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Justin Theroux is 'Very Cute' with Jennifer Aniston!

Justin Theroux is 'Very Cute' with Jennifer Aniston!

Justin Theroux pushes his motorcycle into a legal parking zone on Friday (September 16) in New York City.

Later in the day, the 40-year-old actor and his girlfriend Jennifer Aniston went out to lunch together in the West Village.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

The night before, Justin and Jen attended the launch of Hoyle Jackson at the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street store.

At the event, Jen and Justin “were very cute. They were really just so appropriate at all times. They [looked] like a real couple,” a source told People.

The source added that Jen “was really so lovely.”

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  • dena

    aw.. i luv him so much, he is a real man. hopefully the relationship last but if it doesnt i will still like him except if he become a douche like stupitt.

  • notafan


  • courtney

    OMG, ,He is a douche and she is a phony. Hello !!!!
    Quit showing Pics of them Jared, you are wasting good space!

  • Free Flyer


    He’s about as cute as a rattlesnake.

    His creepy photos make my skin crawl.

    Good luck with that one Jen!

    You’re going to need it.

  • Before Plastic Surgery
  • young jennifer
  • hmmmm

    cuter than gerard assler

  • Solyndra Hoffa

    Hollywood painfully wants her to be so happppyyyyyy…but this dorky guy looks like a fame moocher that will stay even after sex until he starts getting regular work.

  • Samantha

    I think Justin is better looking then Brad!! I hope Jen is happy, and gets everything she’s ever wanted!!

  • @Solyyndra Hoffa

    What’s so wrong with “dorky” guys!?!? I think he is sexy as hell!! You do know that Justin makes his own money… even before Jen and him started dating?!? He wrote the screenplay for Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2, and Rock of Ages. He’s also a producer, director, and actor.

  • Piper

    “you’re boring!” LOL

  • Sue Denim

    “They were really just so appropriate at all times”


    Who talks like that?! Oh wait, Jennifer’s publciist…

    Justin is clearly hustling hard to make it in Hollywood and get better roles. I’ll be impressed if he actually pulls it off.

  • lulu


    A real man ??? just like you said before on every D.c.k your idol slept with .

    A real man don’t lie and cheat on his “common law” wife of 14 years.

    Wait till this “real man” get tire of his sugar mommy.,told ya , just like your idol other’s bed partner,he gonna dump her or cheat like he cheated on his common law wife. I give them another 6 months. and kaput ! hahahahah………………..

  • Creepy

    Those ultra unproportional body -long trunk , sooooooooo short leg really creep me out .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He knew with these body and face, mediocre talent and at 40, there’s no way he’s gonna make it in HW., There’s no other easiest way of finding secure financial stability other than hook at with a lonely, rich sugar mommie.

    So what! he was a screen writer in one or two successful film.,but in HW , good screen writer does not paid much and was a dime a dozen, very competitve. ! He was a producer and director ? what film ? anyone can direct and produce a short indie film, your idol does that too.

  • Kirsten

    I love how Brad says one thing about this woman and he is basically stomped by the media. She talks crap about him and his wife and kids all of the time. He was forced to apologize because everyone feels so bad for “America’s Sweetheart”. I’m sorry, I’m venting but I just don’t like when the media turns people into victims. She had Brad Pitt for 7 years and she couldn’t make simple sacrifices to make their marriage work. BTW, he dresses like a dou**e bag version of Brad.

  • Jackpot

    Yup, that’s what he’s hit with Jen.

  • flower girl

    Does he own a pair of pants that fit or are made for someone older than 16..

    When I look at them they are a PERFECT fit.. lol

  • MizCanada.

    Jen, you are a beautiful CLASSY woman. I don’t often look to celebs for inspiration or as example, but, your grace and class is something I admire. Grace under fire ALWAYS. Have a glass of wine, have a laugh with your man…let that classless cad feel the burn of his conscience and his eternal stupidity.

    Rock on girl…Justin, you hit the jackpot. Treat Jen like the Princess she is and if she wants children, make beautiful kind sweet babies with her.

    A big universal positive love and hug to you both.

  • villedeville

    Not cute. Did he borrow Justin Beiber’s castoff pair of jeans? He’s a very short guy – those jeans makes him look much shorter than he really is.

  • Nicole

    Brad Pitt is much much much more handsome and he look amazing with beautiful Angelina Jolie. Thats it!!!



  • bali-surf

    this justin guy is sooooooooooo….FUGLY.
    what’s up with his pants? down his knees like a gangbanger!

  • tina


  • sasha

    Before any of you crazies start calling Pitt names what about Jennifer continued used of this triangle for over five years. I think he did the right thing by being honest and shutting all you haters filthy mouth about him not being happy and going back to that boring thing you’ll call jennifer. And being the man that he is he clarified it for all you stupids who are attacking him for something he did not say and you all stupids for interpreting something in your sick little minds. How about all those words that Jennifer have called him all these past years. Is ok for her to call him names and for him? You haters are pathetic and it shows by your comments and the way you interpret things that are even clarified for you stupid little minds. Brad you’re Bold and I love it when you give to Jennifer and all her stupid friends. Hope his comment make give you and jennifer sleepless nights for the next couple of years. He only used one sentence and you’ll need your pills while she’s being using words for so long. Get over it haters he found his true love and he’s not afraid to say it. Jennifer taught she found her true love when she met that big urgly guy on the Break up and after calling Brad name she dumped her ass and is now happily married with children by the way. Open you eyes Jennifer fans this so called woman will not bear any children cause she dull, will never married again cause she’s dull and will pretend to be happy cause she’s dull. And for gods sakes somebody in here please tell her stupid short boyfriend to stop wearing hign heels. He’s been wearing them more than Tom Cruise. And he’s short and should just accept that fact that he’ll never look or be Brad Pitt and his girlfriend should accapt that she’s dull. Period. Have a horrible weekend haters.

  • poor hollywood

    Poor Hollywood desperately wants their sweetheart to be happy forever.

  • yep

    justin is hot! JUSTJEN hottest couple in hollywood!

  • Ivermom

    There’s that cute guy that makes jen heart go pitter patter…….

  • hmmmm



  • Maria


    These 2 ‘s boring. Theroux looks like he’s not into her. …. NEXT!

  • J&J

    WOW……. He is very CUTE and HOT. He is a very special one.
    He is an artist that’s why he fell for the classiest Jen.
    He is talented and very low key. I like the way he takes care of Jen. We love Justin and Jen.

  • Nora

    Is it true that BP went out with JA because he deliberately didn’t want to go out with anyone “beautiful” after Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly cheated on him and he didn’t want to risk his next gf being attractive to other men and cheating on him as well? Does anyone know? (Not that this would apply to AJ because she is beautiful.)

  • Nora

    In one of the photographs pushing his motorbike you can see JT wearing what appear to be Calvin Klein underwear. Well I guess JA got rid of the beard and now she’s working from the inside out with his grooming – underwear then next it will be the outer garments. Because wouldn’t Calvin Klein be just too mainstream for JT’s “artistic” tastes?

  • Brenda

    Yawn. Weird body shape and fugly hairline.

  • WhatATool

    @J&J #30
    BWHAHHAHAHAHA, who talks like that are you insane, stuuuupid or both

    The midget fake BF has to get away from BORING JEN for a few hours,he may think he is weird enough to handle JA but she is batsh!t crazy

  • anonymous

    He is a real man? Real men spend their own money and make their own career and they don’t leave their girlfriend of 14 years to move in with an old broad to elevate their career. No one knew who JT was before now he is on GQ mag cover? When have you ever heard of such a thing, who do you think did that ? Answer Aniston. The guy looks like he is out of some freak movie or satanist cult, please he gives me the creeps! No wonder her girfriend Cox don’t hang around anymore do you see her around, she knows JA is being used, but she was lonely and out of lonliness comes desperation.



  • adrz

    I’m so confused? So he is vilified because he left his common law “wife” yet yall worship brad, after cheating on his wife & left her? oh please. Double standards are a bit hilarious. btw thumbs down my comment if it makes you feel better.

  • Ghost

    This is a pr stunt at best. The end of this pretend relationship will come when the movie Wandercrap has been out for about two weeks. Jen slept her way to the middle and she still is. The comments on this blog about her are as goofy as the posters. This woman is about as talented as a fence post. She is a Sit-Com cast member at best . She is not now , nor will she ever be a movie star. How many more men will she have to go through before you believe she truly is the Hobag of Hollywood…

  • adrz

    And Brad has never been one to have his own mind, no wonder Angie loves him. If he had to retract his comments.. well.. let’s just say he needs to find a voice. so sad !

  • Hardley

    He’s a hottie. Very sexy man. He and Jen seem happy together. Why can’t the brangelina fans just move on… my goodness they are obsessed with Jennifer!!

  • betty

    He not as old as Brad .Brad is the one that looks worn He is 40 and Jen is 42 perfect match.and looks fab.

  • Nora

    The “lunchbox” on the back of his motorbike is not cool. Brad didn’t have one of them on his motorbike.

  • http://justjarde tota

    love justin
    team jen

  • Tam

    I Am in NO contact With MS.ANISTON HER LOVED ONES,FRIENDS, FAMILIES, OR WORKERS ,COWORKERS – This is my opinion. I WILL STAND BY AND UP FOR MY VIEWS..I Only have the most RESPECT FOR MS.JENNIFER ANISTON.I CARE FOR HER AND HER FEELING. SO TOO MS.ANISTON &  MR.THEROUX , A VERY HAPPILY EVER AFTER ..I RESPECT  MS.ANISTON. SHE LOVED YOU Pitt .AND ON MY BEHALF .ME .U GETTING THIS I HOPE U R PITT?I RESPECT MS.ANISTON.BECAUSE OF HER. Not U .YOU SAY YOUR FRIENDSHIP WITH MS.ANISTON..U REALLY THINK THAT PEOPLE IS EVEN GOING BELIEVE YOUR B.S.? JOLIE (barf).going believe she’s going let you near her ?Jolie is STILL SO JEALOUS OF MS.ANISTON SHE STILL CAN’T see stright.& With EVERY RIGHT MS.JENNIFER IS A REAL TRULY CLASSY, INTELLECTUAL BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.!! everything jolie WILL NEVER EVER BE OR BECOME ..EVEN if jolie was  IN DRAG.. What A Turn on for you .boy,No, Pitt U R And Forever Will Be A  PRICK!! followed some Advice from another comment..that person was RIGHT  WHAT IS IN YOUR PANTS (Not much there} it is On you’re sholders..You loose both ways..I will not except NO APOLOGY. From U 4 Ms.ANISTON  THat would be MS.Aniston, not from me.4 you,you Do all and more DESERVE IT.YOU R UNTHOUGHTFUL. STUPID MINDLESS U R  UNFORGIVABLE.MS. ANISTON HAS MORE CLASS IN A Tip of her NAIL then you’re life combined. YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT. You  It’s all ,YOU BROKE YOU’RE VOW..MS. ANISTON DID  NOT. NOW WHEN SHE IS WITH SOMEONE, SHE CARES FOR A PARTNER.YOU MAKE STUPIDITY COMMENTS.R U JEALOUS?? HA HA HA. YOU CANNOT GET OUT OF YOUR”RELATIONRSHIP” if You wanted 2.?? Your it got you by the — you’re bank account not big enough. MS.ANISTON IS TOO TO GOOD ..NO WAIT “GREATTT”for U you could not even pass hell itself.U R so beneath her pittboy . CAn’T Leave Your B– ( jolie).if You wanted too. U GOT SUCKERD..SUCKER..SHE, MS.JENNIFER ANISTON HAS BECOME  AND WILL AND  HAS & WIll continue 2 BECOME A BETTER WOMAN STRONGER, THEN NOW & EVER WITHOUT U. FYI PITT U R NOT THE ONLY ONE SHE CAN LOVE. That can Love her!!SHE Does not NEED YOU. STILL HER TIME TO SHINE!!  ALWAYS HAS BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE WITHOUT U ..Stop Trying will never happen to steal her light.. You  It will never  Happen .You lost the BEST PERSON THERE IS.EVER WILL BE . U MADE /Making another a– Out of yourself for no seeing it.You are Just RUNNING AROUND COUNTRY /World..Like YOUR HEAD CHOPPED OFF , STILL NOWHERE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY…Still not happy. THAT’S GREATTT. WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND WITH YOU..pittboy..What about a new CHICK COSTAR?? OR HOW A BOUT A GUY.PITT.LET YOU AND Jolie pretend.
    You can Let Jolie Pretend U are Jolie BROTHER.THAT SHE LIKES TO TOUNG SO MUCH.  HER Kin THAT IS U SAID U GOT P.O. ABOUT WHAT WAS SAID ABOUT sh–t JOLIE, got(gross) .LMAO BIG  TIME..well I Guess, no I  you R what you R.both in the toilet.. You Do have one right??

  • nadine

    Omg hahahahahahaa the comment above is priceless

  • crazy people everywhere


    What the heck was that about?

  • Sam

    It’s interesting for someone who supposedly hates being a celebrity is getting papped daily. Justin sold his soul to the devil. Just saying …

  • Spring

    Aniston fans would call a pile of cow dung HOT if it could fertilize her drying up eggs! Hahahhahaha, you guys are such losers and hypocrites!

  • meme

    Leave the woman alone she is doing the best she can…just like everyone else in this life. She is not your friend or foe…give me a break!!! People act like they know whats in her head or heart.

  • mimi

    This man is sooooo hot and sexy! He has a naturally sexy, fun but mysterious vibe to him. Vanilla pretty boys need not apply. :) But PLEASE – don’t wear those skinny jeans again!!! They look terrible!