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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Vanity Fair Party!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Vanity Fair Party!

George Clooney and rumored girlfriend Stacy Keibler head out after checking out a Fox Searchlight and Vanity Fair party at the Thompson Hotel on Friday (September 9) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 50-year-old actor and Stacy, 31, celebrated Martha Marcy May Marlene and George‘s new movie, The Descendants, at the party, which was sponsored by Belvedere Vodka.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of George Clooney

Earlier in the day, George suited up for the premiere of The Descendants.

People caught up with Stacy at the premiere of The Ides of March on Friday and asked what she liked about George – she answered “Everything!”

“They have good chemistry, and she can hold her own with the boys,” an onlooker told the mag. “They both can equally be the life of the party.”

FYI: Stacy paired her Armani dress with Christian Louboutin shoes.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler leaving a Vanity Fair party in Toronto…

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196 Responses to “George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Vanity Fair Party!”

  1. 1
    Robertina Says:

    Beautiful woman and beautiful man

  2. 2
    Maria Says:

    Ahahah! 2009 Canalis, 2011 Keibler, the Next? 2013 ! George Clooney is a very gentleman!

  3. 3
    robot12 Says:

    Lets hope she doesn’t want to marry in her lifetime. Then things will be just fine. At least he is up front with these women, but they still think he’s gonna change his mind and they will be the one. Oh well, they are both gorgeous.

  4. 4
    m Says:

    his taste is wack.. she’s hot dont get me wrong but if your gonna be a playboy do it like Leo.. Leo goes for “it” girls… Clooney girls are hot but they’re bargain basement chicks… thats how I know hes gay.. no straight man would wife up this many worthless chicks… nothing wrong with being gay but at 50 come on he covering for something..think about percentages too.. theres no way all the leading men are straight..

  5. 5
    m Says:

    his taste is wack.. she’s hot dont get me wrong but if your gonna be a playboy do it like Leo.. Leo goes for “it” girls… Clooney girls are hot but they’re bargain basement chicks… thats how I know hes gay.. no straight man would wife up this many worthless chicks… nothing wrong with being gay but at 50 come on he covering for something..think about percentages too.. theres no way all the leading men are straight..

  6. 6
    nah Says:

    George wants only women who wont overshadow him, as long as they are compliant things are good, for a while anyway, funny how he always shows off the new gf right before award season…lol what a pimp!

  7. 7
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    George does not buy dresses for hookers, Stacy does not choose what to wear, she dresses that what they promote. It’s free stuff. Also Stacy sleeps for free with Stan and with others whom she does not choose as well… George is free.

  8. 8
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    There was booked a double suite but George’s gal did not arrived… maybe this place took Stacy?.. But what we saw is that George was in a very bad mood. on photo we see that Stacy was with other guy, more organic she looks with the guys of her mental level. and with she looks cuter him, with George they mutually deform each other. Anything more than a friendship is just impossible between them, otherwise it will be perversion.

  9. 9
    suz Says:

    Christ, she needs her roots doing…..

  10. 10
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    indeed he looks sad..

  11. 11
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    in Venice he was in much better mood, there he was with his real lady….

  12. 12
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    earlier I thought way he is so strange with women, looks like he is indifferent to them.. appears to be that he’s had a real girlfriend

  13. 13
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    @Toronto break?: are you sure they did break up?
    maybe there is going on the story like it was with Canalis…his girlfriend disguise herself and they’ve been secretly meeting.And to transform into Stacy it’s even easier for her….

  14. 14
    monica Says:

    this chick is so nasty and desperate.she poses for photo shoots trying to make it look like paparazzi.she doesnt even have a job and she is old looking.why does george hang with these wannabe girls?The rumors must be true that he is gay.Only explanation for choice in women.

  15. 15
    jj17 Says:

    Your 50 now Clooney! This is just pathetic!

  16. 16
    Keibler is pathetic Says:

    I see a pathetic famewh.ore walking out behind George Clooney. She’s not with him. “Clooney is leaving now, I must walk out right behind him to make people think I’m with him!” You can see that George isn’t happy about her following him around, but as she got her own separate invitation to the party and had a right to be there, there wasn’t anything George could do about it.

  17. 17
    that's scary Says:

    I thought Canalis was crazy, but Keibler is even crazier. George may actually need a restraining order for this one.

  18. 18
    observer Says:

    I don’t think Keibler is with him, and I don’t think George is happy about her following him around. I think Keibler planned all along to leave at the same time George left the party to make people think she’s with him. She walked out behind him, and George completely ignored her.

  19. 19
    teenqueen Says:

    Pathetic….how many more notches does he want on his belt…fifty years old and still acts like a teenage boy.

  20. 20
    Danielle Says:

    She is all smiles now, but won’t be when her tosses her out like the rest. Any girl that invests their feelings in this plaer is a FOOL. Can’t say I feel bad for any of them.

  21. 21
    Danielle Says:

    She is all smiles now, but won’t be when he tosses her out like the rest. Any girl that invests their feelings in this player is a FOOL. Can’t say I feel bad for any of them.

  22. 22
    Halo Says:

    All smiles now til she gets tossed like the rest. What a fool.

  23. 23
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    @Keibler is pathetic: I was there and I confirm that to party they arrived not together. When Clooney has been going away she rushed after him. Clooney gave autographs and got in to the car alone.

  24. 24
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    @Thomas Gebry: you boys always have this your mutual protection! His girlfriend should finish with him! But he is not a gay, I know for sure.

  25. 25
    observer Says:

    After looking at pics of the party on WireImage, I’m convinced that Keibler was there on her own. Clooney never got near her, but she tried to hover near him and got into the distant background of one pic of him. George got closer to Bono than to Keibler. The closest Keibler got to him was when she followed him outside as he was leaving the party, but George still ignored her.

  26. 26
    brenda Says:

    Why do his women always walk behind him, does he think them lower human beings.

  27. 27
    observer Says:

    @Thomas Gebry: Thank you for the information!

    I had posted as “Keibler is pathetic” before deciding to use my “observer” moniker.

  28. 28
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    @brenda: These are not his women, these are publicity ***** contracts. On these girls Stan ears his money. he was the one who got a ticket for her t o TIFF

  29. 29
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    @observer: exactly, I was there and saw the moment when she came to him, they talked about something but seemed indifferent. Later the whole company moved into the middle of room, and I have not seen them anymore. But as I witnessed there is definitely nothing between them.

  30. 30
    observer Says:

    @Thomas Gebry: Oh, man, she knew if she went up to him and talked to him that he would have to say something in return so as to not be rude. Thanks for your account.

  31. 31
    Thomas Gebry Says:

    @observer: it was party after Ides of march premiere

  32. 32
    tom Says:

    he seems so pathetic to me, really she not even subtle that she there not for him but to get her pictured taken…… for years there’s been rumors that he’s gay, I’m think they might be true… why else be so desperate to show that you always have a girl on your arm, if it just for the fck, then why make them part of your professional life, no one can doubt they look like hired girls with contracts and they’re in it for more then a relationship with him.

  33. 33
    observer Says:

    @brenda: She followed him out because she wasn’t with him. She was following him.

  34. 34
    nah Says:

    oh please…he just is waiting for a better time to present her. he would have denied dating her if he really wasnt. doesnt matter, it wont last for least until after oscar night.

  35. 35
    LMAO Says:

    And so the bearding begins.. AGAIN LMAO. Honestly if he keeps picking these out of work bottom basement chicks people are going to figure it out LMAO

  36. 36
    jo Says:

    Elisabetta Canalis say no Comment on George Clooney dating with Stacy Keibler. watch the Video!!!!!!

  37. 37
    Cupkin Says:


    Because he’s a pompous little ass who fancies himself as a sort of quasi-royal or politician and he should be the center while wifey/girlfriend walks behind like a good little Consort. All the male A-listers do it to their wives and dates.

  38. 38
    Robertina Says:

    I can’t believe it. Am I the only one who’s been rated down? I didn’t know about Keibler.

  39. 39
    Cap Says:

    @jo: Elisbetta will never say anything because she and Stacy have one boss – Stan Rosenfield. and they are his girls For Sale

  40. 40
    rporc Says:

    Stacy is so desperate to get her pictures taken with him. She’s not going to last a month. George will ditched her and she would not know what hit her. She talks about him like she’s his fiancee. Stacy is a D-list celebrity just like Elisabetta and the other ladies that were linked to George. He doesn’t want a woman on his same level because it’s a lot work to be with cerebral actresses. A dime a dozen girls are easy to find and easy to ditch. He will not think twice to discard them because he can easily replace them in a heart beat. So, Stacy enjoy the ride while it lasts. Check in with Elisabetta on how to keep his interest for at least 2 years not 2 months like your existence in his life would be like.

  41. 41
    Left Says:

    All these girls have/had no connection with George at all. Have you ever seen him passionate kissing with them?!
    So it is even not a question!

  42. 42
    Tha-wrap Says:

    In the biz and I have met Clooney. He is….charming as hell and great to be around really. He’s smart and damn he is powerful. Rather the average Joe believes it or not ..Hollywood movers an shakers respect him.

    The man jets off to his home in Italy and power boats with his celeb crowd to film festivals..he’s been married, he’s been engaged …he’s bedded anyone he wants to …and he is rich.

    In his world…..none of this sh-t matters.

    And ladies..when a man tells you –he is not the marrying kind—believe him. No snatch is that powerful to change him.

    Keibler seems to be a new face in the crowd.

  43. 43
    observer Says:

    @nah: That makes no sense. If he were actually seeing her and waiting for a better time to present her, then she wouldn’t have been there at all. She was there on her own, following him.

  44. 44
    Frozoid Says:

    Yes, his French girlfriend Celine was always walking behind him. There’s a photo of her way behind him on an escalator in LA while he chats with the guys.
    He never dates women with real power… it’s mostly cocktail waitresses and would be actresses. He must not want to be overshadowed and afraid of women with power.

    I am guessing his relationships must be pretty shallow.

  45. 45
    Done Says:

    @observer: Stupid

  46. 46
    Done Says:

    Clooney is not powerful. He’s an actor with a lot of crap movies and even more box office bombs.

  47. 47
    King’s Honor Says:

    “He never dates women with real power…” you’re wrong and you know this, here is where the whole battle is. George has always date a woman having a real power. The girls are only a shield, this woman cannot afford herself to be a mistress, although she never was, they have formalized relationship which is the problem for all.
    If George denied it he would not take part in such video
    Formalized marriage is legitimate, if both parties confirm and there was not committed any acts contrary to the undertaking. The Council cannot break the law and they will agree with this.
    This week Princess Anna receives a part of her heritage and accepts a commitment associated with it.
    It is the answer to an asked by someone question – why now all negative happens in George’s life.
    This imposes certain obligations on George, in this situation he can whether admit that the marriage was fictitious, what will make us happy since it shoots all the problems, or he can accept equal to Anna commitments.

  48. 48
    Mary Craft Says:

    girl in a video is a democratic version of Anna, I can confirm that she looks little bit similar to her in appearance, she conveys some main features maybe.. just she is more ordinary girl, which was made with intentions to make each girl think that even if her boyfriend is a simple stallion and she will be loving him and doing everything possible for him, then in one beautiful morning she will wake up and this guy will be for her like George Clooney. Each girl must have her own George Clooney. Such is the main idea, so Anna wished.

  49. 49
    Urban Says:

    Clooney dug the idea, and canceled the vacation to be in this norwegian promo.

  50. 50
    mee Says:

    surely they hug each other

  51. 51
    Slowdown Says:

    You seriously think that the man who goes to the White House and meets the President of United States of America, man who has enough brain and intelligence, this man will be dating such girls as Canalis or Kiebler???! it’s clear there should be some financial issues to this…

  52. 52
    Honesty Really Important Says:

    you understand where Canalis came from? its mafia. Wrestlers are also controlled clear by what structures, a very dirty business. George’s mom and dad came to support him because they were threatened. People do not watch prostitutes, box office bombs, so it’s clear what it will lead to already today. And I think for George is essential now to be honest, put everything to its places and to be with the woman he loves – all this is a only hope for better outcome.

  53. 53
    Lo Says:


    I think your right, he could get much better and younger girls who dont even think about getting married in the next 10 years. Leos taste is much much better. Georges girls are bartenders ??? i mean, elizabetta was the best of all till today! i hope she makes her way !

  54. 54
    LISA Says:

    i hope she makes her way !”
    make her way with MERCEDES buy by george

  55. 55
    bobbi Says:

    Wow. What a bunch of haters. I had to stop reading the posts. He is a grown man and she is a grown woman. They aren’t hurting anyone and no family is being broken up by their relationship. Keibler is gorgeous and if she likes Clooney, why not date him?

    I’m not a huge Clooney fan but the man is allowed to date until death if he so wishes.

    Quit being so negatively judgmental. It looks ugly on all of you.

  56. 56
    Stef Says:

    I do not know whom I am answering since this message got lost, but I must say there were given very right criteria how to assess things – if it affect his movies and George in a negative way, these all are negative things.
    And it was a very good example that if Stacy near George – we do not notice George anymore, heated discussion about PR romance – we do not discuss movie and even forgot its idea. Hence – it’s all negative. If people publicly insult George clear it is negative as well because George is an intelligent man.

  57. 57
    LLM Says:

    GC changes girlfriends like changing underwears still lots of women love him and still accepted by the society, I don’t really understand the double standard here, just saying. don’t thumb me down. back to my threads lots to catch up.

  58. 58
    All do not care about BS! Says:

    Good try! to make it seems like Clooney dates her actually. Try something else. Nobody believes you anymore! We all saw already how he loves her, on the red carpet or elsewhere. And we will observe a little bit more this your matinée, becomes more interesting than even his movie :-)
    And all these prostitutes will remain prostitutes for always, in the best way they will be selling other prostitutes like Kirstie Alley does at her 60. You think people are fools to continuously manipulate their consciousness?! Nobody buys these fairytales, maybe only girls of 14-16 y.o.!! Only because of respect to George people still pretend that nothing happens.

  59. 59
    Stef Says:

    @LLM: you just thumbed down yourself

  60. 60
    Stef Says:

    @LLM: you just thumbed down yourself.

  61. 61
    LLM Says:

    I don’t care.

  62. 62
    Stef Says:

    @LLM: Oh, it’s very rude. just one more minus for you ;-) you play in looser team!

  63. 63
    Stef Says:

    I answered to message that is deleted now, not going to repeat it since it smelled a lot :)
    it’s clear messages are being deleted not by JJ but because of some technical mistake, JJ is the most democratic in this way, and here it is more interesting to be rather than anywhere on other blogs!

  64. 64
    LLM Says:

    Loser is the one who keeps changing girlfriends like underwear for life and people like you. gtg, whatever you say, I don’t care. Beeeeeyyyyyyyeeeeeee your uuuuddddddeeeeerrrrrrwwwwweeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. 65
    Silent hooker Says:

    according to you logic George does not care with whom to date? then why Godzilla Stacy? the same as Canalis was. As soon as George admits he dates her, will surface compromising info on Stacy, which definitely exists. And George will dive into the same problem as with Canalis, hooker night coke club..

  66. 66
    JohnP Says:

    @LLM: Do not need to insult George, he is the decent man and very soon it will become even more evident for everybody, clever people already now understand what is what.

  67. 67
    Ghostwriter Says:


    I am not affiliated with any of these groups nor am I Silverscreen/ RunsWithBats or any of the others posting here. They know this.
    I am writing as an independent contributor and I hope readers can decipher for themselves.
    Yes, pandemonium did occur a few days ago when a poster protested vehemently about Clooney’s association in yet another FAKE PUBLICITY RELATIONSHIP STUNT.
    And perhaps that poster should not have written negative reviews about a brilliant film. Maybe they were being spiteful. Or maybe this person was deliberately posting to sabotage & undermine.
    I also saw Ides Of March recently and it’s quite inspiring, shocking and ultimately a positive film.
    The momentum builds up continuously and then there is a journey in moral consciousness that has recurring contemporary theme. The closing scene of deep reflection gives the illusion of inner conflict to resolve a moral dilemma. Truly brilliant & inspiring!
    What has shocked me however, is information I obtained that George Clooney is forced to accept fake relationship agreements with aspiring “starlets” who are desperately seeking to advance their careers. Most people label them as “bimbos.” Not particularly attractive, plain, albeit scantily clad trying to sell a “Sex” image.
    WHAT IS EVIDENT and all Clooney fans only need to interpret:
    Do not believe the barrage of fake stories in the press about his personal life dating these women!
    It’s EXPLOITATION TO SELL GOSSIP IN TABLOID NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES. Huge profitability has branched off in these publicity stunts in the Film Industry.
    Clooney agrees to this because they market him as a “brand” as such. SHALLOW ON HIS PART and he should not agree. But they coerce him by stating that his films will not get funding nor distribution.
    Many photos of George Clooney over the TiFF showed him annoyed and stressed. Inside information: sources reveal that he [b[cannot bear this ridicule[/b].
    The fact is they are making a complete mockery out of him. They’re humiliating him parading around with Stacy Keibler.
    Just look at the few photos of them together. And with Canalis it was as bad.
    I will soon be attacked by an onslaught of these contributors and others who I may neglect:
    *KatieDot- who works for George Clooney’s publicist Stan Rosenfield & runs ClooneysOpenHouse blog.
    *PreferToRemainAnonymous- ie, Kirstie Alley and advises Stan Rosenfield as well as writing the press releases and fake stories about Clooney’s love life.
    *Caged Goods – staff correspondent for Stan Rosenfield based in London.
    *ParimalaSelvaraj (Pari) – a male poster involved in Clooney’s publicity machine posing as a Christian good samaritan. Sabotaging & ridiculing Clooney. Pathological hatred of him.
    *Whipped Honey- another male PR correspondent or contributor involved in exploiting Clooney’s image as a lecherous individual who only dates women of ill repute…
    *sisieq7777, Beavers & Ducks, Wizard666?, iamnoone, calli666? whatever..
    And quite a few more whose names I haven’t listed. These are the main Stan Rosenfield affiliates and employees who control the blogs and this board.
    There will be denials and a tirade of insults calling me Silverscreen, etc.
    There will also be accusations of insanity ensuing.
    Probably the administrator will delete this message.
    Nevertheless, readers please use this logical deduction.
    These people I listed are on attack continuously waxing lyrical about Clooney & Keibler.

  68. 68
    Ghostwriter Says:

    post above was by Film Aficionado84 on imdB. PrefertoRemainAnonymous/ Kirstie Alley & some other poster Beavis & Butts or something, answered defensively immediately.
    And the whole thread vanished within minutes.

    If all this is true, it’s very ridiculous.
    Profound hatred towards him. Complete manipulation.
    Undermining the focus & credibility of his films.

    He didn’t seem too pleased to be photographed or even close to Stacy Keibler during the weekend. Reading his body language and analyzing countenance.
    I hope it ends very soon.
    It should never have started.

  69. 69
    WTF?? Says:

    Marmot (and all your other personalities since then) you are one sick chick…get yourself some help and I mean that sincerely. I’m not trying to be sarcastic, this has gone on for far too long and I can’t believe that the people around you who must love you, haven’t done anythng to help you. Please get help as soon as possible before your hurt yourself or someone else. This has gone too far.

  70. 70
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    Ghostwriter you idiot. It was deleted by the administrator because my friend posted truths to your stupid accusations. Last time it showed Kirstie Alley is a white woman. Prefertoremain stated she is not white and you know that.

    Because it is sooooo obvious who put you up to this. Stan and George have lost their minds. Pathetic that they pay you to post what you did. You are stupid. Stan should not hire idiots like you. It is bad for business.

  71. 71
    Gioconda Says:

    @Ghostwriter: it was obviously deleted by the administrator, just as the poster predicted because it’s the truth. I believe it.
    Industry insiders have hinted for a while.
    And also that post was deleted by admin because the poster Film Aficionado84 is naming and there’s always possibility of defamation & libel. Kirstie Alley is a public figure too. Albeit a Z-lister senior citizen.
    Plus it truly discredits George Clooney to be in such a dire situation, so I’m glad post is gone.

    As for this “Anna”, well, if she exists… sad that he can’t be with her.
    Maybe he sees her discreetly and no one knows. So then they’d be happy, right? As much as it’s an insult to both of them to be forced like this. They truly treat him like he’s unstable, if that’s the case.

    Hope it changes very soon too.

  72. 72
    Ghostwriter Says:

    Anyone reading, please note the desperation by the PR correspondents & Kirstie Alley in the above posts WTF, What Is The Purpose of This? Next more will attack.
    Control. Control. Control.

    Don’t know who marmot is. I’m independent. AND THEY KNOW IT!!

    There’s a desperation to defuse from the truth.
    Soon this situation is really going to get out of hand.
    Very ugly manipulation.

    They ARE exploiting him.
    Anyone intellectual can read the panic through their tone.
    Kirstie Alley is not intelligent at all. She writes the publicity releases about him based on whatever she leeches off here.
    Latest story, Stacy says their sex life is great and George is in love.
    Kirstie Alley read this here on JJ and regurgitated it as a Stacy press release
    And to further ridicule him at the TiFF, they image consultant was advised to style Stacy Godzilla in a beehive and huge stilettos to BELITTLE George Clooney.
    To make a complete mockery out of him
    Deranged individuals behind this. Vindictive, spiteful & profoundly hateful. If he has a secret girlfriend I bet she truly loves him, even if they drifted apart.
    Just look at these photos. How unhappy is he???

  73. 73
    WebKnight Says:

    HookerGroup consists of 7 people, there are white and not white among them… by tracking of incoming information we found each of them by name. We are not going to publish this information, but important is only one – that these people have their mercantile interests, use suggestive technologies, their main aim is George’s defaming until his full annulation. If you will look at all posts carefully you will find such messages. First they create problem, push forward Stacy or Canalis to George and then the same people discuss that he is Lothario and so on. Hence it is much recommended to all the readers do not to pay any attention to all negative info about George. All other problems George will annul with time.

  74. 74
    Ghostwriter Says:

    @WebKnight: yes I agree. No names should have been dropped.

    I also agree that they hate him so much. There is too much vitriol.
    And Stacy made him look like a tiny, effeminate man only to increase speculation & ridicule him further.

    In due course, this has to change. The two films have lack-luster voting scores on imdB user poll within a matter of days. From 8.3 to 6.7 for Ides of March.
    This is one main catalysts viewers use, (myself included) to decide on seeing a film.
    Why so much profound hatred & sabotage?
    Because he’s gregarious, good-natured, talented?

  75. 75
    Tracy Says:

    @Ghostwriter aka Good luck and Live wire.

    maybe on this thread you can actually act like an adult you should know i’ve emailed some others who come on this board and they agree with me. if you go back to your pattern of attacking and insulting those who disagree with you, as you did on other threads, each of us will flag your comment and complain to JJ which none of us want to do.

  76. 76
    Manuela Finocchiaro Says:

    Clooney lived for years in Italy and doesn’t speak a word of italian, he is a perfect idiot, I hope he leaves our country, f.uck off!

  77. 77
    Manuela Says:

    Clooney lived for years in Italy and doesn’t speak a word of italian, he is a perfect idiot. I hope he leaves our country. English actors speak very well after a few months, George is feeble-minded!!!

  78. 78
    Stef Says:

    @Manuela Finocchiaro: you just thumbed down yourself. It’s not true
    Looks like you cannot find any more disadvantages :)

  79. 79
    Fact Says:

    these voting scores only show that all this advertising with Stacy exclusively negative affects Clooney’s reputation and his movies.

  80. 80
    Manuela Says:

    @Stef: he said two words, both wrong! He’s idiot.

  81. 81
    Maria Says:

    @Manuela Finocchiaro: No Clooney, no party! Oh yes no party! Ma chi lo vuole un uomo che ti usa come i fazzoletti Kleenex. Ti ricordi lo spot ? Ahahah

  82. 82
    Manuela Says:

    @Maria: è un cretino, hai mai sentito come parla italiano Colin Firth? La classe non è degli americani.

  83. 83
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    @Tracy- thank you. This nonsense is damaging. It is bad enough with his dating choices, but these nuts too? Good grief!

  84. 84
    Maria Says:

    @Manuela: Colin ha una moglie italiana, pero’ Clooney ha avuto una fidanzata Italiana che parlava in Inglese con lui, eheheh lui si vede che non si abbassa, ma quello che mi fa specie e’ che si innamora e si disamora come un orologio svizzero, non e’ molto umano, un robot? Ma a queste ragazze chi glielo fa fare? Per qualche briciolo di notorieta’ ? Quand’e che noi donne cambieremo mentalita’ e li mandiamo a quel paese?

  85. 85
    omg Says:

    Wth does Kirstie Alley have to do with this ? I am so confused

  86. 86
    Madeleine Says:

    Who is Stacy Keibler? Actress? Singer? I’m from Sweden, I’ve never heard of her.

  87. 87
    observer Says:

    The articles about this non-relationship are based on Keibler’s press releases, therefore the articles are filled with lies. “Arrived together” = Keibler ran in behind him. “Left together” = Keibler followed him out when she saw he was leaving. No pics of them in the same car, because they weren’t together.

  88. 88
    together Says:

  89. 89
    together Says:

  90. 90
    together Says:

  91. 91
    Happy George Says:

  92. 92
    lilo Says:

    another “girl to hire” for Clooney! he’s lost all his credibility with the ugly Cocanalis!
    this girl is bettren then the awful horse-face, she is tall and has beautifuò legs and she doesn’t look like a tranny as the italian!
    but…why does George do that?

  93. 93
    P.diddy Says:

    @lilo: She is Godzilla!

  94. 94
    Well Deserved) Says:

    Nice press, lovely comments.
    He should seek advice from the Date Doctor.

  95. 95
    Kurt Vonnegurt Says:

    Betty has changed the blurb on her twitter page. She is tweet quoting Mark Twain……and behaves herself like Kirstie Alley

  96. 96
    Cupkin Says:

    @Slowdown: ‘

    If he wants to be taken seriously in the set he hankers to be part of (like for instance the White House/UN/humanitarianism) he’s going to have to actually end up ditching the tawdry types and step away from the Hollywood scene more. The women who can open those kind of doors and lend him credibility will not be the type that he can date and then dump on whim for someone better. Second, none of those women will want to hang around Hollywood and all that it entails. He can’t have it both ways.

    At this point, there is no real way that he can be taken seriously. If he were as smart as he’s hyped, he wouldn’t be this stupid in his personal life.

  97. 97
    Bella Says:

    @m: Who cares? Dicaprio, Gosling, Clooney are all just mansluts, what difference does her status make? They change ‘em like they change their socks.

  98. 98
    Every Rose Has Its Thorn Says:

    @Happy George: he looks so sad. His eyes are almost moist :-(

  99. 99
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    @together: 88.89.90
    Stacy looks happy & in love with this dude, Geoff *****.
    A lovely, well suited couple made for each other straight from the land of the giants.

  100. 100
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    *****Geoff Stults.
    No chemistry with her & Clooney whatsoever.
    Looks big & menacing beside him like she could cause some serious bodily harm. Like she could crush him..
    Towering inferno makes him looks so short.
    This is someone’s idea of a sick joke. Not just profit from a commercial publicity agreement.

    Congratulations to his PR. They just managed to make a mockery out of two great new films by drawing all the attention away from them & focusing on RIDICULING CLOONEY IN A FIASCO.

    Lucky for him there are those who genuinely love him.
    And they are many more than the active 7 who have declared war.

  101. 101
    Aunt Rita Says:

    true no chemistry between Stacy & George. Nor the previous horse.
    Someone’s twisted idea to make George look like a fool.
    Geeezzzz…. ya think someone is hellbent on giving the prankster a hard time. He looks like such a putz & a shortasss next to Godzilla!!!!
    Stan’s idea of a joke.. Not mine….

    LOL….LOL….. wink…..wink…..

  102. 102
    observer Says:

    All the people who claim these two are dating, I defy you to find a single photo in which George even looks at her. There is none. The only set of pics of them allegedly together has already been shown to have been Photoshopped:
    If George were actually dating her, he would have looked at her at least once during TIFF, but he kept trying to avoid her. She apparently went up to Bono and introduced herself to him in order to get into a photo frame with Bono and George, but even then George didn’t look at her even once:
    Most people see through this nonsense, and most of the people claiming George is dating Keibler are Keibler’s publicity team.

  103. 103
    tracy Says:

    @ah… bite me aka Ghostwriter aka Good luck and Live wire.

    well, i understand why you post under so many names. it’s because you spend a lot of time “talking” to yourself. has any one told you how strange that is. in any case, i just sent JJ a message complaining about your last post. it is insulting and extremely insensitive to compare those who dare to disagree with you as Nazis. i have no doubt that others on this board have also sent JJ messages as well.

  104. 104
    observer Says:

    Good going, George, for refusing to go along with another fake publicity relationship. All those who wanted you to do it certainly did their damnedest to try to get you to go along with it, but you held your ground. All those who wanted you to do it have been and are still spreading lies in their on-going efforts to get you to go along with another fake publicity relationship, but you’re having nothing to do with it. I admire the way you handled yourself. You said everything by saying nothing and simply going about your business. You could have told Keibler to leave you alone, but you simply and graciously ignored her and her rude, intrusive behavior. Good going, George!

  105. 105
    observer Says:

    Hugs to whoever keeps giving me thumbs up :-)
    Have a good night.

  106. 106
    Gioconda Says:

    George not issuing a denial is actually a CONFIRMATION.
    There’s a video of them kissing on Splash at the Ritz Bar on the weekend:

    And plenty of photos of them heading to the car to leave together after The Descendants premiere. Even Gio opening the car door for them.

    And another video where he’s holding onto her waist as they head into a party on the first night.
    If George is embarrassed because he looks so short, puny & foolish next to her, well, that’s his choice. Short men have complexes about their height & often date big women. Like Dudley Moore & Mick Jagger.

    The next concubine they select for him in a fake publicity arrangement might be more appropriate.
    His PR choose them and he goes along with it. 100%.
    Call of duty :-)

    But it’s confirmation to everyone that there is NO real girlfriend.
    No soulmate rumors.
    They’re just games people are playing on these insignificant, anonymous blogs.

    And maybe one day, he’ll find someone and have a real relationship.

  107. 107
    Dealbreaker Says:

    With this public affair he seems to annoy a lot of more people than the few ones who are personally involved, I just don’t get why?
    He didn’t do anything different from what he’s doing since years, why all the hate NOW?

  108. 108
    Aunt Rita Says:

    I suppose coz he rubs people the wrong way. As being duplicitous & arrogant.
    Comes across as a dirty, seedy old desperado to most people everywhere.
    Desperate to hold on to his lost youth, his virility, his looks…
    And so he’s teamed up with younger, aspiring semi-porn models, albeit plain looking but fit, so that he’s still in the limelight.

    He hopes some of their youthful vigor rubs off on him. Wishful thinking…LOL.. LOL..

    Poor fool. Boy, I had a hard belly laugh at how small & feeble Stacy made him look at the TiFF. No wonder shortass didn’t walk down the red carpet with her.
    I mean is he 5ft9 with lifts these days??? LOL

    Here’s some funny tweets:
    BeautyandDirt Mimi
    Stood next to George Clooney & new ex- wrestler girlfriend, Stacy Keibler at party last night, saw them kiss, not at all convinced
    11 Sep

    essencepr samantha grocutt

    @BeautyandDirt in what sense? Not real relationship, it should have been you, or he’s not into women!
    BeautyandDirt Mimi

    @essencepr not into Clooney, he’s looking a bit old & could do with a bit more weight on him. They have no chemistry & her hair was absurd
    Not a box office success either like Brad Pitt nor Matt Damon.
    People are starting to dislike him.

  109. 109
    Love: Hate Says:

    @Aunt Rita:
    short man syndrome…
    fading looks….
    mediocre box office results.
    huge ego…
    Lonely, empty, cynical old dude.

  110. 110
    Love:Hate Says:

    @Love: Hate: and don’t forget compulsive liar, arrogant, duplicitous, phony….
    Lots of insecurities too.
    Selects all his fake relationships like it’s from an a la carte menu..
    Then people remark that there’s no chemistry between them.
    Oh, the fact that she towers over the complex stricken shortass made him look so insignificant. Ha ha ha!!!
    Don’t know which movies he promoted on the weekend. Tides of somehting or Gravity. Everyone was talking about his latest beard, the wrestler. LOL…LOL… WINK… WINK….
    To make up for his own puny shortass physique, he likes to hump big butch Towering Infernos. Then he feels adequate.
    And talk about himself incessantly after….
    Not a good role model, folks!

  111. 111
    Love:Hate Says:

    Right now, he’s probably having his post-coital drink, and talking about himself while Stacy’s got ear-plugs on, thinking about her bank account deposits and falling asleep.

    And he’s ranting on and on… In his big, tasteless Hollywood kitsch house…. On and on about himself, a recap of the weekend..
    “we’re a good team, kid. Rande & Kid Rock said we’d get a long..”
    Stacy’s snoring… The steroids effect…
    And another two maybe three hours of talking about himself.
    Patronizing and moralizing….
    Oh, spare me!

  112. 112
    Love:Hate Says:

    @Love:Hate: yawn… what a bore! What a joke!
    Too old…
    Too gray….
    Too puny….
    Sex symbol, my ass!
    Only in the minds of the Star Trekian borgs that are conditioned by the media to believe so. And they’re all fickle.

  113. 113
    Stradybasta Says:

    George Clooney dates women until 33 y.o….
    Canalis 33 – Go Out! Stacy will be 33 on October 14 – Go Out!
    by the way she is very rude to George, she will be punished next time, we will see :-)

  114. 114
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    Boy, even Elisabetta is laughing her head off! Perfect revenge for her. George the Clown.
    They’ve succeeded in making him look like the VILLAGE IDIOT that he is once again:

    He approved of this relationship!
    He’s not ALPHA MALE. Just an effeminate pusssy!
    Thought patterns of dumbass:
    “I need all the exposure I can get.
    All the funding for Argo at Warners. But as I’m yellow, I’ll blame Stan & Kirtie Alley.
    By the time the Academy will have to vote for my “hopefully” nominated films, this may have fizzled down a little. And they won’t mock me.
    In the meantime, I’ll have to take v*iagra to perform my conjugal duties or else the gay rumors may start. And Stacy may tell others that I’m impotent. This is part of the package….”
    Booked in their double-suite at the Ritz, she bolted her ear-plugs not to listen to his 4-hour long soliloquy about himself…. And took her ad nauseam medication..
    And she dozed off dreaming of a YOUNGER, TALLER, VIRILE MAN. Like Geoff…..
    Not a crusty old goat!
    But hey, she needs to get paid.

  115. 115
    Aunt Rita Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!: and he needs a man-bra. Can’t wear tight singlets anymore.
    Not at his age.

  116. 116
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    What a LIAR!!! Yet again…
    Doesn’t want another Oscar!!! Coz he already has one as
    best SUPPORTING actor..

    And that will go on his tombstone. Like, all our life’s goals, achievements, etc, are for the purpose of the writings on the tombstone.
    So when he comes back in another lifetime as a stray mongrel (a lower-order life form due to bad karma), he’ll be able to visit his tombstone and feel proud! Even spray it as his territory.
    No need to be in denial. An Oscar is ALL he wants.
    But he’s trying to be modest.
    And for the films to do really well.

  117. 117 Says:

    @ Love:Hate…Umm no…what he doesn’t DO is overweight women of color who get all bitter and post nonsense and spew hatred all over the internet because..”He just WASN”T in to YOU!” ahahahahaha

    “Right now, he’s probably having his post-coital drink, ”

    Something you can only dream about right prefer?…..hahahahaha!

  118. 118 Says:

    Oh and how many nics are you posting under now prefer? Between you and the other nutjob silverscream and all of her aliases, who is posting above under observer here, there and everywhere I think you two must be in competition on who can use the most phony names!

  119. 119
    observer Says:

    @Gioconda: B.S. He’s never kissed her or even touched her.

  120. 120
    observer Says:

    George was closer to Bono than to Keibler, at whom he never even looked, so maybe George and Bono were “together.” Keibler was there on her own. She walked the red carpet alone because she wasn’t with George. She kept trying to get into photo frames with him, and he completely ignored her. She followed him into and out of parties, with George ignoring her the entire time. They arrived and left in separate cars because they weren’t together. Honestly, anyone who thinks these two are a couple is extremely gullible, as the only reason to think they are is by believing a bunch of press releases and publicity stunts from Keibler.

  121. 121
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    @Umm…No- I am sitting here reading your rhetoric and just shaking my head. Congratulations! You now have told the world that Clooney and people like you who are paid with Clooney’s money are haters and racists. Way to go dildo. Lol!

    Yeah that looks real good since he is a supporter of African causes where large women of color is revered. What are you going to do next? Tell the world that George thinks Don Cheadle is a monkey?

    Yeah keep it up Einstein. This kind of talk is exactly the opposite of what Clooney needs. It is bad enough he has referred to himself as white trash, but to hire idiots like yourself that degrade people of color? People that are not size zero? I hope the people you slam are laughing atyour expense. The people who read here are not just one race, one size but blind ignorance like what you possess have not figured that out.

  122. 122
    Silk Route Says:

    He did kiss her. Tweets state so at the wknd at Ritz. He does what he’s told.
    Don’t be foolish & believe myth of Anna or soulmate or “the one.” Someone only pines to be in love because it’s human nature in all of us.
    It’s the most beautiful feeling. Especially with a soulmate, if we ever are fortunate enough to find one.
    He’s exclusively with Stacy. Maybe it’s PR, but still she’s his girlfriend.
    Maybe he’s lost the plot & can’t tell when he’s acting or when it’s real anymore.
    She’s a very big boned woman. Taller & heavier than him.
    But she’s who he selected as his latest girlfriend.

  123. 123
    observer Says:

    @Silk Route: B.S. He didn’t kiss her, and has never even touched her. Her publicity team has tweet liars.

  124. 124
    Pari Says:

    Dear Observer / Silverscreen / Anonymous212 / etc…!!!

    For any CLAIM, that you make of George’s relationship (current / erstwhile)… kindly ensure, that you CONTEST THE SAME, with your real name, in the Press!!! Write up your article and publish it in the LA Times or whichever News Outlet it is, that you are comfortable with… Saying EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS you post here as THE TRUTH!!! People are used to reading your “observations” any which way you ID it, by now… SO PLEASE BLAST IT WHERE IT REALLY MATTERS!!! That will be REAL :)

    Also please remember that George IS WITH someone he WISHES and WANTS to be with… and any information bearing his name, would have already passed through the right channels of verification, before it lands where it does in the media space… That which ought to be “denied” / “objected to” is also done ably by his team / himself, where ever / when ever necessary…

    ANY data input from you (outside of feedback / insight / analysis), which is UNOFFICIAL / with portrayal of information that is NOT CERTIFIED / UNTRUE… and not approved, amounts to putting people through a spin / through a GAME… and that which is totally WRONG and UNJUST on several levels, even emotionally… for your self / for those posting on George’s Boards / for just about any body… :)

    This is a FREE WORLD no doubt… and I understand that anyone can post any thing / any which way they please… however, there are “defamation” laws to adhere to as well, that which also “protects” posters, especially using their names… or are public figures…

    Nothing above was meant to offend you my dear… I believe you are already aware of all of that anyways :)
    Peace and best always…
    Parimala Selvaraj / Pari :)

  125. 125
    Mony Says:

    Gerge always date with unclassy women with sordid past (lap-dancer, cokewo.hre and now wrestler…sordid jobs near criminals)…this are hire-escort!
    It’s no possible he can’t love a good woman!
    I think he has unknown things in his private life

  126. 126 Says:

    No nut job I don’t speak for George Clooney or anyone who works for him and you know that but what does the truth have to do with you?

    You’ve lost all credibility everywhere else you post your wild stories and accusations and are desperately now turning to racism to detract from your outrageous statements about George throughout this thread.

    MY reference to your race is a reflection of what you post continuously over at IMDb as prefer. I was just identifying you for your audience so that we’re all clear about who the cast of thousands are here…..really only boiling down to a couple of head cases who both have real issues with their imaginary relationships with George. Same **** different day.

  127. 127
    never mind Says:
    Aren’t you PreferToRemainAnonymous/ Kirstie Alley/ Lola Pandora???
    You sure sound like her/ them…

    I agree with you though.
    Fake George is a lily-livered, easily undiscerning pusssy-whipped buffoon! Any or*ifice will do!!
    Give him some vodka or whiskey, loosen him up…. and he’ll Method-Act any role his finance team delegate.
    Definitely lost the plot a long time ago!
    At 50. Same tune at 60…. & so on until he expires.

    Of course he’s servicing Stacy.
    And the previous trash.
    The guy’s not capable of loving any woman romantically.

  128. 128
    Maharani JEE Says:

    @Pari: look, Parimala!
    I know you fantasize about being a woman & this is your DRAG QUEEN persona, but I NEVER read your posts.
    You’re a menacing, frustrated ***** who really should get over your PROFOUND hatred of George Clooney.
    I don’t like him much, but I don’t b*itch like you do. Constantly sabotaging him in your reverse psychology, good samaritan role.
    You’ve been doing it for years.
    I get a VERY bad vibe about you.
    Try SHAH RUKH KHAN’S website. Don’t you lust after him???
    He’s versatile. Might service your fagggot-ass!
    Better still, try the gerbil.
    I hear in some parts of Rajasthan, 3rd world Pariahs (Rat People) roast them like a delicacy. It’s their staple… You’d relate.
    Christian wannabe phony!
    Karma will get you!!!

  129. 129
    jam Says:

    “Gerge always date with unclassy women )…this are hire-escort!” these are Stan’s business, why George must show his private life!
    “I think he has unknown things in his private life” I think that he always kept his private life in secret and he has right on this.

  130. 130
    Problem? No Says:

    “Don’t be foolish & believe myth of Anna or soulmate or “the one.”
    – …asks to postpone the divorce to make a better bargain…. – I found it here I think they broke up already and he has a right to date and kiss with anyone he wants.

  131. 131
    Gioconda Says:

    @Problem? No: that’s right. He tired of “Anna” fantasy & severed it. Killed her off.
    Maybe she didn’t pass his tests. His insecurities so profound. And at this stage in his career, he could not afford to be too risk averse. But above all, he never loved “Anna.” That’s the only explanation we need. Whatever…
    They weren’t soulmates as those don’t separate. It’s unbearable to them.
    “Anna/ Bella” – I guess he broke her. Drove her to a nervous breakdown. Put her through hell. She increasingly started to become someone spiteful & ill-tempered. A far cry from who she really was: good-natured, patient & kind. She didn’t like herself like that; it made her sad & she regret her behavior if she offended others.
    Plus he had the audacity to tell her, “don’t cry. You’re the Girl with No Tears.”
    So she felt more emotional anguish. Increasingly withdrawn..

    [Norwegian video is tribute to Stacy... Yes, he's free to kiss & sleep with her, as he's been doing all along...]
    And…. I guess he never heard or saw “Anna” again. Don’t know what became of her.

  132. 132
    well Says:

    @Gioconda: Maybe he didn’t pass her tests.

  133. 133
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    @Ummm…No- you my dear are the nut job. Now you are making yourself look very bad. Good try in trying to defame me. Keep talking. The hole you are digging for yourself is getting bigger.

    As for the race comment it was spread by some miserable idiots all over the web. A long time ago for which you carry the torch. Keep talking and everyone will know more about your dirty tricks. Shame on you!

  134. 134
    Intimidated George Says:

    Stop posting lies here, will you!!
    Always provoking is this all you can do?

  135. 135
    Well Deserved) Says:

    @Intimidated George:
    So you are George or what? LOL

  136. 136
    Poor Victim Says:

    @Intimidated George:
    I’m good at provoking too.

  137. 137
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    @Intimidated George- Speaking for yourself. Guilt gets one everytime. God Bless You.

  138. 138
    More Drama Please Says:

    SHE was speaking for herself. Go back to kindergarden where you belong to.

  139. 139 Says:

    And folks just so you know, all the above posts are from the SAME nutjobs….Same different day, different poster names…..

    Prefer, Marmot (their IMDB original names) and friends appear to be “harmless” but maybe that should probably be “gormless”, fits better! ahahahaha

  140. 140
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    @Ummm…No- So how do you know who really post here. Are you checking and locating exactly where people are? Are you tapping into accounts illegally?

    Going back to kindergarten? Well follow your own advice dear one. Also you really do not know who you are talking to. Appearances are arranged for specific purposes. Just like what we have been watching with George.

    The only person at the end of the day that this affects is Clooney. Remember this come Oscar time. The people who you insult are not the ones who are needing good box office.

    So insult all you want. This is not affecting me but the one who pays your paycheck. Already it was posted under name “Intimidated George”. That and what you post shows more and more weakness. God Bless You again. All of you are losing more by the second. Is it really worth that to you all? Choose wisely. Choose wisely.

  141. 141
    More Drama Please Says:

    @What is the purpose for this?:
    You are wrong, I know exactly who I’m talking to.
    So I’m double blessed now, thank you so much.

  142. 142 Says:

    “So how do you know who really post here. Are you checking and locating exactly where people are? Are you tapping into accounts illegally?”

    Muahahhahaha ….YOU betcha! I’m the all powerful Wizard of OZ! Didn’t you recognize me? LMAO!

  143. 143
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    @More Drama Please- No you really do not. Really you don’t. That is is all about perception and lack of. You are now going to be ignored. Just as you need to be.

    Uhh….No- Yes it is about perception and lack of. You will be ignored as well.

    None of you really rank in importance in all reality. It shows in your words. To each its own. At least Uh..No you can admit you participate in illegally tampering on people’s lives. One day it will catch up with you.

  144. 144
    observer Says:

    While I think he felt that not saying anything about the Keilber nonsense and letting his actions do all the talking would be taking the high road, it really looks like Keibler has gone past the point of deserving any sort of kid gloves treatment. The wrestling world is all about fakery and publicity stunts, and she is actively participating in an ongoing deceptive publicity campaign for herself at George’s expense and at the expense of his loved ones, fans, co-stars, and everyone who worked on his movies. It’s not just himself who Keibler is hurting. I believe he should issue some sort of politely worded, humorous denial, in order to help protect other people from the effects of Keibler’s trashy publicity campaign. He could simply tell the truth, that he and Keibler are just acquaintances who both happened to be attending TIFF. If Keibler was able to obtain tickets to the upcoming premiere(s) in London or Rome, and you can bet she and her publicist tried to secure those tickets weeks ago, she will pull the exact same stunts there that she did at TIFF. George needs to say something to put an end to this, or the other people associated with his movies will pay the price.

  145. 145
    Silk Route Says:

    Well as he’s obviously in a relationship with Stacy, I’m sure he’s taking her to London & Rome. That’s what boyfriends do. And Stan will book them a suite at the Lanesborough & Hotel Russie respectively, as he arranged when George was with the previous girlfriend.
    They’re a couple. A mismatched one with zero chemistry & more farce. But still they’re intimate.
    The myth about the mystery “Anna” is an illusion. Bumped off like Ronnie Chasen, Lola Pandora Kirstie Alley Ummm blah blah wrote above.
    So that would’ve made him a widow. Except if we’re to assume the fairytale, he dumped her for Stacy beforehand. And Elisabetta…
    He’ll enjoy quality time with Stacy in London. The joke’s on him. No self-respect.

  146. 146
    Silk Route Says:

    And don’t be daft. He agreed to this.
    Actions do speak louder than words. And he stated: “This Teutonic giant who made a name kicking other women in the face, in her thong & bending over to show her a*nal orif*ice to the men in the audience, is my girlfriend.”
    But he’s the fool in the eyes of the world.
    Encyclopedias will have contributors scoffing with acerbic remarks in his posthumous entries.
    His messed up, sordid personal affairs will be laughed at for decades.

  147. 147
    Peter Says:

    I’ve read here before and my conclusion is such –as for soulmates there is medical examination
    about marriage – there are official documents …
    Judged by the story of video, which subject line George invented himself, they were married by chance coz of drinking, so is possible that he did not love her and heard she is princess, so her parents rushed and forced George to sign the documents… well the story like Britney Spears had.

  148. 148
    observer Says:

    How interesting that one of the liars began posting b.s. here under the name “Silk Route” and posted the word “Widower” on the same day I found a black widow spider in my house. The spider didn’t survive, if anyone is keeping score. But probably “Silk Route” didn’t know anything at all about that and was just told to post with that name and to use the word “Widower” in a post. “Silk Route” probably doesn’t even know the person who delivered my present. So the question is, who does “Silk Route” work for, as that would be the same person or organization for which the delivery person works. So, Silk Route, who do you work for? Who told you to post with the name “Silk Route” and to use the word “Widower” in a post? Probably whoever you and the delivery person work for is the same person or organization that hired Keibler to do this publicity stunts campaign to try to coerce George to accept her, which also might also explain that weird hair-do she wore, as it resembled a spider’s nest. I will take any number of polygraphs regarding the black widow incident.

  149. 149
    Love:Hate Says:

    True.. They got married drunk, spur of the moment. Maybe Elvis chapel in Vegas yet again? Or a Buddhist temple?
    Someone dared them?? She only had a short white micro mini on so wasn’t decent.
    And he had no pre-nup….hmmmm…..Then she could take him to the cleaners. Except…. she wasn’t mercenary & couldn’t be bothered.
    Ω Ω Ω
    morning after….
    She thought she married an étalon stallion, but when the intoxication had worn off… she saw him.
    That’s right. NO love between them.
    It’s just… they acted on impulse. Without thinking deeply.
    But they didn’t even bother to annul it.
    Just ran away from each other ….again.

  150. 150
    More Drama Please Says:

    @What is the purpose for this?:
    Once again, I know who I’m talking to, para que tú también lo entiendas.Just work on your own perception and I will be fine with being ignored by you, then I could finally post my own opinion without your self invented rules of action and your annoying and provoking behaviour, Freedom of speech please.

  151. 151
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    Pessoas com suas ilusões e tentar colocar sobre os outros é triste. Isto é claramente alguém cujo ego é interrompido por não ser capaz de controlar. Este é um mundo livre e eu rindo daqueles que tentam controlar, porque sua vida está tão fora de controle. Engraçado como isso sempre aparecem quando últimas floozy George aparece. Vá se foder, Deus abençoe e tenha um bom dia.

  152. 152
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    Pessoas com suas ilusões e tentar colocar sobre os outros é triste. Isto é claramente alguém cujo ego é interrompido por não ser capaz de controlar. Este é um mundo livre e eu rindo daqueles que tentam controlar, porque sua vida está tão fora de controle. Engraçado como isso sempre aparecem quando últimas floozy George aparece. Vá se foder, Deus abençoe e tenha um bom dia.

  153. 153
    observer Says:

    I had actually forgotten that the back of Keibler’s dress from the first premiere she intruded at TIFF resembled black spider legs. All duly noted. So who is her stylist? And who gave orders to the stylist? There is no way that was a coincidence.

  154. 154
    More Drama Please Says:

    @What is the purpose for this?:
    Esto no es cierto. No me vengas con macanas.
    Que falso eres!
    Me estás mostrando ahora tu verdadera manera de ser?
    Sé que tú no te avergüenzas de ello, pero yo me avergüenzo muchísimo de ti.

  155. 155
    Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!!! Says:

  156. 156
    Cynical Semiotician Says:

    @Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!!!: He’ll never change.
    These are the type of women he selects because he’s afraid of commitment.
    Of being tied down like a ball & chain.
    Of having to be limited to one partner.
    And so the procedure is to select a borderline plain woman, who is physically fit, albeit very flawed. What matters is that she must seem “cheap & nasty” with a lot of semi-pornographic photos circulating as part of her “career.”
    That’s his fantasy… and he lives it out.
    To George, sex feels better when it’s “dirty” & no strings attached.
    Easy to walk away…. and he pays them off.
    He’ll never change.
    This is what he wants.
    The only possibility is if ever, there’s the remote chance that he may accidentally, unexpectedly fall in love.
    But I don’t see that happening.
    Too old by now. And too cynical.
    George Clooney more than likely will spend the rest of his life in a string of these meaningless “flings” with dirty, trashy bimbos.
    As he ages, though, the age gap will widen because the cheap party-girl bimbo image only has a life-span of 35.
    Yes, he is ridiculous in the eyes of the world.
    But this is what he wants. We can’t judge him. Some people are not romantic nor need nor seek love or a soulmate. Or they’re in denial.

  157. 157
    Laeticia Gonsalves Says:

    @Cynical Semiotician: and he’s an immature buffoon, you forgot to add!

  158. 158
    Stan Rosenfield Says:

    FYI – George Clooney goes by It’s Me on ClooneysOpenHouse.
    In the company of his cyberspace gnomes. All 7 of them… & their myriad personas. Versatile gals. All have multiple IDs. Pick & Match. The winner gets a prize:
    Will attend the London Film Festival as George & Stacy’s valet. LOL..LOL….wink….wink…
    Yes, he is taking Stacy to London.
    And she’ll bide her time, till it’s time for George to select the next hoo*ker. A lot shorter next time. Coz the world is laughing at the puny putz!!!!

    The gnomes are on my payroll, courtesy of George’s funding!
    DISCLAIMER: NEITHER Kirstie Alley NOR I delegate who George dates. We suggest PR strategy.
    He requests we find him a bimbo. ALWAYS HAS.
    Or he asks Rande (re: Sarah Larson, Stacey Keibler)….. and they provide dispensable bimbos.
    As for Stacy, he didn’t realize how much she’d tower over him when he selected her off videos & photos.
    Only that she looked in proportion, weight: height.
    The fact that her ass is twice as wide as his due to her Godzilla bone structure, is making him look like Dudley Moore.
    Feeble, weak, puny George.
    Shriveled up & effeminate…

    Verified fact:

  159. 159
    Drifting Away Says:

    @Thomas Gebry: you know, his “ex-girlfriend Anna” fable might be true after all.
    There is talk of a brunette who wore a skin tight black short dress and black Louboutin mules on Tues 30th.. Was seen near him. Petite thought 5ft7 & with a smaller Marilyn Monroe body…
    Looked about 25 years old.
    Elmer Fudd saw her too. He had his gnome parasites with him.
    I bet my bottom dollar that they took note of the naive girl’s outfit, and tried to dress Godzilla in a similar way. Impossible for them to get her look though.
    Already they’ve invested a fortune in elocution & deportment on Godzilla. And tried to show her how to keep her legs together, on the red carpet.
    “It’s Me!” on ClooneysOpenHouse, ie, George, claims this hook*er Stacy is costing them a fortune. And you can bet George is getting his money’s worth in every sense, as are all affiliates who want Stacy to service them.

  160. 160
    Blow it out your Ass Says:

    He’s no Alpha-male. They’re self-assured, strong-willed, assertive.
    He acts like a sensitive girl.
    Too effeminate.
    The machismo image is Fake George.
    And he allows others to delegate his life too.

  161. 161
    Delilah Says:

    He has a private life that no one knows anything about.
    Cocooned away. Discrete. Hidden. Mysterious.
    Sheltered from the rest of the world’s prying eyes.

  162. 162
    Can't Standya Says:


    This is who he chose to be with.
    This is who he parades around as his new girlfriend. And announced to the world that she’s “THE ONE.”

  163. 163
    Game Over Says:

    Stacy’s the one who’s sharing George Clooney’s life right now.
    He’ll be with her over the next few months. Possibly 1-2 years.
    There is no one else. HE CHOSE HER.

    If George wanted to be with a “soulmate” or some other woman he loved, he would be with her. Because life is too short & too precious to put on hold indefinitely.
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Even discretely.

    No. George Clooney has no one other than these publicity fake agreements that HE requests.
    Stacy Keibler is his girlfriend now. And there might be others after her too.

  164. 164
    Game Over Says:

    yes Keibler is his official girlfriend.
    She’s probably staying with him in Los Angeles because he hates being alone. And eating alone.

    George’s choice.

    And if in the remote possibility he ever did love another woman: a fantasy called Anna who KirstieAlley/ Lola Pandora wrote off as being dead yesterday: Killed off like Ronnie Chasen in a suspicious road accident, then it’s in the past.
    Because HIS MANAGEMENT won and broke them apart. Or because George changed his mind and decided she wasn’t the one for him. Hence his intense stares.

    Basically, it was killed off because either George is too weak.
    Or they decided the soulmate was not appropriate.
    Control freaks.

    Having won that stage, the important one, now Kirstie & Stan just hope that in time both George & “Anna” will forget each other. Move on. Many more bimbos for George. “Anna” can drop dead, have a nervous breakdown, find someone else…. just go disappear.
    And the deal is sealed.
    Stan & Kirstie win again!
    George & “Anna” were the losers.

  165. 165
    observer Says:

    Boy, you freaks sound extra desperate today. So what’s plan B? What sort of present will your boss be sending me next? Why doesn’t the coward deliver it himself, next time? I could use the target practice.

    Yes, there is definitely a smell of desperation in the air around those pushing the Keibler nonsense as they frantically spin their webs of deceit and acts of terrorism. She’s not and will never be his girlfriend. George will continue to ignore her and her trashy, intrusive publicity stunts.

  166. 166
    tracy Says:


    haven’t you figured it out yet? those “freaks” are just one person. haven’t you noticed that others haven’t responded? that’s because we long ago figured out that its really good luck aka livewire69, aka etc. etc. this person just insists on posting to him or herself back and forth.

    as for Stacy, i don’t know if she is really George’s girlfriend; i hope the hell not. however if, and really big if, she is the girlfriend of the day then it’s George’s decision bas as it would be.

  167. 167
    to game over Says:

    aka Good Luck aka livewire 69

    before you make any more stupid comments about Kirstie Alliey’s weight you should look at this photos
    after which, you will be a good troll and finally go away

  168. 168
    to game over Says:

    aka Good Luck aka livewire 69

    before you make any more stupid comments about Kirstie Alliey’s weight you should look at this photos
    after which, you will be a good troll and finally go away

  169. 169
    Silk Route Says:

    I’m not a freak nor a troll. Why don’t you just block me if you want me to go away. I know someone has admin rights to do so. And delete many of my posts. And Livewire69 & Ah…Bite Me posts! Just do so.
    On Telluride thread & here.
    I never made fun of Kirstie Alley’s weight. It’s good that she achieved it. Can’t access your link.
    Where have I remarked otherwise? I hardly know who she is nor have any remote interest in her.
    But to accuse me of all you’re saying, shows you’re overly defensive.
    I agree George ultimately made decision about Stacy. And no one coerced nor beguiled him. Maybe suggested.
    I regret & apologize if I wrote anything negative, offensive & insulting about him.
    I wish him well & hope he is truly happy now & in the future.

  170. 170
    Good Says:

    Okay, we agree that Stan&Kirstie won against George&Anna, but they won what actually?

  171. 171
    Silk Says:

    @Good: to keep them apart….(if the myth exists). Destroy any love.

    “Not suitable.” “No balance in fame status.”
    “Think with your head, not your heart.” – All these issues they gave him.
    Their efforts to break G&A apart, finally impacted the decision G made.

  172. 172
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    Now what is disgusting is what is floating around now. This is getting increasingly stupid without a doubt. Someone just sent me this and well… It is pathetic.

  173. 173
    observer Says:

    @What is the purpose for this?: It’s further confirmation that she’s a famewhore doing a publicity stunts campaign. She’d love to be the subject of false rumors as long as it gets her some publicity. Why does she give no thought to how those false rumors might affect anyone else? She’s selfish, out only for herself, as she clearly demonstrated with her rude, stalker famewhore behavior at TIFF.

  174. 174
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    @to game over: and another thing, Kirstie Alley is suffering from severe delusions & self-deception if she ever thinks she’ll have body like Megan Fox.
    Reality is that Megan Fox weighs only 99lbs and is 5ft3.
    She’s naturally a petite woman.
    Kirstie Alley is 5ft8″ & broad framed, ie big boned/ Endomorph.
    So, while it’s great that she shed 100lbs, she’ll never be sexy petite.
    Oh, I understand most real virile men like that, but, hey, George Clooney’s latest girlfriend Stacy Keibler (who is dressed exactly the same way as Kirstie Alley in your link above, sporting a Marge Simpson beehive to boot) is straight from Land of The Giants.
    So, Kirstie can feel dainty, sexy & petite standing next to Stacy Keibler, and fantasize that she’s Megan Fox sexy petite.
    Even George felt that way on the weekend :-P
    Reality check!

  175. 175


  176. 176


  177. 177
    Love:Hate Says:

    Someone feels guilty that he played games?
    That he approved of this commedia dell’arte?
    How to get rid of her other than just deleting her posts if she’s a pain in the posterior? Ignore and she may go away?
    Why not just block her?
    No problem.

  178. 178
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    a size 4? where in her dreams? ahahaha Kirstie Alley is a cow now and will be forever!

  179. 179
    George CLOONEY Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me!:
    Very funny, Bozo! So you’re me now, are you? I think you love attention.
    Get a rise out of upsetting me?
    But yes, you’re right, Kirstie Alley will always be a big mama, no matter how much adipose tissue she sheds. Amanda Seyfried’s whole body is about the size of one of Kirstie’s calves.

  180. 180

    @George CLOONEY:

    Technically speaking Kirsty Alley can’t be a big mama, coz she’s not a mother in the biological sense.
    Two adopted kids from her Lavender marriage to gay actor Parker Stevenson. Rumor had it that she was bisexual too back then…

    Clooney is never mentioned. Though the image they’ve created for him nowadays sure has everyone assuming so. With Keibler, it’s just confirmation to millions of his followers. You know, big, menacing butch b*itch who is ambidextrous with a strap on kinda thing… Like that.
    He comes across as a really weak girlie….

  181. 181
    Love:Hate Says:

    And ultimately it’s George’s choice.
    So best of luck to him.
    I hope he’s happy. Maybe they’re well suited. Stacy can slam dunk easily when they play basketball as her head reaches the hoop.
    But if it doesn’t work out between them, then there’ll be others.
    Maybe one day he can finally fall in love with someone.
    Then he’ll be with his true love all the time…

  182. 182
    Ah...Bite Me! Says:

    How can you be Ah…Bite Me when you’re George CLOONEY? Having problems with your sockpuppets again, huh?

  183. 183
    What is the purpose for this? Says:

    What I find interesting is the tools around this man. Yeah they love to sign up women who are connected to Clooney and pose a threat a barrage of online dating sites.

    These dicck heads take these poor women’s emails and sign them up for all kinds of crazy crap. Only one thing to say, F.U.C.K. ALL OF YOU and may you get hit with a truck.

    How petty and stupid! You know who you are! Didn’t your mother tell you
    NOT to play with fire? Every woman practically in the free world that George is only allowed to be involved with women from Dial-A-BIMBO, or Why don’t you take your own advice and sign up for and online site instead running George’s personal life? Jealous?

  184. 184
    observer Says:


    It’s crazy to me that the press just run with anything that’s been published before, when if they trace the information back it all started with press releases. If Stasquatch were actually dating George, and if George were “smitten” with her, as her latest press releases are saying, then she would have walked beside him on red carpets and sat next to him inside theatres and cars. Alas, the truth is that Keibler was pathetically and desperately trying to get into the same photo frames with George and following him in and out of parties while he completely ignored her.

  185. 185
    Ah...Bite Me! (the real one) Says:

    Very original!! Now there are 3 Ah…Bite Me! posters….
    Him. #178 (The liar who agreed to this commedia dell’arte & lost his soulmate.)
    And now his co-conspirator. #182.
    Imitating me.
    As genuine as Kirstie’s press releases! Plagiarizing the Chinese couple’s messages to each other where Mai Le Ho would call Young Min “the male version of her..”
    And Kirstie LolaPandora scavenged their writings to rehash into the hook*ers “love stories.”

  186. 186
    BACK OFF!!! Says:

    One of the gnomes “melbert” on ClooneysOpenHouse (employed by George’s publicist) sums it up:
    “I agree that he would not have problems finding a date. However, with his PR “finding” the right girl for him, they can be assured that the girls have videos/pictures on the Internet, already have a struggling career going that needs enhancing, and are all willing to do this arrangement without getting “involved” with George.”
    So he’s that insecure his relationships are handpicked for him. He cannot think for himself. He cannot act for himself. COMPLETELY MANIPULATED AND CONTROLLED.
    They have to arrange concubines for him which are safe bets.
    An old, overused, repetitive strategy. Tried & tested and suffocating the George Clooney brand. But also will destroy his happiness.

    An article from a newspaper due for tomorrow’s publication ends with :

    “His female co-stars believe he will crack, but Clooney seems resolutely the eternal Romeo.”
    —-> that’s how his PR insists he ends up. They only care for profit.
    And eternal fat cow Kirstie Alley is licking her chops in glee.

  187. 187
    Ah...Bite Me! (the real one) Says:

    What do I care anyway??!!
    Even if it was a publicity stunt, HE agreed to it.
    Because this is how he’s chosen to live his life.
    To share it with transient women of ill-repute, borderline unattractive & untalented, gung-ho desperate to achieve fame & fortune at all costs.
    His overinflated ego affords him to think he’s playing the benevolent benefactor like a modern day Professor Higgins.
    At the Vanity Fair party, people tweeted that they were “kissing.” Albeit very unconvincingly. Just looked ridiculous with no chemistry.
    So I rest my case. This encompasses Clooney’s romantic private life.
    A self-humiliating farcical illusion!
    He won’t be happy nor complete until he’s in an authentic relationship, like most of his peers.
    If, hypothetically, he was in love with some woman we call “Anna,” his management’s controlling, manipulative antics possibly convinced him that she wasn’t suitable. Broke her. Then dealt with him. But he, in the depths, of his heart would know.
    His management just want to keep the status quo as it suits them.
    I wonder why he ever put himself in this situation.. He sure hasn’t looked too happy since the TiFF.

  188. 188
    Ah...Bite Me! ™ Says:

    So I forced myself to watch DWTS old footage of Stacy “Miss HandCock” Godzilla Keibler ATTEMPTING to dance…. Ahahahaha!!!
    What a stiff-jointed GIRAFFE!!! No natural rhythm.
    Poor co-dancer couldn’t lift nor swing Godzilla.
    She looked like she was having an epileptic seizure doing the samba.
    Shaking her bottom like she had a severe attack of diarrhea.

    No wonder there’s a common adage TALL PEOPLE CAN’T DANCE.
    Stacy was lacking sex appeal just as Lisa Snowdon!

    They just are too elongated to have the agility required.
    Why on earth are the world’s best professional dancers all short??? Because of the physical requirements, like muscular proportions & flexibility due to their small stature.
    Imagine the maggot Cannalis stinking out the floor next. I saw what an idiot she was in San Remo. She’ll just sweat stink & pollute it. Fugly freakshow!
    If these relationships with George are just for publicity and he forces himself to sleep with them to seal the deal & Method Act his personal life too, then eventually he’ll turn asexual from the ad nauseam of these obnoxious, vile looking, trashy women.
    He couldn’t even kiss Keibler convincingly at the parties.
    Put people off. At least, in his film roles, he lends his body to a different character and removes the notion of being George. So there, he can kiss more convincingly.
    Playing billboard to hook*ers, he’s still George Clooney. And if he acts the part of the boyfriend and kisses and sleeps with them, then he’s a phony! It means he obviously accepts to do this. Like a prostitute himself.
    And he’ll never be genuinely happy!!! Just progressively more withdrawn due to the fiasco.
    When you have sex with someone you’re attracted to, even like their personality, but with whom you’re NOT in love, then it feels empty after anyway. Maybe after the first time, the curiosity is alleviated, but then it’s boring because there’s no love bonding nor spiritual connection.
    Just a flick of the genit*als.
    Oh, what do I care!
    This is George Clooney’s mess.

  189. 189
    Cupkin Says:


    I bet if he could, George would hook up with Bono and Bono could leave his wife; they would be the ultimate PC ‘couple’ on the world scene and I bet that George would have no problems getting awards and positions at the UN. Both are so mindlessly pretentious that it would make tabloid heaven and we here could laugh our heads off at their combined pomposity.

  190. 190
    Nemesis Says:

    @Ah…Bite Me! ™: I agree with you. Valid points.
    At this rate, his PR team are manipulating his image.
    He agrees to it.
    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Might be intelligent but can’t see the long term repercussions. What do you expect? He’s a college dropout :-D
    But seriously, he can’t keep living a lie.
    Acts on camera.
    Acts in his private life.
    The guy will go crazy in the end. Already some of his management want him to think he’s unstable so it’s in their best interests to delegate his life!

    And he accepts.

    The ONLY solution would be if he accidentally, unexpectedly falls in love with some woman one day. Or finds his soulmate.
    Then he’d defy all their rigid rules & regulations, and decide his own career & life path.
    If that had happened already, then we’d see the REAL George.
    Obviously he hasn’t met the love of his life/ soulmate yet. And so he’s stuck between a rock & a hard place. Accept the bull***** that is dished out as his public persona OR make proactive decision to be a bachelor until he finds the right woman. He’s 50 already. No spring chicken.
    Sure he looks great, handsome with a great physique….blah…blah….
    But still he’s over half a century old!
    If only there was a guardian angel watching over him to protect him from all this. To make him see the light.
    Alas, there isn’t for he’s still doing it…
    And the choices are getting seedier & dirtier..
    No one buys it anymore.

  191. 191
    Sad Says:

    “Anna” is dead.
    She died in a horrible yet very suspicious car accident.
    Police are still investigating.

  192. 192
    Ghostwriter Says:

    @Sad: oh, hello!!!
    another humanoid.. Even if it is evil Lola Pandora.
    Felt like a Ghostown here for a while…
    Everyone ignoring me.
    I could here the crickets in cyberspace.
    maybe he inadvertently killed off “Anna.”
    But her ghost is near him.
    Because pure soulmate love can never die. It’s eternal.
    It’s just… he bruised & battered her too much…More pain than she could take.
    His fault. His inconsideration..
    And she had a nervous breakdown and said nasty things she regret. Imploded with temper. Worse than a John McEnroe tantrum. Very uncharacteristic of her

    She never meant all the insults about him.
    He IS handsome, with a prominent chin, smouldering dark eyes, thick hair, cute nose, great physique, firm torso with amazing lean chest, errr… very masculine…. etc.


  193. 193
    Ghostwriter Says:

    I could hear the crickets in cyberspace…. I meant.

  194. 194
    Love:Hate Says:

    @Ghostwriter: but he was just callous…. with a cheating heart…

  195. 195
    Gioconda Says:

    or maybe he just wanted her to go away.
    Fade into oblivion…

  196. 196
    Gioconda Says:

    ~Captain Corelli’s Mandolin:

    What is Love?

    When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness.
    It erupts like an earthquake, and then it subsides.
    And when it subsides, you have to make a decision.
    You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.
    Because this is what love is!
    Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the desire to mate every second of the day.
    It is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every part of your body.
    No… don’t blush. I am telling you some truths.
    For that is just being in love; which any of us can convince ourselves we are.
    Love itself is what is left over, when being in love has burned away…

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