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Madonna: Kabbalah Service With Brahim & Lourdes

Madonna: Kabbalah Service With Brahim & Lourdes

Madonna heads to The Kabbalah Centre on Saturday (September 17) in New York City.

The 53-year-old entertainer arrived with her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes and dancer boyfriend Brahim Zaibat.

Madonna recently shared that like Wallis Simpson in her new movie W.E., her attitude toward romance hasn’t been as positive as it once was.

“When we were young, my sister and I would sit around and say we wanted to marry a cowboy poet. That was the ideal,” she told the L.A. Times.

“And as soon as you have an ideal, the universe conspires to humiliate you. Like you might get that cowboy poet, but they’re a raving lunatic,” she added.

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  • nyc

    What a mother….
    Not even looking at her kids
    This ego maniac is brutal.
    Hydrangeas are my FAVORITE flower
    I love them

  • http://jend slig o lambert ^______^cute


  • Evelyn

    I’m glad to see Madonna happy again and in a new relationship with Brahim Zaibat even though he is 28 years younger than her.
    I have always liked younger men. I have never dated or had sex with anyone older than me – it hasn’t been a conscious choice, just a fact. I love their youthful energy, it makes me feel young. Not that I am old – really, 35 isn’t, and society is more accepting of cougar relationships these days.
    So beware guys the cougars are on the loose – and if they lure you in you might just be in for the best ride of your life.

  • Audrey

    first i read that her 14-year old boyfriend

  • Chris

    She is always attracted to younger, naive guys who she proceeds to emasculate even further with her controlling, egocentric personality. This relationship will end as soon as this guy gets tired of her old and finds a young, pretty thing. Madonna is desperate to find the fountain of youth…it doesn’t exist dear no matter how hard you try.

  • cough

    he is so gorgeous.

  • Truthie

    Too hot and young for her. If she’s smart, she’ll keep away from her 15-yr-old daughter. He’ll probably make a pass at her soon enough.

  • Truthie

    He’s too hot and young for her. If she’s smart, she’ll keep away from her 15-yr-old daughter. He’ll probably make a pass at her soon enough.

  • Truthie

    Brahim is Muslim. His mother, who’s 45, rejects this relationship and rejects that Madonna is trying to force him to attend Kabbalah meetings. Kabbalah is Jewish.

    It’s irresponsible for Madonna to keep trading young boyfriends after young boyfriends in front of her children and it will backfire in her face.

    One day, one of those boys will hook up with her younger daughter.

    Just wait.

  • Madhatter

    Is Madonna talking about Sean Penn? :)

  • chris

    How much money does it take to convert a Muslim to Kabbalah?
    How much money does it take to do a woman older than your Mom?

  • G

    The troll with the multiple accounts is the one that shows up first and makes the same comments. People from different religious backgrounds attend Kabbalah meetings and Brahim is going because he wants to. What “Truthie” is stating about Brahim’s mother is false given then Brahim stated his mother never made those comments to the Daily Fail. His mother was even with them recently in a trip to Southern France. This is her 2nd boyfriend since the divorce, it’s not like she’s had countless partners since, it’s certainly less than what Guy Ritchie had post-divorce. Where’s the rant about him? Oh right, there wont be one because the troll is obsessed with Madonna and finding anything negative to criticize about her.

  • susan

    @Truthie: If he was smart he’d get the hell away from Madonna.

  • Sg72

    Firstly, that’s a sick comment as he is 24-25, while Lourdes is just going on 15. Second, M has had 2 young BF’s (Jesus and Brahim), not an endless parade. A-Rod is 36 (they were 33 and 49, respectively, at the time of their fling). As for the “hotter” comment, that’s a matter of opinion, but you’d be hard pressed to find many 53 yr olds in her physical shape. I think she’s still gorgeous, my only concern is what they have in common (being at such different stages in their lives).

  • c. buthsm

    The troll with the multiple accounts is named Amanda Casabianca Whelan. She is an overweight middle-aged woman who spends hours trolling through the internet in order to post negative things about MadonnA. Madonna’s lawyers are on to her. She posts under the names of SuperAmanda, Jesus Germonatta, Flea, FleaDip, Fania and others.

  • :)

    I’ll say it again if this were sean or guy it wouldn’t be as big a deal. @CHRIS the guys she dates may come off as naive but thats only because they don’t crave the spotlight as much as she does and less in your face as she is ex warren beaty famous but private sean penn famous but private and I can go on. the truth is they have all been far from naive what i always see is a man who is not intimidated by her at all.

  • GOO

    She has sampled anything that walks twice and then some…..gross.

  • Hardley

    She has to many new boyfriends around her kids. Dating is fine, but can’t she decide on one and stick with him! She needs a stable man her own age to settle down with instead of all these flings with these boytoys while she’s raising her young children.

  • Real people

    Madonna doesnt EVEN knows the real meaning of this religion

  • Darolo

    You don’t convert to Kabbalah because it’s not a religion. You study it and it pre-dates all religions! Madonna has not had flings! Since divorcing Guy she’s had a 2year relationship with Jesus Luz and this one with Brahim has already lasted 1 year as of y’day ( apart from a 2 week
    break). The break was nothing to do with Brahim being Muslim as reported in the Daily Fail. It was whilst they discussed going public as a comitted couple.
    They did, they are, and they’re in love. We don’t live by numbers. We live by who we are and who we relate to. Madonna and Brahim don’t argue! Fact! She’s enjoying life and so is he. There’s no hidden agenda, just two people in love who seem to have found their soulmate! She’s met his mum, her kids get on great with him and Lola is just happy that her mum is happy. Btw A-Rod was never even a fling! He wanted it, she didn’t. She just wanted to be friends. Fact: Madonna has only ever been out with one guy older than her since embarking on her music career – Warren Beatty! Other than that no-one! Before that only Christopher Flynn ( her ballet teacher) was older. He was predominantly gay tho they did have a fling. Get over it haters, a man in her position would be considered virile and would be feted for being able always to pull attractive young
    women. Get the picture??

  • Dislike Madonna Now

    There’s nothing more obnoxious and grotesque as a former pop singer who made billions on her fans who decides she so rich and untouchable now that she can publically sneer at their expressions of admiration– then follow up with the most sarcastic fauxpology of the last decade. Coming from someone more man than woman and unable to maintain a decent relationship with a man for long even though she desperately wants to be a sex symbol, its revolting. She’s got a very ugly body now so skinny and stringly muscular that she looks like a man without a penis and plastic boobs plus the eyes of an old w40r3…no wonder. Younger men or men with fading careers just use her for publicity. Fitting end for control-freak Material Girl. Of course she’s Material Gigalo now.

  • Lissa

    Im a Muslim and I study Kabbalah,
    it isnt a religion its just a form of Jewish Mysticism and anyone is allowed to study it. Its kinda like Buddhism, you can be any religion to practice it.

  • Sg72

    @Dislike Madonna Now: That was a reporter, n she said “Thank You” twice (obviously not knowing the mic picked up her bitchy comment). Her video apology was making light of the situation. As for “former popstar”, she just had one of her biggest hits w/ 4 Minutes (though it’s not my favorite) and the biggest female artist tour ever w/ Sticky & Sweet. And your username sounds like a huge waste of energy, why not focus on ppl you like?

  • SeeFSee

    I can’t wait for Lourdes to boycott going to stupid Kabbalah Classes.
    It’s ridiculous Madonna, and I am not buying it for a second that you are inspired by its teachings.

  • Crybaby


    According to these photos taken, is there a reason to be looking at her kid? It looks to me like they are crossing the street. Look both ways before crossing. Not at the 14 year old who also knows to look both ways before crossing the street. Why should she look at Lourdes at this moment?

  • Crybaby

    Making your kid celebrate pagan customs such as Christmas and Birthdays is also ridiculous. Let them turn a mature age before they decide whether they want to celebrate that bullsh!t. Every parent teaches their children a belief system.

  • Andy G

    Does anyone know the brand of his tee ?

  • Pete

    It’s a french brand ! Germeii.
    Love their tees.

  • Peter Stuyvesant


    Amanda Casabianca Whelan you mean?

  • PeteSty

    Amanda Casabianca Whelan – Super Amanda
    A chubby ‘model,’ a personality disorder and a computer in E2