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Leonardo DiCaprio: Sydney Boat Ride with Tobey Maguire!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Sydney Boat Ride with Tobey Maguire!

Leonardo DiCaprio catches some rays while on a boat in the Sydney Harbor on Saturday (September 17) in Sydney, Australia.

The 36-year-old actor was joined by Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer, and their two children Ruby and Otis. Leo and Tobey are currently filming The Great Gatsby in Australia.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is the cover man of GQ magazine’s October issue! He opened up to the mag about how he does not care if his films are financially successful.

“Unless you want to prove that you can carry a film with your name, continuously trying to achieve box-office success is a dead end,” Leo said (via Us Weekly).

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  • Kav

    Someone please hire this man a stylist!

  • Ka

    I hope i am the first to comment here! He’s so cute.

  • Ka

    He is so cute.

  • Sam

    Sure looks different than his GQ cover. He looks like a dork.

  • Naomi

    Hey Leo and Tobey together with their families…. how cute!

  • Oxford/Peanut

    Get the guy a decent outfit, please. I like him with this hair, though. Quite sexy.

  • Apple

    Is it a pig in his shirt?

  • Mann

    I like leo’s slippers, the shorts… not so much.

  • Apple

    He’s sexy, but a little bit fat.

  • AbeRivera Rivera

    I think he’s a wonderful actor. I’ve seen a few of his films (Basketball Diaries, Blood Diamond, Titanic, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo and Juliet, The Beack, Gangs of New York.)

  • Ann

    I don’t see the sex appeal. He will always look like a little boy to me. It scares me how decent he looks when he’s cleaned up in a suit. I wish he would pay more attention to his body though. For a man who is all about the environment he sure doesn’t care about all that smoke coming off his cigs. He needs to lead by example. The type of example that most people can afford because not all of us can have a solar powered house or a hybrid sports car.

    As for his acting, I honestly don’t get it. There’s a sea of bad actors that make most actors look good, e.g. Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, etc. Leo is not the greatest actor which is why he hasn’t won an Oscar even though he has been in many Oscar worthy movies. He had a lot of chances to get it but he just picks up a good script and half asses it. He’s a good actor but I don’t feel any passion coming through when I watch him on screen.

    I can’t expect him to figure any of that out with his standards at Blake Lively level now. His brain must be so tiny after dealing with all of those bimbos he keeps dating. George Clooney 2.0 anyone?

  • creed

    I understand why Leo Dicaprio would want to date a 23 year old (Blake Lively), I do. But if your gonna date 23 year old make sur she looks like a 23 year old and not a 45 year old who birthed 4 kids on a beach. Seriously Jen Aniston looks younger

  • creed

    I understand why Leo Dicaprio would want to date a 23 year old (Blake Lively), I do. But if your gonna date 23 year old make sur she looks like a 23 year old and not a 45 year old who birthed 4 kids on a beach. Seriously Jen Aniston looks younger

  • Amanda

    read this, it’s a story without any of his PR or Blake PR even touch it. it’s out in the press in Australia.


  • Aman

    read this, it’s a story without any of his PR or Blake PR even touch it. it’s out in the press in Australia.


  • Amanda
  • Bar Refaeli

    Who do you think you are, running round leaving scars
    Collecting your jar of hearts, and tearing love apart
    You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul
    So don’t come back for me, don’t come back at all

  • Algren

    I wish he would do more movies. Aside from J. Edgar and The Great Gatsby, he currently has 19 projects in various stages of development but he only does one movie a year.

  • fan

    leo fat ,big stomach,he still a sexy man

  • ka simply amazing

    leo not fat at all . He is still handsome

  • ka simply amazing

    agree with @ka
    leonadrdo is so cute :D

  • http://adaj slig o lambert ^______^cute

    leonardo handsome and cute

  • ka simply amazing

    where stomach. he don’t have

  • http://adaj slig o lambert ^______^cute

    leonardo look young^^

  • http://adaj slig o lambert ^______^cute

    @ka simply
    You can see stomach in brad pitt

  • XXX

    Dicaprio looks Amazing and totally handsome.

  • Fat

    Big stomach, a little boy + FAKEY bimbo

  • leo

    he look young bit fat

  • ka simply amazing

    gorgeous leo

  • LondonCalling

    #7 well it looks like an armadillo in the tshirt to me

  • flower girl


    ITAWY. he is not a great actor. He looks and acts the same in every movie. Same expression.

    and sorry ladies, he has a horrible body. 36 years old. He is the next George Clooney. I guess Tobey and his wife are Leo’s Cindy and Randy.

  • Amused Aussie

    This is the latest goss from the papers in terms of digs:

    Although my info is that whilst he has indeed moved its to a penthouse in a boutique hotel in Potts Point. Hmmm…… Don’t have the inclination or care factor to suss it out myself just saying paper contradicting my source……

  • Ka

    @ka simply amazing: thanks. yes, he is gorgeous

  • Ka

    @Amused Aussie: Thanks for the info. He may only stay in that hotel for a few days and move to a place with more privacy.

  • Fashiondream

    He has amusing shorts. Apparently, Leo isn’t lacking feminine company in Austrialia :) No wonder why he wants a more reclusive and private spot.

  • @Fashiondream

    My feeling is that he will move from one place to other till the end of the filming.

  • Elena

    @Apple: lol i think (or at least i hope) you meant a pig ON his shirt.

  • Sam

    @creed … I understand you were dissing Blake but to say Jen Aniston looks younger than her, is a LIE. Blake doesn’t look that old.

  • Condessa

    nice to see them hanging out together!

  • Peanut / Oxford

    Jared, thanks for the pictures and I have to admit, iIt is so good to read news about Leo without having to drag his summer squeeze’s name alias Miss Plastic Surgery!

  • Karo

    I gotta feeling… that he is gay.

  • katchimo

    Oscars aren’t the end all be all. A lot of good actors are snubbed from winning an Academy Award these days. And people always seem to forget that the Golden Globes and Bafta’s are just as much heavy hitters in the Entertainment media as the Academy Awards.

    Besides, he’s right about the box office hits: notice most of those hits don’t actually end up winning anything at award shows.

  • Elena

    @Karo: me too, given all the reports of him flirting with men at clubs and dozens of men following him around and all the male models he’s dated publicly. oh wait, no. but i give you props for the dramatic ellipsis, it was a nice touch.


    GORGEOUS AND YUMMY! Fat? He seems to have a few extra pounds, but nothing too scary… is the angle of the pic too. And for those who said he’s not a great actor, you should prefer Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Zac Efron… please give me a break! If you doesn’t understand about cinema don’t come here talking trash. Leo is a great actor, the best of our generation and one of the best of all time. Stop watching these vampire movies (which thank God is running out) and go watch real movies, to discover real actors. And the envious who said he’s gay: please, dear… this doesn’t stick here, try somewhere else. Follow your life and be happy without having to demote others at your level.

  • Ka

    He is definely a good actor. He have had great performance since what ‘s eating gibert grape!

  • Pami

    Cool to see his name is not connected to the C-lister fake boob 2011 summer fling. He always looks more dignified without her.

  • mmmm

    anyone see the shirtless pic of leo on the balconey?? my god its HOTNESS…..theres not on ounce of fat on him!!

  • ken

    @ mmmm dudes ripped….

  • Karo

    @Elena: I am glad you appreciate it…
    Do not get me wrong, I truly love him but… (once again) I gotta feeling!

  • Ann


    Do you know how to read? I said compared to Robert and Taylor he’s a great actor but compared to Bale????? PLEASE.