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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' Stills!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' Stills!

Check out these stills of Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts from their upcoming thriller Dream House!

Producer Ehren Kruger recently was asked if Daniel and Rachel‘s relationship off camera was apparent while they worked on the movie.

WATCH: Dream House Trailer

“They are both very focused actors, so you just figured they were really committed to their performance of this married couple,” Ehren told MTV News about the co-stars, who tied the knot earlier this summer.

“There is method acting and I guess there is matrimonial method acting. But I wouldn’t say it was apparent during shooting,” he added. “They were playing the roles as professional, and it went from there.”

Dream House hits theaters September 30!

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daniel craig rachel weisz dream house stills 05
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Photos: George Kraychyk/Universal Picture
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  • susan

    i just love these photos; especially those of Daniel and Rachel. can’t wait to see the film. and i really don’t care what others say.

  • Joanne

    I can’t wait to see the chemistry between Daniel and Rachel in Dream House.

  • luke

    I hope this movie bombs bigtime!

  • RW

    How come there are no promotions going on for this movie? There are only 15 more days and no word about a premiere either!
    Will there be any press coverage at all?!!!!

  • susan


    well, i was wondering how long it would take for a troll, like yourself, to show up.

  • susan


    well, i was wondering how long it would take for a troll, like yourself, to show up.

  • susan


    well, i was wondering how long it would take for a troll, like yourself, to show up.

  • susan

    hey one and all, sorry i posted the same thing three times. there’s something wrong on my end

  • Amy

    Ashanti sings the title song for DH!
    My song Never Too Far Away is available NOW on itunes- The Title song for Morgan Creek’s film Dream House OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE NEXT WEEK
    3 hours ago

    Never Too Far Away is not my 1st single but the Title song for the film Dream House staring Daniel Craig produced by @lthutton !! :)
    2 hours ago

  • Amy
  • Amy
  • Elise

    Dan is handsome as usual, but why did they glue that ridiculous hair thing on, in photo 5 is looks so unnatural on him. He has that ruggedly handsome face so it takes away from that. Rachel looks 20, her face is so young looking, very pretty. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • to RW

    There will be no premiere and no promo at all.
    The studio, the director and the actors are no happy with the movie.

  • to to RW

    Gina, i was wondering when you’d show up. God forbid, that we should have an entire thread without your wonderful words of wisdom. after all, you are always right; never wrong. please, idiot, go away.

  • Promos

    There won’t be any promos because it would be embarrassing for the stars to walk the red carpet after all the cheating that went on on set.

  • Tarik

    Haters always quite forget Naomi Watts.

  • Guinness

    Dan and the leather!! yey! hey–out of the leather too! *cheeky smile toward cheeky friend!!

    and Fio–how come i beat you here? you slackin? or nappin? or cocktailin? thats what i am doin shortly…some SERIOUS cocktailin’, i have had a shtttty week. and a shtty life lately that is why i am trying my best to get here!! love it. and damn, Dan!

    there was a NYC radio station broadcasted up here…the question of the day on “Elvis & his crew” was: who would you do a 3some with–it has to be celebrities straight, and gay? well, I couldn’t call in, but guess what mine would be???
    thats right!
    “straight” 3some=Me, daniel & no, not Hugh Laurie, but star trek villian himself-Eric Bana!! (ya gotta think placement-he is taller than both of us)

    “gay” 3some= Dah! Madonna, me, and Niki Minaj (oh some freaky time, eh???)

    But I would make everyone wear a Dan mask. And dance to “you can leave your hat on” by Tom Jones (he is ssssoooo sexxxy! *you’re welcome cheeky brit)
    I hope to see a Dan movie this weekend, wish me luck.

    oh!!! Does Dan and Rach do a “kubrick-esque” scene? Like the one between Nicole and TOM?? whoolly soft P0RN batman!!!

    love & hugs~G

  • Fio

    Rachel talks about DH in interview at Tronto Film International Festival

  • Fio

    New Clip – “Who Is Peter Ward?” Libby (Rachel Weisz) has some questions.

  • Fio

    MOVIE PREVIEW – Dream House
    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz move into a haunted house that may be familiar than they think,,20518764,00.html

  • Fio
  • Fio
  • Fio

    Michael Nyqvist ‘Curious’ About Daniel Craig’s ‘Dragon Tattoo’
    The actor told Access Hollywood that he’s met Daniel Craig, but they didn’t trade notes or tips on the character.

    “You protect your job in a way, but [they are] really nice guys, and I heard that they did a really good job from friends who have been in it,” he told Access at the premiere of his new movie, “Abduction.”

    “David Fincher is one of the best directors I know, so I’m really curious to see it,” he continued. “Really curious, and I want to hear Daniel have the Swedish accent.”

    Michael is confident that Daniel will be able pull off the challenging role.

    “I’ve seen him in a lot [of movies], even before Bond, and he’s such a great actor, even on stage,” he said. “I like him very much.”

    But will Michael be making a cameo in the American version?

    “No, I don’t think so. I stayed out of that, [it] would be weird,” he said, but he went on to reveal that another Nyqvist will make an appearance in Fincher’s “Dragon Tattoo.”

    “Actually my daughter is an extra in the film,” he told Access. “She poured some coffee [for] Daniel and said, ‘Do you know who my dad is?’ So she had a good time there.”

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    I posted my reply to you on the last thread cuz I missed new thread yesterday!! :)
    “I would make everyone wear a Dan mask.”
    Nah, I cannot open my mouth wide if my regular dentist looks like Daniel! lol
    “I hope to see a Dan movie this weekend, wish me luck.”
    Oh, have fun!!!

  • Fio

    Can’t wait!!
    TheFilmStage: J. Edgar trailer coming soon and Sony will release an extended The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trailer (3 mins and 33 secs).
    46 minutes ago via Nambu

  • to 14

    Who are you talking to again?
    I came to this board today, just right this moment and you mention my nickname as I can see. If you want to talk to someone so write to this concrete poster, not to me. You always prove to be wrong who is who. It is funny from you. Maybe I will write to Just Jared to add ip address of each poster because posters never know who is who. I suggested adding ip addresses always but JJ never did it so you always will not know who actually wrote.

  • Gina

    So Cowboys bombed fully.

  • box

    Cowboys&Aliens: budget $163 million, marketing $152 million, earnings= $156,799,466.
    Executives have said that Cowboys must bring about $400-500 million otherwise actors and producer won’t be paid their share.

    The Smurfs: budget $110 million, earnings= $457,806,000


  • Gina

    if Dream House crap won’t be released so it will be even more better!

  • Gina

    I would not protest if Nyqvist played other similar role like Blomkvist. He was sympathetic, nice eyes he has, hmmmm….

  • Gina

    Dream House horror is expensive film budgeted for $55 million and when I include another tens of millions for marketing so better I don’t want to imagine this horror could cost about $100 million. This horror is banned for kids, even the movie poster shows two little girls. Appeal for a PG 13 rating for Dream House was rejected so there will be less money as kids don’t see the movie but when I look at Cowboys, where are kids to spend $ to see this movie?
    I am wondering if DH producers have another tens of millions for marketing…. Some say Morgan’s Creek Productions didn’t make any bigger hit last years and Dream House is kitsch according to many.

  • susan

    @to 14

    i’m sorry the other poster confused you with Gina. it shouldn’t have happened. but you have to understand that Gina is very annoying; go back and read her posts. as to adding the ip address of each poster, JJ can’t do that. He operates inside the United States therefore subject to American law. it would be a violation of the First Amendment. JJ would need the permission of the individual posters. my suggestion, if you don’t like the post thumb it down

  • to susan

    #26 is Gina.

  • Holly Baby

    Rachel Weisz Wants ‘Baby James Bonds’ With 007 Star Husband, Daniel Craig!
    The couple married this summer in a whirlwind ceremony — and now babies are at the TOP of their agenda!

    We’d better put Rachel Weisz on bump watch! Sources say the Oscar winner is desperate to start a family with new husband Daniel Craig!

    “They really want to make their own family,” an insider tells Star magazine. “It’s very important for them to have a child together — and soon.”

    The couple both have kids from previous relationships. Rachel, 41, is mommy to five-year-old son Henry with ex-partner Darren Aronofsky, and 007 star Daniel, 43, has a 19- year-old daughter Ella with ex-wife Fiona Loudon.

    But Rachel wants more babies and is even prepared to put her career on the backburner so she can be a full-time mom.

    The source adds, “Rachel and Daniel fell hard for each other. He’d give her the moon and stars if she wanted, and what she really wants is a baby. He’s completely happy to have a child with her.

    “Rachel was pretty much a workaholic throughout her 30s and privately has said that her relationship with Darren failed because she didn’t have a healthier work-home balance. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice – and she thinks Daniel is amazing. She already jokes that their child will be Baby Bond!”

    They’d make beautiful babies together — don’t you think, HollyMoms?

  • susan

    @to susan

    #26 is Gina.
    she is? well, did I ever fall for that one; stupid much. thanks, i won’t make that mistake again

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “Dan and the leather!! yey! hey–out of the leather too! *cheeky smile toward cheeky friend!!”

    Yay, out of the leather!!! *grin*

    “i have had a shtttty week. and a shtty life lately that is why i am trying my best to get here!! love it. and damn, Dan! ”

    Hope things will get better soon!!! Hugs!

    “I would make everyone wear a Dan mask”

    LOL! I think I just wouldn’t stop giggling…

    “And dance to “you can leave your hat on” by Tom Jones (he is ssssoooo sexxxy! *you’re welcome cheeky brit)”

    Tom Jones is another one who aged really well. And I am glad he grew out of his ‘white tight bursting trousers thing’…

    “I hope to see a Dan movie this weekend, wish me luck.”

    DId you???

    “Does Dan and Rach do a “kubrick-esque” scene?”

    Nice thought… :)

    to Fio

    So many links to catch up with! Thanks!

    “Actually my daughter is an extra in the film”


    “Nah, I cannot open my mouth wide if my regular dentist looks like Daniel! lol”

    LOL! If my regular dentist would look like Dan, I suddenly would have many aching teeth… ;)

  • Daniel is Hot

    Holly Baby!. Let’s hope they have a cute little baby Bond soon. The baby will be so cute and glad to hear that she will take time off to be a full time mother – if the article is true. Good for them.

  • susan

    the script for Dream House is supposed to be on line. i’m trying to find it. yes, i know i should wait for the film. but i can’t wait; i want to know.

  • Guinness

    A baby would be a logical decision, right age, right time, sexxy partner, lots o money. Yeah, this is a suprise to anyone? But dan seems to be coming out more (you’re welcome crazy wish-he-was-on-our-team people!!) in the public and talking more, albiet, still very guarded.

    thx for the get better wishes Mendel–it got better after the weekend, thank you–it is spectacular over here right now and only gets better. Did have a few Dan-movies in my hand (would have loved to have dan in my hand really) but family went hiking instead–Mt Washington-it has snow on it already. leaves are a changin. I wished for Ice House, that is when i fell hard for him…don’t ask why. but couldn’t find it, gotto buy it.

    oh! see you at the other thread, got to go check it out. ~G

  • Guinness

    hi DIH–jeez, i ignored you again!! sorry. typing too fast and the Dan-in-hand comment i wrote still has me distracted! see u at other thread.

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