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Gerard Butler: I'm Up For A '300' Sequel!

Gerard Butler: I'm Up For A '300' Sequel!

Gerard Butler waves to photographers while leaving V Magazine‘s Black and White Ball on Wednesday (September 14) at NYC’s Standard Hotel. spotted the 41-year-old Scottish stud rubbing shoulders with Mary-Kate Olsen at the party.

Gerry recently shared that he’d sign on for a sequel of 300 “if the script was good.”

“I’ve got to feel that there’s a real reason to go there, to do a second one, because I loved the first,” he told People.

“I hope that they write a great script and I hope that I love it,” he added. “That was my favorite role, and it would be great to go back there and have some fun with it.”

FYI: Gerard is wearing a pair of Simon Spurr 2 Year Wash denim pants and a Rogue wash cotton moto jacket.

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  • Can’tGetEnough

    Hope we get to see him in the 300 sequel!! Looking wonderful, as always!!

  • Shut up already

    This guy looks like he does so much co ke he never shuts up and goes to every single party there is, and looks like he sleeps under a car every night. He should hook up with lindseys mother she’s a sleazebag too

  • GFW

    I disagree. By the time they get around to it, what? He’s 50? No, he’s just taking the compliment for his new and improved physique, which he should.
    Black & White Ball? I have no words. [read: don't ask but it's all good]
    who thinks fall is in the air and it’s reflected by Gerry’s look, which I like by the way… good to see jeans back… who loves his attraction to the dark side because he’s highly curious of the negative aspects of our human condition (and how to field them off) and what draws us there because he fights those dragons that wish to hold back too because worry is the darkroom in which negatives are developed

  • Truth

    He’s so thin, but still so sexy!!!!!!! I love this guy!

  • SandrahMsFabulous

    Black & White Ball????????? Either JJ needs to get their story straight or GB was unaware of the dress code to this event……..unless he’s just a party crasher. Even though, when one hears Black & White affair, tuxedo and long gown should pop out of your brain cells. GB is a very good looking man but he needs some major help putting himself together. He constantly has that drunk and cigarette smell look. He needs to learn few tricks from his buddy, Hugh Jackman. No offense good looking, you really need some help!

  • Truth

    He is so thin, but still so sexy! I love this guy!

  • cubedweller

    Caught him on The View. He is so tiny those women could crush him like a twig. I worried when the hugging started.
    Funny story about meeting Childers and his gun … “OK Hollywood Boy …”

  • slutgelina

    does he suffer from aids or something he looks horrible

  • chelsea

    everyone realizes 299 died at the end of 300, right? how can there be a sequel? did i miss something? or did gerard butler miss something?

  • soho

    It’s a prequel not a sequel. I do agree if Gerry was dressed like that at a BALL hello or is that just current PR hyperbole. Gerry owns nice suits, he wore them very well in Toronto.

  • SandrahMsFabulous

    @chelsea: exactly my thought. A prequel makes more sense. Unless it turns into a soap opera where characters are killed and get resurrected.

  • GFW

    “Good friends are brutally honest.” Woman, if you only knew.
    who thinks Howard was judge but not jury at least I’ll give him that.

  • SandrahMsFabulous

    @slutgelina: he is training for his next role where his character plays a surfer in the movie Mavericks. He would fit Tom Hank’s character in the movie PHILADELPHIA…….just a thought.

  • SandrahMsFabulous

    His figure would fit Tom Hank’s role in the movie Philadelphia…just a thought!

  • GFW

    Okay, put that up at the wrong thread, sorry… rushing… haste makes waste! LOL
    The man with a 1,001 faces has a 1,001 jackets!
    lovin’ how he’s simply putting up with the intrusion with a wave and a smile — which creates another thread and allows him to show his emotional temperature to those he truly cares about

  • blair

    Let this happen!!

  • jo
  • Appilonia G. MontiNegro

    Gerry is a very handsome man, I REALLY love the fact that Gerry stays true to his self…Gerry wears what he likes and looks good in it.
    Gerry looks wonderful all the time, because he is so natural…He does not have to be all glamourized up, Gerry is naturally handsome ALL AROUND HANDSOME,,LOL and that is one of the smartest things about him. LOL Gerry wears his suits very well, but I always noticed that the suits are for our benefit, not his, lol….Gerry is not sick, he has mentioned in his interview in Toronto, that he is preparing for Mavericks, his next character. Gerry when he gets into a character, sometimes he puts his body threw hell, he mentioned that. I personally like the way Gerry is. Now that MGP will be coming soon I am sure that things will be great for Gerry. Hopefully he will have a little down time…Appilonia G. MontiNegro

  • bystander

    Just listened to the HW interview and couldnt stop laughing aloud. Sure Mr butler was well aware what was in store for him when he agreed to appear. If anyone wasn’t tickled hysterically by the outrageous humour I think they may be a fan of the wrong actor! Find someone more staid! And thank you wholeheartedly Gerry for sharing your circumcision with us all.

  • dmp

    Nice interview with the ladies of The View . . . and of course very different in tone and content than HS but that of course is expected. Great response from all the women and even the producer . . . they really seemed genuine in their praise which is so good to hear about an actor who has the depth to deliver in such dramatic and emotionally charged roles. So glad for GB that he is receiving such positive feedback for this role . . . although I see why he likes to spice things up with light-hearted films every now and then . . . as the emotional drain from roles such as this would be mentally exhausting. Yet, there he is out and about every night . . . hopefully it is positive energy that’s keeping him going with only just a tad of caffeine mixed in.

  • Appilonia G. MontiNegro

    @dmp: Yes,me to, Gerry is a markable man.Appi

  • Truth


    I totally agree with you! Butler is like a chameleon he can adapt to every situation which is why he is so loved. That he is ALL man a REAL man!

  • Appilonia G. MontiNegro

    @Truth: Yes you and Bystander, are CORRECT in your thinking. Gerry is a champion at what he does and how he is with his fans. Gerry is much loved and he is ALL man and a REAL man!….Appi

  • Poirot

    He really shouldn’t be doing the sequel to 300.He is more qualified to do the sequel to Trainspotting.

  • http://dama slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    scottis eyes happy

  • dargabriel

    Good afternoon to all. I really hope one day my words I pass onto all of you sinks in about Mr. Butler, celibacy,no cigs,no coke,no drugs, I’ve said many things in past threads ions ago, yet not one of you has trusted Gabriel’s word. Gerard being I’ll, I warned all of you of Gerard’s spiritual healing, he was never sick and won’t ever be again, he is blessed and always will be through his other half and knows this. Gerard will have all his dreams come true. Death threats, made me laugh what people come up with, this man has so much invisible protection around him, there is no threat to him or his well being. Butler was very much mean’t to be on Howard stern for many reason, syncronicities, messages in his future path. I’m very happy he got to meet this world famous man, he speaks many truths, butler was aware of this. For any of you still doubtful of my truths keep watching, everything I’ve said is real. Gerard is very religious and deeply spiritual and very much connected to his other half through emotional and soulful ties. I love you butler with much peace and light on your beautiful journey. Be blessed cholita. Love,dargabriel

  • kelly

    ok does anyone think gerry looks a little wasted in these pics hummmm still luv him

  • dargabriel

    Try blinking during a photo taken, not wasted. He does not drink. Gerard is a lightworker, that’s that. Have a positive day. Dargabriel

  • howard stern

    Didnt hear it my friend did and said Gerard is so funny and down to earth, not stuck up and doesnt mind talking about whatever. A very free spirit

  • curious cat

    Just watched most of Part 1 of the Stern interview and thank those who posted it here.

    I have to admit I was NOT impressed so far. I can’t believe that Robin pronounced his name GER ard, and Stern CORRECTED her jerAARD, not just once, and in a bossy, arrogant, overbearing way.

    Women, to your guns! :)

    Didn’t some of this discuss the pronunciation of his name here? I wouldn’t expect GB to jump in at this point and insist on GER ard. He obviously just wants to please the people who have the power to promote his film and his career. Understandable. But Robin tried to get it right and Stern overran her.

    And Stern spending all that time on GB’s chlldhood and abandonment by his father.! As if he were Dr. Phil or someone. Is Stern a psychologist now? I dislike Stern’s interview style, aggressive, brazen, jumping ahead of the story, trying to put words in his subject’s mouth. It’s an antagonistic style and it works for him I guess.

    But I didn’t learn anything about GB I didn’t know, or gain any insights, nothing that hasn’t been hashed over a gazillion times. I’m glad the interview is divided into parts. I’ll probably get to the rest but I was already in a bad mood this morning over RL issues, and am in a worse mood after that cr@p. I don’t have time to read more of it right now.

    Have a good weekend, all.

  • Sweetestone2

    Gerry is a Gorgeous human being inside and out, tho he does look tired… from being all over the place, training, dieting…’s amazing what actors go through for their roles…He’s a great actor and duty is calling, he’s stepping up to the plate and promoting…tho I have to admit he has often looked sad lately..I think MGP must have had more of an impact on him, not to mention that diet, more then he’s telling media/us…He needs a Great women for support and some extra sleep or maybe for everyone to just leave him alone for a while!!! But he’s still doing great and will always be gorgeous just for being Gerry!! Luv him!

  • Haley

    Hi, Just saw that WO has a transcript of the Stern/Gerard Butler interview. European fans thank them!!! I love that site they are always posting the best news and pictures. They are the best Gerard Butler site out there by far.

  • Haley

    @howard stern:

    Hi ,Just saw that WO has a transcript of the Stern/Gerard Butler interview. European fans thank them!!! I love that site they are always posting the best news and pictures. They are the best Gerard Butler site out there by far.

  • Haley

    Sorry for the repeat, a glitch in the board.