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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Smiley Sunday at LAX!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Smiley Sunday at LAX!

Kate Bosworth and her rumored beau Michael Polish are all smiles as they walk through LAX Airport on Sunday (September 11) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress and her Big Sur director landed after spending some time in France.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The duo attended the Deauville Film Festival opening ceremony together and Kate flew solo at the premiere of her film Another Happy Day.

Be sure to catch Kate in her next film Straw Dogs which hits theatres this Friday (September 16)! Also featured in the flick are Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden.

FYI: Kate is wearing a JewelMint faberge type egg necklace.

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Credit: Sharky; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lauren

    come on these 2 are dating!

  • lauren

    oh animal print bag looks amazing

  • unknown

    i can’t believe the coverage this person gets on JJ

  • Truth

    Every month this girl has a new boyfriend. She must be really insecure like Jennifer Love Hewitt. She can’t be alone for two seconds.

    And she likes these cheesy European dudes. What’s with this sl*tty girls?

  • Nice!

    I like her outfit. I’m happy she is happy and with someone who will actually walk with her and not ahead of her. I think seems like a nice guy. What’s with the “rumored” crap…these two are dating and that’s a fact.

  • Emma

    Everyone deserves to be happy.

  • CJ

    Wow, she really does just move from man to man. It says a lot about a woman when she can’t be on her own.

    And it’s about time Kate was with someone who is on the same footing as her in the looks department! Alex was way too hot for her.

  • Antonia

    I love this fabulous skinny b¡tch. I don’t care what your fat fingers type.

  • Paula

    Nice, love her outfit!!! :)

  • Jeannie

    He’s like a less hot version of Chris Martin.

  • JEN

    @bravo michael:

    Alex is an extremely private person, who did not like the paps in his face constantly, so it didn’t help that his famewh0re ex-gf called them every time they stepped foot out the door. It’s no wonder he acted the way he did, and I don’t think it’s right for people to blame him for not wanting to be all touchy feel-y in public when he clearly wasn’t comfortable with it or the attention. She didn’t want to quit putting him in those situations, so in my book she brought it on herself.

    This guy doesn’t seem to mind his privacy, since he’s putting on the same sh it eating grin that she is. She finally found someone on her wavelength. Too bad for her he dresses a f uck of a lot better than she does.

  • Lolli Pop

    Why is Kate Bosworth? Why do her posts come up when you search “Skarsgard” on JJ?

  • FameMonster


  • FameMonster


  • JEN

    lol, I am getting thumbs down for telling the truth. Get off the internet Kate and Cher. Don’t you have some crappy outfits to plan, or jewelry designs to rip off?

  • bravo michael

    @JEN: he doesn’t want touch her in public because he’s private? ok! but don’t treat your gf like sh|t…be a private doesn’t mean to be an a§§hole!
    Alex loves JJ! he take pics with him at party and coachella. Alex stay with Robin Baum if he doesn’t like pap he never choose her as a pr. Skarsgard is here because his pr pay JJ and also JJ delete negative comments about him so if bosworth is a famewh0re…skarsgard is a famewh0re too.

  • Tanter

    New boots! New(ish?) boyfriend who doesn’t mind walking with her! 3 movies on thier way out – see, she and Alex should have stopped being together a long time ago, this works much better for everyone ;)

  • lafamepoma

    Good good, stay with this man now Alex is so happy and handsome now.

  • ladybug

    @bravo michael: JJ deletes negative comment about Alex? Really? Have you read any of the Alex threads, because JJ doesn’t delete most of the negative comments.
    Lolli Pop, JJ will connect Alex and Kate as long as he can get away with it. But since Straw Dogs opens this week, that shouldn’t be for very much longer.
    Tanter, perhaps KB has finally figured out that stalking someone who doesn’t want to be with you isn’t the way to go and is actually enjoying MP, since he does actually seem to enjoying being with her.

  • NYC

    How is she with a guy every month?
    Not at all.
    She seems happy with this guy.
    I hope it lasts.
    Hollywood women have it tough.
    They travel, they make money, they are creative, famous etc.
    Most men are too insecure and don’t like successful women.
    I hope she find happiness. I have always enjoyed her films.

  • bravo michael

    @ladybug: yes i read some 3d and jj delete ONLY some of negative comments, not every single negative comments…but a lot of negative comments
    like here
    i’m sure because i read this 10 or more negative comments before jj delete and Natalie write again in the next alex 3d her comments that jj deleted
    it’s #30

  • bravo michael

    Again! delete my comment! it was between #10 and #11 i write again:

    i like her outfit and she looks really happy! i’m glad that her new bf doesn’t treat her like s*!t

  • Jeannie

    So, because he didn’t want to pose with her, he’s a bad bf? People treat you the way you allow them to.

  • ladybug

    @bravo michael:The comments are still there, what’s your point? That you’re being oppressed? Your freedom of speech is being trampled?
    If this relationship with MP works out, good for her. Maybe she’ll focus on her craft and not the fame.

  • bravo michael

    @ladybug: comments are still there??? JJ delete more than 10 comments! how can they still there??? LOL you are just a troll go in skarsgard 3d! he has a crazy fan! bye bye

  • ladybug

    @bravo michael: #30 was there when I looked, it’s just hidden. You just like the feeling of feeling oppressed, don’t you?

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    Does she even change the sheets ?Damn she makes my head spin this guy seems to be intelligent and hard working not to mention he ain’t ugly (even though Alex is a whole other league) and a nice man in short decent if I was her I would invest myself into making this work she isn’t getting any younger it’s time to stop the nonsense…

  • bravo michael

    @ladybug: genius! natalie writes this comment in this 3d but JJ deleted her comments SO SHE WRITE AGAIN THE SAME COMMENT IN THIS ONE
    are you stupid?
    you know this because you always posting on alex 3d so you know that!!!

  • ladybug

    @bravo michael: Writing in all caps isn’t helping you make your point, it’s making you look like tween who’s had too much Red Bull/Mountain Dew or something. Calm down (though I am getting a funny mental image of you stamping your little feet and being all mad and yelling at your laptop). Comments get deleted all the time. Even mine have been deleted. It’s JJ’s site, he and his IT admins get to do what they want.
    If you’re having issues with the way JJ is handling the comments, let him know:

  • Eresyn

    She’s looking happy. I hope Mr Polish makes her gain some weight !!!!
    *and thankfully she’s wearing new boots and not those horrid suede ones*

  • Marta

    She’s so lovely and looks very happy.

  • Debbie

    Both she and Skars seem to have exited their relationship looking happier and healthier than when they were together. Some people just aren’t good for each other.

  • hello

    @Jen: Why accuse KB of calling the paps? I see more pap pics of AS now than I did when he was with KB. Does that mean he’s calling them? Why accuse one and not the other? I’m quite sure neither of them have ever called the paps!

    @ladybug: You’re saying KB stalked AS and he didn’t want to be with her? That doesn’t make any sense since they were together for almost 2 years. They visited Stellan on location, his family in Sweden (twice), he went with her to Japan and Mexico.

  • Lolli Pop


    Moron, the paps are camped outside his hotel and at the open movie set he’s currently working on. What Maisie Knew is shooting on the PUBLIC STREETS of NYC. Everything else is WORK to promote Straw Dogs and Melancholia. Unlike Kate paps aren’t at some obscure friend’s house to cover a Z lister fameho.

  • Alexandra

    @Debbie: I agree with you. They seem better now.
    To be fair… both seem to have some issues (let’s not be so cruel with Kate) I hope they work on them.

  • ladybug

    @hello: Please work on your timelines. They weren’t together ‘nearly two years’, closer to 12-15 months. And yes he wanted to be with her in the beginning. The stalking happened after the relationship ended, not during it.

  • hello

    @lolli pop:
    Moron, the paps know where celebs live in LA, camp outside their homes, and follow them all over the place.

    20 months. What makes you think she stalked him after the relationship ended? Absolutely no sign of that happening.

  • ladybug

    @hello: 20 months? They probably didn’t start dating until late 2009/early 2010 and were done no later than mid April of this year. So, no, not 20 months. And if you don’t think there weren’t signs of her stalking him, then you really weren’t paying attention.

  • Alexandra

    @ladybug: what makes you so sure that she was “stalking” your him?
    Was he sedated during all the relationship? or she casted a spell on him?
    You are one of those women who hate other women.

  • question

    will KB bring MP to the straw dogs premiere, in fact is it even having a premiere?
    I want to know how KB and alex are going to act together during the premiere, if it’s having one, it will be very intresting?

  • ladybug

    @Alexandra: Ah, the ‘I hate other women’ argument. Criticizing another woman’s behavior does not make me a woman who hates other women. Does this mean I have to support Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, even though I find them to be terrible people, just because we’re fellow women?

  • @ ladybug

    Okay, be specific – what were some of the signs of her stalking Alex? And, fyi, they started dating November 2009 and they dated for 18 or 19 months.

  • Sweet

    Nice review for Straw Dogs here:
    Good for Kate, Jimmy, and Alex!

  • Jessie

    @@ ladybug:
    No they didn’t. She was still with James Rousseau until at least December 2009. JJ had a post of them holding hands and still being a couple. If you don’t believe it, then look it up, it’s on here in plain view. Just because they may have went to a movie did not mean they were dating in the fall. Alex himself stated they were only friends at first. He said that more than once.

    As for the stalking, that has been reported. Alex spent a lot of time avoiding his normal hangouts as soon as Coachella was over. He went to a different place for lunch or dinner almost every single time, and they weren’t places he normally went to. If you believe the July break up, then you’re naive. They hadn’t been seen together since Coachella and he went to Sweden on his own in May, while she was still in LA.

  • Lilla

    She has a pattern of stalking exes. She did the same to Orly.

  • Tulip

    Kate and James broke up during the filming of SD. I think Alex and Kate started dating right after the Scream Awards. Wasn’t he still walking her dog in June? Last I saw pictures of Kate and Alex together was mid-April but that doesn’t mean anything. She left right after Coachella to work on Big Sur. Regardless, I hope they’re both happy and enjoying life.

  • yellowmann

    No one mentions the black eye incident with Alex. He was sporting a shiner right before the breakup was officially announced. I wonder if it had something to do with the breakup? Either way Kate and her new guy seem happy together. Good for them! When Alex starts dating someone new there will be another hatefest for his new girl because everyone wants him for themselves (like that would ever happen.) Reality check on isle 9 please! ;o)

  • megabyte

    I am officially convinced Kate Bosworth is a a call girl/hooker. She doesn’t act, she is only seen hanging on to hollywood men. she is ugly with her chicken lips and gross. I don’t know how old she is, but she is f–cking for money. Too sad.

  • Jessie

    No, as I already mentioned she was dating him in Dec 2009. Here is one of the posts about it. There is another post with them out in Dec but I can’t find it right now. I know that people have posted it before, so if someone else has time to look for it then great.

  • Alexandra

    @ladybug: Oh, haha nice touch calling Sarah Palin’s name.
    No, I mean you don’t only criticize Kate Bosworth, you make her the bad guy, like she forced Alex into the relationship.
    Actually, you are insulting him.