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Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Debuts Next Week!

Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Debuts Next Week!

Rachel Bilson leaves her house wearing a bright green blouse on Wednesday (September 21) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress’s new show, Hart of Dixie, premieres this Monday (September 26) at 9/8c on The CW!

Rachel, who covers the October issue of Women’s Health, told the mag she loves a vintage look but not “things that look too pulled together.”

“I like the casual touch on a dressy outfit. A vintage dress with designer shoes is always a safe bet,” she shared. “Or a vintage blouse with a pair of jean shorts.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Vanessa Bruno blazer.

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  • Jon

    She’s such a gorgeous girl, love her!!

  • lohan#1

    Love Rachel, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Bosworth, and Olivia Munn… talent in Hollywood…….good to see them getting lots of parts now

  • That

    @#2, really? REALLY? LOL that’s hilarious. You didn’t see what Lohan was doing just so she could get into Fashion Week parties last week? SMH. Pathetic. And Bilson is just a laughable attention wh*re.

  • hmmm


  • tina

    The pants are really different. Not bad, just different. The whole outfit looks good though.

  • Trisha


  • Trisha


    For the same reason he posted a link to those bleep bleeps at the Huffington Post. It’s a free country and everyone gets their say and we decide.

  • Trisha

    Dear JJ. It’s really not a free country when I had to change the words of my post which were not more offensive than #4 and theirs was left the way it is and allowed to be posted.

  • Jon

    @lohan#1: No to Lindsay, Bosworth and Munn… yes to BILSON!

  • Reneeshay

    I think that it’s extremely cute, I am jelouas.


    Going to business meetings in sleep/loungewear now? Might work for some 6′ + runway model, but for this stunted midget girl, just looks like bedtime to me. Shouldn’t those pants have footies?

  • drewlard

    Here’s the mug-fug-face of an Eternally Zlister!


    Looks like Schwartz and Rachel’s PR team are trying to brainwash us to make watch her new TV gig “Heart of DEEP SH.T”.

    The girl keeps polluting the media with a non life, obvious lack of talent and silly games to be always in the JJ and other mag.
    She is even bad at pretending to be annoyed by the paps.

    She is fake. Why doesn’t she claim her love of attention. She should marry someone who old enough to be happy to score a younger brainless talentless LA airhead…. and quickly!

    I mean we need to see her flaunting an engagement ring and milking it in several press and photo operations.

    Then what about a wedding a la kardashian?

  • reedley

    But Bilson proves herself to be too brittle to carry the lead of a show like this……

  • Ya Baby
  • reedley
  • fitzroy

    This Little Mutt playing a doctor (and a surgeon doctor at that?!) is about as believable as trying to pass off an unsterilized tap water as/into an apple juice.


    is just coincidence the review’s for her new show has been very shall we say mixed? and now she is seen out and about
    and for the record those pants look and are awfull, but at lest she is not wearing those dreadful jean shorts,

  • Escort

    I love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

  • Escort

    I love her she is my best .

  • verity

    She hadnt been papped for more than a week (thank God for that!) w/c is unusual if you’ll check out her gazillion of photo-ops; so I highly concluded that her paychecks for JJ had just been “cleared”!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey why isn’t she wearing “head to toe plaid” like she suggested? EW said her show doesn’t look that promising either! Heaven knows the CW runs enough ads during Ringer!

  • Other pics.
    Actually she was papped during this past weekend shopping at the Grove. I hope those pants aren’t what she bought. They look fine untill you look up at them up close. JJ just chose to not post the pictures or was not “asked” to post them by her people. You can tell the difference between a staged and non staged photo with her. Although sadly there don’t seem to be many non staged ones anymore. :( In the pictures in the link above she looks completely different from the ones in this post, and more unhappy about being papped. Her outfit wasn’t very flattering I am guessing why they went with these pictures instead. Although these pants up close aren’t really flattering either. Leopard print would have been a lot better and on trend. She looks like she actually is trying too hard. Opposite of what her own quote said above. Again with the fashion advice she herself never uses. Like the vintage dress and boot. How often does anyone seeing her wearing vintage on a day to day basis. You don’t. Seriously if you are going to give fashion advice claiming that it is your own personal style and opinion, you might want to try actually dressing in the style you claim to “love”
    Personally I think Hart of Dixie could go either way. As far as if anyone will tune in and watch. I don’t think it would last more than two seasons though and that would be at best. At worst it doesn’t even get to finish its first season.

  • just me

    @Other pics.: But pictures are pictures. Still should have shown them.She Also was shown that she was working on her show the day before, jared still should have shown them anyway. She said that she didn’t want them to take them that day.Its not making any difference anyway.Look she always put on an act like that.look like she haven’t been home for awhile. why didn’t she take her mail out of the box? Thought she didn’t like people to see her house? difference house than monthsago. big liar.


    @KALEY NUM-24

    no i dont look for every reson to have a go,
    i’ll give her credit where its due she will take any type of work that’s offerd to her even it makes her look like a idiot (no help from anyone is needed there)

    and has for her going on chelsea lately watch the sarcastic remarks like fly over her head, if you know what i mean,

    and once again no help is needed there
    she is such a easy target.

  • tweet

    There is also a video of her, On The Grove at x17videos, check it out.


    come on jared stop moderting this thead.
    if you want the comments let them be said.


    let see if this gets posted,

    well rachel if you don’t tip the paps off as to where you will be
    you will get your wish-hopefully


    @JUST ME,JUST SAYING,,: The reason Rachel is upset is because one of the paps called her “MILA” as in Mila Kunis and didn’t know who she was until another pap said ” Rachel”. I still don’t think that pap knew who she was but at least he knew her name after that. That is probably why she said to them. “Come on, I just wanna be to left alone.” and then ran dramatically into a stairwell in the parking complex. I think that was some of her best acting yet. The pretend sigh at the beginning when they started following her around the Grove, while she hung her head down. I mean really in the video they followed her all over the place. Elevators. Out by the shops. Etc. The paps don’t generally chase someone around that bad at the Grove unless they were told to. Or unless you are in a big scandal or at least a A list/B list star.LMFAO. Ever since Extra and TMZ set up shop there the paps are much more controlled Most likely it was set up so she could act like she had a bad run in with photographers right before the premiere of the show and could talk about it in upcoming interviews and how “hard ” it is to be her sometimes. It looks like what happened is it was set up with some paps and then others saw them snapping pictures of someone and they all jumped at it. I think she really did get upset though when other paps that just attached on and followed her, called her Mila. That is the ultimate slap in the face in Hollywood for them to not even get your name right.
    If she really does want to be left alone,not shopping at the Grove would be a good start. No one goes there unless they want to be seen. Its the same there as it is with Robinson Blvd and Rodeo. The Grove is the other place you will get papped and seen if you go there. Extra,TMZ,X!7 and many others are all stationed there. Hell even the Dancing with the Star idiots often make the rounds at the Grove to promote themselves. So if she really does ” wanna ” be left alone. Don’t go there and don’t tip off the paps. At least make sure they are going to know your name ahead of time.


    well i think they where taking the p*** as it where,

    they knew who she was, and trust me when i say her pulling a stunt like that is the worse thing she could have done,
    things will only get worse for her, with them now they will show her no
    mercy not now, not ever

  • ATLQueen


    That is funny…. So you’re saying that she called them to meet her there for them to call her Mila instead of her name?? I’m sorry if I hired someone to be there they wouldn’t be calling me by some other actresses name and they definitely wouldn’t get my money making mistakes like that.

  • Jack

    Lasst sie doch einfach in Ruhe! Why do you comment when you hate her?

  • Jack


  • Seriously.

    You would think JJ would post the interview of Rachel Bilson on Chelsea Lately. It didn’t go so well on some parts. She told the same stories she always does over and over. How she started dressing herself at 2 and that she liked to go to bed early. Was rather boring. The part that didn’t go well was when she was talking about Hart of Dixie and the dialogue. Apparently she is having a hard time with the medical terms. No surprise really but it is taking her five times to get it right and even then she doesn’t understand what the hell she is talking about or saying. Her own words in the interview. She talked AGAIN about setting up her best friend with Josh Schwarz. More or less the same interview she always gives every time she does one. I am surprised her didn’t mention her mother yet again. But she did talk about going to clubs when she was 14 and15 and getting in trouble. Thankfully she didn’t mention her car accident that happened around the same time She also talked about how she thinks she still looks eight years old. Which I thought was a little creepy. Just seems like there are five stories she always tells. They are the same ones she has been using since 2003 when the OC first took off. Makes her sort of dull. One new thing she did talk about was her ice cream adds she did. Now that part was funny. Saying Magnum ice cream is like the” Chanel” of ice creams and so it was like doing a Chanel add. Haha. She also compared herself to Suri Cruise ,saying when she was younger she was like a Suri Cruise type of little girl. Because of her fashion sense. Chelsea said I bet you would like to fancy yourself a Suri Cruise type. That part was also pretty funny. I could see why Rachel would want to fancy herself like Tom Cruises kid. What wouldnt see have given to have cameras and fashion blogs follow her everywhere from birth .Haha It is nice to know that she did learn one thing from her new show. That a “suture”is a stitch.. “For those that don’t know”-her own words. I thought that was priceless she seemed so proud that she knew that. Haha. Honestly she seems like she is still trying to talk and act like Summer Roberts. So really the way she will act on Hart of Dixie is pretty much the same and not very believable for a medical based tv show. Even if it is more of a comedy than a drama. Liked the OC when it was on and I liked Summer Roberts on it. But she is 30 yrs old now and that show was canceled so long ago. She really needs to grow up and change her acting and interview style. It just seems so forced, that it is hard to get past that and damn she talks really really fast.

  • Kaley

    @Seriously.: LOL, I feel sorry for you. :(

  • @Seriously

    I also feel sorry for you..actors/actresses are often asked the same questions over and over and it would IMO become an automatic response to answer the same way over and over.

    As for medical terms-most of the cast from the very long run show “ER” made mention of having the same problem with medical terms, so may I suggest that just because Rachel is an actress not a real Doctor she, like others, had the same problem relating to medical terms.

    As always you try to put a shadow on a person you don’t know-perhaps avoiding anything Rachel related will help the obvious low esteem you have in RL-afterall you have a need to knock somebody because it makes you feel better than anyone else–that’s the excuse of most bullies.

    Just scroll past any Rachel post and you will feel much better :-)

  • The Truth Fairy

    Hart of Dixie reviews describe the show as being unoriginal, unbelievable and naive with Rachel Bilson’s performance often described as flat, though one said that if you would have liked to watch an episode of OC where Summer becomes a doctor and moves to Alabama then you would probably like to watch this. Says it all really and to drag it down further, it has some really fake southern accents in it. Is it really so hard to find good quality actors and actresses from the southern states to fill these roles?

  • monreal

    @34 – Seriously
    This pathological mediaho would always do & says the dumbest things!
    One could stare deep into her eyes and would easily realize there is absolutely NOTHING behind them.
    Her HW Memoirs will be as riveting as a bowel movement. Anyone w/ brains &/or sanity would pass.

  • Kaley

    @The Truth Fairy: Actually, if you have been reading VIEWERS viewers, I’ve seen more negative then positive. Everybody has said it’s a good show and surprised them how much they liked it. Why don’t you go and rag on somebody else for a day, I know Rachel is so much more popular, gorgeous, and successful then you are… but all the jealousy you’re spreading around makes you look dumb.
    @monreal: And dude, what is your deal? Do you not know english? Everybody knows when you post under 15 other names, your writing is always the same. Your nicknames that you make up are so stupid.

  • Kaley

    @Kaley: Whoops, meant more POSITIVE then negative.

  • @Kaley

    VIEWERS viewers???? WTF???? Do you not know english????

  • monreal

    Jealous haters, 15 other names?!?! That’s all you’ve got?!
    Come on, you can do better than that! Come up with something original and not predictable… and stating about who’s much more dumb & stupid – that would be STILL this patholigical mediaho!

    ***(The only line she delivers with any conviction is when she asks the receptionist to get her a latte so she “doesn’t fatigue.”)***

  • Start A Barf Faster

    Actually, I saw the “Heart of Dixie” tonight and I loved it!! Rachel is finally all grown up and plays a doctor really well and is believable as a doctor. I think this show will help her career a lot. She will not be just known as another pretty face. Good 4 her. WB producers better leave this show on!! It is light, funny, refreshing, funny, and has heart!! Frankly, it is a lot better then, “Up All Night”. I think show is a keeper! Rachel is just adorable and so fashionable too! ;)

  • @43

    Truly barftastic comment. I hereby nominate you for the #1 suck up stan comment award ~ suck up stans everywhere are rooting for ya!

  • KitKat

    I watched Hart of Dixie last night and it was a big let down for me. It was a lot worse than I thought it would be. From the weird music in the back round making it sound like a comedy skit to some of the strangled dialogue from many actors and actresses on it. The show just seemed awkward. I didn’t expect the show to be the best thing ever but I think the critics that compared it to Everwood and Gilmore Girls gave it too much credit. It doesn’t quite have that charm to it yet. I wonder why Rachel wasn’t out and about to promote the show. You think she would be, to help give it a fighting chance. Before the pilot aired one major appearance isn’t enough. Unless she knows it is going to fail after a few episodes o.0 I know a lot of people compared it to Summer Roberts becomes a doctor. I don’t think it was even that good.The pilot didn’t feel written well enough for it to be Summer Roberts goes doctor. I found myself flipping through channels on commericals. The big surprise ending wasn’t really a surprise either as some of the critics had said. I personally saw it coming a mile away.
    *Spoiler Alert* Based on how they wrote the entire pilot, of course it would end with finding out the man she would inherit a practice from is her father, she never knew.
    I was hoping that some of the more negative reviews were wrong about the show and that I would like it. So far I didn’t really at all. Maybe it will be weak pilot strong season for Hart of Dixie but I doubt it. Pilots are so important to getting a show on tv a fighting chance. Seems like the writers,actors, producers dropped the ball on this one. It took Rachel Bilson a long time to return to tv again. I would have hoped her return was better than the pilot episode I saw.
    On a related OC note. I saw Mischa Barton’s interview on Access Hollywood last night. She has really cleaned herself up and is now designing handbags and selling them in NYC. So I guess she is going into fashion too. She seemed really happy actually. They showed video of Mischa being chased by the papparazzi during the height of The OC’s popularity. She had it way worse than Rachel ever did..They followed Mischa around in insane packs. I could see why she has had her struggles in the past few years. It is amazing to think Mischa is only 25 years old and still has her entire life ahead of her. After going through all that. Most actors and actresses are only starting out at 25 yrs old and don’t have to reflect on a time in their lives that was that insane. I think people forget she was just 17 years old when the OC started. She was a child. I wish her the best luck though and hope she really has cleaned up her act this time.
    Probably the only thing that could save Hart if Dixie is if Josh Schwarzt was smart enough to cast Mischa in a few episodes of HOD. Would help bring in the old OC viewers and people that are just curious to see them acting opposite eachother again. Maybe Mischa should play a rival to Rachel’s character even. It was just intersting to see Mischa give that interview and then an hour later see the premiere of HOD. Like a big flashback to the OC days.

  • tina

    Critics may not agree but tv fans on Twitter and the net are mostly in favor of Hart of Dixie. I love it when people don’t listen to critics and make up their own minds.

    I loved the show. I’ve seen it more than once on iTunes, where you can watch it free.

  • The ratings for last night.

    According to Variety.It only got 1.8 million views last night :( Although Gossip Girl did worse at only 1.4 million views . WTH isn’t Gossip Girl canceled I never realized their ratings were that bad to begin with. The CW cancels good shows and keeps shows like Gossip Girl that have just as bad ratings if not even worse ratings than the ones they do cancel. I don’t think Gossip Girl isn’t a good lead in for Hart of Dixie at all. Both shows will probably drop in ratings even more next week. Most of the shows that debut last week did. I did catch a little of Terra Nova and it wasn’t too bad actually. A fun action sci fi adventure watch more than a gritty drama. Looks like they are going to try to turn it into the new Lost in episodes to come.

  • @The ratings for last night.

    @The ratings for last night.: OMG CW is putting Hart of Dixie up against Fox’s House next Monday and from now on.House is moving to its new time slot. What are they thinking putting Hart of Dixie up against another medical show. House has crushed other shows that have tried that before.House is a fan favorite and critical loved medical drama with comedy placed in the house character. While Hart of Dixie is more a comedy first and medical drama second, I wonder if the CW is trying to get Hart of Dixie canceled. Wow. CW is probably the worst run network out there. I think it even beats NBC.

  • UNsurprised!

    … earning the label of the network’s “”worst scripted debut”"” of the fall.

  • @45

    @ On a related OC note…
    Mischa, being the “legit lead star” of OC and at the height of the show’s fame & ratings… is really plausible that she is being chased by the paparazzi.
    Some “supporting” co-star but just as always in the tabloids for-much-ado-about- nothing is the one who chased & tips paparazzi.