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Bar Refaeli: Marchesa Fashion Show with Naomi Campbell!

Bar Refaeli: Marchesa Fashion Show with Naomi Campbell!

Bar Refaeli gets all dolled up for the Marchesa Spring 2012 fashion show as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held at The Plaza Hotel on Tuesday (September 13) in New York City.

The 26-year-old Israeli model was waiting by the runway when someone told her that Naomi Campbell was backstage.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

“I knew it!” Bar said before running backstage. “I smelled her!”

The night before, Bar hit up some NYC nightlife hotspots with her good pals and danced the night away.

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Credit: Henry S. Dziekan III, Debra L Rothenberg; Photos: Getty
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  • yawnnn

    aha she is never on the runway always a celebutante yawn yawn and yawn.

  • daffy

    you suck BAR !

  • daffy

    what did she smell like, dirty diamonds???

  • Eddie

    looking fugly

  • Dottie

    Naomi Cambell, say what you want about her but she is a REAL model. If you compared her portfolio to Bar’s..never-mind wont even waste my time trying to compare….lol…Just keep in mind McDonald’s to Filet Mignon.

  • Ann

    Would someone explain to me why everyone who commented so far hates Bar? She’s not a supermodel, she’s a swimsuit model. Comparing her to the likes of Gisele or Naomi is just ridiculous. She’s like Brooklyn Decker. They both don’t have faces or bodies to make it on the runway but they look good in swimsuits. Although I’d rank Bar a lot higher than Brooklyn because she has more of an interesting face.

    Personality wise, Brooklyn definitely wins but then again I have no idea what Bar is like. I mean, she did date Leo so I guess that means she like’s bearding for men.

  • Paris

    She kills me going to all these “important” events. like she is actually a part of Film festivals and Fashion Shows. lamo gimme a break.( aka fame*hore). One thing is for sure, she is always just a spectator never a star at these events. she needs a real job.

  • Pam

    @Ann: yeah true. Never understood why she was compared to Supermodels either. When she is just a panty/catalog model. I guess its the Leo factor. People started seeing/hearing more of her because of him (bc she was an absolute anonymous model pre leo) the media started labeling her “Leo’s new supermodel” girlfriend when she is anything but. She is a model yes, but supermodel He** to the NO! That’s an insult to Linda,Cindy,Claudia,Naomi,Kate,Elle et al.

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    It’s funny how Bar is a “model” in the fashion business but, she has NO fashion sense AT ALL!

  • @Marilynandthe Diamonds

    What is having fashion sense in your book? The Flakely Miss False boobs?

  • Naomi

    IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE NAOMI AND BAR TOGETHER!!! Thanks Jared! I have sweet memories of all the cute pictures we’ve seen of the two vacationning together with their men on so many occasions last year! I’m sure Naomi must be so disappointed with Leo that he left Bar for Miss Plastic Surgery!

  • Sasha

    Two gorgeous women! You made my day, JJ!

  • Tucker


  • KerryLynn

    Oh, it’s Miss BARF again. That dress is hideous but no surprise as this so -called model has the worst dress sense.

  • Everio

    There is Bar again, such a media hog she is. Again running after Leo friends. How rude that she is talking to Naomi and she isn’t even looking at her, but looking over her shoulders somewhere else. This is all PR, just to be seen. She is such a user of people, she makes me ill. Btw her dress is horrible, it reminds me of Gene Simmons KISS outfit.

  • katchitup

    She looks sooooo great in that dress. I also like the idea that she is still friends with Naomi. So cool!

  • Fashiondream

    OMG! What a good-looking, healthy supermodel! I love her so much.

  • Ann


    Why she’s just another waste of space

  • Sarah

    she looks beautiful.

  • lOVE HER

    Amazing, sexy, stunning, NATURAL beauty … Not as THE ugly fakey Miss Plastic Surgery!…

  • Hey

    I really don’t understand why people find Bar attractive. Her face is totally flat.

  • For @m / @0_0:

    We know bar looks young girl but your jealous and hater other people. Go a way

  • Q

    Wow lol pretty beautiful than other fashion models.

  • Lil kim

    Looks really Miss <3

  • Just call me cute


  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @lOVE HER: Bar also has fake boobs and a nose job genius.

  • @28

    If she does have fake boobs they still look way better and more natural than Fake Blake`s. Same applies to the nose job. Bar is just as much of a model as Fake Blake is an actress. The difference? Fake has a fierce PR team. That`s why BL `has a career` that has nothing to do with talent. No reason to compare BR and BL. They are the same in their own fields. After Gisele Leo would never pick a talented woman who would overshadow him.

  • Rog

    I still think she has a very flattened, boring face. Models faces are supposed to be interesting and have nice bone structure. She has a very weak face and she is not very tall. I’m sorry that just doesn’t scream supermodel to me at all and never will. Supermodels (and yes the beautiful ones of the 80s/90s) were other worldly TALL glamazons. You KNEW they were models. Bar, if I didn’t know who she was because of Leo, I’d never guess model.

  • AngelinaJo

    Swimsuit models are really lame today. Even classic ones such as Elle McPherson,Christie Brinkley,Kathy Ireland,Paulina Porizkova etc were on Vogue covers every month and working with huge fashion photographers. Of course they were much more beautiful,tall and could actually model unlike the swim girls of today (Brooklyn,Bar,Irina)? omg horrible models with same expressions. they are so cheap!

  • KerryLynn

    It’s ridiculous that Bar fans have to hate on Blake to build Bar up – shows how little Bar has going for her that her fans have to put down someone else especially the cosmetic surgery and no talent remarks – hello??? Bar is the one who is a C list no talent, with probable breast enhancement (if they are not fake, they are the most fake breasts I have seen). Blake has been cast by top directors like Oliver Stone and praised by another top director (Luhrmann) in Time magazine. She’s done ads for Chanel and is very high fashion. Bar? She does campaigns like Fox and lingerie companies . As far as class, I guess Bar fans have blind vision for not mentioning those gross photos with the Jersey show men or the various photos of her being groped by men at parties. Not to mention how she married to get out of service to her country. Need I go on?

  • factcheck

    @Fashiondream: She is not a supermodel..Get your facts straight. You look stupid.

  • factcheck

    @AngelinaJo: Wow so true! They should stick to what they’re good at, such as stripping at some Hollywood strip club.

  • Lala

    hehe, all of the negative comments here are so freaking funny. She’s obviously good looking, fresh and Healthy looking girl. You don’t have to love the why she looks, everybody is entitled to his own opinion but whats up with all of these comments? theres nothing ugly about this girl.
    And also, shes not a runaway model because shes too healthy looking to be a runaway model. Most of them are stick-thin nowdays.

  • @KerryLynn

    You don’t have to be a Bar fan not to like Fake Blake. Are you in 6th grade or what? BL has been cast by top directors but not because she is such a good actress. Family connections, casting couch skills and fierce PR team. Oh, and her plastic surgeries and her willingness to expose her assets wherever and whenever she can! You sound like Fake is someoneextraordinary. Here is a clue: she isn’t. It’s all about her connections not talent. She is no better than Bar. One is a pro and the other is an amateur talentless fame seeking wannabe. Get real! Top directors but her performances are cr*ppy just like Bar’s modeling work! None is better than the other. You can see what a pro PR team can do to a no-talent.

  • Miranda

    She has a pretty face and big huge breasts and that is about it. That dress looks like something an ice skater would wear. She is becoming like Paris Hilton, showing up at any event that will have her and posing for the cameras. Unfortunately, she will be around the limelight because for sure she will hook up with someone famous, like a pro athlete, actor, or singer – she’ll never be famous on her own. There’s something so off-putting about her when she talks and her tweets prove she is very very superficial.

  • Tel Aviv

    Another beautiful Jewess like Camilla Belle.

  • Jaye

    I don’t understand the hate against Bar. Must be the Leo factor and jealous hens. Whether you believe she’s a supermodel or not she’s living the life, not hanging out on blogs dissing people for no better reason than you can. There is not one single thing that any of you can name that this woman has done that would support your hate of her. Oh, I forgot, she dated Leo and the other reason, oh yet again, she dated Leo lol. Sheese!
    As for Naomi, she has to be good to be in demand as long as she has, but you can’t compare Bar to her for the simple fact that she has been around a LOT longer than Bar. Common sense would tell you that her portfolio would be more comprehensive.
    Keep trying to find fault with this woman, apparently you have nothing else to do. I know you’re praying that Leo doesn’t go back to her because, you know, she’s not good enough for him. Yeah, he was lucky to have someone who put up him for that long.

  • Jaye

    KerryLynn @ 09/14/2011 at 9:02 am
    Yeah, you do need to go on because none of what you said makes a difference to either of the women or the people in their lives. It’s not like you have a light shinning 24/7 on Blake’s life so that you know everything SHE does. H*ell if you’re lucky you’ve been groped by a few lol. Oh, probably not in your case. I don’t know if Bar got groped or not, but what’s it to you?
    oh yeah, you’re building up Blake to make Bar look bad; nice try, but don’t do what you accuse others of doing. These woman are individuals and not in completion except among silly people on blogs and in chatrooms. They both should be commended for what they accomplished, whether you like them or not, which I’m figuring is more than what you have done. She’s making millions and you’re hating on blogs, I’ll say that’s TALENT lol.
    Ok, I’m through playing. Have a nice day:-)

  • tal


  • daffy

    I dont think leo is even with fake blakey anymore…..I would bet being in Australia is a good excuse to get away and there are plenty of pretty girls in Australia. I thik he is happy being away….keeping a low profile it seems down under.

    Bar and Blake are just as fake as each other–same surgeries and lack of talent. borrrrringgggg!

  • daffy

    I dont think leo is even with fake blakey anymore…..I would bet being in Australia is a good excuse to get away and there are plenty of pretty girls in Australia. I thik he is happy being away….keeping a low profile it seems down under.

    Bar and Blake are just as fake as each other–same surgeries and lack of talent. borrrrringgggg!

  • evil eye

    @daffy: So Bar, Naomi and Blake all have the same evil eye bracelet, did Leo buy them all lol