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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Go to Griffith Observatory

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Go to Griffith Observatory

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes hike around the grounds of the Griffith Observatory on Wednesday (September 21) in Los Angeles.

Eva wasn’t dressed for the dirt road hike and she walked slowly in her sandals,” an observer told People. “Ryan didn’t seem to mind the slower pace and they … both looked very happy.”

Earlier in the month, the 30-year-old actor and 37-year-old actress visited Disneyland together, while taking some time off from their new movie, The Place Beyond the Pines.

“There’s always been a strong chemistry between them,” one source previously told Us Weekly. “This was just a matter of time!”

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  • Sue Denim

    I hope Ryan can handle Eva’s brand of crazy but otherwise they seem to be having fun and they are both hot so why not?!

  • http://twitter nicole

    i love this couple !.

  • girliemen

    Oh sooooo Faux.

  • I love them!

    They look amazing together. ♥♥♥

  • Maggie Mae

    Good for them! I think that they look great together. A seven year age difference is not that big of a deal. One thing is for sure, if they procreate, it will be a beautiful baby!

  • A

    This whole relationship or whatever it is, is SOOOO odd.

  • Lola

    I’m guessing no one saw the video where he said he was dating Disneyland or whatever? Basically brushed the PR date off for what it was. I can’t believe people are taking these two seriously. haha

  • evelyn

    Well Ryan DOES go for older women so that makes it a tad bit more believable. If they are happy then who are we to judge..? (except I’m sure we all wish we were eva in this scenario!)

  • Um

    I don’t like her, but I have to admit that they look hot together.

  • Danielle

    And the paparazzi just happened to be there. Sure, sure. Ryan always said he didn’t like the attention either that’s changed or Eva is calling the shots and getting them in the press. There’s only been 2 sightings of them together and both of them are photographed, that doesn’t seem suspicious at all.

  • TinyDancer

    Oh, Ryan, sweetie, you can do better than this.

  • Dani

    And the paparazzzi just happened to be there. Sure, sure. Ryan always said he didn’t like the attention, either that’s changed or Eva is calling the shots and getting them into the press. She could use the career boost. There’s only been 2 sightings of them together in the press and both just happened to get photographed? That doesn’t seem suspicious at all.

  • speaktruth

    Whoa girl! Get away from my man! haha

  • Oy

    @Danielle: That is their job you know…. paparazzi happen to be where celebrities are. Get over it!

  • open your eyes, people

    it s simple:

    eva mendez needs a hit , needs publicity, so hanging out, i mean “dating” ryan gosling is a pretty good move.

    ryan on the other hand has to protect his manly image ( see tom cruise and jake gyllenhaal)

    he needs to make the public believe he is into girls , so we gonna buy it everytime he kisses his co stars on screen

    in reality he is gay as the night is dark and thats why you never really see him actually in a relationship with a girl.

  • Carla

    She looks like a tranny he can do better.

  • loverducky

    @open your eyes, people:

    It’s laughable that there are so many low lives like you who give us all the ‘facts’ that apparently every single male celebrity is gay. of course there is nothing wrong with those who are but it’s pretty pathetic when every time male celebrities are photographed with women, in whatever context, there are people ready to shout to the world that they’re GAY! Open your own eyes, and examine your own issues.

    any how, I don’t really care what’s going on here, I just think Ryan is great!

  • Jumjum

    i have to see the movie…”drive” can’t wait..

    Have yall heard about Obama’s helping people with NO money by giving away $100 Restaurant giftCards?? I just got less than an hour…lol

  • Maggie Mae

    I think that we as fans have a really hard time imagining RG with anyone other than his “notebook” co-star Rachel McAdams. The chemistry that they shared in that movie became a reality when we discovered that they had fallen in love during the process of filming the movie. But like many relationships in hollywood, it ended. It ended. It is over people, and has been for years. They have moved on. And I’m sure that Eva Mendez, or whoever he dates, is very nice. He seems to have a keen eye, so let it be!!!!!!!

  • Danielle


    I would believe that if it were anywhere else but on a hiking trail.

  • open your eyes, people

    i understand……

    i tjing you are gay t@loverducky:

    dont get me wrong, but i think you are gay too, but you are afraid of coming out , just like ryan is

    maybe thats way you feel so attacked

    here is my advice; just come out of the closet, its oke, people will still love you (or less)

  • open your eyes, people

    i understand……

    i tjing you are gay t@loverducky:

    dont get me wrong, but i think you are gay too, but you are afraid of coming out , just like ryan is

    maybe thats way you feel so attacked

    here is my advice; just come out of the closet, its oke, people will still love you (or less)

  • Anonymous

    This is SO damn staged. I love how she’s all dolled up and they’re both looking RIGHT at the cameras. He still has Ides of March coming out in 2 weeks so he needs to keep his name in the news. Guarantee you that after that movie is out these “sightings” will suddenly stop.

  • Anonymous

    This is definitely a staged showmance, but Ryan is straight which makes this even lamer. He said the hollywood attention ruined his relationships with Rachel and Sandra, and now he’s now being papped with Eva? He’s a fake hypocrite.

  • Me

    @Maggie Mae:Am I the only one who didn’t like him with Rachel McAdams?

  • Oy

    @Danielle: I bet you said the same thing about Disneyland.
    Well… I don’t agree with you, many celebs have been photographed there before.

  • Sol12

    This is the same place he was filming with Emma yesterday. I see NO chemistry at all with him and Eva. He doesn’t look into her whatsoever, whereas with Emma, even in the pictures where they weren’t filming and playing with that bulldog , he looks far more into her. It looks like he was there doing research/ scoping the place out. They said that Eva lives right next to Griffith Observatory, so maybe they’re just friends hanging out? He hangs out with all his female co-stars including Emma. He still hangs out with Michelle Williams too. He already pretty much denied dating Eva and also joked that he wants to have babies with a Canadian girl. If he was dating her, then I don’t think he’d be talking like that.At the most, this is just a quick rebound fling since Eva just broke up with her man of 10 years. Until Ryan publicly acknowledges that he’s dating her, then they’re just friends (maybe with benefits) IMO.

  • Maggie Mae

    @me: God no, I thought they were great together, or at least what we, the public, saw. But I also believe that when a relationship ends, that only means that there’s something to look forward to, for everyone. I think he (RG) will find someone much more suited for him. Maybe Eva, maybe not.

  • Anonymous


    That’s pretty much what I’m thinking too. My aunt and uncle were at the Paul McCartney concert in July in NYC and Ryan and Emma were there right next to them. Ryan is in L.A. filming now, but he’s now moved to NYC. So at the most, he’s having a fling while he’s in L.A. Everybody’s making too much of a big deal out of this. If this meant anything to him, he wouldn’t be saying those things. It’s not about being private, he’s saying things that would be quite disprespecful to Eva IF he was dating her.

    BTW, this thing is also how I feel about Emma and Andrew Garfield. I don’t think they’re dating either, just friends perhaps with benefits. Ryan and Emma look adorable together though, I’d love to see them get together. She might seem young in years, but she comes across as very mature and classy.

  • Sara

    I don’t see any chemistry between them at all either. There’s something off/fishy about this. I’m not buying it.

  • Anonymous

    The only sightings of them are extremely open, public places where they KNEW they’d get photographed. Give me a damn break. I don’t want to ever hear him whine about fame or privacy again. I used to LOVE him, but he’s changed and seems completely different from even how he was last year. He comes off as fake and contrived now.

  • anon

    ewww… so his type of girl is old,talentless bimbos who looks like drag queens?!

  • Maggie Mae

    @anonymous: You maybe right. But..on the side of a mountain is not exactly an open public place. I agree with you about him though, he seems different. Maybe he’s just accepted that it is what it is, and you can’t live like a hermit. Just another perspective.

  • gigi

    Ryan and eva were filming together in schenectady n.y , i was an extra in there movie…. The Place Beyond The Pines….

  • Kris

    This reminds me SO much of Jake and Taylor…..that’s not a good thing. I’m not buying this either.

  • anon


    I feel the same way as you. I love both Ryan and Rachel separately, not together. But I do love Rachel with Michael Sheen now. They are just too effing adorable together!! Hope they make some babies. And Ryan… well I just like him single. Unless he meets someone who is really suitable for him (not Eva). Someone like Sandra Bullock (I wouldn’t mind if they got back together actually), or Michelle Williams. I would definitely love him with Michelle. Wish those rumors were true.

  • HJN08

    He DOES have more chemistry/looks much more into Emma when you compare the pics. I’m guessing because Emma is probably his only co-star who he HASN’T gotten with. He and Michelle never dated, but I do think they hooked up. He wants what he can’t have. He seems like a love ‘em/leave ‘em type so this is just a quick fling ala the Olivia Wilde thing a few months ago. He’s young and single, but it definitely goes against his sweet gentleman image though.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never found her even remotely attractive and she sure as hell as no talent, and I’ve heard MANY stories about what a bitch she is. Plus, she’s had to go to rehab before. He definitely won’t be taking her home to his mother, who’s the only important woman in his life. From what I heard, TOO important in that he’s completely dependent on her and that’s the real reason why Rachel dumped him. I can see that, while he’s charming, it’s in a very childish little boy way.

  • Anonymous


    I agree with you. Plus, it’s quite weird to go to the same place with someone you’re “dating” when you’re going to be filmed kissing and cuddling with another woman just a couple days later, even if it’s just for a movie.

  • MaisyRL

    i’ve always wondered if having a ‘showmance’ gets celebs out of other PR duties: interviews, press junkets, late night shows’ that they don’t like doing (for whatever reason). so it’s either x, y, z, or do a showmance. Regardless, this may be real and fake. Maybe they’re spending time together bc of their movie, and their PR people are trying to get milage out of it. We forget sometimes celebs, like everyone else, date someone for a few weeks/months before becoming serious. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out in the dating phase. It’s what happened w/ Gosling and Blake Lively, Olivia WIlde…etc.

  • Emma

    Meh, regardless, I hope someone pins him down soon for a while. It would be a shame for all that hotness to go to waste!

  • anonymous

    I wonder how Eva feels about Ryan saying he hasn’t met anyone who can top Rachel and Sandra. And apparently Ryan and Eva have known each other for awhile even ebfore they filmed that movie together. That’s a pretty big diss to her.

  • loverducky

    @open your eyes, people:

    well, first of all, I am a woman, so I am not gay..nor am I lesbian..nor does that have any relevance to this forum, or you. Secondly, I do not care to take advice from people who have to justify themselves by saying rude things about strangers through the anonymity of the internet.

  • What

    what exactly is the appeal of Eva Mendes? she’s always been shoved down our throats as being “hot” yet she has a harsh,masculine face that I don’t find attractive at all. She’s one of the worst actresses out there as well. why/how is she still around and continuing to get roles? i guess this explains it. casting couch?

  • vivien

    @gigi: really! do you have any details about the film, or what ryan/eva/bradley cooper were like?

    In an ideal world Ryan and Michelle Williams would be dating, I would also love to see him and Emma Stone in a relationship, even though she is a little young for him imo. And for whatever reason I don’t buy him and Eva Mendes as a couple (if they are dating), it just seems so odd and random to me lol.

  • Me

    @anon: I agree. Ryan and Michelle would be perfect together.

  • roxx

    no no no ryan you and her just do not match together;)

  • Ella

    Pisces and Scorpio! Perfect coupling

  • lala

    showmance or not, she’s definitely not dressed for hiking. She’s not even dressed for a dirt road (mini dress and open clogs???) The’slower pace’ means a much bigger chance to get noticed. And the coordinated color of the clothes really makes me smile…those glasses are doing nothing for her btw and she is a very goodlooking woman.
    Even if they are for real, she’s getting mileage out of it. I hardly knew who Olivia Wilde was before the aquarium video…he’s putting his women on people’s radar.

  • Anna

    You guys don’t know them. Stop acting like you KNOW it’s staged, losers.