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LeAnn Rimes: Herve Leger By Max Azria Show!

LeAnn Rimes: Herve Leger By Max Azria Show!

LeAnn Rimes gives a grin at the Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held at Lincoln Center on Tuesday (September 13) in New York City.

The 29-year-old singer met up with Max Azria himself before the show – the two laughed together while posing for pictures!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Insane Herve Leger collection I just saw backstage! Getting ready to witness a fabulous show!!!!! Cage boots……my obsession!” LeAnn tweeted just before the show.

Earlier in the day, LeAnn had the opportunity to sit front row at the Badgley Mischka fashion show!

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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz; Photos: Getty
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  • blair

    Ack….that face!

  • oOoOo

    She has a manly face !

  • miapocca

    She did herbest to recreate her husbands ex wife….now she looka shapeless dried prune who is always being pimped by JJ for some pocket money

  • oh man

    first comes the satifaction and high of “slimming down” to nothing, and now comes the illness

  • Paula Hatton

    I think she’s addicted to losing weight. It’s sad to see her lashing out at everyone who’s trying help her – Giuliana Rancic and the stranger at a restaurant in Chicago who told her she needs to eat something.

  • Joss

    That is one scary creature.

  • KerryLynn

    This woman and Barf Refaeli are the worst fame whores who appear at functions they have no business attending. Can they both disappear forever?

  • eureka

    Hmm,… If limiting my calorie intake and excercising makes me look good …..then starving and overexercising will make me look great.

  • justme

    Yuck, her face is just so awful, so painful to look at, so unnattractive with those beady squinty eyes and big horse-like teeth. She needs a bra to hold up her droopy fake tatas and better posture.

  • smee

    why are we seeing this anorexic

  • GF


  • http://buzznet Cindy

    She looks awful. So sad to see her like this.

  • ME

    Is anyone else sick of seeing her every single day?? Who cares what function she is attending!!!!

  • Amanda

    I like busting on popular people now and then like most , but now I do believe she is sick and needs help. I can’t laugh at her anymore.

  • Toni

    It is easy to get addicted to exercising. It’s a ‘feel good’ thing. I used to do triathlon training and was the fittest in my entire life, but I looked toned and too skinny. It took a while for me to see how bad I looked… even though I felt great. Slowed all that down and put some shape back on. If everyone leaves her alone, she’ll eventually settle down and look better.

  • Sadie

    If everyone would stop giving her attention (positive and negative) , she would go away.

  • emmaa

    For goodness sake, go away! Jared stop pimping this irrelevant/flop/hasbeen woman around on your site.

  • Mrs. Ed

    Strap on a feedbag.

  • Sadie

    I’m not a huge Brandi fan either but it’s so obvious LeAnn is SWFing her. How much more pathetic do you have to get to go the same plastic surgeon as Brandi and get the same implants?!

    I really do think Eddie will cheat on her eventually anyway though, how sad.

  • MangerBouger

    She has a manly face cause she has slimmed down so badly … sad !

  • countrygirl

    love her!

  • MangerBouger

    + She can’t wear Hervé’s bodysuit since she doesn’t have any curves. His clothes are made for curvy ladies !

  • Yu_ko

    she looks hideous!

  • Swara

    oh bless her. she has absolutely NO insight whatsoever. Yes, honey, you do look healthy, beautiful, attractive… NOT! In fact, you look sick.

  • wendy
  • BloodbuzzOhio

    @KerryLynn: Add Olivia Munn-dane and the Carcrashians to that list.

  • ^..^

    that dress is as ugly and disastrous as her face and legs.

  • zanuska

    a strong wind will break those legs!! wow she is ugly skinny…

  • Nani

    Quit putting this gremlin on your website every day! IT makes no sense at all.

  • catherine

    I was a huge fan of hers since I was in middle school but is it me or has she been just trying too hard to be someone else ever since she got with Eddie. I mean what is a country singer with no hit song in sight like Leann Rimes doing at Fashion Week? Oh right, the ex wife was a model. Leann used to be a slightly normal girl that was approachable to her fan base and then she got with eddie, became emaciated, boob job and is just trying too hard to become part of the pretty girl LA scene that she obviously just doesn’t fit into. I feel bad for her more than anything.

  • kitty

    Herve Leger is not for skeletons.

  • S


    you said it better.

    enough of this girl ,please.need just jarred keep posting her every waking moment. what, this site must have a deal with her.

  • kitty
  • Alime

    She looks like she has a face of a donkey. So unattractive even with all that makeup.

  • dana

    doesnt matter how beautiful the dress or how thin the body is,she has the face of the joker-maybe someone should design a very large brimmed hat,so we dont have to look at her smug smile so often-really ugly!

  • Indigo

    I see she took our advice ( I’m convinced someone that obsessive reads what is written about her) and is keeping her look softer. I can’t say I hate the hair or the dress. But she just looks off somehow.

    Her core group of people/friends ( handlers?) Are really just “yes” men/women that tell her whatever she wants to hear to keep her happy and the money coming in. She will never see the reality of what she has become as long as they keep feeding her ego all the time.

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?

  • gwen

    From IMDb Fall TV Preview 2011 article for The Playboy Club:

    Why We’re Excited: The costumes look great, and the music is enjoyable. But really, what we can’t wait for is the inevitable “Saturday Night Live” skit this thing is bound to inspire.

    Why We’re Not: If you ever wanted to know what Don Draper would sound like if he were shallow and dull, close your eyes and watch this pilot. Cibrian channels the “Mad Men” vibe so poorly it may cause pain to watch – or listen – to him in action. Worse is the conflicting message the show itself attempts to foist on viewers. The pitch is that being a Bunny affords a level of freedom and financial gain that women of this era coveted, but in the same token, whenever a female character gets into a bind, she gets a man to dig her out. Even if you don’t care about any of that, it’s hard to look past the utter stupidity of the dialogue and the one-dimensional characters. Gloria Steinem is calling for a boycott of the show, as is the Parents Television Council. And the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, KSL, has announced that it won’t air it. But people should not refrain from watching it because Steinem and these organizations have urged us to do so. Rather, ignore “The Playboy Club” because you have better things to do than stare at the season’s dumbest bunny.

  • gwen

    This is what one blog had to say about EC and WEWE presence at the Fashion Week.

    “LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian managed an invite (a customer is a customer in this economy, we suppose)”

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes: single white femailing EC ex-wife and famewhoring at the Herve Leger By Max Azria Show!

    Of course WEWE is grinning. She is buying into the hype that she paid her mouthpieces to create.

    Of course WEWE laughed, wasn’t the whole point of fashion week to convince us that all is well in her marriage to EC and that she is well liked by her peers?

    WEWE obsession is trying to convince people that all is well in her relationship with EC. So now she thinks that appearing on Playboy Club will do that?

    There are so many things wrong with this staged photo-op?

    The dress is VERY similar to a dress that BG wore. So once again she is SWF BG? Why? Why would she contrinallu go around dressing like BG? What is wrong with EC that he morphs his new wife into his ex-wife?

    Why are her implants sagging?

    She needs to lay off the botox. Her face looks REALLY bad?

    If she cares so much about homeless teens, how come she is in NYC doing fashion week instead of spending that time volunteering to help build those kids homes?

  • Neds

    Noticed that JustJared is cropping the pictures to not show LeAnn’s psoriasis breakout on her legs. Posters at CB talk about her ugly bruised legs, but it’s not bruising, it’s worsening psoriasis. LeAnn must be off her meds to get pregnant, and thereby have a permanent connection with her temporary gigolo/husband (cough).

  • gwen

    Eddie is going to be on Regis and Kelly on Monday and so far they have not released any staged “happy family” photos of them with EC sons. I wonder how long that will last, perhaps EC and LR have schedule the “happy family” photos for next week when LR will be doing her interviews and album release.

    So how will NBC/Playboy deal with the blacklash from EC and LR interviews on Regis and Kelly and Ellen? Come on NBC, it was bad enough that you allowed them to famewhore at fashion week and it backfired.

    We can already predict what the tacky twosome will say or do.

    -R & K or Ellen will show a photo of LR and EC wedding/EC and LR kissing one another/EC and LR with EC kids and EC parents/EC and LR on a beach/photo of them at fashion week

    -EC is going to talk about what a great/supportive wife he has and will even call her beautiful

    -EC will keep his hand positioned so that his wedding ring is displayed at the camera at all times

    -LR is going to talk about how much EC boys love her and will even tell a story about how they gave her a special gift

    -LR is going to talk about how she is being persecuted

    -their move to Chicago and how they have adjusted

    -LR talks about the tattoos she got in honor of EC

    -To show us just how much EC loves her, LR is going to talk about all the special things EC does for her

    -EC will compare his new marriage to his old marriage, but in a indirect manner

    -How they will be going on another vacation to relax because their lives are so busy

    -EC will put on the “devoted” father act

    -how LR is going to be on Playboy Club

    These interviews are a HUGE mistake. The media fell for the “EC and LR are popular because they attend fashion week and sit in the front row” campaign, but the public did not. When people see EC and LR they are reminded of how they exploit those kids and how LR and EC have used charity to make themselves look good.

    So how will Playboy Club manipulate the numbers to save face because they allowed LR and EC constant attention seeking to get in the way. It’s sad that the Playboy Club allows their friendship with LR to dictate how they run their show.

  • wandahalf

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