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Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!

Angelina Jolie: Flying Lesson With Maddox!

Angelina Jolie walks on the tarmac at Blackbushe Airport on Friday (September 23) in Hampshire, England.

The 36-year-old actress boarded a plane for a flying lesson, with her 10-year-old son Maddox in the back seat!

The Reputation Institute recently created a list of 54 of the world’s most visible leaders and public personalities based on the degree to which a person is liked, respected, admired, and trusted.

Angie placed 12th on the list – Nelson Mandela, Roger Federer, and Bill Gates landed in the top three spots!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Maddox heading to a flying lesson…

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angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 01
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 02
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 03
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 04
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 05
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 06
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 07
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 08
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 09
angelina jolie flying lessons maddox 10

Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Passing Through

    # 233 Observer2 @ 09/23/2011 at 9:05 pm
    I just saw the article about Ticky’s art purchase and LMAO when I saw who organized the Artists For Haiti event – Ben Stiller. Biitch is still doing what she does second best – coattail riding. The thing she does best is lie…and twirl her hair around her finger….

  • http://na angierocks

    Ticky is stalking real hard and still comes short,dressing in black,strolling,grocery shopping and sttending charitable auctions meh! what a clown!next thing yah know squiggy will be intrested in photography and taking art classes….Fail.

  • Dakota

    #287 Thanks. Enjoyed seeing it.

  • http://travelnliving gngerbread

    Fly me to the moon gorgeous Jolie…

  • Passing Through

    Moneyball won Friday’s BO. Looks like Wolf Boy is going to have a bigger opening weekend that Ticky gets for her solo duds. Don’t anybody tell Ticky cuz she may want Wolf Boy to issue an apology for embarrassing her…
    What A Friday Brawl! ‘Moneyball’ Wins #1, ‘Lion King 3D’ #2, ‘Dolphin Tale’ #3, ‘Abduction’ #4, Killer Elite’ #5
    By NIKKI FINKE | Friday September 23, 2011 @ 11:09pm PDT
    FRIDAY 11 PM, 2ND UPDATE: Finally, I have some clarity following Rentrak hiccups during the day and early evening. Not to mention every studio’s confusion over the ordering of the Top 5 because of fierce fights going on at the North American box office throughout today. And, geez, I’m supposed to be on vacation:

    1. My sources say Sony’s newcomer Moneyball has been rising as the night goes on for maybe the best baseball-themed opening ever. It’s definitely No. 1 Friday with approximately $6.8M from 2,993 theaters. (As a Sony exec told me, “$6 million would be great. $7 million amazing. $8 million would be a triumph.”) With a healthy adult bump tomorrow, it’s looking at a $20M weekend. That solid number helps keep Brad Pitt’s star wattage shining and his awards chances climbing because of this well-reviewed male-centric sports movie. Audiences really liked this pic: it received all A’s — male, female, young, old — from CinemaScore.
    2. Even Disney is surprised that its Lion King 3D is in 2nd place tonight from 2,330 theaters which sold mostly higher priced tickets. But rival studios tell me it got a boost today from the rain back East for a $6.1M Friday, or an excellent holding -31% from its opening a week ago. With the normal kiddie matinee bump, that’s a $20M weekend as well. This re-release’s projected is $60M by Monday. Here’s my question: why is it that in all the promotional hype I’ve been sent by the studio about this pic, no one at Disney is thanking Jeffrey Katzenberg for micro-managing the original? C’mon, Mouse House, give credit where credit is due. Even if Jeffrey is a big pain in everyone’s ass.
    3. Not far behind is Alcon Entertainment’s Dolphin Tale in 3,507 theaters. Distributor Warner Bros said it opened with $5M today but rival studios think the Friday number is closer to $5.5M. Alcon thinks that, unless its maimed mammal loses to Moneyball by more than a mil today, that the heartstrings-pulling pic should jump 60% on Saturday because of the family film bump and hit $24M and win the weekend. Hmm. Remember, it’s also playing in the most theaters. And, for weeks, it was tracking strong. According to the CinemaScores, parents and kids in the audience are giving it an A+.
    4. Lionsgate’s Abduction in 3,118 theaters may end up around $4.2M Friday and what could be mid-teens but also just $11M for the weekend depending on how front-loaded it becomes. (That’s what happened to Zac Efron in Charlie St Cloud.) Then again, I’ve learned that Taylor Lautner’s $36M-budget action thriller was outspent 4-to-1 in marketing dollars by both Sony and Warner Bros leading up to this weekend. Shame on Lionsgate’s Jon Feltheimer for tying everyone’s hands even after powerless Alli Shearmur pleaded. So anyone who claimed this Twilight kid couldn’t open an envelope is wrong: there are major stars who still would be thrilled with that outcome, especially in as rotten a reviewed movie as this one. Audiences didn’t think it was as bad as critics, giving it a B- CinemaScore. Too bad Lionsgate can’t seem to make a decent movie or market one anymore.
    5. Remains to be seen if Abduction can edge out Killer Elite which may be $10M for the weekend from 2,986 theaters. Open Road Films is expressing optimism that its pic will likely go up on Saturday after its $3.5M debut today.
    Here’s the rest of the Top 10 (Full analysis coming)
    6. Contagion (Participant/Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,136 Theaters]
    Friday $2.8M, Estimated Weekend $9M, Estimated Cume $57.5M
    7. Drive (FilmDistrict) Week 2 [2,904 Theaters]
    Friday $2M (-50%), Estimated Weekend $6M, Estimated Cume $21.6M
    8. The Help (Participant/DreamWorks/Disney] Week 7 [2,695 Theaters]
    Friday $1.3M, Estimated Weekend $4.5M, Estimated cume $154.5M
    9. I Don’t Know How She Does It (Weinstein Co) Week 2 [2,490 Theaters]
    Friday $700K (-55%), Estimated weekend $2M, Estimated Cume $8M
    10. Straw Dogs (Sony) Week 2 [2,408 Theaters]
    Friday $600K (-62%), Estimated Weekend $1.8M, Estimated Cume $8.5M

  • dan

    angelina #1 love….no one will replace you!

  • Elizabeth

    @Passing Through: thanks PT. I went to see the Money Ball (I dont know anything about baseball….Im there to support Brad but, OMG he is more charimastic ,poise and so handsome in all aspect. Shi really looks like him (my opinion) I really love the movie. We will see about OSCAR if he dont get it I will definitely loose interest at Academy procedures I thought he was going to get it in Benjamin Button.

    Please JP fans go and watch the movie. Good night

  • busted

    I have to wait to see Moneyball until Sunday.. But the reviews are insane. I see that Drive has dropped to 7. Wonder what happened to all those women that love Ryan. Moneyball is trending off the chain..and everyone that is seeing it is liking it and spreading the news. I guess the hags just don’t get it. Jenny poo can’t carry her own movie, her fans can’t ever get just her a #1 spot. YET they think they can torpedo Brad’s movie, or that because Brad finally admitted that he was bored in the marriage..the movie going public is not going to see a film because of Jenny poo. Even the HAGs will be out to support Brad. they can’t help it. I saw Ellen’s show and that crowd of women were all over Brad. They didn’t give ashit about what was said. Believe it or not the MAJORITY of the world does not go to gossip sites nor do they read tabloids. Brad Pitt is a STAR and the fact that Moneyball a baseball movie is doing well is all because of him.

    How many other male actors do you think could have done this. Not George, not even Johnny when he is playing straight and normal. Will, RDJ..nope.

    Stop the Brad bashing and give the man is due. Brad is on a streak. I hope it last up to OSCAR.. he deserves the recognition and a WIN..

  • Rose

    IMO, if you are a fan of Brad/Angie, you don’t go to their movie the day of the opening, early viewing and get on their thread and give a not so flattering review. I would believe you could hold your review for a few days. Then, after a larger audience had the opportunity to see this movie for themselves, then have a true discussion. Giving your half negative review is only helping the trolls to write negative comments. However, the reviews have been very positive. Not everyone is going to like every movie 100percent. Brad worked very hard promoting this movie under some very harsh comments because he had the gall to talk about his life. Thinking back to the 90s, Brad was not with his X wife until the late 90s, I believe they started dating middle of 1998. So it just boggles my mind what the stink was about. He then said his marriage was not fulfilling to him because he was dull and trying to please others not himself, then he left. What was so wrong with this? Now, I’m done with this subject. Enjoy Moneyball.

  • neer…-during-?urn=mlb-wp20459
    Billy Beane’s SABR skills fail him during kiss with Angelina Jolie
    ‘Duk – September 22, 2011
    For a guy who really values getting on base, BILLY BEANE really blew it.
    Big time.
    Put in the position of sharing a smooch with one of the world’s most beautiful women, the Oakland Athletics general manager whiffed instead during a red-carpet kiss with Angelina Jolie.
    He gladly admits it, too. During an interview with KNBR’s Murph & Mac on Thursday, Beane turned his awkward encounter with the A-list actress at the premiere of “Moneyball” into a funny and self-deprecating comment on the statistical movement that made him famous.
    Beane, who is portrayed in the film by Jolie’s husband Brad Pitt, says he might have been better off relying on all those scouts who are marginalized in the book and movie.
    From KNBR:
    “It was actually in Toronto at the film festival. She was out here [in Oakland] for filming and I had seen her. We went for the kiss on the cheek … and I only went to one side and she was coming over from Europe and London and so she went both sides as I was pulling back. I was completely unprepared for the foreign exchange.
    “That’s where a scouting report would’ve helped to realize that she was coming from Europe and would’ve done that. It was a complete faux pas on my part.”


  • truth.

    All of a sudden Ben Stiller And Aniston are in to charity. It is about time. Bothe of their movies always stink unless they have terrific co stars like DiNiro and and a dog. I am sorry I can not stand Aniston. She is the biggest phoney in Hollywood. As for being a racist I guess this is supposed to change that image but as long as she lives the lfe she leafs with the friends she has I will never change my mind about that. Americas Sweetheart my eye. More like she duped America for all these years and now she has to step up because she was called out by so many people. Sorry this is an Angie thread. God Bless the JP’s and love seeing Angie happy.

  • LOVE Moneyball

    “Moneyball” is the best baseball movie ever made because the strength of it, the sheer will of it, isn’t about baseball.

    (UPDATED) “Moneyball” is about defiance. It’s about having the guts to do something in the face of people who tell you you’re wrong, and that you’re stupid for even trying. While Ken Burns’ “Baseball,” the documentary that had been at the top of my personal list, is the definitive story of the game, “Moneyball” is a story that will resonate with anyone who has had to rethink his life since the personal computer changed the world.

    In other words, everyone.

    Brad Pitt just might win an Oscar for his headstrong performance as Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s, who is trying to figure out how to win professional baseball games when most of the money is working against him.

  • busted


    I think Ben has always done charity. the thing with Aniston is she always seems to come aboard things that others do the hard work for. Never out front. Never the lead. Never the spark. Always the kindling that is thrown in after the blaze starts. She piggybacks causes. She has done it time and time again. But you never ever here that she took a stand for anything. Just like the Cancer movies. She came on board when they needed funding. She wasn’t the spearhead. Just like in her movies. She is the one attached to other.. that fattened tick. She is also doing it with this Justin guy. He is a writer.. I suspect he is more into the “Art” thing that she is. Have we ever seen this woman at an Art show anywhere. Her fans will spin that Jenny poo works in private. YEAH RIGHT.

    She is in promotion mode for that TV movie . But of course her fans spin it that she is stalked by the paps. I just think it is a hoot that she is so visible during the week of Brad’s promotion. She loves and craves the attention. things is nobody cares about her and Squiggy.

    To the Hag Army.. what is her next project outside the TV movie. What is Justin doing next. Sorry forgot you don’t really keep track of her do you. But I bet ever troll knows the JPs upcoming projects.. real or speculated. That is the way it is.

  • More Moneyball Love

    rwolfe09 @CaseyBond I saw Moneyball tonight. Absolutely phenomenal!
    K_Wales Jus left the movies wit my bro @stephencbishop for his opening night for his movie MoneyBall with Brad Pitt. Great job!! A must see..
    DamonLindelof @JonahHill had an extremely high on-base percentage in MONEYBALL. See this movie, people.

    (Yes, that is THE Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost- twitter-verified!)

  • True

    Big date night- seeing Moneyball. FINALLY a movie we can both agree on- YES!!!!
    rose- yeah, the 90s- I was waiting for fishy to start complaining, too- we all know she loves a good name-drop/coat-tail (e.g., her recent Jane Pitt drop)…however, even a SHAMELESS fame-ho like fishy realizes that complaining about an x like manny does makes you lookeven more of a loser than people already know that you are. Once again, manny managed to clearly demonstrate why every guy runs screaming from her- well, at least she is consistent!

  • Rose

    @True: True, I see I’m not the only one who remembered the 90s. Sad spook fans taking credit for the 90s only shows they are all phonies trying to bring Brad and Angie down. The truth will come out in the end. Fans, support Moneyball.

  • Dull Boriniston

    Congratulations Brad, happy for you.

  • Catching Up

    Again, wwtdd cuts through the bs (funny!):
    Long story short; Jennifer Aniston is a dull witted bore, and Brad Pitt insinuated as much in Parade magazine, which of course made her go all apesh*t. (wwtdd then mocks the team-ticky claim that Brad is “jealous” that ticky’s “in love”):
    Hahaha, hahaha. Yeah, yeah that’s totally it. Brad Pitt is jealous of Anistons C-list boyfriend who’s name I dont feel like looking up because who cares. And the Patriots are jealous of the Chiefs too. By the way, name anything Jennifer Aniston has ever done that was interesting in any way. For example, here are some things Angelina Jolie has done in the past 12 months:

    - Secretly went to Ramstein Air Force base in Germany to visit injured American troops (more).
    - Visited the Tunisian-Libyan border as part of her role as a UN ambassador (more).
    - Went to Pakistan with the UN Human Refugee Agency “to draw the world’s attention towards the plight of 21 million people affected by the country’s worst-ever floods.” (more)
    - Moved out of their mansion in France and into a mansion in Scotland (more).

    And here’s a list for Aniston…

    - Got ripped off by a vending machine.
    - Saw a pelican.

    Brad Pitt has some nerve!

  • al

    Quote:Audiences really liked this pic: it received all A’s — male, female, young, old — from CinemaScor

    The movie is going to have legs

  • Coffeebreak

    No doubt to say : She is georgeus, beautifull and kind..
    Please all haters, be honest, you just jelous of her..
    Because she is perfect..
    Dont judge a person like you are very very very right and never make any wrong things or sins

  • moniq
  • bdj

    Even boodock Lamey would be ashamed of the troll. Lamey would disown the troll for bad writing, if nothing else.

  • truth.

    Lisa Bloom has a great article about Angelina at Vanguard Press. True article not some Laimey Gossip.

  • bdj

    Boondock Lamey is too far up Goopy, Baby Jane and her matchy matchy little man’s asses to care about BP and AJ.

  • bdj

    Moneyball is doing great. Glad to see it is tracking well with all Audiences. It is a great flick. Check it out today. BP is outstanding.

  • seven years, six kids

    troll is in pain- trolls hate to see a happy family. Year after year, same old lies about the sweet JPs- just substitute the tine & date and the number of kids and you’d think it was 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010…it must be so humiliating to be so very wrong time and time again. Seeing Moneyball TODAY!!

  • Rose

    @true, about the 90s and Brad’s Parade interview: did you noticed not one of those entertainment shows tried to set the record straight. You would believe NBC a legitimate news outlet would correct this lie, That X was with BP for only a year and a half in. the 90s. To do this would take the slimy juice out of their story and Brad was not slamming the sad spook. We know that the sad spook’s fans have to keep the lie alive but NBC by not pointing out the fact was shameful for a ligit news org.We know fishy will correct this soon, lol, she was a part of the 90s, or now she wants to run away from that time of his life. It must be so frustrating for B/A to see all the injustice in the media against them.

  • bdj

    Let’s hope she does not show up high or drunk this time. Ole girl can barely talk sober. Next time she will clap like a seal, grab McGreedy in a choke hold(like she did myboo Gerry) and burst out crying at the beautiful sight of Angelina Jolie. Stay at home ole coke and toke.

  • African Girl

    (UPDATED) “Moneyball” is about defiance. It’s about having the guts to do something in the face of people who tell you you’re wrong, and that you’re stupid for even trying.
    “Moneyball” is a story that will resonate with anyone who has had to rethink his life since the personal computer changed the world.
    Is it just me or does this not describe BP to the T? No wonder the movie is considered his BEST, he can identify with it!!!
    Going to see Moneyball today, can’t wait!!!

  • bdj

    A BIT of hunky Hollywood glamour came to the former USAF air base at Heyford Park last week – in the shape of Brad Pitt.

    The base provided two locations for the zombie thriller World War Z – the former PX store, which became a looted supermarket, and the bleak Quick Response Area, with its imposing guard towers and barbed wire fences.

    Film location manager Ben Gladstone said: “The unique architecture at Heyford Park perfectly fitted the look and feel of the film.

    “We spent a lot of time looking at a variety of different Cold War bases, but we felt that Heyford Park was perfect for World War Z.”

    Paul Silver, executive director of Heyford Park owners The Dorchester Group, said: “Heyford Park has a long history of film projects, including blockbusters Octopussy and Children of Men, as well as advertising campaigns for Adidas and David Beckham.

    “We were delighted to have such a high-profile project filmed on our site and we can’t wait to see the finished product.”

    The film is due to be released by Paramount Pictures on December 21.

    It has been directed by Marc Forster, whose previous work includes Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner and the most recent James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

    The story follows United Nations employee Gerry Lane, played by Pitt, who is caught in a race to stop a zombie pandemic which is toppling governments and threatening to destroy humanity.

  • bdj

    Pitt’s ‘Moneyball’ hits a grand slam

    In baseball parlance, “Moneyball” hits a grand slam, the highest score you can obtain in one at-bat. Not just a great baseball movie, this is a winner for story, character and dialogue – all things that should matter.

  • briseis

    I am so happy that Moneyball is doing greatly. I guess those who predicted the demise of Brad’s career because of one throwaway comment that was perceived to be about the whiny, put-upon, biitch of an ex-wife now have to eat crow. Why will the male portion of the population, who are the target audience of MB anyway, care about gossip? They want to see a good sports movie. I might not be a male but I love watching a good sports movie too, I loved Kevin Costner’s baseball trilogy (the excellent Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, and the not-so-good For Love of the Game), and I even liked The Blind Side and Remember the Titans even though I am not remotely into football.
    Tomorrow I am going to add to the BO take. I hope MB makes the projected amount and maintains its number 1 ranking.

  • Dl

    Lamey knows nothing about the JP’s.. She even acknowledges so by always stating the JP’s keep it tight… That’s why she was one of the first along with Perez Hilton to dispute “world of the news” big breakup story in 2010… Saying it would never go down like this…so you and your so called laney scoop is BS…Do you really believe geyer and holly would be speaking to lamey… They probably don’t know who she is as with Angie when interviewed by her for Kung Fu panda 2…

  • bdj

    Gift from businessman in Springfield helps Columbia College expand campus in Rolla
    September 24, 2011|edited news release

    ROLLA, Mo. — Columbia College-Rolla announced a leadership gift of more than $800,000 from Springfield-area entrepreneur and real estate developer Jim D. Morris at the campus’ 15th anniversary celebration held Friday at its North Bishop Avenue location.

    His philanthropic resume is extensive, with donations to the Boys & Girls Town of Missouri; Care to Learn Fund for Springfield Public Schools, co-founded with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; a 1926 art deco theater in Springfield, the Gillioz; continuing education and athletic facilities for Missouri State University; fire departments, health centers and many more.

  • bdj–golden-boy-brad-pitt-proves-he-s-an-actor-too

    Entire article at link

    Golden boy Brad Pitt proves he’s an actor, too

    And that ethos is precisely the one Pitt has embraced over the past six years. The 2005 action comedy Mr. & Mrs. Smith was the biggest smash of his career. But instead of following the money, he’s leveraged his star power to take consistently weird and wonderful chances, sometimes as part of a larger ensemble, sometimes carrying a picture on his own. He made quietly devastating use of a relatively small part in the multi-character Babel and was just as potent as a goofy, airhead gym rat in the Coen brothers’ comedy Burn After Reading. He gracefully ceded centre stage to Casey Affleck in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (itself a dreamy, sprawling meditation on the morphology of fame), then anchored David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and, this year, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life.

    Both those ambitious, uneven dramas found Pitt capable of the expressiveness, specificity and focus that distinguishes a performance from a mere star turn. But in the far more accessible, warm and viscerally satisfying Moneyball, Pitt seems finally to have achieved an equilibrium between the two — balancing the celebrity of the audience’s projections and the artist who went along for the ride on that fateful trip out of Missouri. He could have been a star, but it turns out that Brad Pitt was an actor all along.

    The Associated Press

  • Dl

    You are confusing the JP ‘s with sad spook who confronts the haters and offers favors and scoops…to be nice to her i.e. Perez Hilton, eonline, handijob, and probably lamey… Each one had horrible things to say about her until she paid them off.. Hats off to Joan rivers who still hasn’t back down most likely because of her hatred for handijob….

  • Curious George


    Does anyone else see a trend. I think everyone that has been on handjob’s show has had a BOMB at the BO..Even the comedians that work with her.

    Here’s hoping she and SS continue to have a long long friendship

  • gracie

    I read on JJB that Angie has landed a role with Oscar winning director Danny Boyle and the movie is a thriller, if that’s true that is fantastic news. I really want to see her in another movie. I have missed her. The article also says they are going to stay in Richmond for another 6mths. I think she and the kids love it there, that’s fabulous. I’m looking forward to seeing her directorial debut ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ when it comes out.

  • http://Justjared.Com Premalee

    BDJ thanks for your info. A steadfast JP fan. All the best.


    To Maniston & all her minions, hopefully you have learnt a GREAT LESSON. l know the BOX-OFFICE #’S are not final but for Brad’s movie to be on top despite the NEGATIVITY that has been thrown his way in the past week is a HUGE TRIUMPH for him. lf MANISTON was as beloved as her ego & minions, would have us believe, Brad’s movie would have tanked big time!!!! 1st becoz of Manny & 2ndly it being a movie about baseball. But thank God this has gone to PROVE that there is always an intelligent audience out there, outside of these stupid blogs, who don’t care about the SCORNED, DULL, PATHETIC, MISERABLE ex-wife. And that, Brad & Angie haters are ONLY A FEW VOCAL IDIOTS who Jump from blog to blog leaving negative posts about the Brangie. BRAD & ANGIE are TEFLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at how Warner brothers is going after Brad for 2 huge movie offers even with the shit that has been going on, and better still even before the final weekend box numbers are out!!!!!!. All this to say……SHAME ON MANISTON for trying to HIJACK & RUIN BRAD’S movie weekend by show-casing her midget the entire week just so that Brad’s movie can tank. JENNIFER MANISTON U R TOTALLY IRRELEVANT – if Brad’s movie can open on top after last week’s drama!!!! Give up trying to compete with them, coz u and midget look SO PATHETIC & JUVENILE!!


    Brad Pitt is bringing zombies to Kobanya

    September 23, 2011

    Adam Goodman is the President of Production for Paramount Pictures.

    He announced that filming for World War Z will take place in Kobanya, which is the 10th district of Budapest, Hungary.

    One of the filming sites is an old canning factory building.

    The filming schedule is still evolving, but the shoot will take place from approximately October 10 through November 10.
    Angie and the kids will not be going,count on it, jolie is not playing this time

  • bdj

    Geez if you are going to lie and spin, don’t include a link. The ole school trolls on Just Jared were much smarter than the hit and whine trolls today. They were some angry bi*ches but at least they were passionate and hurt over the demise of the fake Golden Couple. Today, all you get are 3rd rate rag trolls.

    via Google
    Brad Pitt during the filming of the series, including Angelina Jolie will be staying in Budapest.


    Gossips have to go ,i’ll leave you with this, one of the breaking points was pitt doing these back to back to back to back movies, this zombie movie is damn near 7 months long going into november, is he filming WAR AND PEACE, this damn well be worth it, he promised the jolie he would spend more time with the family, but what does he do he signs up for the GREY MAN,in january,ouch,MB,CT,WWZ,GM,jolie had enough,the oscar spining from sony and pitt team is going to be funny to see,love you gossips,ps angie and the kids will be in london and NYC,in nov and dec not hungary

  • bdj

    Take a break Troll with all your other fake names and fake fan BS. I hope whichever rag you work for has an editor.

  • anustin

    its incomplete Maniston.add more 50.

  • who

    This Lainey can’t write above the second grade level I guess.

  • truth.

    Laimey is going to be upset with this impersonating troll but that’s what happens when you deal in tabloid fodder. Brad and Angie are and have been fine through all this foolishness and that is what drives the hens and haters crazy. Aniston however is making an appearance every day to try and prove how in love she and the little stump man are. She even let’s him play with her money, how together is that. LOL. Poor hen fans are just so desparate that they don’t realize how this stupid triangle stuff is hurting ANiston much more than Brad and Angie. The JP’s are a family and live and love as one, while X and stumpy are playing house hoping it sells. Just more PR games.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening to all my JP wherever you are. I think Brad really pushes the trolls to the edge because of his MANIston comment and the great reviews he has received for MB. The trolls are all nuts, crazy, and really piss.

  • abcd

    We are not interested in this Lamey cross-eyed gossip. DO NOT BRING ANYTHING FROM Lamey here. This is Brad and Angie’s thread.

  • anustin

    bahahaha…Maniston lookin like theroux…soo der baby will be lookin exactly like theroux.cute!!!lol