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Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!

Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!

Angelina Jolie walks on the tarmac at Blackbushe Airport on Friday (September 23) in Hampshire, England.

The 36-year-old actress boarded a plane for a flying lesson, with her 10-year-old son Maddox in the back seat!

The Reputation Institute recently created a list of 54 of the world’s most visible leaders and public personalities based on the degree to which a person is liked, respected, admired, and trusted.

Angie placed 12th on the list – Nelson Mandela, Roger Federer, and Bill Gates landed in the top three spots!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Maddox heading to a flying lesson…

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angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 01
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 02
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 03
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 04
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 05
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 06
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 07
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 08
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 09
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 10

Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Richard P

    @Richard P:

    Maddox is very happy

  • anustin

    look at the peen stealin Maniston lookin prego….hehehehe.get ready trollniston for my azz retaliation when anjie was going to FF site.hahahaha. the same name.

  • never ending laughter

    One of our favorite things about the JP fans is that they will have a cow, spaz out, poo themselves, throw a fit, mess their granny panties, have a conniption then comment that “the hens are losing it”. pokey

  • why?

    how can pitt not love this woman and wants his ex back?
    kids will be sad.
    why did he leave them?
    why was he sad with them.
    he is not made to have a family.
    he wants to be alone.
    bad father.

  • Rose

    Love Brad for picking Angie as the mother of his children. You can tell a lot about a person by watching the way they interact with others. When he saw Angie around Mad he knew she would make a great mom. Now he is proven right, just look a Mad’s face, pure joy. Brad keep telling your truth.

  • jmay

    i agree maddox changed her life but i do believed that when she had shiloh, it gives more colorful into her life, something that she never thought would have..her baby shiloh :)

  • Sal

    Yeah, and the JenHens never do that??? Like when ya’ll lost it when Brad said his life was dull and you lunatics automatically thought he was referencing Jen . Really don’t understand the admiration for Jennifer Aniston. For starters, she’s not pretty. Long azz chin rivaling that of Leno’s. That’s hot? Not! She can’t act for shite. And she seems to be so self centered and FAKE. Guess shows how gullible and dumb her fans are.

  • kate

    mad is my fav

  • FYI

    blackbushe airport is far from london or richmond.what were they doing there?did they spend the night in surrey?

  • jane

    She’s so classy! I’m IN LOVE with this video of her.. so emotional, ahhhh!! <3<3

  • jane

    She’s so classy, lovely! I’m SO IN LOVE with this video of her.. so emotional! <3

  • Candy

    If Jen is so awful why is Brad going on and on about being her
    friend? Doesn’t that rather make him sound like a fool? He’s
    been lying for years so why believe him now. He even said he
    was stoned all the time and that’s his own fault. Everyone is
    responsible for his own actions and that certainly wouldn’t help
    a marriage. I just hope that he manages to keep himself
    together in this relationship for the sake of Angelina and the
    six kids. It’s pretty nearly impossible to raise a family and
    have a despressed and stoned man around. People are saying
    awful things about Angelina too and it wasn’t necessary for him
    to even bring it up. In my opinion I think it was a injustice to
    both women.

  • just sayin

    FYI @ 09/23/2011 at 11:14 am

    bp’s body double said he was filming scenes in dunsfold village in surrey yesterday.

  • yohoho

    pee’d off huh? hehehe

  • jane
  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Candy @ 09/23/2011 at 11:27 am

    He was stoned when he married X. He has to be because he was bore out of his wits. He hasn’t been stoned since he dumped X.

    Brad didn’t go on and on about being her friend. He only said it once but the media repeats so it sounded like he went on and on. Brad could have called Jennifer “the bitch” but he’s a gentleman so he said friend.

  • legsfan

    I have said it before and I will say it again – Angelina is the coolest chick in the World!!! Someday I think Shi will be even cooler, but not yet…

  • dd


  • teri

    Angelina is looking rather radiant and sexy. Happy to see her and Maddox out for a nice flight. Going to see Moneyball tonight, can’t wait.

  • teri

    Brad must be on cloud 10 knowing he chose such a loving and caring woman to have his children. After seeing her work around the world with so many people it was a no brainer-she’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Bambi

    It’s nice that Angie is amusing herself while Brad is swinging his Moneyball bat with me, if you know what I mean.

  • anustin

    oh well…Maniston can only afford to fly a kite.maybe not.but she can grab someone middle KITE eh.

  • Lizette

    That’s a MAN, ba-bee!!

  • Canuck

    Oh and CUE the “I do interesting things AND have children” photo op. Isn’t it AMAZING how there just happened to be a photographer sitting on the runway of a tiny airfied in Surrey who managed to catch her as she arrived. And boy oh boy… those “flying lessons” are taking just as long as those French lessons are, how many years has it been now? Have we ever actually seen her take off, or do her “flying lessons” consist of either getting into the plane and having someone else pilot, or never actually leaving the ground, but getting lots of good pictures? Those propellers aren’t turning Ange…

  • ;)

    Now this is true genuine happiness. Never seen Maddox smile so bright too. :) happy the little whiner baby pittstain isn’t with them. he would probably be shaking and crying “hold me angie.”

  • ;)

    @Canuck: you can’t quit Angie. You words mean nothing… angie won’t clarify a damn thing for you. save the words for whiny pittstain.

  • nani

    She is amazing! Love everything about her. Unique…

  • Lucian

    Brad Pitt’s baby mama looks splendid.

  • ;)

    yohoho @ 09/23/2011 at 10:58 am

    Thumb up Thumb down -28

    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.

    Praying for downdrafts,crosswinds,& mechanical failures
    wow such Vile talk. This is from pure jealous over pittstain. disgusting. He’s not even attractive enough for this type of talk.

  • maddoxoldman

    maddox always looks like an old man. weird.

  • hecant stoptalkinbout jen

    he is still in love and cant stop talking about jen in every interview. he says they are great “friends”. lol. yeah he is cheating on ange w/ jen. karma!

  • to 84

    @hecant stoptalkinbout jen: “I think my marriage had something to do with it. I was tired of pretending the marriage was something it wasn’t.” – Brad pitt

  • gracie

    Angie is one classy lady. Keep smiling Angie, you have millions of fans who admire you. Maddy loves his momma. Love the big smile on your face.


    shinng Nick Shin
    Watched screening of #moneyball at The Grove; what a great movie. One of the best sports movies ever. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill=awesome!
    29 seconds ago

  • good mom butstill missjen

    “One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom.” HAHAHHAAHAHA: In other words the KIDS have a good mom but I dont have a good partner. lol. notice he always talks about her in terms of being a mom but not a partner. so sad. i give it two years max.

  • mrsmithobsessedwithjen

    I think it is sad he cant bring himself to not talk about Jen in every interview. Heartbreaking.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Angie, keep your head high always. You are a remarkable woman and will always be. May God bless you and your family.

  • happy

    Angelina has said that if someone tells her that she is a great mother, to her that is the ultimate compliment. Because she had a great mother. So yes her partner saying that about her, is the ultimate compliment. Kids are the most valuable beings to parents so if one parent or both sees the valuable of the presence to their kids, I don’t know of any greater compliment.

  • jannie

    go to hell!!!!

  • Jen

    Here is what Brad says about the woman he loves, Angie -

    “I am satisfied with making true choices AND FINDING THE WOMAN I LOVE, ANGIE and building a family that I love so much!”
    PARADE Magazine 9/18/2011

  • Observer2

    Good to see Angelina up and flying. Maddox is getting so big.

    Wishing death on Angelina and her child? Really? I’ve flagged your posts.

    I may not like Sad Spook and wish a thousand ants to invade her armpits. But, I’d never wish death on her.

    Now, go back to your cesspool at Fat Fvcks.

  • uk

    lovely woman – A true inspiration to have that people can make mistake and change for the better.

  • Soledad

    I am happy that Brad chose Angie to be his children’s mother. Angie is a beautiful woman inside and out.

  • Soledad

    I am happy that Brad chose Angie to be his children’s mother. Angie is a beautiful woman inside and out.

  • Jen

    Brad says of his favorite movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith……
    “It changed my life!” With a BIG SATISFIED grin on his face.


    The Hypocrisy of the jenhags is unending, they complain about the unkind remarks jp fans make against the sad spook, But these losers wish death on people SICK& DISGUSTING just like Jen “I fight dirty” anuston

  • joliepitt

    mrsmithobsessedwithjen: Wow,take the medication cause you are either pathetic or just simply stupid!
    Brad dumped X and he finally clarify that ” his life was boring (his life) and he said “I am satisfied with making true choices AND FINDING THE WOMAN I LOVE, ANGIE and building a family that I love so much!”

    PARADE Magazine 9/18/2011
    Take the medication it will do you good !

  • dd

    @mrsmithobsessedwithjen: why? x means you learn from the past therefore x must be excluded from present and future.

  • dd

    @mrsmithobsessedwithjen: why? x means you learn from the past therefore x must be excluded from present and future.