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Rachel Bilson Covers 'Women's Health' October 2011

Rachel Bilson Covers 'Women's Health' October 2011

Rachel Bilson shows off her gorgeous figure in an Express dress on the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s October 2011 issue, on newsstands September 13!

Here’s what the 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress had to share:

On turning 30: “Everyone tells you that things are going to change, so I’m waiting for something to happen. Like I’m going to grow another boob! But it is a milestone. You’re coming into your own.”

On exercising: “I’m not the kind to go to the gym.”

On being healthy: “You should enjoy food and enjoy life. Healthiness stems from being happy.”

FYI: Rachel finished her cover look with Tateossian bracelets.

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Jill Marin

    Robert Tateossian, whose bracelets Rachel Bilson is wearing, is Armenian. A lot of people don’t know that. He is an Armenian icon.
    Some other Armenian icons and legends include Andre Agassi, Charles Aznavour, Eric Bogosian, Cher, Princess Diana (1/64 Armenian), Atom Egoyan, Arshile Gorky, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Kirk Kerkorian, Mike Connors, William Saroyan, Seymour Skinner (Armen Tamzarian), System of a Down, The Kardashians, Andy Serkis, Steven Zaillian, Michael Vartan, Gregory Peck, Dita Von Teese, Ken Davitian, David Hedison, David Dickinson, Simon Abkarian, the Hughes brothers (Albert and Allen), Ross Bagdasarian, Ross Bagdasarian, Jr

  • lenny

    Yuk !!

  • http://ada slig o lambert ^_____^cute


  • sillyme

    “Healthiness stems from being happy”

    Oh, good grief, did she really say that? What about all those jolly fat people out there??

  • Jess

    I love how she’s featured on a HEALTH magazine and then says she doesn’t go to the gym.

  • Jon

    WOW! She is so gorgeous and has an AMAZING figure!!

  • ^..^

    Rachel stop promoting unhealthy lifestyle. You know you work out. There’s nothing healthy about being lazy and fat.

  • Not impressed

    Cocaine is her diet secret, she does not exercise or eat much.

    Noting amazing about her body.She looks like a freakishly tiny Asian immigrant straight off the boat.

    They photo-shopped her T&A, went a bit too far with the rear end, her bikini pics over the summer proved she has a flat azzz.

  • Super Cool

    Wow! She looks hotter with curly hair!

  • Chelly

    Seriously? Who promotes themselves in a Health magazine and basically doesn’t promote living a healthy lifestyle? Geez does this girl think about who she’s talking to at all? If you look at her closely though, you can see how unhealthy she is with her frizzy hair and pre-mature lines and wrinkles. She looks just like her mother.

  • adrz

    You don’t have to workout at the gym…

    haters gonna hate

  • Jax

    “Gorgeous figure.” Yeah, via Photoshop, this chick has about the least healthy lifestyle ever. All she buys at the grocery store are junk food, cookies, beer and soda. Oh, and Ensure. Check it out, chick is OLD looking.

  • Emma

    People, stop being jealous b-tches. She looks hot, and has an sexy bod. If you don’t believe me, look at her Hawaii and Barbados bikini pics. I wish I had her body.

  • Jon

    @Jax: Old? LOL! She looks like she’s in her early 20s. You’re just another one of the Hayden-fanatics that are pissed she’s doing your man.

  • Jax

    Jon, if you clicked on that link I provided, she does NOT look 20 in that pic. Well, not any 20 year old I’ve ever seen.

  • alison

    she dosen’t need to work out look at her, and she does look younger than she is.

  • Jon

    @Jax: I think she looks beautiful in that photo. And yes, she is 30, she is going to age. She is just fortunate to look younger than she is. Are you that perfect that you don’t have any flaws about yourself? Or do you feel you need to put others down to make yourself feel better?

  • elise

    tha ass is soooooooo photoshoped !!!!! in real life she is not that curvy

  • yajaira

    love to have a body like that, she looks good and healthy

  • Jon

    @elise: Are you kidding? look at her ass in this pic she has a nice booty for a small girl!!

  • ***Photoshopped!!!!

    It’s so obvious that the photo is so shopped that she doesn’t even look human. She looks like a short Barbie doll. And as for healthy, she recently went to Gelsons and was photographed buying cases of Ensure and a lot of toilet paper. She has been looking thinner since the days of large football shaped azz and now we know why: she’s not eating and drinking Ensure, taking laxatives. She was photographed going to Little Dom’s but you can get it all went down the loo as soon as she got home. Her chest is flat as is well known from the many pics of her in low cut clothing so that’s a Wonderbra and photoshop again. I don’t even know why they even say it’s her. It looks NOTHING like her.

  • Beck

    She only did Women’s Health because it’s the only magazine she could get.

  • dee

    Haters are gonna HATE. whatever. I love that a Hollywood person doesn’t work out.
    and just because some people don’t go to the gym doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy. Not everyone can afford it. I hate gym people who preach like they know everything….

  • Jax

    And I hate posers and fakes who claim to be healthy, to do yoga (but at home you know), to love to cook and bake, yet on their choreographed paparazzi outings only buy junk food and booze, and look anorexic. But that’s just me.

  • sterling

    Of course Photoshop is her BFF as they put Midge’s saddlebags in her butt – so very fake!

  • sterling
  • Whatever

    Which she did all of two times.

  • Jon

    @sterling: I like how you post a nice sexy pic of her showing her body a little when you’re trying to be mean. Thanks for posting!

  • whodie

    She looks like a microscopic & a more dlister version of Khloe KarsdASSKANK!

  • monreal

    Her interviews consistently glorifying in all her Brain-Farting Nonsense & Stupidity.
    Just goes to see that “the bigger the saddlebags, the smaller or more like non-existent her brain is.

  • LMAO

    Photoshop does a body good. LMAO. Honestly shes on the cover of a health magazine and the best advice she had was be happy. LMAO All actresses work out maybe not everyday but all walk or swim even surf. You dont have to go to a gym to be healthy you can hike,swim,walk,bike,dance etc. Things that Rachel doesnt do very often and only if there is a camera involved. So she isn’t very healthy. Also after you hit 30 years old your metabolism slows quite a bit. So if Rachel doesn’t stop eating and acting like she has the metabolism of a thirteen year old just because she has the brain of one . She is going to gain a lot of weight. The only reason she is on the cover of Womens’s Health is because she couldn’t get on a fashion mag this time LMAO.

  • annie

    everybody has their own lifestyle,i sure am not a rachel supporter but i support FREEDOM TO DO WHAT WE FEEL IS BEST FOR US,go live in iran already.but since i used to work for the company that owns W.HEALTH they must of been hard-up for this cover and yeah she would cover a envelop if she could.

  • The Truth Fairy

    She looks so much better when she’s been heavily airbrushed : ) In real life she has a head shaped like a monkey nut, though. Three cheers for the airbrush worker, he did good.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! I guess when you’re Rachel you take whatever magazine covers will take you…I mean she’s not famous and she’s no Kim Kardashian so she won’t get a Cosmo or Glamour cover!! I don’t see her on the cover of Self.
    I’m surprised she hasn’t joined that gym Cameron Diaz or Giselle belong too. She could pretend she’s friendly with them and JJ could lie and say she and Cammy are talking about a movie!!

  • New Pics of Rachel.
    I would say now that cover was very airbrushed and photoshopped.
    Because in these pictures she looks completely different. They are taken on Sunday at the Grove. She looks heavier and her legs are shorter etc. I wonder why JJ didn’t post these?

  • Ash

    oh for god’s sake everyone, stop nitpicking. she looks hotter than the majority of women out there. and to the person saying she had wrinkly skin and posting a close up of her face, there is NOTHING wrong with her skin, she’s 30 years old. every 30 year old that doesn’t get botox or cosmetic enhancement of some sort is going to have a couple of lines. so i suggest all the haters crawl back under the rock you came from, until you have something half decent to say against her.