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Kate Gosselin: I'll Be Back On TV With My Kids

Kate Gosselin: I'll Be Back On TV With My Kids

Kate Gosselin smiles while heading to her car after appearing on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday (September 12) in NYC.

The 36-year-old Kate Plus 8 star also stopped by the Today show, where she chatted about the end of her TLC series.

“There is some relief, [but also] there is sadness, because it’s the end of an era,” she said (via People).

As for her ex husband’s comments that “reality TV is not a career,” Kate replied, “Jon may be acceptive of mediocre for his kids. I want the best for my kids.”

“[Another reality show] would have to be the right one,” she said when asked about signing on for another program. “I’m sure you will see my kids again at some point.”

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# 1

she’s silly. i wouldn’t be one of her kids. i think she suffers from low self confidence cause she thinks not being on a reality show means you’re a “mediocre” people.

# 2

she went from being the frumpiest looking suburban Mom with bermuda shorts to this fake asss hollywood barbie with an orange tan and platinum peroxide bleached blonde hair

# 3

She should hook up with Tom and Katie and all their self-proclaimed glory!

# 4

Love this woman! Don’t hate on her. She isn’t as awful as she is made out to be. We would all jump on the opportunities she has been given if we could. Love ya gosselins.. :)

# 5

She is looking fit and stunning, never once watched the show though!

# 6

She could get as many tans, teeth whitening sessions, and hair appointments as she wants. Her personality shines through and makes her look hideous. I can’t stand this woman. I knew she’d be ‘back’ after the cancellation of her show. She has undoubtedly become addicted to the spotlight and she feels like the whole world is devastated about the idea of not seeing her again, so she forces her way back like the unbearable narcissist she is. It’s sad. I feel so sorry for her kids.

# 7

Kate is so mindless and trivial it is stunning. And, no, I would not sell out my children’s childhood, parade my families problems, and focus on myself at the expense of all others for any opportunites. Sad, that fame and money are so important to so many in our society. Kate has always been what she is — a silly, self-obssessed woman. She seems immune to how shallow she is as she drones on and on and on and on and on about herself, or anything associated with herself, as though she has does something worth hearing.

# 8

She is like everyone else that gets a taste of “fame” or reality fame. She needs it now.. My question is why didn’t she save some of that money she made with the kids. Why didn’t she think about the day the show would end. The kids are older now. and the truth is when they were babies it was cute. Now not so much. I notice that they had to do all these “stunts to make it interesting. The ratings dropped. that is why the show was cancelled. People were not interested in see her bake cookies or take overly expensive field trips and vacations.

I think Kate is the one who needs the show. not the children.

# 9

Her saying she’ll b eback on T.V. with her kids sends chills down my spine. Go away you monster!

Reality TV is “the best” for your children? Yeah. That’s why there are so many proud mamas of Bachelorette contestants and MTV Real World drug addicts.

What a stupid, stupid woman this is.

I never thought Jon Gosselin would EVER come across as the good parent, the “stable” parent, but in comparison to this brainless nitwit, he’s actually Father of the Year.

wow, new hair do, this woman is like a cameleon… Madonna wouldnt do it better…

I’m praying for cancer

go to the zoo @ 09/16/2011 at 8:38 am

if you want to see some monkeys

She’s way more famous due to the fact that she is disliked, and these days, I hate to say, that ‘s enough to get you on and keep you on TV.

Anyone could look good with a Tummy tuck, Breast Work, and Face lift. Lets quit glorifying this Harsh, controlling has been and concentrate on more news worthy stories. Soon the news will show she’s taken Jon back to court because she doesn’t have enough Money to live her “LIFESTYLE” Kate get a job and raise your kids, People are sick of your whining!

why doesn’t she get a real job, instead of pimpin her kids out.

Yea, in some respects I agree with you, but not when it comes to Kate. We here are from pa. and SHE HAS ALWAYS TREATED PEOPLE WHO WANTED TO HELP LKE THEY WERE HER SERVANTS! Kate from the very beginning acted like we should be honored to be in her presence and if SHE gets anymore TV time (good or bad) then there is def. no justice. Those kids are saying and doing what SHE tell them to say or do, I know for a fact most of them want the cameras to go away so they will be able to HAVE FRIENDS and enjoy life like regular kids!

My comment was in response to tina ( #4 comment )

As much as I enjoy the seeing the Gosselin kids, I hope Kate can get a job and forget about having the kids on tv. They need a break from it and just live like normal kids if that is possible with the two dippy parents they have.

just blond and wanting to be someone through her kids……..poor

If memory serves me right, Kate always said she hates papparazzi and never stopped b*itching about them. Well, now that she is jobless, she is all smile to the same papparazzi. Go away, Kate…just go away…please!


“don’t hate on her” Really? What is admirable about this woman? She has called every parent in North America who values privacy “mediocre”. If those kids had a choice….have all this wealth and TV time but divorced parents and a mother in the tabloids, or their parents together, living a “mediocre” private life…what do you think they would prefer? She is not the first mother to raise 8 kids, but she is the only mother to ever USE her 8 kids for her narcissistic needs

laverdadduele @ 09/16/2011 at 10:17 am

Where is a sniper when you need one?

Kate was making $250,000.00 an episode that means that us mediocre losers (as she puts it) after watching just 4 of her episodes…she made 1 million dollars how many episodes were on??? the kids pay cheque was separate (which she calls the shots on)…books, showing up to speak…she has made millions. Plus all the freebee’s, mansion, tummy tuck, breast, trips, designer clothes, food, toys, cars, veneers, hair, cosmetics, computers, etc…anything you seen on the show was advertisement for whatever company, product. Then she has the nerve to say single mothers relate to her. Really, tell that to the single mother living in a dump, can’t even able to buy food for her kids or afford dental, toys, etc… Me and all my friends stopped watching anything on TLC because of her, used to watch Wendy’s show…won’t be watching.

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