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Jennifer Aniston: Artists for Haiti Dinner with Susan Sarandon!

Jennifer Aniston: Artists for Haiti Dinner with Susan Sarandon!

Jennifer Aniston flashes a smile at the Artists for Haiti Dinner to benefit The Stiller Foundation held at Almond on Friday (September 23) in New York City.

The 42-year-old actress was joined at the charity event by pal Susan Sarandon!

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The night before, Jennifer and her boyfriend Justin Theroux attended an art auction benefiting Artists for Haiti.

Last month, Ben Stiller, who founded The Stiller Foundation, made a spoof video where he announced the foundation would actually be called the Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation!

Also pictured inside: Jennifer with music producer Mike Jean.

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Credit: Andrew H Walker; Photos: Getty
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  • sad spook

    @trolls in disguise: are you an angelina fan?

  • Heidi

    @LOVE JEN: Really? From what I’ve heard, that getting rid off the monkey-hair and mustache has nothing to do with the banging. I think it’s the shoe polish though and specially that chin, that humungous chin really shiny. Watch out Susan, that chin is freshly sharpened, it can stub you if you ignore her.

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    Wonder if justin still has that painting in his apartment of 2 toddlers playing w/syringe – Justin thinks this is funny, Jen is so gooned on the juice she prob.hasn’t noticed


    that dress makes jen look like she is 50yoa and she is only 46yoa
    Awwww jen had to wear a lower heeled wedge so she wouldn’t tower over mcstumpys greasy bald head

  • jk

    Jennifer has old age spots on her arm.


    @Heidi: i am sure it is the sex. trust me if you ha good sex daily u would know what i am talking about. angies jaw is growing big and sharp because she doesnt eat and she is on drugs

  • well

    @jk: angelina has old women vein on her hands

  • Heidi

    @saira: Really? Aniston donated 500k dollars to Haiti? cause what I’ve heard was she only pledge to give 500k dollars but no one knows she really donated 500k dollars. You can pledge but you can withdraw because it’s not their obligation to do it, it’s the will of the contributor. If she donated the 500k dollars, how comes no one can show the proof that she did. It should show it in her tax files or the organization who received the donation will show the proof that she did, and when she did it. Please don’t keep bragging that she pledge 500k dollars to Haiti. Pledge is not the same as the actual donation. Okay Jen hens?

  • Bea

    Speaking of STDs I remember Jen fans loving on John Mayer. I remember the lovey stuff Jen and her pr team put out when she was with Mayer ” Jen and John are having the best sex ever.
    “John and Jen are ready to have a baby.”
    I wonder do her fans get tired of the same old recycle lies with each new man. At least Jen stepped it up a notch and had db hear to move in. Guess db here don’t have a job like Mayer had. Db here can sit and hold Jens hand every day like a true hen maid.
    Theroux is a douche but I think Jen’s pr man can make him stick around longer than John Mayer did.

  • Heidi

    @LOVE JEN: Really? Is that what you think that having sex daily can make your chin shiny? And having sex daily is not good for you. I know you must be a prost*tute but you should do it 3 to 4 days interval just like what Brad and Angie are doing that way it won’t worn down your vag*na on too much rubbing unless you use the other hole.

  • Jen’s Mother

    just wondering why Jen doesn’t spend time with her Mom that had the recent stroke. I know I would be at her side every day for as long as it takes her to get out of the hospital. Is her Mom out of the hospital? Maybe they really have not made up????

  • Amory

    Her face looks so different, and not in a good way. She must be laying off the fillers. She also looks rounder – could be pregnancy, but probably just a little extra weight b/c she’s in a relationship and not focused solely on her figure.

  • Barb

    Big ears, long chin, vapid personality, a narcissist, and irrelevant. Guess who? It’s me, Jennifer Aniston !

  • e

    She is carrying the exact same handbag that Angelina was carrying a couple weeks ago. How odd.

  • Lorrie

    I want to like her but she is just so fake and unbelievable. She live behind her publicist too much. She put this fake life out to the world and expect stupid people to buy into it.

  • yep

    jennifer is amazing! love her! thousands of people will be helped because of donation. beautiful, classy lady!

  • yep

    @Bea: people that really care about people want them to be happy! yes, i liked john mayer and jen and still like john mayer and hope everything goes well for john! jennifer is my #1 star and i like/love her! guess what! i just want jennifer to be happy with or without children! i want her to be happy with or without justin! jen deserves happiness! (i want everyone to be happy) however, jen is my # 1 star – so i especially want her to be happy! now that is just so wrong! lol! and when i see her happy that is great! just like it is for my real friends – i enjoy seeing them happy! HAPPINESS to JEN AND JUSTIN!

  • yep

    @not preggers just chunky: i don’t understand such crude language for what because jennifer made a donation to haiti to help thousand of people. can’t you get past your hate for a minute to see a wonderful cause. thanks for caring jen!

  • yep

    @Jen’s Mother: orjen has engagements that have already been made and she is fulfilling them and talking to the doctors by phone! especially if her mother is in therapy and they will let her know if they need her. just like jolie when her mother was dying of cancer she wasn’t there – he didn’t take a week off to stay with the mother she loved – when her mother died jolie wasn’t there – what does that make angelina? that is between them and their mothers! wishing jen all the best!

  • Justin Aniston

    Once and for all, can someone please tell me why so many people hate Jennifer Aniston on this site? I just want to know. Cause I don’t find her ugly, she’s actually really pretty. And what is that about that John Mayer peed on her? Where the hell is that rumor from? And someone writes here in the comments that the dress makes her look like she’s 50, but when she uses other short dresses you say she’s too old to use that? I don’t get all the hate from Brangelina fans. I wish Aniston and Jolie-Pitt fans would make peace. So tired of the mean comments toward Jen.

  • yep

    @Lorrie: doesn’t sound like you really want to like her otherwise you would be looking at her as a person not a machine pr! jen is a classy lady and i wish her the best! justjen!

  • Give Me a Break

    Since when did Jennifer Aniston become an artist? Being an actor doesn’t make her an artist. As an actor she’s known for her greed and fame whoring.

  • sorella

    Not her best look, she’s had a few fashion misses lately, unusual for her, she usually gets it right. Legs look stumpy in short boots and she needs hair loose to soften her face, when it’s back you see how sharp the angles are and how she’s attractive, but not wow. She seems happy, but I find she is always super-happy and extra- smiley in pics when her name is in the news and she’s getting attention, she does seem to love and need it.

  • Fabi

    I love Jennifer
    She looks hot

  • yep

    @Give Me a Break: jen has been painted since her school days and actually won award. i think it is wonderful when people give to charity – think of all the people that will benefit. it is a blessing.

  • guest

    @Heidi: susan sarandon had something done to her face. watch the lovely bones

  • Guest

    @Give Me a Break:

    Well Jen had a painting she did displayed in the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art when she was a tween, and she’s painted and sculpted for years (her ex talked about this in several interviews while he was with her as he had created an arts space for her in his home to work in). I’m pretty sure that counts for something in terms of her interest in and knowledge of art. She’s also been an art collector for some time as well – see some of her collection in her AD spread from last year.

  • guest

    @Huff & Puff: in a certain smile. watch lovely bones and you’ll see susan immediately after…

  • Anjolie

    All of a sudden she takes pics with black people!!Like she cares for charity and Haiti!?It’s her weird looking guy that is helping her create this “new image”.I remember her words “charity is not my thing”.What happened?Looking for attention again?On the back of Haiti?
    She will never get pregnant.Just remember,her and her racist fans don’t like kids.Chelsea Handler anyone?

  • guest

    @saira: a taste of their own medicine

  • ellie’

    Jennifer you always look great. Jen that’s great that money will benefit thousands of people in Haiti..So proud of you.,.your relationship with Justin..I think your the best ever…good for you girl!!!!

    Thanks Jared what a nice surprise to see Jennifer again…

  • guest

    @Bea: john had groupies accessible all the time

  • guest

    @Heidi:this discussion is so gross and vulgar. it should be private

  • guest

    @Jen’s Mother: surely the physical therapist is now in charge of the mother

  • guest

    @Lorrie: better live off publicist than do the same thing that pit did

  • guest

    @Give Me a Break: so is everyone in hollywood

  • Miami D

    @Heidi: What the hell is wrong with you? How could you wish something like that on anyone? And YES I do believe you are wishing that on her.

  • guest

    jen always looks sophisticated and glamorous no matter what she wears. if she is prego then she carries it very well. i’m sure she had her eggs frozen, and now that she found her man she prob had in vitro. great that she is contributing to humanities with others! not just by herself.

  • vanessa

    susan got too much botox

  • Kathy

    Jen has gorgeous eyes!

  • One Go

    Jen looks old enough to be Susans mother

  • joe

    Jen’s chin is a mile long. So ugly.

  • layse

    Well done Jen!

  • Marieme

    She looks like a dude. Period. End of story.

    My god the size of her mellon compared to Susan. Why she’s wearing her hair back to expose this who knows. LOL.

  • Hmmm….

    Now you Jen hens can stop saying Aniston gives in private. Like most hear has always said when you are ponying up a substantial amount of money to any charity (unless you give it as anounymous) it will be released to the press to bring attention to the charity. This just proves that Aniston has never given any substantial amount of money to any organization other than a purse, signed t-shirts and a promise of money from last year that she has now seemed to made good on after the charity thought she would go through with her so called pledge.

    I guess she needed to get something out of it in order to give. No gifts or real benefits to her, no money.

  • Aniston quote

    Justin I feel so good I helped some black people today! Yeah Me!

  • Heidi wants her midget back

    omg, look at Jen , she looks older then Susan who is in her 60′s and much prettier then Jen too. She is gaining alot of weight and letting her roots show. Preggers, cringes at that thought. Heard Justin is a control freak and she is letting him be in control . Diaster ahead , you wait.

  • guest

    @Hmmm….: she is doing this to promote stiller’s charity. she has another charity for us she is promoting

  • guest

    funny how people say she looks older than susan sarandon. she def does not. they are def both beautiful. jen may have pointed chin but is def not out of proportion. hope she is prego!

  • bleached blond dulliston whore

    Gosh! she so fugly.