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Jennifer Aniston: Hoyle Jackson Launch with Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston: Hoyle Jackson Launch with Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux celebrate the launch of Hoyle Jackson at the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street store on Thursday (September 15) in New York City.

Hoyle Jackson is a clothing line designed by twin sisters Nina and Clare Hallworth and their longtime friend Geoffrey Roiz. They’ve been styling Jennifer for over 15 years.

“We wanted the line to have an industrial attitude and an Americana feel,” Clare told of the line, which will be sold exclusively at Bloomingdale’s. “And we’re really proud that the line is made in America. That was a really big deal for us.”

Maximillian is King bandmates Arthur Levine and Nick Fowler performed during the event, which was hosted by Sparrow Rock designer Lauryn Flynn.

FYI: Jen, 42, is wearing a custom pair of Hoyle Jackson jeans.

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Credit: Marc Stamas, Justin Campbell; Photos: Getty
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  • french


  • do they match?

    Somehow they don’t match very well. Maybe it’s style that clashes with his hers. Hmm…

  • Yuck

    That guy is so ugly…

  • do they match?

    @do they match?: I meant to say maybe it’s his style that clashes with hers. He has such a strong style with the black tough guy clothes.

  • dd

    she came out of hiding.

  • Lisa

    Just like her

  • Yuck

    She will do anything to not appear the lonely girl anymore – after she got years of PR mileage out of that – she is desperate for any guy (and this one is certainly a fricking dog) to stand next to her. PR phase two: The Friend plays house and has a baby and her movies continue to suck.

  • Liddia

    Yuck. This guy is so ugly and skivvy looking.

  • LuLu

    I jsut feel sorry for her; her ex-husband their marriage was empty.

  • LuLu

    I just feel sorry for her. THE ex-husband said their marriage was empty.


  • he is fug

    And what is with those skinny jeans he is always wearing?

  • wow

    There are some big noses in that first pic.

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Didn’t her mother just have a stroke and is in LA? Instead Jen goes to an event in New York. Classy

    On a shallow note, her skin (look at her chest) is sun damaged, his nose is so pointy, her face looks tight and painful, an ugly couple overall

  • boring

    Why do the milliionaires get the free stuff? Maybe Jen will buy Justin some new pants.

  • Loather

    They both have the same looking chin and thin lips LOL

  • to LuLu

    Why feel sorry for her? That marriage was long ago. If it was empty then be glad they are out of it and she can be in a happier relationship. The time to feel bad for someone is when they are in an unhappy relationship…NOT years later when both parties are with other people.



  • Justin nude
  • Amory

    Maybe I’ve just missed it, but these two are never very affectionate with each other in public. She’s always been very touchy with her past boyfriends and co-stars, but I’ve never seen a pic of her touching this guy. Odd.

  • Spring

    That’s because he is a hired hand. It’s surprising how Aniston fans accept him and he wears the same dirty jeans and baby t-shirts every time you see him. HYPOCRITES!!

  • gabriela

    Jen is so gorgeous! So funny! So sweet! So cool! So elegant! So fantastic!
    Jen & Justin together is sooooo cute!!!

  • hahahahahahah


    Time to go to bed! You have to get up for 7th grade tomorrow. Only 12 year old kids talk like you. By the way, Jen is none of those things.

    And a sweet person doesn’t leave their mother who had a stoke just days ago! Doesn’t matter if she has been released or not, a daughter should stay ad be supportive.

  • Captain Obvious

    Their public outing is right on schedule. Well played Jen.

  • jen face is stunning

    I’m just happy for them. They look great together! He’s handsome

  • adrz

    Um. If they were touchy feely it would be labeled “fake and staged” as it is implied without touchy feel.. oh shit.. sorry Jen! you’re doomed to be labeled fake either way. Do your thing.

  • adrz

    Aw I got thumbs down for speaking the truth.

    I’m a little sad. Not. It’s nice she is supporting a friend though. It’s what you do when you actually have them.

  • naturegirl

    the UNCOOL whoooore is trying to save face Brad finally speak his mind but she has nothing to say yet, her PR people have to think of it and write it for her. One of the best thing Brad ever did was to leave her.

  • FFer

    Uncool whooores are hot…

  • TC

    And 3…2…1…Oh look. It’s Ticky out with her new business arrangement. Perfectly timed on the heels of Brad’s reveal. It’s amazing how she always seems to be lurking when Brad and/or Angie have something to say or an event to promote. Next time though, Huvane should make sure that his script calls for Eddie Munster to look like he’s enjoying himself. After all, a showmance only works if the individuals involved look happy.

  • pl

    Her hairdresser is worth all she pays. Because her hair makes her look much better.

  • Oona

    Y’all, they were just seen walking hand-in-hand _yesterday_. But it’s a neat trick some of you pull off: if we don’t see them all over each other, it’s clearly a contractual arrangement. If they are affectionate with each other, it’s clearly a contractual set up. Got that sewn up really nicely. LOL.

  • cool

    They look good together. She seems to be very comfortable with him. He looks cool. Good for them.

  • annie

    I can smell it, theroux will dump aniston soon! she doesnt look happy! I think she doesnt look proud of him, maybe of the way he dresses. she was able to have him get rid of the beard but I think she is having a hard time changing his clothes. and she will nag him about it. Once he gets fed up, he will just leave! Mark my words!

  • happy

    Isn’t her mother in hospital after suffering a stroke a few days ago. Wow common Jen, spend a little time with your mum. Most of your issues stem from that relationship.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I guess it is ok for Justin to always wear black but not ok for Angie.

    I have seen them out numerous times and only seen them hold hands a couple of times but not one scream they are not happy or not affectionate or not in love. If that was Brad & Angie, the trolls will scream unhappy, break up, blah blah blah.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    She looks old here and that damn boring here. I guess JJ is MANiston/Justin fan.

  • to jen face is stunning

    yeah it is stunning all right. whenever i look at her I say DONT TASE ME , BRO!

  • Suzy

    Love Her, She is a beautiful person!

  • runnergirl

    He is cute but I don’t think straight men wear shiny shoes like that with straight leg jeans.

  • Dusty

    Is that a mustache or overgrown nose hairs? Oh Jenny, why are you with this tool?

    She’ll look back and wonder why she ever let his d*ck inside her.

  • Benny

    Wow, only 40 some post to Brad’s over 600 post. Brad’s the man when he speaks every one listen. Go Brad. John Mayer is right Jen is still boring alter all these years. Thank goodness she got this boring fake guy here. OMG what the heck is with those pathetic pants. He looks like a big joke.

  • MJ

    @Dusty: On that picture, Justin T. looks like a serial killer.

  • One Go

    Justin would make a great bobble-head doll.

  • http://swing_onthis carrie ferenc

    that is the ever-fierce lauryn flynn in photo #3

  • carrie

    Is Jen wearing an engagement ring?

  • remy

    just leave her alone
    aww sweet jen love u <3

  • trhe

    naturegirl @ 09/15/2011 at 10:54 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +12

    the UNCOOL whoooore is YOU

    Jen GO for America!!!!yes girl

  • lol

    come out now brangel@@ns and defend your idiot God

    Jen is looking good as always :)

  • hm

    are the bran g e l o ons still here even after their idiot idol just made a fool of himself?!

  • http://Justjarde Tota

    Love jen