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Zoe Kravitz & Michael Fassbender: Toronto Twosome

Zoe Kravitz & Michael Fassbender: Toronto Twosome

Zoe Kravitz and her ex-boyfriend Michael Fassbender head to Hotel Le Germain to grab lunch on Tuesday (September 13) in Toronto, Canada.

The 22-year-old actress and 34-year-old actor, who dated earlier in the year, also co-starred in X-Men: First Class.

Michael has been in town for the Toronto International Film Festival, where he premiered his new movie Shame, which was recently picked up by Fox Searchlight.

Over the weekend, Zoe was in NYC where she came out to support her designer pal Alexander Wang at his show during Fashion Week.

She also hit up the after party held at Pier 40 with boyfriend Penn Badgley and Kings of Leon rocker Jared Followill.

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  • T

    Why are you mentioning Penn as her current boyfriend and Michael as the ex? Looks like she’s dating both. Both could do better though.

  • Vlada

    Jared why are you convinced that Michael is her ex? Have you actually seen her with Penn? btw, Zoe and Fassbender were making out in Toronto a few days ago.

  • m

    shes got that “Im busted” look on her face… I dont know who her man is and Im pretty sure neither do Jared..and who cares..

  • m

    shes got that “Im busted” look on her face… I dont know who her man is and Im pretty sure neither do Jared..and who cares..

  • I don’t understand…

    JJ why are u taking pics of this loser girl? She is the worst actor I have ever soon in my life! only famous b/c of her daddy.
    Still don’t understand what Michael Fassbender sees in her. He can get any hot chick he wants, why her? she is such a nothing no unattractive he needs to get rid of her. hope she goes away soon

  • Haha

    lmfao she looks like a homless person on the street

  • me

    Why Michael, why this homeless, hobo girl??!! This girl always gives me unpleasant impression. Michael deserves much better!!

  • Kara

    He could literally have any woman on the planet and he picks her? I love him but it makes me question his sanity.

  • Amanda

    old dudes with young girls.

  • Claudia

    I love the 5th pic. As if he was saying: “u ashamed for me!?”
    Why is she “trying” to hide anyways? He seems to be completely cool xD
    I love him as an actor….psyched for Shame and A Dangerous Method!!!

  • Nikki

    Er, Lainey from Laineygossip was at a party with them in TO, and she says they’re on… Penn and Zoe hung out twice, and now they’re the couple, but Fassbender and Zoe are not…when they’ve been together for over a year? How does that even work?

  • lola

    i Love zoe

  • unknown

    There’s only one thing a 34 year old man would want with a 22 yr old…

  • Monkey

    Their reactions to the paparazzi couldn’t be more different… Michael seems like such an easy going guy.

  • Joseph

    All she needs to complete her outfit is a grocery cart.

  • creed

    hah! I knew they didnt break up!

  • fwb

    Just cause they were in Toronto together making out doesn’t make them a serious couple. They have rarely been in the same place the past year. It’s weird she was with Penn the day before though. If Penn’s gay he needs a better beard, one who doesn’t make it clear she’s banging another guy.

  • ValerieQ

    He can do SOOOO much better.

  • kendrix

    Penn is gay. They shared a cab one night and went to a film together. Not dating. She has been with Michael for quite a while, they attended a few TIFF parties together.

  • Corty

    Michael is an abusive pig. Have we already forgotten be beat his ex girlfriend?

  • S@n

    A confusing post here!

  • Monkey

    @Corty: Those charges were actually dropped. Her ex claimed it happened on a specific date which was proven to be wrong because he was in another country attending a film festival on the same date.

  • Dena

    They are so still together, I think her and Penn are just friends. JJ this whole post is just really weird.

  • Jemma

    His ex lied, it’s been proven, she also lied on a previous boyfriend. Sad what some people will do. Oh well she can’t bring this mangod we call Michael Fassbender down. Try she may.

  • Fev

    actually I do believe Zoe and Penn are dating. There’s pictures of them looking very close. I just think Zoe and Michael are just friends now

  • MadKat


    Yes, JJ has been hitting the bong again. And it will be 2 yrs, in Feb. I love her, i’d hit that too if I was him

  • Kat

    Corty, that story was crap. That ex accused a previous boyfriend of the same thing. Seems she has some problems.

  • Emma

    Methinks Michael is an experiment in older men for her. Wonder what Lenny thinks of it.

  • Marna

    FWB come on you don’t stick your tongue down your friends throat, obviously something’s going on still.

  • McKeena

    Michael, you can do much better than that. :/

  • laila

    i believe ZF are still dating
    Penn is just her friend (he’s mine anyway)))))

  • laila

    ha i wonder about Lenny too)))))

  • Katie

    I thought his beating ex may be true. He never denied it, and could have just paid her a load of money, for it to go away, and put his PR people to work.

    Also, some women have low self-esteem and attract bullying men, so it wouldnt be surprising if it was the second time.

    I reckon Fass and Zoe are still on, and possibly never finished. They just don’t sell their private life to the press.

  • Sandra

    Furthermore, to anyone still bringing up that old assault stuff. PLEASE do some digging first before you state something as a fact. She asked the court to dismiss the charges. There’s something fishy with the dates she accused him of beating her. She only reported him almost a year after the supposed incident. She did this to another guy before who claimed it was all made up, and even though she GOT a restraining order against that other guy, they were still dating after that. I could go on and on about details that just scream scam, whereas aside from her accusation there is NO indication whatsoever that he would have done something like that. So, please, STOP bringing this up again and again.

  • Sandra

    Hm ok my other comment wasn’t approved, I suppose because of the F-word, sorry ^^
    What I was saying is: I understand as a fangirl we’re all sort of jealous, but that doesn’t justify the rude and disrespectful comments that have been made here. “He can do better” and “she looks like a hobo” is imho both rude and stupid. Maybe she doesn’t look like a typical Hollywood starlet or model, but he must be seeing SOMETHING in her (maybe personality? Maybe he’s just not as shallow as many others that want a perfectly styled and manicured doll to show off with).
    Comments like the many that have been made often make me feel ashamed for being a fangirl, quite frankly.
    And last but not least we don’t even know if they’re really still/again dating or just hanging out as friends, but in the end that’s none of our (oh there was the F word) business.

  • allywise

    What the Hell is wrong with you people. He beat his X, never to be spoken of again… Where did anyone read other than in a blog his X girlfriend did anything??? but have bad taste in men! It was international news and his work Visa was restricted. He paid her hospital bills, a restraining order is not sueing. Did anyone get past grade school here? Pull your head out of your cubby, he beats women and screws little girls… God damn good actor but ladies adjust to reality, your fantasy has been foiled. As women I find it discusting you can’t determine right and wrong. You defend a man that beat and terrorized a single mom and acuse a younge woman Zoe Kravitz, who is being taken advantage of by a cradle robber, as being UGLY!!! Go check your face ladies, she beats 90 percent of the planet. Michael Fassbender is a douche bag!!!