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Gerard Butler Explains His Drastic Weight Loss

Gerard Butler Explains His Drastic Weight Loss

Gerard Butler lands at LAX Airport after flying in from NYC on Thursday (September 15) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish star was in the Big Apple to promote his new movies, Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher.

Gerry also attended the Diesel Black Gold show where he chatted with Us Weekly about his recent weight loss.

“I ate my last meal in October and I run about 40 miles a day,” he joked. “It’s just doing a lot of cardio and extremely watching what I eat. I stopped lifting big weights and I’m doing yoga.”

“If I wear a long shirt, everyone says, ‘Oh my, God! He lost so much weight.’ But this is how I look,” he added. “I just used to be a lot bigger. But now I’m surfing. I’m doing a surf movie so I have to slim down. I don’t know … maybe I’m sick or something!”

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue plaid shirt and dark olive jacket.

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  • Mrs. Stone

    People believe what they want to. Where is the proof from the women who really know? It’s not there because so much is simply untrue. You can’t shut up all of the people all of the time. Someone always speaks up. He probably is lousy at relationships and has said so. That is probably true.

    If you throw yourself at a man, chances are he will not take you seriously. Approach him as an equal and you will get a different kind of treatment. You get what you ask for.

    Why did he do Howard Stern? How about because he’s a fan and he wanted to do it.

  • curious cat


    No, GFW, I am not lonely and bored. I was simply responding to an apologetic comment by another poster that I wouldn’t be bored by the topic of health care reform.

    I suspect the REAL bored and lonely people here are the ones who aren’t interested in anything except mooning over Mr. Butler and how wonderful he is. If the shoe–or the sock–fits, wear it.

    Some posters have talked about many issues on these threads. As people keep trying to point out, its’ not a Butler fan club here. It’s an open forum. Mr. B is just the catalyst for sometimes wide-ranging discussions. Some good posters here have drawn me back again and again after I swore to give up the thread habit.

  • curious cat

    The other night I watched a shocking documentary called “If a Tree Fals: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.” It’s about a group that tried to save the forests of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. They ended up doing some drastic things like blowing up the offices of companies they saw (or believed to be) damaging the environment. This was in the 1990s.

  • 8-)
  • curious cat

    I am saying this in pieces in case I get modified. These “tree huggers” killed nobody. They did destroy property, were declared terrorists and went to prison.
    The program was well balanced between their point of view and that of the authorities enforcing the law.
    But there was some horrifying video footage.

  • curious cat

    In one segment protesters climbed trees that were going to be cut down and maintained a vigil. Police went up after them in cranes and buckets. They ripped one guy’s pants off and sprayed his private parts with pepper spray. They sprayed pepper spray and tear gas all over, held people down on the ground and sprayed something in their eyes. It wasn’t clear what it was but it was deliberate. They held these people immobile and sprayed their eyes. One grandma was cut down and someone yelled, “She’s 80 years old!”

  • curious cat

    I remember the news about these protests but never saw this horrific stuff. It’s not up there with the horrors of the Sudan, Iraq, etc. but this is the USA! Crikey! Land of the free! Is this off the topic? Not really.

    There is an equipment rental company on my route into the city that regularly posts signs on the side of the building, usually funny, often witty, sometimes wise. Example, “For cool air, rent our air conditioners. For hot air, consult your local politician.

    This past week the sign read, “A patriot’s duty is to defend and protect his country from its government.”

    Well, the USA was born in a hotbed of revolution and violence. We think we are an example to the world but it’s all a matter of degree, and which side you are on.

    Now isn’t MGP addressing such issues in a bigger way?

  • PsychoB

    @Mrs. Stone: I just walked by a car that had a purse In It should I steel it because they were asking for it? Does it make me not responsible for my own actions? Sorry that is just ridiculous.

  • LLL

    @curious cat: Replying to your #192 post question: I don’t think Gerard Butler has been on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ before. When there is a special showing of a film for mainly press purposes usually there is blanket invitations/announcements sent to all the media outlets. Gerard Butler and company probably booked ‘The Howard Stern Show’ and ‘The View’ after these were sent out. That is when the press junket usually gets scheduled, too. It can work either way… the movie’s PR contacts the shows/media company or the shows/media contacts the celebrity’s team. I am thinking maybe after the NY showing of MGP got a sponsor, it was put together very quickly. Therefore many of the NY based TV morning talk shows did not book Gerard Butler, because their in-studio guess rosters were already filled. BTW… I thought it was amusing that some posters commented on Gerard Bulter not being dressed very well for the Diesel Black Gold fashion presentation. He was dressed head to toe in Diesel. Diesel Black Gold sponsored the MGP showing. That was why Gerard Butler was at the fashion event…not to hook-up with some model…hahaha. Part of the deal for sponsoring the film’s showing is to have Gerard Butler sitting in the front row of the runway show for Diesel PR purposes.

  • Mrs. Stone

    When you are talking in terms of respect and the way you approach another person. which is the context I was using that particular phrase in, it remains true.

    If you’ve seen how he approaches serious, thoughtful interviewers rather then those with the same repetitive questions that take little thought, you will see he responds to them in kind. The interviewer may ask the questions in a quirky manner, but if they are thoughtful questions, he will give a more thoughtful answer. You give thoughfulness where it was given to you.

    Yes, that is the point, each person is responsible for their own actions.

    Since I was talking about a specific situation, your leap to the temptation of stealing is not salient to my point only to the leap you made.

  • redOctober


    Thanks for posting the link. Beautiful photo.

    @curious cat:

    Terrible things happen every day in every country . It’s always been this way , we can only hope for the best and fight without rest to grant a better world for our children.

  • curious cat

    One correction folks. The quote I mentioned is a paraphrase of a quote by Edward Abbey, an early 20th century American essayist and political radical. I was in a hurry and didn’t mean to suggest that the people who run the equipment rental store make these all up.

    @RedO. Right on. I know that. I saw the movie, “The Official Story” too. I know terrible things have gone on everywhere since the dawn of history. Also in the U.S. from way back. But seeing this particular example of police brutality so recently in the U.S. shook me up. I mean, these police were holding down unarmed people and even holding their eyes OPEN so they couldn’t even close them against the stuff being poured into them. They were deliberately inflicting pain out of proportion to what the protesters were doing. That’s torture. They should have been prosecuted for police brutality. Trouble is, the US can act so damn superior to other countries.

  • curious cat

    @8-): Thanks for that picture. Very nice. That is Michelle in front I think. Who is the other woman?

  • curious cat

    @8-): Thanks for that picture. Very nice. That is Michelle in front I think. Who is the other woman?

  • Ugly European Women

    midsummers or late autumn’s a** is GFW by the way

  • ben LOL

    European women have set it up to where they cannot demand anything from their men. Their men treat them like crap because they made it OK for their men to treat them like crap. Its generational. so they reaped what they sowed…
    People treat you how you let them treat you. Euro women want more? They have to act like it. sorry

  • 8-)

    Some screencaps from todays interview on @7Live in San Fransisco

  • FYI

    @curious cat:
    The other woman in the photo is Blanche Shaheen. She interviewed G and Michelle in San Francisco today.
    Gerard Butler & Michelle Monaghan were so down to earth,see their life changing film Machine Gun Preacher this Friday!
    2 hours ago »
    Gerard butler and michelle monaghan such down to earth people! Watch their film friday!
    2 hours ago »
    Interviewing Gerard Butler and Michelle Monaghan today on their latest heart wrenching film,Machine Gun Preacher, released this Friday!
    7 hours ago

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve

    “If they have a pulse, he’s on it. ”


    Does this mean, I might have a chance with him? Just let me dump the ol’ ball and chain! LOL!

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve

    After I saw the previews of “Whitney”, I think that’s the name of it, a new sitcom I said, “There’s G’s type! She’s pretty, tallish, dark and she’s funny! Just the kind he likes! She’s on Leno with him tomorrow night! Let’s see if sparks fly! LOL!

  • redOctober

    @curious cat:

    I understand how you feel. These are times where tolerance and compassion are a must if we want our civilization to survive .

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve

    Gerry has said many times he’s a better friend then boyfriend. Obviously, he has a roving eye and he loves to flirt. This can drive a woman crazy, especially a real insecure one. I honestly don’t ever see him getting married. He doesn’t trust himself enough and neither will any woman. He’s a terminal bachelor. But there is nothing wrong with that.
    If he mistreats women like some here believe, we’d have heard evidence of it. No one has even made anything up!

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve

    @ben LOL:

    A woman should not have to “demand” anything from her man that he’s not willing to give her because he cares about her and respects her. If he does not respect your wishes, and of course you his, then you shouldn’t be together. You can’t “demand” anyone treat you a certain way. Coming from someone who says all men want models, you shouldn’t be doling out relationship advice to anyone! LOL!

  • FYI

    You can watch the interview in SF at WO’s YouTube channel.

  • PsychoB

    @Mrs. Stone: BS. It’s exactly the same. How you treat people whoever they are, or however they represent themselves is all on you. Whether they ask for it or not. Whether they are a scre/w or the president of the US or a homeless person you should respect them all.

  • FL Blonde

    I wish that Avatar actress Zoe Saldana was single and maybe a bit more stupid. GB would date her and she is gorgeous.

  • Ravenscraig

    @Mrs. Stone: “Approach him as an equal and you will get a different kind of treatment. You get what you ask for.

    Sounds like The Rape Excuse?
    Gerry seems to treat every woman, from reporter to actress, like an object for his amusement.
    Gerry’s behaviour has nothing to do with women and everything to do with his messed up mind.
    Please stop being one of his multitude of enablers.

  • LidaConnie

    I see he’s still toting around that big ugly brown man purse…ugh. Perhaps he IS sick or something cuz the homeless hungry look is NOT how surfers are supposed to look. I would think he’d want to bulk up a bit for a surfer role. Either way, it’s better than the mullet he wore in MGP

  • Oh dear

    After watching a few of his interviews on American  TV and radio about a  film that  focuses on such an incredibly serious subject matter, I am amazed at how facile and ignorant the interviewers’ questions have been, and how little information he’s offered about the Sudan and the political and historical state of the country in the context of the film, which makes him come across as rather self serving and shallow.

    I haven’t heard one interviewer ask him why and he wanted to make a film about such a controversial man and such a controversial subject matter. Or how an African audience might perceive his portrayal, particularly as it’s being seen – in  some quarters- as yet another film about a white saviour of one their countries.  When he does his round of interviews in Britain, he’d better do his homework or stick to the light entertainment shows, because if he dares to venture on even the slightly  more serious programmes, he’s going to be in for a very nasty shock. They certainly won’t let him get away with  looking anguished when talking about how moved he was by looking at pictures of  multilated black children and babies – especially, if he dares to go on the BBC world service, where a lot of the journalists and broadcasters  have first hand experience of war torn African countries.  He’ll just look vapid and completely out of his depth. Mind you I haven’t seen the Piers  Morgan interview, maybe he was asked tougher more intelligent questions . I don’t know. But one thing I do know, he’ll get at best a very cool  reception in Britain if he doesn’t do his homework about the country, and there won’t be hoardes of premenopausal  and menopausal women  swooning over him to soften the blow, even from the most cursory  informed intelligent interviewer.

  • View From

    @Oh dear: I TOTALLY TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU – hope he is better prepared for UK and Europe.

  • Veiw from

    @Oh dear: totally agree with you, great comment

  • meaghan

    @Oh dear
    “how little information he’s offered about the Sudan and the political and historical state of the country in the context of the film, which makes him come across as rather self serving and shallow.”
    I was surprised by this, too. I expected Gerry to give some background into the crisis in the Sudan to give the film and story it’s proper context and help people understand WHY the children are being killed and turned into killers. That’s kind of an important piece of information that Gerry keeps leaving out. He’s also making very generalized statements about hoping the film will inspire people to “do something”, but doesn’t explain what the problem is. Sadly, I think Gerry doesn’t know. I think he’s unaware of the specifics of the Sudanese crisis. I get the feeling that he didn’t educate himself about those specifics very well and would be lost if you asked for them.

  • Oh dear

    Oh and he has to stop saying “I” and “my”  so much. He didn’t make film all by himself for crying out loud.  If you listen to a lot of talented, intelligent, well informed actors, they tend to be very  inclusive of other casts members and production team members when answering questions  focussed solely on them. Listen to Ralph Fiennes and Brain Cox when they did a press conference about Coriolanus at TIFF, both spoke about other cast members or members of the production team, Butler mostly talked about himself.  Look at George Clooney’s press conference about his film The Descendants at TIFF, again he naturally broaden out his answers  to include positive references to other casts members or other films or film directors that inspired him.  The private lives of most of those actors have been well reported and like Bulter we are aware of some of their flaws , but unlike Butler,they come across as geniuely serious and passionate about their work and are  generally  professional, thoughtful  and gracious in interviews, even when replying to the most inane questions.  

    Also if Butler really wants to be taken seriously as an actor with this kind of film, who in their right mind w allowed him to go on to the Howard Stern Show? Enlightening as the interview was – it was not a very clever move. He should have saved the HS interviews for promoting  films like the Bounty Hunter, the Ugly Truth  and Law Abiding Citizen, then he could rabbit on about his sex life- or apparent lack there of – to his heart’s content and it would have been an appropriate way to promote those types of films. You don’t see Fiennes, Clooney, Gosling, Fassbender, Affleck, Jenner, Damon, De Caprio, McAvoy and McGregor to name but a few going on that kind of show to promote a movie with a such a serious subject matter. It’s just 101 PR. To be taken seriously you have to behave seriously at appropriate times. Not all the time, but at appropriate times. He or his management team or both seem very poor at judging the appropriate times.

  • bystander

    @Oh dear: wish I could like this twice. Maybe more gb’s judgement? We haven’t seen much coffee buyong/dog walking/petrol filling/faffing in the surf/bimbo flirting/clubbing pap or twitter action for a few days. Deliberate pre tiff PR? Does he have entertainment at home or working 24-7?

  • Westie

    @Oh dear: Absolutely agree with your comments. Unfortunately, he is likely to feature most prominently on the Jonathan Ross show – a crony and sycophantic type to someone like Butler. The HS interview was a total misjudgement – I notice it was an attempt to give him the chance to deny the high-profile romances and stayed well away from mentioning the Belgrade, random nightclub/street women, Philadelphia stories. Someone like Fiennes, despite his personal flaws, loves the stage and is currently acting in ‘The Tempest’ – and can talk intelligently about it.

  • Oh dear

    @ meaghan

    Oh, I sincerely hope you are wrong. Because if you are right that’s horribly embarrassing and horribly arrogant and ignorant on his part. 

    Again if it’s true, and only if that’s true, he’d better give the clubs, bimbo chicks, dodgy FWBs and his other self serving pursuits a wide berth for a few days and find himself an expert on Sudan and start swotting up fast. That could be his next obsession using his brain to think more authentically about other people apart from himself.

  • Wondering

    Does a US tv audience actually want to hear anything serious? Could they handle a serious discussion? It seems to me that the interviewers pander to their audiences and don’t bother to think of serious questions to begin with.

    Just how much in depth information can be given in a 5 minute interview slot?

  • http://gerard-butler-explains-drastic-weight-losscomment-page-10 CHOLITA

    GOOD MORNING….les dejo esta cancion de LUIS MIGUEL para todos los enamorados y se llama……….I MISS YOU……like one misses the starless one misses a beautiful mornig,not be with you,dear,God,how does it hurt me………I MISS YOU…..when I walk,when cry,when I laugh,when the sun shines,and when it’s cold outside,all beacause I feel that you are something all my own……I MISS YOU……like the trees miss autumn,those are the nights that I can not find sleep my love you can not imagine,how much I miss you……..I MISS YOU…….in every lonely step I take everyday that I am alive,I’m dying my love because I miss you……I MISS YOU…..when the aurora commences to give off, It’s colors in your virtues and with your flaws for whatever reason my love….I don’t know but……..I MISS YOU…….Sr.Butler buenos dias…. como siempre Sra. Dargabriel muy buenos dias y a mi amorcito como siempre le dejo este mensaje….Listen carefully to what I say love because I think there will be another time to tell you that I DO NOT REGRET I MET YOU……..besos.besos….adios.

  • cubedweller

    @Oh dear: I agree completely – with all these comments about his lack of background context in these interviews. He is clearly sticking with the strategy of marketing this film as action entertainment, rather than encouraging thoughtful discussions about the political and social situation that it portrays. I think he is trying to keep the focus on one man’s story, and his personal journey, rather than looking much at the bigger picture. In his defense – trying to market this film is a tricky business. Lure in the action crowd, but don’t p!ss off the evangelical christians. Tell the story of a white guy shooting it up in Africa, but don’t let it look racist. I would hate to be on the marketing strategy team for this – like walking a tightrope. And in the end – there needs to be some money made.
    But it doesn’t help, when Butler, who is by all accounts reasonably intelligent, projects such a self-indulgent image of himself. I find it very frustrating to see him answering questions about his social life instead of keeping the focus on the film. As many have said – he needs to be more controlling of the interview – no matter the time allotted. People like Matt Damon walk the talk – they do their homework and project a genuine grounding and involvement in their cause. Butler may have some involvement in things like AP&J, but it seems to be more about the parties and red carpets where he is concerned.
    Speaking as an American, I do crave more thoughtful news reporting and in-depth stories. The sources are there, if you seek them out. The 30-second soundbite school of journalism is pushed all the time, but you can find more and better if you work at it.

  • Oh dear

    @ wondering

    Serious issues are talked about in five minutes all the time on magazine and current affairs programmes, even on entertainment shows when actors want to promote a cause.  Are you saying the American audience is too stupid, indifferent or apathetic to grasp the crisis in Sudan? I totally disagree. I would give the US audience far more credit than that.

  • Hollywood Leaks

    @curious cat: My bet would be someone doing the TIFF round of parties recently since Gerry tried to attend every single one.

  • Red Dress

    To be fair, Gerry has not appeared on any serious news programs such as Charlie Rose. Charlie invites plenty of Hollywood types on his program and I’ve seen some pretty great discussions on his show. I’m not so sure how long Gerry would last on a program like that. Now that I think about it, I am not so sure that he’s ever had a serious conversation on film about anything. Does anyone remember?

  • PsychoB

    @Oh dear: I think this goes back to the entertainment industry thinking we don’t know what we want. So they give us more of the same old same old and are suprised when no one bites at the vapid junk. They must have been shocked when S/ex and the City 2 didn’t do very well. I think that we do go to movies to get away a lot of the time. I have to admit I enjoyed taking my son to transformers 3. But I also liked watching The Kings Speech. Just because people watch the kardashians (not me) doesn’t mean we need the Kardashians 24/7.
    Brad Pitt is an excellent example of being able to discuss important topics while giving the fluff. It can be done. Gerry is intelligent enough to do it himself. But honestly, I don’t know if Gerry is fully on board with Sams way of doing things. I get the feeling that is what stops him from diving in fully. But saying that I do wish Gerry would make a little more of an effort in worth while causes.

  • Hollywood Leaks

    @Wondering: Exactly wondering no point getting deep on American daytime talk shows. In an hour interview or half hour interview maybe with an intelligent interviewer like CNN maybe. You also want to avoid controversy by saying the wrong thing or using the wrong wording about a delicate situation unless you are George Clooney.

  • redOctober

    @Oh dear:

    “….ask him why and he wanted to make a film about such a controversial man and such a controversial subject matter. Or how an African audience might perceive his portrayal, particularly as it’s being seen …”

    I was looking forward to hear him answering to that kind of questions…I guess I’ll be waiting for a long time unless we are lucky and a smart interviewer comes along.

  • Oh dear


    If, as you say, he’s trying to take the action entertainment  marketing  route by selling it as the story of a white guy shooting it up in an African country to save the poor black babies to bring in a wider audience and more money doesn’t that  make it even worse? If that’s the case isn’t he trivialising a really serious subject. If he wanted to make an action film about an african country then surly he should have used a fictitious character chasing after gold or diamonds or oil. Not a real man trying to aid the plight of abused children. That’s really awful and distasteful.

  • movie reviews

    @Oh dear: YIKES! someone sounds kind of arrogant…and guess what…I bet all those pre and post menopausal ladies show up in every country…

    not every actor has to be a talking head on politics on such a difficult subject . I prefer actors who do not give me their political opinions or interpretations, just do charitable work, make films and move on.

    the white savior thing is old hat and negative from both sides of the color aisle. this is a human story, not a bla/ck/ whit/e story, but if you have to label it that way, then consider who messed up Africa in the first place and left it to be in conflict: whit/e dudes, so they need to hustle their bu/tts and clean up the mess anyway.

  • realitycheck

    @movie reviews Hear! Hear!

  • Hollywood Leaks

    Because this is the smartest strategy:

    “He is clearly sticking with the strategy of marketing this film as action entertainment, rather than encouraging thoughtful discussions about the political and social situation that it portrays.”

    Yes Clooney can wax on this issues very articulately but guess what? A lot of Clooney’s more serious movies are passed over by moviegoers as are many other more serious films. He is successful enough he can afford vanity projects as in projects he wants to do but you know aren’t going to make a lot of money at the box office.

    You have to know the audience for your movie and design your message for that audience. Butler is doing the smart thing by marketing it as a action film with heart.

  • cubedweller

    @Oh dear: That’s not what I’m saying at all – the very opposite! I’m saying that marketing the film is very difficult because that could be how the story is PERCEIVED if not sold thoughtfully. Who is the audience for this film – foreign policy wonks, action-adventure fans, Butler’s swooning phangurls? People who love dramas about spiritual and personal redemption? Those are the questions that have to be asked by any marketing team. And that has to guide the types of interviews and appearances that are used to sell the film. I would love to see Butler on a serious program, like Charlie Rose’s show, talking about this story and it’s backstory. But I honestly don’t know if he’s got the personal depth to pull that off.