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Vanessa Hudgens: 'HSM' Was 'Most Amazing Time of My Life'

Vanessa Hudgens: 'HSM' Was 'Most Amazing Time of My Life'

Vanessa Hudgens leaves lunch wearing an all black outfit on Wednesday (September 21) in Los Angeles

The 22-year-old actress recently updated her official blog with a post titled, “The Most Amazing Time of My Life.”

“Got sent this by a friend the other day. Oh man, talk about good times,” Vanessa wrote, along with a pic of her High School Musical co-stars, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and Zac Efron, at the London premiere of HSM.

“The most amazing time of my life. And I owe it to you all. So thankful for my fans. Love u guys. Xx,” she added.

Also pictured inside: Vanessa leaving a yoga class earlier in the day in Studio City.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing AllSaints Busby boots.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens out at lunch and yoga class…

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vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 01
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 02
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 03
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 04
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 05
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 06
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 07
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 08
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 09
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 10
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 11
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 12
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 13
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 14
vanessa hudgens lunch after yoga 15

Photos: Fame Pictures, GSI Media
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  • it’s wednesday

    probably because HSM was the highest pt. in her so-called career.

  • Xox

    It’s nice that she’s still appreciative of hsm after all this time. She’s always been my favorite of the cast.

  • Jr

    @its Wednesday
    Well she’s only 22 and she’s already accompished more then you ever will in your so called life.

  • lauren

    its because it made her rich as hell.

  • Famgoin

    love her..and it made her rich as hell!…

    Girls on Their Knees at Church Praying, in the Same Position They Gave Head In The Night B4

  • zey

    i don’t have any feeling on her career but she doesn’t look good at all anymore.. she looks like she’s been partying a lot or something..

  • Kro

    Lauren and its wednesday, have u heard about Karma is a bitch? i´m sure it will come to b¨** your as***! stop the hate and the jealousy we know you guys want V life, career, money, friends. Lauren go kiss zac and forget about V. I´m sure she will get better things than you. Look she has 3 movies next year, and more. Besides V has a good friend out of the hsm days, ashley, then corbin and even zac. you both are jealous because she had him and you will never have him!

    Vanessa looks gorgeous as always!

  • Xox

    @zey: She definitely hasn’t. She’s been workin hard this year.

  • Yo-Landi

    Well, as much as I dislike this girl, at least she has a grateful ass for what made her filthy rich and famous!!

  • e

    Vanessa looks amazing here, I love those shoes. I’m really enjoying getting all these pics now since we most likley won’t get many if any at all once she goes to Alaska to film her new movie which I’m so looking forward to btw, and I can’t wait for next year, there will be awesome to see all the projects she have been working on this year.

  • OverHim

    @zey: She has been partying more, she’s 22 and newly single, but I think it’s more that she still hasn’t lost all of the weight she gained for Gimme Shelter and the last 5 pounds are being stubborn. I know they said 10 pounds but I think it was probably closer to 15+ pounds because it was quite noticeable in her face, stomach and hips and you can tell that some of the weight is still there. She still looks good though IMO.

  • OverHim

    I appreciate that she’s still grateful for where she came from and what gave her fame and fortune. And she’s always said she was grateful for the experience because of the relationships and bond the cast formed. Even today she keeps in contact with Mo, Corbin, Ashley, Kenny, the choreographer and some of the dancers. It’s refreshing to see her maintain that gratefulness and not talk down where she got her big break even as she tries to move into different roles and genres within the film industry.

  • What Happened?

    She looks old and haggard Asian girls age fast.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    @What Happened?: Oh really? Tell that to Ann Curry who looks in her early 40s even though she’s in her mid 50s.

  • peggy

    @What Happened?:

    What an ass – if she looks old and haggard then she probably looks like you.

    She looks great

  • sony

    VANESSA yeahhh it’s a meeting lunchh hope she arrives alaska already i cannot wait
    PEACE& lLOVE V¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • bee

    I really like Vanessa, she’s really pretty & I think she’s got it somewhat.

  • kami

    @What Happened?:

    check your facts before making uninformed comments. years ago, i was told by an anesthesiologist that asian women age far better than caucasian women, because asian women’s oil glands are closer together. Also, darker pigmented skin is more compact and may have more skin layers than lightly pigmented skin.

  • Ricky

    She needs more gym time, her waste is expanding. I know she gained wait for the movie it doesn’t look like she lost any of it. She also needs to quit smoking it will age her. She is such a natural beauty, she just looks like she’s living hard and fast these days. I wish her well, and hope she is a teen star success story.

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa looks amazing. And she has killer legs.

  • ?

    Vanessa goes to a friends birthday party one time and all of a sudden she’s a party animal, all she does is party? SMH
    And I wish people would get off of her about her weight . I saw some pictures of her in hawaii and she looked just fine to me.

  • tina

    She looks great. She heathy she has never been a stick like some of hollywood. She will always be beautiful.

  • olive

    Lovely! What kind of sunglasses is she wearing? Real cute.

  • Irina

    She’s so beautiful. I love Vanessa:-)

  • Pamela

    I think Vanessa is great and also very beautiful. So what if she has a few ekstra pounds on her body now, she still looks very good:-)

  • LiLi

    It’s just gross for some people to say she’s fat. if Vanessa is fat then how do you think young girl at my age will think of our own bodies? Think twice before you speak people. you’re actually unaware of the fact you might ve hurting someone

  • Quinn

    she gorgeous, healthy and beautiful:-) and if you don’t agree then just shut up.

  • Kit

    And hsm was the most amazing time of my childhood!!!! I LOVE YOU NESS:-) I’m gratefully for you, cause you’re my rolemodel.

  • Nanna

    Great style. Love her

  • Laura

    @Kit: mine too!!! We love you vanessa. You’re amazing

  • BOJI

    She may have gained a little weight but that hasn’t stopped her getting movie offers or guy attention. Think about it. There must be something more than outward appearances. She’s got what it takes, her personality for one.

  • gglover128

    @it’s Wednesday,zey,and Lauren here and an idea if your not a fan of Nessa stop wasting your pathetic lives commenting on her post. Nobody gives a crap go spew your hate somewhere else.

  • Tata

    nice laptop, Nessa :)
    aww, sweet HSM and Zanessa time!

  • lei

    yes V that is most memorable to us too as fan,

  • Gina

    Omg I want a Mac book like that!!! It’s so cool. But I think it costs a lot of money!

  • lola

    Awesome style, love the shoes

  • Solange

    Nice hat.

  • norah

    @Kit: It was mine too. Loved it.

  • Xox

    @BOJI: Very true!

  • lala

    It’s great she still appreciates HSM and she looks beautiful

    and all you haters should GTFO and go to hell

  • maria

    I see all the nasty critical little haters are out in force. LOL Well, I think she looks like the weight is coming off, slowly but surely, which is the healthy way to lose weight. She’s working out every day, and supposedly eating healthy. Not much more you can ask of her. She’ll be back to her usual weight very soon I’m sure. Some small minded people also have to remember these photos are of her very close up and zoomed. Anyone would look heavier if they were zoomed in on. Vanessa is a very petitie young woman, and is very tiny in person. SO? She’s a bit more curvy right now, who cares??? I’m sure all you nasty, critical, self-righteous people are perfect human beings with no extra weight. LOL At least she had a great reason for gaining the weight. It’s just harder to take off. And she’ll do it.

  • Danielle

    Nice!!! Vanessa is always so cute!!!

  • Soni

    First of all, Vanessa looks great.
    But I don’t understand something, Zac and Vanessa broke up because of the distance between them due to filming their movies.
    So, that looks like all they are doing since they broke up. Almost every month, one of them is signed for a new movie. Are their agents trying to kill them.? Plus don’t they have the same agents now? Give them a rest, and maybe they can reconnect.
    As for her smoking, I should send her a picture of my mother when she was dying from oral cancer. Not a pretty picture. I would hope she would rethink her decision to smoke. Plus how many guys are going to want to kiss someone with smoke smell in her hair and terrible stained teeth. At least Zac put up with it, some other guy may not.

  • fan

    @Soni…Zac smokes as well too. On the night that Zac’s friend Ryan got arrested for DUI, the papp got video of Zac smoking in the front passenger seat of his friend’s car or his car. So they both smoke. To me it looks like both Vanessa and Zac are more like social smokers that only smoke when they are out clubing and drinking. I don’t even think these two smoke a whole pack in month. It is their lungs and do what they are please to do with it.

  • G

    Oh baby V, please get your sh-t together. I used to look through the gossip blogs just to see what you were wearing every week (I actually bought these black suede boots I saw on you). I really hope this is all for a role, a good one, because I miss seeing you cute and happy. I’m sorry, I know that’s shallow but I really miss the pretty and bubbly Vanessa!

  • observer

    I think just jared got it wrong, she didnt say HSM was the most amazing time of her life, but being at that premier in london with those cast members was, correct me if am wrong there. at this point i would point out to all lovers and haters that ashley is a good friend of vanessa, stop saying she is a bad friend and putting her down and she does have fond memories of zac the post is an indication. stop with all the hate and unnecessary drama.

  • observer

    @Boji didyou change your user name from what it used to be? u sound like one ardent v fan that i noticed back in the day but has stopped commenting, her user name began with F is it you just asking, cause i wondered what happened to her.

  • go sox

    @observer: No, that is our dear Boji, and always has been.
    @observer: I think you’re right. I think she meant that premiere and those times were amazing, and is grateful it was a part of her life. But she’s also happy that she’s in a new chapter in her life, so I don’t sense any sadness about her saying that.