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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Walk in the West Village

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Walk in the West Village

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux head out to lunch together on Friday (September 16) in NYC’s West Village.

The night before, the couple came out to support Jen‘s longtime stylists at the launch of their Hoyle Jackson line at Bloomingdale’s.

Later in the evening, Jennifer, 42, and Justin, 40, dined at Il Mulino, an upscale Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village.

“They had a good time,” a restaurant source told E! Online.

Jen‘s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, recently clarified some comments he made during about their marriage during an interview.

“The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself – and that, I am responsible for,” he said in a statement.

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  • Mari

    I really don’t get where all this hostility towards Jen comes from. Even Brad dissing her? It was she who was cheated on yet everyone is against her. It sucks that she has been dealing with the same thing for 7 years.

  • yes

    Keep your head high Jen !!!!!! You have CLASS.

  • e

    She is lovely and beautiful woman, this with Justin looks great and she looks happy and I ope that it will last, she deserve all the happiness.

  • :#

    Ugly shoes to match the face.

  • Alex

    she is loving all these attention don’t think for a minute she isnt.

  • :#

    ugly shoes to match the face..

  • http://bd slig olambert ^_____^cute

    this woman alot nothing

  • http://bd slig olambert ^_____^cute


  • chelsey

    Two of the hottest couple ever. The thing that people don’t know about Jen is she is VERY GENEROUS…she donates ALOT of money to charities. Only difference is she just does it…she doesn’t call all the pap’s to get attention. Unlike others….just saying. People would be very surprised at how much she gives.

  • LOOK justin naked
  • bazaz

    She is so cute and a classy lady.

  • dull lil rache

    why does brad have to appease this woman? he said nothing wrong and she needs to stop being a crybaby and grow up! ENOUGH! she is dull!

  • PH

    @chelsey: So how the heck do YOU know she does donate? If the organization does not publicize it, and she doesn’t, how do you know then? Since her income tax returns are not for public consumption, then how would YOU know she is generous? Unless you are Jennifer herself. And no, old handbags and autographed photos do not count, as they don’t cost her anything.

  • PH

    @bazaz: Yep, classy all the way. I am sure Heidi Bivens would agree.

  • http://justjared saira

    You mean like how it was in all the papers about her giving $500,000 to Doctors Without Borders after the Haiti earthquake. Actually, it was after the press blasted her for spending all that money to fly her friends to Mexico so she could throw an elaborate birthday party for herself while everyone else was being charitable.


    Did her mom have a stroke or not?

  • http://justjared saira

    @chelsey: You mean like the $500K she donated to DWB after the Haiti earthquake that was in all the papers. Oh wait, actually it was after she threw that elaborate birthday party for herself and friends and the press blasted her for it.

  • http://justjared saira

    Faux boyfriend…yes
    Wearing black, because it’s slimming…yes
    Scarf to hide turkey neck…yes
    Call paps before I arrive…yes
    Fake annoyance at paps…yes
    Pretend to hide “baby bump”…yes

  • yep

    @dull lil rache: what is one word that jen has said about brad’s hateful comment! NOTHING! jen is classy! keep moving forward jen!

  • yep

    @GMAFB: that is what has been reported – jen has said nothing! jen is one classy lady! justin is so fine! justjen!

  • yep

    @GMAFB: some of the media has reported she has. jen has said nothing. love justjen!

  • http://justjared saira

    She hasn’t said anything because she hasn’t read the full article, just like all the other idiots posting about it. They have heard one quote taken out of context and have found yet another reason to bring this s%@& up all over again.



  • Ann


    What is your deal? Why does it matter whether or not she donates money? How is that any of anyone’s business? Would you rather her have a baby and put it on the cover of a tabloid and donate that money? Wait, didn’t Brad and Angie already pimp out their kids and give that money to charity. My bad.

  • http://justjared saira

    @Ann: I don’t think it’s pimping out your kids when the mags are stupid enough to pay for the pix. The same mag had the same kids on the cover last week for free. Do you think they get a check everytime the tabloids put thier kids on the cover? Brad and Angie are just smart enough to capitalize on the press and their need to be “first.”
    I wonder how much Jen got for her infamous Vanity Fair article?

  • hmmm

    he looks like a fool in those skinny jeans

  • PH

    @Ann: Is your name chelsey? I was responding to her post that Jennifer does donate. I was asking how does she know for sure. Jennifer’s fans always say that she does donate, without presenting any proof, except that list where she gave old handbags and autographed photos. If they can list the old handbags they can very well list the money she has donated too!

  • chelsey

    @PH: She helps other countries. But the thing that impresses the hell out of me is she helps AMERICANS who need it…Shriners Hospital…etc…. obviously you have a computer. Look it up.

  • Ann


    My computer is screwed up. I clicked on chelsey’s name and somehow replied to yours. My apologizes.

  • chelsey

    @saira: Yes, she helps other countries. More importantly she helps out the country she lives in ie Shriners Hospital etc…you obviously have a computer. Look it up.

  • Ann


    It’s even worse to pimp when you have that kind of money. How are they charitable when the money comes from pimping out their kid? Yes the magazine is stupid enough to pay them that much but people like you are stupid enough to buy it and quickly assume that Brad and Angie are such big givers. They have a ton of money they could donate but I guess their child’s privacy only lasts until what…….4 days out of the womb?

  • betty

    Why are you haters bashing this woman. Angie is the freak had relations with women, married 3 times carried a blood vial around her neck I bet Bill Bob could say a lot about their past marriage.Because Brad said Jen was dull does not make her so. Brad is with the woman he wants to be with and Jen has a man in her life.

  • Mayleen

    So sweet!

  • lc

    she’s a great girl!! and I actually wish her the best w/ this guy!

  • Smell the coffee

    This man is in love with himself. Those short t-shirts are SO affected and offensive. He’s drunk on fame and has deluded himself that he’s the reason for it.

    Rather than appearing protective of Jennifer – by putting his arm around her or at least holding her hand, he’s presenting himself to the paparazzi.

    Jennifer, you deserve better. He walked out on a LONG romance for fame, not love.

  • Exactly!


    Exactly. but then again, the posters here have a one track mind and the train only stops in Brangelina Land no matter who the star is. they hate everyone. Pitt sure blundered, damage control huh? Great, at last he’s on the other side of the bad press, can’t wear a halo forever. I always said that too. HE cheated, not her. And she only said he was missing a sensitivity chip, which is beans compared to what he said now. He isn’t looking “cool” if you know what I mean. Surprised at Brad, now he’ll have to spend interviews defending this instead of promoting Money Ball.

  • aha

    This unknown actor is using her for his 15 min of fame.
    He’ll dump her like a stinky piece of you know what in the toilet.

  • Class Jen


    She sure does. Unlike Brad, whoa was he wrong, esp. 7 years later to say what he did. And retract? Worse! She is now above the fray, he looks lousy. been a long time coming.

  • EwwwwTHEbaldShrimp&FUG

    They’re both really ugly. Hes short and bald, lol. And, he’s a famewh*re being paid to date her. Right after they go public, he gets a contract with her big fat PR flack and firm. surprise, surprise. Her agent has to pay his twinks to date her. Lol. Remember the tv variety show John Mayer was going to get. That was promised to him by jens PR flack. Lol He decided it wasn’t worth the misery. this one is middle-aged and a no name, so hell do anything to get his name in lights. He’d hookup with a Hollywood housewife- anuston just came along first. Lol

  • Americans


    yeah AMERICANS! Brad helps others but never in the good old Usa and that gets me to no end!

  • class act JA


    Isn’t it something? for 1st time ever, google what Brad said and it’s all bad press for him, esp women, they are fuming. cheap shot, heel and worse. At last, looks like Jen is the winner in all of this She did nothing wrong, nothing, past and present. She was always asked about “them” and responded. Brad on the other hand wanted to promote a movie at her expense. Never in my life would I think Pitt himself would stoop so low. So happy she seems to have found love at last after being hurt…esp from her EX.

  • charity


    Oh please! she’s a constant giver and member of the St Jude Hospital for children and God knows what else. Unlike Pitt/Jolie she doesn’t have her rep/camp ANNOUNCE her charity. We always know when the jolie pitts donate, dont we?

  • madeline

    well done brad!

  • JP’s where are ya?

    Hmmm so quiet in JJ land. Me wonders if the brange loons are in total shock today. Not only did their super hero make a bad mistake dissing his ex/marriage to the world 7 yrs post divorce , but then .HORRORS – he actually clairifed it with a loving, friendly message to ms Aniston! Does it get any better? LOL! Love it. So you all hate Jen’s guts, turns out your hero doesn’t. Awww he’s just doing major….Major Damage Control. A First for him! ANd all the jerks with names like maniston nd worse, you all better seek help….fast.

  • Hermione

    Love her! She´s the best! And if you read and listen to everybody who have met her, they say she down to earth, loving, kind, a NORMAL human being, NOT FULL OF HERSELF as that d-bag BP. Everybody is full of praise when i comes to Jen. Have never heard that about BP or AJ!
    Wish Jen and Justin the best! They look so great and wonderfull together! <3!

  • Piper

    look at her, i believe that she’s a boring person. it may not be a bad thing i guess because she knows what she likes: tanning, mexico, posing nude etc. Brad’s just not into it in more so he left so she can find someone else who enjoys the single life. it’s not rocket science.

  • Ziggy

    She’s all right!
    I wouldn’t do her, but she’s bagable.

  • Piper

    also, can i just say, “you’re boring” is officially my favourite insult of the week. nothing is more to the point than “um, i left because you’re boring” lol!!

  • Barbie Kate

    They are the perfect couple
    Eddie Monster and his lady

  • miranda

    great couple.. i love her