. His voice was weak and he looked so drawn out. He has filled out a little bit but i think he will watch his weight not just for the movies but he took a beating on those Barbados pics. He is a big guy and he knows if he gets to thin that is not a good look for him. IMO. I Just think we aren’t as shocked to see him thinner as we were before.

  • LLL

    Word is security is tight at TIFF for Gerard Butler and all associated with MGP. There have been threats from some radical organizations.

  • lolita

    @ C Cat, I read your post to me on the other thread, I don’t see where MGP is scheduled yet here in WNY, but I have high hopes for it coming here. Since all the reviews are good I think it will be picked up by more movie houses. At least I hope so. I haven’t seen the trailer yet advertised on TV in my area. They are showing Pitts, trailer and some other ones coming out on Sept. 23rd., some movies on Sept. 30th. I am glad you will be able to enjoy it.

  • Red Dress

    @lolita,take a look at that full body head on picture. His waist and thighs are practically non-existent. Body wise he is not healthy. He looks like a walking, talking head to me. For whatever reason, Gerry is buying into the underweight crowd in HW and to me it is not attractive much less healthy. JMHO of course.

    @LLL Same thing was said during the premiers of 300. Security was tight because there had been threats from radical organizations. Sure gets people’s attention.

    Anyway, I hope it all works out for Gerry and his movies. It looks like good news coming from those who previewed the movie. He certainly got their attention and that is a good thing.

  • cubedweller

    @CorBlimey: @tell me about it: I couldn’t agree more with both your posts. And I agree with Curious Cat that there is tremendous laziness in the press. Getting someone’s name right is common courtesy, for heaven’s sake. And don’t be an idiot and shout out his most famous line and get it wrong. What a cringeworthy moment. And I think it’s very true that he needs to be more assertive in interviews in steering away from tired material that has been done to death, and get the time spent more productively on the matter at hand, which is promoting the film.
    He looks very handsome in these pics, and like he is having a thoroughly good time. He is a social guy, so these fundraising parties are a perfect fit for him.

  • niknoks


    I’ve not heard anything about that but I wouldn’t be surprised, ‘anniversaries’ tend to bring out the crazies in droves.

  • lolita

    @Red Dress: For whatever reasons he is staying thin only he knows for sure. He said it was for Mavericks. As long as he feels healthy at this weight it is what it is. With Gerry a month from now he may look totally different. We have seen him thin, plump, crazy buffed up, none of this dramatic changes are good for a body but I can only hope he knows what he is doing to himself.

  • LLL

    @Red Dress: Ok…just thought I would share a little bit of info with the JJ Gerard Butler thread readers .

  • mxm78

    There must be something going on between Butler and Glanville because Gerry’s peeps haven’t denied it. When the “FWB” rumor went around about Butler and Selita, Gerard’s rep shot it down within 24 hours. This story keeps going on and on and Gerry isn’t denying.
    It doesn’t matter what Glanville’s PR is doing. There should have been a denial from Butler’s camp by now.