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Gerard Butler & Jessica Chastain Premiere 'Coriolanus'

Gerard Butler & Jessica Chastain Premiere 'Coriolanus'

Gerard Butler and Jessica Chastain attend the premiere of Coriolanus at The Elgin Theatre on Monday (September 12) in Toronto, Canada.

The two co-stars were joined on the carpet by Brian Cox and Ralph Fiennes, who also directed the thriller.

Earlier in the day, the cast promoted the flick at a press conference during the Toronto International Film Festival.

FYI: Jessica is wearing a Viktor & Rolf dress with Jack Vartanian jewelry.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Jessica Chastain at the premiere of Coriolanus

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gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 01
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 02
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 03
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 04
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 05
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 06
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 07
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 08
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 09
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 10
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 11
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 12
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 13
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 14
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 15
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 16
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 17
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 18
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 19
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 20
gerard butler jessica chastain premiere coriolanus 21

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain, Ralph Fiennes

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  • she

    5 threads in onw day? Are we going to break a record here?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    You’re wearing me out Gerry!! Gorgeous!!

  • Manny

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:
    I have never read or heard Gerry was in NYC on 9-11-01. He has participated in one event, a walk, for fundraising for the memorial I believe it was a year or two ago and that is it. The only reference he made during that event is that he loved NYC and was glad the city was back on its feet after 9/11.
    You will have to post the article, interview, whatever that he said he was there on 9-11-01 because this is the first any of us of heard of it.

  • A True Fan

    He looks great, and I also remember an article when he said he was in NYC for 9/11. Not sure which one, but could have been when he was doing that walk a few years ago. But he did say it.

  • ha ha


    because as she said I am, she is talking out of HER a ss! Doesnt exist or let her prove it

  • A True Fan

    He looks great! And I also remember him saying he was in NYC on 9/11. It could have been when he did that walk a few years back, but he did say that in an interview.

  • Manny

    Outta all the looks from TIFF, this is my least favorite suit/shirt combo. I’m biased I guess, I love him in silver/gray/blue that brings out his eyes more.
    Jessica’s color washes her out too. Who were the stylists for this premiere??? I think she would have looked elegant in an ivory or nude colored dress with her coloring. I think she would look absolutely ethereal in those colors.

  • kitty

    What is up with the tounge?

  • Manny

    @A True Fan:
    Post the link to the article because he never said it. The phannies would have gone on and on about it if it were so for years. I think it is just someone speaking out of turn. Until there is an article/interview link posted I don’t believe it for a minute.

  • Other Man

    She’s very classy and good actress!

  • Manny

    I was wrong, it was a walk for the first responders… Gerry doesn’t mention him being there and he has the opportunity. Here is the link….

  • FWIW

    Yes, Gerard was in NYC on 9/11!!!
    I think it might have been a video interview so it will be hard to find. If I can find it, I’ll post it for you. But I have to say again, he did say it. Eve and True Fan aren’t lying and neither am I.

  • Manny

    Butler was in NYC on 9/11 for the walk, not in 2001.
    Butler spent 2001 filming several projects including An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, Attila, Jewel of the Sahara, The Jury and Shooters outside of the USA.
    I also ran a search on Google, Yahoo, and GALS… guess what… nada..
    I think that Eve misspoke. There is nothing I could find.
    Until you post the article/interview link, it didn’t happen. Or are you trying to start some phannielore???

  • Manny

    News from TIFF…
    LaineyGossip Elaine L.
    Like everyone else, Gerard Butler seems very taken with the exquisite Andrea Riseborough at the #greygoose party. #TIFF2011
    13 minutes ago
    Here she is…

  • Manny

    It seems Gerry is over mourning the fake gf….. LMAO…
    MSNca_Entertain MSNca Entertainment
    Just squeeze by Gerard Butler talking to a gorgeous woman. Also @gregorythesmith is totally starting a dance floor in the corner. #GreyGoose
    2 minutes ago

  • He Said It
  • Manny

    @He Said It:
    I stand corrected. Thank you for supplying the link. :)

  • Dawn

    Jessica makes Gerard look like a real amature.

  • Coriolanus

    Just got back from attending the premier of Coriolanus – for those who love Shakespeare this is a must see, for those who are not so familiar with his work will most likely find it a little heavy. Amazing caste! Beautifully acted. Vanessa Redgrave gave an outstanding performance. Ralph introduced the movie and seemed quite emotional when introducing the producers who made the movie possible. Caste were introduced on stage. I have to say Gerard is absolutely beautiful in real life – both men and women gave huge sighs when he walked on. He has a very impressive presence – quite breath taking actually.

    From where I sat, there seemed to be just as many men as women of all ethnic backgrounds and ages between late twenties and above. Audience gave a well deserved standing ovation.

    After the movie, I did not witness any stampede towards the caste or Gerard. People were quite civilized actually. Ralph hung around to chat with the audience, but Gerard seemed quite eager to leave and left soon after the the movie was over. He did stop briefly outside to sign autographs before getting in his car. He looked a little tired, but in good spirits.

    Definitely a night to remember!

  • Bullies suck!

    Will u ever stop? Bullying people to find you links. I can’t tell why or what’s wrong with you? But please stop or go away! You could state your opinion which is your right but manipulating this and every thread is tiring. No I’m not GFW nor OBND. I’ve been around for a year and tired of reading your aggravation. It’s very disturbing. You’re very funny and seem genuinely bright (sometimes) it’s the negative statements and bullying that puts this thread all others to waste. By the way calling women rhinos is degrading. Putting up videos of that makes you feel good but hurts others. Such insensitive statements make you “the bully at the ‘cool table’ but nothing about it is cool.

  • Drive Bye

    Gerry looks like somebody sandblasted his face. Makeup, I expect. On the other photo he looks like an action figure. Big hands, big feet.

  • Again

    Ashley Green is hovering around Gerard for a little something something at the Grey Goose party. So are a dozen others.

  • CorBlimey

    I think that’s just because they come from different backgroungs in the acting world. Gerard is the first to admit he was never trained as an actor, and Jessica was classically trained at Juilliard. Their approach to acting is so very different – one came to it through raw talent, passion and a personal drive to do well, which has not always seen him make the best choices career-wise, and the other has a honed and developed ability, focus and clarity in what she wants to accomplish. It’s pretty hard to hold them both up for comparison with each other. I think she is going to be somebody very important to the acting community in the future, but don’t sell him too short of what he’s accomplished, given where he started. Not many people would have had the balls to get them anywhere near where he’s gotten so far, and he’s still on the rise – so long as he keeps making smart choices. JMHO anyway.

  • N.

    @CorBlimey: I am glad you said it. Just a year or two ago a lot of people here and on IMDb were saying Gerry’s career was over or on the decline. This year is the year that restarts his career and hope he will make better choices in the future.

  • CorBlimey

    Eek.. “backgrounds”, too – I can’t spell and it’s only Tuesday afternoon. What am I gonna be like on Friday?! *sighs*

  • dud

    never watched her movies but that lady is gorgeous! the next julianne moore with that hair and beauty!

  • TIFF

    Looks like he went to another party. Maybe he got scared? LOL

    ilanabanks ilanabanks
    Girls were circling gerard butler like he was their dinner #greygoose #sohohouse #TIFF2011

  • curious cat


    Manny, I just got around to opening that video. He looks positively FAT compared with the way he looks now! :) OK, that’s going a bit far, but he does look as if he was enjoying his cupcakes, apple pie a la mode and other favorites then.

  • bystander

    Sorry gb, but I hate the brown Rupert bear suit! Has he lost even more weight this week?

  • Fabk

    Lainey has posted a story on her site about some ‘vitamin water’ event, at which GB turned grumpy and aggressive when he could not automatically get a large entourage into the party. There is a definite unpleasant side to his personality when thwarted. While I admit to a certain fascination with the commitment-free lifestyle, I don’t actually like him very much. He doesn’t seem to treat women as people worthy of friendship or even conversation outside parties, only his ‘mates’. Getting a bit strange! As mentioned in the last thread, he may rent ‘company’ for the duration of the evening or his stay in town. Discretion and compliance guaranteed.

  • Me2
  • FYI

    The article on Lainey’s site that Fabk was referring to:
    “Gerard Butler rolled in with a huge entourage. So big that they gave him trouble at the door. Which he took offence to. It was all sorted out eventually but… well… he wasn’t exactly cool about it. Grumpy is a word. So is…aggressive. I’m just saying there may have been a different way to go about it.”

  • Fabk

    @FYI: Thanks for posting the link. My iPad wasn’t playing ball.

  • curious cat

    @Bullies suck!:

    What is this? More accusations? Manny was BULLYING to get links? No way. Another poster said GB was in NYC on 9-11-2001. Manny thought not. She asked for evidence. It was provided. Manny graciously said, “I stand corrected.”

    To me, in all honesty, he wasn’t totally clear. He said he was in NYC on “that day” but the interview was going off in several directions. Was he talking about 9-11-2001 or the day George Martin started his walk campaign? It sounded as if he were in NYC on the day of infamy, but As a journo I’d have wanted to pin down what he meant for sure, like asking where were you exactly and what were you doing when you heard the news that the towers were hit? Instead there was glib play.

    There is entirely too much unsubstantiated gossip tossed around on these boards, about GB’s sex life and everything else.

    I don’t see that Manny was BULLYING anyone by wanting to know where the information about GB’s whereabouts on 9-11-01 came from.

    I’ve asked for evidence on certain statements and been told loftily, “This is a gossip board. We don’t care about journalistic FACTS.”

    Y’all might want to start caring about what garbage you print. Libel laws WILL catch up with the internet one of these days.

    BULLIES SUCK, I apologize for lashing out and calling you a name on a previous post. I don’t do that usually, only when I am provoked by something I feel is outlandish. You don’t KNOW Manny. You have no idea who she is or what she is in her personal life. Yet you felt free to tell her people around her must hate her and she needs help. are you Dr. Phil?

    To me, anyone who feels bullied by Manny must have an incredibly fragile ego. She threatens nobody who has any sense and substance.

    She can be sardonic. Manny doesn’t take seriously Butler, his stardom, the fans who worship him, these threads or anything about Hollywood. She’s a first responder herself. She deals with life and death evry day. Doesn’t mean she hates Butler or anyone. But this can be a fantasy world here.

  • GFW

    Wow, what a little color, a nap, and praise can do? Could he look any better? While yesterday I was deeply concerned by the exhaustion on his face, he seemed to have (somehow) taken some good advice and gotten it together.
    Grumpy? Aggressive? at his own premiere party with his own hand-selected entourage? Horrors! LOL
    While I think this “lifestyle” could be exhausting and a bit over-the-top odd for many of us regular people (but one easy to get used to if you care enough to be with him) it is his so why knock it? It is what it is until it isn’t. Enjoy this, like he is, while it’s happening! He’s embracing it, enjoying it (obviously) so why berate him for it? He deserves this now. Let him enjoy it.
    whose no issues with him contracting out services for his health and well-being in any shape or form, literally

  • GFW

    What a difference some well deserved respect for his raw talent, two great showings, security, self-confidence, a sense of well-being, some soul food, a nap and a B-12 shot, some COLOR will do!
    who says all of the above from pure speculation

  • http://gerard-butler-jessica-chastain-premier-corolianuscomment-page-2 CHOLITA

    “Donde se duermen tus ojos chinitos ,cariño bonito…… por donde andaras.Siento que vienen tus pies chiquititos,cariño bonito …cuando volveras.Duele tu ausencia cuando estoy solito, cariño bonito..ven,ven te quiero mas y si no sabes que te necesito,pasa un ratito por mi soledad.Yo se que al verme cantando solito cariño bonito tendras que llorar.(CARIÑO) regresa a mi lado,(VEN ACA CARIÑO)yo se que me quieres(CARIÑO,CARIÑO)tu amor no se muere.Ven aca cariño no me has olvidado…..YO TE EXTRAÑARE…..tu me extrañaras….TE RECORDARE….me recordaras…YO TE BUSCARE….tu me buscaras…YO TE ENCONTRARE….tu me encontraras…..TE PERDONARE….me perdonaras….SIEMPRE TE QUERRE….siempre me querras…SIEMPRE TE DIRE…siempre me diras…….CARIÑO,CARIÑO,CARIÑO,CARIÑO,CARIÑO,CARIÑO…..donde se duermen tus ojos chinitos,cariño bonito por donde andaras…….adios amorcito.

  • GFW

    Gerry is now who he was waiting for to be. But the best is yet to come.

  • Pioney

    @curious cat:
    You have missed the point of Bully Sucks. When someone made a reference to Gerry being in NYC on 9/11/01, Manny’s reaction was that either she provided evidence or she was making up stories for, I quote, Gerry’s “phannielore”. If you find Manny’s quick pulling the trigger on any “phannie” suspect endearing and harmless, well that’s because it’s no skin off your nose and you were not her target. Think about it.

  • from Lainey

    Spent several hours last night at Grey Goose Soho House watching women throw themselves at Gerard Butler. Now I know we don’t all share the same preferences but what I don’t understand is the rationale behind offering yourself up to a man while he’s fielding other offers right in front of you. And still, each and every one of them, they step up there thinking that they could be the one, that what they have to say is infinitely more interesting, more charismatic, more alluring, more attractive than everyone else there. Is it confidence then? Or is it desperation? When did it become such a fine line?

    One of the girls on line to be sprayed by Spittle was none other than Ashley Greene. He allowed her to cup his face at one point. They talked for a few minutes. And then he was sidetracked by some other piece of ass so she receded but stayed close, hovering to remain in his eyeline. Which means Ashley Greene could totally now be a guest speaker at the Gerard Butler Fan Convention.

    Meanwhile Scott Speedman moved around the party relatively unmolested. Um, have you seen Scott Speedman lately? And Spittle’s the one with the harem? I don’t get it. I never will.

  • wtf?

    lainey ….ugh….maybe if she wasn’t such a bi.tch …..someone would throw her a look now and then instread of a bone………..

    can’t stand her..

  • PsychoB

    @from Lainey: I guess he got his ego stroked along with something else. I would imagine he feels like he’s on top of the world, since this is exactly why he does what he does.

    Scott Speedman is hot, but he’s not famous. Fame is more important than looks for any woman who would troll at an industry party.

  • Lainey fan

    @wtf?: Lainey is very happily married. Her husband is very cute. He even takes over her column sometimes. She loves Clooney. She loves Jon Hamm. Two actors who have polish, class and are capable of long term relationships.

    She is in a position to actually see Butler in action. Away from the adoring eyes of fans. Are you?

  • Scarlett

    According to twitter Gerry has been sighted at the airport.Now his 2 movies have been screened it looks like he’s done with TIFF.Wonder where he’ll show up next?.

  • Shari

    @Lainey fan: If Lainey agrees that she doesn’t need a raincoat in order to talk to Butler, why then does she continue calling him Spittle? What reasonable person will take her seriously if she determines to trivialize her own work by resorting to childish name calling? Is she a journalist or a brat thumbing her nose at people? She is doing herself a disfavor lowering herself like that. At first it was kind of funny but now it just sounds dumb and attention hungry.

  • GFW

    Early flight out means not such a late night. ;o) I’m hoping he heads down to NYC for a spell. The weather’s fantastic and he could use the peace and quiet his loft offers, not to mention the protection. But it’s anyone’s guess!

  • from twitter

    Gerry in New York now

    hwoodpartygirl Cristina Gibson
    Heading to chat with Gerard Butler at Diesel show…questions for him?
    51 minutes ago F

    She is the E! party reporter. He’s getting his NY Fashion week fill.

  • PsychoB

    @Shari: yes your right it is, kind of like sticking a donut in your but/t.

  • Lainey fan

    @Shari: She is a gossip personality. Not a news journalist. You ask this at a gossip site where people here are nasty themselves? If Lainey did not have a large following and not good at what she does she would not be working for E! She got your attention right?

  • GFW

    “Gerry in New York now” (goalie arms)