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Justin Theroux: Pastis Pickup in NYC

Justin Theroux: Pastis Pickup in NYC

Justin Theroux picks up a bag of food from Pastis on Monday (September 19) in New York City.

The day before, the 40-year-old actor and girlfriend Jennifer Aniston held hands as they headed to an apartment building.

TMZ reports that people living near Jen‘s new Hollywood Hills home have filed complaints with the LAPD because of “crazed photogs [who] have descended on the surrounding community like a plague of locusts.”

The paparazzi have reportedly “been stirring up constant mayhem for weeks – creating traffic problems, blocking driveways, and even causing a few minor car accidents.”

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69 Responses to “Justin Theroux: Pastis Pickup in NYC”

  1. 1
    J&J Says:

    So it’s weird to you guys when younger guys like older women, but this post will be filled with comments from younger girls infatuated with this 40 year old man? Hmm

  2. 2
    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Says:

    His style is so bad!

    The ugly hat, the shirt around the waist, the skinny jeans, where do I start!

    Also how can her fans call him hot?

    Are you ignoring his pointy nose, his short legs, his receding hair line, and his hair full of grease? He looks sleazy.

  3. 3
    Brenda Says:

    Yawn. Can we we have real celebs please? That’s why I come to Just Jared. By the way, this hat is NOT a flatterring look for his “widow’s peak” hairline…..

  4. 4
    Tota Says:

    Love him
    Go Jen!

  5. 5
    Tota Says:

    He look better than brad

  6. 6
    claire Says:

    who’s this guy?

  7. 7
    Michele Says:

    It’s anustain’s go-fetch boy!! Those little boy jeans must be squeezing real hard.

  8. 8
    GoJen! Says:

    I like that Jen’s happy and I’ve never lusted after Justin..but this pics…wow! he is positively yummy. I bet Angie is licking her chop wishing he was hers…HANDS OFF B-i-tch! He actually makes Brad look FUG.

  9. 9
    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Says:


    He does not look better and will never. Brad does not have an ugly pointy nose or a receding hairline. Brad also dresses much better and is not a midget.

    Justin is totally using Jen to get ahead in Hollywood. Her fans though are so desperate for her to not be alone they would be excited if she dated Charlie Sheen!

  10. 10
    betty Says:

    At least this guy looks clean Brad of lately looks like yesterdays leftovers loo unkempt and scraggly.Why can men that are suppose to be satisfied look like bums but if a woman looked liked that they would be trying to replace her.

  11. 11
    Madison Says:

    LMFAO at this guy’s wanna-be rocker style. Give it up man. Face it, you date Aniston. You’re done. You will never be considered “cool”.

  12. 12
    Sue Denim Says:

    I actually like his style. Then I remember how old he is.

    He is such a massive sell out. He used to be anti all of this and now look at him. Fame is a helluva drug.

  13. 13
    kk Says:

    lets not even compare this guy to Brad Pitt. Brad is the most handsome and talented actor of a generation, yes he is aging but is still A LOT better than this justin nobody.

  14. 14
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Tota @ 09/19/2011 at 6:54 pm

    Yes, he does look better than Brad. In a parallel universe.

    And what’s with the Black outfit again. The dude wears the same style of clothing all the time.

  15. 15
    JustinIsHot Says:


  16. 16
    Suh (^_^) Says:

    I love everything about him … I want to nose too … *_*

  17. 17
    Sandra Says:

    Is that a soul patch on his forehead??

  18. 18
    clarise Says:

    Why do people on here keep comparing him to Brad? Shouldn’t you be comparing him to Vince, John Mayer et al? Why only Brad Pitt? They split up 7 years ago…doesn’t make any sense unless Brad Pitt is theapex for you?

  19. 19


  20. 20
    WhatATool Says:

    Aparently Brad is the standard that all men are compared to/measured by, if jen the 44yoa hag is happy why keep harping about a man that left her 7yrs ago.
    BP does not give a RatsA$$ what she does or who she sees

  21. 21
    Ajanni Says:

    This guy looks like an orange encrusted, sleazy little Eddie Munster. You may not like Brad Pitt but let’s no even go there and say that this member of the Lollipop Gang looks better.

  22. 22
    yep Says:

    @ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm: you must not be looking at brad lately! anyway to me JUSTIN is way hotter! edgy, smarter and got an edge that pitt has lost! let justin smile and you can’t help but smile too! justin has a gorgeous smile! love justjen!

  23. 23
    yep Says:

    @Brenda: lol like the hat! love his style! individual – love the skinny jeans! justin know who he is! justin and jennifer make an awesome couple! looking forward to seeing wanderlust!

  24. 24
    yep Says:

    @Ajanni: actually don’t care about brad one way or another. (liking pitt has nothing to do with liking justin – you know you can like both people lol) i like justin! he is a gifted actor and writer!

  25. 25
    Genug Says:

    Come on – jen haters – she is happy with this guy and he is happy with her – it is so sad that brad along with angelina made a complete ass out of themselves to the whole world for years regarding Jen – and rode high off the limelight – now that limelight has gone because no one cares anymore about that but the brangelinas – it kept them in the spotlight – they now have to find something or someone else to bleed off of – and one more thing – Justin is absolutely hunky….

  26. 26
    anyone feel bored? Says:

    yawn , yawn, yawn, yawn , why do I feel so bored ? oh yeah it’s the boring half of the boring wonder , snore , snore , snore

  27. 27
    guest Says:

    poor guy does not like being stalked nor his picture taken. hope he lasts!

  28. 28
    Spongebob Says:

    fugniston found a messenger/pick up boy to run her errands like picking up food, driving her to her doctor’s appt. Look better than Brad…you wish that he looks bettter than Brad because he’s no where near or close to be better than sexy man alive Brad Pitt. Look at that balding forehead, shorty, big nose, wearing black leather jacket all the time. he looks more like a ***** angel biker (no offense). They both like to sit on the couch and smoke joint till they get bored. I’ll give him less than a year and he’ll walk away from this boring life….

  29. 29
    anonymous Says:

    Stop trying to compare Jennifer Aniston’s Madonna like pick-ups to Brad Pitt. Madonna with all her millions pick-up and trade in her boy toys every few years and now JA is doing the same thing with this unkown guy who is trying to make it big in Hollywood, latching on to one of the world’s well known devorcee. It sounds so rediclous to compare him to Brad Pitt for whatever reason, the world knows Brad and Angie are Hollywood royalt and are at the top of their game. You may not like tem but the truth be told they are Hollywood’s institution.

  30. 30
    guest Says:

    @anonymous: justin came from outstanding family; pit is a hillbilly

  31. 31
    found it Says:

    @yep: I agree. this is what Brad looks like now – not pretty.

  32. 32
    found it Says:

    Why do Brad Pitt fans hate justin? are they jealous?

  33. 33
    Ghost Says:

    This seems so repetitious . Every comment about her new Pr stunt is the same. He’s hot and he’s the one. Her fans say this about all the pretend relationships she has had since Brad, and there have been many. This will be over two weeks after Wandercrap debuts. PR stunt at best…

  34. 34
    olive Says:

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  35. 35
    Ange Says:

    Sounds Justin takes care of Jen very well. I love him already. He is a real man. He enjoys riding motocycle so he wear slim pants a lot. He is Jen’s boy friend, not yours why you care what he look like. I’m surprised so many people rediculously complained about the way he wears. No matter what he wears, he looks good to me. He is a good looking guy anyway.

  36. 36
    Ange Says:


    NO, NO,NO….. No one wants Justin will look like stupid Brad. Justin is very smart and talented. I love the way Justin is. He is very real and handsome. Brad is a phony, a hypocrit, an ugliest guy..

  37. 37
    Hardley Says:

    Do you think insulting Jen and her man makes Brad and Angelina look better? Brads still a stupid Dbag with a leather face and Angie is still the weirdo that tongue kissed her brother. Ewwwww.

  38. 38
    Nora Says:

    He’s pretending he doesn’t like all the attention. He’s lapping it up. Can’t believe that he wears his keys on a key hook on his back belt holder. It’s just way too much information. Anyway Brad Pitt is in character for his latest movie so how can you comment on how he looks?

  39. 39
    Lol Says:

    @found_it: Lol, so you have to be a BP fan to not find this guy attractive? I’ve always been neutral on Brad, Angie, and Jennifer, and guess what, I still find this guy incredibly unattractive. That is my personal preference. His style is ridiculously unflattering, especially for some one who is damn near 40. I won’t even go into the hats that accentuate not cover that ridiculously horrible hairline. Sorry to his fans (lol), but I just don’t find him attractive. It is what it is.

  40. 40
    Nora Says:

    LOL!! He looks like Samantha Ronson! Go girlfriend!!

  41. 41
    Whateva! Says:

    You Aniston fans are crazy! You think any walking male with a pulse and stupid enough to date Aniston is hot. Let’s see you said Vince V., Paul S., john M. were hotter and better than Brad but when tthey dropped Aniston like a bad habit they became the scum of the earth. You guys are as neurotic as your whipping girl. Justin is not hot and you know it but you want your wounded friend pregnant so anything with a pee-pee will do. He wears the same pants and shirts almost everyday and you have the nerve to put down Brad?? Keep on buying these fake pr relationships that Aniston and Huvane keep selling this and the triangle is what Keeps Anistein alive!

  42. 42
    iris Says:

    wowowo justin very hottttttttttttt and heatttttttt with jen go life

  43. 43
    Martha Says:

    Justin looks very hot and delicious… Hmmmmmmmmm… =P

  44. 44
    alex Says:

    Sad,I wonder what this guys lover/common-law-wife Heidi Bivens of 14 yrs thinks? He just told her to get lost,our relationship is done after knowing Jen for two mos. . Heidi Bivens mother had Jen and Justin in her hometown sleeping over for a longweekend while they were filming Wanderlost in april 2011 and Heidi’s mom said “Ohh nooo, they are NOT having an affair i had them staying at my home over the weekend and they slept in separate rooms lol well that same week her daughter was told to beat it from the home they got together 14 yrs previous when they first got together when Heidi turned 20 yrs old.. Basicly it boils down to how long can you bang two women at once ,keep running out of viagara and lying to the wife of 14 yrs with a straight face saying “No Heidi honey (Bivens) i am not having sex with my co-star Anuston but Heidi Bivens being the breadwinner in the family has the smarts and knew he was lying his asssss off about not around on her. It wouldn’t be the first time.. But why is it okay for Jen to be in the midst of breaking up this relationship and not a word is said about it.??????? Heidi Bivens and Justin T were in a 14 yr relationship which is double the yrs Jen knew with Brad. If he was unhappy he didn’t say anything ontill Jen came along and decided she wanted him.
    When u think about it Jen has plenty of$$$$$$ loot$$$$$ and justin would be considered poor/ effen broke compared to her so it’s not difficcult to see why he would hang around ontill she buys him some more pretty presents.
    Apparently Jen has bought him a new motorcycle for his BD in August.
    A leather ( original Jimmy Dean ) jacket that was very expensive and many expensive toys keep coming in the apt they are renting . He can’t afford to pay the rent but Jen can. She is his dream come true, his lottary ticket.
    And poor Heidi Bivens a designer is left devastated . She says she doesn’t want to pul the “l i am a victim scam like Jen did b/c she does have pride but if he says anything word about her,.. she will be on the first decent talk tv show to tell what he did to her,and not for seek ing attention as |jen did but to let the world know Jen is not getting a prize package . But Jen asked for it without a care in the world about Heidi’s 14 yr love feelings for \Justin so Heidi says she can’t see that \Jen really gives a shhitt. It’s like there never was a Heidi Bivens or a 14 yr. relationship. Hellll heidi had just turned 20 and Jusrtin was her first love ,she is now 34 and feels like Jennifer Aniston ran over her with a truck.
    Jen you should be ashamed of yourself.!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 45
    Seriously Alex??? Says:

    No such thing as common law marriage in NY.
    The guy is worth about 10 million, I’m sure he can afford rent.
    Heidi was not the “breadwinner”, see net worth above.
    The James Dean jacket story was called out as being false.
    Heidi has said nothing to the press.

  46. 46
    dana Says:

    he is beautiful, cool and romantic! he let jen stay home while he buy the complements for them! love that he is with jen!

  47. 47
    uk Says:

    seriously people. Stop comparing Brad Pitt and Justin T. When Brad was 40 he looked like this:

    Way to hot to discribe. Now look at Justin and please be honest with youself and tell me that Brad is way hotter than Justin.

    I dont have anything against Justin but please stop comparing those men as there are at least 8 years difference between them.

    Brad looks more sexier and hotter these days while aging gracefully. Something women and men should do more. When you come to a stage in life where you are confident and happy, you really dont care about your looks.

  48. 48
    ha ha Says:

    Jen luvs Squiggy

  49. 49
    Ivermom Says:

    For those who think Pitty is hotter I wish we could do a split screen with Justin and Pitt’s picture side by side…..Justin wins hands down. Pitty is so scrubby looking and his stubble on his face is gray…Papa Pitty!!

  50. 50
    ellie' Says:

    I don’t know why both side of fans of Jen & Brad ,that Justin is being compared with Brad at all…There both good looking ..Jens happy with Justin..Brad is happy with Angie..and I’m happy for both…There in love ,I thought this childish crap would stop happy people are u that miserable in your own lives..

  51. 51
    You're right Says:

    @Seriously Alex???:
    If this guy is so bad and such a loser, why are there people who need to make things up to badmouth him?

    How about the real dirt instead of imaginary fanfic?

  52. 52
    Jennifer stole Heidi's stud Says:

    Shortly, when they start promoting their movie, we might see not ONE but TWO D-List celebrities disrobing to promote their flick. Ashton Kutcher took a leaf from Ticky’s book about letting it all hang out to promote a make or break gig.

  53. 53


  54. 54
    grazi Says:

    he is sexy! and sooo lucky, he is with Jennifer Aniston!!!

  55. 55
    AmICynical? Says:

    I’m not the biggest Anniston fan but can we please let the woman be? I think she is making a valiant effort to move on with her life and the only people that are rehashing old news are either tabloids, malevolent posters or Pitt who needs to start minding his words. Enough already.

  56. 56
    Lisa Says:

    he seems nice!!

  57. 57
    Pubic Hair up THere!! Says:

    what is that pubic hair doing UP There!!!! LOL!

  58. 58
    Nick Says:

    OMG Shut up already! You all sound so stupid. Anytime I see Justin you have to bring up Brad…really…here is a thought – they have been divorced for years. Give it a rest.

    Plenty of other celebrities you can click on the JJ site if you don’t like him. Plenty of other celebs to go around… Justin is great and he looks good with Jen. Enough is Enough.

    For the record – the hottest guy out there is Jason Momoa – so if you need comparisons…go with him. Justin is very good looking. Man can’t even walk around comfy on his day off. I am sure you all don’t look any better!

  59. 59


  60. 60
    Nick Says:

    Alex: Where did you here of the story about Heidi’s mom…find me the link because I don’t see it anywere. As for the common law marriage..they were together 14 years…we don’t know if they lived with eachother for the same. So we don’t know if they have a common law marriage. For all we know they had an open marriage. The relationship may have been over already. Do you have insight that we don’t know about?

  61. 61
    I said it earlier Says:

    @Nick: The state of New York does not have such a thing as “Common Law Marriage”. Heidi never spoke to the press. Justin has a thriving career as a screenwriter and is worth circa 10 million dollars. “Alex” can’t find anything real to lambast the guy with, so she’s had to resort to making things up.

  62. 62
    tanya Says:

    him and angie would make a hot couple!! Jen does not suit him

  63. 63
    Jimmie Says:

    Why are so many hypocrites criticizing someone’s look.
    Sounds each hypocrite has a perfect look.
    I think justin does not care that much about his look.
    I do not care what Jen’s man look like. (but Justin is a good looking guy anyway).
    I just wish Justin is a kind, loving, caring, and honest person, and he treats Jen right
    Brad and Angie should stop humiliating Jen. Enough is enough.
    Brangelina was wrong in the first place. They should leave Jen alone if they want to remain as a powerful couple as they think they are.
    Jen and Justin wants happiness, not power. These two couples are completely different. It’s meaningless to compare them with Brangelina.

  64. 64
    Maria Says:

    Y’all have issues!!! You are so nasty!! I love Justin and come here to read about him not hear you ***** about Brad and whoever. STFU!! All the same Jen haters go from link to link and post the same crap.

    As for the way he dresses, can’t he dress comfy on his day off?? I think he looks great. Leave the guy alone!!!

    And yes Hypocrite he likes it. You worry about what you have at home.

  65. 65
    Saultxy Says:

    Justin comes from a distinguished and accomplished family — his mother is a renowned journalist. Isn’t it strange that such an apparently humanitarian couple as Pitt and Jolie can’t resist sticking it to Jen Aniston again and again in a cruel way? I find that bizarre — and especially after six years and as many children. It’s creepy.

  66. 66
    Yummy Says:

    He is so freaking hot!!! Go Jen!!!

  67. 67
    poupoule Says:

    he’s slightly

  68. 68
    CLINIQUA Says:

    This guy is now biting off of Brad’s rasta style hat, except the shrimp is trying to hide his greasy bald spot. Lmao This guy is sooooo fug, and SHORT…omg, Aniston is only 5″4′ and hes the SAME HEIGH…LOLOL…soooo sad,, that regard, being a middleaged honely nobody, he and Maniston actually suit. For once she’s dating someone on her level. Even Mayer and Vaughn were too good for her, and by good I mean, cuter than her, and possessed of more talent…this creepy midge is perfect however.lololol

  69. 69
    leticia Says:


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