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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Stand Under My Umbrella!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Stand Under My Umbrella!

Jennifer Aniston and beau Justin Theroux keep dry under an umbrella as they step out on a rainy Tuesday (September 20) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress kept close with Justin, 40, as they checked out an organic market downtown.

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Jennifer and Justin were spotted holding hands as they headed out of an apartment building on Sunday – earlier in the weekend, the couple went out to lunch together.

Last week, Jen and Justin celebrated the launch of Hoyle Jackson at Bloomingdale’s.

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Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Nicole

    I’ll stand under his umbrella. What a hot guy.

  • psycho Who@rlina

    before the mini s k a n k a l i n a s come out and take over the post i must say he is actually hot and she looks pretty

  • Nicole

    I would stand under his umbrella. What a hot guy.

  • Yep

    They are such a great couple!

  • saaara

    go go jennife
    you are nice women
    wish you luck

  • Lia

    They are really cute together and finally she has found someone who is mature enough.

  • lolol

    he is hotter than brad pitt. at least he doesn’t wear a wig like brad

  • MeMyself&I

    She is starting to dress like him. If they last another year she will be dressing all in black with skinny jeans like him. I don’t think they will make it another year though because they are so different. Wish her all the best in finding a man that is actually right for her.

  • Domino

    @psycho Who@rlina: Hahaha yes, they are in school right now, they need to make their homework first before they can check JJ.

  • shelley

    i think he is hot, him and angelina would make a really hot couple they have so much in common, angie should move on from old brad and go for justin and make some hot babies with him cuz jen ain’t gonna

  • black cat

    Umbrella covered only him, what a gentleman he is.

  • Lesleigh

    yes Angie+Justin would be HOT actually, jen can take brad back he lost his looks unfortunately

  • alexanderina

    hmmm let see this is a thread about justjen and you people are talking about B&A lol. They really do own you all asses don’t they lol

  • Really Chinnifer

    Every since Brad’s comments made Headlines…Chinnifer and her Greasy Boyfriend have been papped everywhere…

    Umm….Yeah Chin..

  • Domino

    Aaaand Brangel@@nies are back from school, LMAO!

  • Cammie

    Eww…Justin…stupid skinny jeans, dumps GF to be with Jennifer…greasy looking dye black hair.

    downgrade..this won’t last long..

  • Really Chinnifer


    I don’t like Brad and Angelina.. either all of them are overrated and stupid to me.

    Chinnifer, ST. Angelina, Brad, and Justin….=..Overrated…but

    Stephen Huave obviously using Brad comments for Minivan..Chinnifer Fans unit PR.

    Looks like the Crazy, Friends Forever…Chinnifer Fans..are using the School Computer …

  • Carla

    I love Jennifer and Justin. Every comment here from the fans of “those two who must not be named” only show how jealous they are. Jen has the last laugh. She is dating a man way hotter than the mummy she was once married to, younger, way nicer and sweet to animals. They don’t have orphans to look after just to make themselves look good, so they can enjoy each other completely until they decide to have a baby. Jen certainly got the best side of the deal!

  • betty

    For you hypocrites maybe he dumped his girlfriend for the same reason Brad dumped his wife.Double standards here.

  • betty

    For you hypocrites maybe he dumped his girlfriend for the same reason Brad dumped his wife.Double standards here.

  • dani

    I don’t get the coats. It is high 60′s/low 70′s in NYC. Why do they need winter coats?

  • Sam

    Yeah, Betty, so then we can call Jen a homewrecker too, right? Or is it double standards because she’s your idol ?

  • Laranjen

    so right that he and Angie would make a better couple, the always black clothes, tats, edgie look…

  • Justin Aniston

    I love Jennifer Aniston! And they look so good together! Hope this is finally the one for Jen! Wish you guys the best.

  • Layla

    Isn’t it so obvious to everyone how hard this woman is trying to be cool? From her new stupid tattoo to her rolled up jeans and clunky boots. Doesn’t work for you, Jen. Why change your look now when you’re old? There’s no such thing as a mid-aged hipster.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Her style has gotten…’toughter’ ever since she’s been with him. Such as her choice of shoes.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Awww, how cute. Midget and his tranvestite are out. Eddie Munster will never look as good as Brad. Where was little Munster when Brad was voted the Sexiest Man Alive….twice. I’ll bet he’ll shrink smaller when he gets to Brad’s age.

  • sweetness

    We all know this union won’t last if ever a dude looks like an opportunist it’s this guy. Watch him start getting movie role offers and ..and soon afer that reports will come they are drifting apart because he’s seen flirting with someone else..



  • Great Couple

    Here you all go again – Pathetic. There are plenty of links for Angie and Brad – go there! Whine the heck out of those stories where you belong!

    These too look great and to those asking…yes it is cold. I work downtown and everyone started wearing jackets etc. Some areas close to the water are even colder.

    No double standard here. If she did what her ex did – which I doubt since neither of them were married – she shares the same boat as the ones you praise.

    Also not the first time Jen wore clothes like that….she has great style…she doesn’t always need to be dressed in designer clothes. What the heck are you wearing when you are hanging out?

  • lilooo

    jEN hONEY, Just because you’re dating him doesn’t mean you have too share you wardrobes loooooooooooooool TEAM JOLIE-PITTT

  • Sal

    @saaara – Jen’s a “nice woman” .. and you know that for a fact because you’ve met her?

    @lolol – ummm, Brad still has all of his hair, whereas Justin’s hair is thinning out on top and you say Brad wears a wig? Really? Didn’t think this one through, didya?

    @great couple – let me get this straight – because Justin was not married to Heidi, it was ok that Jen broke up their relationship? So disregard they were together almost 3X longer than Brad and Jen? Weird logic, but will give it to you since you are one of those gullible Chinnifer fans. Oh, and by the way, Jen never dressed like this before she hooked up w/ Justin. Clunky motorcycle and combat boots? No. Her wardrobe consisted of wife beaters (sans bra of course with the nips hard), jeans, and bikinis. People have eyes you know.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Great Couple @ 09/20/2011 at 3:07 pm

    Yes, there’s a double standard. No one rant on Midget for wearing black all the time. Black skinny jeans, leather jacket and T-shirt. If that was Brad, you MANiston fans (maybe not you) would say Brad’s style has gone down hill but not midget. Ever since MANison hooked up with Midget, she has worn more black than usual. I don’t have problem with that but don’t b itch about it when Brad/Angie do the same.

  • Liz

    @Sal: ITA Sal like I said before if Jen had broken up Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfield’s 14 year relationship. I wonder if she would have all this understanding. Heidi Bivins’s feelings are dismissed because she is a “nobody” in JA fans eyes. If they break up wait for the HE is GaY rumors,again.

  • Barbara

    way to keep your lady dry, Justin. It shows how much he takes care of her :P

  • Hot Cool Couple


  • couple

    jen never goes grocery shopping.. omg this man is so right for her. she looks so happy. pls paps stop stalking jens apartment like damn..

  • eloïse book

    can people ever talk about jennifer anniston without mentioning her ex husband and his girlfriend !
    it’s getting sooo old !

  • ellie’

    Jen & Justin look great…They look so in love…Jen has always dressed nice..I love her style..and Justin looks just fine too!!!

  • ellie’

    Jen & Justin look great…They look so in love…Jen has always dressed nice..I love her style..and Justin looks just fine too!!!

  • ellie’

    Where pretty much gonna see Jennifer & Justin quite a bit in the city..I could never get enough of her….and now shes so happy makes it more worth while…

  • Pia

    Lovely couple! Jen Aniston is such a sweetheart! Love her so much!

  • Jen Fan

    love, love , love the pictures. How cute they are.

  • gross

    ew some of you who think Justin is hot must be fat and ugly beyond words..that guys always looks so greasy and smelly..he’s balding, has midget legs, tries too hard with his outfits, and is unattractive overall..kind of like his girl Jennifer.

  • lolol

    @Sal: go to brad’s premiere thread and open the photo of his profile and explain what that mesh looking material is on brad’s face.

  • betty

    @Sam Marriage vows were never spoken and rings exchanged in that relationship.If a woman chooses to live with a man for a long or short period of time that’s on her It’s a big difference between being married and shacking up that’s why gays want’s more to it than a piece of paper. You make legal commitments in a marriage none in shacking up.

  • noelle

    @gross: there is an intelligent way to voice your opinion u know. u should try it and stop attacking people for having different opinions and taste.

  • notafan


  • SadHag

    Ugly Balding Hobbit and SadWetHAg, lol

  • Whateva!

    He wears tne same jean s, shoes and shirts EVERYDAY and you loons think he’s hot!? More like SMELLY!