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Christina Aguilera: Not Fired From 'The Voice'

Christina Aguilera: Not Fired From 'The Voice'

Christina Aguilera carries her son Max while leaving an office on Thursday (September 15) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 30-year-old entertainer was joined by ex-husband Jordan Bratman who took Max home in his BMW.

Earlier in the week, rumors surfaced that Christina was either leaving or was being fired from The Voice.

But executive producer Mark Burnett says Christina is “absolutely staying.”

“She is not going anywhere, 100 percent,” he told E! Online. “We were emailing with Christina yesterday. They’re all back. It’s ridiculous. You know what it is? Nervous other shows. So you know what I say [to that]? ‘Good try.’”

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  • Carol

    Max is so cute!

  • cindy

    Your such a strong lady with so much trash talk about you. Keep being a fighter Christina Aguilera! Your stonger than ever can’t wait to see more of your projects!!!!

  • Droopy

    She looks really great. I love her curves! Go girl!

  • Paul Rivas

    Ugh, I want Christina BlackBerry´s PIN so bad Lol.
    She wont hbe stopped by all this shitty news and haters coming and going after her, you know what? Cause she is a strong woman with an enormous will.
    Deal with it.

  • Paul Rivas

    Ugh, I want Christina BlackBerry´s PIN so bad Lol.
    She wont be stopped by all this shitty news and haters coming and going after her, you know what? Cause she is a strong woman with an enormous will.
    Deal with it

  • Jade

    Why is the media so obsessed with bringing Christina Aguilera down? It’s really pathetic. She’s been around over 10 years, She’s worked hard, extremely talented and def uses her celeb status for good. It’s seems like ever since lady gaga came on the scene people have this weird fixation and a need to hate on Xtina. Why? who the hell knows. But I’ll tell you this when I first saw the Just dance video my first thought was “who the hell is this xtina look alike/wannabe?” which i quickly got over and I have nothing against Gaga. I’m not hear to bash anyone. But i’m so tired of hearing all the comparisons and hatred towards Xtina. I think it’s childish unnecessary

  • i love Xtina

    the best !

  • Xtina always wins by default

    Christina Aguilera is the f*cking best.

    I am patiently waiting for a new album from this most epic, outstanding, versatile, incredible, majestic vocalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot have enough Aguilera CDs in my collection!!

    Christina Aguilera is the CHAMPION OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, period point blank, bottom line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her entire career/work speaks for itself!!!!!!!!!

  • shopaholic

    That kids like 12, does he not know how to walk yet?

  • christinalover

    christina ist the most charismatic and most beautiful woman of our time, every man gets a boner when he sees her and she is the best vocalist of all those singers out there. So they would never ever fire christina aguilera

    btw : I love her curves on those pics :)

  • :)

    Looking great Christina! Can’t wait for Season 2 of The Voice.

  • Queen Aguilera the best


  • Bionic Army Forever

    @Shopaholic, seriously 12! Ok, no he’s 4 just to get that striaght! @ILoveXtina I’m so right there with u. BionicArmy forever!!!!

  • Chunkytina

    She’s keeps on getting bigger…

  • Speak Now


    I applaud your post because it’s 100 per cent true. It’s BEYOND ridiculous.

  • Agatha

    Hasn’t been seen in weeks…Hoping she was at a Fat Camp…She has a HUGE closet but buys the same style of clothes.BORING!!!!Christina has been dressing like Kristie Alley for 5 years now.

  • Maggie

    She really shouldn’t wear leggings. Does’nt have the legs for them.

  • Tazlena

    Leggings on a fat person doesn’t really look that flattering. But they are comfortable. A long top that covers most of the thighs would look better.

  • Guy

    Can anyone tell me why she is getting so much criticism for being bigger? She is just like everyone else in the world, she can get big and small just like the rest of us. However, rather than worry about ourselves we decide to attack her for not being a size zero. Christina is really talented, she is THE VOICE of our generation and she is going through a rough spot now with a flop album, divorce, and everything else, the media should just lay off her!

    Yes she is bigger but that has no bearing on her vocal ability and creative ingenuity and like it or not, I bet a lot of you who call her fat aren’t that great looking yourselves cause Christina can always lose the weight but I would take a GOOD look in the mirror before I made a comment on someone’s looks….

  • ka simply amazing

    cute max and christina

  • Q

    Beautiful family

  • Just call me cute

    Her son looks old than her small body. Xtina looks natural pretty

  • Denise

    Why are people so mad that Xtina’s thighs touch now instead of looking like 2 sticks hanging. A woman’s thighs were meant to connect that horeshoe look is just weird. anyone can see that obviously with everyone attacking her weight she could give a crap because she isn’t like other celebrities running to crash diet or do drugs to get thin!! I say go girl enjoy your curves. also I know all those calling her fat are wayyyyyyy bigger than her and I am sure unlike Xtina who still maintains a nice figure you all have that ice cream cone, or frog look, or worse no shape just the blob look.

  • jjj


  • Marcelina

    Her thighs are so huge! I’m pretty sure she could crush a man to death between those thighs. It would be one of the most pleasant deaths a man could die.

  • Belladonna

    I’m happy of her second week on the top of the BB Hot 100, go Christina and Maroon 5!

    Christina looks so young and cute in that pastelle coloured shirt and Max is adorable.

  • viktoriia

    U ppl R fkn STUPID AND HAVE NO LIFE she is NOT FAT or look nasty in leggings .. seriously .. ppl u must b jelous she makes $ she is beautiful and she’s a women w a body so the fuk what .. not every girl needs to b a fkn walking brromstick fkn Morans so xtina Rox

  • linker nippel

    she look happy
    and love her curves
    and xtina is a fighter
    nothing can bring her down
    do your thing xtinaa
    i love you…

  • thunderthightina

    LMAO…the queens @ ald are having a meltdown over thunderthightina.

  • Sophia

    Agamon ppl caling xtina fat who ever called her fat u must b jealous of her COOLNESS :) iloveyou christina aguilera <3

  • http://na angierocks

    I am so sick of the christina hate you can’t put a good woman down!I love xtina!She makes the show intersting.Her voice slays.Her curves is hot!

  • thereasonyoucome

    She’s not fat. It’s just that she was so thin before, and people are not used to seeing her with a figure that’s fuller and heavier. She’s a woman, and just like the rest of us, she gains weight and loses weight. It’s refreshing to see that. Thin or not, at the end of the day, one thing remains: that amazing voice of hers. She’s one of those who can afford to not look perfect all the time because she real has talent.