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Kate Bosworth: 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Guest!

Kate Bosworth: 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Guest!

Kate Bosworth makes an appearance on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show held at Rockefeller Center on Friday (September 16) in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress joined host Jimmy Fallon for an interview about her upcoming film Straw Dogs, and stuck around to play some games with the host.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The night before, Kate screened Straw Dogs with her co-stars James Marsden and Alexander Skarsgard.

Kate recently spoke to MTV News about her initial thoughts about the film.

“I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is going to be quite an intense one,’ but I love a challenge,” Kate said.

Be sure to watch Kate on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight on NBC!

FYI: Kate is wearing a Carven dress and JewelMint East Side Beat Duo.

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Credit: Theo Wargo; Photos: Getty
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  • JEN

    OMG what is that hair? She needs to shave it off and start over. Good lord!

  • lauren

    jesus she looks so thin!!!!!!

  • mforman

    What a waste of space and air.

  • Dieter

    She is so beautiful !!!! She will get the OSCAR for STRAW DOGS !!! Everybody is talking about that movie !!!!

  • Jeannie

    WTF has she done to her face???? And that hair?! Ew

  • Gorgeous

    she looks fabulous!

  • Lovekate

    I had no idea she was going to be on tonight, cool!

  • lauren

    @Dieter: sorry but the oscar has a winner and is glenn close for the movie “albert nobbs”

  • Solyndra Hoffa

    She’s a younger and hotter version of gwynnie but with acting talent.

  • mforman

    @Dieter and the ones that are saying she is soo beautiful—Stop already and an Oscar winner, are you serious, they do not give Oscars to below D list actors who cannot act. There is alot invovled with winning an Oscar besides talent (of which she has none), but also your reputation in HW and hers is just a disgrace. She treats crew members like second class citizens and the only time she was nice to fans (that were really waiting for AS) was when the showmance was going on and she wanted everybody and their mothers to know she had him.
    She is losing more and more hair. Everytime we see her, her forehead keeps growing. The more and more hair and the facial procedures she keeps having done must stop, she looks worse now than ever. It is very sad and she really needs to stop.

  • Piper

    Brad Pitt: “you’re boring!”

  • ashley.rose

    I think she’s beautiful, and the interview was a good one. I’ve actually had the privilege of meeting Kate and she was delightful. Not at all how she can come off in pictures. She is very tiny though, which is a little off putting, but she seems to be in good health so that’s good. I think Straw Dogs will be a change of pace for her, she seems to have gotten very similar roles that don’t showcase her talents, I think Straw Dogs will be a film that allows to do so.

  • lisa

    I love Kate and have ever since Blue Crush. She is doing so much right now and I am happy for her. Can’t wait to see Straw Dogs.

  • O.K

    i don’t find this girl to skinny at all like alot of use say she is she looks healthy she doesn’t have super skinny anything about her but as for her acting ive never seen her in any movie lol

  • http://df yum love


  • She’s a doll

    HATERS: why are you posting here?

  • She’s a doll

    Tina Fey on Mean girls:
    you all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores

  • Cute

    She looks happy, relaxed and so cute. Hope she stays this way now that potato nose is finally out of the picture!

  • hmmm

    Seems kind of late to be promoting the movie on the night it is being released. The studio should have done a better job with the screening last night too.

  • jules

    she’s been looking real good. her hair looks nice like this.

  • John Hopkirk

    It really is hilarious – yet massively pathetic – how people comment on Bosworth’s looks or ‘lack of’ talent. I guarantee not one of you envious hippo’s come close to being as attractive as Kate on a very bad day.

    OMG she’s losing hair!!1! She looks so thin!! For goodness sake people, think about what you’re doing with your lives. Wasting precious time by posting negative comments about celebrities is the hallmark of a sad and desperate individual.

  • ha ha

    She may not be the most beautiful girl in hollywd but you would never see a girl who looks like that on a subway train going to work. She is way above average.

  • yep

    kate is so beautiful! love her!

  • Shawna

    Wow! She looks way older than 28 years old! I am 32 and I look younger than her.

  • jules

    Just finished watching the interview, and she was great. So cute.

  • Sweet

    she is enchanting, easy to see why alex fell for her. feel kind of bad for him since he seems lonely.

  • mforman

    I just got done with the Fallon interview and I truly cannot believe she went on there and was chugging beer like that. What the heck is wrong with her, she didn’t have to do that, all she did was talk about how wonderful she is.
    She was very, very academic, she was a champion horse jumper, she was only going to HW for a year but did so great on her first audition she stayed. Boy she needs some self esteem, she thinks so little of herself (ha, ha).
    She was so busy talking about herself and how great she is, I think she mentioned the movie maybe once.
    Her hair was dirty and it looks like more and more is falling out. You can also tell she just had some kind of procedure on her face because it was all red and swollen.
    All this interview did was sum up all the things we have been saying, she is not only a famewho*ing pariah, but she is pathetic.
    AS is a true talent, with a great reputation and friends that show up for him. Good things will come his way, because Karma has a way of making sure it will happen.

  • Clue

    @mforman: well if you watched the show, you would have known that the beer pong thing is a regular bit. many of his guests participate. what did you want her to do, refuse to drink it? get a clue. btw she was adorable.

  • Actually

    Fallon asked her questions and she answered them. She did not sit there and go on and on about herself. Everyone knows about how she got Horse Whisperer and it was because she was an accomplished rider. What is the big deal? Kate moved to Hollywood at 18, and was the star of a hit movie at 19. That is what happened, so why can’t she say that when asked?

  • mforman

    Yes, she could have refused not on the show, but at the dress rehearsal, but no to her drinking like that makes her think she looks cool, and guess what it only made her look like the drunk, coke addict we all know her to be.
    I find it funny that you said nothing about the rest of the interview, when all she did was toot her own horn.
    She is not adorable, she is used up and boy does it show.

  • hahaha

    @John Hopkirk:

    Kate’s face is store boughtjust like her hair. Have you seen her family? ‘Nuff said! Alex probably got freaked out after meeting her family. There’s a very good reason there are no pictures of young pre HW Kate ANYWHERE on the internet. Seems like that face didn’t exist before HW and it’s been overhaul several times since then.

  • hahaha

    @ha ha:

    That face like everything else about her is fake. She looks nothing like her family and there are NO pictures of her before HW. You find pictures of young Angelina, Brad, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, etc.. Kate doesn’t have as much a yearbook picture anywhere. She invested much in that face, too bad she didn’t invest in a soul.

  • Clue

    Bosworth is boring and bland no matter how much alcohol is around. That’s probably why Alex always had a drink in hand around her.

  • KB

    Who gives a sh*t.

  • http://none texas swede

    @Clue: Can you tell me what the deal was with her keeping her left hand behind her like she was holding up her skirt or something? It looked really weird.

  • Clue

    Why she still coming up under a Skarsgard search on JJ?

  • Him

    Is she copying his clothes colour now. The only thing missing from her that black top is a grey pants. Move on KB he is so over you. Silly ho.

  • Clue

    “Bosworth is cast as a somewhat sluttish version of the wronged wife. She slithers about in short-shorts in front of the bad ol’ boys who are repairing the roof of her barn. Just to be sure you get the idea, she bares herself in the window before the boys. (There is nothing subtle in Lurie’s version.)

    The famous rape scene now has her attacked by the most muscular and handsome of the subhumans (Alexander Skarsgård from TV’s “True Blood”). Her reactions are even more in question than the character’s in the much-discussed ’71 original. Does she enjoy it, and, if so, was it rape? Does her intellectual husband have to sink to the level of the other idiots in order to prove himself a man?

    Does anyone care? Not really.”

  • beebee_cta

    “I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is going to be quite an intense one,’ but I love a challenge,”
    That’s what she said.

  • Clue
  • Blackcat99

    @John Hopkirk: So is calling people HIPPOS!Pot calling the kettle black.

  • Eresyn

    her clothes are meh but her hair looks more healthier styled like that.

  • Yikes

    First, I don’t appreciate that KB keeps coming up when I search for Skarsgard. Newsflash Jared: THEY’RE NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE. Second, she looks about 40 years old here. Very hard to believe she’s still in her 20′s (unless she lies about her like some actresses do).

  • http://none texas swede

    There was a review on last week by a critic that was surprised that “Straw Dogs” was chosen to be screened at TTIF. I will search back and try to find it. So I am sure Alex sat thru that one since he was the only actor there to represent it. And that gave him the oppurtunity to skip the uncomfortable situation of having to sit anywhere near his ex on Thursday. As someone mentioned earlier, he has said that when he falls he falls hard and stays longer than he should sometimes.

    I think he has made his statement very loudly and without words this past Thursday. He and Kate are beyond over and he wants nothing to do with her privately or publicly. As his fans we should let it go.

    So this my last comment on Kate Bosworth. She actualy was improved on her interview with Jimmy last night. Self absorbed, but she actually managed to answer questions with more than Yeah and Really?. Her hair did not get that much better that quickly without either extentions or being a wig. Was not her real hair. And WTF was up with her keeping her left hand behind her the entire time she was playing beer pong? Was she holding her skirt up or what? And the hem on her blouse..Was it supposed to be that way?

    Look at the photos of her Premier night close up facial view. Her chin is full of pimples. Her undereyes have lines that look like that have mascara that has run from tears and been dabbed away. Notice the pimples on both side of the nose on her face. This not the perfect skin her fans profess her to have. And this is not the face of someone who takes care of herself and the thing that makes her living for her. And if you don’t love yourself enough to treat yourself right how can you treat someone you claim to love right.

    Alex has been described as the most generous and humble actor in Hollywood by other actors, directors, and crewmembers in Hollywood. He deserves someone like him. Not someone with an ego so big it sucks up everything around it creating a vacuum that nothing else can exist in.
    So from this day forward I forget her name. And I beg of the rest of you….let her fade away. just don’t post about her anymore. On Alex threads or anything JJ or anyother site post on her. Let her goe. She is insignificant. She loves that you hate her. She has people post just to stir you up and keep her in the top interest group. Don’t let her win.

  • Peachy


    Keep taking your medication mforman

  • What?

    What’s wrong with you people? Did you watch the inteview? Kate’s mike pack came undone and was falling off and she was trying to hold it in place. Then Jimmy went over and held it for her. They were very funny. I think Jimmy’s in love!

  • renee

    She is gorgeous!