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Gerard Butler Explains His Drastic Weight Loss

Gerard Butler Explains His Drastic Weight Loss

Gerard Butler lands at LAX Airport after flying in from NYC on Thursday (September 15) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish star was in the Big Apple to promote his new movies, Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher.

Gerry also attended the Diesel Black Gold show where he chatted with Us Weekly about his recent weight loss.

“I ate my last meal in October and I run about 40 miles a day,” he joked. “It’s just doing a lot of cardio and extremely watching what I eat. I stopped lifting big weights and I’m doing yoga.”

“If I wear a long shirt, everyone says, ‘Oh my, God! He lost so much weight.’ But this is how I look,” he added. “I just used to be a lot bigger. But now I’m surfing. I’m doing a surf movie so I have to slim down. I don’t know … maybe I’m sick or something!”

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue plaid shirt and dark olive jacket.

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311 Responses to “Gerard Butler Explains His Drastic Weight Loss”

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  1. 126
    Manny Says:

    Good review from the NY Post…
    @curious cat:
    Good point. :)

  2. 127
    curious cat Says:

    Sorry for the half doublepost. Sometimes a comment posts befoer I finish And I don’t know it’s gone.
    I just wish the personal attacks would stop.People on these boards don’t know who the others are. We could have some fun discussions without all this bashing. :)

  3. 128
    CHOLITA Says:

    …….Before you touch your lips,I touch heart and before conquering your body,I want to conquer your love……….Ahora les dejo una hermosa melodia por ANDREA BOCELLI ….POR TI VOLARE………..When you live alone dream a horizon lack of words in the shade between light everything is black for my eyes if you’re not with me…. here,you in your world separated from mine by an abyss….hey call me,I will fly your world away….. I’LL FLY FOR YOU…..I’ll be waiting my journey so are you to live them….. I’ LL FLY FOR YOU…. by skies and seas to your love,opening my eyes for you,I will live with you.when you’re far away dream a horizon lack of words and I know that you are always there,there a moon made for me, always bright for me,for me,for me……I’LL FLY FOR YOU,I’ll be waiting,my journey so you are,I will live with you……I’LL FLY FOR YOU ….by skies and seas to your love opening my eyes for you,I will live with you……I’LL FLY FOR YOU…..I WILL FLY……. hermosa cancion para levantarse hoy domingo con energia ….buenos dias a todos….buenos dias Sr.Butler……buenos dias Sra.Dargabriel….amorcito I LOVE YOU……besos,besos……Cholita.

  4. 129
    vegas Says:

    I’m not holding my breath to see how MGP flies with the general public. I’m not expecting record crowds, lol, especially for Coriolanus. I’m just hoping for generally good reviews. Neither film IMHO, is blockbuster material.

    I’m just always hoping for the best for Gerry. I’ve been a fan of his for so long … back when we didn’t really except much more heady material rhan Timeline and PS I Love You. Both of which, I will admit, I enjoyed.

    I’ve read on here for several years now, and it’s nice to see some of the the ‘oldtimers’ still hanging around from time to time: I actually saw Sukar’s moniker the other day. She’s been gone for quite some time. I hope all is well for her iin Egypt. We haven’t had much in the news from there recently. It’s all wacky Khadafy now on TV.

    I wonder if Old Mia, Pa Fan, Cora, Alphaba, and others I can’t bring to mind from the old days (sorry) stil haunt the JJ hallways.
    I’m still probably the biggest Butler fan on these boards. I’m incurable. I go back and watch Lucy Sulllivan scenes just so I can remark on how dam@ed gorgeouw he was back then. Those eyes and that black hair.

  5. 130
    Cnoc Mhor Says:

    If people are interested in seeing reviews so far for MGP then you can check out and imdb, there are only a small sampling of reviews to date since most critics who have seen the film have had their reviews embargoed until September 23. If you are extremely sensitive about Mr. Butler, his performance and the controversial subject matter in MGP then only check out the rotten tomatoes links to those reviews. Most there are positive. The imdb links lead to mostly negative ones. It looks like as of now the film is getting mixed reviews overall from the critics who have released theirs. One will have to wait until Friday for a better idea of how the film and Mr. Butler’s performance will be received.

  6. 131
    T. Says:


    Then why did you? 5’8, 135 pounds here and not ugly or old. Sorry. Not even a fangirl. But I would definitely say intrigued and amused by the wild comments on here. Just like you were Jack to read 5 pages of them. Okay, back to the ACL Festival!

  7. 132
    How do I put this...? Says:


    ITAWY. MGP’s roll out is so staggered and spotty right now, that it would be quite the achievement for it to bully it’s way to the top of the box office (although “smaller” movies have been known to be surprisingly resilient, despite lack of “blockbuster” material/large marketing campaigning). And Shakespeare films do not usually draw big crowds, no matter how modernized (which I’m sure all involved are well aware of).

    Regardless of possible awards or whatever, hopefully these films will at least improve his profile, and compel him to be more selective/proactive/creative in his acting/producing, even if these movies themselves perform poorly, critically and/or financially.

  8. 133
    dargabriel Says:

    @CHOLITA: you brighten my days of darkness,always I smile upon you. I wish you always beutiful. Lovely days. Thank you for making my work day very light and loving. Your warm embrace I feel when I rise up and lie down. I forever love you cholita and butler. Love and light to you all. Love,dargabriel

  9. 134
    movie reviews Says:

    WEnt back and looked at the IMBD reviews and compared to Rotten Tomatoes…IMBD reviewers consisted of someone who said she thought assault, drug abuse, prison, sex, killing of children…was dull; and one review by someone so anti-religion as to be useless; he could not get past that to actually review the movie.

    Rotten tomatoes has some real reviews with known reviewers on it, 83% fresh right now. I expect the rating to drop, but most reviewers like Butler’s performance better than the movie overall as to the ratings, but lets not hold up IMBD for any purpose such as reviews! Sheesh…

  10. 135
    curious cat Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:

    It happens (posts seeming not to go through and then you find them later after you hit the send key twice. No apologies necessary. We know it’s not intentional.

  11. 136
    curious cat Says:

    Some mixed reviews.

  12. 137
    Haley Says:

    Just saw that WO has a transcript of the Stern/Gerard Butler interview. European fans thank them!!! I love that site they are always posting the best news and pictures. They are the best Gerard Butler site out there by far.

  13. 138
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:

    Some posts on this thread are like coming up on road kill. I just avert my eyes and keep driving! LOL!

  14. 139
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve: Couldn’t agree more Eve! You’re definitely better off driving by them!! lol Still a few good ones in between that I enjoy reading.

  15. 140
    curious cat Says:

    I just surprised myself by actually listening to the rest of the Stern interview. In fact, I listened to part 1 again. Shouldn’t have taken the time today and must now catch up on my work, but it wasn’t as long an interview as I expected and I just kept picking up the next part.
    Overall, I thought GB handled himself very well and did his best to dispell rumors about himself.
    I still think Stern is an obnoxious a@@ and a terrible interviewer. I realize he has made his career on being a shock jock, and Ito me that’s objectionable but that’s what he is. What drove me crazy is the way he kept interrupting GB and jumping from one loaded question to another, not seeming to listen to the answers. Anyone on these boards seems to know more about GB’s career than he.
    To me that isn’t good interviewing, but heck, Stern is rich and famous and I’m not, so wtf. :)
    I wish the interview had focused on MGP more, found GB’s reminiscences of his father and his early acting career interesting. There wasn’t much there new but there was some fleshed out a bit and I got a different perspective on him. Maybe Stern deserves some credit for that.
    Still, Stern is annoying to me and I think GB deserves most of the credit for fielding this interview gracefully.
    I was glad when GB finally yelled at Stern, “Will you let me say something? Because it’s important!” LOL.
    It was very clear that remarks like having had 10,000 women and coming home to find no trace of female guests because the cleaners had been there were jokes, I didn’t read anything derogatory toward women in anything he said. I wish Stern had focused more on MGP instead of the same old speculation about GB’s se.x life. At several points I thought GB was about to reveal more about himself but Stern came in with another dumb question. Just my opinion. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday, or Monday, depending on where you live.

  16. 141
    Truth Says:

    @curious cat:

    I totally agree with you that HS was all over the place with this interview. If he had let Butler answer some of the questions prior to interrupting him it would have been a more interesting interview.

    I also agree that Butler handled himself very well and rolled with the punches like a pro.

    I can honestly say I have NEVER liked HS or Robin nor do I listen to their show. I did this time purely for Butler. He made some of the cutest faces during the interview.

    And once again he tried to clear up the whole womanizing thing.

  17. 142
    sweetestone2 Says:

    @curious cat: Totally agree with you and thank did a much better job to convey what I was saying that than I did..I Luv Gerry and his work! Sorry to everyone else for not getting my point across without offending people. Good Nite…Have a great week to everyone! :)

  18. 143
    Relative Says:

    @curious cat: All is relative.15 relationships is average to some. 5 is a lot to others. 50 is common in some circles. 500 is ridiculous. Walking disease fest mentally and physically.personally anything under 5 is best.

    Gerard does not do relationships. That would require him being close to someone he lusts and spend lots of time with them without sex. Making a mental connection first.
    Deja vu hook ups every fashion week and Victoria secret show.

  19. 144
    ben LOL Says:

    gerard butlers doesn’t want any of women who are under 5’9. So the short troll chicks out there can beat it. Or get your legs to grow or something. all guys want the tall model who gets other guys attention in public. its like driving a ferrari. hello wake up keep telling yoursleves we like short and thick when we dont,, if you dont have it gerry doesnt want you and hes a star so he gets the model if thats what he wants. no short chicks sorry.
    on twitter benG

  20. 145
    T. Says:

    Wow some of the comments were deleted! Even mine saying how hilarious the late night comments were. So crazy. The ones about the European women were the craziest. I just pictured the person writing those with one hand in a fist up in the air and the other hand typing. Cracking up.

  21. 146
    about MGP Says:,0,6046662.story

  22. 147
    N. Says:

    Call me shallow but Gerry looks amazing in this video don’t you think?

  23. 148
    GFW Says:

    I think acting for Gerry might have started out as fun and good times but his “purpose” as he’s grown up, and older, is how using his career to better the world, HIS world and ultimately OUR world.

  24. 149
    CHOLITA Says:

    …… is as the spirits,all talk about them but few have seen……..les dejo una hermosa cancion de LARA FABIAN se llama ADAGIO……..I do not know where to find you…..I do not know how to reach you….I hear your voice in the wind,I feel you under my skin,within my heart and soul,I wait for you…..ADAGIO….All of these nights without you,all of my dreams sorround you,I see and I touch your face,I fall into your embrace,when the time is right I know.You’ll be in my arms……ADAGIO…..I close my eyes and I find a way,no need for me to pray so far I’ve walked so hard……nothing more to explain,I know all that remains is a piano that plays…..if you know where to find me…. if you know how to reach you me….Before I run out of faith,be the only man to say….that you’ll hear my heart,that you’ll give your life, forever you’ll stay……Don’t let this light fade away no,no,no,no,no……Don’t let me run out of faith……be the only man to say……that you believe,make believe….ADAGIO…….Buenos dias a todos ……..amorcito quisiera ser hormiguita para trepar a tu balcon y decirte…GUAPO,BONITO Y BOMBON……besitos…adios.

  25. 150
    PsychoB Says:

    Its great to see people still think putting people down is the way to boost their own ego.

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