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Katie Holmes: Emmy Awards Presenter!

Katie Holmes: Emmy Awards Presenter!

Katie Holmes takes a phone call while heading into a market on Thursday (September 15) in Los Angeles.

As the 32-year-old actress walked into the store, she let out a tiny sneeze!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

A final list of 2011 Emmy Awards presenters has finally been revealed, Deadline reports.

Katie will be presenting an award, along with last minute celebrity presenter additions such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, Rachael Taylor, Jimmy Fallon, and others!

The Emmys are set to air this Sunday on FOX.

FYI: Katie is wearing the Marc by Marc Jacobs 70s Flare.

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Credit: Bruja; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Merson

    Love Katie Holmes, very attractive and sexy.

  • http://df yum love

    damn a hottie…TommyC one lucky guy

  • jen

    part of me is still wishing that katie and joshua jackson are still together.
    and katie way looks better with short hair

  • dina

    a nobody to present anything………..why???………….shes obviously just an *actress* because her husband has connections in hollywood……i mean really…………..she cant even act to be happy in her so perfect relationship.

  • Louisa

    Seems Katie has all-but given up acting to focus on award-presenting as a career. Perhaps Tom’s ability to buy her roles has run out.

  • Get some help Katie

    Un-real….I have no other words to describe the mess that is Katie Holmes. Just one more reason not to watch the Emmys. (and no-one can top Fallon’s beginning number from last year :-)

    Katie should be up for a special Rotton Tomato Award or a Razzie for being the “Headliner” attached to the most movies that lost money in one year:
    The Extra Man
    The Romantics
    Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
    …I don’t know if The Kennedy’s made any money, but if they did it was via creative marketing after being dumped by a real cable network.

    Her only shot at a movie making money this year is Jack and Jill, and that ‘s solely due to Sandler’s following, but watch her and Tom try to take some credit. In just another month we’ll get to hear about how amazing it was to work with Adam, and what an amazing movie it will be, and what an amazing time she had filming. Now that Suri is (sort of) going to school maybe she can teach Katie some new vocabulary.

    Oh wait. All of the kids are going to dislike Suri and make fun of her and shun her; so Tom and Katie will decide to continue to “home school” her. That is the sad part in all of this. Tom and Katie babied and spoiled Suri to the point that none of the hollywood kids want anything to do with her. The kids in this school are going to eat her alive…or will it be like dance and gymnastics? Suri will enter the school, but then be taken to a private classroom. I think I figured it out.

  • Diana

    She should present with Anna Torv – that would be funny to watch

  • WTH

    She finally is dressing her age for once.

  • vool

    she talks to one side of her mouth..

  • Lia

    And now ofcourse Suri is going to a Scientology school that Will Smith made.. How cute! NOT
    Horrible parents, so are Tom and Katie.. So are Jada and Will

  • bebe

    @Get some help Katie:
    The Extra Man and The Romantics were both tiny, low-budget indie movies that played in Limited Release. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark reportedly has a $25 million budget and has made $22 million so far. Once it opens in more countries, it will probably make a small profit. Her career isn’t going that great, but it’s not as bad as the haters make it out to be.

  • Sheila

    Poor thing, marrying Tom was not the career-booster she hoped for, she is no Nicole when it comes to acting. To me, she always looks so badly put together, sloppy. She really has pointed-in feet (pigeon toed or bow-legged? which?). And a crocked smile, sometimes I wonder if it’s a facial impediment, because at times it;s like she is a stroke victim and can only move one side of her mouth.

  • WhoopiePie

    what’s with always using the phone now? A new “clutch” for this bimbo?

  • Seriously?

    It’s a sad day in a celebrity’s life when letting out a “tiny sneeze” is the most interesting thing that can be written about her.

  • dani

    She actually looks better in these pictures dress wise than she has in a long time. The jeans aren’t so tight that you can see the threads at the seams. The flare takes attention away from the fact that she has heavy legs. The blouse is age appropriate. And thankfully she isn’t wearing those god-awful beige suede booties. If she isn’t going to style her hair, it could use a good cut. Since it isn’t stringy and full of dry ends, she must have had extensions put in for Emmy appearance (and why oh why was she invited???).
    And really Jared, “As the 32-year-old actress walked into the store, she let out a tiny sneeze!” –this is news? She looks like she is covering her mouth not sneezing.

  • Gigi

    That blouse looks cheap and will she ever get a nude bra or buy a camisole?

  • Jo

    When she was judging on SYTYCD, my teenage daughter asked, “Who is that?” I replied, “No one honey. No one.”

  • Hmm…Let me guess…

    1. She’s not going to walk the red carpet.
    2. Tom won’t be there–or they’ll say he was, but there are no photos of him.
    3. She will present one of the biggest awards of the night.

    It’s become formulaic.

  • dani


    Actually it probably was cheap. Like Free. It is the Pintuck silk blouse from the Holmes and Yang collection–selling for a mere $840 at Barneys. It’s available in Fuchsia and ivory. Evidently it is not selling real well. You can also get that horridly ugly bag they designed for $3590. Now that looks cheap. Looks like plastic instead of leather.

  • Susie#1

    To me, she still looks sloppy and dirty. Her permanent smirk has left her looking very lined and off-center. Stroke victim is a good description. And a Rotten Tomato or Razzie award would suit her well…JJ, can’t you find someone more interesting to write about?

  • Jon

    She looks like she’s “not a drug addict” again.

  • Romeo

    She only had a supporting role in The Extra Man and that was a limited release that also premiered on VOD, #6. The Romantics did well in its limited release and her performance was acclaimed. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and the other new releases that weekend suffered from weather trouble in the East. The Kennedys was a ratings hit and it was on a network no less ‘real’ than the History channel.

    Why and how could TomKat steal the credit for Jack and Jill being a hit?

    How do you know if their daughter is shunned or made fun of? Ever thought she’s home schooled because they feel that’s how she can get the best education?

    Why would that be funny, #7?

    Everybody has and uses a cell phone, #13. There’s nothing at all out of the ordinary about that.

  • tiny sneeze

    So Katie has a “tiny sneeze”! Cool. She also has a tiny career and a tiny husband so its all good.

  • @tiny sneeze

    they are trying to make bigger point, that she is human. didn’t work. robot’s can be programed to sneeze.

  • @romeo

    only you would argue that one of katie’s movies possibly breaking even sometime in the distant future is sign that she is and has always been a great actress. she’s just suffered bad luck and lack of exposure.

  • Kandice

    OMG! She let out a sneeze!!!!!!!!!!!! Really people?

  • dani


    I’m calling you out Romeo for your falsehoods on her movies. First Don’t be Afraid of the Dark would have done marginally better if not for the hurricane, but bad reviews–both critics and audience (who rank it around a C as do the critics) quickly tanked it. It has made $22 million domestically and internationally. They put at least that amount in publicity for the film.
    Secondly The Romantics made $124,000 (I’m rounding up) in both markets and you know the publicity and the production costs had to have cost way more than that. This is not doing well in limited release by any stretch of the imagine.
    Thirdly The Extra Man made $458,000 worldwide and ditto for the publicity and the production costs–they were may more than that.
    Mad Money made $26 million with 14 million in DVD sales. Again, no production costs or PR costs are listed.
    These are hardly successful movies on any level–indie or mainstream.
    And the Kennedys? An obscure cable channel bought it. If you google the figures for it they were never great here, abroad or in Canada. In fact the first episode did about a million then all of the episodes after that tanked except for the last episode which got more viewers probably wanting to see JFK and RFK’s demise.

    If you are going to defend Katie fine. But expect to be called out like you do to everyone else on your ridiculous statements.

  • annie

    she looks great in these pics- as for her movies they’re on par with a whole lot of actresses out there. I like her blouse with the jeans, nice!

  • carrington


    Actually Annie, her movie stats are not on par with most of the actresses in her “category.” She averages $26 million per movie and if you take out Batman that goes down to $14. She has one of the lowest averages for female actresses of her age group. And most of those that have a lower average don’t have as many films. She changed management after meeting Cruise which was a huge mistake in terms of the box office. This combined with her personal life overshadowing her average to below average acting skills isn’t doing her any good. If she were not Mrs. Tom Cruise at this point, she probably would only get bit parts. You can check this info out for yourself. Boxofficemojo. If you get a premium subscription you can get all sorts of different combos. But they all say that Katie Holmes can’t open a picture, can’t draw people to the picture, and unless she starts doing something different soon, she will be known as box office poison.

  • annie

    carrington, carrington- really i’ve learnt one thing here, it really doesn’t matter you will all find something opposite to say.
    i did some homework -now you go do yours.

  • WhoopiePie

    Romeo….Romeo……Annie Annie Annie……

    as usual….both of you are making yourselves look like delusional fools!

    No one in their right mind will agree what you two have to say about Katie H. You must be her family……that would make sense.

    It’s hilarious to see what you both comment on each post.

    How about going into comedy?

  • carrington


    If you did your homework by looking at the stats on BoxOfficeMojo then your figures should agree with mine. If KH wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise, she would not be getting hired. If you look at current actresses around her age group have low averages you will see that they generally have fewer pictures or are no longer getting hired. Being Mrs. Tom Cruise has its privileges. She should have stayed on the small screen. She doesn’t have the acting skills nor the presence/charisma to make it as a big screen star. Her “Q” factor is low, her popularity is low, her film stats are incredibly low.
    Keep on defending her. Unfortunately KH has been her own worst enemy in picking roles and playing the Hollywood game. The one smart thing she did to keep her career moving was to marry Cruise. Of course, if she hadn’t met up with him she most likely would have done Batman 2 which would have raised her profile and maybe led to better choices. But she chose to support “her man.” And Hollywood has long memories. She is a no talent wanna be actress, designer, singer, dancer. She is lucky to be working in any of those fields.

  • just saying

    Poor thing has such big legs!