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Eddie Cibrian Gives LeAnn Rimes Fashion Advice!

Eddie Cibrian Gives LeAnn Rimes Fashion Advice!

Eddie Cibrian leaves a local coffee shop with a smile on his face on Sunday (September 11) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor is in the Big Apple celebrating Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with his wife LeAnn Rimes.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Eddie Cibrian

Eddie recently revealed that he helps his wife pick out her outfits!

“I give her fashion advice all the time,” Eddie told E! Online.

LeAnn laughed, and quickly retorted, “We both have…I think if we get each other’s approval, that’s all that matters.”

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  • Mavis

    He’s gay… He decides everything for her. Her clothes, what she weighs…

  • Sherri

    He’s allowed to go out by himself?

  • MangerBouger

    That’s why she can’t dress properly, lol !

  • MangerBouger

    That’s why she can’t dress properly, lol !

  • JL

    Of course he’s smiling. he’s horse-free.

  • Paula Hatton

    It is unfortunate that he doesn’t give her advice on her weight and figure. She needs to put on weight and have a fuller figure.

  • Mika

    Can’t believe he said that as she has no sense of style and always looks atrocious!

  • Tate

    Probably just left his mistress.

  • Jules

    He looks 90 lbs.

  • HipsterGod

    I kinda like this guy he has nice style and not bad looking.

  • getstraight

    He can’t give her fashion advice..since he’ wearing LEATHER jacket and hat as though it’s March here.

    It’s still summer-like!

    Everytime actors “visit” NYC they dress like it’s the North Pole …early September’s still very warm.


  • http://ada slig o lambert ^_____^cute
  • LondonCalling

    god damn!!!!! them? again? wtf

  • kel

    Enjoy your rare alone time, Eddie.

  • Speak Now

    Here’s some more advice: haters of Leann Rimes, how about moving on and making your own lives better?

  • Dana

    Where’s the ball and chain?

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:


    So you came back to make a post? But you said that WEWE Rimes is eating me alive? Strange, if WEWE Rimes was eating me a live, you wouldn’t still trying to defend her by writing posts about how it’s unfair that people are commenting on WEWE and EC famewhoring.

    Here’s some more advice: SPEAK NOW, how about moving on and making your own life better?

    SPEAK NOW is upset because WEWE and EC famewhoring isn’t getting favorable responses? Perhaps WEWE and EC should stop famewhoring.

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?

  • gwen

    From IMDb Fall TV Preview 2011 article for The Playboy Club:

    Why We’re Excited: The costumes look great, and the music is enjoyable. But really, what we can’t wait for is the inevitable “Saturday Night Live” skit this thing is bound to inspire.

    Why We’re Not: If you ever wanted to know what Don Draper would sound like if he were shallow and dull, close your eyes and watch this pilot. Cibrian channels the “Mad Men” vibe so poorly it may cause pain to watch – or listen – to him in action. Worse is the conflicting message the show itself attempts to foist on viewers. The pitch is that being a Bunny affords a level of freedom and financial gain that women of this era coveted, but in the same token, whenever a female character gets into a bind, she gets a man to dig her out. Even if you don’t care about any of that, it’s hard to look past the utter stupidity of the dialogue and the one-dimensional characters. Gloria Steinem is calling for a boycott of the show, as is the Parents Television Council. And the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, KSL, has announced that it won’t air it. But people should not refrain from watching it because Steinem and these organizations have urged us to do so. Rather, ignore “The Playboy Club” because you have better things to do than stare at the season’s dumbest bunny.

  • gwen

    This is what one blog had to say about EC and WEWE presence at the Fashion Week.

    “LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian managed an invite (a customer is a customer in this economy, we suppose)”

  • gwen

    Eddie Cibrian Gives LeAnn Rimes Fashion Advice!

    TRANSLATION: EC is cheating on WEWE and WEWE thinks that she can cover it up by planting the notion that being insepearable=love and that EC loves her because he picks out her clothes(the same clothes that just so happen to be modeled after what his ex-wife wears.

    Do these famewhores EVER think before they open their mouths?
    WEWE probably told EC to say this thinking that people would think it was cute/sexy, but all it did was just demonstrate howTACKY and CLASSLESS EC is.

    So what is the flaw with EC confession about how he gives WEWE Rimes Fashion advice?

    EC is such a sexual deviant that he tells WEWE not to wear bras while out with his kids and then to put on a shirt that makes it obvious that she isn’t wearing a bra? This is right from EC mouth, so WEWE doesn’t wear a bra while out with EC kids because that was the advice that EC gave to her.

    Remember how WEWE has this bad habit of SWF BG? BG wears a bikini and then months later WEWE Rimes is spotted in the same thing. BG wore a pick dress and then months later WEWE is wearing something very similar? And the list goes on. So it was EC telling WEWE how to dress. Now if EC is so in love with WEWE, why would he be morphing her into BG because by EC own logic he gave WEWE Rimes advice on how to dress.

    And lastly does ANYONE REALLY believe that EC cares that much about WEWE that he picks out her clothes for her? Come on this is the same man who pimps out his own kids. He blamed his own kids for the reason why they were spotted at the beach all the time, just so that he could release photos of him with his son to OK and In Touch. This is the same man who has to drink Tequilla inorder to be around WEWE. We know that EC doesn’t care enough about WEWE Rimes to pick out her clothes because WEWE Rimes was arguing with people on her honeymoon. Besides if EC was investing that much time in WEWE Rimes she wouldn’t always be on twitter arguing with people like E News, Guilina, and so on.

    Come on JJ, this is the 5th STAGED photo-op that you have posted on Heidi and Spencer 2.0, so we know that EC isn’t just leaving a coffee shop. He is smiling because he knows that you are there. And he knows that you are there because he invited you. So why did WEWE call up JJ to get shots of EC out and about by himself? Because people are making fun of her for always dragging EC around with her for fear that his affair will be exposed?

    How EC and WEWE REALLY pick WEWE clothes: LEANN (not EC) stalk BG facebook page or the photos of her that have appeared in the press.

  • Juliette

    @Speak Now:

    Here’s some advice for all you Leann lovers: why don’t you tell her to stop tweeting every 5 seconds. If she doesn’t want people commenting then try to STFU for a while. Don’t tweet about how in love she & EC are, all the food she eats and maybe stop SWFing BG. Don’t deny it either. BG wears a bathing suit, next week LR wears the same one, BG tweets about a bracelet she likes, LR tweets that she wants it.

    Tell EC not to pimp out his kids & then say BG can’t have them on camera. LR tries to come off that she’s so sweet & we are all so mean.

    If you don’t want people commenting LR, then don’t tip of the gossip sites to get press. She is a mean spirited hypocrite. All of this negative attention is her own doing. She just doesn’t get it that she & that ass should lay low for a while instead of constantly trying to justify their abhorrent characters.

  • betty

    This is the same man giving fashion advice that wears a logo tee with a dinner jacket. LOL lot of things Eddie is fashion adviser no.These clowns will say or do anything to keep their dog&pony show going.

  • gwen

    I just thought of something. Isn’t Mateo WEWE sytlist? So is EC interested in fashion because that is what Mateo likes?

  • http://hotmail tami

    Notice that Leann tried to lighten up by saying she has given him advice too.

  • kaylyn

    Gwen you just ruint the comment section -why don’t you just make a comment like any normal person, keep it short, don’t repeat yourself, keep to the subject talked about. Your like fingernails on a chalk board-you on my last nerve. Somethings gotta be done.

  • gwen


    Wow that was quick. Did I call it or what?

    You made the farewell post and then you show up in this thread posting as KAYLYN just like I predicted you would do.

    KAYLYN you just ruined the comment section -why don’t you just make a comment like any normal person, keep it short, don’t repeat yourself, keep to the subject talked about. It’s not my fault that you keep trying to insult people and then turn around and spell the word wrong.

    EC told WEWE Rimes, “Your are like fingernails on a chalk board-you on my last nerve. Somethings gotta be done.”

    Is that a threat KAYLYN? I will be sure to send that one to JJ as well.

  • Tia


    All she said was your post are annoying like fingernails on a chalkboard and something needs to be done – as in JJ putting a stop to your 20 posting in a row about everything except the subject at hand- so people can enjoy reading the site. There was no threat. You are just trying to create drama where there is none.

  • Amazed

    This guy is creepy and controlling that’s why Leann looks terrible these days!!

  • Hope4U

    @Speak Now:

    heres some advice to leann’s ass lickers, tell your horsefaced friend to find a life and stop shoving her sick garbage down the public’s throats.

  • Hope4U

    @gwen: on Gwen..clearly horseface is sending most trusted paid asslickers troops to defend her..

  • Hope4U


    Very well said!

  • Hope4U


    Very well said!

  • Hope4U

    @kaylyn: I know what can be done..go find your rock and crawl under one is forcing you to read Gwen’s idiot.

  • She’s back

    They’re baaccckkk!

    I see Gwen and her MANY “personalities” are back. Keep responding to yourself Gwen. It’s so apparent to everyone that has spent anytime on these boards. Suddenly an influx of support for Gwen. Laughable.

  • gwen



    Check out KAYLYN’s and Tia’s post. What do you notice?
    KAYLYN and Tia are the same person. So when you didn’t get any support by posting as KAYLYN you just changed your name and posted support to yourself? But not just any name.

    Are you the REAL TIA or did ANTHONY/AMEJEAN just hijack Tia’s name? Is that what you did AMEJEAN/ANTHONY, are you making posts in TIA’s name? Wait didn’t I predict that this as going to happen? So you make a farewell post and then come back as TIA?

    What JJ needs to put a stop to is your harassment and hijacking of other posters names. What JJ needs to put a stop to is YOU.So you hijack people’s names and then you want to boo hoo because someone makes posts in this thread about WEWE? What this really is about is the fact that I posted those articles about WEWE Rimes, which WEWE Rimes took offense to because she reads JJ.

    By enjoy you mean you want people to say nice things about WEWE, right? If your intent was to enjpy this site, you wouldn’t have made that post as KAYLYN. Yes it’s obvious that you and KAYLYN are one in the same.

    There was no threat? So then why are you still stalking and harassing other posters? Post 35 says it all. There was no threat and yet you showed up stalking Hope4U.

    What would be even worse is the fact that you are using Tia’s name. And then you claim that there was no threat?

  • gwen

    @She’s back:


    So you really didn’t leave afterall, you just picked up TWO more different names just like I said you would do. How interesting, you showed up at the SAME time that the GreatP and HAHAHA post. So what can we conclude that just like I stated you are posting under different names.

    1) “They’re baaccckkk! ”

    Eddie’s mistresses? So WEWE is upset because EC is back to seeing his old mistresses?

    2) “I see Gwen and her MANY “personalities” are back.”

    And Tia said that KAYLYN didn’t make a threat. See the pattern? She makes a threat and then she goes on to stalk and harass various other posters. Thanks for proving my point. KAYLYN’s post was a threat.

    3) “Keep responding to yourself Gwen.”

    No dear, KEEP STALKING other posters, that way everyone is aware of the deals that Leann Rimes has with this site. I see that WEWE released another staged photo-op to JJ, no wonder you are so upset.

    4) “It’s so apparent to everyone that has spent anytime on these boards. ”

    What? That JUST JARED has a deal with Leann Rimes because why else would they allow you to continue to use their site as a platform to stalk and harass other posters? The threat is there for all to see. First you try to justify your threat by hijacking someone else’s name and then when that didn’t work you show up harassing Hope 4U. Thanks JJ for making clear why you REALLY post about Leann Rimes.

    Who is everyone? Leann, Darrel Brown, and AMEJEAN/ANTHONY?

    5) “Suddenly an influx of support for Gwen.”

    Wow, now why does this sound so familiar? Because you make the same “GWEN doesn’t have any support” posts when you were going by ATHENA/frannie plate/guest45/veronica/BVfan/Observer(which you hijacked from ENEWS), CO Rocks(which you hijacked from GWEN Rocks), HAHAHA, Great P and so on.

    What bothers you is the fact that YOU have to create your support. Notice how KAYLYN turns into TIA.

    You are just upset because you spend all this time making posts about how I don’t have support or how others ignore me only to have that shattered when several other posters actually does agree with me.

    So who will you be this time?

    Stalking Hope4U won’t make her me, but it will make people question the honesty of this site. We have physical evidence of you stalking other posters, we know that you post under different names because after making threats against us, you made post after post in our names.

    So ANTHONY/ANTHENA how long are you going to play this game?

    6) “Laughable.

    The fact that you changed names just like I predicted you would do? Why use a different name if you truly believe what you are saying? If you truly believe that Hope4U is me, then why do yyou hide undee 10-15 names just to accuse her of being me?

  • Tia


    My name is Tammy but my nickname is Tia or T. There was already a Tammy (Tami) posting in this thread so I went with Tia. I didn’t hijack it from anyone. I only said comparing your post to fingernails on a chalk board isn’t a threat. Sorry if that offended you, but it’s the truth.

  • gwen


    Hi KAYLYN.

    Why do you continue to play this games? So are you TIA from twitter or did you just hijack Tia’s name? It’s a simple question.

    If you hijacked Tia’s name then it wouldn’t be the first time right?
    You also hijacked Observer name from E News and Gwen Rocks name from the old threads.

    Seriously, KAYLYN, you made a threat so stop making excuses or arguing that you didn’t say.

    We know that YOU are offended by the truth, which is why after making that threat as KAYLYN you showed up making posts in Tia’s name.

    Yes it’s more than obvious that you are KAYLYN

    PS-Do you know what else gave you away? The error page is popping up again. Why does that always happen when YOU come around?

    You can’t even deny that you are KAYLYN because the error page gave you away loud and clear.

    I wish you would think before you post that way you won’t have to contuine to whine about how I am wrong about you make posts in other posters names.

  • Tia


    No. I am not Tia from twitter. I am Tammy and Tia or T is just the name my friends/family use for me. I would have used Tammy on this thread but their was already a poster using it, so I used Tia. There are lot’s of Tia’s so If you know a different Tia on twitter I am NOT her nor do I claim to be. End of story.

  • gwen



    Oh please, are you serious? Considering that you made that threat as KAYLYN, it’s obvious why you showed up in this thread posting as TIA. You do this all the time. You make a threat and then posts in our names appear on this site and many other sites. Or you make a post telling me that I am not liked and then you try to back it up by using one of the BBs names. So just like you did with Observer’s name and Gwen Rocks name, you hijacked Tia’s name to fuel your “EVERYBODY hates GWEN” campaign? Just like that time you showed up using their names, the error page kept popping up as well. So KAYLYN do you still want to insist on playing this game?

    Are you the VERY same TAMMY that was trying to convince me that WEWE doesn’t use her friendships with NBC producers to get her and EC jobs? The same TAMMY that made the same space-punctuation-space error as KATIE? The same TAMMY who showed up on CB to tell us how we were mean for commenting on LR?

    That must mean that you are also posting as INDIGO in the thread about LR releasing her video because as usual just min after making a post in one thread you show up as another different poster.

    So why do you keep playing these games with people’s names?

    BTW, KAYLYN it’s obvious that YOU wrote that post as TIA.

  • gwen

    See JUST JARED, when KAYLYN made her threat I reported it and even susgested that they do something because we all know that her threats are followed by posts in our names.

    And now she is here making posts in TIA’s name.

    Everyone thank JJ for allowing ATHENA/ANTHONY to use their site to stalk and harass others.

  • gwen

    From the Boston Herald

    Playboy Club’ imitates ‘Mad Men’ – minus the nuance by MP

    “Cibrian, a stiff who inexplicably manages to consistently get work when so many other fine mannequins are forced to stand in store display windows, is a poor Don Draper clone. What dark secrets is he hiding? Who cares?”

  • gwen

    EC and LR were invited to Fashion Week, but they were not invited to the Emmy’s and Emmy pre-parties? Oh wait, let me guess, LR and EC were “too busy” with their family and jobs to attend the Emmy’s, but they weren’t too busy to attend fashion week. So where did they find the time? Fashion Week was just a pr stunt (probably set up by NBC/Playboy) to convince everyone that LR and EC are popular/the next HW “IT” couple before they did their round of “EC loves LR and therefore isn’t cheating on LR because he is a NEW man ” interviews (Why did they schedule their projects for the same month? Because LR thinks that she can convince people that EC is not cheating on her by pushing that lovE=being inseperable). They didn’t exploit those kids this week, probably because they have something big planned for next week when LR releases her album.

    So how will NBC/Playboy deal with the fallout/backlash from EC and LR interviews on Regis and Kelly and Ellen because you know that both of them are going to say something very insensitive in their interviews. People saw enough of EC and LR last week at fashion week, the week before that when LR exploited EC kids at the fair and made sure every site had photos of them at the fair, and the week before that when LR and EC exploited those kids for LR weekend birthday bash. These interviews would work if EC and LR actually laid low and weren’t so public with their lives and the lives of EC sons.

    I’m sure that the Playboy Club will spin it very well to make it look like they got huge ratings for this show. You will know just how bad this show did when they move it to another day, like they did with Chase after allowing LR and EC to stage pda airport photo-op after pda airport photo-op.

  • gwen

    And the damage control begins.

    ENews did an interview with the writer of the Playboy Club to convince everyone that PBC isn’t at all like Mad Men. They released it immediately after PBC aired. Wow, ENews did an exclusive interview with the writer of PBC, well that explains why ENews was sucking up to Leann and EC and made one write remove his article.

    Immediately following the show(it’s like they had the articles pre-written or something), NBC/PBC had several minor sites release positive reviews for PBC complete with about 3 or so bloggers praising the show. The articles did have one problem, they included a poll with the article, which sorta contradicts the “positive” reviews. For instance, you have 3 people saying that they liked the show, yet the poll shows that 47 % didn’t like the show/that the show needs to be pulled off the air, 20% said that they liked the show saying that they liked the show, and the remainder saying that they didn’t even watch the show. There were a lot of people tweeting about how the show was a rip off of Mad Men and Jon Hamm and how EC was a very poor actor. So how come there is always this huge discrepency with EC and LR projects between what the media says and what the public says?

    This is what is so interesting about the EC and LR saga. You get to see the PR machine in action.

    So EC and LR will fall for the hype that PBC/NBC paid those sites to creae and resume their weekly explotation of those kids.

  • gwen

    Why are EC and LR oh so predictable? Camp Leann Rimes has released their 2nd staged photo-op to the HW gossip site. Another case of LR indirectly/directly tweeting her whereabouts to the paps and then it being followed by photos from one of LR mouthpieces. In his Today interview EC said that he doesn’t know why the paps follow them. Well it’s clear that the paps follow them because they call them. So now we are supposed to believe that EC loves LR and isn’t cheating on her because she babysat him while he gave yet another uncessary interview with Mario Lopez on Extra this time? And of course because they smile and hold hands, EC positions his hand so that the paps get a good shot of his wedding band, they wear smiliar colors. EC and LR are jokes. Why do they work so hard to convince everyone that they are loving couple?

    And LR choice of shirt was awfully similar to a shirt that BG was spotted wearing last week. So why is LR STILL SWF BG?

    Once again, if PBC is about women’s empowerment, why then is the NBC/PBC saturating the media and internet with Heidi Jr and Spencer Jr faces and names? Are they trying to send the message that there is empowerment in being the other woman, especially when you end up married to the object of her affair? How come PBC is going to allow Heidi Jr to guest star on the show? Are they going to allow the spouses/partners of ALL of the cast to appear if they make that exception for LR?

    PBC problem is that they allow their friendship with EC and LR to dictate how they run their show.

    And as EC and LR staged photo-ops increase, the criticism for the show gets even more louder. One former Bunny stated that many of the former bunnnies she knows didn’t like the show because it made them look “silly” and cheap and degraded them and she wants the show to be canceled. Whatever will PBC do to rememdy this? Cue staged photos of LR and EC on a beach engaging in pda or out and about with EC kids playing the happy family.