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Orlando Bloom Covers 'Men's Health' October 2011

Orlando Bloom Covers 'Men's Health' October 2011

Orlando Bloom shows off his guns on the cover of Men’s Health magazine’s October 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (September 13).

Here’s what the 34-year-old English actor had to share:

On beating moments of doubt: “I call [doubts] my mind critters. Can I defeat myself? I really like going downhill on a mountain bike, and if I just feather the front brake and let it roll, I’m fine. But if I’m not in that zone and I clutch that brake, boom, I’m over the handlebars. Or worse.”

On staying safe while he mountain bikes: “I pad up. I estimate it’s saved me tens of thousands of dollars in medical fees. I do fly quite close to the wind.”

On fear: “Fear is not a friend of mine. But it’s something to have a healthy awareness of.”

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  • Me

    What is up with all these photoshopped covers lately? He looks like a friggen cartoon character!

  • blah

    he’s not that much muscular… photoshopp is evil of our time… but jared will delete this comment too…

  • Sighs4l

    He is gorgeous. As always.

  • ka simply amazing

    this man in cover ? Why?

  • okay

    The guy is nice looking already. he did not need any damn enhancements! jeeze!

  • XXX

    He looks wierd!

  • Lol

    Agree but alot like loser.

  • Lol

    Agree but alot like loser.

  • Amanda Dubs

    Isn’t he Australian?

  • Entraxon

    New magazine cover?

  • ka simply amazing

    by the few i saw cover of leonardo and suddenly disappeared. Jared tell me what cuse disappearance?? 0_o jared don’t delete my comment

  • http://ada slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    this man so boring lol so average

  • Too much

    Orlando’s small frame could never support this type of muscle – what an airbrushed joke!

  • Urop


  • Go nasty


  • anonymous

    Am I the only one thinking his head looks kinda squashed?

  • Smartone

    ugly midget..his pe*** is 3 inches long.

  • yaya

    yawn..such an overrated actor. I heard he’s 5’6 tall in real life and wears shoe-lifts like Tom Cruise.

  • KoKO

    photoshop fail!

  • babies r us coupons 2011

    Midgets are funny!

  • Lisa

    Omg who’s body did they paste his head onto?? Lol

  • Say it ain’t so

    Who ever signed off on this cover to be published obviously didn’t meet Orlando Bloom in person.

  • smartnesspattern
  • wow

    much more handsome and successful than his alien chipmunk head wife with a catalog model career. stfu.

  • @13

    But his frame HAS supported this type of muscle – in Kingdom of Heaven. I think it is his actual body, carefully posed, with a few extra bulges put on the arms. His face looks odd partly because he’s glowering from under his eyebrows, which you don’t see very much.

  • steph

    wow, this is sooo photoshopped!!

  • Bee

    Yeah, I can’t say that I’m quick to doubt that’s actually him. Obviously the “ripped” look is photoshop, but he was pretty buff in Kingdom of Heaven, which was when his body looked the best, in my opinion. He actually had muscle and wasn’t as thin. But for this picture they’ve played it up so much it’s almost embarrassing to look at. Which sucks, because I really love him. Men’s Health, stop making it awkward!

  • sara

    Actually, there is a behind the scenes video that proves that those are his real muscles. The cover shot has been photoshopped for effect, but he really is that muscular. And the latest pap shots also show how much he has bulked up.
    He looks amazing in the video, BTW!
    An I really don’t understand these folks who keep saying that he is short. we have video proof that he is just a smidge under 5’11″ in his bare feet. Your claims can’t hold up to video proof. Either about his height, or his physique.

  • sara

    ppl he is tall. Miranda is shorter than him and she is a tall long statuesque model!

  • WOW!


  • Meji

    It’s a shame they overdid it because quite a lot of people think it looks ridiculous. I prefer it when they use a high-contrast style that makes his face look more rugged than it is, as in the B + W photo. Actually you can see from that that they haven’t changed the shape of his forearms, and it’s hard to tell how much they’ve changed his upper arms because he’s presumably flexing his muscles in the cover photo.

    Wonder if Men’s Health Photoshop everybody that much and all those six-packs you see on their covers are drawn on?

    ANYWAY – just found an interesting Tweet. A guy says his friend (who is playing a female Silvan Elf warrior in The Hobbit) is working with Orlando and her chat-up line to him was “Is that sword heavy?” SO – it sounds like he is at the Battle of the Five Armies, and using a sword. Sounds exciting!

  • @31

    I can’t wait to see him as Legolas again!
    He also mentioned in the behind the scenes video that he wanted to get fit for “wire work”. So it looks like we will have a true ‘Leggy moment’ in this film as well. Maybe hurtling through the trees fighting spiders?
    *crosses fingers*

  • annie

    whats with mens health,i love orli but thats not his bode. i live in the town where m.h. began,what liars weve become

  • He’s so hot!

    It may be photoshopped a little but I think he looks amazing! I also noticed on the video how buff his arms look. Whatever, some people just love to hate on a good looking guy like Orlando. It doesn’t change how much he is adored and how nice and good of a person he is. There’s too much proof of that.

  • m

    Amazingly ridiculous!

  • @33

    But the video proves that really is his “bode”.
    The only difference is that he is flexing in the cover shot to emphasize his muscles.
    He looks fantastic!

  • fake

    It is not necessary to change Orlando. Why are they doing this?

  • PirateFan

    I don’t care if it’s photoshopped. Damn, he looks good! Orlando, I miss ya! Can’t wait to hopefully see “The Three Musketeers.” I really miss him as Captain Will Turner. I’d sail with he and Captain Jack any day! He just looks so happy with his little boy and I’m sure he’s a great dad:)

  • Lorie

    He’s actually a very small man, miranda is like 5’6 max, he’s like 5’9 max in person. they’re really tiny pair. miranda always wears 6inch heels, sorta like beckham and because her head is so tiny, she looks extremely tall. seriously, you need to meet him in person, my friend’s 5’7 and she was almost leveled off with him, i was seeing the top of his head. he was auctioning off his suit top and it was like a puppet size thing.

  • Lorie

    He’s actually a very small man, miranda is like 5’6 max, he’s like 5’9 max in person. they’re really tiny pair. miranda always wears 6inch heels, sorta like beckham and because her head is so tiny, she looks extremely tall. seriously, you need to meet him in person, my friend’s 5’7 and she was almost leveled off with him, i was seeing the top of his head. he was auctioning off his suit top and it was like a puppet size thing.

  • @40

    Sorry, we have video proof that he is just a fraction under 5’11.
    And since when can a 5’6″ model work a runway? Miranda, at 5’9″ barely makes the cut on height. And BTW, they don’t account for heel height when using a model for runway work. She has to be tall barefoot.
    And “puppet sized”? You are being ridiculous.
    I saw the LOTR costume exibit, and his costume was the same size as Viggo’s and Sean Bean’s. Orlando’s was even broader across the shoulders than Viggo’s. Are Viggo and Sean B. “puppet sized” too?

  • @39/40

    If Orlando is only 5’9, then the rest of his co-stars are all Hobbits in real life. And yes, that includes Viggo, Sean B., Ian M., Liv Tyler (who is 5’10 BTW), and Johnny Depp. And what about Eric Bana? If Orlando is only 5’9″, then Eric is only about 6′ tall, and not the reported 6’4″.
    You forget that if you want to shave inches off Orlando’s height, you have to do the same with anyone that he stands next to.
    Why is it so hard for people to accept the truth that the man is tall?
    Ignoring facts just makes you look desperate and stupid.

  • MAG

    Actually you should check out the behind the scene video of the cover shoot.

  • MAG


    You should see the behind the scenes video.

  • mag


    You need to check out the behind the scenes video. He’s pretty bulked up.

  • Robaire McCoy

    Exceedingly interesting thanks, I believe your trusty audience would possibly want considerably more items of this nature keep up the great work.

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