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Kate Bosworth: Alexa Chung for Madewell Launch!

Kate Bosworth: Alexa Chung for Madewell Launch!

Kate Bosworth and her director beau, Michael Polish, head home after spending the evening at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (September 21) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Straw Dogs actress celebrated the Alexa Chung for Madewell Fall 2011 collection with Madewell, Alexa, and InStyle magazine!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier in the week, Kate was spotted taking her pet pooch to the vet for an appointment.

Last week, Kate was in New York City promoting Straw Dogs, making stops at shows including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

FYI: Kate is wearing JewelMint‘s Monte Carlo bracelet.

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Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Jack

    Her new hobbit boyfriend is fugly.

  • Nina

    How many bf’s has she had?

  • lauren

    they are soooo dating

  • Cammie

    I can’t stand her,she looks hungry and runs from man to man for PR.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    Orlando Bloom he ain’t but COME ON I wouldn’t call him “fugly”.

  • Polly

    Aww! She’s still POLISHing kn0bs.

  • ICK!

    Manhopper. I hope Alex had his full Hazmat check up.

  • Ivana Laugh
  • kitty

    she looks relatively decent/sober here….wait until Jared posts the photos from some new book launch she went to. crack.head.

  • Ivana Laugh

    The only things she gets invites to are D List events. No Fashion Week, no Emmy after parties….I love Gwyneth Paltrow!

  • Ivana Laugh

    Her hair is so fried and she looks half baked at this book party.

  • ???

    Why can’t she be alone ? Why the constant need for a man? It’s so disturbing.

  • wtf?

    first of all she’s gonna catch a cold. everyone else on the background is wearing a little something more and she’s wearing just a shleevless dress
    secont wth is the lady in the 4th pic wearing? lol
    third me no likey dress but look her arms look a bit bigger she may have finally started putting on some weight
    fourth why she has to constantly touch her man? she has to say he’s with me, hasn’t she?
    last but not least tha mans look on the last pic-priceless

  • ladybug

    She really doesn’t look too bad here, at least she’s not wearing the boots.

    At least she doesn’t look like this:

  • Kathy

    Bobblehead. Her head looks huge in some of these pictures. It’s weird.

  • Runjum

    kate got a big ole head, but is pretty…:)…
    Gucci celebrating their 60th anniversary by giving away 100 handbags 4 the next 24 hrs ONLY ..i got 2 already..lmao

  • Jeannie

    She has to have a man because she’s not relevant without one.

  • ladybug

    And the ‘wedding rings’ are back on.

  • Bella

    She’s beautiful. Hope she’s happy with MP.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    He seems like a decent guy who works for his money and is respected by his peers HE could do better and he will realize it just like the other 183873298 did…

  • This Chick

    I have no words for her nonsense, the day before she looks drugged out (probably called up Alex and he hanged up the phone on her or he blocked her number) now she parade with this fool to show the world she is okay. God girl move on already no really move on and stop your dumb show.

  • ???

    She looks like a 40 something year old that’s trying to be younger.

  • Pam
  • just me

    Yes she has moved on and that is good for her. Why linger on like rachel bilson whose relationship is going anywhere and won’t find nobody to be with her. At least kate got more sense than her to linger. i don’t think she called Alex at all. If she did Hayden C. Should have done the same thing with rachel, Kate got more sense than rachel.

  • Pam


    No one is criticizing her for her relationships…it just that it doesn’t seem she has time to change sheets between them …some even seem to overlap. That list of names has been edited as poorly as Straw Dogs. You forgot Chris Martin. You know,Gwyneth’s husband and the reason Kate is no longer invited to A List or much any kind of upper level event.

  • Kate Polish

    hahaha so if they marry her name will be Kate Polish and better yet Kate Polish in Hollywood sounds about right, lol Oh my god priceless.

  • chelle

    Her junk has to be flapping from overuse …..the guys have to hang on to something to keep from falling in!!!! Sorry couldn’t help myself …WTF?? What does she have to be smug about? Certainly not her smashing good looks or her wonderful taste in clothes ….I know! It’s her so amazing acting talent!

  • ladybug

    @wtf?: “fourth why she has to constantly touch her man? she has to say he’s with me, hasn’t she?”

    Well, considering the near total lack of PDA from AS, she’s probably quite surprised she can touch MP and not have him shirk from her.

  • akira

    She’s gorgeous!

  • toriiw

    after the failure of Straw Dogs to generatoranything but negative reviews of her performance, she should slither under a rock and decompose

  • Pam

    She is box office Ebola:

    Straw Dogs (2011)

    Domestic Total as of Sep. 21, 2011:$6,433,677

  • Pam

    The song and comments remains the same with this person:

  • Nice

    I feel bad for Michael Polish because it’s obvious that she grabbed onto him because she couldn’t get an “IT” guy. I hope he cuts her loose soon. It’s stupid to get involved with people on set. That creature alway makes a play for her male co-stars.

  • Lilla

    AS is affectionate with people he likes.
    I like MP, he seems like a really nice guy. I hope he knows what he got himself into with her.

  • Lilla

    AS is affectionate with people he likes.
    I like MP, he seems like a really nice guy. I hope he knows what he got himself into with her.

  • LB

    Considering really desirable guys fall in love with her, she must be an amazing woman. Hey, she’s beautiful, bright, successful, talented, funny, sweet, etc. etc. etc. They love her because she’s the real deal.

  • ladybug

    @LB: Uh huh.
    What color is the sky in your world?

  • Vez

    @Nina: haha, How old are you? 180??

  • mforman

    @LB—WOW–Your are scary. Did you read that after you wrote it, because what is she the real deal of, of being a disgusting famew*ore, who goes after men she knows aren’t avaiable. Talented and successful, her last few movies if not all of them, sat on the shelfs for two to three years, the majority of them had no financing, and the best is that the film she did with Lake Bell had to have the writers and directors go on Twitter to raise money to rent cameras.
    So which one of these qualites are you mentioning that has any truth at all.
    Her reputation in HW speaks for itself as to what her expert skills are and that is way these diserable men leave and not only do they leave they run.
    You know it is so one sided because once again all of HW knows about her scary stalking and her drunk texting. The funniest thing is that she cannot pay all the gossip sites to keep quiet about these situations, so they will get printed and I think she loves that.
    Instead of dressing like a 12 year old and calling the paps, maybe she should work on a mature relationship and work on her career, but any creature that doesn’t have 1 friend that is not on her payroll after being in this business for 10 years is just very sad.

  • Actually

    @LB: I wish she would share that side of herself with us when she does interviews. She always comes off as vapid and snobby. (And I just finished watching a replay of her on Chelsea Lately so I am not just building it up in my mind.)

  • Rachel()

    @LB: Funny? Really? Any quotes to back that up? No? I’ll maybe give you the rest(highly questionable though), but this chick has no sense of humor.

  • Nice


    They like her for a little while because she plays the cute, helpless role and man like to be protectors. Soon enough they find out what a conniving, manipulative b*tch she is and drop her. Notice no one has put a ring on it? She obviously cares because she jumps on the next man before/ soon after the man dumps her.
    Judging by how patient and generous Alex is with strangers, even fans who insult him, I think he stayed longer than he should because of his empathetic nature not any great love.

  • mforman

    @Actually–I also just watched both Chelsa Lately’s (TWW and SD), also I watched Jimmy Fallon, boy you hit the nail on the head. She thinks she is the greatest thing since melted better. She really came off so stuck up and self absorbed; she was exremely academic in school, she is a champion rider (have you seen just one photo of her at an event, look a AS’s sister’s page she has some amazing jumping photos. Also, I love it when she tells I think is was Jimmy Fallon, that she was only going to go to HW for one year, but since she did soooo good she had to stay. How can someone with no talent, who has probably the worst reputaton in all of HW, just think she is the greatest thing in HW.
    Each time she is thrust upon us for some nonesene, we get more of this ridiculous behavior, at least we get a good laugh out of it.
    @Nice—I agree with what you say about AS, I have been a fan of his since his early days in Sweden and his reputation and the stories about him have never changed. He is not only extremely talented but very humble.
    I do think that their friendship grew into something more, but he saw what was going on and he dumped her aneroxic a*s, he truly is a good guy a real gentleman and wanted her to save face, that is why he went to Coachella this year, when everybody knew the showmance/relationship was over already for quite sometime; the poor guy looked like he wanted to have his wisdom teeth pulled without being numb, just anywhere but there.
    Someone who is so talented like he is and is genually a nice guy deserves so much better, thank goodness he finally realized it.

  • Nonsense

    You AS obsessed girls live in fantasyland. Get a life and a brain!

  • Nice


    Living in a Fantasy Land is being a KB stan that makes comments like:
    “Hey, she’s beautiful, bright, successful, talented, funny, sweet, etc. etc. etc” when she’s anything but. Her fake sweetness is easily seen through except for the guys who buy the helpless routine at first. If she was all that and a bag of chips she’d have good reviews, be in good movies and wouldn’t have to do these straight to video/never released indies because she has no choice. If she were likeable more than 20 people would have shown up at her Nylon party. Sweet people don’t blow up a charity for foster kids to famewh*re topless at Mexican resorts. A sweet, kind person would have probably used that money to buy presents for the foster kids.

  • mforman

    @Nonesense—It is sad that you KB stans think we have no brains or lifes because we not only like AS for his amazing good looks but for his talent that just gets better with each and every role he takes on.
    The fact that you have to lie about KB and say things about her that aren’t even close to be true, just makes her an even sadder case.
    What she did to that foster childrens charity was horrible, but to make sure that Cher released her topless photos the same day as the long awaited Melancolia trailer, we were all expecting, just makes her even more disgusting. Instead of being proud and excitied that the man she supposseldy “loved”, was getting some amazing coverage; she had to make it all about her. There is something really, really wrong with her and she is getting worse.
    I truly think after that Mexico incident he started to pull away more and more and that is why he made sure to dump her way before Cochella, but he still went becuase has manners and is a true gentleman, so he let her save the thing she calls a face.
    Maybe instead of making nasty comments about the AS fans, you should look at who you defend, I think it might quite an eye opener for you.

  • me

    wonder if she’s moved in with him yet?

  • Two Years?
  • Two Years?


    ” Why? To make you happy?”

    Excuse me? I’m not as involved on this board as you are. I’m just pointing out that at most they were probably only dating on/off for a year and a half ….during which he also hung out with Amanda Seyfried.
    “And by summer of ‘10 he’d stopped commenting on it.”

    Btw, he never commented on it until the Straw Dogs publicity. He had numerous magazine covers/spreads this year before that and could have commented but didn’t.

  • Two Years?


    In case you didn’t understand my original comment it means either he wasn’t in a relationship or consider it that or else he was lying when he said they were only friends during the filming of SD. I chose to believe Alex and find they reported break up after two years BS until he says it.