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Gerard Butler Explains His Drastic Weight Loss

Gerard Butler Explains His Drastic Weight Loss

Gerard Butler lands at LAX Airport after flying in from NYC on Thursday (September 15) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish star was in the Big Apple to promote his new movies, Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher.

Gerry also attended the Diesel Black Gold show where he chatted with Us Weekly about his recent weight loss.

“I ate my last meal in October and I run about 40 miles a day,” he joked. “It’s just doing a lot of cardio and extremely watching what I eat. I stopped lifting big weights and I’m doing yoga.”

“If I wear a long shirt, everyone says, ‘Oh my, God! He lost so much weight.’ But this is how I look,” he added. “I just used to be a lot bigger. But now I’m surfing. I’m doing a surf movie so I have to slim down. I don’t know … maybe I’m sick or something!”

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue plaid shirt and dark olive jacket.

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311 Responses to “Gerard Butler Explains His Drastic Weight Loss”

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  1. 101
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:


    Cholita, me preocupa acerca de usted! Espero, por tu bien, que puede encontrar a un hombre de su propio pronto! Bien lejos de Butler es un acto de futilidad! Buena suerte a usted!

  2. 102
    LLL Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve: Eve, post # 96 was mine. I had typed a somewhat long post…but decided not to submit it. After re-reading it came out a little too impertinent and I didn’t want to have to make explanations. If the tone seems different it is because of the frustration of being careful what I post here on JJ Gerard Butler threads. Sorry…RL has been tiring and possibly my messed-up sleep pattern is making me cranky. I certainly don’t want any prolonged conflict here. With that, the car subject seemed too insignificant to pursue, therefore my statement about going back and forth.

  3. 103
    bystander Says:

    Hs interview parts 2, 3 & 4 have disappeared from YouTube. My browser it sensorship (and if so, who by?) Were these his dodgiest bits? Can they be found anywhere else online?

  4. 104
    FYI Says:

    You can download the entire HS interview at this link:

  5. 105
    lola Says:

    @Manny: WOW defend the tabs…Work for them??LOL How do you know what you’re reading is true?? Meets a friend for coffee in the am turns into….after a night of passion and then some … (so and so) takes his one night love out for a coffee and a bite to eat..LOL Seriously?? You must work for a tab or this one…

  6. 106
    niknoks Says:


    They are still there, I posted a link to the youtube account on the last thread.

    Here it is again.

  7. 107
    Truth Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved and agreed with EVERY word you stated here!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself! You nailed it!!!!!!!

  8. 108
    Manny Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:
    Didn’t read your post because
    1. It was way too long…. as in long winded…

    2. I’m not interested. :)
    I see you are back to spamming and trying to tell everyone what to think again. Don’t you get tired of that???
    You are correct. Many people in LA call for cars when they have business meetings in certain areas of the city (read PAP zones). Studios will send cars for meetings also. This comes directly from my friend in PR.
    As for what Butler actually owns, he has only admitted to owning the BMW sports car on Leno.
    What are you talking about? I never mentioned tabs I was talking about the Howard Stern interview. I hope you get caught up….. :)))
    I’m glad someone read Eve’s post. :)

  9. 109
    8-) Says:

    Just heard that Gerry is in Vegas for the Victor Ortiz/Floyd Mayweather jr fight.Any truth?.He is staying at The Bellagio.

  10. 110
    T. Says:

    Didn’t mean to get anyone concentrated on what negativity I heard on that HS interview. Was just something I noticed. He sounds like a nice guy. He talks well of his co-stars, etc. Let’s just have fun and enjoy the people in our lives. Enjoy your weekend! :-D

  11. 111
    GerryLover Says:

    Gerry was spotted in LA at the Blue Jam Cafe with Lolita!

    RoryKimbrough Rory Kimbrough
    Gerard Butler just sat next to us at Blue Jam Cafe lol with his pug #randomLAmoments

  12. 112
    cupcake Says:

    Who is rory kimbrough?

  13. 113
    FYI Says:

    Blu Jam Cafe is very close to Gerry’s house in Los Feliz.

  14. 114
    CC Says:


  15. 115
    Jack Says:

    I can’t believe I read all 5 pages of this crap. Why does JJ draw all the crazy obsessive (and probably fat and old) fangirls?

  16. 116
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:


    Thank you!

  17. 117
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:


    “I can’t believe I read all 5 pages of this crap. Why does JJ draw all the crazy obsessive (and probably fat and old) fangirls?”


    Guess that makes you one of us since it drew YOU too! And I can’t believe you admitted it! What an idiot! LMFAO!

  18. 118
    curious cat Says:


    Good one. cheeks like a hamster. HE LOOKS BETTER. You nailed it. :)

  19. 119
    curious cat Says:


    I was allowed only one thumbs up when I wanted to give you a perfect 10. Or something. Right on, girl.

  20. 120
    curious cat Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:
    Good as far as it goes and yes Americans are amazingly puritanical but European cultures aren’t quite so open either. Not all of them.

  21. 121
    curious cat Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:

    Oh, a nasty comment equals a long-winded post when it comes from someone else? I rarely make nasty personal comments, only if someone attacks ME. And yes, I can be long winded, a real windbag. I don’t apologize for it. If I feel I have something to say I say it, even it it’s long. If I don’t I don’t. It takes one line to gush, “I love him. I wanna do him.” STFW? If this is a discussion, what contribution is that?

  22. 122
    curious cat Says:


    Are you saying it’s okay for a man to mistreat women until he finds the one who sweeps him off his feet?

  23. 123
    curious cat Says:


    Don;t assume old and fat.

  24. 124
    curious cat Says:


    Don;t assume old and fat. Just young and ignorant as well.

  25. 125
    curious cat Says:

    Suggestion. Stop assuming you know anything about a poster’s personal life or occupation unless s/he reveals it.

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