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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Vanity Fair Party!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Vanity Fair Party!

George Clooney and rumored girlfriend Stacy Keibler head out after checking out a Fox Searchlight and Vanity Fair party at the Thompson Hotel on Friday (September 9) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 50-year-old actor and Stacy, 31, celebrated Martha Marcy May Marlene and George‘s new movie, The Descendants, at the party, which was sponsored by Belvedere Vodka.

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Earlier in the day, George suited up for the premiere of The Descendants.

People caught up with Stacy at the premiere of The Ides of March on Friday and asked what she liked about George – she answered “Everything!”

“They have good chemistry, and she can hold her own with the boys,” an onlooker told the mag. “They both can equally be the life of the party.”

FYI: Stacy paired her Armani dress with Christian Louboutin shoes.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler leaving a Vanity Fair party in Toronto…

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Credit: I.Kavanaugh; Photos: WENN
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  • Robertina

    Beautiful woman and beautiful man

  • Maria

    Ahahah! 2009 Canalis, 2011 Keibler, the Next? 2013 ! George Clooney is a very gentleman!

  • robot12

    Lets hope she doesn’t want to marry in her lifetime. Then things will be just fine. At least he is up front with these women, but they still think he’s gonna change his mind and they will be the one. Oh well, they are both gorgeous.

  • m

    his taste is wack.. she’s hot dont get me wrong but if your gonna be a playboy do it like Leo.. Leo goes for “it” girls… Clooney girls are hot but they’re bargain basement chicks… thats how I know hes gay.. no straight man would wife up this many worthless chicks… nothing wrong with being gay but at 50 come on he covering for something..think about percentages too.. theres no way all the leading men are straight..

  • m

    his taste is wack.. she’s hot dont get me wrong but if your gonna be a playboy do it like Leo.. Leo goes for “it” girls… Clooney girls are hot but they’re bargain basement chicks… thats how I know hes gay.. no straight man would wife up this many worthless chicks… nothing wrong with being gay but at 50 come on he covering for something..think about percentages too.. theres no way all the leading men are straight..

  • nah

    George wants only women who wont overshadow him, as long as they are compliant things are good, for a while anyway, funny how he always shows off the new gf right before award season…lol what a pimp!

  • Thomas Gebry

    George does not buy dresses for hookers, Stacy does not choose what to wear, she dresses that what they promote. It’s free stuff. Also Stacy sleeps for free with Stan and with others whom she does not choose as well… George is free.

  • Thomas Gebry

    There was booked a double suite but George’s gal did not arrived… maybe this place took Stacy?.. But what we saw is that George was in a very bad mood. on photo we see that Stacy was with other guy, more organic she looks with the guys of her mental level. and with she looks cuter him, with George they mutually deform each other. Anything more than a friendship is just impossible between them, otherwise it will be perversion.

  • suz

    Christ, she needs her roots doing…..

  • Thomas Gebry

    indeed he looks sad..

  • Thomas Gebry

    in Venice he was in much better mood, there he was with his real lady….

  • Thomas Gebry

    earlier I thought way he is so strange with women, looks like he is indifferent to them.. appears to be that he’s had a real girlfriend

  • Thomas Gebry

    @Toronto break?: are you sure they did break up?
    maybe there is going on the story like it was with Canalis…his girlfriend disguise herself and they’ve been secretly meeting.And to transform into Stacy it’s even easier for her….

  • monica

    this chick is so nasty and desperate.she poses for photo shoots trying to make it look like paparazzi.she doesnt even have a job and she is old looking.why does george hang with these wannabe girls?The rumors must be true that he is gay.Only explanation for choice in women.

  • jj17

    Your 50 now Clooney! This is just pathetic!

  • Keibler is pathetic

    I see a pathetic famewh.ore walking out behind George Clooney. She’s not with him. “Clooney is leaving now, I must walk out right behind him to make people think I’m with him!” You can see that George isn’t happy about her following him around, but as she got her own separate invitation to the party and had a right to be there, there wasn’t anything George could do about it.

  • that’s scary

    I thought Canalis was crazy, but Keibler is even crazier. George may actually need a restraining order for this one.

  • observer

    I don’t think Keibler is with him, and I don’t think George is happy about her following him around. I think Keibler planned all along to leave at the same time George left the party to make people think she’s with him. She walked out behind him, and George completely ignored her.

  • teenqueen

    Pathetic….how many more notches does he want on his belt…fifty years old and still acts like a teenage boy.

  • Danielle

    She is all smiles now, but won’t be when her tosses her out like the rest. Any girl that invests their feelings in this plaer is a FOOL. Can’t say I feel bad for any of them.

  • Danielle

    She is all smiles now, but won’t be when he tosses her out like the rest. Any girl that invests their feelings in this player is a FOOL. Can’t say I feel bad for any of them.

  • Halo

    All smiles now til she gets tossed like the rest. What a fool.

  • Thomas Gebry

    @Keibler is pathetic: I was there and I confirm that to party they arrived not together. When Clooney has been going away she rushed after him. Clooney gave autographs and got in to the car alone.

  • Thomas Gebry

    @Thomas Gebry: you boys always have this your mutual protection! His girlfriend should finish with him! But he is not a gay, I know for sure.

  • observer

    After looking at pics of the party on WireImage, I’m convinced that Keibler was there on her own. Clooney never got near her, but she tried to hover near him and got into the distant background of one pic of him. George got closer to Bono than to Keibler. The closest Keibler got to him was when she followed him outside as he was leaving the party, but George still ignored her.

  • brenda

    Why do his women always walk behind him, does he think them lower human beings.

  • observer

    @Thomas Gebry: Thank you for the information!

    I had posted as “Keibler is pathetic” before deciding to use my “observer” moniker.

  • Thomas Gebry

    @brenda: These are not his women, these are publicity whore contracts. On these girls Stan ears his money. he was the one who got a ticket for her t o TIFF

  • Thomas Gebry

    @observer: exactly, I was there and saw the moment when she came to him, they talked about something but seemed indifferent. Later the whole company moved into the middle of room, and I have not seen them anymore. But as I witnessed there is definitely nothing between them.

  • observer

    @Thomas Gebry: Oh, man, she knew if she went up to him and talked to him that he would have to say something in return so as to not be rude. Thanks for your account.

  • Thomas Gebry

    @observer: it was party after Ides of march premiere

  • tom

    he seems so pathetic to me, really she not even subtle that she there not for him but to get her pictured taken…… for years there’s been rumors that he’s gay, I’m think they might be true… why else be so desperate to show that you always have a girl on your arm, if it just for the fck, then why make them part of your professional life, no one can doubt they look like hired girls with contracts and they’re in it for more then a relationship with him.

  • observer

    @brenda: She followed him out because she wasn’t with him. She was following him.

  • nah

    oh please…he just is waiting for a better time to present her. he would have denied dating her if he really wasnt. doesnt matter, it wont last for least until after oscar night.

  • LMAO

    And so the bearding begins.. AGAIN LMAO. Honestly if he keeps picking these out of work bottom basement chicks people are going to figure it out LMAO

  • jo

    Elisabetta Canalis say no Comment on George Clooney dating with Stacy Keibler. watch the Video!!!!!!

  • Cupkin


    Because he’s a pompous little ass who fancies himself as a sort of quasi-royal or politician and he should be the center while wifey/girlfriend walks behind like a good little Consort. All the male A-listers do it to their wives and dates.

  • Robertina

    I can’t believe it. Am I the only one who’s been rated down? I didn’t know about Keibler.

  • Cap

    @jo: Elisbetta will never say anything because she and Stacy have one boss – Stan Rosenfield. and they are his girls For Sale

  • rporc

    Stacy is so desperate to get her pictures taken with him. She’s not going to last a month. George will ditched her and she would not know what hit her. She talks about him like she’s his fiancee. Stacy is a D-list celebrity just like Elisabetta and the other ladies that were linked to George. He doesn’t want a woman on his same level because it’s a lot work to be with cerebral actresses. A dime a dozen girls are easy to find and easy to ditch. He will not think twice to discard them because he can easily replace them in a heart beat. So, Stacy enjoy the ride while it lasts. Check in with Elisabetta on how to keep his interest for at least 2 years not 2 months like your existence in his life would be like.

  • Left

    All these girls have/had no connection with George at all. Have you ever seen him passionate kissing with them?!
    So it is even not a question!

  • Tha-wrap

    In the biz and I have met Clooney. He is….charming as hell and great to be around really. He’s smart and damn he is powerful. Rather the average Joe believes it or not ..Hollywood movers an shakers respect him.

    The man jets off to his home in Italy and power boats with his celeb crowd to film festivals..he’s been married, he’s been engaged …he’s bedded anyone he wants to …and he is rich.

    In his world…..none of this sh-t matters.

    And ladies..when a man tells you –he is not the marrying kind—believe him. No snatch is that powerful to change him.

    Keibler seems to be a new face in the crowd.

  • observer

    @nah: That makes no sense. If he were actually seeing her and waiting for a better time to present her, then she wouldn’t have been there at all. She was there on her own, following him.

  • Frozoid

    Yes, his French girlfriend Celine was always walking behind him. There’s a photo of her way behind him on an escalator in LA while he chats with the guys.
    He never dates women with real power… it’s mostly cocktail waitresses and would be actresses. He must not want to be overshadowed and afraid of women with power.

    I am guessing his relationships must be pretty shallow.

  • Done

    @observer: Stupid

  • Done

    Clooney is not powerful. He’s an actor with a lot of crap movies and even more box office bombs.

  • King’s Honor

    “He never dates women with real power…” you’re wrong and you know this, here is where the whole battle is. George has always date a woman having a real power. The girls are only a shield, this woman cannot afford herself to be a mistress, although she never was, they have formalized relationship which is the problem for all.
    If George denied it he would not take part in such video
    Formalized marriage is legitimate, if both parties confirm and there was not committed any acts contrary to the undertaking. The Council cannot break the law and they will agree with this.
    This week Princess Anna receives a part of her heritage and accepts a commitment associated with it.
    It is the answer to an asked by someone question – why now all negative happens in George’s life.
    This imposes certain obligations on George, in this situation he can whether admit that the marriage was fictitious, what will make us happy since it shoots all the problems, or he can accept equal to Anna commitments.

  • Mary Craft

    girl in a video is a democratic version of Anna, I can confirm that she looks little bit similar to her in appearance, she conveys some main features maybe.. just she is more ordinary girl, which was made with intentions to make each girl think that even if her boyfriend is a simple stallion and she will be loving him and doing everything possible for him, then in one beautiful morning she will wake up and this guy will be for her like George Clooney. Each girl must have her own George Clooney. Such is the main idea, so Anna wished.

  • Urban

    Clooney dug the idea, and canceled the vacation to be in this norwegian promo.

  • mee