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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ' October 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ' October 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio takes the cover of GQ‘s October issue.

Here’s what the 36-year-old J. Edgar star had to share with the mag:

On if he has any interest in directing: “Yeah, I do. And if I did direct, I would try to have the same no-bulls— approach to it as [Clint Eastwood] and his crew have. Seriously, there are no frills on his set. It’s a small, tight-knit crew.”

On which movie he’s proud of: “The Aviator. I’d wanted to play Howard Hughes for 10 years and was around for multiple rewrites. Michael Mann was on it at one point. And finally [Martin] Scorsese got involved. I was very proud of that movie. It was the first film where I felt inherently like a partner.”

On a movie he originally passed on, then changed his mind: “My father has always been a huge force with me. I had passed on a script about the French poet Arthur Rimbaud [Total Eclipse]. He explained to me that Rimbaud was the James Dean of his time … I did the movie, and I loved playing him. If I just waited for moments of ‘I have to do this,’ I would do a movie only every four or five years.”

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247 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ' October 2011”

  1. 1
    carrie Says:

    sexy man always.

  2. 2
    Bar Refaeli Says:

    Who do you think you are, running round leaving scars
    Collecting your jar of hearts, and tearing love apart
    You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul
    So don’t come back for me, don’t come back at all

  3. 3
    Algren Says:

    I wish he would do more movies. Aside from J. Edgar and The Great Gatsby, he currently has 19 projects in various stages of development but he only does one movie a year.

  4. 4
    Simon Pigg Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor and seems like a decent guy but he needs to grow up and find someone around his own age to settle down with who can give him the kick in the balls he needs such as Winona Ryder, Melissa George, Cameron Diaz, Denise Richards, Kristen Wiig, Sandra Bullock, Neve Campbell, etc.

  5. 5
    Mary Says:


  6. 6
    Mally V Says:

    I must say Leo is absolutely amazing, plus just looking at him, to me, just shows how he’s genuinely passionate about acting. I just love his acting ability, very inspiring to watch it :)

  7. 7
    Mally V Says:

    I must say Leo is absolutely amazing, plus just looking at him, to me, just shows how he’s genuinely passionate about acting. I just love his acting ability, very inspiring to watch it :)

  8. 8
    Dina Says:


  9. 9
    Relly Says:

    @Bar Refaeli: don’t hate because Bar can’t even get an American magazine cover.

  10. 10
    Cammie Says:

    I like his eyes, but I don’t like the way they styled his hair on the cover…

  11. 11
    let the music play Says:

    Leo, is like fine wine getter better with the passing of time, thanks, Jared !

  12. 12
    YUMMY Says:

    *O* Why the surprise? This man will always be beautiful no matter what age. YUMMY! Leo, get in my bed.

  13. 13
    Josephine Says:

    I absolutely love Leo!!!!! I think he is one of the best actors out there. He should’ve won many awards. Wonder why he hasn’t yet. That’s BS!

    Next issue, please put Adam Lambert on! He is another hot one!

  14. 14
    let the music play Says:

    Leo is like fine wine only getting better with time, thanks, Jared !

  15. 15
    toodles Says:

    don’t really care for the girl he’s dating, but i love me some leo.

  16. 16
    Jory Says:

    Very handsome, love his acting he’s so passionate and out there for every character

  17. 17
    ellie' Says:

    Leo is so fine…best actor all his movies ..should be getting so many awards..

  18. 18
    hair Says:

    Amazing how he’s so into work and helping with the environment

  19. 19
    Q Says:

    Leo is a brilliant actor and very handsome!!!

  20. 20
    girl Says:

    Leo is the best actor of our generation, hands down. Just the way he moves,speaks,mannerisms in all his films, just wow. I can watch him forever.

  21. 21
    said Says:

    @Bar Refaeli:

    isn it time for you to call the razzi again?

    leo’s here

    razzi run

    ok he’s not

    but im here

    take my picture

  22. 22
    ha Says: cool pic with bradley c!!!

  23. 23
    gela Says:

    @Simon Pigg: You are back with the same comment over and over. You get boring every time. Change your vocabulary at least.

  24. 24

    I do believe Barf and Lukas were not great friends, when she was dating Leo. So, what’s up? Also, why the hell is she still wearing the LOVE RING. I think LD and Barf are playing with public minds. Is that a GOOD decision, Leo? If this is true, just watch the box office backlash. I think we need to hear from you.

  25. 25

    ooops… sorry. This is in response to Barf’s post here:

  26. 26
    sos Says:

    That was weird I could see these pics but not the post?WOW looking good LD.Love that second pic.I hope we get a trailer for J Edgar soon.LOL!At the cover,”Horny?finally there’s an app for that”right on Leo’s shoulder.GQ knows….

  27. 27
    Hmmm... Says:

    @HYPOCRITE: Why are you so worked up? Partying in a club doesn`t mean they are `great friends` now. Lukas was seen with Gisele as well in NYC and it didn`t seem they were so `great friends` while Leo dated Gisele. Take it easy! Just be happy that Bar is gone. Too bad Leo managed to downgrade even from Bar… Who would have thought it can be done? But Leo did it!

  28. 28
    sally Says:

    @HYPOCRITE: Oh yeah, the public care about Leo and bar relationship so they go against the movie. You sounds like a 4 year old girl who just lost her eye contact. Moron. lol By the way, the movie is not a box office film. Just little heads up before you come her and scream to say i told you so. Then again, you are really a 4 years who doesn’t know these things. Stick on watching like “I don’t how she does it” movies these weekend, that will be up to your speed. LOL

  29. 29
    k Says:

    amazing love him!

  30. 30
    LondonCalling Says:

    his face is perfection.

  31. 31
    slig o lambert ^_____^cute Says:

    thanks jared for post. Leonardo so handsome ^^

  32. 32
    ka simply amazing Says:

    he really looking good! Sooo handsome :D

  33. 33
    Joanne Says:

    Why would there be a Box office backlash if he dated Bar again, he was with her last yr and Shutter Island/Inception did well at the Boxoffice…People don’t care who dates that much.

    Truthfully I would rather see him with Bar then Plastic Sugery Queen, aleast there would be less media attention. Eventhough I don’t care much for Bar either.

    But she is lesser of the 2 evils..

  34. 34
    MarilynandtheDiamonds Says:


  35. 35
    rose Says:

    Leonardo is beautiful and a wonderful actor. Just love him.

  36. 36
    Halli Says:

    Nice photoshop and angles there GQ.
    Trying to make Leo look like James Dean instead of the fat headed toad face he now has.

  37. 37
    Zazz Says:

    Leo looks fine … but he’d be hotter if he dated women closer to his age.

  38. 38
    raven Says:

    @sos: Yeah he looks good in these pics. His eyes really stand out in the cover pic.

  39. 39
    Back off Blake Lively! Says:

    This one’s all mine! LOL!

  40. 40
    Amused Aussie Says:

    bahahaha- this from dlisted blind items is too funny:

    Which married big-screen tough guy has let slip his fascination with transsexual porn stars? The actor – currently going through some bumpy issues with his famous wife – was overheard at a party discussing his attraction to a certain famous she-male! (National Enquirer via Blind Gossip)

    Bumpy famous wife = Jennifer Garner = Ben Affleck? So many Blake Lively jokes, so little time

  41. 41
    Amused Aussie Says:

    and there is also a strong rumour that when Gatsby finishes filming at fox studios- that badley coopers next movie will be filmed there- Paradise something or other…..

  42. 42
    YourBigFatAss Says:

    close your eyes and just listen to the dialogue , he sounds the same in most every role, and that is silly and disturbing ! there are plenty of actors in hollywood can’t they use someone else other than the same old people over and over again ? ruins film for me, sorry goofs !

  43. 43
    Abigail Says:

    HE is an actor. A person who has the real passion for acting. A person who wouldn’t make rubbish movie just for the sake of owning a Rolls Royce to drive around and show off. And PS, he’s the only actor whom I find sexy even though he doesn’t have a massive killer body.

  44. 44
    raven Says:

    Gee, Why am I getting a thumbs down for my post to sos? I didn’t say anything offensive.

    @Amused Aussie: LOL at the blind item.

  45. 45
    Elena Says:

    @raven: eh, just the bellafreaks or blaketards doing what they do.

  46. 46
    Team SM Says:

    So damn sexy. Really has aged well

  47. 47
    Condessa Says:

    @Elena: LOL, “blaketards”.

  48. 48
    Elena Says:

    @Condessa: haha, well it seemed like an apt descriptor (not to say that all fans of blake are idiots, just the ones that have been posting on these threads lately).

  49. 49
    Elena Says:

    @Condessa: haha, well it seemed like an apt descriptor (not to say that all blake fans are idiots, just the ones who have been invading these posts as of late).

  50. 50
    TheTruthIs Says:

    He needs to work out his arms a bit to get some definition. Too plump on this picture…

  51. 51
    SarahNL Says:

    ah he said James Dean. <3 And I would love to see a movie he directed! xD

  52. 52
    leo's fan girl Says:

    Love the cover of Gentlemen’s Quaterly. Can’t wait to see you Leonardo on screen. Thanks again babe.

  53. 53
    Pretty Says:

    @TheTruthIs: He looks plump? What magazine are you looking at? lol

  54. 54
    Hmmm... Says:

    If someone is in the mood check out his bz thread. They have some new photos and tweets about Leo and his active social life in Sydney.

  55. 55
    Ka Says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie. Hopefully he will win an oscar.

  56. 56
    Condessa Says:

    nice to know he is having fun there! and the pic from the daily telegraph is funny hahahahaha.

  57. 57
    I Says:

    Forget Brad and George! I still can’t figure out why the ladies go gaga over those two. Leo is where its at! Not only is he better looking but he’s a better actor. He really cares about the projects he chooses. Thats why you don’t see him in a billion movies in one year. He’s also very humble. He doesn’t act like he’s gods gift to Hollywood unlike some actors out there

  58. 58
    raven Says:

    Hi Everyone! Hope you are well :)

    So are we staying on this thread? Good the hear he’s having fun.

    Have a beautiful day everyone!! :)

  59. 59
    sos Says:

    @Hmmm…: Thanks for the heads up.Haven’t been over there in a couple of days.I wonder if they had some kind of ruckus over.They had a mod warning about calling people names?Damn I wonder if i missed something good.
    LOL at the daily telelgraph pic.

  60. 60
    Hmmm... Says:

    So Australian models started to pop up around Leo. Who would have seen it coming?
    A model, Nikki Phillips tweeted she met him ( she is really pretty ) and this one…

  61. 61
    daffy Says:

    ha ha ha blakie your five minutes of leo fame are up. I knew the models would show eventually…and he looks great…

  62. 62
    Condessa Says:

    @Hmmm: thanks! but…models around Leo?wow, that’s new! hahaha. :B

  63. 63
    Ka Says:

    @sos: Thanks for the photo. What’s his left hand doing? hahaha!

  64. 64
    Amused Aussie Says:

    Ughh (sigh) Leo Leo Leo- poor form Leo. Attended the opening of the new casino attended by people like Russell Crowe and Leo still rocks up with 6 body guards- wtf are you doing??? Rusty hates the razzi but even he made an effort with zero bodyguards. Think Leo will be in for a rude shock shortly if he’s going to survive here…..
    BTW- Although she wasn’t discussed here The guy in the glasses is the entertainment reporter who doesn’t like BL (I posted in way earlier thread bout reporter that thought she was overated and controversial), the female host (Kylie) shares this view- tends to think BL is like P Hilton.

  65. 65
    Ka Says:

    @Amused Aussie: Thanks. I don’t understand why he’s so camera shy in such a public event!

  66. 66
    Ka Says:

    @tigereyes Hi, I saw you in the old thread, come here honey, we miss you and we are all interested in whatever you say.

  67. 67
    Hmmm... Says:

    @Amused Aussie: Thanks for the video. I`m sold on the guy with glasses. I`m sold on anyone who thinks BL is useless, overrated and controversial like PH. But he must have missed the part when Leo was indeed mingling with the crowd seemingly in a good mood. There`s even a photo that sos posted ( wedgie? ) so he wasn`t just standing in the corner the whole evening!

  68. 68
    Tigerseye Says:

    Hello ka, all my intuit friends. Leo does look great doesnt he, is their any other sm news here. I’ve been away for a awhile. Xox

  69. 69
    Tigerseye Says:

    Hello ka, all my intuit friends. Leo does look great doesnt he, is their any other sm news here. I’ve been away for a awhile. Xox

  70. 70
    Condessa Says:

    @Amused Aussie: thanks for the video. but 6 bodyguards?!?! is that really necessary? I don’t think so. by the way, it seems to be nice casino!

    @Tigerseye: hi, welcome back! no sm news. =/

  71. 71
    WTF Says:

    @Condessa: Has anyone noticed how bar and blake both have the same evil eye bracelet, (gold and blue stones)? they are worn to ward off jealousy!!! i wonder if Leo bought them LOL

  72. 72
    Condessa Says:

    @WTF: hahaha I don’t think he bought it. who would like to be Blake or Bar? be Leo’s girlfriend is one thing ( a lot of girls would like to be), but be an irrelevent girl is another. I can’t talk much about Bar, I don’t know how they were together I just read some things, but definely I don’t want to be Blake. I saw some trailers of GG and another movie, the new one and I think she is not good and their “relationship” is really boring, they don’t even seem to be friends to me.

  73. 73
    Tigerseye Says:

    Ha! I wrote their instead of there….sorry im tired. Can I ask to any intuit friends out there, who do they think I might be? You’ll know what I mean. ive read for a few here : the lovely raven, mr turtle fan, elena and london. I Just want to see how you feel I fit into the mix of all this, im so glad to stumble across jj and you guys, its been so great to hear your wisdom and share your thoughts. I’ll listen, I promise. Im sure of who I am and what I want, but i’d be interested in what standing ovation or misscrystal ball or ‘why so upset and who cares’, get from the balcony buddie threads I posted and here. Im fishing I know, but I seriously love your advice and are in similar stride to your feelings. As for leo lionheart, im none too surprised with this campaign. Theres a definite change of mood. Hes structuring each move with a precision he has always been known for. Hes not press shy, he is press strategic, and honestly, bl has thrown off his game. Hes regretting alot and I wouldnt be surprised if he was made out to be an even greater ladies man, as to give her an exit whilst maintaining her media attention. It would be a good move for both. Hoover is coming out, although those who are quick to follow the teen heart pantomime of leo and blake will be devestated by their demise, He will again reign supreme in detached bachelor land filled with vaccous girls who are a passing fancy, quelling those absurd gay/bi rumors ( again, I hate that I have heard of this kind of gossip) and bl will play the innocent scorned woman, that will ensure a lil bit of ‘girl power’ in hopes to ditch the social climber dlister title to evolve into something close to aniston status post-brad phase. Its on its way to happening. I always knew leo was smart, he seriously knows what needs to be done. So many people are invested in this facade. The fauxmance is great for him in a way, his own pr people can breathe easier and he can coast past controversy unscathed whilst people assume that ges a good guy with a good girl ( problem is no one is buying it, this thing makes me sad, but its business. Really not the first or last in hollywood). He really is brilliant. But, these things bind him. Lies, appearances, expectations all could very well formulate a gatsby/howard hughes hybrid. His tulmultuous characters really speak volumes to his own psyche, I can see it. I want him to rise above it. I cant stand him half the time, because I see the contradiction. So silly though, who am I to judge, nor feel inclination to remedy. Guys I know what I sound like, my gut just cant shake his turbulance. Especially when I know tnere is so much to look forward to. Love to all xox he really does look great, but the saddness is still there, this shot would have been taken a month or so ago. He looks gorgeous, but its all fake. So busy being intense leo, I want to shake you so hard just to see what would happen. ‘it cant rain all the time.’

  74. 74
    Condessa Says:

    @Tigerseye: are you suure?! :D:D:D:D good to know, very good to know!

  75. 75
    raven Says:

    Hi everyone!

    TIgerseye nice to see you back. I missed you! I like your post. I wish I could give you a reading!! But I completely agree with you about your post. OMG when I saw the GQ cover pic I also noitced a sadness in his eyes! I didn’t want to say anything, because I thought maybe I was wrong, but I see it!! I hope his turbulence does stop eventually.

  76. 76
    Hmmm... Says:

    Party boy was out on Friday night ( same place where that model works link #61 ). Here`s a tweet that the bz freaks don`t like ( I wonder why! LOL! )

    FitzySARyan Fitzgerald

    Hello Leonardo. He was 5 metres away. Security wanted to kill me. He had a Raiders hat on. When he left he had 20 chicks follow

  77. 77
    lua Says:

    Hi, all, I´ve been following this discussion about Leo and SM and Blake an all for some time now, and I actually enjoy it :) I really hope that there is somebody out there for him. Wouldn’t it be great if everybody could find someone that REALLY cares about u and will stick wiht you no matter what? The one that made the decision to be with you even before you were born… sounds crazy, but I believe those things. And I think that Leonardo really needs someone like that, to me, I believe that when he’s alone with himself he doesn’t really feel that powerful, that loved. Sometimes I think he fells very lonely and I don’t know why, but I truly think that being lonely is one of his greatest fears. That’s why he’s always surounded by friends, and he jumps from one long term relationship to another…
    I really hope that he finds the one he’s supposed to find, so we can see him break free. Sometimes he just looks opressed hiding under caps and behind bodyguards like that. Or maybe I’m just wrong and he’s just happy and satisfied the way he lives. Anyway, wish him well. And to you too, girls :)


  78. 78
    raven Says:

    Tigerseye I have angel oracle cards. I could pull some out for you if you want. I am not that advanced at oracle card readings, but I can give it a shot. I also have a fairy deck and a unicorn deck Let me know :).

  79. 79
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    cool post Lua!! :)


    Raven, are you talking about Doreen Virtue’s oracle cards? just the fact that you’re mentioning unicorns, fairies and angels, makes me think you must be using her card decks LOL You must be my soul sister because we seem to be into a lot of the same things :)

    go read my post on the other thread, I did a mini-reading for you…I hope I didn’t suck too bad since i’m not a psychic, LOL but I’m just going by the vibes I get from you, which are all good btw :)

  80. 80
    raven Says:

    Hi Mr. Turtle Fan!! Nice to see you back

    Yeah it’s the Doreen Virtue oracle cards. LOL. How many decks do you have?

    @lua: Hi, nice post :)

  81. 81
    sos Says:

    @Amused Aussie: Thanks for that.You know all the pics I’ve seen so far,there’s only like one or two guys around Leo?Not saying he’s not got all the bodyguards with him,but.@Hmmm…: Thanks for the tweets.It’s been too quiet,lately.LOL at the last tweet,do they believe it ?No worries I’m sure he was just asking them for gift tips for Bl.

  82. 82
    Condessa Says:

    @Hmmm: “When he left he had 20 chicks follow” LOL! ok, now I understand why he has 6 bodyguards hahahahaha. just kidding.

    @lua: yeah, a lot of people like the sm thing, good to know you’re one of them!:D and I guess we all have the same feeling about him. that he is lonely and that’s why he gets trapped in these fake relationships.

    @raven: if it’s not ask too much and you have time, can you read something for me? :B

  83. 83
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Raven, I only have the Healing with the Angels card deck. But I do have a lot of her books and CD’s.. I’m really into Angels :)

    And if you’re interested or anyone else is, there is a website where you can do free angel readings on yourself. I really like the cards, because they seem really accurate and also always have positive messages to uplift you. Here is the link, Condessa you might want to try this out too :)

  84. 84
    raven Says:

    @Mr. Turtle fan: I have 5 decks. I don’t have the healing with the angels deck though. I have never read her books, but I like watching her youtube channel. You’re welcome for the tibetan bowl video :) I have also not heard of this site with the free readings, thanks. Hopefully you will get an answer from the psychics about your question!

    @Condessa: Sure i will try it! Do you have a preference of what oracle card deck I use? I have 5 decks: Healing with the fairies, ascended masters, unicorn, messages from your angels, and the archangel deck. Is there anything in particular you want me to ask about? or do you just want a general message? :)

  85. 85
    Tigerseye Says:

    Thanks mr turtle fan, you summed me up pretty well, they do find me intimidating sometimes xox I had a feeling that was you, re your dad. I know why you didnt give your username before, you wanted an honest reading. I believe he is ok. I wish I could elaborate for you. When I first read the question I felt tremendous saddness, but at the same time peace. He has a strong spirit, is it true that if alive he would be living somewhere of civil unrest? Its a little speculatory on my part but I feel like he got involved in a situation he wanted to keep you and others away from, but hes ok. Cant tell if he is here or on the other side, ‘out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain’ its foggy but there is lots of light around you and him. Hope this helps. Thanks for the offer for the cards raven, I have them too xox missed you guys too xox

  86. 86
    Tigerseye Says:

    Thanks mr turtle fan, you summed me up pretty well, they do find me intimidating sometimes xox I had a feeling that was you, re your dad. I know why you didnt give your username before, you wanted an honest reading. I believe he is ok. I wish I could elaborate for you. When I first read the question I felt tremendous saddness, but at the same time peace. He has a strong spirit, is it true that if alive he would be living somewhere of civil unrest? Its a little speculatory on my part but I feel like he got involved in a situation he wanted to keep you and others away from, but hes ok. Cant tell if he is here or on the other side, ‘out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain’ its foggy but there is lots of light around you and him. Hope this helps. Thanks for the offer for the cards raven, I have them too xox missed you guys too xox

  87. 87
    Tigerseye Says:

    Sorry for the double up guys, there must be gremlins messing around in the optc fibres!!! Mr turtle fan,my spirit guide is a lion… Very well read xox

  88. 88
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Thank you so much for your reading Tigerseye, I really appreciate your input:) and I love that your spirit guide is the Lion, they are such beautiful animals. Maybe your Lion spirit guide has a Tiger girlfriend (wink wink) and that’s why I sensed a Tiger around you ;)

  89. 89
    Condessa Says:

    @Mr turtle fan:thanks! I’m going to check the link :)
    @raven: I prefer a general message, choose the oracle card you feel more comfortable (?). :) I don’t know any of it, sorry. :B

  90. 90
    Condessa Says:

    @Mr turtle fan: OMG! I looooved the link. I chose all Spans and almost got the same cards everytime.haha “the Raft” appeared a lot.
    many things made sense :) thank you so much for sharing! :D

  91. 91
    ? Says:

    is anyone else having trouble posting on this thread?

  92. 92
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    okay, so I hope my post goes through this time..:/
    you’ve very welcome Condessa! I’ve gotten the raft before too. I really like using that site, because the card readings seem very accurate to me. And also the cards I’ve been getting always speak true to whatever situation it is that I’m going through. So I’m glad you enjoyed that :)

  93. 93
    raven Says:

    @Condessa: OK so I used 2 decks for your reading. All of the cards flipped out as I was shuffleing them. I wrote Doreen’s explanation of what the cards mean for each card. I hope you like it.

    Healing with the fairies
    1.Make Music : Express yourself with music. The fairies urge you to sing, play a musical instrument, tap your fingers, or crank up the stereo.

    **You are guided to surround yourself with music. Any type of music that will stir your soul is appropriate. Play music yourself or have music playing around you for the next few days and notice how your mood and energy levels elevate. Make note of any songs that you repeatedly hear on the radio or in your mind. The lyrics or the memories evoked by the song, could contain a message for you that will answer a particular question you may have.

    2.Making New Friends: Your circle of friends and acquaintances is shifting to a higher frequency. Old friends may part ways, and new people are entering your life.

    **Your changing interests and priorities have made a ripple effect throughout your entire life. As your thoughts and emotions center on more spiritually matured topics, you are now attracting like minded people into your life. You may find that you aren’t as drawn to old friends or that you don’t share as many common interests. You are making room for growth and acknowledging the universal law of attraction. Know that you deserve wonderful friends who inspire, support, understand, and compliment you.

    Messages from your angels deck

    1.Athena- It is safe for you to be powerful. You know how to be powerful in a loving way that benefits others as well as yourself.

    **You have been afraid of your own power. You have been worried that others would disapprove of you or leave if you allowed your power to shine. You have also been concerned that you might abuse your power and that your masculine energy would become unbalanced. I am here to help you reveal your power to yourself and others in a way that enhances your relationships, self-esteem, and life purpose. You are made in the image and likeness of your creator and have unlimited power within you right now. You aren’t capable of abusing your power because your heart chakra has opened like a flower in bloom. You are a strong and powerful lightworker and God needs you to accept and reveal your power.

    2.Fiona- Now that you’ve asked the angels for help, be open to receiving diving guidance and assistance. You deserve heaven’s help.

    ** I am here to ask you to be open to our help. Sometimes I watch you struggle with situations that could be easily resolved if you let me help you. I wait for you to give me any signal , a prayer, or a thought or help so that I can become involved in the solution. At other times you have blocked me from doing so because you did not believe you deserved my help or that making necessary life changes was too threatening. I am here to help you ease your mind and I need you to trust my guidance. Notice any strong repetitious impressions that come to you through thoughts, feelings, and visions. They are real messages from God through me to you. We won’t let you fail and you are supported as you follow your divine guidance.

    3.Omega- Victory! Your desire is coming to fruition. Keep up the good work!

    **Congratulations! You have chosen to follow your divine guidance, and the universe is flowing in natural rhythm with your decisions. When you listen to the messages that your heart whispers, you swim in natural synchronicity with your life’s purpose. Stay relaxed and confident and keep moving forward with happiness and grace. Your victory is inevitable in this situation, so you need not worry that temporary problems will stop your desire. Whatever happens is supposed to happen and when it happens is the correct time. Release your doubts to heaven and rest assured that a happy outcome is yours.

    4.Daniel- I am the angel of marriage and I am assisting you right now.

    **You have called upon god to help in the area of marriage and he sent me to your side. I am here to help you with a fulfilling marriage. The first area I am helping you with is healing any past wounds related to marriage. I ask that you be willing to release to me any pain associated with your parents. I ask you to breathe out any negative feelings that you may have about marriage which stem from your childhood experiences. I now ask you to be willing to release old pain and anger toward your first love. As you release these toxins from your heart , I next ask you to exhale old pain toward all of your past lovers. Allow me to clear your heart of old wounds so that you can enjoy a happy marriage rooted in the present. We must release the past to avoid replicating old painful experiences. I am here to free your heart so it can fully love.

  94. 94
    raven Says:

    Mr. Turtle fan: I also went to the website and i liked the readings I got. angel remiel was a repeat for me. Oh, and I was told that I have a pegasus and a dragon as guides. Do you see that? or something different? Thanks :)

  95. 95
    raven Says:

    @Condessa: Just so you know, I am still a rookie at doing oracle card readings.

  96. 96
    Condessa Says:

    @Mr. turtle fan:yeah, I truly believed in what I read. I also checked “tarot readings” and it was amazing too, so true. Can I read it everyday?haha or I have to wait a while? I don’t know how long the forecasts are valid (is there a expiration date?haha). can you explain this to me? :)

  97. 97
    raven Says:

    @Condessa: Just so you know, I am still a rookie at doing oracle card readings.

  98. 98
    Condessa Says:

    @raven: OMG this is sooo cool!I mean, I breath music, you have no idea!hahaha. I cannot stay much time without some good music.
    about the friends, I read something almost like what you wrote.making new friends, people fun, easygoing and friendly (and I thought about the people here haha)
    I didn’t know I was so powerfull :P good to know.
    “We must release the past to avoid replicating old painful experiences” very touching.

  99. 99
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Condessa you made me laugh when you asked about the expiration date LOL I would do it only when something comes up for you and you need guidance about a certain issue. I wouldn’t ask the same question over and over again either, just trust what you get the first time. And also if you have a card deck at home, you can definitely pull a card for yourself everyday, just to set the tone for the day. Sometimes I do that just to get a feel of what my day will be like, or what will be the main focus for that day. I hope that helps :)

  100. 100
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Raven, I definitely feel Pegasus with you and he blends very well with you because of your gentle spirit.. But for some reason a Bunny popped up when you asked me that question, so I feel that you have a Rabbit spirit guide with you as well, and he’s very cute and cuddly too LOL… Those are the two I feel most strongly with you. :)

  101. 101
    Condessa Says:

    @:raven: I read again what you posted and what I got from the site.
    both told about the visions, in dreams, in thoughts. told about new friends and solve my past issues.
    and I got “the light” card, it seems to be like the “omega”

    really cool, thank you very very much. :D
    I made some notes from the site, but it is a mess. I can’t understand everything I wrote. hahahah :P

  102. 102
    Condessa Says:

    @Mr. turtle fan: LOL I know it was a stupid question, sorry. haahaha. :B
    I mean, I read a lot of good things there, I wanted to know how much I’ll have to “wait” for those things become true.
    Sorry I don’t know a better way to express myself =/

  103. 103
    raven Says:

    @Condessa: You’re welcome :) This is the first reading I have done for someone else other than my family. So it was cool to do. I’m glad you were able to connect with it!! I am amazed that I was able to give you messages you connected with eventhough we are far away from eachother.

    I also got the light card when I did a reading with that website for myself.

  104. 104
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    aww, no way Condessa, it wasn’t a stupid question. I used to wonder the same thing until I listened to a radio show where a psychic said you should trust the first reading you get or else the messages will begin to get diluted and you will start to get all kinds of mixed messages from the deck… So basically it’s like your confusing the oracle when you keep asking the same question over and over again, (which I used to do a lot by the way), especially when I was frustrated about something I would totally overdo it with the cards LOL.. so don’t feel bad, just give it time to take form. And I’m so happy for you that you got such a positive reading, you have a lot to look forward to,, you go girl :)

  105. 105
    raven Says:

    Mr. Turtle fan: Thank you! OMG a bunny!! How cute! Thank you for telling me about my bunny guide. I never would have known and I thought I only had the pegasus and dragon. Thanks for confirming the pegasus guide as well. Aww…I want to hug them both!

  106. 106
    raven Says:

    @Condessa: Don’t worry about that, I would always second guess myself when pulling oracle cards for myself and would ask over and over. I still second guess sometimes too, but if the card flies out of the deck or flips out then I am certain it was meant for me. I didn’t know that it messed up the oracle to do that. I learned something too! :)

  107. 107
    tigerseye Says:

    Hahahaha! Youre gorgeous mr turtle fan! My lion wouldnt mind getting it on with a tiger. Its cool for cats!

  108. 108
    Condessa Says:

    yeah actually I got a second guess by accident, I clicked “new” instead of “next” ¬¬ so I did it again, of course.haha
    the first card was exactly the same :D the second changed and the other two I don’t know =/. what I read made sense anyway. but I prefer the first reading. now I know why :B

    thanks again and good to know I helped you to learn something raven. :P

  109. 109
    raven Says:

    Hi Tigerseye! Lions are so cute, it’s cool that is you animal guide. Tigers are also so pretty!
    So I was wondering, now that I know why I was getting the Leo dreams and signs, shouldn’t it stop? I had another one last night, it was very brief and not like the others. So will it ever stop??

  110. 110
    Tigerseye Says:

    Hey there raven, I know it is pretty cool, ive always had an affinity with cats so when my medium said to me, ” you know your spirit guide is a lion, dont you?” I said, “really?” And she said, ” dont be coy, you knew that already” its funny because chinese astrology doesnt match me (lamb/goat) to a tiger, but its cats all the way with me, and big dogs! not keen on yappy dogs, too paris hilton for me. She ruined little dogs reps, its not fair to regular decent people who may own a chiuaua ( is that how you spell it?), but nah! Cant handle fragile purse puppies. Sorry to anyone out there who owns something small and fuzzy, I dont mean to hate on them, unconditional love is found in every pet. Now back to your question raven, for sure the dreams would still be coming, youre tapped in. if you want them to stop you would have to be confident in your ability to disconnect, but thats something you would have to work out, your best way. If the dreams dont bother you just let them do their thing. Questioning their prescence will preoccupy your mind with them, so if you want them to ease off just accept them, maybe write them down then put them away in a drawer. that way you can reflect on them rather be confused by them.

  111. 111
    Tigerseye Says:

    Youre cheeky condessa… Yes im sure :) xox

  112. 112
    Amused Aussie Says:

    bahaha- just saw photo from inside the casino. Trust Aussie paper to print an out and out bum scratch! probably done deliberately cause he wouldn’t take a proper photo- hahaha..

  113. 113
    Amused Aussie Says:

    then theres this:

  114. 114
    Ka Says:

    Hi, have you guys read the new JJ post. I don’t understand why so many hatres in the new thread!

  115. 115
    Condessa Says:

    @Tigerseye: “too paris hilton for me. She ruined little dogs reps, its not fair to regular decent people who may own a chiuaua ” LOOOOOOOOOL
    @raven: better have dreams with Leo than….I don’t know..with me!hahaha
    @Amused Aussie: bodyguards, decoy. ok this is going too far. I think he calls more attention with all these people around him than if he just act like a “normal” person.
    @Ka:yeah, I read the new thread. I think I rather stay here, it’s more warm. hahahaha

  116. 116
    Raine Says:

    Too grown and sexy for that dumb brood Blake Lively ugh come on Leo stop dating girls and date a sexy WOMAN!

  117. 117
    raven Says:

    Hi everyone!

    Tigerseye how cool that you have a lion as a guide when you always liked cats. LOL on the chihuaua thing, I was never of fan of that breed of dog, but many love them. Thanks for explaining about the dreams. I figured once you guys gave me the answers it would stop, but I understand what you are saying. They don’t happen often, before a couple of nights ago, the last dream I had of him was like 2 months ago. This one was very brief anyway. I won’t sweat it anymore.

    @Condessa: LOL! I wouldn’t mind dreaming with you, we could be on an adventure somewhere.

  118. 118
    raven Says:

    Hey Tigerseye did you notice that the post where you responded to me is post number 111? LOL!

  119. 119
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    LMAO at your Lion getting it on with his Tiger girlfriend, that would be a sight to see… and btw, since we’re on the topic of animal spirit guides, I get the feeling Leo’s animal spirit guide might also be a Lion…and I also feel the energy of the Hawk around him very strongly for some reason… Does anyone else pick up on that?


    raven, you’re adorbs… I’m glad you are happy about the Bunny being one of your spirit guides… I really feel her presence very strongly around you, and I feel it’s a girl…so maybe you should start talking to her and asking your bunny for guidance. :) And I agree with Tigerseye about your dreams, that you are tapped in so it’s going to be hard to disconnect since you are talking about him everyday and we are visiting these pages everyday,. We’re automatically getting tapped into that energy of whatever is related to him and his life… I think that makes a lot of sense, and it’s probably one of the reasons so many people are having dreams about him it’s because they are always visiting his pages and discussing him almost on a daily basis… so don’t be afraid or weirded out by it, just ask your bunny and pegasus for guidance. You’re seriously making me want to get a bunny now, I just keep picturing this cute little bunny in my head, she’s soft and cuddly.. :)

  120. 120
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    I’m with you, I rather stay on this thread too…

    @Amused Aussie:

    thanks for always keeping us updated on the Aussie News… :) I wonder if that really happened or if it’s just goss?

  121. 121
    Condessa Says:

    heeey! how do I know who is my spirit guide? I always talk to myself, hahaha I think it will be nice to talk to someone else! LOL

  122. 122
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Condessa, you know for some reason I keep getting the Badger for you… I see a badger when I think of you… I googled it and I found what the Badger spirit guide stands for, I hope you like it… Now you also have a little furry friend to talk to LOL :)

    by the way, I get the feeling that the spirit of Badger wants to help you develop the qualities of feeling strong within yourself and of feeling self-assured. And he wants to help you fight for what you want/your dreams/aspirations, etc.. He is there to help you with courage and strength. Hope that makes sense, but that is what I’m picking up…he wants to help and protect you. :)

    p.s. by the way guys, I feel like I’m turning into the Dog Whisperer or something LOL Just call me the furry, cute animal Whisperer hehe:)

  123. 123
    Condessa Says:

    badger? wow I had to google it to know the meaning of this word ahahahah.
    “If you have a Badger as a totem, you will likely be solitary but comfortable being alone.
    You are comfortable in your own skin and very self-reliant.”
    couldn’t be more true! just leave me in my room with some music on and I will be happy. LOL. forever alone! HAHA

    I liked it and now I’m thinking about “Death Note” LOOOL. the badger will be my shinigami but he won’t kill anybody. I promise. :B

    furry!cuute :D

  124. 124
    * Says:

    cAN someone please find the post where it said Leo has already met his soulmate and that it will seem “out of nowhere” to the world but it’s been a “long time coming” as he’s known sm for a bit… pretty sure it was not tigerseye,,,
    the contradictions with it is getting annoying

  125. 125
    Condessa Says:

    I’m not sure, but I remember reading that they met in dreams, I mean their souls met. Physically speaking I think they didn’t met yet. I don’t know who wrote that. I may be wrong. :)

  126. 126
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:

    @*: @Condessa:

    yeah, I remember that too Condessa… it was Miss Crystal ball who mentioned about them meeting in dreams…but someone else did say that they met, and something about a long time coming… but i don’t remember who or when that was said… *asterisk* is right LOL

  127. 127
    Mr.Turtle Says:

    @raven: @Mr. Turtle fan: Just want to say Leo did find his soulmate (Lukas) They will be married in February of next year 2012 wish the beautiful couple the best. Mr. Turtle is hungry and misses Leo he gives me cookies and salt crackers for snack time. I love my buddy!

  128. 128
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:

    So I guess the stupidity has finally found its way to this thread.

  129. 129
    Hmmm... Says:

    Yeah, the Dummy is having fun taking screen names. Cheap entertainment for dummies. She does it on the new Leo boat ride thread as well. It`s a bellazon person so what else can you expect? LOL! Ignore the dummy!
    It`s priceless that she comes here making fun of the `soulmate wh@res` ( as she referred to you guys on the other thread ) meanwhile she posts on bellazon drooling over Leo ( with Fake Blake ). How exactly is that better?

  130. 130
    Tigerseye Says:

    Raven I know, how interesting xox Mr. turtle fan, I knew that wasn’t you. We know each others writing style and our opinions pretty well. Hmmm… Yes, I too found my way to the boat photo post and its insane over there. I don’t understand why we have to sabotage ourselves and for what? Because people want to believe one thing over another and use slander tactics to validate and promote such thoughts, seriously is it really that important? Sure I feel strongly about things, but I don’t see how pointing out other’s flaws will warrant my opinions as true. By the way, we have many soulmates, the one that was brought to the attention of these threads is a catalyst, if you want to name her. The turning point. Anyone who has followed each other here would all agree that leo does not seem to be where he should be, he does have a sad shadow around him, it has nothing to do with girls. It’s a push and prod feeling thats been with him for years. In a way, I wish he was gay because it would explain the trapped emotion around him, but I dont think so. He has met a soulmate before, a few actually. Kate winslet is one, yes mr turtle, Lukas is one and I think Tobey, even his Mum. My mum and friends are my soul mates too. I wish these influences were able to bring him up to be his true self, but the slap in the face he will need would have to be external to really have him see the world outside the glitter and grime, he needs that, maybe then the hired goons and duck and cover antics will go away and he can finally breathe. sms do already know each other, thats how they are recognised. Its my feelings about this, not set in stone of course, nothing is, unless you are a carbon fossilised t-rex, and even then you could be brought back to life, genetic technology is a marvellous thing! Xox love to all xox

  131. 131
    Condessa Says:

    @Mr. Turtle fan: sooooooooo I’m wrong! \o/ hahaha. I really don’t remember reading it. I can’t help finding it, I have no idea where it is going to be. where are @standing ovation, @miss crystal ball and the others?? they maybe could help us. :)

  132. 132
    raven Says:

    @Mr. Turtle fan: Wow a Lion and a hawk for Leo as guides! Cool. What are they trying to help him with?

    Awww it’s a female bunny!! How cute! Yeah, I’m glad she is with me very strongly. So how can I talk to her or my other animal guides? How will I know it’s them I’m talking to? Is it through meditation? My spritual coach had told me that I can connect with my dragon through meditation. I haven’t connected/met my dragon yet. I need to do that soon!! I have also been told I have lots of fairies around me and fairy tale energy around me. Didn’t even know that existed. I have asked my pegaus to dream with him and for me to remember it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  133. 133
    raven Says:

    @Mr. Turtle fan: I understand what you are saying about me being in tune with his energy. I love reading all of the cool regulars posts too so I gotta come see what you guys are saying. It’s funny there are certain photos of him where I can see a sadness in his eyes. Like the GQ cover for example. Tigerseye says it is around him. If I ever met him in person, he would probably not like that I can see that sadness in him. He would probably be pissed that I could see through his facade.

  134. 134
    raven Says:

    Hey what’s up with the other thread with the boat pics? Crazy arguing going on. I like seeing him spend time with Tobey and his wife and kids.

    @tigerseye great post about his soulmates and the energy around him.

  135. 135
    raven Says:

    Hey what’s up with the other thread with the boat pics? Crazy arguing going on. I like seeing him spend time with Tobey and his wife and kids.

    @tigerseye great post about his soulmates and the energy around him.

  136. 136
    Condessa Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii peopleee! \o/\o/
    I don’t like the vibe of the other thread, I’ll stay here and ignore any bzfreak or blaketard that show up. :)
    I tried to dream with Badger but it didn’t happen or I don’t remember. :( so I guess it’s not thaaat easy to talk to him as I thought :(

  137. 137
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:

    @Condessa: @raven:

    girls, don’t complicate it… Act the same way as if your talking to God or your Angels…you don’t have to go into some deep meditation or anything like that. These energies/beings are around us all the time, we just have to ask for their help and assistance :) So that’s what I do, especially with my angels I just talk to them at night during my prayers I will ask them to clear me of negativity and clear my family, friends, etc… And with your animal guides, just do the same thing, ask them to help you and guide you in whatever it is you need help with… they are with you all the time, so you don’t have to invoke them, I really don’t believe we have to invoke anything that is already there LOL , and also, even if you can’t remember dreaming with them… you probably still have… It’s very difficult to remember dreams for me too, but that doesn’t matter, because whatever message they have given you will be in your subconscious mind even if it’s not available for you consciously, subconsciously it’s still there… I remember Doreen Virtue talking about that, so just fyi :)

  138. 138
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Tigerseye, I love your post about us having many soulmates. And it’s so cute how you said Mr. Turtle is also one of Leo’s soulmate…aww I think he will be happy to hear that since he himself said that he’s also looking for his “Turtle Mate” But I think as much as he loves Leo, what he really wants is to find a woman to take care of him ;) that’s my hunch…LOL


    I’m sorry that you have to deal with those blaketards and bellafreaks(those names crack me up) LOL… That’s why I’m not even touching that thread, it just started out bad, and looks like it’s gotten even worse…so I’m not interested…

  139. 139
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:

    regarding some of the people who post on bellazon, I don’t believe they are bad people. They are really nice and civil to each other actually, BUT what really bothers me about reading some of the comments is the worship that I see over there. I never understood celebrity worship or why people need to put someone on a pedestal like that…especially someone you don’t even know. Do we do that with our families? our mother’s deserve to be put on a pedestal since they are the people who brought us into this world and have had to put up with us our whole lives LOL so why do people like to do that with famous people? I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea to do that to people, you are not doing them any favors. I wouldn’t want people worshipping me and acting like they will kiss the ground that I walk on… that would make me so uncomfortable… I’m sure there are people who love that kind of attention out there, but I don’t agree with it. sorry, it feels fake to me…like your just kissing someone’s butt because they are famous and make movies LOL It has too much groupie energy to it, and that’s what turns me off about it.

  140. 140
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:

    btw guys, I had an interesting dream about Leo last night…and I’m so glad I remember it because what he said to me was pretty interesting. He said that one of the things he doesn’t like about his fame is that he can’t practice his religion freely… He was showing me a clip of some movie and we were talking about the pressures of being famous…so I thought that was pretty cool. Wonder what that means, and what religion is he talking about?

  141. 141
    raven Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Mr. turtle fan thanks for the tips on how to talk to our animal guides!! I will try it. It’s cute that Mr. turtle is a soulmate for Leo. Although I think maybe he already found a woman to keep him occupied since he hasn’t come around to chat with us in a while, LOL. The dream you had with him is interesting. He probably doesn’t feel he can go to religious services because people won’t leave him alone. Maybe the hollywood folks tell him to keep that private. Oh and yeah I get that groupie vibe too from those other posters, I don’t go to bz or any other sites really.

  142. 142
    Condessa Says:

    wow, that’s easy then. At first I talked like that, but then I thought it should be in dreams, I don’t know good to know! :)
    about bellazon, yeah they are not bad girls. what bothers me is when you go there to read something about Leo, because you’re on Leo’s thread and you see more comments about Blake than everything else. and I really don’t know how they see so much love going on between Blake and Leo, I mean come on!are you for real? O.o
    I think they act like naive kids most of the time and I totally agree with you Mr turtle fan about the pedestal thing.
    nice dream about religion, I feel lost about it. I don’t find one that I totally fit in, even though I think they are pretty much alike. -.-

  143. 143
    lua Says:

    wow, you know, I have to admit whenever I read articles like the one Amused Aussie gave the link I get a little disapointed. I mean, go to clubs surounded by bodyguards? decoy? fishing girls at bars?? my God, it’s too much, isn’t it? I know that people can write what they want and a lot isn’t true, but it’s not the first time there are things like that written about him.

    I remember reading long ago, back in Titanic days, maybe even before that, an interview where he said that the last thing he wanted to turn into was a ‘holywood jerk’. I really hope that he is still working on it because sometimes I get a little doubtful when read things like that.

    Sorry for getting in the middle of your discussions, girls.

  144. 144
    Tigerseye Says:

    Lua, I know what you mean. I was 18 when titanic came out and I already had been turned off by him because of absolute rubbish I had heard about him. I went to a highschool in melbourne, that had a huge reputation and link for casting agents to seek out our drama crowd, I was picked up myself but didnt pursue with it, because I find film and tv expectations far too unreasonable and damaging, especially for girls. I wasnt strong to cope back then. Anyway, I first heard nasty things about leo when they cast for romeo and juliet in australia. A girl from my school a year ahead of me was considered for juliet but was rejected because leo said ‘no’, I couldnt believe that, I still think it may have been the girl trying to save face, but then the ***** posse stories were all over the place and I thought ‘what a talented douche he is’, especially after studying whats eating gilbert grape in class. I thought, ‘it cant be the same person,can it’, what a shame. But he was a dumb kid then, he changed my mind wuth 11th hour and now I just see a very lost man, which is a greater shame than a skirt chasing boy. The media and his pr really want to hold into the posse days, and I think he feels like he has to also, fill the void with a disposable lifestyle until something real comes along.

  145. 145
    lua Says:

    @Tigerseye: Hi :)
    yeah, you know, I get a little upset reading these stories, because for some reason I feel that he’s a good guy, good heart. But, yes, I agree that he seems a lost man. It must be hard, he grew up in the middle of all that, got very successful very early, it must be difficult, we can’t judge, can we? No one knows what is it to be in his shoes, i bet it’s not that easy… Hope he finds what he needs.

    P.s.: Really like your screen name, it’s the name of a stone I have great connection with. ;)

  146. 146
    raven Says:

    Hey guys

    Yeah he seems lost and I hope things get better for him. Can you guys fill me in on what the ***** posse stores are? What was he doing? I didn’t know this about him, because I never really followed him or paid attention.

  147. 147
    Condessa Says:

    @lua:hey, you’re welcome here, do not apologize :)
    I don’t like reading about the bodyguards, decoy and everything else.I don’t know how much of that is true, I guess we will never know.
    I dunno, he is a normal guy, why act like that? I have nooooooo idea about living with paparazzi following you, having no privacy. I would freak out like Britney Spears!LOL (not) but serious, I don’t like being the center of everybody’s attention so I guess I wouldn’t feel comfortable.
    on the other hand, we feel sorry about him living like that, but actually we’re kinda the reason of him be living like that. O.o If anybody cared about him, they wouldn’t post so many things about him and nobody would follow him around to get an exclusive pic. of course I’m not talking particularly about us, but you know what I meant. if people in general didn’t care thaat much about the lifestyle of rich and famous they would live happier, but I guess they wouldn’t be that rich either. I dunno, I guess I wrote a lot of s#it and wasn’t very clear. hahahaha

  148. 148
    Condessa Says:

    @raven:yeah I wanna know about this too, I’m lost.hahaha.
    gee, I wrote a lot of “him” HAHAHA

  149. 149
    larson Says:

    @Condessa: I’m sure if you guys dig your way through that colossal thread on bellazon you could probably find some info on him and the ***** posse. From what I remember reading it consisted of him and I think kevin connelly, lukas and david blaine. Tobey wasn’t apart of it but Tobey looks like such a sweetheart that I don’t think he would have been with it. I heard it was all about partying, drinking, fcuking, and club hopping. Now I can’t remember if I heard this from here or on lipstick alley but him and david blaine had a falling out over Josie Maran who was the cigarette girl in the aviator. I think Leo got with her first, they broke up and either she went to david or vice versa. Leo got pissed because I guess she was his sloppy seconds. I saw her the other day at fashion night out in nyc. She’s tall, thin and pretty. Has a makeup line with sephora. Waaaaayyyyyyyyy prettier than his “known” gfs.

  150. 150
    larson Says:

    Also I found a site where you can buy back issues with him on it. It’s called evidently I saw his cover with rolling stone from last year. They go back far and I mean far like the 1960′s. So if any of you are interested in getting some of his old magazine covers or article you could go through them. I might get the rolling stone issue. They have details, esquire, gq, a whole bunch. But it is only american ones.

  151. 151
    Tigerseye Says:

    Hey guys, the posse stories were horrible “use them and lose them” tales, in the aftermath of the leo mania days. Very low brow antics, that would make you cringe, but who knows if it was true, I think it was alot bull ****, but it was nasty. The only thing I remember clearly was hearing about leo and his crew, lukas and tobey and other ‘lost boys’, standing on a balcony picking and choosing girls to bring up to the hotel they were staying in, some said leos gang rated them and were more than happy to make fun of the less attractive ones. I totally fobbed him off as anything desirable after that and concentrated my affections on johnny depp, still do actually, but that was one of the nastiest I heard. Could be false, but like I said before he was a dumb kid then, I dont think its a reflection of him now, but at the time I thought he had no respect for women, I bet his mum kicked his **** for sure. The vaccuous girls he dates now really don’t help him evolve from boy to man. Hes not going to know what to do when sm hits him, itll be a great shake up for sure.

  152. 152
    raven Says:

    Thanks for giving us the low down on the posse days. WOW is all I can say and Ewwww! That sounds really bad and horrible, but I can see it, being as he was young and got more fame and girls willing. Still sounds pretty messed up that they were making fun of girls. It doesn’t seem like who he is now. I hope his mom did lay the smack down on his ass! LOL. That’s another reason why I knew I wasn’t the sm, because with my weight issues, I know there is no way in hell he would get near me, LOL. Anyway, it’s sad that the women he dates don’t help him grow, gosh the sm is going to have some work cut out for her.

  153. 153
    raven Says:

    Another thought I had about the posse days, no wonder he like’s jersey shore! LOL

    Actually I like that show too, so I can’t say anything about that :)

  154. 154
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Raven, please don’t say that about yourself. :( I’ve heard you say several times that Leo wouldn’t be interested in you because of the way you look, and it’s not fair for you to put yourself down like that… you’re such a sweet person, he should be so lucky to even know you, that alone would be a gift :)!!!!!!! I agree with Larson that Josie Maran was stunning, but I don’t see the fuss over the other people he’s dated. I bet most of the women who post here including you and myself are much more fun, interesting and beautiful (inside and out) than these over-hyped model/actresses he’s been with…and also let’s keep things in perspective here….we also happen to be REAL, and we don’t need to date a famous guy to get our names in the papers, and help our careers LOL…that alone makes you, and all of us on here much more of a catch than some over-rated, over-hyped model/actress who is not even all of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, I’m off my soap box now, but I felt like this message was not just for you,. I just feel it needed to be said because when some of us get involved in reading these celeb gossip/news, especially with how involved we seem to get with Leo’s love life and his model/girlfriends, etc… that whole superficiality of it all can really affect some of us who are sensitive… don’t let it affect you like that, and don’t buy into it either…It’s all BS anyway…they are just normal people with weight issues just like the rest of us… do you really think that Bar doesn’t struggle with her weight every day of her life? and same with Gisele? she’s got some major weight obsessions; that’s why she kills herself with going to the gym and staying thin…..they are far from perfect just like the rest of us..okay, i’m really off my soap box this time LOL. xoxo :)

  155. 155
    Tigerseye Says:

    Mr turtle fan is right, raven. you are beautiful, inside and out. I wont pretend to know everything about you, but I know your uncertainty. I’ve been there, when I was finding out who I was I tried just about every ridiculous unhealthy way possible to be an ideal, tried so many eating disorders I didnt know which one to commit to. Thats why i’m not a fan if the entertainment industry amongst other reasons. its lucky that leo has someone like kate winslet to knock him about when he needs it, shes lucky she can handle the superficial tripe purpurtrated by the media and all these terrible fix it shows, like extreme makeover and all that other stupid stuff. You’re above stereotypes and quite frankly leo really wouldnt know what to do with real emitions right now. Each real person here would make him bolt, not because we’re not perfect, but because we would reflect something so alien to him, he wouldn’t be able to relate. Thats what I think anyway. He is lost because he still believes in the hype. When I read those excerpts from GQ, I gotta tell you, i can see where he wants to be, but I think he’s too busy trying to convince himself that he’s an artist, rather than embracing it. He got distracted and still needs to work out whats important so he can be successful, rather than giving the illusion of success. Its kinda like in american beauty, ” we give the perception of normal when we’re anything but.” Its the same with telling ourselves we are not special, because its easier to accept criticisim than a compliment. I swear i’m not telling you this for a quick feel good, listen to mr turtle fan, you are beautiful. We all are there. There is no conceit in true beauty.

  156. 156
    Condessa Says:

    gosh, I didnt watch the aviator yet but I think its an “old” movie then he should have been young at the time of all that. either way, if its true its pretty sad.
    I like the fact the he is close to his mom, at least one good woman to help him to grow. I like Kate too. :)
    and raven, pleeeease dont talk like that! :)

  157. 157
    Condessa Says:

    Johnny Depp is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful.I love him. I am happy he found love and happiness with someone his own age and settled down.LOL
    leaving the jokes behind, its true. I think he is great and Vanessa is so sweat *.*. he was my crush hahahah.

  158. 158
    Tigerseye Says:

    Yes, condessa. Leo has lots to learn, all in good time and it’ll do him good, he’s not ready yet, but things are on the move, all very good. Yes, johnny is wonderful. there is a man that took some time to learn who he is, and now look at him! He is where hes meant to be. Its hard work, but we all get there. Xox

  159. 159
    YUMMY Says:

    I also like Johnny Depp, but he also wrong too much to learn some things. You remember how it was a few years ago? Yeah. I think Leo has a lot to learn, but don’t see him making even half of the errors Depp when he was younger. I don’t know much about the relationship between Depp and his family, but the relationship that Leo has with his family was crucial to him not being involved in major scandals. I’ve been reading some posts and liked the conversation, very interesting. Congratulations for redirection of Leo’s topics. I left to attend more because of all the talk about his girlfriend, it seems that everything now has to involve his girlfriend and it’s so tiring.

  160. 160
    YUMMY Says:

    What about the trailer to be released tonight? I’m so excited to see the first scenes.

  161. 161
    Elena Says:

    @raven: okay, i’m not saying that i think you’re leo’s sm, but girl, if he won’t date someone cause they have or have had weight issues then he’s gonna have to date a dude.

  162. 162
    Condessa Says:

    yeah, Johnny was a trouble guy. he had the rockstars lifestyle but he changed a lot. Leo will get there too!
    I cant wait to see the trailer!

  163. 163
    raven Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Aww thanks guys! You all are very nice and sweet! It made me cry reading your posts. It’s just something I struggle with and having a mom that really screwed up my self-esteem doesn’t help. I’m sorry stuff like that will come out of my mouth sometimes. My weight issues were really bad and I still continue to fight. I mean I am 5 5 at the most and at one time weighed over 230 lbs. I am still working on it but I am still very far away from what would be considered healthy. I have been celebrating the small victories though. I am working on my mindset as well, it’s just challenging.

    What I was trying to say about Leo is that there is still this superficial side to him with the women he dates and it seems like it was really present in the posse days.

  164. 164
    raven Says:

    and I love Kate too! she is so talented and seems really down to earth. I was so happy when she won an oscar.

  165. 165
    raven Says:

    @Mr. Turtle fan, @Tigerseye, @Condessa, @Elena:

    You guys don’t realize how rare it is for me to hear that I am beautiful. In my world it just doesn’t happen. I am more used to backhanded compliments, like oh your face is nice if only you weren’t big, or That’s a nice outfit but it doesn’t look good on you. Stuff like that. Thank you guys for the support! You guys are awesome! Anyway enough about me.

  166. 166
    Tigerseye Says:

    Raven, you never have to apologise for being real. Youre gorgeous xox I know, like many, exactly how you feel. It really is others problems, not yours. People like to criticise because they lack the abiliity to love themselves also. If someone was really that happy with themselves they wouldnt try and drag people down to make themselves feel better, they have issues, not you. Never apologise for who you are, even if there are things you want to change, love that girl now, dont punish her. I used to do that too, then when I got older I saw myself differently and realised that if I was walking down the street and saw me, the girl who wasnt perfect with all her flaws, I wouldnt hate her, she would just be her and if I got to talk with her I would not treat her with disrespect or think she wasnt good enough. Shes just a girl I dont know. We are our worst enemies and it doesnt matter who tells you that you are not perfect whether it be a complete stranger or you mum, dont let them and their hang ups shape you. If anything, pity them that they will never know what you do, that you can see who they really are. Honestly it scares them, the naked transparency of what they dont want to acknowledge. Yes, even people like leo would freak over people like us, because we see what doesnt want to be seen, there are people like that we meet everyday. I wont pretend that I know him or you enough to know everything that needs to be done in finding and embracing you true nature, but finding you true self can be confronting for alot of people, it was for me, until I forgave that girl I was and stopped punishing her for not being 6foot, blonde and stunning ( whatever stunning is meant to be). Maybe this is why he follows yoy, leo. You are tapped in on his insecurities so you may heal your own, I still ferl that strength and centered emotion within you, honey. Hold onto your strengths and trust them xox

  167. 167
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Tigerseye, that was a really great post. I got goosebumps in this last line:
    “Maybe this is why he follows you, leo. You are tapped in on his insecurities so you may heal your own,”


    Raven, have you ever heard of this program called “Weight loss for People who feel too much?” it’s being offered by Colette Baron-reid. I’ve heard her talk about it several times on her talk show… You might want to look into that because she says it’s for people who are empathic like yourself. The reason we hold weight on our bodies is to protect ourselves from feeling those strong emotions… especially if you are empathic, not only are you having to deal with your own emotions, but now you’re having to take on other people’s issues as well… That ain’t fun :( And I’m definitely with Tigerseye, I think you are gawgeous :) You’re one of the nicest people I’ve met on I said earlier, the reason we get so focused on this issue of how people look on these Leo discussions is because of his history of dating models… Had he dated other types of girls,and mixed things up a bit instead of always dating models, I don’t even feel we would be having these discussions about needing to be tall, thin and blonde to feel like you’re beautiful or special….. all of that has gotten really old to me.. :/ Seriously, it’s time to move on dude LOL I like that we’ve been able to focus on some more fun conversations as of late, rather than having to talk about who he’s dating and what she looks like.. I didn’t even care about models/celebs or what people looked like or what I looked like until I started reading Leo news and coming to these gossip sites and his fan’s like the thought never even crossed my mind, sad but true LOL I think I was supposed to learn some stuff about my own self esteem issues through Leo too, just like Tigerseye said… that really makes a lot of sense for me too.

  168. 168
    Condessa Says:

    I think the beauty is inside us. I don’t know if I can explain this, I don’t have enough english vocabulary hahahah.
    I got friends with “weight issues” and they have much more self esteem than I do,I’m very jealous about them because of that and you can say I fit in the “society standards” .
    I have two friends that lost a lot of weight and to me they were prettier before, but can I blame them for trying to feel better about themselves?no. They feel comfy now, beautiful now and thats what that matters.
    all I’m trying to say is: don’t change because the world want you to change. change cuz you know you’re gonna feel better about youself.
    I have to agree with Mr turtle fan “You’re one of the nicest people I’ve met on JJ” and Tigerseye, what a beautiful post!

  169. 169
    Tigerseye Says:

    Right on mr turtle fan,you know I think youre gorgeoys too, but i’ll say it again. It truly does feel like the fascination with him has meaning, I think thats why we are all here. We all feel a connection with simeone we don’t know. Its inexplicable, but love that people can feel comfortable expressing thoughts here, do you notice how tge negative posters tend to fall off the page, maybe they feel the same to except derogative humour is the way they think they need to express it. I said it before but isnt funny how a celeb comments post has healed hearts and minds xoxo I come here to visit you guys, seriously…leo who? Haha he’ll learn as we do, and we’ll be here cheering each other on until we can do the same for him. Love to all xox

  170. 170
    Tigerseye Says:

    Ha! Gorgeoys!… You know thats meant to be gorgeous xox damn touch phones! Xoxo thanks condessa you lovely girl, we’re here for you too, what you may lack in vocabulary you make up for in heart. You dont have to say alot words to say something that means alot xox

  171. 171
    Condessa Says:

    thanks Tigerseye. I may not know a lot of words, but at least I could try to write those I know correctly hahahaha I read a loooooooot of mistakes a made here, its pretty embarassing . like when I wrote Vanessa is “sweat” instead of “sweet” LOOOOOOOL I laughed so much. I see a lot of mistakes but I don’t have patience to write another post just to correct them. \o/ hahaha

  172. 172
    raven Says:

    Hi guys

    Thanks Tigerseye! That was beautiful! You are really sweet, gorgeous, and wise. This part really made me think: “realised that if I was walking down the street and saw me, the girl who wasnt perfect with all her flaws, I wouldnt hate her, she would just be her and if I got to talk with her I would not treat her with disrespect or think she wasnt good enough. Shes just a girl I dont know.”
    I have never thought about it that way!! But, it really made me look at things differently. Thank you and yes I will remember that it’s other people’s issues when they try to bring me down. This is some of the stuff I was working on during my spiritual coaching, releasing my issues with mom and stuff. but we worked on so much as well, so maybe I need more time with it. I will continue to release and to think of things differently. Thank you for your encouraging words! Wow, it was so powerful!

    Mr. Turtle fan thank you! You are nice and gorgeous too! I have been doing well so far and finally taking control of the weight. I sometimes wonder whether that is a reason why I am having trouble getting work. I feel like maybe its the universe’s/god/source’s way to give me the chance to take care of myself after focusing on others and putting myself aside for too long. But I will definitely look into that Colette baron reid program. I didn’t know being empathic could even affect that! Wow, I realize how much I have to watch myself because of being empathic. Leo isn’t the only man to be superficial when choosing who they date. So I’m not going to blame him for it, lots of guys do it. He has access to the most beautiful women in the world and I think that any man with that kind of access would take advantage. So I understand and yes, I agree it would be nice to see him change it up a bit. LOL. Yes we should not hold ourselves up to these hollywood ideals.

    Condessa thank you too! and you are gorgeous as well! Thank you for encouraging me!! It is very nice of you. I understood exactly what you were saying, so don’t worry about not getting your message across.

  173. 173
    raven Says:

    Hi guys

    Thanks Tigerseye! That was beautiful! You are really sweet, gorgeous, and wise. This part really made me think: “realised that if I was walking down the street and saw me, the girl who wasnt perfect with all her flaws, I wouldnt hate her, she would just be her and if I got to talk with her I would not treat her with disrespect or think she wasnt good enough. Shes just a girl I dont know.”
    I have never thought about it that way!! But, it really made me look at things differently. Thank you and yes I will remember that it’s other people’s issues when they try to bring me down. This is some of the stuff I was working on during my spiritual coaching, releasing my issues with mom and stuff. but we worked on so much as well, so maybe I need more time with it. I will continue to release and to think of things differently. Thank you for your encouraging words! Wow, it was so powerful! I also never thought that I could be tapped into his insecurities to heal my own.

    Mr. Turtle fan thank you! You are nice and gorgeous too! I have been doing well so far and finally taking control of the weight. I sometimes wonder whether that is a reason why I am having trouble getting work. I feel like maybe its the universe’s/god/source’s way to give me the chance to take care of myself after focusing on others and putting myself aside for too long. But I will definitely look into that Colette baron reid program. I didn’t know being empathic could even affect that! Wow, I realize how much I have to watch myself because of being empathic. Leo isn’t the only man to be superficial when choosing who they date. So I’m not going to blame him for it, lots of guys do it. He has access to the most beautiful women in the world and I think that any man with that kind of access would take advantage. So I understand and yes, I agree it would be nice to see him change it up a bit. LOL. Yes we should not hold ourselves up to these hollywood ideals.

    Condessa thank you too! and you are gorgeous as well! Thank you for encouraging me!! It is very nice of you. I understood exactly what you were saying, so don’t worry about not getting your message across

  174. 174
    raven Says:

    sorry for the double post!

  175. 175
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    thank you my dear Tigerseye, and as you know I think your gorgeous too and so does Mr. Turtle ;)


    I really love your post Condessa:)…

  176. 176
    Condessa Says:

    changing the subject a little
    giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls the traileeeer
    thanks to our friends from bz haahahah
    I looooooved it! I think it’s going to be amazing!!

  177. 177
    Hmmm... Says:

    a little better quality

  178. 178
    Hmmm.... Says:

    Here is a little better version of the trailer:

  179. 179
    Condessa Says:

    thaanks @hmmm, I was downloading the quicktime player and I couldn’t wait anymore hahahahaha. :B

  180. 180
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    you’re welcome Raven :)…but I just wanted to say that in regards to what Tigerseye said about being tapped into Leo so you can heal your own insecurities, I don’t think it was about putting the blame on him. I think her point was that maybe one of the reasons you were drawn here was to help you identify this issue of self worth and not feeling good enough for a person like Leo.. that was my take on it … In a way, maybe Leo served as a catalyst for you to bring that issue out in the open. if you hadn’t been coming here and talking to us about it, you might have never realized how much healing you needed to do on this part of yourself… you are not “less than” you are “more than”…..Anyway, I hope that made sense cos I’m very tired and my thoughts are a little fuzzy tonight.. I need a “turtle nap”…where’s Mr. Turtle when you need him.. oy vey lol :)

  181. 181
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    thank you girls for the trailer!!! :)

  182. 182
    Tigerseye Says:

    Raven, xoxoxoxoxoxo anytime. I know where you come from. Oooh!!! I heard the trailer was out, cant wait to check it out. Condessa, Does it feel like hes getting back to basics? Hope so….damn cant check until later . Chat to you soon my lovelies xoxo

  183. 183
    Tigerseye Says:

    Yes mr turtle fan, that is what I meant exactly, he lead you here, raven xox he lead all of us here. I love to see how everyone is going I dont check his gossip news all that much only jj, if anything I come here to visit and see what everyones take is on things, with him or without him. Cant wait for the trailer though chat again soon xox

  184. 184
    YUMMY Says:

    Trailer… yes!!!! Amazing!!!! Thanks @hmmm and @condessa. Oscar for Leo: NOW!!!!!

  185. 185
    raven Says:

    @Mr. Turtle fan: Thanks again. I wasn’t thinking she meant putting the blame on him. I was just trying to say that I understand his pursuing of models/really beautiful girls because they are accessible to him and that any man would also do the same. That’s all. But I see what you guys mean that maybe he is a catalyst for me with my self worth issues. Although, I have already felt this way, way before even paying attention to him. I have had these issues for a long time. I have never had a boyfriend so, my feelings of not being good enough for any guy have been strong. But I am working on those and I have healed quite some stuff through my coaching this summer. I just got A LOT more work to do. But thank you guys! It’s great that you understand, I think it’s hard for my friends to understand or they don’t know what to say, so I keep it to myself. Aww I hope you got some good rest and dreams with Mr. Turtle. LOL

    Thanks TIgerseye, you rock!

    Oh yeah the trailer is out! Oh and did you guys see on the leo boat thread that Amused Aussie posted a link to a pic with Leo shirtless?? OMG he looks good!! :)

  186. 186
    raven Says:

    YUMMY I’m glad you are back. I love your posts! Hi :)

  187. 187
    larson Says:

    @raven: Everybody has their insecurities and anybody who says they don’t are lying. Nobody’s perfect and superficial people are stupid. Let’s be forreal here, when was the last time you saw or met a happy, long lasting relationship with two equally gorgeous people in it? For me? Never. Leo will have to learn that lesson and probably SETTLE. But then again none of his girls have been particularly pretty. I’m sure you are much prettier. Models are so unremarkable to me. I envy long legs SOMETIMES but overly skinny bodies, no breasts or hips or anything looks so, well, manly to me. I just don’t see the hype. The supermodel era is truly over because back then when their were supermodel everyone was pretty and at least had beautiful features. Like Linda Evangelista. She isn’t pretty to me but she’s beautiful because of her features. Christy Turlington as well. Now Naomi, Claudia, and Cindy were and are still beautiful. We as women have to remember at the end of the day celebrities are people too, they take their makeup off, leave their expensive shoes, phones, coats, bags and clothes at the door and go off and drink themselves to death, do drugs or binge/purge or starve. I know I’m getting a lot off topic, but celebrity worship bugs me, this isn’t directed towards you. If we all had stylists(like blake who is obviously lying about not having a stylist because she looks so ratchet when she dresses casually), trainer, dieticians, makeup(photoshop, yuck) we would all look like a million bucks. Man when I see some of these celebrities(like, Blake) dressed down without their makeup, just yuck. Man all I can think is they(Blake) can clean up nicely. Well sometimes. Blake is ratchet looking anyway, ain’t enough makeup in the world. Lipstick on a pig.

  188. 188
    Tigerseye Says:

    I just saw the trailer, absolutley amazing. Im speechless. Not going to put anything out there. Just brilliant. The one thing I know for certain is he’s been waiting for something like this for so long. Enjoy it leo, embrace the art. You certainly dont need to promote it, it is evident.

  189. 189
    Condessa Says:

    yeah tigerseye, the trailer is amazing. at the beginning his voice thrilled me XD. can’t wait!
    @raven: yeah, I saw that pic, he looks great! did you see the trailer or not?

  190. 190
    YUMMY Says:

    @raven… thanks raven :), hiiii. I was busy working, but always come here to read the posts. You’re doing a great job, congrats. Trailer wonderful and intense. I was already anxious to watch the movie so now I cannot wait. Leo is amazing. But as I said in another post, deserves an Oscar too (and I really want him to win), but we know how things work there.

  191. 191
    Condessa Says:

    @Yummy:couldn’t agree more with you about the oscars on your post #43 (not here, of course ahahaha).so true!

  192. 192
    YUMMY Says:

    Thanks @Condessa. Many people have a misconception about these awards.

  193. 193
    raven Says:

    Hi Everyone! Hope you are well.

    @larson: Nice to see you back :) Thanks for the message and support. It was really nice and it made me laugh!
    “Nobody’s perfect and superficial people are stupid” –that made me crack up because it’s so true. Yeah, I see what you are saying yes everyone has their insecurites, even the models do. I do know that alot of their image is a lot of smoke and mirrors to make them look perfect. I am trying to be the best me I can and not trying to meet their standards, but to be where I feel comfortable and free. You are beautiful larson!

    Oh, I just saw the trailor on TV. Wow it looks good. The makeup to make him look old, is good. I like the voice he is doing, and I find it interesting that in this film, J Edgar is close to him mom similar to Leo and his mom. Do any of the intuitives get a feeling whether he will win an oscar? To me the statue doesn’t mean much in terms of his talent, he doesn’t need that to define his talent, it speaks for itself. But I do know that is something he truly wants and I hope that he achieves it one day.

  194. 194
    Mr. Turtle fan Says:


    Larson, you crack me up girl… I agree with you on the models. I never understood what all the fuss was about. But i think it’s for the simple reason that he’s dated a lot of models that these women got a lot of attention…b/c if you notice the same thing is happening with Blake and she’s not even a model or that physically stunning at all, but yet they’re trying so hard to hype her up, just because she’s been dating Leo.. One of the prettiest models I’ve seen is not even one of the skinny models, her name is Ashley Graham, she’s a plus sized model..


    Raven, I think, and I hope I’m not jinxing it…but I think he is going to win it because of something weird that happened to me regarding Clint Eastwood… I’ve had two dreams about Clint in the last couple of years, that I never understood what they meant… and it happened at times when I was catching up on Leo related news, and visiting websites related to him..sooooo, me thinks it must have something to do with him, cos I don’t see how Clint has anything at all to do with me LOL the only rational explanation is that maybe I tapped into him and this damn oscar obsession that he’s supposedly had all this time..LOL. so maybe it means he will win…

  195. 195
    raven Says:

    Hi Mr. Turtle fan!

    Larson is hilarious and yeah the overhyping is annoying. Cool that you think he might win an oscar. I think i remember hearing a celebrity prediction about clint being nominated for an oscar this year. We will see if it happens for both of them.

  196. 196
    Condessa Says:

    hi everyone!:)
    did you read the news?hahahahaha

  197. 197
    Tigerseye Says:

    They will do anything to have the world remember her. I cant believe how ridiculous this is. Its an article from star magazine, credibility – zero! I feel a throwing my hands up in the air moment here, I suppose thats why he has his mum visit him and not her? This is so stupid. Im sure his publicist had nothing to do with this, considering j edgar is coming out, trying to quash the pending gay rumours already? Seriously guys this is what they do. If hes not a ladies man, hes a family man, they think its good business but its so detrimental. Leo, seriously take hold of your pride and fire these people. Its so obvious that both pr groups are doing the best they can to milk him for all the can with these reliable ‘source’ fuelled speculatory stories. for anyone who doest know the oscars are campaign dependant, this is going to be one of many loved up stories that are going to be stuck to him until he feels comfortable enough. Shell be seen browsing for dresses soon, because her pr team need to get something from this too. God, no wonder he cant breathe, I really do feel sorry for him, they always do this. its just sad that they cant let his work speak for itself. Why is this so necessary? everything is good business, case in point why I cant stand hollywood. Rise above leo, we know you can.

  198. 198
    raven Says:

    Hi everyone! Hope you guys are doing well!

    Tigerseye I completely agree with your post. It’s so sad these articles have to come out when the trailor for his movie has just been released. It’s like, can’t it be enough to talk about his new film? For her people to use this as an opportunity to give her some attention is just dispicable. She is not in the movie, so why even bring her up. Can’t the guy just have a break? It’s good that his mom is with him so that he can relax.

  199. 199
    Tigerseye Says:

    Hey raven! I know. Its so frustrating. Im not going to pretend that im some kind of authority in regards to hollywood marketing or leo professionally or personally, but seriously the audience that would be seriously interested in this particular film, eould care nothing for the media hungry showmance angle. Sadly peers of the academy arts and sciences do to a certain extent as some of the judges are people who know people, who know others that have strong holds on film production. Leos job is to make these people happy, as much as he would like to entertain and enlighten the public with projects that are memorable, which im sure this film will be. Its the powers that be, that make him and ithers jump through hoops. Bl is integrated into these kinds of people since birth, they’ll keep pushing it as long as she needs them too, and for as long as he needs to have their approval and feel safe. Its the turbulance ive been talking about. It goes far beyond some ridiculous fling that has been dragged out. Bl is just the tip if the iceberg really. Leo, you remember how titanic ended for you dont you? He will shock them one day, I truly hope. If not he’ll fade into another weinstein lap dog. Leo is more powerful than them, I really hope his mum gives him a pep talk soon, I know which corner she stands in and its not team blake.

  200. 200
    its all Leo's fault Says:

    @Tigerseye: poor Leo nothing. Don’t go blaming Fake Lively. He DOESNT HAVE to “date” her.

  201. 201
    raven Says:

    Well said Tigerseye! It’s sad he is jumping through hoops and stuff. I think he is stronger than this and I hope he does wake up soon.

  202. 202
    Tigerseye Says:

    @its all leos fault, yes he doesnt have to date her. I’m not saying its all her fault, infact shes completely subsequent to the grand view of it all. This doesnt just happen to him, its happening everyday. I simply dont understand why talent needs to be served on a tabloid plate, just to win some favours with people who propogate such trash (star, us weekly etc…) It does work well for both of bl and leo, although neither would admit it. Its very transparent to the public and for those convinced of such sugared puff pieces that ‘sources’ like to throw out way, I hate to say it but you’ve been had. Its what they do until another meal can feed them better. I dont want to be cynical, but its how these things work. I know people who do their best to discredit and promote celebrities. I worked with a guy once who hired impersonators so he could get candid shots of them having affairs, hooking up, going shopping. He was a tabloid sleaze and no one of consequence now, but it was enough for me to see behind the curtain. Leo needs to man up and fire these people and bl needs to grow up and stand up on her own two feet.

  203. 203
    Tigerseye Says:

    Hey there raven, he will prove them wrong, I do still believe it. I really do. Timing is everything unfortunately, but when it happens all this nonsense will roll off his back, I hope it comes soon, but I think its just something needs to be played out awhile longer. Damn hollywood. I know we sing out to leo alot here but seriously blake if you read this, why do you think this is necessary? Do you really think it brings you admiration and respect, these people are using you to, except you seem to enjoying it. Leo is miserable, not because her or any girl. Its because he is conditioned , but there is a wild animal there. Its just sedated at the moment, consciousness is approaching for everyone real soon, despite these ridiculous paparazzi tales, built to distract change us everywhere for everyone. Love to all xox

  204. 204
    tigerseye Says:

    P.s sorry about the grammar, damn autocorrect. Gotta go to work, love to all chat with you soon xoxox

  205. 205
    raven Says:

    I also feel like it might take a little but longer, but I do hope he proves them wrong. It’s going to be great to see that.

    Love to you too Tigerseye :)

  206. 206
    Tigerseye Says:

    For sure, raven. Its all about knowing who you are before introducing yourself to the world. I dont think he would be the kind of person who would want to be challenged in that regard.he is very particular about what he gives away about himself, let alone admitting that he may be a little lost. He’s very good at playing the game and is more than aware of what it would mean not to play. I know how self righteous I sound to people who havent been following our threads, talking about someone I dont know, especially with how certain I come across as, but its hard to ignore disharmony when you see it. Damn opinionated girl, i am. I do feel sorry for blake too, to a certain degree. She really believes the hype, and is extremely naive, but is not stupid. If anything she plays the game well too. Thats why this fauxmance is all too insincere, us weekly and the machine will try to convince us otherwise, honestly, I know its going to evolve into absurdity, dates, rings, dresses then BAM! He’s done with her and will have a new blonde something or other, unless sm intervenes. I think she will, the sm, I still have good vibes. Where is standing ovation and miss crystal ball? I miss their predictions. Sm is on her way I know that much, got alot of work cut out for her. I really admire leo, but honestly wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend as he stands now. I much prefer the guy he would like be, you can see him holding back. Makes me sad for him. by the way how are you doing gorgeous girl? I feel you getting stronger, am I right?

  207. 207
    Bella Says:

    Where is standing ovation and miss crystal ball? I miss their predictions too ! :)

  208. 208
    Tigerseye Says:

    Hello bella, welcome. I know! Where are they hiding?

  209. 209
    its all leo's fault Says:

    @Tigerseye: Tiger E, you just said that same thing that I was saying. No one is forcing Leo to “date” this girl. You just said he needs to “man up” which I totally agree with. You of all people should know that whatever you bring into your life its because that’s the level that you’re at. Law of Attraction. Screw tabloids they do what they do always. I’m talking about Leo as a person. You can be around a cesspool, which is what Hollywood is, but you DON”T have to be off it! You have personal power here. Leo is not a victim.

    I do agree that he holds back a lot. He needs someone to bring out the lion in him and only the sm can do that. No one else. That is a part of their agreement.

    @Bella: There is nothing else to tell unless you want to know the sm’s home address?!?

  210. 210
    @209 Says:

    lol! sm’s home adress lol..

  211. 211
    Tigerseye Says:

    @all leos fault, agreed. No I really don’t want to know, poor thing needs some anonymity before being exposed. Very cool, all leo’s fault. its a vicious cycle but he doesnt need to be led by it. Ive got a feeling you’re an intuit with a new pseudonym.

  212. 212
    Tigerseye Says:

    @it’s all leo’s fault,sincerley have we talked before? You seem to know me. Or am I just reading between lines that haven’t been drawn. You’re so familiar.

  213. 213
    Condessa Says:

    hi people!
    it’s just sad to read all that bs, I promised myself not to do it again. I was happier when I didn’t know about the hollyweird and all the couples had feelings between them, not interest or pr. I was naive I know, but it’s good sometimes. :)
    “ignorance is bliss”

  214. 214
    its all leo's fault Says:

    @Tigerseye: Yes, we’ve spoken before! Very good.

  215. 215
    raven Says:

    Hi everyone!

    Hey beautiful Tigerseye, yes I think he does hold back. It’s just surprising that he would since he is not a rookie in Hollywood. He isn’t just starting out in the business, he’s been around, and has respect, so he should be able to be himself and not hold back. I guess he will learn that soon enough with a little help :) Don’t hold back Leo! I agree with you the stories will keep coming out as the time goes by and when his movie premieres and if there is an oscar nomination.

    I have been ok, thanks for asking! I have noticed in the past couple of weeks I have been really, really tired and waking up has been hard. I was feeling a little down on wednesday due to not seeing any results with my long job hunt, but I have told myself that there is a bigger reason for it and have been trying to keep my thoughts postive, especially today since its the start of the fall equinox. I’m glad you feel that I am getting stronger! I hope I am. How are you Tigerseye? I hope things are good for you!!

    Hi @it’s all leo’s fault! you made some great points.
    Hi Condessa, nice to see you around!

  216. 216
    Condessa Says:

    hi @raven. I’ll disappear for a while, I’m studying for an important exam :)
    I will try to show up here sometimes.
    good luck on your job hunt. sending you good vibes!

  217. 217
    Tigerseye Says:

    @its all leos fault, are you ‘why so upset and who cares’ ? It feels like you, you tend to be my guardian angel who pops up when nonsense stories get me riled up, although I could be wrong, if im not, youre so clever the way you know me. Very clever :) xox @condessa, dont worry these flimsy stories are bits of nothing, sorry to bum you out with hollyweird, its not worth our attention. Good luck with the exams xox @raven, you’ll be fine sweetie, something will come along when you least expect it, im doing pretty good myself no complaints at all, but exhausted too. All my love to you all, always xoxoxoxo

  218. 218
    Condessa Says:

    @Tigerseye: heeey,do not apologize, was me who brought the subject and regretted it!hahahaha. thanks for the exam, I hope it goes well. :) good night everyone! o/

  219. 219
    * Says:

    @its all leo’s fault:
    well there was the info about astro and number link ups that nerver got explained

  220. 220
    raven Says:

    @Condessa: Thanks sweetie! Good luck to you too!! Sending good vibes so you will pass the exam :)

    @Tigerseye: Thank you! I am glad you are well. Sending good vibes to you too, so that you won’t be exhausted.

  221. 221
    Tigerseye Says:

    Thanks my lovely raven, right back at ya! Xox chat soon, good vibes to all xox

  222. 222
    daffy Says:


    Leo likes pretty girls WHO LOOK LIKE HIM—its narcissism and also being a normal male but also from being sort of a nerd early on. Insecurity, has to have a trophy beyotch, Its not helping him and he has the front window piece to hide that he is a raving sex addict. I wish he wasnt, but that’s what I think. It’s too bad, but NO ONE THIS ICONIC WAS EVER NORMAL.

    Marilyn= 13 abortions and crazy as a **** house rat, real mom was in nuthouse

    Marlon= you saw what happened to his family. son a murderer, daughter commits suicide. spends life in a mumu.

    Michael= where do we start?

    Liz Taylor= 9 husbands and Larry Fortensky

    Elvis= died on the toilet man.

    Jim Morrison= too beautiful to live. Heroin, died in bathtub.

    Hendrix= choked on own vomit. Drug addict. Otherwise mellow.


    James Dean= closeted, car accident.

    Jayne Mansfield= decapitated.

    I hope things change with him, really I do.

    Eastwood= six kids with five women, kept rent boy as young man.

    either you have to be a freak to get this kind of attention or become one once you are put under the microscope.

    BTW Jen Mayer- as in METRO GOLDWYN MAYER. Neither she or Tobe ever need to work again.

    Dont worry about Blake folks its ova. All this down time and no visit? OVER. you know he flies his booty in when he wants it. guess he doesnt.

    Some time alone good for hisbehind.

    anybody reading bar threads? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

  223. 223
    Minka Says:

    @daffy: Hey daffy, well Leo is a Scorpio and they’ve been known to be very sexual…
    No one says Leo is perfect. Nobody is, we all have our things we need to climb over however I think Leo is doing just fine and he will be alright… he’s not the worst…he’s just on of us on a stage…
    You predicted Bar and Leo wouldnt last but most real fans knew that just like how most real fans know that Leo and Fakey are going to be over soon.
    Yes you’re right all this down time and just one visit. It they were truely in love they would find away. I personally think Leo is over her already and he’s truly bored. Now we hear he’s picking up girls in Australia! :) I think he does need some alone time to enjoy his own company.

  224. 224
    raven Says:

    Hi everyone!

    so are we staying on this thread or moving on to the J edgar thread?

    @daffy: “its narcissism and also being a normal male but also from being sort of a nerd early on. Insecurity, has to have a trophy beyotch” -Yes i can see this so I agree.

  225. 225
    Hmmm... Says:

    daffy=tinkerbell meaning we are up for never ending short stories from someone who believes everything posted on the internet. Great!

  226. 226
    *waves to daffy* Says:

    It is great! Better her than a Blaketard and just don’t read if it bothers you so much, simple….

  227. 227
    Hmmm... Says:

    Oh, trust me I won’t. It was enough to suffer through tink’s comment while Leo was with Bar. Who would want that again ( even though we’re on the same side )?

  228. 228
    sm question Says:

    crystal ball, where for ou thou lol

    All this talk about leo and all the ladies in australia only tells me that he isn’t ready for his sm. so she mustnt be ready for him either.

    They probably tune into each other in dreams or signs here and there but the stars are not aligning for them just yet.

    one day. one day.

    did anyone see the picture of Leo carrying little Ruby? Iremlin must have been melting. Wondering when she’d see him carry her grandchild like that

  229. 229
    jesse Says:

    @sm question: sorry to break it to ya but leo isnt going to have any kids, thats what i see in his chart and read. it will just be him and his sm. their relationship will be enough for them and will be like a third entity so it will be their “child”. Also they’re going to get married and Leo will sign NO PRENUP. He’s not even going to care about his millions anymore when he’s with this girl. Its almost like he’s blinded by her. All he’s going to see is this girl. Don’t be surprise if everything changes for the better with Leo in this way. He might take more breaks from acting or completely give it up. She will basically be his strongest tonic but in a good way. She will bring a new purpose into his life. I don’t know what that is but I guess some things have to be a surprise!!!!

  230. 230
    raven Says:

    Hi everyone!

    @sm question: yeah maybe they both have more stuff to go through before they are ready for eachother. I didn’t see the pic of him and Ruby, but how cute must that have been!

    @jesse: aw, it would have been cute to see some little ones from Leo. As long as he is happy. Interesting that you mention no prenup, when i had that dream with him he said he wanted no prenup and to just get married like that. So I guess maybe I was tapping into his mindset about that, or I was predicting a future event between him and his sm.

  231. 231
    raven Says:

    Oh I forgot, Have a great day everyone! :)

  232. 232
    Condessa Says:

    @jesse: really? that’s sad! I would like to see him with wife and kids :(

    great day raven :)

  233. 233
    jesse Says:

    @Condessa: that’s sad to you because that’s what you want. But its all about what they want… Not everyone want kids. What’s sad is people that have kids that don’t want them. … There is a small possibility that they might have a child but I don’t see it…either way they’ll both be happy! There is NOTHING sad about these two… They’re going to be like kids themselves when they’re together.

  234. 234
    Condessa Says:

    “What’s sad is people that have kids that don’t want them.” so true!
    sure, I wish them happiness and it was just something I wanted.
    the “sad” wasn’t like their lives were going to be miserable without any kids, was more like what I expected their lives to be. you are right.
    I think most part of his fans want to see him with kids, but if he and his wife decided not to be parents and be happy with that, I don’t see a problem. “its all about what they want” :)

  235. 235
    raven Says:

    Hi Condessa nice to see you back! How was your exam?

    @Jesse: They’re going to be like kids themselves when they’re together. —That’s really cute.

  236. 236
    Condessa Says:

    Hi raven! :)
    I’ll know that on 10/15 :B but thanks for asking ;)

  237. 237
    stela Says:

    raven:a pic of Leo with Ruby

  238. 238
    raven Says:

    Hi everyone! hope you are well!

    Hi Condessa, ok well I hope you did well and you get good news that day.
    Thanks stela for the pic, it wont let me see it. I will try again. Good to know that he is working and his mom is around.

    Have a nice day :)

  239. 239
    even articles Says:

    Bleo (Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio, duh) are still allegedly together. She even went to visit him in Australia for her birthday (yeah, sounds weird to me, too). The two still seem sweet on each other, but I would bet a bunch of money this teenage dream romance is over before award season begins. It may even happen before he has to begin promoting J. Edgar—just bookmark my words.

  240. 240
    nothing new here Says:

    @even articles: this article is predicting that he will break up with her around promotion time time which is basically in October so yeah Daffy is still right!!!

  241. 241
    raven Says:

    Hi Everyone! *waves*

    I remember a psychic saying that they would break up in October. So I guess this goes with that prediction.

    Have a fantastic day.

  242. 242
    kem Says:

    @raven: psychics can be wrong…looking how many psychics predicted when Leo and his sm would meet. Anyways I dont think fakey has much left to go before they split.

  243. 243
    raven Says:

    @kem: Hi!, yes you make a good point, no one is 100% accurate. But I agree it seems like things have slown down between them.

  244. 244
    they did meet Says:


  245. 245
    kem Says:

    @they did meet:oh really? Where did they meet?! And if they did “meet” why isnt Leo with her?!

  246. 246
    * Says:

    ask the real psychics or find the posts about that specifically the early to mid blake posts

  247. 247
    anon Says:


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