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Gerard Butler Gets 'Sirius' in NYC

Gerard Butler Gets 'Sirius' in NYC

Gerard Butler stops by “The Morning Mash Up” at the SiriusXM Studios on Thursday (September 15) in New York City.

The 41-year-old actor has been busy promoting two new films, Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus, which both premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“I think that was one of those career defining moments for me,” Gerard said about screening Machine Gun Preacher at TIFF.

“I’m very proud of the movie, I think it’s a very powerful, remarkable piece of work. Last year was kind of a time for me that I stopped and said, ‘Ok, really, what do I want to do right now?’ And I took on a couple of challenges, challenged myself with more edgy and grittier roles, with this and also with Coriolanus,” he added.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue plaid shirt.

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Credit: Taylor Hill; Photos: Getty, INFdaily
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  • lolita

    Gerry, my dear you get around like hot air. You must be running yourself ragged, but you still look so good.

  • lolita

    JJ, what’s up with your site chewing up posts and making them disappear.

  • lolita

    Howard Stern has never been a favorite of mine but I do feel the praise he had for Gerry and MGP was genuine. I think he found Gerry to be open and spontaneous. Howard has a way of making people very uncomfortable but Gerry handled it well.

  • Truth

    Big daddy! Wait! Harpo, who dis woman?

  • Truth


    I said it before that Butler is a chameleon. He can adapt to any and every situation.

  • ha ha

    that girl is ugly, no way she’s with him, she probably works for Sirius

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve

    Another thread! OMG! It’s JustGerard for sure! LOL! Gerry looks like a lumberjack! I tossed out a shirt just like that one not too long ago because the plaid made me look to big. I see where it ended up!

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve


    Yes I liked the Stern interview! It wasn’t too over the top raunch!
    That girl in the pic is dressed strange! I’m no fashionista but a summery flowered dress with suede boots is an odd combo! LOL!

  • lolita

    @Truth: I remember an interview on TMC when they were showing movies of Lon Chaney and they said he was an actor with a 1,000 faces. Gerry falls in that categoy too.
    @Eve, I agree not over the top considering how Howard can get.

  • Cat9

    Just make sure you come to Australia soon. Make some of your fans happy!

  • Melinda

    Where can I watch the whole Howard Stern interview??? I’ve only watched this teaser:

  • Gerry Oldman

    Gerry has really old looking arms these days and GROSS elbows! I hate when people have that kind of dry, wrinkly and bluish elbows. butler&search2String=a&dispOutput=grid&eaCurrentPageNum=1&bylinesearch=&locationsearch=&sourcesearch=&actionsearch=&postersearch=&attrsearch=&capwrisearch=&categorysearch=&scatssearch=&scodesearch=&specialsearch=&subjectsearch=&feature=pacificphotos&vg=false&searchPhoto=Y&searchVideo=N&searchText=N&searchGraphics=N&sort=d&searchSet=no&searchSetName=&searchHZ=N&searchVT=N&daterng=&searchtype=newsearch

  • Gerry Oldman

    Gerry has really old looking arms these days and GROSS elbows! I hate when people have that kind of dry, wrinkly and bluish elbows.
    Fifth picture in the third row:;jsessionid=5CA3C826AA7B5F5A78FB8DB622EEC5E6.fremont

  • Sweetestone2

    More amazing Gerry!!Yeah!! Luv him!!x

  • Melinda

    Two thumbs down? What’s wrong with asking about the Stern interview?

  • kelly

    omg another gerry thread i just cant keep up but he does make me smile when i see him thats it gerry smile for me awwww that was great luv the pictures

  • Predictable

    Jamison Ernest, Linda Vojtova, Ronnie Madra, Alan Siegel and lookie, lookie if it isn’t The Butler’s latest model victim:
    Nothing serious this time either, of course. As usual.

  • abmag

    Love Gerry to bits but just spoke with a dear friend who has half followed him cause of me.She say she swears he looks”methy” lately.Surely hope not. Will be ducking any slings and arrows coming my way as I’m off to the land of Nod.

    Do wish him good health and all the best with MGP and Corialanus, both of which I’m dying to see.

  • leslie51


    The HS interview has been posted on Youtube in 6 parts. Here is part 1 and you can follow on from there by clicking on the other parts on the sidebar

  • Kaia

    OK, everyone… Scroll down to post #26 in this thread
    I swear, that sounds exactly like Gerry’s Icelandic friend and ‘spiritual guide’ Halli Hansen! EXACTLY like him. The words, the writing style, *everything*. I know what I’m talking about since I’ve read a few things of what he’s written and also met him in person and heard him speak. Very weird.

  • cupcake

    Hey predictable who is gerry’s lastest model victim.

  • SwansongPaisley

    I find it very ironic that just when there is so much to discuss about Gerry’s career, interviews, public appearances and all the great news surrounding this man….hardly anybody is talking…. *crickets*…. I loved the HS interview and have enjoyed most of the press about MGP and Gerry. I am so thrilled that his true talent as an actor is finally being recognized. But all this Oscar talk has me nervous because I don’t think there is any chance of MGP even being considered for an award. Not because it’s undeserving, but because Christian based themes are not something the Hollywood elite are going to acknowledge. This is just my opinion, of course. Looking forward to MGP release, and I just found out that it WILL be playing in at least one art house theater in my city!


  • Scarlett-E

    She is not Gerry’s latest model victim.She is a Dutch model, Rianne Ten Haken and her and Gerry have been friends for years.

  • PsychoB

    @SwansongPaisley: I also liked the Howard interview. Howard does his homework. There is huge buzz about Clooneys new picture as well as Pitt’s. And their movies don’t have God as a main part of the story.

  • Informal Observer

    I hope the movie does well and gets the recognition it deserves, but in my opinion, the powers that be in Hollywood might find it a little bit too controversial to nominate it for an Oscar for two reasons : religion and the political situation in the Sudan right now. I hope I’m wrong!

  • CJ

    Angels with Dirty Faces” 1939 Nominated Best Actor | Teen
    “Boys Town” 1939 Won Best Actor, Nominated Best Picture, and Director | All
    “The Song of Bernadette” 1943 Nominated Best Actress | All
    “Going My Way” 1944 Won Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor, and Director | All
    “The Bells of Saint Mary” 1945 Nominated Best Picture, Actor, Actress, and Director | All
    “It’s a Wonderful Life” 1946 Nominated Best Picture, Actor, and Director | V45 | Teen
    “Joan of Arc” 1947 Nominated Best Actress | All
    “Quo Vidas” 1951 Nominated Best Picture | All
    “The Robe” 1953 Nominated Best Picture, and Actor | All
    “The Ten Commandments” 1956 Nominated Best Picture | All
    “Ben Hur” 1959 Won Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor, and Director | V45 | All
    “The Nun’s Story” 1959 Nominated Best Actress | Teen
    “Elmer Gantry” 1960 Won Best Actor and nominated for Best Picture | Adult
    “Inherit the Wind” 1960 Nominated Best Actor | Adult
    “Lillies of the Field” 1963 Won Best Actor, Nominated Best Picture | All
    “Becket” 1964 Nominated Best Picture, and Actor (Not reviewd by American Bishops’ site.)
    The American Catholic Bishops’ site provides a top ten list for all years from 1965 on. I note those films with B10.

    “The Sound of Music” 1965 Won Best Picture, Nominated Best Actress and Supporting Actress | B10 | All
    “A Man for All Seasons” 1966 Won Best Picture and Actor, Nominated Best Supporting Actor and Actress | V45 | B10 | All
    “The Exorcist” 1973 Nominated Best Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress | Adult??? The only picture on the list to get a 4, adults only and with reservations.
    “Chariots of Fire” 1981 Won Best Picture and Nominated Best Supporting Actor | V45 | B10 | All
    “Raiders of the Lost Ark” 1981 Nominated Best Picture | Adult
    “Tender Mercies” 1983 Won Best Actor and nominated Best Picture | B10 | Teen
    “The Mission” 1986 Nominated Best Picture | V45 | B10 | Adult
    “Shadowlands” 1993 Nominated Best Actress | B10 | Teen
    “Dead Man Walking” 1995 Nominated Best Actress | B10 | Adult
    “The Apostle” 1997 Nominated Best Actor | B10 | Adult
    The above list includes movies from 1930 to the present that were nominated for Best Picture, Actor, or Actress. I have included all the movies that I know of that have major religious themes.
    Some of them may not be appropriate for you or your family, and you would not want to suggest them for the library. “Elmer Gantry”, and “Inherit the Wind” might be considered anti-religious,”The Exorcist” is too horrible, and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” not serious enough. I have included them in the list because people might want to use the list for other reasons. Perhaps they are interested in how many movies with religious themes have been nominated and how that has changed over time. The 40′s, 50′s and early 60′s were particularly good for religious films.

  • CJ

    Political films win awards all the time especially if its current politics…so Gerry has a chance…sometimes there are so many oscar worthy movies in a year that its hard to choose…

    In my opinion MGP is more of a religious movie than a political one..

  • Eye Butler Candy

    He looks good. His height fits him well with his weight. This man is hotness in my Texas heat radar!

  • Other1/2?

    @Kaia: Really? Dargabriel is Halli? Whoever he is has limited knowledge on soul-monad meta-physics.. He stuck on the one-dimensional twin flame-otherhalf concepts. Yes, a man married to his career will achieve his dreams. And to give it away in time.

  • mollie

    @Other1/2?: So did this Gabriel dude ever say who Gerry’s twin half is supposed to be, lol? I saw he mentioned a Cholita.
    I’m so loving that HS interview! My fave part so far is this one:
    HS: You would never fck Paris Hilton, would you?
    GB: No, never!
    LOL, so funny :)

  • mollie

    OK, can someone help me with a thing here. In this part what is Gerry saying at around 10.15? Something like ‘had sex 16 times this week’. I know I’m hearing it wrong but I just can’t make out what he’s saying. LOL.

  • bystander

    @Cat9: per the NYP he’s started pleasing Australia with nicole trunfio last night! Old enough to be her father. Yuk.

  • UK

    @bystander: Listened to the Howard Stern interview and rather wished I hadn’t. While I had heard of HS, the utter vulgarity and degraded nature of the conversation still took me aback. it would not be broadcast in the UK. While GB was fairly restrained, some of his throwaway remarks do betray his thinking. HS tried to provoke a response by asking if Butler had ‘been with’ more than a hundred women. GB responds by suggesting that the question is whether it is more than ten thousand. while the maths for that may not add up (yet), his aim, as he admitted in an interview with Aniston, is to have as many bodies as possible. They probably do number in the thousands by now.

    His remarks about hardly noticing the live-in girlfriends after the cleaner had been in demonstrate his contemptuous attitude.
    All rather depressing. While he can turn on the charm, he clearly has an agenda.

  • UK

    @bystander: Sorry bystander. My last comment wasn’t meant directly for you, though it is relevant to something you said in the last thread.

    Gary Oldman and John Hurt around my town last night for local showing of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I hope it does well in the Oscars. Too subtle a film for GB’s type of performance. And no scope for tears in the interviews.

  • Lavender

    @bystander: Who on earth is Nicole Trunfio?? Don’t tell me she’s yet another model? Do you have a link to that NYP article?
    @UK: Gerry always answers questions he doesn’t really want to answer with a joke. I’ve noticed this for many years now. I think he even said himself once that joking is a great way to avoid unwanted questions. Just like he avoided answering if he’d been with Naomi Campbell.

  • The Media Lies

    If you got that from twitter, you can see that it came from the fake NY Post twitter account, not the real one. Don’t think its true, but I couldn;t get the link to load to check. I call bullsh!t anyway.

  • Lavender

    So I looked up Nicole Trunfio (she IS a model of course) on and hasn’t Gerry been linked to her before? I remember that I’ve looked at some of these Getty pics before….

  • 2020

    @UK: “His remarks about hardly noticing the live-in girlfriends after the cleaner had been in demonstrate his contemptuous attitude.” Clearly Gerry has sociopathic traits.

  • ……

    @2020: Jeez….he was just joking. I thought that was obvious.

  • bystander

    @UK: I do agree to a degree, wouldn’t be aired here (a bit too Ross/brand), but I found the outrageousness hilarious, and enjoyed the odd squirm and attempted psychobabble. Some of the family stuff went too far, but overall it did reveal layers below the charisma switch. He slipped into mentioning oral s*x and his woman- pleasing talents too quickly for a respectful man.

  • bystander

    @UK: I’m really looking forward to ttss. Stellar cast, some of whom gb has worked with. Missed the 70s tv series, so will see it with fresh eyes. S’pose gb’s lack of training and whipping up of his celebrity status do put him out of the running for many quality roles. Telling that fiennes had tons of praise for chastian and cox’s acting abilities, but left Gerry to last and a throwaway comment about needing a warrior. And then Gerry made a homosexual joke. Doh.

  • lolita

    Gerry is in CA, seen at LAX last night. There are some pics of him arriving, something about PTF work.

  • UK

    @……: I wonder how his jokes about threesomes and two 17-year old girls equalling a 34-year old woman, would go down with the majority of Americans, if more widely known. It would appear to be a mild sample of how he talks about women with his ‘mates’. Looking at a gilded life, produced by sheer selfishness, plus the desire to see though to some kind of truth (which isn’t any different than the public GB) is corrosive and I am not surprised that some people, including CorBlimey, have decided to opt out recently. I am not usually a snide or cynical person but GB has that kind of effect. When we are all middle-aged or old, GB will still be out there, dating girls currently in primary school, before possibly deciding that one of them is lucky enough to push his Zimmerman frame on a full-time basis.

  • UK

    @bystander: I may get the DVD of the series for my teenage son, who loves the book (and the sequel, Smiley’s People). Derek Jacobi is doing a talk near here next week. Another great actor who subsumes himself into a role rather than making it all about him.

  • T.



  • bystander

    @UK: ouch. Bit harse. Gb is, after all only a male, and the product of hid fathers genes and abandonment. Not to make excuses but he could still grow up before dementia sets in! I find his contradictory , flawed character interesting for now, but expect the novelty to wear off!

  • niknoks

    @UK: @bystander:

    Sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities ‘UK’ but Howard Stern is aired in the UK on digital radio.
    I didn’t find it any more raunchy than a Jonathan Ross interview or Simon Amstell when he was on Buzzcocks or Alan Carr for that matter (just look at the Lindsay Lohan interview) and just look at the stuff Frankie Boyle gets away with.
    Bystander, I don’t think you can compare that interview to the Brand/Ross/Sachs incident, which was a nonsense saga started by the Daily Fail. I think more people ended up complaining that had actually listened to the show, it was ridiculous.

  • T.


    I really don’t think UK’s comments were that harsh. That is how she sees it. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I pretty much saw it that way myself when I listened to some of the interview. Yes, he is a jokester and that is great, I like that. I also understand that it was his way of deflecting certain questions. But to say “Gb is, after all only a male”, is definitely using gender (and your liking of him) as an excuse for his sometimes misogynistic attitude towards women. That is like making an excuse for a woman being a wh*re because of circumstances in her childhood. I have never bought that excuse and I never will. No one’s childhood is perfect.

    The one thing that I really thought should have not been said was how it is basically more difficult to get rid of American women than women in other countries. Now what kind of gentleman says something like that? And it didn’t sound like that was a joke to me when he said it.

  • T.

    But HS was cracking me up. Yes, he is pretty vulgar, but I can be as well at times so…….

  • bystander

    @T.: I must learn online conventions, because my ‘only a male’ comments were very much tongue in cheek, not excuses as I stated. It’s hard to convey humour without getting pulled apart on here! I enjoy raunchy humour too, which is why I found the hs interview a great hours entertainment. Glad it is aired in the UK , we laugh at all sorts.