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Madonna: 'Love Letter to Hydrangeas' Video!

Madonna: 'Love Letter to Hydrangeas' Video!

Check out this video of Madonna making fun of her her now infamous hydrangea incident!

At the Venice Film Festival earlier in the month, a fan approached the Material Girl, 53, with a gift of hydrangeas, which she accepted and later quietly said how much she loathed the particular flowers.

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Now Madonna is talking back in a funny video, saying, “I still hate hydrangeas! And I will always hate them!”

For those who are curious, Madonna says that she prefers roses.

Madonna – Love Letter to Hydrangeas

Pictured inside are Madonna and Abbie Cornish at a W.E. press conference in Toronto on Monday (September 12). 10+ pics inside…

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55 Responses to “Madonna: 'Love Letter to Hydrangeas' Video!”

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  1. 26
    lindsey Says:

    who cares if it ws a fan or not. she was still a rude cow,reporters are people too.

  2. 27
    anthony Says:

    Trying to make a joke out of it really doesn’t help, if you act rude then you should just apologize. More then once her true nature has been shown and people still love her. I don’t get it.

  3. 28
    Ettore Says:

    @orion: And then, she’ll ask you: “Ok Sir, may I put these manners in your h*le?”

  4. 29
    sb Says:

    I used to be a fan of her and loved her for daring to be provoking. I think she is now a pathetic caricature of herself, in actions and appearance. Lay off the botox, age gracefully and please, accept you have been a bigger than life icon but that it is time to retire into private life.

  5. 30
    Paulie Says:



    Seriously folks, get a sense of humour and remove the sticks from your butts.

  6. 31
    Loather Says:

    What a dumb move on Madonna’s part. Get over it . Stop poking fun and something that’s your falut (a Lohan move) and move on. Show some class… Now people are going to toy with her and only send her hydrangeas..LOL

  7. 32
    Gio Says:

    she’s amazing

  8. 33
    v Says:

    How b*tchy! The point was completely missed by her…it had NOTHING to do with her not like a particular flower (how f’n conceited of her to think people actually gave a care about the flowers she may or may not like). Her manners are obviously non-existent… and to make matters worse she makes this video! Trashy!

  9. 34
    Toni Says:

    Agreed with you T. – 100%. A fan was thoughtful enough and actually took their time to bring her some flowers. Does she know what flowers he likes? NO! Seriously got no time for her any more.

  10. 35
    Marieme Says:

    Like every attempt she makes at filmmaking or humor this fails so badly it’s almost painful. It is massively stupid and as funny as, well, “Shanghai Surprise!” Madonna is an idiot and even if she “hates” hydrangeas how can anyone roll their eyes at a sincere gift from the heart? The fact she can’t see THIS is what has people disgusted demonstrates how out of touch she really is. Major idiot. Age has brought her nothing – not manners, not grace, not wisdom. Pity.

  11. 36
    lucia237 Says:

    It really does not take take much to realize that it was not about those flowers at all. It was about her disrespect shown to one of her fans!!! She obviously doesn’t get it!! Oh poor geriatric pop star.

  12. 37
    Real people Says:

    She is rude and cruel woman. she hated her step mother and given her a real hard time for years till now. The two actress warned not to overshadow her on this opening. A real classless Ho!

  13. 38
    natalyt Says:


    but c’mon, peopple!!! your comments are just pathetic: “poor fan, spent time to get her flowers”. You need to get over it!! She was not rude, she just exspressed her opinion to a friend. You take it too seriously

  14. 39
    madgeonna Says:

    You guys seriously need to separate the fan from the flower! As if it was a fan at all! He was a Borat-type reporter. Check youtube.

  15. 40
    brian klepacz Says:

    Gosh …she is one cool girl….

  16. 41
    Young 1 Says:

    The damage is done Madonna. The video speaks for itself. What Madonna did to her own fan was uncalled for. She showed her true colors. That nice man gave her that lovely flower and on camera she acted like a mean stuck up ungrateful women. Madonna is a old wrinkled up hag. Memo to Madonna, bow out gracefully. The world is watching. I am so glad this happened. Madonna’s crazy delusional fans keep saying Lady Gaga is like Madonna. No she’s not. The big difference is attitude. Madonna has always been a mean vindictive person. Gaga is a sweetie pie. Gaga would have never treated her fans like this.

  17. 42
    Bunnyfoo Says:

    She should be grateful that someone actually gave her flowers. Remember Madonna, we all bought your music so insulting your fans (whom I may add are one of the most loyal around) is PROBABLY not the smartest of ideas. Real classy.

  18. 43
    Toni Says:

    She looks like the ‘wicked witch’. Seriously – gross attitude, and just down right rude. She’s confirmed to all that she doesn’t give a ‘stuff’ about anyone else, other than herself.

  19. 44
    Annie Says:

    OK, so Madonna should have kept her mouth shut so as to not hurt the fan’s feelings….but this video is pretty darn funny! Who hasn’t said the wrong thing at some point in their life? Can you imagine Gaga making a funny video like this if she said a faux pax? No, she’d probably just make some serious pretentious tweet trying to justify what she said.

  20. 45
    Young 1 Says:

    @Annie: Gaga would have never treated her little monster in a mean cold hearted way as the old prune witch Madonna did to that nice man who gave Madonna the flower. Madonna put her foot in her mouth and it’s on video and youtube for everyone to see over and over again. It’s not looking pretty for Madonna either. You don’t have to be young or old to see how rude of a person the old hag known as Madonna is. Gaga is a sweetheart. Madonna has always been a vile, calculating cold hearted woman. Now Madonna is a old woman who has not changed. Madonna wishes she had Gaga’s youth and freshness. Hint: the younger boy toy boyfriend and botox Madonna face. Madonna is jeolous of Gaga and it will all come to light in the next few days and months. Memo to Gaga. Just sit back and let Madonna put the nail in her on coffin.

  21. 46
    ellie' Says:

    Still body…always good music..what a great entertainer..

  22. 47
    G Says:

    It was a PRANK. The guy who gave her the flowers is a Borat-type TV personality. He did it on purpose and she thanked him two times. I think people are clinging onto things because it’s convenient. They already hate her and are just making excuses for it.

  23. 48
    G Says:

    As for Gaga being a “sweetheart”… yeah right! She’s a ***** to people too. There are different interviews out there where she treats the reporters rudely, like she’s better than them. Just because she’s fake and tries to kiss up for fans, it doesn’t mean she’s sincere or always like that.

  24. 49
    like a brat Says:

    even in this she is a bad actress. love me some madge but her hydrangeas debacle is classless. just say nothing and move on.

  25. 50
    lila Says:

    I feel pity for her! money can’t buy class indeed…. she should just shut her dirty mouth

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