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Justin Theroux Talks Mustache & Motorcycles With 'GQ'

Justin Theroux Talks Mustache & Motorcycles With 'GQ'

Justin Theroux hangs onto a telephone in this feature for GQ‘s October issue.

Here’s what the 40-year-old actor and director (and Jennifer Aniston‘s beau) had to share with the mag:

On riding his BMW and Ducati motorcycles around Europe: “[Because the roads are so great] it’s like riding on carpet. Asphalt carpet.”

On his mustache, which he shaved in July: “You establish all sorts of mannerisms with it. Like when you’re bored, you can feather your mustache. Certain chicks dig it; certain chicks don’t.”

Also pictured: Justin arriving at his apartment in NYC on Wednesday (September 14).

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Photos: Nathaniel Goldberg/GQ
Posted to: Justin Theroux, Magazine

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  • funnylife

    Before Jennifer, we didn’t see him anywhere. or am i wrong?

  • OhMy

    How. Fcuking. Vapid.
    So sad.

  • yya

    Now that’s a hot man..
    where are the rest of the photos from GQ, JJ?

  • sweetness

    “Chicks dig it “…this guy sounds like an egomaniac. Him and Aniston make a perfect pair.

  • ffff

    common JJ..more then 10 minutes to display a comment?

  • amy

    no, you’re not wrong. why is he even on the cover? does he have a movie coming out? or is it for fck*ing Aniston?

  • From Paris with Love

    If he really is currently dating Aniston, the “chicks” comment is kind of a douchy and immature thing to say at the moment IMO.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    I don’t know which is funnier the bullseye helmet or the Gigantic Darth vader helmet
    please take jen for a ride on your bike

  • Javier Dellal

    I love this guy!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..Um, gnarly bears were probably the #1 trend for men here in NYC over the summer. Sooooo many people wore them and still are. he’s right, a lot of people like them, and course there people who don’t. But they’re very popular here.

  • jp fan

    well brad rides a tricycle

  • Laranjen

    Not a match for Jen.

  • ann

    I was ok with what he was saying until he said “chicks”. He’s probably one of those guys that calls men “dude” instead of their real name.
    I know a father and son that call everybody “dude” to men and women of all age groups to their face. I find it rude and immature. Oh well, I’m close to 60 so what do I know, right?

  • wow

    I liked his beard because it didn’t look nappy or uncared for. He took good care of it and it looked all smooth and sexy.

  • Justin naked in GQ
  • wink

    he is sooo…………….. handsome

  • Sam

    Perfect match for Chinnifer. He says “chicks”, she says “not cool, man”. Two people heading into mid-life crisis and dressing and speaking like teenagers.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]: Beards. Bears are gnarly too. Hahahahahahaa

  • Really

    Such a hipster.

  • Guest

    Theroux has done spreads for GQ in the past, and this one was supposed to be in service of Wanderlust before it got pushed back to February.

    And Jared, in those pics you posted of him in NY he is at Jen’s new apartments. There are tons of pics of them out walking from the day before too. They are very loved up and look cute together.

  • betty

    his g/f who stole him from a pretty girl of 14 yrs ,
    snuk bhind her back, her Huvane’s brother is GQ Editor.

    dude looks zexy in that ridiculous helmet & NO ONE
    but a 10 yr old girl should wra skinny jeans.
    (why is his head so big compared to his body? )

  • reps

    He’s so gross. Did he have a job or something before meeting Jen? Because apparently he’s now a full time BF with “benefits” (covers, candids, spotlight and coverage). Disgusting.

  • ambber

    Justin is hot, and smart, Brad old and dumb.

  • Alice

    Hipster is right. Uggh. Jen’s gotten herself in a mess of trouble with this one.

  • Halli

    40 year old hipster moocher.
    I bet he loves that James Dean leather jacket Jennifer got him.
    He hit the jackpot

  • hot

    looking hot mr. allways

    I see the crazy br@ngel@@ns are now in Justin threads too..

    you can’t get enough aren’t you loons

  • ddd


    so as you get older you have to change the way you speak and dress? Because…people like you think it suppose to go like this?!…it’s just sad. Getting older is scary to me. Being judged be narrow-minded more and more as i will get older people is!

  • ddd

    getting older is NOT scary*

  • Liz

    I thought her mother had a stroke in LA.Was that a rumor?

  • guest

    @yya: you have to buy it

  • guest

    @amy: for wanderlust

  • guest

    @sweetness: so is everyone else

  • guest

    @nakedoldjennifer: she is not into it

  • Nora

    The comment about the moustache is just, well, um – way too much information! I don’t really want to know this!

  • Nora

    What on earth is this bloke playing at? Maybe dress-up Hells Angels or something. Even the motorbike has a skull and cross bones print on it!

  • A.

    Steal the GQ look at

  • Nora
  • j

    you cant help but feel sorry for jennifer. this guy is a tosser version of brad pitt – i think she needs a different style because noone is going to live up to brad. i agree with the second comment. he is SO vapid. but then again… jennifer probably is too.

  • Sam

    @ddd … umm, no, you’re not supposed to change when you get older, but there is such a thing as dressing age appropriate so you don’t look like a boob when you go out. jerk.

  • Ange

    Sexy, Cute and Hot.
    Justin is a real guy. I like him a lot. He is not pretentious.
    Wish he is the right guy for Jen. They are very cute together.
    Love them.

  • milknjuice

    He better treat Jen right, seriously I don’t see why she hasn’t found ‘the one’ after Brad, because Jen’s amazing! P.s. LOVE THAT BIKE more than I love the guy.

  • YouMotorcycle

    Another Hollywood type on a BMW… *sigh*
    It just screams “I don’t know a whole lot about bikes, but I hear they make good cars, so I’ll buy one”, Jay Leno should hold seminars for these guys. Besides Jen’s arm candy who is he anyway?

  • Andrew


    Way wrong. I knew exactly who he was, especially from Six Feet Under and Sex and the City.