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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Majorca Mates

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Majorca Mates

Halle Berry holds hands with boyfriend Olivier Martinez while taking a stroll on Monday (September 12) in Palma, Majorca, Spain.

The 45-year-old actress also brought along her 3-year-old daughter Nahla, who checked out a market and rode the train with her famous mama.

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Ramona Braganza, the trainer who helped Halle get back into tip top shape after giving birth to Nahla, recently shared some of her workout secrets.

“The reason Halle is in such great shape is because she is consistent with her workout, doing it four or five times a week,” she explained, adding that Halle likes working on the elliptical machine more than anything else.

Also pictured inside is Halle out with Olivier on Sunday (September 11) in Palma, where she rocked a pair of Crocs.

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  • Verity

    So Halle and her current man take Nahla to Spain and it’s up to Gabriel to fly over there to see his child. Let this be a lesson; be careful who you lay down with.

  • Natalie

    Cute. Glad they’re still together. I hope Halle keeps her crazy in a bottle.

  • Coach

    Yeap. I’m not sure why they don’t have joint custody. The father should also have the right to take his daughter abroad.


    eat something
    she looks like an anorexic little indian boy

  • Twiggy

    Let’s see Gabriel or this guy……is she crazy, obviously!!! Team Gabriel!!!

  • jaye

    Of course they’re still together, they can’t break up before their movie comes out. I would have added a Duh!, but that would have been way too childish. Does Dark Tide even have an official released date?

  • Tazlena

    Gabriel sure takes a back seat when it comes to seeing his daughter. He is obviously going to be allowed as little time as possible with her. The poor guy……he’s got a real mountain to climb to be able to stay in his child’s life.

  • A Fan

    @Verity: So Halle has to stay in town so Gabriel can see his child? She can never go on a vacation or work? The interest of the child is what’s best. it will NEVER be completely 50/50. That’s impossible. Do you know how long they will be away? Maybe daddy’s there or on his way. Both parents deserve a life…they just have to figure it out keeping their daughter in mind. It’s not easy and they both have careers that can keep them on the move. I respect him for fighting for his daughter… they’ll be fine.

  • mwannir

    OLD AND BORING………………..

  • Carolyn

    Halle seems like a lost soul, she must have sold her soul, she look lost, now that she has aged and can not carry a movie, she has scraps. she has never been a classic beauty just a nose job eye job,, nothing to her. she looks very old dry. I will agree boring…..? Now I no she has no friends in hollywood because she said they tell all her business.

  • Boobaloo

    It is not called “Majorca”, its real and official name is MALLORCA. I wish you learn it better for the good of the country…

  • 4Jaye

    @jaye: Rumor that the US date keeps being changed. DKN date. The supposed Intl. release date last heard is November. Then NYE will be released in December I think for the holidays. So, Halle’s going to busy.

    DNK how much after the DT release OM will still be in the picture? Don’t believe all the headlines of ‘Cozy couple’, ‘romantic getaway’ etc–so what if it looks less forced than Halle’s entire association with Gabe. If they’re still together in a few years then I will talk the romance angle. LOL.

  • 4biz

    My understand Cloud Atlas is being shot in Majorica, Spain and Glasgow, Scotland where Halle will be filming her two roles. So, it looks she’s having a fun trip (even though Nahla looks bored sans school or sans nanny).

    Do you really think Halle hasn’t carefully calculated the media circus with Nahla at pre-school/Gabe, OM playing with her on the beach, all of them w/Nanny going to lunch/other activities and Halle’s birthday (even though there was drinking around Nahla) and all of Halle’s other stagged scenes with Nahla as the good mother were all so she could take Nahla on the trip while filming Cloud Atlas etc.

    Don’t know if OM is with her just because, he’s on payroll, visa issues (being in the US w/o working etc) or what?

  • 4AFan

    @A Fan: DNK if Gabe (the cheapskate-others words not mine) will be going to Europe while Halle’s filming Cloud Atlas and promoting DT in Europe. Fighting for his daughter-maybe. Do know he didn’t take their latest court hearing serious looking like a slop in not proper court attire not after not showing the other times.

    No one ever heard Halle complain while Gabe was in NYC most of the pregnancy running his restaurant into the ground?

    No one ever heard Halle complain him always on model shoots most of Nahla’s first two years? In fact, Halle in her lies of tell the public what she thought the wanted them to hear in Ebony, Essence, HBazaar, Esquire how much she admired his work ethic and he was her life partner that she was going to redefine marriage with?

    Don’t remember, Halle pulling the same stunts as Gabe every time he’s gone on a foreign /out-of-town photoshoot over the last three plus years?

    Agree, Halle has a right to vacation/work out of town. He didn’t complain when she has to go NYC for Coty, Revlon, etc. when he, her mother or the nanny has her overnight?

    DNK if he actually cares about Nahla or just enjoys being an a$$hole (others opnion)? Maybe? Why all of sudden does he actually want to spend time with Nahla when he was only around when Halle wanted him to be to keep their lie going? If he does actually care, good for him then he needs to get his act together and act accordingly i.e. dressing properly at court, showing up at court, getting a better lawyer etc. Getting smart.

    The rumors of Halle going ballistic when he fed Nahla pizza or ice cream is a bit much along with other asinine comments, staged set ups with the pappis.

    Halle has forgotten this whole thing is NOT and NEVER was about her it’s what’s best for Nahla. So does Gabe.

  • pronunciation

    @Boobaloo: it’s spelled and pronounced both ways, aren’t we being a little anal?

  • lafamepoma

    I’m from Spain and is written and pronounced Mallorca but in English is Majorca because the pronunciation of -ll doesn’t exist in English. Is a good choice to come here, good weather sunny and good people, and these islands are very famous here, but if you are young go to Ibiza or Formentera to relax.

  • Lisa

    love this couple))

  • Amazed

    Hope that Oliver and Halle last. Given that they are actors and the same age they might have more in common than the toy boy model

  • kayla

    I’m no Halle Berry fan but I wish I had her money and could travel the world too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jan

    What in the hell is that rag Halle has on Nahla?. Halle can do better than that in dressing her child.


    look at this….Nahla is TOTALLY UNHAPPY and do you think Halle gives a damn??? Such a sad picture and anyone can forsee what is going to happen here hmmm!!

  • nothing to worry about
  • then why post

    @kayla: If you’re not a Halle Berry fan, then why do you post a lot on her threads?

  • goldie

    sometimes you have to do what makes you happy because you are a human being first than a mom, if nahla doesnt look happy she’s a child she has plenty of time to do kids stuff but as an adult we have so little time to do what makes us happy so i say enjoy.

  • louisvega

    live,and let live.she’s happy that’ what matter’s.