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Joe Jonas: 'Just In Love' Video Premiere!

Joe Jonas: 'Just In Love' Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Joe Jonas‘ “Just In Love” video!

“We shot it in Paris so naturally it’s supposed to be passionate and romantic,” the 22-year-old singer recently told E! Online, which premiered the video.

“We found a beautiful girl lead. I feel it’s a video that might shock people a little bit,” he added.

“There will come a time for me to explain some of the songs but right now, I like to watch what people speculate,” he replied, when asked about speculation that some of his new songs may be about his famous exes.

Click inside for the “Just In Love” video

Joe Jonas – Just In Love
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  • Millie

    This song reminds me of Justin Timerblake

  • SaadGkhan

    Wanna be JT, Why we would need another Justin Timberlake ? WHen we have One Billion times Better ?

    Jeo Grow up man !

  • Mrs_Fuzzybee

    So the whole Jonas Brothers pledging chastity business doesn’t apply to the imagines they put forth in videos?

    ie Joe Jonas can imply that he boning the video chick (though he supposedly chastised). You can fake it, suggest it, imply it in a video to your fans can be chastised but still have sex with the video girl.

    Mixed messages.

  • Jen

    …I find him attractive in this. I don’t know what to do with these new feelings.

  • Ben

    Video is a lot better than the song is.

  • natalie

    well then…! he’s still young to me, but he’s a handsome kid.

    & i like that car he’s driving.

  • abbey

    @Mrs_Fuzzybee: The Jonas brothers no longer wear their purity rings. Its his life at the end of the day….people change

  • Pam

    JUST IN LOVE!!! good song and great video music

  • arkin

    @SaadGkhan: you might have half a point if justin timberlake actually made music still

  • okay?

    the video is actually better than the song. NOt great but not bad. He’s very photogenic.

  • anon

    It’s alright. Nice looking video. Maybe because it’s Paris lol. This video should NOT be shocking to anyone, there’s nothing there to be shocking.

  • Layla


    Yeah and who does Justin Timberlake make his career sounding like?

    Frankly If joe wants to go to that urban pop sound, I would try to be inspired by the songwriting, singing and and showmanship of George Michael in his heyday rather than Justin. I just listened to Freedom 90 and it’s still sounds great.

    I love the video. It should’ve been a movie.

  • Samantha

    @Mrs_Fuzzybee: Lady, Joe isn’t sending any mixed messages. He has denounced that whole “purity ring” BS. He is being honest now, not pretending to be something he’s not.

  • Winter Haven: a novel

    Guess the Jonas brothers no longer care for chastity. Good bye purity rings. the 19-yr-old is dating a 26-yr-old.

  • Samantha

    Great song and even better video. Joe is finally breaking free from the confines he was in under Disney and what a great fit this new image is proving to be. And his face…oh my God is this guy attractive. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more beautiful face on a man. I’m very impressed. It looks like he has what it takes. This was sexy yet classy. He can do me up against a wall anytime he wants.

  • Samantha

    @Winter Haven: a novel: Old news from what I understand. People need to let go of that whole thing. They were kids, probably trying to please their parents. Maybe they were forced into it or felt pressured. They’re grown men now. They can make their own decisions.

  • Mrs_Fuzzybee

    @Samantha: Yo! Honestly I did not know the Jonas Bros swore off the whole purity ring business. It seemed like such a silly thing – go on TV & magazines and swear to stay a virgin until you find the jerk you’re gonna marry. Could be years and years and years if ever. Anyway the Jonas Bros are way way way after my time (I’m Gen X for you young Gen Y & Zers – think Duran Duran not Jonas/Bieber). However, when I see the purity push stuff on a news program there are the Jonas Bros front and center.

    It’s news shows recycling old news and not checking in w/ these kids now young men. I kind figured that this one was a virgin as he was dating Camille Belle and I don’t think she’d be down with a couple of years of hand holding and snuggling above the covers.

  • tal

    amazing ! just wow

  • Kat

    Well it’s a good song
    Can’t wait for his album to come out!!

  • http://frannyb28339 fbotteri

    surprisingly I really like this song and video. definitely a departure from his disney persona, but hey, people grow up and change. I think everyone knew that was coming…

  • jared

    even better muted. song is horrible but video is amazing!

  • Jay

    @Winter Haven: a novel:

    Joe is 22. NOT 19.

    thank you very much.

  • Charlotte

    Joe worked with the same witters/producers as Justin Timberlake. Hence the similarities to JT.
    Joe’s hot, the video is hot and the song is hot!!!! In the words of JT ‘I’m Lovin It’…………

  • Bee

    Oh please no one besides hardcore, deluded Jonas Bros fans really believed they were keeping to their purity ring nonsense.



  • mariam

    the vedio is not working probably :/ what’s wrong ?!!!

  • marian

    i’m a bit shocked by the video but how could u not love him??
    i mean just look at his beautiful face & listen to his sweet voice..
    Like Lady Gaga would say: SWOON!

  • Bruce Wayne

    Yawn….another bland song by another bland McSinger.


  • Carolina

    this video isn’t too hot for somebody who used to wear that purity ring?
    buuut i liked this video a lot and also this song

  • Kieran


  • Some1Cares

    To those of you who speak of the purity rings…….it’s really disheartening when society doesn’t understand what a promise means. These young men PROMISED they would stay pure until due time in their marriage when they could give themselves fully and without past regrets to their significant other, they did NOT PROMISE TO US, BUT TO GOD!!! One brother kept his promise and for that I commend him and pray that his family will grow and reap the blessings that goes along with that! If any of you have noticed, these kinds of worldly things always (AND WILL ALWAYS!!!) end badly!
    I am unsure, though mighty worried, about Nick and his standing with God, but Joe..I felt that if he didn’t have the guidance he needed, he would fall into this kind of trap, chained to this kind of sin!
    I am NOT downing them as people, rather the act of sin that they (again!) PROMISED to keep themselves from!
    Honestly, I think it is mainly a case of keeping your word…people lose that too easily nowadays and I was really pulling for these guys to keep theirs as they called themselves Christians. Those of you who do not believe in the Holy Word of God will not understand what I mean without looking at it negatively, but understand that I am not looking down on them, but would really like to see some Christians KEEP their word as God Himself has done and will do to all of us! You can’t dispute that! I hope you all have a great week and don’t argue so much about these kinds of things, rather live your life so that the Creator of the Universe will smile instead of weep at your actions! Be safe and may God bless your everyday! <3<3 <3