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Victoria Beckham Is A Miu Miu Mommy

Victoria Beckham Is A Miu Miu Mommy

Victoria Beckham carries her 2-month-old daughter Harper while out shopping on Thursday (September 15) in NYC.

The 37-year-old designer also stopped by the Miu Miu boutique just a few days after doing some retail therapy with Harper at Prada.

“Fantastic fashion week!!! Thank u to my AMAZING #VictoriaBeckham team x VB,” she tweeted earlier in the day.

Victoria recently shared that she’s “very into conversational prints this season” for her Victoria by Victoria Beckham line – even donning a cat print dress herself at her latest fashion show.

“I want a cat but [my husband] David won’t let me have one – he doesn’t want them bringing mice in the house. He’s a dog person,” she revealed (via U.K.’s Guardian).

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  • Spike

    relax lady ur baby is not an accessory!

  • lele

    She’s such an ugly b**** inside as well as out.

  • Mary

    David, a dog person? Weird, considering he isn’t of the faithful type…

  • L91

    @lele: and you know that how? i think she looks like a wonderful mother, and her baby is just the cutest!

  • Tonya

    Please, please, please be careful carrying that sweet little baby with those sky-high heels on; remember Britney slipping while carrying her little one? Of course she was more interested in the drink in her hand, baby in her other arm slung way back on her side and her Boobs front and center for all the paps “who just happened to be there”.

  • go on

    Just get a cat i say who cares what your man thinks if your the one to cuddle it and feed it and clean up its messes then you should be aloud one with no worrying husband at least cats don’t bark all night which would keep the new baby awake

  • SarahNL

    second time I see her carry her baby with high heels on.. kinda scares me. But other than that.. she looks good!

  • jane-lee

    That is weird

    I said in a previous post about exposing her baby was bad with the paparazzi flashes and all these people and it seems that Victoria has finally understood the need to protect her baby from this

  • jk

    I like cats too.

  • Bee

    cat print dress as in MIU MIU wow she is blatantly ripping another brand suprise suprise

  • juniper

    The dress is very pretty, the heals besides risking a fall while caring an infant, I actually think ballet flats or a pump with a low heal would look more classic and cool with this dress, much more Audrey Hepburn with a modern twist.

  • nyc

    She is really freaky walking in those heels with a new born baby.
    What is it with these famous people?
    Put the kid first and get over yourself.

  • csdc

    she’s been walking in heels her whole life people! and she’s had three kids before so chill

  • butterflier

    the shoes are ridiculous. Does this woman ever smile? She looks chronically constipated. And why is she considered a celebrity?

  • LuLu

    H7 hidden !!

  • BBperfume

    I don’t understand why this woman has to subject her newborn baby to a shopping trip in sky high heels to score on her public image. It would have been better to leave her at home with the nannies coz we know she has an army of those..At least it would have been more believable putting her in a stroller, coz she ‘s showing zero emotional connection to that baby stuck to her chest.

  • nyc

    Why? Because she is the ultimate narcissist and the Hermes bag is now a baby.

  • sunsui

    and already pimping her little daughter.
    how can she go shopping while carrying the baby like this? or is it just for show, and inside the shop she hands it over to nanny/stroller? In my opinion she is using the baby to get attention… poor lady.

  • Halli

    Cats don’t bring mice into the house. They get rid of them!

  • mjkbk

    Cats bring mice into the house? But I suppose dogs are inherently clean and fastidious. Right. David is a dog person for the same reason most men prefer canines: Dogs can be dominated. Cats typically CHOOSE when and who they answer to. That must drive certain guy-types around the bend, not getting absolute obedience from a pet.

    Oh, and Victoria? Don’t fall off your 7-inch heels while holding that wee baby. I guess being a fashionista precludes being a more careful mom in your circle.

  • a

    I wish she woukd just stop her references to David.
    She does him more of a disservice as even more of his haters and vultures come out of their trees.
    Is she not interesting without the mention of his name?? She is talking about her ‘fashion’ so why is she talking about her domestic life? She has to use him to sell herself obviously.
    Go focus on the silly frocks and shoes and leave David alone

  • Moon

    Either all of you here freaking out watching Victoria with a baby while being in high heels are 12 years old, or just came out from your caves, or just plain losing your memory! Let me remind you that Victoria is a mother of FOUR now, which with every single one of them she’s been carrying them around in her HIGH HEELS since they were babies, and guess what….SHE’S NEVER FALL!!! If you compare her to Britney, you have to remember that Britney was an INEXPERIENCE mother compared to Victoria, not to mention that Britney, not does any other celeb mothers you would like to compare with Victoria, is NOT AN EXPERT while it comes to walking in high heels 24/7 in every circumstances. Last I check, Victoria even carrying Cruz and Romeo still even when they were 4 and 5 years old while she was in heels! That’s how strong and expert Victoria is when it comes to high heels! So you guys should just shut up for the things that you guys are stupid of!

  • Tara

    Such a great color on her!!! Stunning shoes, and hair as well, she looks so chic. And her baby is to damn cute, lol at her husband not letting her have a cat, he sucks! Cats are much cooler than barking dogs!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    Love David,Victoria,Brooklyn,Romeo,Cruz,Harper ;)

  • LuckyL

    Love her. Americans aren’t used to looking chic all the time, so they have to complain about her. In the 50s, there was a time American Mom’s were in heels 24/7 and making more babies than ever (Baby Boomers).

  • ra

    She is so unattractive. Just look at her face behind those hideous sunglasses ….she sucks

  • WoWza

    love her dress, it’s simple but so chic!

  • taran

    What a ugly creature she is. She talks some much rubbish. You can smell the s…. from afar

  • nina

    Why are you guys so nasty…???/ seriously you guys sound like a bunch of school kids ,,, you guys are bullies, Are you over 15?? It’s so sad… Get help… You must be an unhappy person inorder to be so nasty… People who judge other people should have the balls to post a picture to see how perfect and beautiful you are.. You guys sound like ugly people…