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Gerard Butler & Jessica Chastain: 'Killer Joe' Party!

Gerard Butler & Jessica Chastain: 'Killer Joe' Party!

Gerard Butler and his Coriolanus co-star Jessica Chastain attend the Killer Joe party at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday (September 11) at vitaminwater Rooftop in Toronto, Canada.

The two actors attended the CAA- and vitaminwater-sponsored bash, which celebrated Emile Hirsch‘s new comedy-drama.

Also at the event: Colin Farrell, who met up with Dave Matthews, James Franco, and Juno Temple.

The next day, Gerard and Jessica promoted Coriolanus at a press conference during the film festival.

The two were joined by co-star Ralph Fiennes and Brian Cox.

FYI: Jessica paired vintage YSL from Decades burgundy dress with Jimmy Choo shoes.

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  • Manny

    Fun piece on Butler being fan-friendly…

  • GFW

    There is an anti-tag-line for Contagion and it is “Don’t drink the water.” In this case I hope he was, and that’s no joke.
    He clearly looks exhausted in this one photo. Frankly, it is worrisome. While I know a lot of this is necessary but these things are very draining. September 11th started early for him, I suspect. The reading of the names went on for hours. Maybe he is channeling that national sadness but he looks truly exhausted here. May he, after tonight’s screening and whatever later, get back to his room, shut the door and shut down. I care always.

  • becky

    colin is so cute

  • Alaia

    Hello, boobs.

  • ha ha

    Very doubtful he gives ann eff about 9/11, he is not an American, and he is clearly having waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun being honored for his movies and partying til he drops at the TFF. I’m guessing thats why he really looks exhausted. jeez

  • Scarlett
  • dmp

    Another new GB thread?! Please wake me when the “Gerard Butler Love Fest: Toronto” is over and he’s back to filling up his SUV, buying a can of Coke at a gas station, or walking his dog on the beach. Just kidding! I actually enjoy looking at all these pics . . . and no doubt we’ll see another new set either from the Coriolanus screening or of GB out and about at yet another party . . . uh, networking – lol.

  • Scarlett

    Sorry I meant Red Carpet @MGP.
    Still looking for Coriolanus.

  • nyob

    Her dress is fantastic and her boobs look amazing.

  • GFW

    Oh, wait! One has to be American to feel the pain for 3K+ senseless deaths 10 years ago in the USA? Oh okay ghee… I didn’t figure that in when I said that. [read: wrong] You’d be surprised, you sucker.

  • GFW

    PS, the dress is a tad too much. And damn I was just putting her on my classy actress who can dress well without using her body list. DamnItRose

  • CorBlimey

    I agree with your comment (#11) – the pain from that day reverberated around the world. Of course Americans felt it the most, but that isn’t to say no-one else felt it. I, for one, was glued to my tv in utter disbelief and horror and grief, with a box of Kleenex at my side. My next door neighbour’s nephew was working in those buildings when it happened – but luckily his meeting had been transferred to a client’s premises on that day (we didn’t find out until much later that he was okay, so my neighbour was freaking out all day).
    But I’m really confused about the reference to Gerard not caring about September 11 (#5) – where did that comment even come from? This thread is about a party at TIFF, isn’t it? *scratching her noggin*

  • No news

    @ha ha:

    Butler has said in the past that he was in New York on 9/11…so I am sure he did care since he was there..

  • Red Dress

    I know Gerry took part in “Giant Steps for 9/11″ but I didn’t hear him mention he was in NY on 9/11. Did you read that, No news, or was it an interview? I’d like to read it and hear his thoughts.

  • ha ha


    from gfw saying before my comment that Gerard was experiencing “sadness” because of 9/11

    @No news:

    now it makes sense, afraid of his own butt getting blown up

    I ‘m not saying non-Amer’s do not care about 911, I’m saying GERARD doesnt, he like most celebs are non caring people just interested in their money and goals and are the biggest toe steppers around

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve

    Gerry was in NYC when the towers were hit. Not sure what he was doing. He didn’t own his apt. of course. I remember when he mentioned it.
    He is looking knackered a bit. He’s kind of got that far off look he had about a month ago or so. Must just be exhaustion. He’s not through yet! He’s got scads of personal appearances to do and then start Mavericks. I feel for him!
    Has anyone seen his ad in Time’s Square for Roger Dubuis? It’s awsome!
    @ha ha:

    Gerry has already had death threats made on him since at TIFF. He had to hire a body guard. Obviously it didn’t stop him from attending. I can’t speak for G’s feeling about nine eleven but I’ve heard him talk about it. He does care, from what I have seen, but you don’t know one way or another about it yourself. I think you just enjoy talking out your arse! LOL!

  • CorBlimey

    @ha ha:
    Oh okay – I skim through a lot of posts here. Didn’t catch that one. :D

  • wth?

    Is Butler dating a Toronto nurse?
    @TMZ Gerard Butler seeing #Toronto nurse Steph Chu! Met her at Scarpetta during #TIFF!

  • Nuts

    How long is he going to be in town??? By his own admission his schedule is packed until after Mavericks…

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @wth?: I wouldn’t make much of this tweet from discodistress. She previously commented on Lainey’s tweet stating that Gerry was at Scarpetta on Friday night with 14 friends and then responded back to Lainey’s tweet about the leggy model calling her a ‘working girl’. She sent the nurse tweet to TMZ as well. Probably assuming things and gossiping. Regardless, he isn’t going to be in Toronto much longer. I think he’ll be in NY on Thursday.

  • Manny

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:
    I have never read or heard Gerry was in NYC on 9-11-01. He has participated in one event, a walk, for fundraising for the memorial I believe it was a year or two ago and that is it. The only reference he made during that event is that he loved NYC and was glad the city was back on its feet after 9/11.
    You will have to post the article, interview, whatever that he said he was there on 9-11-01 because this is the first any of us of heard of it.

  • FWIW

    I remember Gerry saying he was in NYC on 9/11. I’m not sure if it was a print interview or video. Sorry, I don’t save links, but Eve isn’t making this up.

  • Manny

    Butler was in NYC on 9/11 for the walk, not in 2001.
    Butler spent 2001 filming several projects including An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, Attila, Jewel of the Sahara, The Jury and Shooters outside of the USA.
    I also ran a search on Google, Yahoo, and GALS… guess what… nada..
    I think that Eve misspoke. There is nothing I could find.
    Until you post the article/interview link, it didn’t happen. Or are you trying to start some phannielore???

  • liliey

    *whispering* new thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FWIW

    Let me spell this out for you. Gerard Butler was in New York City, 10 years ago, on September 11, 2001. I’m not a phannie so don’t start with the “phannielore” cr/ap. He said it in an interview. I don’t see why he would lie about it.

  • Lisa

    Colin, Emile & Ethan = gorgeous men!!

  • vs

    Anyone know if there was a press conference for MGP ?
    There is no listing of it at that “Dome Productions” website.
    I just find it strange that it didn’t have a press conference.

    Tweets over at WO have Butler at the airport this morning.

  • Juicer

    He is looking knackered a bit. He’s kind of got that far off look he had about a month ago or so. Must just be exhaustion. He’s not through yet! He’s got scads of personal appearances to do and then start Mavericks. I feel for him! True!