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Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!

Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!

Angelina Jolie walks on the tarmac at Blackbushe Airport on Friday (September 23) in Hampshire, England.

The 36-year-old actress boarded a plane for a flying lesson, with her 10-year-old son Maddox in the back seat!

The Reputation Institute recently created a list of 54 of the world’s most visible leaders and public personalities based on the degree to which a person is liked, respected, admired, and trusted.

Angie placed 12th on the list – Nelson Mandela, Roger Federer, and Bill Gates landed in the top three spots!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Maddox heading to a flying lesson…

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486 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!”

  1. 1
    Lia Says:

    There is stick and bone again, with her family.. Where is loving Brad?

  2. 2
    e Says:

    She looks great here. So smiley these days!

  3. 3
    moony_aragorn Says:

    Ah that gorgeous smile! :D

  4. 4
    Kimmy Says:

    Maddox looks so cute and happy.

  5. 5
    dirty too dirty Says:

    too shabby

  6. 6
    Tree Says:

    This is how Jolie rolls, *******. Respect.

  7. 7
    hello Says:

    You are so unique Angie. Keep the flag flying high!

  8. 8
    hello Says:

    You are so unique Angie. Keep the flag flying high!

  9. 9
    hello Says:

    You are so unique Angie. Keep the flag flying high!

  10. 10
    Marina Says:

    She looks so beautiful and happy. What a great experience to share with yoour son. I bet Maddox had a blast!

  11. 11
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    I think Angie loves it when Brad has to work because she gets to be with the kids and enjoy her hobbies. She can’t enjoy her favorite hobbies if she has to work. I haven’t seen Angie fly a for a while.

    Congratulation Angie!!! We know you are admired, respected, and trusted around the world.

  12. 12
    Neleh Says:

    Top Of The Morning My Jared Peeps, booo yaaah-
    Angelina Is Beautiful Happiness All Over Her Face..
    Happy Day 2 see Madd..Hes getting so tall-
    I digress:Pardon:
    Eddie & Broom Hilda- the Gruesome 2some- who dat-lolol-
    Brad Loves His Angelina-
    & vice versa & the children Love their Parents–Karma is Amazingly
    Great in the JP household lol.
    Choke on it Haters..Haters 2 the Left..
    Bb Neleh-Hi A&B Lara&Dulci,Muaah.

  13. 13
    Showbiz Tonight Says:

    I am not Team Pitt or Team Aniston. I am Team Jolie who became the scapegoat for Brad and Jen’s sham marriage.

  14. 14
    Neleh Says:

    Angelina is Out with her son Flying Planes/Jets..
    Angelina is Every woman–Im thinking Brad came home & the celebration between those 2- was on fire-ssssizzzling lol..
    Nothing like the lying/promising/owing Haiti $cha ching- as the blacklungcigpuffer does-ugh out on the town riding on a big wheel going 5mph-hahaha..Crisco flying off Eddies barely there hair-in2 her weave..
    Im so mean-lol-Okey bb Neleh

  15. 15
    Lara Says:

    Beautiful Angie, a happy lady. Maddox so handsome.
    Hi Neleh!

  16. 16
    soi Says:

    The best thing I could do for my kids is give them a mom like Angie! Aint that the truth Bradley!

  17. 17
    happy Says:

    Haters can’t touch this, she and everything she represents is the real thing. Yes Brad was right, the best thing he did for his kids is have a mother like her. She will NEVER do them wrong, Never!

  18. 18
    Showbiz Tonight Says:

    Angelina Jolie has been vilified because Brad and Jen kept the charade going to long. The jenhags pretend like they are happy she is with McStumpy. They only want the sitcom actress with Brad Pitt because they bought into the fraud that was Brad and Jen.

  19. 19
    gu Says:

    What a wonderful life… of wonderful woman!!
    Gosh, I envy you, Angie. HAHA!!
    This woman is second to none. Definitely.

  20. 20
    dawne Says:

    I think this ‘list’ is one of the most prestigious Angie has been on…in terms of its criteria and company. Glad to see her literally ‘flying’ once again. She’s had a great summer by the looks of it. And I’m sure her smile is only widened by the fact that Brad is being so lauded by critics for a film for which he fought hard to manifest his vision.

  21. 21
    mic Says:

    a modern woman not… a gossip girl

  22. 22
    alexanderina Says:

    cute pictures and congrats to Angie

    People it is time to let it go already. Don’t pollute this thread with bs posts.

  23. 23
    Rose Says:

    Angie and Mad look so happy, Dads home!!, happy time!! Support Brad, see Moneyball !!

  24. 24
    slig o lambert ^_____^cute Says:

    hahahahah enjoy day

  25. 25
    Ayjamal B Says:


  26. 26
    justme Says:

    Anybody see Brad on Ellen Degeneres show yesterday?!! That is one happy and content man, he beams when he says “Angie” and when talking about his kids. He has such a laid back sexy vibe about him, no wonder people like him. Ellen looked giddy having Brad on her show, like she was SO HAPPY to see him, it was cute. Wonder if that will bug Jen as she is friends with Ellen and she eems like type who would hate a friend liking or being nice to him.

  27. 27
    Passing Through Says:

    # 18 Showbiz Tonight @ 09/23/2011 at 9:23 am
    No, the hens only want Ticky with Brad because when she had THE BRAD PITT she wasn’t the poster-child for childless serial dumpees who’s the Pity Queen of the Universe.

  28. 28
    ellie' Says:

    Media Wh@re MANISTON @ 09/23/2011 at 12:42 am -8
    Yeah Jolie had s e x with her brother so what she is still a saint as long as she is happy thats all i care about she is my idol if i had a brother as sexy as hers i would do him LOVE YOU FOREVER MY SWEET SEXY JOLIE
    From one of your own…You make me wanna puke to agree with another A-HOLE.. you idolize Angie?..I never would agree with what was written…its disgusting..Don’t believe Angie would ever do that…your a sick B*TCH ..

    .I don’t even hate Angie..I dislike her… Even Angie being with Brad ..Hey sh*t happens….I hate no one….I even some of her & Brads movies and most certainly looking forward to seeing this movie…I think there a beautiful family ..but dare not write anything on here with you sicko’s….B/C to dislike Angie you get crazed knowing that..Left for over a few yrs even on Jens site who i adore……Now I’m back and will comment on anything I want to…including Angie & Brads site…But I not only just comment on there’s..There’s so many great actors at there and u people are only asphyxiated on 2 people….pretty sick..!!

    Happy for Jen & Justin too..i wish them nothing but happiness!!

  29. 29
    an opinion Says:

    Showbiz Tonight – Maybe you so called fans of Angelina should stop placing negative words to her. Comment on who she is and not what others want to place on her. Because everything shows that Angelina is a respect, admired talented person. Who is loved by co workers and people on the street just hoping for a glimpse of her. Gossip sites and tabloids are not the measure of a human being. But of course that is what real fans would do and not trolls.

  30. 30
    angie fan Says:

    Angie and Maddox look so happy and let’s be real who in Hollywood can come close to Angelina Jolie. She is amazing and a really great humanitarian, mother, lover, and actress.

  31. 31
    Pretty Scary... Says:

    ….what’s under that dress

  32. 32
    NO shiiit Says:

    They want to continue the circus thatt is the only way for heir $$$$$$. Just ingnore them You know they don’t got no other way.
    “Brad is jealous…”, “Angie is angry at Brad..” will be the headlines for the comming months we just had to bear….so Just ignore.
    media due to $$$ they can’t fcuk off Angie. Maniston by herself is boring. What hapopend to her life what she and stumppy are doing is boring… They want to talk about the real movies stars brad and angie and offcourse that has to be always negative lie.

  33. 33
    LiaWHORE. Says:


  34. 34
    NO shiiit Says:

    Mad and angie cute. She loks haoppy not smug.

  35. 35
    ellie'WHORE. Says:


  36. 36
    BA+6 Says:

    How could you not admire Angie? A woman of many trades and excel in every one of them. Certainly there is no comparison.

  37. 37
    soi Says:

    If someone has time I am curious about the sad spook nickname. I missed where it came from.

  38. 38
    ellie' Says:

    Now still sick for agreeing with that.. Whose the hyprocrite ..your the one that agreed..even wrote it…Why don’t you Go to sweet Jens site, you live there..

  39. 39
    Paulo Says:

    That`s our Angie.

    happy with her son, the litle men that changed her life, adventuress, free and beutifull.
    No one escapes from his karma. Angie and Maddox were meant to be mother and son and that will be forever.

  40. 40
    mmm Says:

    Love her smile, so warm, vibrant and sexy. Makes me smile too.
    I think she has a special relationship with Maddox – her first child, the reason she’s changed herself. I have a feeling he is going to be very protective of her when he grows up.

  41. 41
    ellie' Says:

    Now still sick for agreeing with that.. Whose the hypocrite..GO to sweet Jens sight where you can’t stay away from….

  42. 42
    Anonymous Says:

    Maddox is one lucky little guy. He has two superstar parents who take him to interesting places all around the world. I almost didn´t recognize him because Mad has grown so much lately. And it seems that he has new haircut. He looks so happy and relaxed having mum Angie all to himself for one day. Maybe he wants to take flying lessons himself when he gets a little bit older.

  43. 43
    ex Jen fan Says:


    You vilify JP fans and yet even your idol ANUStain is so scared of her remaining fans that she won’t let them get close to her within 20 feet. Don’t approach unless you were approached (if ever). That’s her policy. Or haven’t you noticed?.

  44. 44
    Passing Through Says:

    # 37 soi @ 09/23/2011 at 10:14 am
    It comes from Rich Cohen’s Vanity Fair article on Angie. He said you can’t go 15 minutes in “Angie World” without someone bringing up Ticky and that Ticky was like some “sad spook” hovering in the background. It’s just like why we call her “Ticky” – because someone wrote an article about Courteney & David’s split and Ticky being a 3rd wheel in that relationship and how she’d spent the last 5 gorging off Brad and Angie’s fame like “a fattened tick”. I find it odd how neither of these people have had to apologize for calling bullshite on Ticky…then again they weren’t married to her fraudulent ass…

  45. 45
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    ellie’ @ 09/23/2011 at 9:58 am

    Stupid Ellie’. That was not me. Someone used my name. Read my post to the idiot whoever he/she is on your idol’s thread.

  46. 46
    Richard P Says:

    My girl Angie is super woman

    Maddy is very happy

  47. 47
    hicham samar Says:

    It seems like a nice outing mother and son. Angelina Jolie is a wonderful actress that transcends her art form and try to bring the spotlight of her fame to help others in need

  48. 48
    Dullifer BORINGSTON Says:

    Ellie the child rapist conspirator who wanted someone to rape three years old Z. No wonder she is right there in good company with child hater Maniston, child bullier Chelsea and child/tyeen molestors Joe francis & terry Richardson.
    Ellie, nasty, racist pedo biitch, go back to your cave with your creepy sub human nasty folks . Hope you don’t have a child on your own. Poor one if so.

  49. 49
    Soledad Says:

    Angie looks very happy and contented. Love Angie and Brad.

  50. 50
    Nawh Says:

    She’s a cool mom. Maddox is adorable.

  51. 51
    Richard P Says:

    @Richard P:

    Maddox is very happy

  52. 52
    anustin Says:

    look at the peen stealin Maniston lookin prego….hehehehe.get ready trollniston for my azz retaliation when anjie was going to FF site.hahahaha. the same name.

  53. 53
    never ending laughter Says:

    One of our favorite things about the JP fans is that they will have a cow, spaz out, poo themselves, throw a fit, mess their granny panties, have a conniption then comment that “the hens are losing it”. pokey

  54. 54
    why? Says:

    how can pitt not love this woman and wants his ex back?
    kids will be sad.
    why did he leave them?
    why was he sad with them.
    he is not made to have a family.
    he wants to be alone.
    bad father.

  55. 55
    Rose Says:

    Love Brad for picking Angie as the mother of his children. You can tell a lot about a person by watching the way they interact with others. When he saw Angie around Mad he knew she would make a great mom. Now he is proven right, just look a Mad’s face, pure joy. Brad keep telling your truth.

  56. 56
    jmay Says:

    i agree maddox changed her life but i do believed that when she had shiloh, it gives more colorful into her life, something that she never thought would have..her baby shiloh :)

  57. 57
    Sal Says:

    Yeah, and the JenHens never do that??? Like when ya’ll lost it when Brad said his life was dull and you lunatics automatically thought he was referencing Jen . Really don’t understand the admiration for Jennifer Aniston. For starters, she’s not pretty. Long azz chin rivaling that of Leno’s. That’s hot? Not! She can’t act for shite. And she seems to be so self centered and FAKE. Guess shows how gullible and dumb her fans are.

  58. 58
    kate Says:

    mad is my fav

  59. 59
    FYI Says:

    blackbushe airport is far from london or richmond.what were they doing there?did they spend the night in surrey?

  60. 60
    jane Says:

    She’s so classy! I’m IN LOVE with this video of her.. so emotional, ahhhh!! <3<3

  61. 61
    jane Says:

    She’s so classy, lovely! I’m SO IN LOVE with this video of her.. so emotional! <3

  62. 62
    Candy Says:

    If Jen is so awful why is Brad going on and on about being her
    friend? Doesn’t that rather make him sound like a fool? He’s
    been lying for years so why believe him now. He even said he
    was stoned all the time and that’s his own fault. Everyone is
    responsible for his own actions and that certainly wouldn’t help
    a marriage. I just hope that he manages to keep himself
    together in this relationship for the sake of Angelina and the
    six kids. It’s pretty nearly impossible to raise a family and
    have a despressed and stoned man around. People are saying
    awful things about Angelina too and it wasn’t necessary for him
    to even bring it up. In my opinion I think it was a injustice to
    both women.

  63. 63
    just sayin Says:

    FYI @ 09/23/2011 at 11:14 am

    bp’s body double said he was filming scenes in dunsfold village in surrey yesterday.

  64. 64
    yohoho Says:

    pee’d off huh? hehehe

  65. 65
    jane Says:

  66. 66
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Candy @ 09/23/2011 at 11:27 am

    He was stoned when he married X. He has to be because he was bore out of his wits. He hasn’t been stoned since he dumped X.

    Brad didn’t go on and on about being her friend. He only said it once but the media repeats so it sounded like he went on and on. Brad could have called Jennifer “the *****” but he’s a gentleman so he said friend.

  67. 67
    legsfan Says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again – Angelina is the coolest chick in the World!!! Someday I think Shi will be even cooler, but not yet…

  68. 68
    dd Says:


  69. 69
    teri Says:

    Angelina is looking rather radiant and sexy. Happy to see her and Maddox out for a nice flight. Going to see Moneyball tonight, can’t wait.

  70. 70
    teri Says:

    Brad must be on cloud 10 knowing he chose such a loving and caring woman to have his children. After seeing her work around the world with so many people it was a no brainer-she’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  71. 71
    Bambi Says:

    It’s nice that Angie is amusing herself while Brad is swinging his Moneyball bat with me, if you know what I mean.

  72. 72
    anustin Says:

    oh well…Maniston can only afford to fly a kite.maybe not.but she can grab someone middle KITE eh.

  73. 73
    Lizette Says:

    That’s a MAN, ba-bee!!

  74. 74
    Canuck Says:

    Oh and CUE the “I do interesting things AND have children” photo op. Isn’t it AMAZING how there just happened to be a photographer sitting on the runway of a tiny airfied in Surrey who managed to catch her as she arrived. And boy oh boy… those “flying lessons” are taking just as long as those French lessons are, how many years has it been now? Have we ever actually seen her take off, or do her “flying lessons” consist of either getting into the plane and having someone else pilot, or never actually leaving the ground, but getting lots of good pictures? Those propellers aren’t turning Ange…

  75. 75
    ;) Says:

    Now this is true genuine happiness. Never seen Maddox smile so bright too. :) happy the little whiner baby pittstain isn’t with them. he would probably be shaking and crying “hold me angie.”

  76. 76
    ;) Says:

    @Canuck: you can’t quit Angie. You words mean nothing… angie won’t clarify a damn thing for you. save the words for whiny pittstain.

  77. 77
    nani Says:

    She is amazing! Love everything about her. Unique…

  78. 78
    Lucian Says:

    Brad Pitt’s baby mama looks splendid.

  79. 79
    ;) Says:

    yohoho @ 09/23/2011 at 10:58 am

    Thumb up Thumb down -28

    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.

    Praying for downdrafts,crosswinds,& mechanical failures
    wow such Vile talk. This is from pure jealous over pittstain. disgusting. He’s not even attractive enough for this type of talk.

  80. 80
    maddoxoldman Says:

    maddox always looks like an old man. weird.

  81. 81
    hecant stoptalkinbout jen Says:

    he is still in love and cant stop talking about jen in every interview. he says they are great “friends”. lol. yeah he is cheating on ange w/ jen. karma!

  82. 82
    to 84 Says:

    @hecant stoptalkinbout jen: “I think my marriage had something to do with it. I was tired of pretending the marriage was something it wasn’t.” – Brad pitt

  83. 83
    gracie Says:

    Angie is one classy lady. Keep smiling Angie, you have millions of fans who admire you. Maddy loves his momma. Love the big smile on your face.

  84. 84
    TWEET Says:

    shinng Nick Shin
    Watched screening of #moneyball at The Grove; what a great movie. One of the best sports movies ever. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill=awesome!
    29 seconds ago

  85. 85
    good mom butstill missjen Says:

    “One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom.” HAHAHHAAHAHA: In other words the KIDS have a good mom but I dont have a good partner. lol. notice he always talks about her in terms of being a mom but not a partner. so sad. i give it two years max.

  86. 86
    mrsmithobsessedwithjen Says:

    I think it is sad he cant bring himself to not talk about Jen in every interview. Heartbreaking.

  87. 87
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    Angie, keep your head high always. You are a remarkable woman and will always be. May God bless you and your family.

  88. 88
    happy Says:

    Angelina has said that if someone tells her that she is a great mother, to her that is the ultimate compliment. Because she had a great mother. So yes her partner saying that about her, is the ultimate compliment. Kids are the most valuable beings to parents so if one parent or both sees the valuable of the presence to their kids, I don’t know of any greater compliment.

  89. 89
    jannie Says:

    go to hell!!!!

  90. 90
    Jen Says:

    Here is what Brad says about the woman he loves, Angie -

    “I am satisfied with making true choices AND FINDING THE WOMAN I LOVE, ANGIE and building a family that I love so much!”
    PARADE Magazine 9/18/2011

  91. 91
    Observer2 Says:

    Good to see Angelina up and flying. Maddox is getting so big.

    Wishing death on Angelina and her child? Really? I’ve flagged your posts.

    I may not like Sad Spook and wish a thousand ants to invade her armpits. But, I’d never wish death on her.

    Now, go back to your cesspool at Fat Fvcks.

  92. 92
    uk Says:

    lovely woman – A true inspiration to have that people can make mistake and change for the better.

  93. 93
    Soledad Says:

    I am happy that Brad chose Angie to be his children’s mother. Angie is a beautiful woman inside and out.

  94. 94
    Soledad Says:

    I am happy that Brad chose Angie to be his children’s mother. Angie is a beautiful woman inside and out.

  95. 95
    Jen Says:

    Brad says of his favorite movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith……
    “It changed my life!” With a BIG SATISFIED grin on his face.

  96. 96
    JEN IN REHAB Says:

    The Hypocrisy of the jenhags is unending, they complain about the unkind remarks jp fans make against the sad spook, But these losers wish death on people SICK& DISGUSTING just like Jen “I fight dirty” anuston

  97. 97
    joliepitt Says:

    mrsmithobsessedwithjen: Wow,take the medication cause you are either pathetic or just simply stupid!
    Brad dumped X and he finally clarify that ” his life was boring (his life) and he said “I am satisfied with making true choices AND FINDING THE WOMAN I LOVE, ANGIE and building a family that I love so much!”

    PARADE Magazine 9/18/2011
    Take the medication it will do you good !

  98. 98
    dd Says:

    @mrsmithobsessedwithjen: why? x means you learn from the past therefore x must be excluded from present and future.

  99. 99
    dd Says:

    @mrsmithobsessedwithjen: why? x means you learn from the past therefore x must be excluded from present and future.

  100. 100


  101. 101
    Jen Says:

    Brad is so happy he chose Angie to be the mother of his children he is calling it not only the SMARTEST thing he has ever done as a father but also the BEST thing he ever did for his children.
    We ALL agree with you Brad. Angie is the BEST!

  102. 102
    LAURA Says:


  103. 103
    tish Says:

    Way To Go Angie!!!!

    The Reputation Institute recently created a list of 54 of the world’s most visible leaders and public personalities based on the degree to which a person is liked, respected, admired, and trusted.

    Angie placed 12th on the list –

    Love you Angie, and i am so proud of you. Fly my most respected lady
    Brad knew a good thing when he met you and your Fan base just keeps getting larger. This is a major compliment for a beautiful lady..

  104. 104
    Jen Says:

    Poppa Pitt is home and Angie girl has the biggest smile on her face.
    Maddox looks so happy to be flying with mommy.
    I think Angelina has a very special relationship with EACH one of their children, as Brad does.
    Each child came into their lives (hers and Brad’s) at the right moment and for a very special reason.
    Each child has his/her own personality and uniqueness that I think Brad and Angelina take very much into account when spending time with each of them.
    Brad said Maddox likes to explore and he would take long walks with Maddox sometimes in the evenings.
    It is obvious Vivienne requires a very delicate touch. Shiloh is a go getter just like her mom and dad, Zee, a lady, Knox just like his dad and Pax very active.
    They are all beautifully unique in their own special way and they, I am certain, add a wonderful “flavor” to the JoliePitt household.

    What a beautiful family they have created. Brad and Angelina have much to be “satisfied” (to quote Brad) with when it comes to their family.

  105. 105
    Moneyball & Dinner Says:

    Angie is such a good mommy- look how much fun they are having! BTW, there are SO MANY tweets (see a couple below) about people praising Moneyball and/or VERY EXCITED to see it- I’m one of them…dinner res & Moneyball- can HARDLY WAIT!!!!!
    jcvarney80 Well I think I’m about to ditch work and go watch moneyball…

    mikemelichar ‘Moneyball’ is getting four star reviews across the board… Looks like that’s the movie to catch

  106. 106
    we miss that Angie Says:

    These photos remind me of Pre brad Angie.
    p.s. canuck take your ass back to celebitchy. Puto.

  107. 107
    we miss that Angie Says:

    @Jen: Are you blind?
    Brad Pitt is no where to be see in these photos so how is Angie’s megawatt smile because of him?
    the megawatt smile is because he ain’t there but her MR incredible Bodyguard is.
    Angelina looks like a little kid on Christmas morning because of her airplane.
    You make no sense. brad pretty much told everyone Angie did not trap him because he is the one that chose her.
    HE TRAPPED ANGIE. Plain and simple.

  108. 108
    Paris Says:

    I love you Angie ! I miss you so much .

  109. 109
    jp fan Says:

    Love Angie’s smile, she looks happy. Perhaps she and Maddox are visiting Brad on set.

  110. 110
    Jolie Plagerism Says:

    She’s build just like my 80 year old mother-in-law before she died….

  111. 111
    tish Says:

    LOL #14 Nelah you are Hilarious.:) Eddie and broom Hilda riding their big wheel hahaha

  112. 112
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    ellie does have an imaginary daughter name Jesse. who she claim is a soldier in Iraq! ain’t that right, ellie? hahaha

  113. 113
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    hi jolie-pitt fans from all over the world! wow so proud of angie for making this honorable list! and what can i say about maddox! seem like such sweet young man. i love the whole jolie-pitt clan but madd will always have a special spot in my heart. i believe he is responsible for helping his mommy become the woman she is today! going to see moneyball tmrw yay!!clap!!clap!!

  114. 114
    Jolie Plagerism Says:

    a gray snuggie?

  115. 115
    gracie Says:

    Angie Jolie for sure is not boring. Any woman who can pilot an aircraft is super sexy and Jolie is plus she is gorgeous to look at. Madd is so happy kid. He’s got mommy to himself. love these pics.

  116. 116
    Passing Through Says:

    # 109 we miss that Angie @ 09/23/2011 at 2:15 pm
    YOu know what I miss, trollette? The days when trolls’ stupidity was at least amusing. Now you’re just a “sad spook” of trolls past…so very depressing…

  117. 117
    Angelina beauty and brains Says:

    boycott moneyball!!

    boycott moneyball!!

    give the $$ to charity

  118. 118
    Suny Says:

    A picture of true happiness. Brad, thank you for making Angie happy.

  119. 119
    Soledad Says:

    Never a dull moment in the Jolie-Pitt family. Maddox is the lucky child today. He has mom all to himself.

  120. 120
    Orchid Says:

    Isn’t that a great list to be on? It’s only to #10 when you click on the Reputation Institute above. I don’t know where to see the complete list.
    How do you know ellie’s daughter is not real?

  121. 121
    gracie Says:

    Oops! I meant Madd is a happy kid, typing too fast. Haha.

  122. 122
    bdj Says:

    Moneyball is a great flick. I just got back from seeing it and really enjoyed it.. Brad Pitt gave a great performance and looks handsome on the screen. I only like Baseball when my team is in the playoffs but Moneyball is a great Movie and easy to follow. BP gave an Oscar Performance and commands the screen. Tru dat!!!!!

  123. 123
    TWEET Says:

    JonahHill Jonah Hill
    Why are you reading twitter at work? quit your job and go see MONEYBALL it’s in theaters today!
    3 hours ago

  124. 124
    theonly1 he evermarried Says:

    i never want to hurt jen he says. for crying out loud: get over your ex wife sir! the only woman you ever respected enough to marry!

  125. 125
    bdj Says:

    – Tribune newspapers: Director Bennett Miller’s “Moneyball” is the perfect sports movie for these cash-strapped times of efficiency maximization. It’s also the best sports movie in a long time, period, as well as honestly inspirational — even though nobody knocks one into the lights, causing showers of sparks to blend in the night sky with the fireworks. This is not that film. It’s better than that film.

    – New York Times: It’s a story of baseball and bean counters, the hunt and the kill, yet while there are on-field scenes, the movie is less about the game as a pastime or passion or even a cruel capitalist sport than as a great epistemological problem. What is the question? Billy asks his bewildered scouts right before hiring Peter, a guy with a poster of Plato hanging above his bed.

    – Washington Post: Like a cold beer under a bluebird sky; like a flawless line drive on a warm summer’s day; like a long, languorous seventh-inning stretch – “Moneyball” satisfies. A sports-centric come-from-behind drama that harbors profound truths under its self-effacing grin of an exterior, “Moneyball” is a movie of such loping, unforced ease and solid entertainment value that it’s easy to take its gifts for granted

  126. 126
    lmao Says:

    she is ugly! looks like an alien!

  127. 127
    onlymarried1time Says:

    women who fly planes and wear blood charm necklaces excite for a few years but the “boring” women are the ones who will be there next to u on your death bed. poor thing: he knows he lost something real.

  128. 128
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    onlymarried1time=crazy ELLIE ..hahaha we see right through you!

  129. 129
    Alice Says:

    TWEET @ 09/23/2011 at 3:20 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -1

    JonahHill Jonah Hill
    Why are you reading twitter at work? quit your job and go see MONEYBALL it’s in theaters today!
    3 hours ago
    Jonah Hill is so funny.

  130. 130
    Elizabeth Says:

    Angie so content and happy. She is always the person to look up after all the charity and happy children. Mad is so happy with mommy on his side.

    I hope all this tabloids about Brad will not tarnish JP relationship. I just wish people stop re-creating his words. I saw the Laurer interview and Brad was kinna tick off .

    Hello to all JP good fans.

  131. 131
    bdj Says:

    These whiny hens are only trying to turn fans against each other. Baby Jane is not worth the effort. She is only good for whining about the past and PR manipulations. She served her purpose and got 15 extra minutes of Tabloid press. Your hairness will be back whining about the rags and crying about not getting any good roles in Hollywood. McGreedy better hold on or he will be the next target of the hen’s deranged wrath.

  132. 132
    Haha, Joy! Says:

    This isn’t about JA or AJ … two remarkable women in their own right who are in the unfortunate position of having Brad Pitt articulate anything about them. The main point with the Parade Article and follow up is that HE brought Jen into the conversation. He is so self-absorbed that he doesn’t get it! He doesn’t have a clue that his statements about AJ were offensive (he could have said, “I am so lucky Angie accepted me into her life as a co-parent … we have wonderful children. She is such a good mom … etc) Instead, his comment emerges from his usual hub of me, myself, and I, as did HIS statement about his marriage to JA (totally unnecessary). He states JA is a valuable person but, he can’t leave it at that and the basis for his point is, “We spent seven years together.” Thanks for clarifying buddy, I knew she was valuable because she was married to the almighty Brad Pitt.
    Over the years I keep trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he continues to raise the bar with his dimwitted prattle. Executives probably warned his Moneyball co-cast they couldn’t respond too intelligently to questions (hello Phillip Seymour Hoffman) at the TIFF press conference for fear Pitt would sound as stupid as he sounds. When is this gig up? I feel like I am watching a modern day, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”
    At any rate, Pitt’s comments to Matt Lauer were obtuse; “It’s a shame that I can’t say something nice about Angie without Jen being drug in”. Yes Brad, it is a shame you couldn’t say something nice about Angie without Jen being drug in [to it] … So why did you drag her in?????? His tone was annoyed when he ordered Matt Lauer not to read what HE said, “No, I, you know, please don’t read it, because I don’t read these things, by choice, I don’t. I don’t wanna be encumbered by any of that.” WHAT? You don’t want to be encumbered by an Interview YOU gave to promote YOUR movie? He doesn’t realize he insulted Parade Magazine by referring to it as if it were a tabloid making up sh*t. He then tries to pull off false humility when Lauer brings up the Oscar, “It’s all good fun if your number comes up, and it’s even more fun when your friend’s number comes up.” Coming from someone else, I might believe them … coming from Pitt, it sounds hollow. It’s a shame.

  133. 133
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    onlymarried1time&theonly1 he evermarried=crazy ass ELLIE! haha we see right through you! ellie not only are you crazy but now you add schizo to your many wonder you are obsessed with THE BORING dullston!! hahahha

  134. 134
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    Just read the 4star review of Moneyball at msn they have a few clips I have not seen before.
    We plan to see Moneyball tonight, God bless the jolie-pitts!

  135. 135
    bdj Says:

    No one mentioned the ole ball and chain hen. Go write a long winded post on McGreedy and McNeedy thread. Those hens show no respect for a 14 year relationship that Baby Jane’s money broke up.

  136. 136
    what is up sites all for jen Says:

    People mag have over and over Brad says be nice to Jen.

  137. 137
    dupe Says:

    Ha Ha Joy. Get over it. Jennifer is boring boring boring boring ‘drug into it or not’ (it was misspoken or his accent). Nobody says ‘drug in’. Anyway he is glad Jennifer is NOT the mother of his children. She is self-serving and self absorbed and would be a lousy mother. Brad should not have clarified anything to appease the lunatic tabloid press. He said what he thinks. Its out there, never going away. He was tired of pretending his marriage was genuine. He wanted out and HE LEFT FOR ANGELINA JOLIE, love of his life.

  138. 138
    gracie Says:

    # 28 ellie’ @ 09/

    You sick disgusting dirty assh@le, how do we know you didn’t steal a fan’s name and try to spin that lie here. Do you think we are that gullible? Anuston crazy fans steal fans names all the time, that won’t be the first. Take your filty post back to the cave you crawled out from or better still go and spin your lies on your idol’s thread.

  139. 139
    bdj Says:

    ‘Moneyball’ hits it out of the park

    In a career-juicing role, Brad Pitt plays Beane with a blend of aging-surfer swagger and the brazen bark of Lt. Aldo Raine from “Inglourious ********.” Now 47, Pitt is still ridiculously handsome, but the age around his eyes helps sell Beane as a road-weary competitor, a guy who couldn’t solve the game as a player so now he’s trying to change the game as a GM

  140. 140
    NHT(now hear this) Says:

    MONEYBALL- The theatre for the first showing was more than half full.
    11:00 in the morning and there were couples, singles, females, old and young. If this is a sign, it should be a good opening weekend.
    This was Brad’s movie. The camera was in his face the whole time. He became Billy Beane. The man commands the movie. He makes you feel what he feels.
    I happen to like sports movies but, if you don’t like them, you will love Brad’s performance, and the story and the chemistry with Jonah Hill.
    I love the way he controls the character, never letting him become Brad Pitt. This is an Academy Awards performance.
    I am happy you enjoyed it BDJ. I look forward to hearing from everyone else.

  141. 141
    bradangelina Says:

    WoW ! I admire Angie as : a mother ! All she does for her children.
    There is nothing more magnificent to see a child happy !
    Maddox is beautiful & he seems so excited !
    I love it !!

  142. 142
    what is up sites all for jen Says:

    trying to destroy angie,jens pr,blogs people mag.
    at top angie in mom clothes,aniston dressed up,
    pictures side by side.

  143. 143
    Long Time Lurker Says:

    Brad recently promoted his movie Moneyball. mean while the Dull and Boring Manniston pimping and promoting there fake relationship with the public … just to gather attetion , they do it while Brad is in the news promoting his movie….are they really an attention seekers.? I wonder why Brad dumped her , she!s really is pathetic *****, …. I doubt it the public paying attention to them..Oh they have a paid bloggers and paid entertainnment tv show to put them on the in thier worthless news;;;; BY the way Jolie/Pitt fans did you see recent picture of Angie and Maddox they!re happy and looks like she!s also satisfied with her life going on with Brad and thier kids… Bow to them … God Bless them…for there Humanitartian work and congrats to Angie to be included to be one of these people Respected Trusted, and Admired by the Reputation Institute..recognising people who makes a deffrence in the world…..

  144. 144
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    gracie i really think it was Ellie who stole the jp fans name. she is sick&twisted! she was the one who wish zahara to get raped and she lies about having a fake daughter who serves in Iraq. she is dirty dirty! she is obsess w/beastiality. and loves the fact that her idol gets golden showers! in her twisted mind, that makes the boring sad spook kinky and fun! lol..she doesn’t get to see much of the world. you know, considered she is institutionalize and all..ellie, i sincerely do hope you get the help you need..hahhaha

  145. 145
    Lil Says:

    Love it! Maddox looks so happy to be flying with mommy.

  146. 146
    TWEET Says:

    phildaddy606 phillip broyles
    Moneyball amazing movie!!! Brad Pitt was amazing
    5 minutes ago

  147. 147
    Passing Through Says:

    A tale of two movies…both opening today…
    Moneyball – 93% Fresh
    Fresh: 126
    ROtten: 9
    Abduction – 7% Fresh
    Fresh: 3
    Rotten: 42
    At one point Abduction was at 0% Fresh/100% ROTTEN. 7% Fresh puts Wolf Boy in Sad Tick Spook territory. I sure hope his tween fans are more loyal than the hens and go out and support their boy. If Uni had any sense they’d hurry up and put Wanderbust out while people are still feeling sorry for Ticky. Nevermind…that didn’t work for either Derailed or RHI. Just keep send that dud straight to Lifetime and they can air it in a double-feature with Ticky’s 20-minute’s of career-changing directing…

  148. 148
    gracie Says:

    Anuston and her enablers cannot destroy Angie — Impossible! Angie is in a league of her own, no amount of spinning and fabrications can change that — the highest paid actress and most admired. She is well respected by her peers and movie makers in their business. People are not buying the lies anymore, the world has caught on to the spinning and lies, that’s why Angie has the largest fan base in the world, her movies gross $300m plus worldwide and she is pursued by movie makers who want to work with her — everyone wants a piece of Angie. She doesn’t hustle her ass for movies like some 2nd rate sit-com actress.

  149. 149
    Mili Says:

    Great, absolutely GREAT. Beautiful SMILE, Great RELAX, Great. Please Call BRAD and TELL him: “LEAVE JENNIFER ALONE”, “STOP Doind Apologizes”

  150. 150
    MJ Says:

    @Jolie Plagerism: Wow! It means your mother in law was still beautiful and healthy and she died? How comes? Did you poison her? Were you jealous that even she’s 80 years old, she was still hotter than you. Ahh! Poor woman.

  151. 151
    angierocks Says:

    Angie looks stunning,she’s in bliss!Maddox is good looking kid,his mom’s best buddy.The life the JP’s live sighs, no wonder the hens are on edge again yeah keep dreaming!

  152. 152
    Jennipoo Says:

    I’m a noose around Bradley’s neck
    I have no talent, but what the heck
    If he would only come back to me
    I’ll have his baby, just wait and see

    These lonely years oh, so much pain
    I’ve followed him, imitated her, all in vain
    Because I’m pitiful and you know it’s true
    I put the big a’ss B in Boo Hoo Hoo

    Come back Bradley, it was all a mistake
    The endless faux-mances I just can’t take
    My millions are spent on daily PR
    but it’s only gotten me dumped so far?

    I’m still so lonely, deep inside
    Fighting my insecurities, trying to hide
    But I have to pretend while waiting for you
    Because I will… I want… I do

  153. 153
    update Says:

    “She doesn’t hustle her ass for movies like some 2nd rate sit-com actress.”
    Speaking of this here is an update of just one of the scripts that is being written specifically for Angelina to star in:

    From an interview published today with producer Mark Gordon

    THR: What’s the status of the Kay Scarpetta project?

    Gordon: We’re close to a script that we’re going to talk to Ms. Jolie about and hope that she’ll be as enthusiastic about it as we are. Her manager is our producing partner on it, and this is a wonderful example of a manager who is actually doing the job. He’s very involved in the script and development process. Fingers crossed.

  154. 154
    whatever Says:

    @gracie: Angie will be even happier without Brad. can’t wait. @Mili: I don’t think Angelina cares what brad says or does lol I think she hates him and their kids never look happy with him.

    Angelina kids always look comfortable with her and tense with brad

  155. 155
    angierocks Says:

    Angie is world class! She’s genuine and living the life she wants to.Hens are just pathetic.

  156. 156
    whatever Says:

    Did anyone else notice how brad said he would wait til everyone can get married but then he says his kids are putting the heat on him. When Ellen says ,”but you’re gonna hold out.. right?” he said he doesn’t know the future. Basically shows it’s not gay marriage holding them back… It is obvious Angie will say when or if they get married.

    Angelina once said gay marriage has no baring on whether or not she would get married. She said she hoped gay marriage would be legal for her gay friends not for herself. Too bad Brad can’t be honest and just say we don’t want to get married. The truth is Angie doesn’t want or need it.

  157. 157

    moneyball BOICOT


  158. 158
    JPS Says:

    Hi all you lovely ladies! I just came back from watching Moneyball and I loved it!! I am not a fan of any sports, but I love this movie, and noy just because of Brad (he really deserves to be nominated for the Oscars). It is a very well made movie – great acting, script and fascinating subject matters (baseball economics, underdogs, changing the system). , I was on the 1st showing (1:45 pm) and the theater is maybe 85% full! Audience about 50/50 male/female!

  159. 159
    brad was in rebound marriage Says:

    @theonly1 he evermarried:
    Weeks into marriage he knew he made big blunder.
    Jen and Lash Larue remind me of crashers at
    White house dinner.Jen in therapy 20 years.

  160. 160
    Passing Through Says:

    # 152 Jennipoo @ 09/23/2011 at 4:40 pm
    ROTFLMAO! That’s way better than the half-assed haiku Mr. IUC writes about Angie…

  161. 161
    Jones Says:

    Angie looks gorgeous and happy here – so much happier than Dulliston over on the uninteresting thread. Bought my tickets for Moneyball last night and so glad I did because all evening shows are sold out! Will be off in a few hours to enjoy it. So excited!

  162. 162
    Diff between A list and C List Says:

    Diff between A list and C list…Studios beg for you

    Warner Brothers Wants Brad Pitt for Doug Liman Film

    * 9/23/11 at 4:45 PM

    Paramount Pictures is over the moon — and while that’s so-so news for Doug Liman, it’s great news for Warner Bros. Pictures. Insiders tell Vulture that Paramount has given up on making Liman’s planned space heist movie, Luna, after co-financier Skydance bailed out of the $100+ million project, which had attracted Andrew Garfield, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans. Now that Liman’s moon movie is grounded, we hear exclusively that Warner Bros. has made an offer to Brad Pitt in the hopes of landing him for All You Need is Kill, another Liman-directed project that had been put on hold due to Luna’s supposed green light.

    All You Need is Kill is an adaptation of the manga comic by Hiroshi Sakurazaka that Warner Bros. acquired for seven figures in the spring of last year. Screenwriter Dante Harper’s adaptation of it tells the story of a young Army recruit who, despite being killed in the first day of intergalactic alien invasion of Earth, is continually resurrected Groundhog Day–style to the day before he was killed.

    For months, the problem with the movie was its third act: Eventually, it begins to play like a big-screen version of Halo, where the protagonist dispatches aliens in the same rote way as a twelve year old who’s played too much X-Box 360. We’re told, however, that a new draft of the Kill script has resolved this to the studio’s satisfaction — and now it wants to enlist Pitt.

    The star of Moneyball, however, has a dilemma. Warner Bros. also wants him to star in The Mission, a Peter Landesman script about a U.S. Navy Seal’s six-year-long rescue effort to free fifteen U.S. hostages from FARC rebels. We hear that David O. Russell — who, lest we forget, made Three Kingsfor Warner Bros. all those years ago — seems to want to make it his next picture, after Silver Lining Playbook, and is deep into negotiations with the studio to direct. Either way, whichever ever project Pitt chooses — assuming he chooses one — Warner Bros. won’t be complaining.

  163. 163
    truth Says:

    How is brad pitt gonna play a hero when he’s proven to be anything but that. his celebrity is too big for movies.

  164. 164
    truth Says:

    moneyball = brad pitt playing himself

  165. 165
    FuglyFemales Says:

    @Diff between A list and C List:

    i thought those fugly biitches at fulyfemales said brad’s career was over since he dared say something bad about jen..i swear if brads moneyball comes in at number one I will gladly go on fuglyfemales and gloat because those bittches have been swearing up and down that brad is now finished and it will bomb..moneyball is tracking very well AND has amazing happy for him

  166. 166
    queen jolie Says:

    wow, angie looks that dress.she looks lean and tall.what else angie cannot do.i love lady pilot.she is just interesting and not boring.maddox is super cute.he;s getting big.

  167. 167
    queen jolie Says:

    what a great honor for angie to be in the same list with nelson madela , roger feder and bill gates.the power of the jolie.

  168. 168
    JEN'S UGLY Says:

    JENHENS claim Brad can’t act but he was nominated for two Oscars. Sooo, how many Oscar nominations does Jen have? ZERO ! Just like her personality. Oh, but she was great in the Good Girl (rolls eyes). You know, the movie she filmed like twenty years ago. BAWAWAWAWA!

    So what if Moneyball doesn’t become the weekend’s #1 draw, at least Brad is noticed for his good work and is getting a lot of Oscar buzz. So what kind of accolades did the Chin get for her last movie? A movie she headlined? ZERO!

    Poor JENHENS. No matter how you spin it Brad and Angelina are way superior to your precious Chin.

  169. 169
    was she protesting too much Says:

    Angelina’s is gonna have to says “brad is a real man” again in her next interview . what did she say that one time” he is more man than any other man.” bwhaahh she was so lying

  170. 170
    take that female first Says:

    Moneyball is going to make 30 million this weekend. no less. if lion king can do it so can Brad pitt. hello! he is no b list movie star. he’s A LIST so his movie will make 30

  171. 171
    whenamanrefusestomarry Says:

    where is her husband? oh never mind, he is not willing to marry her . and the kids are begging for this and he still wont do it. boohoo.

  172. 172
    FuglyFemales Says:

    @take that female first:
    dont fall for this troll..she is just trying to overinflate the box office so that if it performs under 30mil she will gloat.. in case you have forgotten Lion King is a classic kids movie..isnt that the excuse you all used when King fu panda made all that money..heck your idol couldnt even beat diary of a wimpy kid or lil bow wow in “lottery” on opening weekend

  173. 173
    to171 Says:

    @whenamanrefusestomarry: whenawomanrefuses to marry it’s even worse. I think we all know the TRUTH. Angelina doesn’t want to completely share her kids with him. BINGO! Brad playing play dad to kids that aren’t even his is funny. LOL Brad has to lie and say it’s GAY Marriage that is stopping them even though Angie said that is not true. LoL again.

  174. 174
    Mili Says:

    Ok JustJared Fans. I got it. I wrote my comment:

    Angelina, beautiful Angelina, I got it,. Great, absolutely GREAT. Beautiful SMILE, Great RELAX, Great Smile. Great…

  175. 175
    AZ Says:

    @Mili – I know, isn’t Angelina gorgeous? She is loved here in the US and worldwide. Gotta love her.

  176. 176
    betta Says:

    Just got back from Money Ball and it was great! Well acted, solid script and great editing. And Oh Yes–Pitt deserves at least an Oscar Nomintion for his performance.

  177. 177
    a lurker Says:

    Moneball is tracking well, will have a decent box office.

  178. 178
    whenamanrefusestokeepsu Says:

    where is SpinsterJen’s Mcstumpy Boytoy? oh never mind, she is not willing to showed him. and The Fake Preggers with Twins = Babies never hoo SpinsterJen’s WOMB is KAAPUTT.

  179. 179
    FYI Says:

    Her pilot’s licence in 2005 would’ve been taken in a single-engine plane, which is where every pilot begins his or her training. The plane in the pictures is a twin-engine — a very different flying experience from a single engine, and one which requires many more hours’ tuition.

  180. 180
    Rose Says:

    I see someone is having a meltdown. Remember stress kills. Take a deep breath. Now go to the sad spook’s thread and cheer her up. Jolie Pitt fans are not interested in what you have to say. I will not use your moniker to give you credit for all your nonsense postings. Now, take a hike.

  181. 181
    reeven Says:



  182. 182
    bdj Says:

    ‘Moneyball’ a home run, even for this nonfan
    Jenny Kobiela-Mondor
    Friday, September 23, 2011, 5:34pm

    I don’t really like baseball, and I’m terrible at statistics. Yet, I absolutely loved a movie about baseball and statistics.

    That’s the magic of “Moneyball.”

    Some of that authenticity comes from the excellent performance by Brad Pitt. Throughout the movie, you can see his determination and drive written on his face. Billy is a tough character when he’s dealing with the guys in the clubhouse, including manager Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman), but is a charming sweetie when he deals with his daughter, Casey (Kerris Dorsey). Pitt can do both equally well. It’s a marvelously nuanced performance, one that is already garnering him some well-deserved Oscar buzz.

  183. 183
    Mili Says:

    @Mili: Hahaha, Please Tell Brad: Stop talking about Jen, Stop doing APOLOGIZES!!!. Leave Jen ALONE.

  184. 184
    Countdown to Moneyball Says:

    Not to worry- jjb had an article (see below) fr box office mojo that said the best opening for a baseball movie ever is $19.7 M, so Sony said they would be happy to get “high teens” as an opening weekend box office. However, just based on how many people say they are going to see this movie, I think it will be higher. Brad worked REALLY HARD to get this movie made bc he loved the book so much- I loved the book, too. Regardless of box office, it is a BIG WIN just to have gotten this movie made- Angie is very proud of her man, just like she was with AOJJBTCRF!
    Forecast: Odds Favor ‘Moneyball’

    Four new releases attempt to dethrone The Lion King (in 3D), though Moneyball looks like the only one with a legitimate chance. The Brad Pitt baseball movie, based on Michael Lewis’s bestselling book of the same name, steps up to the plate on around 3,800 screens at 2,993 locations. Other new movies in the hunt include Taylor Lautner thriller Abduction (3,800 screens at 3,118 theaters), Dolphin Tale (roughly 4,000 screens at 3,507 theaters, with 2,700 of those theaters playing the movie in 3D) and Killer Elite (3,600 screens at 2,986 locations).

    Moneyball’s marketing has put star Brad Pitt front-and-center in its trailers, commercials and posters, and for good reason. Since 1999′s Fight Club, nearly all of Pitt’s live-action wide releases have opened to at least $20 million, with the exception of Babel (not exactly a mainstream movie) and 2008′s Burn After Reading ($19.1 million). The latter movie’s debut was just a little bit lower than the best opening ever for a baseball movie, which belongs to the 2006 comedy The Benchwarmers ($19.7 million). The lack of interest in baseball movies helps explain why distributor Sony/Columbia is targeting a high-teen millions start, though Pitt’s star status should help propel the movie at least slightly above that expectation.

    In Box Office Mojo’s “when will you see it” reader polling, Moneyball led with over 20 percent of users opting to see it on opening weekend. That’s about even with last September’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps but way behind The Social Network (40 percent), which was inflated due to abnormal buzz within the online community.

    Weekend Forecast (Sept. 23-25)
    1. Moneyball – $23 million
    2. The Lion King – $17 million
    3. Dolphin Tale – $13.5 million
    4. Abduction – $12.5 million
    5. Contagion – $8.8 million
    6. Killer Elite – $8.7 million

    Bar for Success
    With a superstar like Brad Pitt and a ubiquitous marketing campaign, Moneyball needs to at least break $20 million in its opening weekend. North of $15 million is a good target for Abduction, while Dolphin Tale and Killer Elite just need to get in to the double-digits to get a pass.
    Cr Boxofficemojo

  185. 185
    Cold Hard Math Says:

    Just back from Moneyball. It was good and enjoyable, but it did not overwhelm me, neither did Brad’s performance. I just expected more, with all the glowing reviews, that Brad was getting and what the movie was getting. I felt at times, I was watching Rutsy Ryan, GM a baseball team. My theater was about half full, very good, for a noon matinee. Overall a good sports movie, not a great sports movie

  186. 186
    gracie Says:

    Trolls, why do you come here to get tortured? You have Anuston and Mr Stumpy to love and admire now, why inflict pain on yourselves or are they that boring and dull you can’t take it???

  187. 187
    ThankFul Says:

    Cold Hard Math @ 09/23/2011 at 7:17 pm

    you are not the first saying brad was playing rusty ryan in ocean’s movies again.many having seen it say the same don’t think he deserves an oscar nomination then for it?

  188. 188
    bdj Says:
    4 stars

    The intelligent screenplay makes number-crunching statistics interesting and entertaining. Sorkin’s tremendous knack for sharp, insightful dialogue elevates this movie to something truly memorable. Archival major league baseball footage and commentary by announcers Tim McCarver, Bob Costas and Glen Kuiper are seamlessly inserted into the narrative to satisfy baseball fans who have an unquenchable love for our national pastime.

    Pitt is outstanding, putting his heart and soul into this Oscar-caliber performance. He alternates between volatility and sensitivity in relating to his players having once been a promising first-round draft pick of the New York Mets. Some of the best moments occur during the quality time spent with his 12-year-old daughter, Casey (Kerris Dorsey from “Brothers & Sisters”), who worries that her divorced dad may lose his job.

  189. 189
    bdj Says:

    Baby Jane deserves the Oscar for Victim of the decade. Hopefully, a Razzie for Wanderbust.

  190. 190
    Dakota Says:

    #185 Cold Heart Math
    We just got back from watching Moneyball and where you ever got that Brad was like Rusty Ryan is plain crazy! The characters were not at all alike. Brad plays a man with so much heart and emotion. This is by far his best performance, JMO. My husband, who is not easily satisfied, said it was great!!

  191. 191
    Jaye Says:

    ThankFul @ 09/23/2011 at 7:33 pm
    Fortunately, neither of you will be making the decision as to whether Pitt deserves an Oscar nomination. I know you’re commenting to yourself Cold Hard Math . lol

  192. 192
    Jerry Seinfeld LOVES Moneyball Says:

    Jerry Seinfeld just tweeted this- he has a verified twitter account (& 343,660 followers!), so it is really him!!

    JerrySeinfeld “MoneyBall” my new favorite movie of all time! Disregard all previous!

  193. 193
    Rose Says:

    See a couple of sad spook’s fan talking down Moneyball. This is not flying with BA fans. Take that over to sad spook’s thread. We are not interested in your false review. Nice try.

  194. 194
    Cold Hard Math Says:

    Dakota @ 09/23/2011 at 7:41 pm

    Glad your husband enjoyed it. Just because, we have different opinions, does not make it crazy. I enjoyed the movie, it was good, just not great.

  195. 195
    Dakota Says:

    #152 Jennipoo

    Thanks for the good laugh!!!

  196. 196
    Cold Hard Math Says:

    Jaye @ 09/23/2011 at 7:43 pm

    Yes, I am commenting to myself. That’s what I do on a gossip site *rolls eyes*

  197. 197
    mangelinaforceshimtodissjen Says:

    to 173: i know i find it tragic that she refuses to share the kids with him so she keeps the kids as a way to keep him around. poor brad, nice guy who cant win. mangelina forces him to diss jen in interviews. why does she do this? is it about her daddy issues

  198. 198
    Cold Hard Math Says:

    Rose @ 09/23/2011 at 7:46 pm

    Was your post directed to me? I’m a “sad spook fan”? Am my “false review”?

  199. 199
    bdj Says:

    Baseball editor: ‘Moneyball’ is best ever

    “Moneyball” is the best baseball movie ever made because the strength of it, the sheer will of it, isn’t about baseball.

    (UPDATED) “Moneyball” is about defiance. It’s about having the guts to do something in the face of people who tell you you’re wrong, and that you’re stupid for even trying.

    While Ken Burns’ “Baseball,” the documentary that had been at the top of my personal list, is the definitive story of the game, “Moneyball” is a story that will resonate with anyone who has had to rethink his life since the personal computer changed the world.

    In other words, everyone.

    Brad Pitt just might win an Oscar for his headstrong performance as Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s, who is trying to figure out how to win professional baseball games when most of the money is working against him.

    Jonah Hill is sublime as the wonky assistant who helps try to figure it out.

    The dialogue crackles and the story is funny, intense and emotional. I left the theater ready to get back to my computer and change the world.

  200. 200
    Goo Brad! Says:

  201. 201
    Jaye Says:

    Cold Hard Math @ 09/23/2011 at 7:49 pm
    Jaye @ 09/23/2011 at 7:43 pm

    Yes, I am commenting to myself. That’s what I do on a gossip site *rolls eyes*
    I actually directed my comment to Thankful @ 09/23/2011 at 7:33 pm, indicating that I think that name and yours belong to the same person.

  202. 202
    jenhens are nuts Says:

    Love you brad pitt.@mangelinaforceshimtodissjen: You are crazy
    or writing for tabloid.

  203. 203
    lylian Says:

    Glad Moneyball is getting good reviews. I will have to wait to see it.
    Maddox is really growing up. He is 10 and already reaching up to Angie’s shoulder. My guess is that Maddox will be at least Angie’s height of 5.7 or 5.8. The average Cambodian males is about 5 foot 4 inches probably because it’s a poor country and nutrition is probably an issue for many many children.

  204. 204
    Rotflmao @ you Says:

    @mangelinaforceshimtodissjen: spin it however you’d like to. The bottom line is …Angelina ain’t even going to marry your whiny one note actor that has to pay for reviews. EVEN A HARD CORE FAN LIKE COLD HARD MATH called it. Brad Pitt in moneyball= rust ryan from oceans 11-12-13 = basically himself.

  205. 205
    bdj Says:

    ‘Moneyball,’ Pitt’s performance hit a home run

    But Pitt is a revelation in the way he uses that sly, in-the-know twinkle of the eye and a touch of the rebel to play Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane in “Moneyball.” It’s one of the best performances of his career.

    “Moneyball” is a baseball movie that is about more than the sport. It works for both fans and those who don’t follow the sport at all.

    The movie hits an emotional high amid an A’s winning streak, which is skillfully put together with a combination of montage and newscaster snippets to ratchet up excitement.

    But “Moneyball” is more about taking a stand and believing in it and bucking conventional wisdom to even the playing field and get where you want to go.

    As an underdog story, a character study or an inside-baseball peek behind the curtain, “Moneyball” is poised to cash in and could score Pitt his third Academy Award nomination.

  206. 206
    lylian Says:

    off topic:
    I just saw the foxnews title: Jennifer Aniston Starting to LOOK like Justin Theroux.
    I’m sure it’s UNINTENTIONAL but truly, what an INSULT? Who wants to look like cheaterboy?

  207. 207
    bdj Says:

    That nutty paid hen is thumbing away. Go praise McGreedy and McNeedy some more paid hen. Baby Jane is paying a lot of money for McGreasy. If McShorty pays his cards right, stick to the contract and ignore the bunny boiler’s whining, he will never pay rent in New York again.

  208. 208
    2Canuck Says:

    Who woulda thunk that a Brad Pitt movie would only pull in mid 20s if that? I’ve always said that put brad in a movie that he has to carry on his own and we’ll see how well it does. Jennifer can open a movie to those numbers.

  209. 209
    2Canuck Says:

    brad pitt is B list now

  210. 210
    bdj Says:

    McShorty better play his cards right or the rabid hens and PR bulldog will make sure he never work in Hollyweird again. He is enjoying being houseboy for now.

  211. 211
    Rose Says:

    I see sad spook’s fans are posting review for a movie they have not seen. They are loosing their grip with reality, you are being delusional. I just checked sad spook’s thread and guess what, her last thread went up 9/22 with 161 hits at present time. Angie’s thread went up today at 9am with over 200 hits. Therefore, I would advice you to go over to sad spook’s thread and give her some hits. Brad and Angie’s fans do not care what you think.

  212. 212
    Cold Hard Math Says:

    Jaye @ 09/23/2011 at 8:11 pm

    I only post under ONE name, I have been for years on this site. I don’t play games like others do. I did post my opinion about Moneyball, under COLD HARD MATH. If I misunderstood your post, then I apologize.

  213. 213
    moneyball sucks Says:

    @lylian: @lylian: @lylian: @lylian: i saw that article to and i loved it.. they where trying to say they are so in love. justin is bringing out the best in jen. brad pitt is d b1tch to every woman he dates lol.. poor man with lil acting talent. cant wait for the box office results 2moro because i am certain his film will never rich 25 mili.. even with all the promotion, he cant even open a movie. BRAD PITT STOP MAKING HORRIBLE MOVIES AND KEEP BEING SKELETINAS B1TCH AND FAKE BABY DADDY TO HER ADOPTED KIDS. YOU GUYS KNOW BRAD IS NOT LEGALLY THE FATHER TO THE ADOPTED KIDS.

  214. 214
    another bitter hen Says:

    @Rotflmao @ you: Buried in a blog about people you hate,You are crazy.

  215. 215
    bdj Says:

    Hmm funny how the hens come out when articles appear showing how well Moneyball is tracking. Myboo Gerry and Vampire boy get no love from the hens. They rather go see Brad Pitt movie and come back and whine.

  216. 216
    bdj Says:

    Wolf boy or no acting boy. Whatever he is.

  217. 217
    African Girl Says:

    Oh my God!! AJ can’t catch a break….like she doesn’t have enough to deal with, what with BP professing his undying love for her and saying the best decision he’s ever made was choosing her as his children’s mother, now she gets named #12 on the list of the 54 most influential people. Not only that, she has to take flying lessons with one of her children. The poor, poor woman! Look how the tabloids and the blogs have ruined her life….it is so unfair!!!!!!!
    Lmao! Sorry, just poking fun at the ” fans” who went ballistic earlier this week. Look at the smile on that woman’s face…does it look like she gives a rat’s ass what the tabloids are write about her? Does she look like she even knows the tabloids are writing about her? She’s out there happily living her life to the fullest and that is all that should matter.

  218. 218
    Cold Hard Math Says:

    Rose @ 09/23/2011 at 8:26 pm

    Well, I have seen the movie. Have you? Curious what you think of it.

    2Canuck @ 09/23/2011 at 8:23 pm

    For a baseball movie, that is a good opening.

  219. 219
    Observer2 Says:

    I love it when the hens start in meltdown mode.

    Yeah, Brad’s so B-List that he’s getting projects thrown at him left and right. Hell, WB’s alone, wants him for two of their big budget movies. Oh and that 20M plus payday doesn’t hurt either.

    What movie is Sad Spook doing next? How much does she get paid? What? She has to make 4 movies to one of Brad and/or Angelina’s one?

    That’s what I thought. Go sit down in the corner with your big white dunce cap on.

  220. 220
    another bitter hen Says:

    @moneyball sucks: Jealous because Brad loves Angie and not the dull one.

  221. 221
    lylian Says:

    @Rotflmao @ you:
    Cold hard math ( if it is truly her and not some name changing troll) has her opinion and that’s fine by me.
    So, it seems, many others disagree with CHM and I’m sure that’s fine by the real CHM.
    You on the other hand are a name changing TROLL who is hating on someone without cause trying to stir up trouble.
    One word describes you: LOSER!

  222. 222
    Go Brad! Says:

    @moneyball sucks:
    the FF meltdown has begun..arent you the same ppl that said the movie would case you have forgotten the highest baseball movie OW made GASP 19.1mil….moneyball only cost in whos universe is 20mil a bomb..dont be mad because your idol has yet to carry a movie by herself..heck even Cameron Diaz carried Bad teacher..brad carried the movie by himself jen had to have an ensemble cast or adam sandler..

  223. 223
    African Girl Says:

    @Cold Hard Math:
    Hey CHM, how are you doing? Saw your post on the other thread….it’s good to be back, even though nothing has changes but I guess that’s why we love JJ. Lol

  224. 224
    bdj Says:

    One doesn’t have to be a baseball fan or even a sports fan to appreciate and enjoy the film. While the baseball scenes are well shot – and interspersed with real life footage – the focus is instead on what is happening behind the scenes. For someone like myself that is fascinated by all of that it was really interesting to see

    Brad Pitt stars as Beane and does a fantastic job of portraying the day-to-day struggles of a man who is under pressure to put together a winner but doesn’t have the funding that large market teams receive.

  225. 225
    Cold Hard Math Says:

    lylian @ 09/23/2011 at 8:35 pm

    It’s fine be me LOL

    African Girl @ 09/23/2011 at 8:36 pm

    I’m doing good. Yep, nothing changes here at all.

  226. 226
    lylian Says:

    @moneyball sucks:
    i saw that article to and i loved it.. they where trying to say they are so in love. justin is bringing out the best in jen.
    You love that Jen looks like a balding bow legged cheating midget?
    Well, like I said earlier, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I certainly won’t trash you for thinking that cheating midget is bringing out the best in Jen, if you think that Jen morphing into cheaterboy is an improvement to her usual self.
    Hmmmm …..
    on second thoughts (as I think my thoughts), YOU ARE RIGHT!! I totally agree with you:
    Jen looking a balding, bow legged, cheating midget IS TOTALLY AN IMPROVEMENT TO HER USUAL SELF and he’s totally bringing out the best in Jen.

  227. 227
    love brad Says:

    meltdown jen and squiggy call papz when out walking.
    wonder what she pays him, manager ,bloggers and blog

  228. 228
    Observer2 Says:

    Awww, Lenny had Squiggy over bid on a painting for her. It’s nice that she lets him do the heavy lifting. As he couldn’t afford to do that all by himself. LOL.

  229. 229
    love brad Says:

    spending money kills the tight wad.

  230. 230
    lisa Says:

    Saw Moneyball at the local megaplex in a smallish theater (it was playing in two at staggered times) with a girlfiend and several male friends. We thought It was pretty good but a couple of the guys hated it. I think they were expecting a little more baseball action. A few people left before it was over and the theater was more than half full.

  231. 231
    bdj Says:

    US Weakly is too funny. “He bids, She buys”. Baby Jane spent 450,000 on a painting that seems to match McGreedy hipster style. It is good the money goes to charity because Baby Jane is putting out the bucks to keep the middle age balding hipster.

  232. 232
    NHT(now hear this) Says:

    Everyone sees something different in a movie. Brad would love the dissention here, he likes to stir it up, as he says.
    CHM, I looked for you in the stadium. How about it, did you see yourself? I am glad you enjoyed the movie though.
    We appreciate your view as all fans here. As one of the few fans that have met and talked to Brad and Angelina numerous times, you are certainly free to voice your opinion though I really did not see the Rusty thing, I think I know why you saw it.
    Glad you are posting again with us. Happy you enjoyed Paris, it is spectacular.

  233. 233
    Observer2 Says:

    It’s almost like Pretty Woman. But, not. Well, maybe. Though, he’s not pretty nor is he a woman. But, he wears girly skinny jeans.

    Still trying to find the link. Oh, got it. She’ll pay him 450, 000 dollars to spend her money. Wait…………

    He’s Sponge Bob and she’s Square Pants. See, that’s a better comparison, right there.

  234. 234
    Angie & Brad fan video Says:

  235. 235
    al Says:

    “He bids, She buys”
    Don’t you know real men let the woman pay.

  236. 236
    Jen Says:

    @Cold Hard Math:
    Thank you for your honest review Cold Hard math.
    Thank you also for the MANY, MANY wonderful first hand accounts you have provided us fans of seeing Brad and Angelina in person.

  237. 237
    Dl Says:

    It’s the same two people posting the same comments 10 times.. So the thread probably has less than 100 comments..

  238. 238
    Dakota Says:

    CHM, I respect your opinions and should have not said you are crazy. Sorry. This baseball movie is like no other, so there will be varying views. I liked the character Rusty Ryan also, but Billy Beane had so much more substance and depth to me. His portrayal as a father was very touching. Happy you liked it also. :)

  239. 239
    al Says:

    238 is a virus do not click
    do not click 238

  240. 240
    thought Says:

    Manager has Justin being groomed for Academy Awards Jen the presenter will be escorted by Justin on RC.Jen wants to ruin B&A night.All about hate,revenge and jealousy.Jen is not sweet.

  241. 241
    lurker Says:

    moneyball was amazing,i give it an A,brad was great,so was jonah,come award season they need to be recognised.T was an enjoyable sport movie worth the money,am going to see it again with friends

  242. 242
    CLINIQUA Says:

    To #159, Lash larue!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!! Rollin’!!! Hadn’t heard this name in eons, but as soon as you mentioned it, I saw the little bald greasespot that could. Lol. I looked him up. Hahaha. Look at the eyebrow. Baha.

  243. 243
    Jen Says:

    JP FANS!

    DO NOT CLICK ON POST #238 – Jenhen.

    It will lock your computer and/or give you a virus.
    Please flag it and ask Jared to remove it. I am sending him an email now.

  244. 244
    al Says:

    238 jenhen you have been flagged. I hope Jared bans you

  245. 245
    Dl Says:

    Angie lands on the most respected list along with Nelson Mandela, bill gates, Forbes most powerful women in the world along with women CEO’s, presidents, prime ministers, vanity fair top 25 powerful couple list,….and sad spook lands decade of hotness list along with jlo, Pamela Anderson, Kim kardashian… Great accomplishment!

  246. 246
    WBPfan Says:

    Sorry if already posted (haven’t read all the thread yet) but heard Brad on NPR (National Public Radio) today and the radio link is already on the NPR text interview page:

    PS Hi Neleh, I never seem to be on when you are!!!

  247. 247
    first and last post Says:

    I also flagged #238 JenHen and reported to jared that when I clicked on the name, “JenHen”, my anti-virus immediately popped up trojan virus.
    Hopefully jared will delete soon, but do not click on the name “JenHen” at all.

  248. 248
    WBPfan Says:

    Sorry if already posted (haven’t read all the thread yet) but heard Brad on NPR (National Public Radio) today and the radio link is already on the NPR text interview page: The interview is almost 30 min. long!!!!

    PS Hi Neleh, I never seem to be on when you are!!!

  249. 249
    al Says:

    After that article there will be report in People about Squiggy getting paid alot to write a script. Forget Sorkin everyone is bidding for Squiggy. Remember you read it here first.

  250. 250
    WBPfan Says:

    Sorry for the double post — I didn’t think it went through the first time!!!! Enjoy the interview — its a nice conversational tone.

  251. 251
    ID Says:

    @Dl: And brad lands on the list of biggest sissies.

  252. 252
    ID Says:

    Matt lauer : Let me read the quote
    Brad PIt: nonono *pees his panteloons*

  253. 253
    Jen Says:

    @first and last post:
    Thank you FALP.
    I did as well. That is a seriously sick individual.

  254. 254
    Alice Says:

    Just came back from screening of Moneball. A great film and Brad gave an Oscar-worthy performance. My theater was 80% full for 3:55 pm show.

  255. 255
    bdj Says:

    Baby Jane got some deranged whiny fans.

  256. 256
    Jerry Seinfeld LOVES Moneyball Says:

    Chord Overstreet, one of those Glee kids (also a verified twitter account w/ 517,393 followers) loved Moneyball, too- looks like people of all ages are really digging the movie:

    choroverstreet everyone go see money ball!!!! it’s fantastic!!
    JonahHill @JerrySeinfeld Very kind Mr. Seinfeld!

  257. 257
    Resume of an amazing woman Says:

    UNHCR Ambassador
    Oscar-winning actress
    Director/Writer of a movie
    Mother of six.
    Partner to an incredibly handsome, talented and charitable man
    Jewelry designer
    Can fly a plane
    Can drive a motorcycle
    Daughter to an Oscar winning actor
    Charitable to the extent of donating 1/3 of income to charity
    and amazingly beautiful inside and out.
    Did I leave anything out?

  258. 258
    tish Says:

    Congratulations to Angie for being # 12 out of 54 ppl who make a huge difference in our world. Makes me laugh even harder at the trolls who can’t handle the fact Angie is so loved world wide. Look at that smile
    Maddox is so proud of his mama as are her Fans and her man Brad Pitt who just accomplished making his hit baseball film.Moneyyball.
    What a fabulous couple. This is one of the many times it feels so good to say i have always been a JP Fan.

    Congrats to both Angie and Brad . What a pair=Superb!

  259. 259
    Premalee Says:

    Just saw Moneyball. Loved it.

  260. 260
    Moneyball = TOTAL BORE Says:

    save your shekels

  261. 261
    bdj Says:

    In spite of a great supporting cast, Pitt owns this movie. Hoffman’s crusty old baseball manager is pitch-perfect, and a wide-eyed, insecure Hill continues to be one of today’s most likable of young actors.

    Pitt — who has always been a great actor — rips through the dialogue in one of the easiest, funniest and most natural performances of the year. He’s electrifying and — if you’ll allow one last bit of wordplay — Pitt and this movie knock it out of the park.

  262. 262
    jp fan Says:

    I think movie goers really are thirsty for a good film. Brad and Moneyball rock.

  263. 263
    from JJB Says:

    Moneyball: 6 things people are talking about From Brad Pitt’s award-worthy performance to the absence of sports cliches, here’s what you need to know about this weekend’s big baseball movieBest Opinion: Orlando Sentinel, Entertainment Weekly, NY Times…
    Just in time for Major League Baseball’s playoffs, Moneyball, this weekend’s drama about the 2002 Oakland Athletics, is generating tons of baseball-related buzz. Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, a onetime New York Mets draft pick who becomes general manager of the A’s. Frustrated that his cash-strapped club can’t compete with the deep pockets of teams like the Yankees, Beane buys into the notion that statistical analysis could be used to field a winning team of little-known and undervalued players. Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) adapted the script from Michael Lewis’ best-selling book, and the film is already being hailed as “an absolute triumph of culturally relevant filmmaking.” Here, six things everybody’s talking about:

    1. Brad Pitt hits it out of the park
    This may be Pitt’s “smartest, subtlest performance ever,” says Roger Moore at the Orlando Sentinel. He’s tasked with playing a “caring but absent dad,” a “ruthless” boss, and a “thin-skinned ex-jock” — and pulls it all off with aplomb. It’s a textured performance, says Owen Gleiberman at Entertainment Weekly, revealing Pitt in “classic, game-on movie-star mode,” but layered with a “deep river of self-doubt.” Indeed, “it’s hard to imagine anyone but Mr. Pitt in the role,” says Manohla Dargis at The New York Times.

    2. And Jonah Hill delivers a winning performance
    Hill’s turn as an Ivy League number-cruncher who develops a new way to mathematically evaluate players is “understated and fascinating,” says Roger Ebert. He exercises “comedy muscles we haven’t seen him use on screen before,” says Alonso Duralde at The Wrap. The “manic-nebbish energy” he employs in films like Superbad is toned way down — to great effect.

    3. This film will appeal to sports-averse audiences
    “I don’t care about sports,” says Duralde. Yet “I was riveted by Moneyball.” This isn’t so much a movie about baseball as it is “a tale of bold visionaries.” The lessons about defying the conventions of business could apply to any field, from politics to entertainment. But that’s not to say it’s not a worthy addition to the sports film canon. It’s the best baseball movie since Bull Durham, ventures Gleiberman. Actually, says Michael Phillips at the Chicago Tribune. It’s the “best sports movie in a long time, period.”

    4. It (thankfully) avoids sports movie cliches
    The most inspirational baseball movies have the underdog knock a monster hit into the lights during the film’s most climactic game, showering the stands with sparks like fireworks, says Phillips. Moneyball “is not that film. It’s better than that film.” Under a lesser director, the Cinderella story could have been “rendered dull or sappy.” Thankfully, agrees Ebert, it’s not a film that focuses on Big Games, instead turning to the “terse, brainy dialogue” and fascinating game of numbers to provide its most exciting moments.

    5. Of course, it’s still not perfect
    Audiences may be annoyed that they don’t ever see an edgier side to Beane, especially since his ballplaying dreams were crushed so spectacularly at a young age, says Phillips. And the sentimental ending could frustrate sports movie fans used to a “certain kind of wow” moment in the final act. But while the film lacks the “flair” audiences come to expect from high-quality sports films, says Scott Tobias at The A.V. Club, its intelligence more than makes up for it.

    6. Moneyball is an Oscar frontrunner
    “If I had to predict right now,” says Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere, Moneyball would be at the top of the list of Best Picture contenders. The film’s screenwriters, director Bennett Miller, and Jonah Hill will all likely find themselves in the mix as well, says Sean O’Connell at Hollywood News. And don’t forget the leading man: “Moneyball punches Brad Pitt’s ticket into this year’s Best Actor Oscar race.”
    Cr TheWeek

  264. 264
    moneyball sucks Says:

    omg i just read jen bought a 450,000 dollars painting to help haiti. her man was there to mk sure she won the bid aww. jen is so giving, she helps out so many charities.

  265. 265
    moneyball sucks Says:

    all my friends and family now hates brad and angie all thanks to me. WINNING

  266. 266
    ANN Says:

    simply ,the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. 267
    Rachelsun Says:

    You are one sad sick and pathetic little troll!

  268. 268
    Duh Says:

    Angelina needs to find someone to do for her what she did for Brad. Angelina has not found her Angelina yet.

  269. 269
    Duh Says:

    ID @ 09/23/2011 at 9:32 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -26

    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.

    Matt lauer : Let me read the quote
    Brad PIt: nonono *pees his panteloons*
    lol @ pees his panteloons

  270. 270
    bdj Says:

    Baby Jane is going to be upset when she realizes that McGreedy bid 3 times what the painting was worth. Ole girl will have to go into her Friends reserves. However, hopefully her PR bulldog will spin it to make her look charitable and not the cheapskate she really is.

  271. 271
    Duh Says:

    Brad is Angelina’s Jennifer.

  272. 272
    hehehe Says:

    Whether jen hags see Moneyball or not, it doesn’t matter. Moneyball still rules the box office. hehehe

  273. 273
    hmmm Says:

    wonder why Jen and boyfriend not hanging dinners with Chelsea Handler or C.Cox ?

  274. 274
    Moneyballis a Masterpiece! Says:

    “Moneyball” review
    By John M. Guilfoil

    First thought: This is my new favorite baseball movie not named “Sandlot.”

    But by the time five minutes had passed, I was delving deeper into my childhood evil dog and PF Flyers pastimes than anyone every should have.
    Directed by: Bennett Miller

    Written by: Stan Chervin, Steve Zaillian, and Aaron Sorkin, based on “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game’’ by Michael Lewis

    Starring: Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Kerris Dorsey

    Rated: PG-13

    “Moneyball” is a masterpiece, but in every imaginable way it is the anti- “Sandlot.”

    Where “Sandlot” was a childhood fantasy take on the purity of baseball, “Moneyball” is an adult look at the ugly business side of it.

    The 2002 Oakland Athletics made an unlikely baseball run based on the statistical likelihood of their washout players getting on base, scoring runs and ultimately winning games.

    The theory was that a small-market team with a $40 million payroll could complete and even out-duel the nine-figure salaries of the Red Sox and Yankees by picking up players no one else wanted but who had a proven statistical track record for getting on base. Sometimes that meant putting a catcher on first base and hoping for the best.

    It half-worked. I won’t ruin the entire movie for you, just in case you aren’t a diehard baseball fan.

    The movie is based on Michael Lewis’s 2003 book about the team, and it’s perfectly done with the right balance of humor, pure acting and movie-drama.

    Like any good film, the acting makes it. Brad Pitt plays A’s general manager Billy Beane alongside Jonah Hill’s portrayal of real-life assistant Peter Brand, a student of the stats philosophy, known as sabermetrics. The two play off each other like, well like Brad Pitt and whomever he’s acting next to.

    Philip Seymour Hoffman also adds something to the film, playing manager Art Howe. There is a particular poignant scene between him and Pitt after Pitt’s character trades away a star player. Definitely worth watching again.

    One of the most gripping takeaway points from “Moneyball” is that it ofers a glimpse into the way Major League Baseball treats an aging player who’s hit 35-year-old and lost a step or two. It also shows the dichotomy between the East Coast baseball powerhouses from really Atlanta all the way up to Boston and the smaller markets of nearly everywhere else.

    Director Bennett Miller does a good job crafting a sympathetic feeling for both Beane and his merry band of misfit players.

    (“Moneyball” also shoes Red Sox fans how we ended up with Kevin Youkilis, by the way.)

    The flick is a bit long at 133 minutes, but it’s good enough that you overlook the length. “Moneyball” takes everything that is romantic about baseball and makes it funny, dark and real, while keeping it romantic — like a rocky but steamy relationship. It’s a must-see.

  275. 275
    hmmm Says:

    meant having dinners

  276. 276
    let us pray Says:

    @hehehe: keep your fingers crossed. Moneyball is fighting with a Dolphin. one would think that a brad pitt film would be waaaaaaaaay ahead of a dolphin movie. with the way his pr machine paints him as american royalty… decent but not great.

  277. 277
    let us pray Says:

    @Moneyballis a Masterpiece!: “romantic baseball” is the words brad’s pr team have been using a lot for their movie. ~giggles~

  278. 278
    Alice Says:

    Only Brad Pitt can sell a baseball movie. I have a new respect for Brad as an actor. He is awesome.

  279. 279
    Curious George Says:


    Let’s hope the JA fans continue to not see Moneyball. It seems that films they support don’t do well. Look at Aniston’s BO solo..

    So they don’t see the JP movies and they are doing very well.

    Moneyball was expected to be at 2 or 3 this weekend. the fact that it now maybe at #1 is saying something.

    Let the trolls spin spin spin.. I guess they miscalculated.

  280. 280
    Jaye Says:

    moneyball sucks @ 09/23/2011 at 10:33 pm

    all my friends and family now hates brad and angie all thanks to me. WINNING

    The fact that you think that matters to their fans; LOSING.

  281. 281
    Another Great MB Review Says:

    Sorry trolls, nothing you can do or say is going to change the fact that Moneyball is a box-office hit! LOL

    Movie Review – ‘Moneyball’ proves to be the right gamble

    Submitted by Marcus Eger on September 23, 2011 – 10:28pm
    Reel to Reel

  282. 282
    dd Says:

    Moneyball is a hit.

  283. 283
    olay Says:

    They are now copying Brad and Angie going to buy art…Publicly..uggggh.Whatever!!

  284. 284
    quesiton Says:

    why did ellen say brad is the biggest movie star in the world? i thought angie is bigger or at least the same.. agree?

  285. 285
    Jones Says:

    Moneyball delivers! Brad Pitt fully nailed the role of Billy Beane and Jonah hill did a stand-up job playing in partner in crime, Peter Brant. Great story, great cast and great performances! The sold out crowd in my neighborhood was totally engrossed in the story, applauded at the end and many remained in their seats discussing the film even after the credits were done and the lights came on. I’m definitely seeing it again! Oscar, meet Brad Pitt.

  286. 286
    Go Brad! Says:

    The ffers and jenhags are having a meltdown and im loving it!

  287. 287
    Brad bio Popsugar Says:

    I’m posting this to drive the Brad haters crazy LOL
    Sorry trolls we all love him and so does his Angie just as much as we love Angie and he adores her. PERIOD.

  288. 288
    How MB Almost Never Happened Says:

    Thanks to William Bradley Pitt we now have Moneyball!

    How ‘Moneyball’ Almost Never Happened
    Sep 23, 2011 9:42 PM EDT

    It took almost a decade, three directors, three screenwriters, and the unwavering support of Hollywood’s shiniest star, Brad Pitt, to bring “Moneyball” to the screen. Chris Lee reports on the movie’s rocky road out of development hell.

  289. 289
    alexanderina Says:

    @Cold Hard Math:

    Thanks CHM for your honest opinion of MB. I will see it tomorrow

    Nothing changes on JJ huh. Still crazy as ever.

    We are not all going to love MB, some of us may like it more than others and we should all respect that. We all have our opinions and should be able to state it without being attack for it.

    The people attacking CHM needs to take a step back. She has been on JJ from the beginning with that same username and like me and others long timers we don’t ever change our names. If we have something to say (whether positive or negative) we say it under our original names period

  290. 290
    Deanie Says:

    Super Angelina Jolie ! Congratulations by d way on her selected by the Reputation Institute.

  291. 291
    lara Says:

    angei need act now miss her ***

  292. 292


  293. 293
    lylian Says:

    @Resume of an amazing woman:
    UNHCR Ambassador
    Oscar-winning actress
    Director/Writer of a movie
    Mother of six.
    Partner to an incredibly handsome, talented and charitable man
    Jewelry designer
    Can fly a plane
    Can drive a motorcycle
    Daughter to an Oscar winning actor
    Charitable to the extent of donating 1/3 of income to charity
    and amazingly beautiful inside and out.
    Did I leave anything out?
    To answer your question did I leave anything out: the answer is unequivocably YES!
    Daughter of Marcheline, a mother who loved her and believed in her.

  294. 294
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Let me get the jump on the haters. When Moneyball is a certified box hit. The jenhags and the haters will say it was because of all the publicity Brad got by bringing up the sitcom actress. LOL. I don’t know if Brad will get an Oscar nomination or win a Oscar for his role in Moneyball. If it do happen I am just happy Angelina Jolie will be by his side instead of the 24 hour famewh0re from TV LAND.

  295. 295
    yolly Says:

    Watched MoneyBall today. I enjoyed it so much, many people watched & loved it.Looking forward for MB to be # 1this weekend at the Box office.God bless Brad, Angie & their 6 kids.

  296. 296
    yolly Says:

    MONEY BALL recommended movie to see. Go Brad & ANGIE, you are the best !!!!

  297. 297
    yolly Says:

    To all the fans, Money Ball hit a home run,a nice movie, very entertaining.I don’t play baseball but I like the movie.Go out & see it.

  298. 298
    One Go Says:

    Love you Ange! Going to see Moneyball this weekend! Go Jolie-pitts! And thank you both for the tireless help you bring to others in need!

  299. 299
    cool Says:


    Joshualyman Joshua Lyman
    Tonight’s White House screening is “Moneyball” by former speechwriter Aaron Sorkin.

  300. 300
    Passing Through Says:

    # 231 bdj @ 09/23/2011 at 8:59 pm
    Ticky bought a $450,000 painting at that Haiti art charity auction? Well, now, isn’t a coincidence. That’s only $50,000 less than the pledge she reneged on 2 years ago. And since the auction was for charity she can write it off her taxes…again. How convenient.

  301. 301
    Passing Through Says:

    # 233 Observer2 @ 09/23/2011 at 9:05 pm
    I just saw the article about Ticky’s art purchase and LMAO when I saw who organized the Artists For Haiti event – Ben Stiller. Biitch is still doing what she does second best – coattail riding. The thing she does best is lie…and twirl her hair around her finger….

  302. 302
    angierocks Says:

    Ticky is stalking real hard and still comes short,dressing in black,strolling,grocery shopping and sttending charitable auctions meh! what a clown!next thing yah know squiggy will be intrested in photography and taking art classes….Fail.

  303. 303
    Dakota Says:

    #287 Thanks. Enjoyed seeing it.

  304. 304
    gngerbread Says:

    Fly me to the moon gorgeous Jolie…

  305. 305
    Passing Through Says:

    Moneyball won Friday’s BO. Looks like Wolf Boy is going to have a bigger opening weekend that Ticky gets for her solo duds. Don’t anybody tell Ticky cuz she may want Wolf Boy to issue an apology for embarrassing her…
    What A Friday Brawl! ‘Moneyball’ Wins #1, ‘Lion King 3D’ #2, ‘Dolphin Tale’ #3, ‘Abduction’ #4, Killer Elite’ #5
    By NIKKI FINKE | Friday September 23, 2011 @ 11:09pm PDT
    FRIDAY 11 PM, 2ND UPDATE: Finally, I have some clarity following Rentrak hiccups during the day and early evening. Not to mention every studio’s confusion over the ordering of the Top 5 because of fierce fights going on at the North American box office throughout today. And, geez, I’m supposed to be on vacation:

    1. My sources say Sony’s newcomer Moneyball has been rising as the night goes on for maybe the best baseball-themed opening ever. It’s definitely No. 1 Friday with approximately $6.8M from 2,993 theaters. (As a Sony exec told me, “$6 million would be great. $7 million amazing. $8 million would be a triumph.”) With a healthy adult bump tomorrow, it’s looking at a $20M weekend. That solid number helps keep Brad Pitt’s star wattage shining and his awards chances climbing because of this well-reviewed male-centric sports movie. Audiences really liked this pic: it received all A’s — male, female, young, old — from CinemaScore.
    2. Even Disney is surprised that its Lion King 3D is in 2nd place tonight from 2,330 theaters which sold mostly higher priced tickets. But rival studios tell me it got a boost today from the rain back East for a $6.1M Friday, or an excellent holding -31% from its opening a week ago. With the normal kiddie matinee bump, that’s a $20M weekend as well. This re-release’s projected is $60M by Monday. Here’s my question: why is it that in all the promotional hype I’ve been sent by the studio about this pic, no one at Disney is thanking Jeffrey Katzenberg for micro-managing the original? C’mon, Mouse House, give credit where credit is due. Even if Jeffrey is a big pain in everyone’s ass.
    3. Not far behind is Alcon Entertainment’s Dolphin Tale in 3,507 theaters. Distributor Warner Bros said it opened with $5M today but rival studios think the Friday number is closer to $5.5M. Alcon thinks that, unless its maimed mammal loses to Moneyball by more than a mil today, that the heartstrings-pulling pic should jump 60% on Saturday because of the family film bump and hit $24M and win the weekend. Hmm. Remember, it’s also playing in the most theaters. And, for weeks, it was tracking strong. According to the CinemaScores, parents and kids in the audience are giving it an A+.
    4. Lionsgate’s Abduction in 3,118 theaters may end up around $4.2M Friday and what could be mid-teens but also just $11M for the weekend depending on how front-loaded it becomes. (That’s what happened to Zac Efron in Charlie St Cloud.) Then again, I’ve learned that Taylor Lautner’s $36M-budget action thriller was outspent 4-to-1 in marketing dollars by both Sony and Warner Bros leading up to this weekend. Shame on Lionsgate’s Jon Feltheimer for tying everyone’s hands even after powerless Alli Shearmur pleaded. So anyone who claimed this Twilight kid couldn’t open an envelope is wrong: there are major stars who still would be thrilled with that outcome, especially in as rotten a reviewed movie as this one. Audiences didn’t think it was as bad as critics, giving it a B- CinemaScore. Too bad Lionsgate can’t seem to make a decent movie or market one anymore.
    5. Remains to be seen if Abduction can edge out Killer Elite which may be $10M for the weekend from 2,986 theaters. Open Road Films is expressing optimism that its pic will likely go up on Saturday after its $3.5M debut today.
    Here’s the rest of the Top 10 (Full analysis coming)
    6. Contagion (Participant/Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,136 Theaters]
    Friday $2.8M, Estimated Weekend $9M, Estimated Cume $57.5M
    7. Drive (FilmDistrict) Week 2 [2,904 Theaters]
    Friday $2M (-50%), Estimated Weekend $6M, Estimated Cume $21.6M
    8. The Help (Participant/DreamWorks/Disney] Week 7 [2,695 Theaters]
    Friday $1.3M, Estimated Weekend $4.5M, Estimated cume $154.5M
    9. I Don’t Know How She Does It (Weinstein Co) Week 2 [2,490 Theaters]
    Friday $700K (-55%), Estimated weekend $2M, Estimated Cume $8M
    10. Straw Dogs (Sony) Week 2 [2,408 Theaters]
    Friday $600K (-62%), Estimated Weekend $1.8M, Estimated Cume $8.5M

  306. 306
    dan Says:

    angelina #1 love….no one will replace you!

  307. 307
    Elizabeth Says:

    @Passing Through: thanks PT. I went to see the Money Ball (I dont know anything about baseball….Im there to support Brad but, OMG he is more charimastic ,poise and so handsome in all aspect. Shi really looks like him (my opinion) I really love the movie. We will see about OSCAR if he dont get it I will definitely loose interest at Academy procedures I thought he was going to get it in Benjamin Button.

    Please JP fans go and watch the movie. Good night

  308. 308
    busted Says:

    I have to wait to see Moneyball until Sunday.. But the reviews are insane. I see that Drive has dropped to 7. Wonder what happened to all those women that love Ryan. Moneyball is trending off the chain..and everyone that is seeing it is liking it and spreading the news. I guess the hags just don’t get it. Jenny poo can’t carry her own movie, her fans can’t ever get just her a #1 spot. YET they think they can torpedo Brad’s movie, or that because Brad finally admitted that he was bored in the marriage..the movie going public is not going to see a film because of Jenny poo. Even the HAGs will be out to support Brad. they can’t help it. I saw Ellen’s show and that crowd of women were all over Brad. They didn’t give ashit about what was said. Believe it or not the MAJORITY of the world does not go to gossip sites nor do they read tabloids. Brad Pitt is a STAR and the fact that Moneyball a baseball movie is doing well is all because of him.

    How many other male actors do you think could have done this. Not George, not even Johnny when he is playing straight and normal. Will, RDJ..nope.

    Stop the Brad bashing and give the man is due. Brad is on a streak. I hope it last up to OSCAR.. he deserves the recognition and a WIN..

  309. 309
    Rose Says:

    IMO, if you are a fan of Brad/Angie, you don’t go to their movie the day of the opening, early viewing and get on their thread and give a not so flattering review. I would believe you could hold your review for a few days. Then, after a larger audience had the opportunity to see this movie for themselves, then have a true discussion. Giving your half negative review is only helping the trolls to write negative comments. However, the reviews have been very positive. Not everyone is going to like every movie 100percent. Brad worked very hard promoting this movie under some very harsh comments because he had the gall to talk about his life. Thinking back to the 90s, Brad was not with his X wife until the late 90s, I believe they started dating middle of 1998. So it just boggles my mind what the stink was about. He then said his marriage was not fulfilling to him because he was dull and trying to please others not himself, then he left. What was so wrong with this? Now, I’m done with this subject. Enjoy Moneyball.

  310. 310
    neer Says:…-during-?urn=mlb-wp20459
    Billy Beane’s SABR skills fail him during kiss with Angelina Jolie
    ‘Duk – September 22, 2011
    For a guy who really values getting on base, BILLY BEANE really blew it.
    Big time.
    Put in the position of sharing a smooch with one of the world’s most beautiful women, the Oakland Athletics general manager whiffed instead during a red-carpet kiss with Angelina Jolie.
    He gladly admits it, too. During an interview with KNBR’s Murph & Mac on Thursday, Beane turned his awkward encounter with the A-list actress at the premiere of “Moneyball” into a funny and self-deprecating comment on the statistical movement that made him famous.
    Beane, who is portrayed in the film by Jolie’s husband Brad Pitt, says he might have been better off relying on all those scouts who are marginalized in the book and movie.
    From KNBR:
    “It was actually in Toronto at the film festival. She was out here [in Oakland] for filming and I had seen her. We went for the kiss on the cheek … and I only went to one side and she was coming over from Europe and London and so she went both sides as I was pulling back. I was completely unprepared for the foreign exchange.
    “That’s where a scouting report would’ve helped to realize that she was coming from Europe and would’ve done that. It was a complete faux pas on my part.”


  311. 311
    truth. Says:

    All of a sudden Ben Stiller And Aniston are in to charity. It is about time. Bothe of their movies always stink unless they have terrific co stars like DiNiro and and a dog. I am sorry I can not stand Aniston. She is the biggest phoney in Hollywood. As for being a racist I guess this is supposed to change that image but as long as she lives the lfe she leafs with the friends she has I will never change my mind about that. Americas Sweetheart my eye. More like she duped America for all these years and now she has to step up because she was called out by so many people. Sorry this is an Angie thread. God Bless the JP’s and love seeing Angie happy.

  312. 312
    LOVE Moneyball Says:

    “Moneyball” is the best baseball movie ever made because the strength of it, the sheer will of it, isn’t about baseball.

    (UPDATED) “Moneyball” is about defiance. It’s about having the guts to do something in the face of people who tell you you’re wrong, and that you’re stupid for even trying. While Ken Burns’ “Baseball,” the documentary that had been at the top of my personal list, is the definitive story of the game, “Moneyball” is a story that will resonate with anyone who has had to rethink his life since the personal computer changed the world.

    In other words, everyone.

    Brad Pitt just might win an Oscar for his headstrong performance as Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s, who is trying to figure out how to win professional baseball games when most of the money is working against him.

  313. 313
    busted Says:


    I think Ben has always done charity. the thing with Aniston is she always seems to come aboard things that others do the hard work for. Never out front. Never the lead. Never the spark. Always the kindling that is thrown in after the blaze starts. She piggybacks causes. She has done it time and time again. But you never ever here that she took a stand for anything. Just like the Cancer movies. She came on board when they needed funding. She wasn’t the spearhead. Just like in her movies. She is the one attached to other.. that fattened tick. She is also doing it with this Justin guy. He is a writer.. I suspect he is more into the “Art” thing that she is. Have we ever seen this woman at an Art show anywhere. Her fans will spin that Jenny poo works in private. YEAH RIGHT.

    She is in promotion mode for that TV movie . But of course her fans spin it that she is stalked by the paps. I just think it is a hoot that she is so visible during the week of Brad’s promotion. She loves and craves the attention. things is nobody cares about her and Squiggy.

    To the Hag Army.. what is her next project outside the TV movie. What is Justin doing next. Sorry forgot you don’t really keep track of her do you. But I bet ever troll knows the JPs upcoming projects.. real or speculated. That is the way it is.

  314. 314
    More Moneyball Love Says:

    rwolfe09 @CaseyBond I saw Moneyball tonight. Absolutely phenomenal!
    K_Wales Jus left the movies wit my bro @stephencbishop for his opening night for his movie MoneyBall with Brad Pitt. Great job!! A must see..
    DamonLindelof @JonahHill had an extremely high on-base percentage in MONEYBALL. See this movie, people.

    (Yes, that is THE Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost- twitter-verified!)

  315. 315
    True Says:

    Big date night- seeing Moneyball. FINALLY a movie we can both agree on- YES!!!!
    rose- yeah, the 90s- I was waiting for fishy to start complaining, too- we all know she loves a good name-drop/coat-tail (e.g., her recent Jane Pitt drop)…however, even a SHAMELESS fame-ho like fishy realizes that complaining about an x like manny does makes you lookeven more of a loser than people already know that you are. Once again, manny managed to clearly demonstrate why every guy runs screaming from her- well, at least she is consistent!

  316. 316
    Rose Says:

    @True: True, I see I’m not the only one who remembered the 90s. Sad spook fans taking credit for the 90s only shows they are all phonies trying to bring Brad and Angie down. The truth will come out in the end. Fans, support Moneyball.

  317. 317
    Dull Boriniston Says:

    Congratulations Brad, happy for you.

  318. 318
    Catching Up Says:

    Again, wwtdd cuts through the bs (funny!):
    Long story short; Jennifer Aniston is a dull witted bore, and Brad Pitt insinuated as much in Parade magazine, which of course made her go all apesh*t. (wwtdd then mocks the team-ticky claim that Brad is “jealous” that ticky’s “in love”):
    Hahaha, hahaha. Yeah, yeah that’s totally it. Brad Pitt is jealous of Anistons C-list boyfriend who’s name I dont feel like looking up because who cares. And the Patriots are jealous of the Chiefs too. By the way, name anything Jennifer Aniston has ever done that was interesting in any way. For example, here are some things Angelina Jolie has done in the past 12 months:

    - Secretly went to Ramstein Air Force base in Germany to visit injured American troops (more).
    - Visited the Tunisian-Libyan border as part of her role as a UN ambassador (more).
    - Went to Pakistan with the UN Human Refugee Agency “to draw the world’s attention towards the plight of 21 million people affected by the country’s worst-ever floods.” (more)
    - Moved out of their mansion in France and into a mansion in Scotland (more).

    And here’s a list for Aniston…

    - Got ripped off by a vending machine.
    - Saw a pelican.

    Brad Pitt has some nerve!

  319. 319
    al Says:

    Quote:Audiences really liked this pic: it received all A’s — male, female, young, old — from CinemaScor

    The movie is going to have legs

  320. 320
    Coffeebreak Says:

    No doubt to say : She is georgeus, beautifull and kind..
    Please all haters, be honest, you just jelous of her..
    Because she is perfect..
    Dont judge a person like you are very very very right and never make any wrong things or sins

  321. 321
    moniq Says:

    great kid!

  322. 322
    bdj Says:

    Even boodock Lamey would be ashamed of the troll. Lamey would disown the troll for bad writing, if nothing else.

  323. 323
    truth. Says:

    Lisa Bloom has a great article about Angelina at Vanguard Press. True article not some Laimey Gossip.

  324. 324
    bdj Says:

    Boondock Lamey is too far up Goopy, Baby Jane and her matchy matchy little man’s asses to care about BP and AJ.

  325. 325
    bdj Says:

    Moneyball is doing great. Glad to see it is tracking well with all Audiences. It is a great flick. Check it out today. BP is outstanding.

  326. 326
    seven years, six kids Says:

    troll is in pain- trolls hate to see a happy family. Year after year, same old lies about the sweet JPs- just substitute the tine & date and the number of kids and you’d think it was 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010…it must be so humiliating to be so very wrong time and time again. Seeing Moneyball TODAY!!

  327. 327
    Rose Says:

    @true, about the 90s and Brad’s Parade interview: did you noticed not one of those entertainment shows tried to set the record straight. You would believe NBC a legitimate news outlet would correct this lie, That X was with BP for only a year and a half in. the 90s. To do this would take the slimy juice out of their story and Brad was not slamming the sad spook. We know that the sad spook’s fans have to keep the lie alive but NBC by not pointing out the fact was shameful for a ligit news org.We know fishy will correct this soon, lol, she was a part of the 90s, or now she wants to run away from that time of his life. It must be so frustrating for B/A to see all the injustice in the media against them.

  328. 328
    bdj Says:

    Let’s hope she does not show up high or drunk this time. Ole girl can barely talk sober. Next time she will clap like a seal, grab McGreedy in a choke hold(like she did myboo Gerry) and burst out crying at the beautiful sight of Angelina Jolie. Stay at home ole coke and toke.

  329. 329
    African Girl Says:

    (UPDATED) “Moneyball” is about defiance. It’s about having the guts to do something in the face of people who tell you you’re wrong, and that you’re stupid for even trying.
    “Moneyball” is a story that will resonate with anyone who has had to rethink his life since the personal computer changed the world.
    Is it just me or does this not describe BP to the T? No wonder the movie is considered his BEST, he can identify with it!!!
    Going to see Moneyball today, can’t wait!!!

  330. 330
    bdj Says:

    A BIT of hunky Hollywood glamour came to the former USAF air base at Heyford Park last week – in the shape of Brad Pitt.

    The base provided two locations for the zombie thriller World War Z – the former PX store, which became a looted supermarket, and the bleak Quick Response Area, with its imposing guard towers and barbed wire fences.

    Film location manager Ben Gladstone said: “The unique architecture at Heyford Park perfectly fitted the look and feel of the film.

    “We spent a lot of time looking at a variety of different Cold War bases, but we felt that Heyford Park was perfect for World War Z.”

    Paul Silver, executive director of Heyford Park owners The Dorchester Group, said: “Heyford Park has a long history of film projects, including blockbusters Octopussy and Children of Men, as well as advertising campaigns for Adidas and David Beckham.

    “We were delighted to have such a high-profile project filmed on our site and we can’t wait to see the finished product.”

    The film is due to be released by Paramount Pictures on December 21.

    It has been directed by Marc Forster, whose previous work includes Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner and the most recent James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

    The story follows United Nations employee Gerry Lane, played by Pitt, who is caught in a race to stop a zombie pandemic which is toppling governments and threatening to destroy humanity.

  331. 331
    bdj Says:

    Pitt’s ‘Moneyball’ hits a grand slam

    In baseball parlance, “Moneyball” hits a grand slam, the highest score you can obtain in one at-bat. Not just a great baseball movie, this is a winner for story, character and dialogue – all things that should matter.

  332. 332
    briseis Says:

    I am so happy that Moneyball is doing greatly. I guess those who predicted the demise of Brad’s career because of one throwaway comment that was perceived to be about the whiny, put-upon, biitch of an ex-wife now have to eat crow. Why will the male portion of the population, who are the target audience of MB anyway, care about gossip? They want to see a good sports movie. I might not be a male but I love watching a good sports movie too, I loved Kevin Costner’s baseball trilogy (the excellent Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, and the not-so-good For Love of the Game), and I even liked The Blind Side and Remember the Titans even though I am not remotely into football.
    Tomorrow I am going to add to the BO take. I hope MB makes the projected amount and maintains its number 1 ranking.

  333. 333
    Dl Says:

    Lamey knows nothing about the JP’s.. She even acknowledges so by always stating the JP’s keep it tight… That’s why she was one of the first along with Perez Hilton to dispute “world of the news” big breakup story in 2010… Saying it would never go down like this…so you and your so called laney scoop is BS…Do you really believe geyer and holly would be speaking to lamey… They probably don’t know who she is as with Angie when interviewed by her for Kung Fu panda 2…

  334. 334
    bdj Says:

    Gift from businessman in Springfield helps Columbia College expand campus in Rolla
    September 24, 2011|edited news release

    ROLLA, Mo. — Columbia College-Rolla announced a leadership gift of more than $800,000 from Springfield-area entrepreneur and real estate developer Jim D. Morris at the campus’ 15th anniversary celebration held Friday at its North Bishop Avenue location.

    His philanthropic resume is extensive, with donations to the Boys & Girls Town of Missouri; Care to Learn Fund for Springfield Public Schools, co-founded with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; a 1926 art deco theater in Springfield, the Gillioz; continuing education and athletic facilities for Missouri State University; fire departments, health centers and many more.

  335. 335
    bdj Says:–golden-boy-brad-pitt-proves-he-s-an-actor-too

    Entire article at link

    Golden boy Brad Pitt proves he’s an actor, too

    And that ethos is precisely the one Pitt has embraced over the past six years. The 2005 action comedy Mr. & Mrs. Smith was the biggest smash of his career. But instead of following the money, he’s leveraged his star power to take consistently weird and wonderful chances, sometimes as part of a larger ensemble, sometimes carrying a picture on his own. He made quietly devastating use of a relatively small part in the multi-character Babel and was just as potent as a goofy, airhead gym rat in the Coen brothers’ comedy Burn After Reading. He gracefully ceded centre stage to Casey Affleck in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (itself a dreamy, sprawling meditation on the morphology of fame), then anchored David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and, this year, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life.

    Both those ambitious, uneven dramas found Pitt capable of the expressiveness, specificity and focus that distinguishes a performance from a mere star turn. But in the far more accessible, warm and viscerally satisfying Moneyball, Pitt seems finally to have achieved an equilibrium between the two — balancing the celebrity of the audience’s projections and the artist who went along for the ride on that fateful trip out of Missouri. He could have been a star, but it turns out that Brad Pitt was an actor all along.

    The Associated Press

  336. 336
    Dl Says:

    You are confusing the JP ‘s with sad spook who confronts the haters and offers favors and scoops…to be nice to her i.e. Perez Hilton, eonline, handijob, and probably lamey… Each one had horrible things to say about her until she paid them off.. Hats off to Joan rivers who still hasn’t back down most likely because of her hatred for handijob….

  337. 337
    Curious George Says:


    Does anyone else see a trend. I think everyone that has been on handjob’s show has had a BOMB at the BO..Even the comedians that work with her.

    Here’s hoping she and SS continue to have a long long friendship

  338. 338
    gracie Says:

    I read on JJB that Angie has landed a role with Oscar winning director Danny Boyle and the movie is a thriller, if that’s true that is fantastic news. I really want to see her in another movie. I have missed her. The article also says they are going to stay in Richmond for another 6mths. I think she and the kids love it there, that’s fabulous. I’m looking forward to seeing her directorial debut ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ when it comes out.

  339. 339
    Premalee Says:

    BDJ thanks for your info. A steadfast JP fan. All the best.

  340. 340

    To Maniston & all her minions, hopefully you have learnt a GREAT LESSON. l know the BOX-OFFICE #’S are not final but for Brad’s movie to be on top despite the NEGATIVITY that has been thrown his way in the past week is a HUGE TRIUMPH for him. lf MANISTON was as beloved as her ego & minions, would have us believe, Brad’s movie would have tanked big time!!!! 1st becoz of Manny & 2ndly it being a movie about baseball. But thank God this has gone to PROVE that there is always an intelligent audience out there, outside of these stupid blogs, who don’t care about the SCORNED, DULL, PATHETIC, MISERABLE ex-wife. And that, Brad & Angie haters are ONLY A FEW VOCAL IDIOTS who Jump from blog to blog leaving negative posts about the Brangie. BRAD & ANGIE are TEFLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at how Warner brothers is going after Brad for 2 huge movie offers even with the **** that has been going on, and better still even before the final weekend box numbers are out!!!!!!. All this to say……SHAME ON MANISTON for trying to HIJACK & RUIN BRAD’S movie weekend by show-casing her midget the entire week just so that Brad’s movie can tank. JENNIFER MANISTON U R TOTALLY IRRELEVANT – if Brad’s movie can open on top after last week’s drama!!!! Give up trying to compete with them, coz u and midget look SO PATHETIC & JUVENILE!!

  341. 341

    Brad Pitt is bringing zombies to Kobanya

    September 23, 2011

    Adam Goodman is the President of Production for Paramount Pictures.

    He announced that filming for World War Z will take place in Kobanya, which is the 10th district of Budapest, Hungary.

    One of the filming sites is an old canning factory building.

    The filming schedule is still evolving, but the shoot will take place from approximately October 10 through November 10.
    Angie and the kids will not be going,count on it, jolie is not playing this time

  342. 342
    bdj Says:

    Geez if you are going to lie and spin, don’t include a link. The ole school trolls on Just Jared were much smarter than the hit and whine trolls today. They were some angry bi*ches but at least they were passionate and hurt over the demise of the fake Golden Couple. Today, all you get are 3rd rate rag trolls.

    via Google
    Brad Pitt during the filming of the series, including Angelina Jolie will be staying in Budapest.

  343. 343

    Gossips have to go ,i’ll leave you with this, one of the breaking points was pitt doing these back to back to back to back movies, this zombie movie is damn near 7 months long going into november, is he filming WAR AND PEACE, this damn well be worth it, he promised the jolie he would spend more time with the family, but what does he do he signs up for the GREY MAN,in january,ouch,MB,CT,WWZ,GM,jolie had enough,the oscar spining from sony and pitt team is going to be funny to see,love you gossips,ps angie and the kids will be in london and NYC,in nov and dec not hungary

  344. 344
    bdj Says:

    Take a break Troll with all your other fake names and fake fan BS. I hope whichever rag you work for has an editor.

  345. 345
    anustin Says:

    its incomplete Maniston.add more 50.

  346. 346
    who Says:

    This Lainey can’t write above the second grade level I guess.

  347. 347
    truth. Says:

    Laimey is going to be upset with this impersonating troll but that’s what happens when you deal in tabloid fodder. Brad and Angie are and have been fine through all this foolishness and that is what drives the hens and haters crazy. Aniston however is making an appearance every day to try and prove how in love she and the little stump man are. She even let’s him play with her money, how together is that. LOL. Poor hen fans are just so desparate that they don’t realize how this stupid triangle stuff is hurting ANiston much more than Brad and Angie. The JP’s are a family and live and love as one, while X and stumpy are playing house hoping it sells. Just more PR games.

  348. 348
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening to all my JP wherever you are. I think Brad really pushes the trolls to the edge because of his MANIston comment and the great reviews he has received for MB. The trolls are all nuts, crazy, and really piss.

  349. 349
    abcd Says:

    We are not interested in this Lamey cross-eyed gossip. DO NOT BRING ANYTHING FROM Lamey here. This is Brad and Angie’s thread.

  350. 350
    anustin Says:

    bahahaha…Maniston lookin like theroux…soo der baby will be lookin exactly like theroux.cute!!!lol

  351. 351
    Hahahaa Says:

    Brad is gentleman, Justin isn’t !
    Episode One : Umbrella !

  352. 352
    I slept thru Moneyball Says:

    Literally :(

  353. 353
    tazzy Says:

    @Catching Up:

    Now that is funny, LOL.

  354. 354
    Give Me a Break Says:



    I bet their baby, if ever, will look like a spoon. That is, if Jennifer doesn’t decide to eat her fetus once again to look young, which is more important to her. LOL!

  355. 355
    tish Says:

    Tks a milll bdj for all the goodies you put in for us on a reg. basis. is very appreciated. Also extremely noticable is how you
    know a troll and give hem a good upfront slap in the chops before they even get started. with their bull. We are very fortunate to have you here on our side….again tks for everything..

  356. 356
    tish Says:

    Tks a milll bdj for all the goodies you put in for us on a reg. basis. is very appreciated. Also extremely noticable is how you
    know a troll and give hem a good upfront slap in the chops before they even get started. with their bull. We are very fortunate to have you here on our side….again tks for everything..

  357. 357
    anustin Says:

    and the trollniston are thumbing ur post!! dunno what’s wrong with these people…we can’t lie period! both are fuggy they cant pay my azz millions just to say…she’s pretty.burf!

  358. 358
    ex Jen fan Says:

    @I slept thru Moneyball:

    When Jennifer was promoting her movie ‘The Switch’ in the ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ TV show, she was asked why she seems to be doing the same kind of movie and playing the same kind of role which is no longer appropriate to her age. She answered, “That’s what I do to earn my living. I play a ******.”
    Of course she got called out for using the word ‘******’. She should have been called out also for indirectly acknowledging that she really thinks her fans are delusional and, should we say in the politically correct manner, INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED.
    And you, my dear friend, should just keep on watching ANUStain’s movies.

  359. 359
    anustin Says:


    moron!! u can’t afford a ticket.maybe outside the theater.

  360. 360
    I slept thru Moneyball Says:

    Sorry girls, I was just being honest. Moneyball was a snoozefest.

  361. 361
    ex Jen fan Says:

    @I slept thru Moneyball:

    Honesty is not a trait of ANUSton, her PR agent, and her fans.

  362. 362
    bdj Says:

    Hens should not be allowed to see movies that make them think. Just go watch Baby Jane flip hair, twitch face and try to make forehead move rom com crapfest.

  363. 363
    bdj Says:

    “Moneyball” is a thinking person’s baseball movie, and a baseball fan’s thinking movie.

    It’s based on the Michael Lewis book about Billy Beane, the ex-ballplayer turned Oakland A’s general manager who upended the game by rebuilding his team through cold-hearted statistical analysis called “sabermetrics.” “Moneyball” takes a dry story about numbers and no-name ballplayers and turns it into something funny, deep and illuminating.

    love the baseball stuff in this multi-writer script, but also the “Art of War”-style maneuvering that Pitt’s Beane becomes known for, the pithy wisecracks that sum up how one plays the general manager’s game — “When your enemy’s making mistakes, don’t interrupt him.”

    Pitt makes this guy flawed, uncertain, temperamental and impulsive. His is a performance that makes this an inside baseball movie that even non-fans can understand and enjoy. And he plays this confidence-starved gambler with a verve that Oscar voters are almost sure to reward, sometime after the dust has settled on another baseball season.

  364. 364
    bdj Says:

    ‘Moneyball’ tops Friday B.O.
    Pitt baseball pic scores with $6.8 mil

    Sony’s “Moneyball” swung for first last night at the domestic box office with $6.8 million.

    Studio believes the Brad Pitt starrer will behave much like last year’s “The Social Network,” showing off its legs with adult auds up through awards season. That given, “Moneyball” should land somewhere in the high teens to win this weekend. Pic scored an A Cinemascore from every demo.

  365. 365
    gracie Says:

    Scroll down and see Angie up in the air with Maddox — so cool.

  366. 366
    CSW Says:

    To me the best part of Moneyball is that it is against sport movie cliché, I think it is brilliant.

  367. 367
    anustin Says:

    thanks miss bdj.for the hard work.

    thank you,also gracie for the pix link.

  368. 368
    bdj Says:–Peckham-Brad-Pitt-sets-London-alight-shoots-scenes-new-movie.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

    Pixs of BP on set. Ignore the Daily Junk writeup. Baby Jane got those bitter hens on speed dial.

  369. 369
    imo Says:

    wierd to give a kid flying lessons unless he wants to be a pilot

  370. 370
    bdj Says:

    Happy Saturday to all the fans. Thanks for all the feedback.

  371. 371
    Anjolie Says:

    Congrats to Angelina!She really is a wonderful,caring and strong woman!Being listed on a list with Nelson Mandela,Bill Gates etc is AMAZING!Go Angelina!!!
    And also congrats to Brad’s Moneyball for winning Friday’s BO!

  372. 372
    money ball flops Says:

    So much for early Friday box office projections: Updated data shows Disney’s “The Lion King,” in weekend No. 2 of a 3D re-release, pulling away from the pack and on pace to gross around $24 million for the weekend.

    That same raw box office data had Sony’s Brad Pitt baseball film, “Moneyball,” winning the box office with around $23 million this weekend. Better developed estimates now have the film grossing around $19 million.

    to all the pitt fans here, this loser pitt cant even bit lion king in its 2nd week out. like come on, the promotion 4 moneyball was crazy and with all the oscar buzz lol. the help with no A list actress in it opened better than this. disappointing.

  373. 373
    anustin Says:

    go support therouxniston!!! she’s so happy in new work while her mama suffering from stroke.atta good daughter.

  374. 374
    dd Says:

    @I slept thru Moneyball: so you wasted $10 to watch a movie that you slept thru?. you loved it just admit.

  375. 375
    duhduh Says:

    Box office mojo said monkeyball needed to cross 20 million because it’s a brad Pitt movie . Its gonna make 19 milliion.

  376. 376
    :) Says:

    @I slept thru Moneyball:

    Thx for buying the ticket. As noted by the article bdj posted most viewers gave the movie an A. So maybe you are sleep deprived. Go back to bed.

  377. 377
    Passing Through Says:

    # 309 Rose @ 09/24/2011 at 5:45 am
    Rose -
    I think you’re blowing CHM’s comments out of proportion. She’s a sweetheart and certainly didn’t meant to discourage others from seeing it. She just gave her honest reaction to the movie and I don’t see why she should have to wait a few days to state her opinion. Not everybody’s going to be crazy about every movie Brad and Angie make. Some people loved TT. I thought it was okay and said so right after I saw it on the 2nd day. It really isn’t that big a deal. The trolls are going to talk out of their ass regardless of whether or not CHM liked the movie or not. They’re morons and nobody GAFF what they think anyway.

  378. 378
    duhduh Says:

    @money ball flops: all of the sites are spinning it as if it’s a good # for a huge star like brad. Its not gonna pass 20 like mojo said it needed to do

  379. 379
    Linda Says:

    Congratulations to Brad for winning Friday box office. If there is one person could make baseball film interesting, that is Brad Pitt. I have seen it and loved it. Brad was awesome and so was the film and the cast. Bring on the awards season.

  380. 380
    Passing Through Says:

    # 311 truth. @ 09/24/2011 at 6:32 am
    Be fair, please. Ben Stiller has been involved with several charities for a long time. I can remember seeing him with his parents at charity events through the years, so I’m not going to call him a piler-on.
    It’s just that now you’re hearing about it and seeing pix because Ticky is coattail-riding Stiller through his friendship with Squiggy. That’s how the ho rolls. Stiller’s been involved with the Artists for Haiti campaign since it’s inception and unlike Ticky he’s actually been to Haiti and worked on the ground there after the earthquake. Ticky, per usual, is trying to walk somebody else’s talk.

  381. 381
    :) Says:

    “All the site are spinning it” but we are to believe a troll who knows nothing about movies and has no connection to what studios expected. LOL Okay honey keep screaming to the Ocean.

  382. 382
    Passing Through Says:

    # 313 busted @ 09/24/2011 at 7:21 am

    I think Ben has always done charity. the thing with Aniston is she always seems to come aboard things that others do the hard work for. Never out front. Never the lead. Never the spark. Always the kindling that is thrown in after the blaze starts. She piggybacks causes. She has done it time and time again.
    LOL. I just said pretty much the same thing. I should’ve kept reading.
    Look, I’m going to throw Ticky a bone – at her head, yes, but I’m still throwing one… Not too long ago I was digging around one of the photo agencies’ archive and for something Brad-related from The Dark Years and stumbled across pix of Ticky at a St. Judes Children’s Hospital fundraiser in mid-2003. Brad was in Malta, so it’s not something he had to drag her to like he used to try to do with some of the charities he supported. However…she was CCA and CCA was a chairperson for them that year. You knew there had to be a catch, didn’t you? LOL. Ticky can coattail-ride like a mofo.

  383. 383
    duhduh Says:

    @:): erc and box office. Com. Are both saying monkeyball will make 19 and it was box office mojo -not a troll- that said the movie needed to cross 20 and their predictiction was 23. now brad will have to werk it overseas :(

  384. 384
    bdj Says:

    duh troll. Go worry about wolf boy and the marketing of him as the next Tom Cruise. All that money spent on that no acting Twilight reject got some studio executive with ulcers. BP and Moneyball will do just fine. The rabid hen and her PR boss thought they could derail Moneyball. Baby Jane couldn’t open a hair salon with all the biased media press in the world. Never mind one of her lame rom coms.

  385. 385
    bdj Says:

    Box Office Report: Brad Pitt’s ‘Moneyball’ Tops Friday; Taylor Lautner’s ‘Abduction’ Lands at No. 4

    Sony’s Brad Pitt baseball drama Moneyball topped the Friday box office with an estimated $6.8 million, putting it on course to score the best opening ever for a baseball drama with a projected weekend take of $20 million and solidifying the film’s awards standing..

  386. 386
    bdj Says:

    Moneyball: Brad Pitt Is Perfect Representation of Billy Beane

    Moneyball star actor Brad Pitt does a fantastic job representing Oakland Athletics Billy Beane in both the personal and professional aspects of his life.

    Beane is a man obsessed with living up to his predictions, and using statistics and mathematical formulas to determine which players can be successes in Major League Baseball.

    Pitt plays this role perfectly, and really gives us a sense of how difficult Beane’s life was as he rose to prominence among the ranks of baseball’s great minds.

    Moneyball is a fantastic film that pays great attention to the small details of Beane and his story, and in the process creates an emotional and exciting film.

  387. 387


  388. 388
    ROTFLMAO Says:

    funny the jolie or her kids never visit pitt on set.that says alot.

  389. 389
    an oldie Says:

    We went to see Moneyball yesterday. Loved it. It’s not a baseball movie. It’s about how smart strategy wins over just plain money loads. Like Brad said, it’s about an underdog winning. It was exhilarating and funny at some points, moving at some others. Brad had a wide range of emotions shown in this movie. The critics are right, he was at his best. Jonah Hill was great also, and they play well together. People’s Choice Awards should nominate them for Best Chemistry. LOL. I’ve never watched JH, but with this movie I think he is a good actor. If you expect high drama acting like Sandra Bullock in TBS or Julia Roberts in EB, you won’t see it. Brad was more subtle. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil the movie for you so I won’t say more.

  390. 390
    cute Says:

    I gotta say how gorgeous and sexy Brad is Moneyball, the man still has ti.

  391. 391
    LAURA Says:

    POOR duhduh:

  392. 392
    Is an Angelina thread!go away! Says:

    guys, is an Angelina thread, right? stop w/ comments about brad/ jen/ his movies/her life/their past or somebody else!

    some people here is only ANGELINA FAN no brangelina fan! LIKE ME!!
    (seriously, no joke)

  393. 393
    LAURA Says:

    I slept thru Moneyball:

  394. 394
    gracie Says:

    # 369 imo

    You dumb ass, when you take your kid out in your car for whatever reason, are you giving him/her a driving lesson? Gush, you trolls have no brain. May be, you don’t own a car or you’re not a parent, most kids like to tag along with their parents for a ride — we can’t all afford a plane so we take them in our car — It’s called fun ride.

  395. 395
    MR.$MRS.SMITH Says:


  396. 396
    lol Says:

    Susan Sarandon! looks better and younger then Ticky.

  397. 397
    Moneyball Review Says:

    ‘Moneyball’ Movie Review: The Only Game in Town

    By Ellen Killoran | September 24, 2011 1:43 PM EDT

    Brad Pitt is pitch-perfect as Billy Beane, the general manager of the generally losing Oakland Athletics who fought his way out of a corner and radically changed the way major league baseball was played.

  398. 398
    seven years, six kids Says:

    Yes- Handjob sure seems like a jinx- she is exec producer on that Whitney show and is getting awful reviews/ratings. I think CH is also involved in the 2 broke girls show, but it’s on cbs, so the ratings aren’t as bad. I’ve seen that Whitney lady on other stuff & she seems funny/nice, but getting involved w/ nasty chelsea handjob is REALLY bad news & apparently bad for your career. In manny’s case, she was doing very poorly before CH, so maybe manny is the jinx or jinxes attract each other.
    Curious George @ 09/24/2011 at 9:43 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +24


    Does anyone else see a trend. I think everyone that has been on handjob’s show has had a BOMB at the BO..Even the comedians that work with her.

    Here’s hoping she and SS continue to have a long long friendship

  399. 399
    Moneyball Oakland RC Says:

    So cute, Brad says Angie is babysitting, then he wishes a fan happy birthday.

  400. 400
    Sonia Says:

    For heavens sake, is that the bride of chucky???? what has happened to AJ? She is thin as a stick and pale as a ghost, my lord!!

    You fans instead of degrading others, should encourage her to see a doctor, all her pictures looks like she is on the verge of collapse, always holding on to something, and that’s a fact! I am shocked at how she looks in the above pictures!

  401. 401
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Passing Through:


    PT, I may be wrong but I don’t think the poster at #185 is the real Cold Hard Math. I think her name was stolen. Not that there is anything wrong with her not being very impressed with MB, (if it is infact CHM) it’s just that CHM posts at JJB and RARELY posts at JJ, but she has not posted anything about MB at JJB. I think the poster “ThanFul” was also posting as CHM. Have you noticed both disappeared at the same time?

    I was planning to see the movie today, but something unavoidable came up, so I will wait until next weekend to add to MB’s BO total.

  402. 402
    dianad1968 Says:

    ^^^should read “the poster ThankFul”.

  403. 403
    rescue Says:

    I admire this grand lady, Angelina, so much. Not only did she reveal her youthful faults, she overcame them. She makes you want to become a better person by her ACTIONS. People don’t like answering the hard questions about themselves so they blame Angie in Hollywood.
    Rock on, Jolie and all the little Jolie-Pitts. Go see ‘Moneyball’! Brad Pitt and his entire family knows what a gem Angelna Jolie is and how Brad has grown as man since meeting Jolie. Fact.

  404. 404
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    Saw Moneyball today, FANTASTIC Movie, well acted all the way around, BP was exceptional I hope he has this much screen time in WWZ
    gotta say Pitt looked soooooooooo Handsome!

  405. 405
    rescue Says:

    Ack! Wonky-eyed Lamey should never have children, just like Anuston.

  406. 406
    Jennipoo Says:

    Hope this doesn’t post twice, but that JJ has been trying to shake up my Hen house. Just wanna let my hens know that I’ll be back with another poem to help you lament my poor desperate life.

    A shout out to my special trolls who have taken to the blogs 24/7 while making no sense at all. Keep’ em confused trolls, that’s our motto. Well, gotta go. I heard someone say something about something that I could have been, would have been, should have been involved in if I like uh, didn’t have to be involved.

    Yoo hoo, Justin! Wait up Babe, my Depends is leaking.

  407. 407
    bdj Says:

    Get a life troll and stop using Regular names to spread viruses. #407 is a troll.

  408. 408
    bdj Says:

    For the Tweet Queen.

    JonahHill Jonah Hill
    Go see MONEYBALL this weekend if you haven’t already!

    alafairburke Alafair Burke author
    If you’re looking for a good movie this weekend, go see Moneyball. I don’t even like baseball and loved every second of it.

    RobRiggle Rob Riggle
    MONEYBALL is worth your time and money… just sayin’…

    JGuthrie46 Jeremy Guthrie
    Wow, Strong endorsement! RT @JerrySeinfeld: “MoneyBall” my new favorite movie of all time! Disregard all previous!

  409. 409
    busted Says:

    Just a note to all fans.. PT never gives links.

    Don’t click on any links.. EVER if you are not sure. Sad that these freaks are so insane they now resort to trying to damage computers. Flag it and move on.

  410. 410
    Marcus From PA Says:

    Heniston fans are delusional just like the hen herself. Hen wants everybody to believe that she is happy. Heniston I see you did not get my message stop sending your little hen trolls here. Moneyball was awesome. Maddox is getting so big. Can;t believe he is ten. Seems just like yesterday he was attached to angies Hip.

  411. 411
    rochelle Says:

    seriously, that is a pretty fake smile

  412. 412
    Moneyball Rules! Says:

    more Moneyball praise- This tweet is from Rob Riggle. Rob is on The Daily Show & has been in a bunch of comedy movies (he has 1.1 million followers):

    RobRiggle MONEYBALL is worth your time and money… just sayin’….

  413. 413

    2 min ago on Twitter
    If anyone cares, Moneyball is a really great film. Show’s the true versatility of an actor in Brad Pitt.
    I haven’t seen a single negative comment YET on Twitter about people who have seen the movie

  414. 414
    bdj Says:

    The chemistry between Pitt and Hill practically crackles the screen. Pitt, all glib confidence and bravado, vs. Hill’s meek, deer-in-the-headlights look of a young man thrown in way over his head. Pitt appears to be aging gracefully from hunky star to handsome character actor, with a tanned face like a well-worn catcher’s mitt and a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Hill, free of raunch and wacky shenanigans, displays an intelligence and subtlety to his humor that shows a growing maturity and skill that compliments Pitt’s performance perfectly.

    Director Bennett Miller (“Capote”) echoes the grandeur of the script by keeping the film as tightly edited and as constantly in motion as a suspense thriller. It’s no small feat to keep an audience engaged through a two-hour film about baseball statistics. Ironically, “Moneyball” is probably more entertaining, enjoyable — and certainly faster-moving — than any major league baseball game. A home run, if you ask me.

  415. 415
    Moneyball Review Says:

    Brad Pitt, Moneyball Scores In Summer’s 9th Inning

    Jenny Shields, Wilmington Celebrity Headlines Examiner
    September 24, 2011

    Sorry Taylor Lautner. All bets say the go-to film this weekend is Moneyball, the late summer sleeper starring Brad Pitt. With an A-lister like Pitt at the helm, you would expect this film to be released during the height of the summer movie season. Instead it’s buried away in post summer pre-Christmas, off-season — too soon for the Thanksgiving rush and too late to rate as a summer hit. Yet when it comes to solid storyline, direction and pure enjoyment, the film smacks it out of the ballpark.

    Pitt stars as Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s General Manager desperate to land a winning baseball team despite having next to no budget to pay top salaries. When three of his ace players are snatched up by teams with ample cash to spend, Beane tries to scrape up someone up from the bottom of the barrel in Cleveland, only to discover even his out-picks are deemed off-limits. The recommendations of a fresh-out-of-college kid with no track baseball record, played perfectly by Jonah Hill, seem to to have no rhyme nor reason. Later Beane discovers the kid has a name, Peter Brand, along with a theory that defies tried and often not true baseball logic. After a series of flashbacks, Beane eventually buys into the concept and the rest, as they say, is history.

  416. 416

    Ebert: “I walked in knowing what the movie was about, but unprepared for its intelligence & depth.”

  417. 417
    Once Kaput always Kaput! Says:

    rochelle just tell SpinsterJen that her career is FINITO and KAPUT !

    SpinsterJen is KAPUT IN AND OUT…….Ouch….Ouch.

  418. 418

    another tweet 3 min ago:
    “Brad Pitt gets better with age!!!! Moneyball was such a great movie!! ;)”

  419. 419
    Moneyball Fan video Review Says:

    Moneyball is awesome.

  420. 420
    Jaye Says:

    Hey People! I’m stoked because of all the great reviews on Moneyball. . I love that the celebrities are encouraging their fans via all the social networks to go see Moneyball. A Grand Slam for Pitt and everyone involved with the movie.

  421. 421

    Tweets report :
    i saw moneyball last nite….. best movie ever
    Moneyball is superb. Brad Pitt is on a roll.
    I have one thing to say about #Moneyball —- Amazing!!!!
    Moneyball was awesome its a must watch
    Moneyball was EXCELLENT. Brad Pitt was great, as always. Really surprised to see how strong a performance Jonah Hill puts out.
    Just saw #MoneyBall. I didn’t understand how the book would translate to a movie but it was a great flick!
    Moneyball — it was almost as good as the book.
    Moneyball was tight y’all!.

    Moneyball was a great film. I don’t have interest in baseball, but it made me care. Mychael Danna had a fantastic score as well.

  422. 422
    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling... Says:

    SoYoureAnExpert I thought #Moneyball was phenomenally made, and a must-see for baseball fans (all sports fans, actually).
    Tru101 Anytime a movie can make u root for a team eventhough u already know the outcome…that’s a great movie. Great job #MONEYBALL
    Art_Ortiz3 @stephencbishop yo Bishop GREAT work brotha all around. I tip my hat to you and glad I could be part of all this.. #nicelefthandedswing lol

  423. 423
    Moneyball Review Says:

    Right on the Money(ball)
    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    I was wrong! Yeah, that is what you want to read as the lead in a fantasy baseball advice and analysis column on which you have been relying all year (I hope). About what was I wrong? Well, I was asked a few weeks ago whether Moneyball has anything to do with fantasy baseball. My answer was “of course! Billy Beane is living the dream of fantasy players the world over.” It did not take long for me to see my error. Early in the screening of the movie I was privileged to attend earlier this week, Billy Beane (in the person of the incomparable Brad Pitt) said with both conviction and resignation: “It is an unfair game.” Smack! It hit me. It is not that Billy Beane is living out a fantasy leaguer’s dream, it is that fantasy leaguers are living out Billy’s dream. Unlike in the real thing where one team can spend 100+ Million while another is limited to one-third of that (a fact well emphasized both visually and through dialogue), fantasy general managers DO play on an even playing field. Each team is limited to a mythical $260 budget; no one gets a penny more or a penny less. That is Billy Beane/Brad Pitt’s dream — equality — a dream Billy/Brad knows is reserved for the millions of fantasy GMs out there.

    Ok, I need to backtrack. I was not completely wrong. What a relief! There IS a lot that fantasy leaguers will recognize and with which they will identify while enjoying what is really a terrific film. Oh, and it is not the reliance on computers, newfangled statistics or fist pumping of the geek brotherhood. Then, what do I mean? Well, let’s start with one of Billy/Brad’s favorite sayings: “Because they are cheap!” Like the Beane character in the movie, many fantasy leaguers find themselves in situations where they have spent a majority of their budget but nevertheless must fill out their rosters. How to find the proverbial “diamond in the rough” or undervalued player to vault the team into contention is the annual conundrum that challenges fantasy leaguers and is the real joy of playing what is arguably America’s hobby. It is also what drives the Oakland GM throughout Moneyball. Neither Billy nor true fantasy baseball players take pride in being smart enough to draft Albert Pujols after 10 or so seasons of almost superhuman performance. There is no secret there. What fantasy leaguers thrive on and what makes them successful is getting the undervalued Melky or Asdrubal Cabrera cheap in the spring BEFORE their breakout.

    There are of course other familiar realizations that will come to fantasy leaguers while they revel in the movie. Specifically, there is no attention paid to starting pitching. Many fantasy leaguers believe pitching is inherently too unpredictable and therefore scarce resources are better spent on hitting. The venerated League of Alternative Baseball Reality known as LABR provides a case in point this year. Doug Dennis spent his scarce resources on offense, offense, and more offense and, barring an unprecedented collapse, will take home the gold when the season ends next week. [Note that because it is a movie, the filmmakers had poetic license to ignore completely the reality thatOaklandhad three of the best young hurlers in the game in 2002 – Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson and Barry Zito but I digress]

  424. 424
    Lurker Says:


    I believe her name was not stolen, she posted the same thing at the mega and at JPS.

  425. 425
    William Bradley&The Jolie Says:

    I address this to the film savvy fans here. The Lion King will probably get a bump from increased family attendance today and Sunday. Also, it’s benefitting from the higher 3D prices, and I think it’s also on more screens. Given these factors it will probably finish number one for the weekend, but Moneyball will probably come in number two. But I think the two factors Sony is looking at is how much in total the film pulls because it would indicate if the movie has legs and how much and how this weekend number indicates the final domestice run numbers because they need to much as possible in the states to cover production cost since the baseball themes may not translate well oversees. Does anyone have any thoughts on how much Sony might be looking for in order to shout out that they have a hit on their hands (although I would think just making it to second for an adult movie about baseball would be enough)?

    It would be fantastic if the movie makes back its production cost here, so when it does go overseas, it will be all profit. But I suspect that where this picture will really clean up is with the selling of tv rights and future dvd sales. And that is where Poppa Pitt will get paid for sure.

    Also, I don’t suppose there would be anyway that Sony would work in tandem (but undercover) with Fox Searchlight in campaigning Bradley for both Best Actor and Best Supporting in order to see that he secures at least one of these slots for the oscar?

  426. 426
    mmsic Says:

    I’m more of a Giants fan but went to see MB with my hubby last night.We both enjoyed it.My husband,who is not into celebrities,pretty much like what he saw in Brad’s acting and the movie in general.I really hope and pray MB will hit the Grand Slam this coming awards season with Brad getting an Oscar for Best Actor.Also,Congrats to Angie for always in the list of people who are liked,respected,admired,and trusted, not only here but all over the world.Shows there is justice after all.

  427. 427
    NO shiiit Says:

    If he thinks his life is pathetic then what his life called now? I mean he can’t hug and kiss his girl or simply be free and fun with her around her, he can’t say whatever he wants he had to go back to obeying, he can’t joke about anything the sad spook jokes but she can in her movies or even through friends, he can’t do anything. If you don’t know pathetic Brad you just is living it. YOU LIFE IS A TRAGIC NOT ONLY PATHETIC YOU JUST DIDN’T KNOW IT BECAUSE YOU ARE LIVING IT. I HOPE THAT HIS MOVIE BOMB A LITTLE SO HE WILL UNDERSTAND THE ONLY WAY FOR SUCCESS. be a man. say what the fcuk . Stop obeying shiiting on your pants.

  428. 428
    MB Review Says:

    No matter the subject, when a movie is really good, it’s universal.
    Moneyball is the ultimate underdog story, not just about the 2002 unlikely winning streak of the Oakland A’s. This is not one of those baseball films with a series of big games. Baseball fans will still enjoy the exciting scenes on the field, and find fascinating the hot-headed trading talk in the boardroom, but this movie is about much more than America’s pasttime. It is a celebration of the under-appreciated, undervalued, and the seemingly washed up, working together to show the world their worth.

  429. 429
    Passing Through Says:

    I just got back from seeing Moneyball – Fantastic movie! Loved it, loved it, loved! Now THAT is a “movie star” performance. I remember one reviewer said that it was classic old school Redford or Newman and ITA. As much as Brad looks like Redford it was more of a Newman-ish performance – tossing off one-liners with complete irreverence. Actually, I take that back – it was little of both. It was like watching Newman and Redford in Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid – only Brad was playing both Butch AND the Sundance Kid. Well done, Bradley. Jonah HIll was really good, too. I like the restraint he showed because it would have been so easy to make Peter Brad a bit flashier and portray him as a kind of statistics savant. Ditto with PSH. He can sometimes be too maniacal in his performances to me, so to see him tone it down as Art Howe was nice. I also see why the women’s roles were mainly cut from the movie. It really didn’t fit the tone of the movie to see that much of Billy’s personal life. It would have changed the entire POV of the movie, so that was a good decision by Bennett Miller.
    Also, I went to a 1pm showing and the theater was half-full and the audience was mixed. I saw one group of elderly ladies – there were 5 of them. In front of me was a group of college-age boys – about 6 of them and they cackled through the movie like it was a frat-boy flick. The movie IS funny in places, but you could tell these guys were sports freaks (most of them had on St. Louis Cardinals hats) and really got the jokes. I also saw several 30-something couples and quite a few older men in the audience. It was a good mix of people and everyone really seemed to enjoy the movie. I think it helps that it doesn’t play like a baseball movie. Even though you already know the outcome for the A’s it wasn’t disappointing to see their journey – and to see how a handful of guys revolutionized the way baseball teams are put together. The fact that richer teams then stole their model was inevitable. Darwinism and carnivores – that’s always going to lead to the smallest guy being lunch for the big guys. Or as Billy put it – the teams wth less money are like farm teams to the Yankes and BoSox – they develop the talent and Yankees come along with big bucks and steal them away. C’est la vie.

  430. 430
    Moneyball Review Says:

    Movie Review: MONEYBALL

    Moneyball is a 2011 dramatic film directed by Bennett Miller that tells the story of one game-changing year in the history of the Oakland Athletics franchise. After losing in the playoffs to the New York Yankees in 2001, A’s General Manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) is given the nearly impossible task of replacing some of his all-star talent with a budget that’s microscopic in comparison to some of the large market baseball teams. When he tries to utilize his scouts’ knowledge of the game, Billy realizes that the A’s are going to need a different approach if they want to compete with the big dogs. On a trip to Cleveland, he meets the young Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), a Yale economics graduate who keys Beane into the idea that there might be a computer-based way to create a championship team that the A’s could afford. Beane buys into the idea and shakes up the status quo, bringing in players his associates would normally deem useless. He faces a lot of opposition, especially from team manager Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who elects not to play the athletes in the manner Beane wants them to be played. Despite some early-season troubles, however, the team manages to find a groove and goes on to find a certain level of success, ultimately changing the scouting process in Major League Baseball.

    There were a few reasons I wanted to see Moneyball. First and foremost, it stars Brad Pitt, who you may know to be one of my favorite actors to grace the silver screen (I’ll talk more about his performance momentarily). Second, it’s a sports movie, which in an of itself makes it an appealing flick for me. It’s difficult to make an outright terrible sports film because it’s so easy to get caught up in the emotion of a sporting event. When I heard that Moneyball was garnering some rather stellar reviews – it currently holds a 94% critic’s approval rating on – I knew I had to at least give it a shot. And let me tell you, I most assuredly was not disappointed.

    The story itself is rather basic, telling the tale of a year in the life of Billy Beane as he tries to reinvent the very process of creating a high-caliber sports team. At the same time, we’re catching glimpses of Beane’s personal life, and I for one thought the mesh between the two to be stellar. We’re getting the screenplay from Academy Award winners Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian, and from the moment the film starts, you know there’s something great about it. I found the strength of the screenplay to be its handling of conflict. On the one hand, we’re seeing the external conflict between Beane and basically everybody else who’s fighting him tooth and nail when it comes to his new system. On the other hand, we’re seeing the internal conflict with Beane himself as he struggles with his own feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness that stems from his days playing in the major leagues.

    That’s where Pitt’s performance comes into play. While I’ve always found Pitt to be a great actor, I think it’s only in the last few years that he’s truly started to prove himself to the rest of the world that he can handle his own in a series of dramatic roles. For so long, he was simply the eye candy, and while he had early critical success (he scored an Academy Award nomination for his role in 1995′s Twelve Monkeys), I don’t think he’s really gotten the respect he deserves. It’s rare to hear his name being tossed into a group with the likes of Kevin Spacey or Daniel Day-Lewis, but I would posit here and now that Pitt is one of the finer actors of his generation. His role in Moneyball only solidifies my stance as he shows a wide range of emotion in completely becoming Billy Beane. And while we do get some great performances from our supporting cast – Hill and Hoffman are exceptionally good – this is really Pitt’s vehicle, and it should be viewed as such.

    I’d also like to tip my hat to Mychael Danna, who composed the score for this film. It definitely fit the tone of the movie, and it actually reminded me a lot of the soft-toned score that Explosions in the Sky created for 2004′s Friday Night Lights. Kudos, Mr. Danna.

    Overall, I think Moneyball is definitely worth, well, your money, if you feel so inclined to see it. There’s only so much I can say about a film’s acting and screenplay, but some films just have that “it” factor that’s so difficult to describe. Moneyball definitely has “it,” and as a result, we the audience are getting something rather wonderful.

  431. 431
    Passing Through Says:

    # 426 William Bradley&The Jolie @ 09/24/2011 at 5:38 pm
    Nikki Finke’s update this morning said that both Moneyball and The Lion King would get a decent bump today from matinees and both should come in around the $21MIL mark. If Moneyball is #2, then it won’t be by that much – and the fact that it’s a baseball movie and made over $20MIL is a HUGE win for Moneyball. Basebal just doesn’t play that well at theaters anymore.
    By NIKKI FINKE | Saturday September 24, 2011 @ 7:49am PDT
    FRIDAY PM/SATURDAY AM, 3RD UPDATE: Finally, I have some clarity following Rentrak hiccups during Friday and early evening. Not to mention every studio’s confusion over the ordering of the Top 5 because of the fierce fights going on at the North American box office throughout the day. And, geez, I’m supposed to be on vacation:
    1. Sony’s much-hyped newcomer Moneyball rose as the night went on for maybe the best baseball-themed opening ever. It’s definitely No. 1 Friday with $6.7M from 2,993 theaters. (As a Sony exec told me, “$6 million would be great. $7 million amazing. $8 million would be a triumph.”) With a healthy adult bump tomorrow, it’s looking at a $21M weekend which is on target with the studio’s expectations. That solid number helps keep Brad Pitt’s star wattage shining and his awards chances climbing because of this well-reviewed male-centric sports movie that scored 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. (As Deadline Hollywood’s Awards columnist Pete Hammond opined out of the Toronto Film Festival: “This is a classic movie star role in the tradition of something that Robert Redford or Paul Newman would have done in their prime. He has never been better, and the movie is the best sports film since Bull Durham, a real triumph considering the long and winding road it took to get to the screen.”) Audiences really liked this pic: it received all A’s — male, female, young, old — from CinemaScore. But a rival studio exec points out that almost 60% of that audience was over age 50. Sony believes Moneyball could play strongly through the Fall generating a multiple that could very well exceed 4X its opening.
    Marketing targeted adult moviegoers and was designed to appeal to both men and women. Call me sexist, but I thought targeting women was hopeless for a pic based on the true story of Billy Beane who rebuilt the Oakland A’s in 2002 through computer-driven statistical analysis long ignored by the baseball establishment. This stuff makes my eyes glaze over, even though Michael Lewis wrote a great book about it and producer Rachael Horovitz recognized the bones of a great movie about it. To build awareness among men, Sony had a strong presence in sports programming, especially baseball where the campaign kicked off during the MLB All-Star Game in July. Trailers aired on the MLB Network, while spots also ran in high-profile NFL games including the season opener. In recent weeks, Moneyball‘s presence was in MLB games across FOX, ESPN, and TBS and select NCAA football games. The TV campaign took advantage of primetime premieres and high-impact specials, including the Emmys and MTV’s VMAs. On cable, Moneyball had sneak peeks on Sons of Anarchy, Tosh.0, Conan and ESPN’s SportsCenter. To reach women, Sony bought spots on Dancing With the Stars and Glee while Pitt appeared on Ellen this week and was pretty much omnipresent as both producer and star.
    Like most movies these days, Moneyball had a twisty and tortured history to the big screen. Initially, baseball freak Steven Soderbergh was involved but passed because of other commitments. Eventually Sony brought in producer Michael De Luca to join Horovitz and, 5 years later in 2009, Soderbergh was back to direct. But in a well-chrincled case of creative differences, the Oscar-winning director was jettisoned from the film just 72 hours before production was to begin when the studio changed its mind about his changes to Steven Zaillian’s adaptation. (Soderbergh’s primary addition included Reds-like testimonials from real-life players.) Conventional wisdom had it that the pic was a goner. But Pitt stayed on board throughout. The project really got back on track with executive producer Scott Rudin along with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who did a polish on Zaillian’s script (both get credit now). Pitt himself credits director Bennett Miller (an Oscar nod for Capote first-time out), who replaced Soderbergh and then had the vision to “crack” the film’s outsider/insider themes by making an unconventional film about them.

  432. 432
    Passing Through Says:

    # 426 William Bradley&The Jolie @ 09/24/2011 at 5:38 pm
    To answer your question about profitability – the movie will make money unless it drops like a stone in week 2 and that just generally doesn’t happen. As with any movie the 2nd weekend will determine it’s fate. If WOM is good and the move drops less than 50%, then the domestic take will be $70-$80MIL. If, as Finke says Sony is hoping, the movie holds or builds momentum and Sony can have 4X return on the opening weekend numbers, which would put the movie in teh $80-90MIL range – a great return on a baseball flick with a $50MIL budget. I don’t know if that $50MIL includes the $10MIL Sony already had in the project before pulling the plug in 2009, but knowing the way the studios fudge – prolly not. The movie will probably play well in countries where baseball is popular – Latin America, Asia and Australia should all be good markets. With it being a Brad movie it might do a little better than the average baseball movie – especially in European markets.

  433. 433
    Passing Through Says:

    BTW – There were a TON of trailers before Moneyball. TGWTDT looks really good…even if Daniel Craig does still only have 1 facial expression…
    But…the reason I brought this up is that one of the trailers was for Porgie’s The Ides of March. B-O-R-I-N-G. Big time. If the Candadian Ryans are the future of cinema…Cinema is going to be more like cEnema. Somebody please tell Ryan Gosling that’s it’s okay to smile occasionally, ‘kay? Dude always acts like his proctologist just said, “Cough please.” The flick could have been called “President Michael Clayton”. If this movie makes more than $10MIL on opening weekend I’ll be surprised. If it makes more than $15MIL I’ll be shocked. This is going to be another of Porgie’s $35-40MIL BO flix. He’ll be throwing Brad’s name around big time trying to proomote this flick because it’s going to need A LOT of help at the BO. It really is too bad he likes dating women young enough to be his daughter because he and Ticky – I’m tellin’ ya…match made in hell.

  434. 434
    Passing Through Says:

    # 390 cute @ 09/24/2011 at 1:50 pm
    Brad has got the best white boy strut evah. There are a couple of scenes where he’s walking through the clubhouse and locker room and you’re just like, “Damn! Work it, Bradley!”

  435. 435
    Passing Through Says:

    # 401 dianad1968 @ 09/24/2011 at 3:48 pm
    Diana –
    It was CHM. She later confirmed that it was her. She’s been posting here off and for the last few weeks. She does mainly post on JJB, but I think she’s generally lurking and she posts here every now and again. Just from the wording of her post – it sounded like her to me even before she said it was her post.

  436. 436
    William Bradley&The Jolie Says:

    @ #431 Passing Through

    Thanks for the input. What prompted some of my questions is that The Wrap is currently stating that the Lion King is surging and will finish the weekend at no. 1 with about 23 million. They are predicting Moneyball to finish at second with 19 million.

    And speaking of the strut, someone on one of the Megas once posted a gif from a scene in Moneyball that is a perfect example of the swag. Unfortunately, I am not particularly computer savvy, so I don’t know how to bring it over. But if someone could, it would be great.

    Any thoughts on the oscar strategy?

  437. 437
    Passing Through Says:

    # 409 busted @ 09/24/2011 at 4:23 pm
    Did I have another name-stealing stalker while I was at the movie? The trolls are so tiresome. They remind me of the old Henny YOungman joke – “You’re so ugly/stupid that when you were born the doctor slapped your mother.”

  438. 438
    Susan Says:

    @Passing Through: PT did you see the Swedish version of TGWTDT? It was brillant, the Actress was great, can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. And DC is not a better actor than the guy in this movie. The scences is this movie would be rated X here.

  439. 439
    Susan Says:


  440. 440
    Passing Through Says:

    # 436 William Bradley&The Jolie @ 09/24/2011 at 6:52 pm
    The Lion King could well finish at #1. Those kiddie matinees are generally a huge part of the Saturday BO so that wouldn’t be surprising. I trust Finke’s site more than The Wrap though and she won’t update her numbers again until later tonight and i find she’s generally right on the mark. I’m sure BBOQ will chime in with a different opinion just to annoy everyone, but regardless of whether it finished #1 or #2 it’s still a good start for the movie. Hopefully with all the great tweets and reviews WOM will alert more people that you don’t have to be a baseball or sports fan to really like the movie. I think the general principles translate well to all walks of life.

  441. 441
    angierocks Says:

    Ticky with her shenanigans,BARF!.

  442. 442
    gracie Says:

    Congrats to Angie. She is admired and well respected globally. As a humanitarian and mega super A-list actress, she has great influence on both levels, she also does a great deal of good to benefit others so people love her. It’s great that she is ranked high amongst the greatest — great honour.

    Former president Nelson Mandela has been ranked as the world’s most visible celebrity, according to a report released by the Reputation Institute.
    Tennis star Roger Federer came second.

    President Jacob Zuma came 35th on the institute’s list, behind the likes of actress and UN goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie (12th).

    The Dalai Lama was ranked 13th, US President Barack Obama 14th, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg 20th, footballer David Beckham 24th, Pope Benedict 26th, Prince Albert of Monaco 28th and singer Madonna 29th.

    Zuma beat WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (37th), entertainer Lady Gaga (41st), Venezuela President Hugo Chavez (49th), George W Bush (50th) and Cuban leader Fidel Castro (51st).

    More than 51000 people in 25 countries had been asked to assess the 54 personalities .

  443. 443
    angierocks Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Ohhh so true LOL…go see moneyball ya’ll.

  444. 444
    Elizabeth Says:

    @Passing Through:
    I wnt to see MB yesterday and as soon I get hoe I check the status and its number one. Iwant to see it again today but I’m working. MB might be secon this Sturday due to the children movie and I praying not…Ok you all go out there and see the movie to support Brad. Movie is good and hope Brad be nominated for OSCAR.

    I just finished watching Playing Games with R/Redford and Brad did so good. Like other said Brad looking or similar looks with R.Redford I thing I will buy the DVD for Brad’s collection.

    OK fans please please go out and see the movie. Thanks

  445. 445
    Just a Lurker Says:

    ITA. Judging from the trailer. I think David Fincher’s version can’t top Swedish version.

  446. 446
    anustin Says:

    anjie is #12.hehehe very proud of u.jolie.

  447. 447
    cute interview Says:

    cr jjb. That Brad Blanks guy* interviewed Chris Pratt for Moneyball. The video is just over 5 min, but funny…the end part where talk how Bennett got him to react by calling him a p*ssy reminds me of MAMS. If you haven’t seen Moneyball yet- GO! It’s FABULOUS- I want to go again!!
    *he interviewed Angie & Brad on the red carpet for AOJJBTCRF- I’ll post that in another comment- jj only seems to allow one link at a time

  448. 448

    Jolie has attained the iconic status in her thirties and while still alive.
    What’s an even bigger accomplishment is that her status go beyond her sex symbol andaccopmlished actress status, she has attached that complex status with her international social political status as well as being a part of Hollywood most unforgettable faces. Usually women who reached that kind of status are 20 years olderr.
    She is among the greatests ever from past, present and future and that’s precisely what enrage the hens with their mediocre bimboish very forgettable cheap starlet.
    Maniston shouldn’t even been brought in the same sentence as La Jolie.
    Go Angelina Jolie, keep on rising with your everlasting happy smile while enjoying your fulfilled life surrounded by the love of your fans, your great quality friends and colleagues, your lovely children and the love of your man.

  449. 449
    cute interview Says:

    Here are Brad & Angie with Brad Blanks at AOJJBTCRF in NY:
    “Good looking lady, proud of her fella!”

  450. 450
    laab Says:

    Just came back from seeing Moneyball with my sister and we both loved it. What a great movie. Brad’s performance was outstanding. Our showing was full. The only bad thing was the previews started out Sad Spook’s laughable directorial debut.

  451. 451
    anustin Says:

    oh stop!

    Maniston got good friends too.T.Richardson,C Handler.J Frances.

  452. 452
    Moneyball!! Says:

    moniquemoss @CaseyBond #Moneyball scored homerun last nt. Ontrack 2 b highest grossing baseball movie in history: Go #MLB!

  453. 453
    Moneyball Review Says:

    Stats and Balls

    The game of baseball is often portrayed as a romantic — even mythic — endeavor, evoking as many heroes, villains and struggles of honor and will as any epic tale. But beneath the simple elegance of a swing of the bat lies rows and columns of statistics and numbers. In the business of baseball, the numbers with dollar signs are the most important — and can mean the difference between winning and losing. “Moneyball” tells the true story of how numbers sparked a sea change in the way the game of baseball is played.

    Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, General Manager of the struggling Oakland A’s. Ending another season without a championship, and gutted as their best players are lured away with promises of big paychecks, the A’s are a dying franchise. With an operating budget that’s minuscule compared to New York or Boston, Oakland can’t afford the big name players that mean wins and high ticket sales.

    A former player himself, Billy is frustrated by the inequality between rich and poor teams, and the way players are valued (or devalued) depending on intangibles like the “gut feelings” of scouts or the player’s photogenic qualities. Beane is determined to put together a decent squad with the limited resources given to him, but at a loss as to how. A chance encounter with an Ivy League statistics geek, Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), sparks an unlikely partnership. Peter theorizes that since wins are determined by runs, players should be chosen based on their ability to get base hits, regardless of their other abilities.

    With Peter in tow, Billy returns to Oakland armed with a pile of stats and a new way of building a team. As expected, their revolutionary idea does not sit well with the grizzled old-timers in the club house, nor with the team’s manager, Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who has no say in the matter, and no choice but to make do with the odd-ball collection of players. The players Billy and Peter see as undervalued — older players past their prime, the injured, the inelegant, the occasional troublemakers — the rest of the organization (and their fans) see as the wretched refuse of major league baseball, more rag-tag than the Bad News Bears.

    As Billy tries to get the old guard on board with their new way of business, he also instructs young Peter in the back room dealings of baseball, everything from trades to how to tell a player he’s being let go. The chemistry between Pitt and Hill practically crackles the screen. Pitt, all glib confidence and bravado, vs. Hill’s meek, deer-in-the-headlights look of a young man thrown in way over his head. Pitt appears to be aging gracefully from hunky star to handsome character actor, with a tanned face like a well-worn catcher’s mitt and a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Hill, free of raunch and wacky shenanigans, displays an intelligence and subtlety to his humor that shows a growing maturity and skill that compliments Pitt’s performance perfectly.

    Both actors have a field day with the witty, winning dialogue crafted by All Star writers Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin, whose script for “The Social Network” made the founding of Facebook play like a Shakespearian tragedy, here helps elevate a story about the numbers and business of baseball to a David and Goliath story about the conviction of one man against an unjust system. And within that epic scope, there are the smaller stories of players shunted from ball club to ball club, just looking to play the game they love for as long as they can. Real-life characters like catcher-turned-first baseman Scott Hatteberg (Chris Pratt from “Parks and Recreation”) and veteran David Justice (Stephen Bishop) put faces to the names next to the rows of numbers and stats.

    Director Bennett Miller (“Capote”) echoes the grandeur of the script by keeping the film as tightly edited and as constantly in motion as a suspense thriller. It’s no small feat to keep an audience engaged through a two-hour film about baseball statistics. Ironically, “Moneyball” is probably more entertaining, enjoyable — and certainly faster-moving — than any major league baseball game. A home run, if you ask me.

  454. 454
    sprite Says:

    Will see Moneyball tomorrow! With hubby or not. He is on call this weekend and had to stay late today. Hubby REALLY wants to see it and I told him today, if you aren’t home by noon tomorrow I will see it alone. Here in Lake Geneva WI Lion King 3D isn’t even playing. Dolphin Tale is, but other than older movies, the kids aren’t watching LK 3D here. Go Moneyball!!

  455. 455
    Of Wanted & Moneyball Fame Says:

    co-star Chris Pratt tweets:
    prattprattpratt Thanks to everyone for the #Moneyball love! I’m very proud of the film. If u haven’t had the chance, do yourself a favor and check it out!

  456. 456
    anustin Says:

    lovin the Money and his Balls.

  457. 457
    goopiness Says:

    Even if you are dubious about the content you have to see “Moneyball” for the Brad Pitt experience. His body is way more on display than usual.

  458. 458
    anustin Says:

    lmao at Maniston so knocked up dresss…….glad she doesn’t have to jump from peen to peen now that she’s prego with bonsai.

  459. 459
    Convert to Moneyball Says:

    Saw Moneyball with my sister today. She was kinda reluctant because she is not a sports fan & was put off by Jonah Hill (she is not a fan of raunchy movies like Superbad, etc.). WELL, she LOVED the movie as did I, of course! In fact, she is going again tomorrow with her husband who RARELY watches movies in a theater, but she totally convinced to go!!

  460. 460
    anustin Says:

    trollniston must be very disappointed of this pregnancy,they wanted some A-list actor and not some Q list batman logo!

  461. 461
    Moneyball Review Says:

    This reviewer is very funny. He starts out with reviewing Moneyball and ends up discussing politics LOL

    Baseball vs real life

    By Dave Winer on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 8:16 PM.

    I went to see Moneyball today and loved it.

    It’s a baseball movie, but not like any other you’ve seen.

    Because it’s also a math movie, like A Beautiful Mind or Good Will Hunting, or an iconoclast movie like Citizen Kane or Tucker. I didn’t make this up, my good friend from Nashville, Rex Hammock, put together a Venn Diagram review of Moneyball. I concur mightily (and thanks for the recommendations of movies I haven’t seen yet).

    I read the book too, and loved it. But the movie and book are different enough and Brad Pitt is a wonderful actor, and he really shines in the role of Billy Beane.

    The movie makes a point that there’s baseball that the fans love, the team loyalty, the love of the players, the acting of baseball, the heart of baseball. But there’s also Billy Beane’s baseball, the game as reality. A business of dollars and cents. Of big decisions about people’s lives, and what success and failure mean. It’s good to know when you’re talking about baseball the drama, the stage play — and baseball the enterprise.

    This is important to think about because we’re entering political season in the US. Sure, there’s the stage play, the horse race — and it’s captivating. I love watching the Republican debates, not because the lines the actors say mean anything — they don’t. They’re designed to convey a feeling about the person who’s saying them. If you listen to the actual words, when they make any sense, and that’s a rare thing — they are often outright lies. Not small white lies, but massively huge and important ones.

    The drama is the logic of the baseball insider. They think in terms of perceptions or lately “optics” (they’re exactly the same thing). The problem with that view is that as with baseball, there’s another side to it. The one where real people’s lives are changed. Only here the numbers are orders of magnitude greater. In baseball, Billy Beane chooses to play major league baseball after high school, instead of going to Stanford, and his life changes. In presidential politics in the US, billions of people’s lives can change based on the decisions we make. And trillions of dollars.

    It also tends to be that way in technology too. While I was out at the movies today, the piece I wrote earlier today got over 30,000 page reads. Not too many people saw it as me rooting for the wrong team, because for whatever reason, Facebook doesn’t inspire that kind of fandom. Had I been writing about Apple, I would have totally offended their fans, and would have gotten a lot of grief that I didn’t get for challenging Facebook. And I got some grief from people who work at Google. As I have in the past gotten flamed by people who work at Mozilla. They don’t have Apple’s army of trolls, but they’re willing to do it for themselves.

    Again, there are a lot more people’s futures at stake in this than in baseball. Sure they have nice people working on the Chrome team. They also come and go. Are they respected by their bosses? As a user, I have no way of knowing, and it’s not really a wall I want to look through and try to understand. To me Google is a whole entity, not individuals. They will make their decisions the way companies decide things. And I don’t think they’re any better or different than BP or Exxon or one of the banks that became too big to fail. I think they’re insinuating themselves between all of us, and they’re going to use that position to control things, once they have it all locked down, if they ever do. That’s the way business works. If you work inside Google and think it works differently, then I think you’re naive. I don’t think it makes you a bad person, or incompetent. My concerns about Google are not personal criticisms of you. I don’t know you.

    I’ve been building up to writing this piece for a long time, and I doubt if many people will read it, or care. But I wanted to say it. I don’t think we can afford to view politics or technology as we view baseball. In baseball, I can personally insult Yankees fans, or condescend to Cubs fans, or feel a soulful affinity with fellow Mets fans, and it’s all fun. Because we know it totally doesn’t matter. But these other things do matter. So we really can’t afford to think of it as Us vs Them. It’s not Republicans vs Democrats, it’s Americans deciding what we want our government to do. And in technology, it’s the people of the world, in very much the model of Jefferson, deciding what we want to be. And not having corporations and their need for profit, be the sole determinant.

  462. 462
    Moneyball interview Says:

    Moneyball Fresh Air interview.

  463. 463
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Passing Through:


    I am kicking myself now that I didn’t go today. I even got up early enough to make the heaper matinee show,( you know how cheap I am ) lol, but I had to take care of something, and after much internal debate decided it was a little more important than going to the movies. Oh well, I’ll go next weekend.

  464. 464
    dianad1968 Says:



    anustin, has it been verified that Ticky is pregnant? Did I miss the “important” announcement.

  465. 465
    Ann Curry on Moneyball Says:

    Also, she attached a GREAT B/W Brad pic
    AnnCurry Saw #Moneyball too close to the screen. WORTH IT. Pitt nailed it, Jonah Hill is a revelation.

  466. 466
    dianad1968 Says:



    anustin, has Ticky’s pregnancy been confirmed? Did I miss the “earthshattering announcement”?

  467. 467
    Flying & Moneyball Says:

    Can we please leave talk of the sad old leathery nasty spook to other places? It has been fun talking about how wonderful Moneyball is and how adorable Angie & Maddox are in their flying machine. It is nauseating to think someone as neurotic & bitter as spooky has a pet, much less would be a mother- blech.

  468. 468
    an oldie Says:

    WTF, Ticky is topping the Yahoo trend list again. Brad is like #7. How on earth does she get this kind of interest. She goes to the Ben S charity is like I go to my boss’ Tupperware party. She spent money for him, not for the people of Haiti.

  469. 469
    Moneyball interview Says:

    Review: “Moneyball”
    Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 9:38PM

    Moneyball is an instant contradiction, a fine humanistic film championing an innovative but dehumanizing method of team-building, reducing all star athletes to statistical equations. The film has two stories to tell, that of a middle-aged man finally making his mark on the game he was supposed to rule in his youth, and the reinvention of baseball management to achieve a more equitable playing field with or without mega-funds.

    The story begins after a disheartening loss for the Oakland Athletics. The humiliation is compounded by the loss of three star players who the A’s don’t have sufficient money to replace. General Manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) butts heads with owners trying to get more money and with his own management staff who are entirely resistant to innovative thinking. Enter young economics / statistics master Peter Brand (Jonah Hill moving up to the majors?) who frees up Billy’s mind with his theories on why so many players are over and undervalued. They begin to make controversial and provocative changes which mystify or anger the baseball powers that be including their own team’s manager Art (well played by Philip Seymour Hoffman).

    There’s a smart visual well into Moneyball’s first act in which huge banners of the A’s three lost stars are dropped from their places of honor crumpling as they hit the ground like the deflating egos of management. Billy takes the leap of faith with Peter and they rebuild with new players, a team of misfit toys, who are all undervalued (or not valued at all). Shortly afterwards, when we see the stadium again, there is only one banner trumpeting one of the League’s oldest fan-beloved players David Justice (Stephen Bishop) whose glory days are far behind him.

    Moneyball’s solid screenplay (by Oscar winners Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian) has a good joke at the expense of metaphors but I can’t resist this one. For all of Moneyball’s strengths, from a solid cast with vivid cameos (Reed Diamond from Dollhouse is superb in a one-scene face/off with Brad Pitt) to able and sharp direction (Bennett Miller of Capote fame) and editing (which skims veritable mountains of statistical information, old footage, and emotional backstory) it really all comes down to one star banner: Brad Pitt unfurled.

    “I’ve been in this game a long time.”

    Yes, you have Brad Pitt, yes you have.

    In his two decades of stardom, Pitt’s best work has generally happened within three types: weirdos he attacked with gleeful creative gusto (Tyler Durden, Jeffrey Goines, Chad Feldheimer), strutting men that basked in their own golden light (J.D., Rusty and Paul McLean), and family men with wounded machismo (Mr O’ Brien and Detective Mills); In Billy Beane, all of Pitt’s strengths coalesce as if he’d been in training for this one. He’s loosely idiosyncratic and funny (that goofy business after a “good talk” with the humorless Art is just wonderfully endearing detail), he harnesses his potent movie star charisma with weary grace playing a man who, unlike himself, didn’t live up to his golden boy promise, and in scene after scene but particularly when visiting with his teenage daughter, he lets his worried humanity show; he feels like a failure and this daring move is his last shot at glory.

    Brad Pitt’s shiny star turn is so good, in fact, that it neatly blinds you to the film’s minor flaws. No one, including the man himself, is reinventing the wheel here and for all the star light that Pitt gives off, the film doesn’t use any of it to fill in poorly lit corners. It raises but never addresses troubling side issues like what to do with the understandable revulsion that greets the dehumanization of players (exarcebated by so few of the players having distinct personalities) and it has a strange inability to flesh out the important side story of Art’s insistence on managing the team in opposition to Billy’s plans. The scene wherein Art finally capitulates to a different way of thinking would be a superb bit of economic storytelling in most films but here, given the underlit subplot, it feels like not enough as a wrap-up.

    Billy continually worries that all of his accomplishments will be dismissed if he loses the final game of the season. The film needn’t worry about the same thing. The final game here is a beautifully elongated nearly sports-free quietitude while Billy merely contemplates his options and a coda that works as a reprise of one of the sweetest earlier scenes with tenderness and even gently needling humor as the credits begin to roll. Late in the film we’re told “you can’t help but romanticize baseball” and it rang so true, even to me! I don’t know the first thing about baseball, nor do I care to, but I was nodding my head like some dreamer in the bleachers waiting to catch that fly ball.

  470. 470
    busted Says:

    —————————NEW THREAD——————————–

  471. 471
    Moneyball Fever! Says:

    christwofour26 Wow. Moneyball was even better watching the second time! #isdvdoutyet? @stephencbishop @JonahHill @prattprattpratt


    4lisaguerrero @stephencbishop JUST saw it 2day (couldn’t see it in Oakland cuz I had 2 work) & thought you were GREAT-Yr scene in the cage w Brad= Perfect

  472. 472
    yolly Says:

    I was wondering why all of a sudden X , became interested helping the charity, what a coincidence when MoneyBall was released in theaters, X & Huvane’s strategy. They are in their old tricks again. X & Huvane, leave the Jolie-Pitt’s alone.

  473. 473
    yolly Says:

    @anustin: Look at the characters of the people she is friends with? It reflects on her, what a shame.

  474. 474
    Observation... Says:

    @lylian: Aww, you are right. Her mother seemed like a remarkable woman.

  475. 475
    Brad & Angie fan2o11 Says:

    @anustin: LOL. Love Brad & Angie, they are the best.

  476. 476
    yolly Says:

    @gracie: They should be recognized more ( Brad & Angie) for their unselfish & dedication to helping others. Kudos to Brad & Angie. God bless them.

  477. 477
    truth Says:

    she looks awful

  478. 478
    mmsic Says:

    Admit it,you are soooo jealous of Angie,you pathetic LOSER!

  479. 479

    seriously, what intensity!!!

  480. 480
    some of you, are really sick Says:

    Angie is the best

  481. 481
    wilner luxama Says:

    i will be again furious and burning thi words too bad drunk why half my french

  482. 482
    Karina Says:

    …based on the degree to which a person is liked, respected, admired, and trusted? Are they flipping serious – don’t like, respect, admire and certainly don’t trust Angelina Jolie – definitely NOT TO BE TRUSTED! I don’t think Jennifer Anniston, Laura Dern or Jerry Hall might feel they would trust her!

  483. 483
    . Says:

    I never found her attractive:/

  484. 484
    deschl Says:

    Am I the only one who feels like child protectrive services should be called, I mean giving a child flying lessons is too dangerous, a child should be the age of consent before taking on dangerous activities, I’m just saying and eff all you stans in advance.

  485. 485
    Zeeshan Says:

    She was in Pakistan. she did very good job here. She was supporting many people in Pakistan.
    Thanks Angelina. You have played very good role here.

  486. 486
    Kary Alejos Says:

    Hi! Your post rocks too as becoming a reputable amazing understand!??

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