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Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!

Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!

Angelina Jolie walks on the tarmac at Blackbushe Airport on Friday (September 23) in Hampshire, England.

The 36-year-old actress boarded a plane for a flying lesson, with her 10-year-old son Maddox in the back seat!

The Reputation Institute recently created a list of 54 of the world’s most visible leaders and public personalities based on the degree to which a person is liked, respected, admired, and trusted.

Angie placed 12th on the list – Nelson Mandela, Roger Federer, and Bill Gates landed in the top three spots!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Maddox heading to a flying lesson…

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angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 01
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 02
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 03
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 04
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 05
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 06
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 07
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 08
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 09
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 10

Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Lia

    There is stick and bone again, with her family.. Where is loving Brad?

  • e

    She looks great here. So smiley these days!

  • moony_aragorn

    Ah that gorgeous smile! :D

  • Kimmy

    Maddox looks so cute and happy.

  • dirty too dirty

    too shabby

  • Tree

    This is how Jolie rolls, bitches. Respect.

  • hello

    You are so unique Angie. Keep the flag flying high!

  • hello

    You are so unique Angie. Keep the flag flying high!

  • hello

    You are so unique Angie. Keep the flag flying high!

  • Marina

    She looks so beautiful and happy. What a great experience to share with yoour son. I bet Maddox had a blast!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I think Angie loves it when Brad has to work because she gets to be with the kids and enjoy her hobbies. She can’t enjoy her favorite hobbies if she has to work. I haven’t seen Angie fly a for a while.

    Congratulation Angie!!! We know you are admired, respected, and trusted around the world.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Top Of The Morning My Jared Peeps, booo yaaah-
    Angelina Is Beautiful Happiness All Over Her Face..
    Happy Day 2 see Madd..Hes getting so tall-
    I digress:Pardon:
    Eddie & Broom Hilda- the Gruesome 2some- who dat-lolol-
    Brad Loves His Angelina-
    & vice versa & the children Love their Parents–Karma is Amazingly
    Great in the JP household lol.
    Choke on it Haters..Haters 2 the Left..
    Bb Neleh-Hi A&B Lara&Dulci,Muaah.

  • Showbiz Tonight

    I am not Team Pitt or Team Aniston. I am Team Jolie who became the scapegoat for Brad and Jen’s sham marriage.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Angelina is Out with her son Flying Planes/Jets..
    Angelina is Every woman–Im thinking Brad came home & the celebration between those 2- was on fire-ssssizzzling lol..
    Nothing like the lying/promising/owing Haiti $cha ching- as the blacklungcigpuffer does-ugh out on the town riding on a big wheel going 5mph-hahaha..Crisco flying off Eddies barely there hair-in2 her weave..
    Im so mean-lol-Okey bb Neleh

  • Lara

    Beautiful Angie, a happy lady. Maddox so handsome.
    Hi Neleh!

  • soi

    The best thing I could do for my kids is give them a mom like Angie! Aint that the truth Bradley!

  • happy

    Haters can’t touch this, she and everything she represents is the real thing. Yes Brad was right, the best thing he did for his kids is have a mother like her. She will NEVER do them wrong, Never!

  • Showbiz Tonight

    Angelina Jolie has been vilified because Brad and Jen kept the charade going to long. The jenhags pretend like they are happy she is with McStumpy. They only want the sitcom actress with Brad Pitt because they bought into the fraud that was Brad and Jen.

  • gu

    What a wonderful life… of wonderful woman!!
    Gosh, I envy you, Angie. HAHA!!
    This woman is second to none. Definitely.

  • dawne

    I think this ‘list’ is one of the most prestigious Angie has been on…in terms of its criteria and company. Glad to see her literally ‘flying’ once again. She’s had a great summer by the looks of it. And I’m sure her smile is only widened by the fact that Brad is being so lauded by critics for a film for which he fought hard to manifest his vision.

  • mic

    a modern woman not… a gossip girl

  • alexanderina

    cute pictures and congrats to Angie

    People it is time to let it go already. Don’t pollute this thread with bs posts.

  • Rose

    Angie and Mad look so happy, Dads home!!, happy time!! Support Brad, see Moneyball !!

  • http://jtd slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    hahahahah enjoy day

  • Ayjamal B


  • justme

    Anybody see Brad on Ellen Degeneres show yesterday?!! That is one happy and content man, he beams when he says “Angie” and when talking about his kids. He has such a laid back sexy vibe about him, no wonder people like him. Ellen looked giddy having Brad on her show, like she was SO HAPPY to see him, it was cute. Wonder if that will bug Jen as she is friends with Ellen and she eems like type who would hate a friend liking or being nice to him.

  • Passing Through

    # 18 Showbiz Tonight @ 09/23/2011 at 9:23 am
    No, the hens only want Ticky with Brad because when she had THE BRAD PITT she wasn’t the poster-child for childless serial dumpees who’s the Pity Queen of the Universe.

  • ellie’

    Media Wh@re MANISTON @ 09/23/2011 at 12:42 am -8
    Yeah Jolie had s e x with her brother so what she is still a saint as long as she is happy thats all i care about she is my idol if i had a brother as sexy as hers i would do him LOVE YOU FOREVER MY SWEET SEXY JOLIE
    From one of your own…You make me wanna puke to agree with another A-HOLE.. you idolize Angie?..I never would agree with what was written…its disgusting..Don’t believe Angie would ever do that…your a sick B*TCH ..

    .I don’t even hate Angie..I dislike her… Even Angie being with Brad ..Hey sh*t happens….I hate no one….I even some of her & Brads movies and most certainly looking forward to seeing this movie…I think there a beautiful family ..but dare not write anything on here with you sicko’s….B/C to dislike Angie you get crazed knowing that..Left for over a few yrs even on Jens site who i adore……Now I’m back and will comment on anything I want to…including Angie & Brads site…But I not only just comment on there’s..There’s so many great actors at there and u people are only asphyxiated on 2 people….pretty sick..!!

    Happy for Jen & Justin too..i wish them nothing but happiness!!

  • an opinion

    Showbiz Tonight – Maybe you so called fans of Angelina should stop placing negative words to her. Comment on who she is and not what others want to place on her. Because everything shows that Angelina is a respect, admired talented person. Who is loved by co workers and people on the street just hoping for a glimpse of her. Gossip sites and tabloids are not the measure of a human being. But of course that is what real fans would do and not trolls.

  • angie fan

    Angie and Maddox look so happy and let’s be real who in Hollywood can come close to Angelina Jolie. She is amazing and a really great humanitarian, mother, lover, and actress.

  • Pretty Scary…

    ….what’s under that dress

  • NO shiiit

    They want to continue the circus thatt is the only way for heir $$$$$$. Just ingnore them You know they don’t got no other way.
    “Brad is jealous…”, “Angie is angry at Brad..” will be the headlines for the comming months we just had to bear….so Just ignore.
    media due to $$$ they can’t fcuk off Angie. Maniston by herself is boring. What hapopend to her life what she and stumppy are doing is boring… They want to talk about the real movies stars brad and angie and offcourse that has to be always negative lie.

  • LiaWHORE.


  • NO shiiit

    Mad and angie cute. She loks haoppy not smug.

  • ellie’WHORE.


  • BA+6

    How could you not admire Angie? A woman of many trades and excel in every one of them. Certainly there is no comparison.

  • soi

    If someone has time I am curious about the sad spook nickname. I missed where it came from.

  • ellie’

    Now still sick for agreeing with that.. Whose the hyprocrite ..your the one that agreed..even wrote it…Why don’t you Go to sweet Jens site, you live there..

  • Paulo

    That`s our Angie.

    happy with her son, the litle men that changed her life, adventuress, free and beutifull.
    No one escapes from his karma. Angie and Maddox were meant to be mother and son and that will be forever.

  • mmm

    Love her smile, so warm, vibrant and sexy. Makes me smile too.
    I think she has a special relationship with Maddox – her first child, the reason she’s changed herself. I have a feeling he is going to be very protective of her when he grows up.

  • ellie’

    Now still sick for agreeing with that.. Whose the hypocrite..GO to sweet Jens sight where you can’t stay away from….

  • Anonymous

    Maddox is one lucky little guy. He has two superstar parents who take him to interesting places all around the world. I almost didn´t recognize him because Mad has grown so much lately. And it seems that he has new haircut. He looks so happy and relaxed having mum Angie all to himself for one day. Maybe he wants to take flying lessons himself when he gets a little bit older.

  • ex Jen fan


    You vilify JP fans and yet even your idol ANUStain is so scared of her remaining fans that she won’t let them get close to her within 20 feet. Don’t approach unless you were approached (if ever). That’s her policy. Or haven’t you noticed?.

  • Passing Through

    # 37 soi @ 09/23/2011 at 10:14 am
    It comes from Rich Cohen’s Vanity Fair article on Angie. He said you can’t go 15 minutes in “Angie World” without someone bringing up Ticky and that Ticky was like some “sad spook” hovering in the background. It’s just like why we call her “Ticky” – because someone wrote an article about Courteney & David’s split and Ticky being a 3rd wheel in that relationship and how she’d spent the last 5 gorging off Brad and Angie’s fame like “a fattened tick”. I find it odd how neither of these people have had to apologize for calling bullshite on Ticky…then again they weren’t married to her fraudulent ass…

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    ellie’ @ 09/23/2011 at 9:58 am

    Stupid Ellie’. That was not me. Someone used my name. Read my post to the idiot whoever he/she is on your idol’s thread.

  • Richard P

    My girl Angie is super woman

    Maddy is very happy

  • hicham samar

    It seems like a nice outing mother and son. Angelina Jolie is a wonderful actress that transcends her art form and try to bring the spotlight of her fame to help others in need

  • Dullifer BORINGSTON

    Ellie the child rapist conspirator who wanted someone to rape three years old Z. No wonder she is right there in good company with child hater Maniston, child bullier Chelsea and child/tyeen molestors Joe francis & terry Richardson.
    Ellie, nasty, racist pedo biitch, go back to your cave with your creepy sub human nasty folks . Hope you don’t have a child on your own. Poor one if so.

  • Soledad

    Angie looks very happy and contented. Love Angie and Brad.

  • Nawh

    She’s a cool mom. Maddox is adorable.