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Kate Bosworth: Vet Visit

Kate Bosworth: Vet Visit

Kate Bosworth takes her pet pooch to the vet for an appointment on Tuesday (September 20) in West Hollywood.

The 28-year-old actress is back on the west coast after spending time in New York City promoting her new movie, Straw Dogs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate also attended a screening of the movie at NYC’s Tribeca Grand Hotel late last week.

Over the weekend, Straw Dogs finished in fifth place at the box office and brought in $5 million in ticket sales.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Joie “Soho” dress in caviar and a JewelMint Lost City Necklace.

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  • chelle

    Noooooooooo she doesn’t call the paps on herself!!! They always hang out at HER vet ….it’s the place to be next to her gyno office ……desperate is as desperate does!

  • I’m jealous


  • Nottie

    Eat something twiggy! She looks terrible. But I guess that’s how she gets her publicity these days.

  • I’m jealous

    @chelle: You are a hater.
    How can you live?… oh, by posting hate on internet, I get it.

  • I’m jealous

    @chelle: You are a hater.
    How can you live with all your hate?… oh, by posting hate on internet, I get it.

  • OMG

    her head so pointy and that dress does nothing for her.

  • kitty

    I see the terrible hair, god awful shoes and shitemint are back. the dress I like.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    I don’t think she calls the paparazzi, and if she does, it’s surprisingly not very often! Emma Roberts is queen of calling the paparazzi. Though it seems that she has calmed down since going to NYU.

  • chelle

    @I’m jealous:I don’t hate anyone but its rediculous to call paps on yourself coming out of a vet’s office to stay relevant …she’s an anorexic skank with no talent known for who she dates. At least I have a career and a loving hubby. My talents aren’t on my knees. Hate that!

  • lohan#1

    Kate Hollywood icon…hit movie…in demand actress….go Kate

  • I’m jealous

    @chelle: “I have a career and a loving hubby” IDK, I can’t see that (the anonymity of internet, you know) just your bully comments.
    How did you end up so focused on a celebrity that you hate?

  • Dieter

    I love her beautiful ass !!!!

  • chelle

    @I’m jealous: I call it boredom ….waiting on the next form of violence to come through my doors at hospital. I have never like this whatever the crap she is ….not worth the air she breathes. I’ve seen first hand what people like her do to young impressionable minds. Starvation for attention. I’ll let you 3 remaining fans tell the next anorexic teen parents why a normally non fatal car accident killed their child….starving to be like her or Kate Moss or anyone else like them…

  • Jeannie

    I didn’t know you could get a cameltoe from a dress, but there it is.

  • Actually

    When I take my dog to get a checkup I always make sure not to wear something that would force me to flash the vet when I inevitably have to bend over and help him/her hold or move the dog, but different strokes for different folks I guess.


    where is the new hubby? all ready hit it and quit it

  • cancan

    OMG I actually thought this was Elle Fanning when I saw the pic! Then I read the headline…girl, have a sandwich or something. This is most definitely not the kind of attention you wanna be getting…SMH

  • @10

    What have you been smoking?
    Icon? Not even close.
    Hit movie? Since when is opening at number five considered a hit?
    In demand? By who? Bill collectors?

  • Polly


    Holy delusions! $5M opening weekend is a hit movie? No wonder you think the HW pariah is an icon.

  • Come on people!

    Come on she does not look underweight there are thousands of star’s out there that are way thinner then her and when you put her beside them she looks like a normal weight please tell me 1 thing that use think make her look underweight? cause i seriously don’t see it

  • Actually

    @Come on people!: I’ll give you three:
    1.) The fact that her thigh and calves are the same width. This is a sign of muscle wasting and one of the most reliable flags of an eating disorder. In a normal person his/her upper let is always bigger than the lower part. On Kate it is not.

    2.) Her upper and lower arms are the same width (again a clear sign of muscle wasting due to a lack of nutrition).

    And 3.) you can see her sternum. Healthy women have an extra layer of fat (as opposed to men) that makes it hard/impossible to see the sternum or ribs in most healthy weighted women.

  • @22

    Her hair is dry, too. That’s another sign that she is malnourished.

  • Actually

    @Actually: “upper leg” not “upper let”, sorry

  • ladybug

    @Come on people!: She doesn’t look underweight? I suppose not, if you’re comparing her to say, Somalis. Does she look truly anorexic? Not really, but she does look very very slender, even for her small body type.

  • I’m jealous

    Your soul is malnourished, I’ll give you three:
    1) you carefully dissect and study pictures of people you don’t like, just to find flaws.
    2) you proudly comment about your findings
    3) you think Kate is “guilty of having an eating disorder”

  • Cat

    She looks seriously ill. That’s dangerously underweight, even by her minimal standards.

  • Actually

    @I’m jealous: I didn’t carefully dissect anything, I have a friend with an eating disorder and I’ve looked up the tells so I can monitor HER. Because of that I’m aware of some of the signs and to me they were obvious in Bosworth.

    I wasn’t proudly commenting on anything, I think it’s truly tragic that anyone feels the need to be underweight. (My friend is on an “ultra low calorie diet” because she “thought it was healthier”, even though her doctor keeps telling her that she needs to gain weight.) Do I think that either of them need to be hospitalized? No, neither of them look like the complete skeletons that we all saw in health class in high school. I’m just saying that they both are underweight.

    I don’t even know that Kate Bosworth has an eating disorder. (I was just saying that it is a reliable sign of one, not a guarantee.) Maybe Bosworth’s problems are medical, I do not know her so I can not say. But she is clearly underweight.

  • OK

    Let’s compare her to another one of Orlando’s ladies.
    Kate vs Miranda
    even though they probably wear the same dress size…
    K – dry hair
    M – silky and smooth hair
    K – sallow skin
    M – radiant skin
    K – skin looks old and dull
    M – smooth and glowing skin
    K – no muscle tone
    M – great muscle tone
    K – looks saggy in a bikini
    M – one of the best bodies out there.
    You can be skinny and healthy. Miranda is proof of that. Kate looks like a famine victim.

  • I’m jealous

    @Actually: well, maybe your comment wasn’t ill-intentioned, sorry. But look at #28… some people really enjoy doing that.

  • Actually

    @I’m jealous: Apology accepted, and I do agree with you that some people do nit pick for the h*ll of it. I genuinely wasn’t doing that.

  • Sian

    Nice reply, # 25. But seriously, all of # 21′s claims can be easily refuted:

    1) My calves are almost as big as my thighs since I’m a runner. There’s quite a bit of muscle in my calves.

    2) Bosworth’s calves are clearly way smaller than her thighs. In your logic, that would prove she’s at a healthy weight (I personally don’t think it proves anything).

    3) She has visible muscle tone in her upper arms, unlikely if she was starving all the time.

    4) Since I’ve lost a little bit of weight my own sternum is quite visible. Doesn’t mean I don’t have quite a bit of extra weight around my stomach. People lose weight in different places.

    Yes, Bosworth is thin, but there’s a big difference between ‘thin’ and ‘anorexic-looking’ as I was sadly reminded of when I happened upon a walking skeleton at the grocery store yesterday. She ended up buying diet soda.

  • Mr. N.F.

    @chelle: If you have that, then what the f*ck are you doing here? You’re just a loony, a VERY annoying one

  • mforman

    I was wondering how long after the SD promotion ended before she started with the pap nonesense. Now the nightmare will begin again, with her trying to get her photo taken anywhere, anyhow and she will probably drag along the hobit known as MP along on a few photo ops.
    Once the promotion was over for SD she knew that any and all association she had with AS would finally be over. Thank Goodness.
    AS must be breathing just a huge sigh of relief.
    Even though, I still think she is going to stalk and drunk call him.
    She has to be the most worthless, useless and desparate woman in all of HW.
    Her reputation speaks for itself.
    The stans are going to have to come around sooner or later.

  • Oh, Kate!

    Since Skarsgard is now unavailable to her for publicity, she’s had to resort to being pap’d with her dog. This is the dog who garnered more attention than her when ASkars was pap’d walking it a few months back. Bonus: the visible pink bandage on the dog’s front leg as they’re leaving the vet. Maybe ASkars will call her to check on the dog. Nothing else has worked for her in recent months, not even the new boyfriend, so why not?

  • Sian

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to be snarky, nor do I think that ‘Actually’ was. I guess I’m just allergic to people making assumptions about other people’s well-being based on photographs. Some people just are naturally on the small side. Bosworth’s weight might or might not be natural for her, we have no way of knowing and I wish people would stop using that against her.

  • chelle

    @Mr. N.F.: I believe I already answered that question …dumbass ….learn to read. I’m hear out of sheer boredom and to irritate people like you …’re no angel yourself on ASKARS posts either. If u don’t like my comments don’t freaking read them let alone take the time to respond.

  • Jane

    I think it would be great if she just went away. I don’t want to see her gross hair or her scrawny frame or her stupid outfits, anywhere, ever. Why does anyone bother with this one?

  • I’m jealous

    @chelle: muaha
    You do feel boredom all day.

  • chelle

    @I’m jealous: Tuesday isn’t exactly a normal d&d day or gang violence day so yep pretty bored at the moment. I’m here for the next 48 anyway so what the heck ….

  • I’m jealous

    I don’t know… I think what you really do is watch your collection of VHSs of E. R. in your room.

  • ladybug

    @Sian: She appears to be naturally on the small-framed side. However, most of the weight comments come from two things, how healthy she looked in Blue Crush, and how unhealthy and skinny she looked just four years later, in 2006. While she looks much better than she did in 2006, she still looks much smaller than her Blue Crush years. From my viewpoint, I think she’d look better adding 5-10 lbs of muscle back to her frame. She obviously does not think so.

  • Go Away Losers

    Ok so if you don’t like the girl at all if you don’t like her weight her size her hair her life now then why even click on her post if you only have something negative to say it is as easy as skipping her post and looking at the next one why nit pick when frankly she nor anyone else cares about what any of you think its just silly and my god leave her weight alone it isnt physically affecting nay of you so just P I S S O F F

  • chelle

    @I’m jealous: not quite but nice try. I did start out as RN but I’ve started my fellowship for trauma critical care surgery….so I actually have done a little more work that pushing buttons on a machine. It’s a very rewarding profession if you can handle it. It gets tough when it’s kids though ….I prefer the moronic adults to the kids. Anyway believe me or don’t ….your choice.

  • Melissa

    Psycho is as psycho does. Why do you haters bother posting here?

  • Rachel()

    Those jerk paps…sitting outside the vets office all week, just hoping KB would bring her dog in!

  • Rachel()

    @I’m jealous: I don’t think she’s anorexic(possibly around 2006), but I do think she’s underweight. She would just look a lot younger and prettier if she gained maybe 10. It’s always irritated me when ppl diss her for her weight. There are far better reasons to make fun of her!
    Side note: Only Bosworthless would pair a perfectly cute necklace and dress with the world’s most God-awful boots…which also happen to clash with the black dress.

  • Polly

    She has a way of cheapening things.That dress would look so much better on someone else.

  • mforman

    @Go Away Losers—we post here because for some weird reasons JJ keeps attaching her posts to AS’s and you all seem to come over there and make extremely negative and hurtful comments towards him, that are untrue, at least we state the truth.
    The funniest thing is that the things we say about her are true and we all have given you references and backs ups and links, but still you feel we make those up.
    One of the scariest things about her is she loves the negative comments just as much as the positive (if there are any of them) because to her they all make her relevant. That is truly a sorry person.
    She probably kicked her dog, to cause the vet visit and start the pap nonesense again, because the last AS connection is gone now. I do not think anybody would put it past her, she knows that AS paid more attention to the dog then her; at least the dog is nornal.
    @Rachel—I think she would also look better if she stopped with all those facial procedures she keeps doing to herself. Colagen, facial peels, and botox, plus who knows what else does, all she does is cause terrible damage, that I do not think can be undone.
    You are also right about those awful boots and all the other things we can talk about besides her horrible weight. Good Call Rachel on both points.

  • Go Away Losers

    @mforman: i am an alex skarsgard fan a big 1 actually id never put him down and as for kate i give up i dont care about her i just feel negative coments never do anyone any good but oh well ill stay off her posts now cause its just sad to see that many negative comments about a person and knowing it wont stop

  • mforman

    @Go Away Losers—I never said AS’s fans put him down, what I was saying was that JJ is forcing her down our thoarts when thank goodness this showmance/relationship is finally dead and buried, but unfortunatley the KB stans go onto his posts and say awful things, that AS’s true fans know aren’t true.
    I have never said negative comments do anybody any good, but when lies and stories are constantly told, I feel like I have to in my own way stand up for an actor I have followed and respected since his days in Sweden, because in no way should his reputation or good name be associated with the negativity she causes.
    All we can hope for is that now the SD promotion has stopped and JJ will stop associating these two.
    I just cannot wait to see his next films.